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this is a discussion about taxation not regulation.. if they want to regulate it in regards to making it against the law to sell to minors, putting the warning labels and keeping people from smoking in certain indoor areas, that's cool... studying the harmful effects and what have you fine...

cigarettes are taxed to death..the taxes are increasing the costs..not the tobacco companies.... and when you support draconian taxation you ARE tipping into the pockets of smokers and it serves no useful purpose for society.. there's no moral or logical reason for it other than just hating cigarettes and wanting to punish those who smoke...period...nuclear weapons?...gimme a break
Smokers (myself included) choose to smoke even knowing that at some point smoking can become an addiction and it may control their lives in regards as to making sure they have smokes, lighter, get the nicotine level up. I can take it or leave it....often don't smoke for days or weeks at a time.

Smoking may be legal, but the cost to taxpayer's who don't smoke and who still pay a part for health care premiums for others who do and are covered under their insurance or Medicare, Medicaid, etc.