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Thread: Wicked Tribute June 29th

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    Hey everyone!! Donít forget to check out the Wicked tribute on Passions, next Friday June 29th. If you are a fan of the musical Wicked, like I definitely am, then you will love this Passions episode!

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    Hi, thanks for the head's up. I don't normally watch Passions, but I can easily set the dvr to pick it up to check out the Wicked tribute! =) Love it!

    Now I have to watch some Wicked videos on google!

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    I have been loving the show for the last 6-8 months mostly due to ET semi-reuniting, and I can't wait for the whole Wicked spoof. I know it will be lots of fun!

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    I guess I should have checked out this page before asking my question.


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