Is this "grass roots"? RJR sent out this email (below) acting like a political action group soliciting citizen-smokers to push for lower cigarette taxes. This is some amazing nerve on the part of Joe Camel. I'll post it here in it's entirety.

I know that corporations do this sort of thing -- don't like it, but know that they do it. But in this case; I think that a tobacco company going too far. Your thoughts?
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Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2007 08:30
Subject: Politicians in Washington, D.C. are Targeting YOU to Pay Even More

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Dear Michael:

Right now, there is an effort underway by some politicians in Washington, D.C., to increase the federal excise tax on cigarettes by up to 61 cents per pack.
That would be a 156% tax increase! Added to the current excise tax rate of 39 cents per pack, the federal excise tax on cigarettes could soar to $1.00 per pack, or $10.00 per carton! It’s time to take action and tell U.S. Senators and Representatives that enough is enough!
Click here to contact your U.S. Senator and Representative and tell them you are against any attempt to increase the federal excise tax on tobacco products.
Urge them to vote against any tax increase.
Call toll-free 1-877-857-8074 to be connected to your elected official. This is a free call.
For more information on this important issue, please visit
Between the federal tax, state and local taxes, and settlement payments, the government raked in almost $33 BILLION in 2006 – just from smokers. More than $7 billion of that went to the federal government alone.
But is that enough for them? No! Some politicians in Washington want to raise the tax significantly higher, placing an even greater economic burden on already over-taxed adult smokers.
Cigarette excise taxes are regressive, unfairly singling out lower-income adult smokers to pay even more. This is an unfair form of “tax profiling.”
Take action today and keep the politicians in Washington out of your wallet!</SPAN>

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ps: yes; I used to be a smoker.