You seriously think the kids that the Joe Camel campaign were aimed at understood that they were being targeted, manipulated and cajoled into taking up a highly addictive habit that many people find impossible to quit?
And don't even try to tell me that the cigarette industry hasn't repeatedly and shamefully and willingly marketed their product to younger and younger "victims"! And now they are targeting billions of people overseas in third world countries who probably are unfamilar with both their marketing strategies and the latest scientific information on how deadly smoking really is.
Of course the real decision to smoke is made by the individual...but you simply can't ignore the reality that smoking is highly addictive.......and that the industry does everything possible to "hook" younger and younger people into getting addicted.
And yes, I do blame these blood-sucking, greedy immoral bastards- I will NEVER forget the sight of all those tobacco industry executives sitting there, oh, so solemnly before Congress and LYING over and over about knowing how addictive nicotine was.