On the beach on St. Lisa's island, Antonio walks closer to Sheridan, “Diana, I hate to see you so hopeful when there is no hope that your lover is out there.” Sheridan turns to look in his direction, “Look, I know it sounds crazy but I can feel it so strongly. He's out there and he's looking for me.”

Antonio asks, “How can you say that? How can you trust your feelings? Just recently you were telling me he was dead and now you are convinced he's alive.” Sheridan speaks so passionately, “Look, yes, I know I said it sounds crazy. I am sure he's alive now. He's so close and soon he'll find a clue that will lead him back to me.”

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis holds the book that Beth brought to him and asks, “Beth, where did this come from?” She replies, “From Sheridan.” Luis turns to Hank, “What did I tell you, Hank? I told you I was going to find a clue.” He is so excited that he will find Sheridan, “Maybe this is a message from Sheridan, maybe this will lead me to her.”

On the island, Antonio again says, “Diana, I am not trying to dash your hopes but I don't want to see you cling to false hope.” Sheridan says softly but adamantly, “I appreciate what you're trying to do but I know it is not false hope. I was with my love tonight. I know it.” She smiles as she remembers the reunion with Luis in the ocean.

She gazes out to sea as she smiles and whispers, “He's out there. I know he is.”

At the cottage, Luis smiles, “Come on, you guys, this is a good thing.” He turns to Beth, “You said Sheridan sent it, didn't you?” Beth replies, “Yes but -- Luis, she sent this before she ...” Luis interrupts her, “She's not dead.” Beth looks uneasy, “Anyway, that's why I brought it.” Holding the book, Luis says again, “I don't understand.” Beth tells him, “She wanted you to have this if anything happened to her.” Luis holds the book close and looks at it again before he asks, “Sheridan wanted you to give me this book if anything happened to her.” Beth agrees, “That's right. If you open it you will see that it is a complete diary and scrap book of your relationship.” As Luis stands in the middle of the room, he waves his hands, “We had our whole lives together. Didn't she think we were going to be together forever?” He seems quite confused as Beth tries to explain, “I know she wanted that, Luis. But she had a feeling that she wouldn't be okay. I know that she hoped she was wrong.” Hank jumps in with, “But it turned out to be true.” Luis flips through the pages of the big book until Beth explains further, “You know, she came to me a few days before you were supposed to get married and she wanted me to help her find a book binder. She said she felt kind of funny asking me, you know, you and I used to be together but I told her that I would help her, of course. Well, it's this beautiful book now.” Luis shakes his head in confusion, “I still don't understand.” Beth replies again, “I told you, she had a feeling. She made me promise to give this to you if anything ever happened to her. I don't know as if she -- she knew she wasn't going to live much longer.”

On the island, Antonio says, “Diana, don't get upset. Let me play devil's advocate here.” She turns to face him and quietly replies, “All right.” Antonio asks, “Let's just say that you're wrong. Let's say that he's not out there. Then what happens?” Sheridan is so excited and so adamant, “If he is out there and after everything that happened tonight, after all of the memories that I have had of living a life with him, he has to be. A love like that can't just be over. It can't be. Every time I have tried to give up on my love, something has happened. I either have some kind of vision or I get some kind of sign.” A rose drifts to the shore and Sheridan bends down to pick it up, “Just like the rose my love gave me. You see, Brian, this is a sign. He's out there, I know he is.” She smiles as she stands at the water's edge holding the long stemmed red rose (a symbol of the love shared by Sheridan and Luis.) plucked from the sea.

Still looking through the pages of the scrapbook, Luis asks, “Sheridan made this book because she thought she was going to die?” Beth sighs, “I don't know that for sure. All I know for sure is that she made me promise to give this to you if something happened to her.” Standing behind her, Hank comments, “It sounds like she had one of those premonitions.” Beth replies, “Maybe. Anyway, the book just came from the book binder so I am keeping my promise, Luis.” Luis tells her, “She can't be dead. I was with her tonight. I held her in my arms.” Hank asks, “Luis, don't you think that if she was out there that she would have found a way back to you by now.” Luis insists, “Hank, she has. That is what tonight's all about.” Beth looks from Hank to Luis as she asks, “What happened tonight? I mean, what are you two talking about?” Luis replies, “I was in the Crane pool and all of a sudden Sheridan was there. She was in the pool with me. Then we were in the ocean. I'm telling you, she was as alive as you or I.” Beth is skeptical, “Wait a minute. You're telling me you actually held Sheridan in your arms first in the pool and then in the ocean.” Luis replies, “That's what happened.” Hank speaks up, “You know how crazy that sounds, don't you, Luis?” Luis raises his voice and walks around the room as he speaks, “I know. Look, I know that you two must think that my imagination is working overtime. But Sheridan...” He pulls his handcuffs off his belt, “How come I was able to put the handcuffs on her wrist? When I put them on her wrist, they closed. Now if she wasn't there, they wouldn't have locked.” Hank asks, “Where is she now?” Luis says softly, “I can't explain it. She was there, she faded. She was there. She disappeared.” Beth agrees with Hank, “Luis, it is pretty hard to believe, you know.” Luis tries to explain, “Yeah, I know. This is the damndest thing that has ever happened but I'm telling you it is how it happened.” Looking at a page in the book, Hank asks, “Titanic. Was that a special movie for the two of you?” Luis takes the book back from Hank before he replies, “No. We liked it but it wasn't special for us. It was another reason why that ad is in the book.” Beth asks, “What is the reason?” Standing in the middle of the room, Luis seems reluctant to tell them, “When Sheridan was a little girl she had a fortune teller at one of her birthday parties and the fortune teller told her she would be with...well, with me and that we had a past together.” Hank asks, “What do you mean a past?” Luis shrugs, “That we had previous lives together. Including one on the Titanic.” Beth asks, “So you and Sheridan were on the Titanic together?” Luis gives a low laugh, “Hey, that's what the fortune teller told Sheridan.” Hank chides, “Come on, Luis. I can't believe you bought into it.” Luis takes a seat on the couch and smiles remembering, “No, Sheridan believed it. You know, supposable we had quite a love affair aboard the Titanic. Sheridan told the story with such passion that actually remembered being there.” Luis has a flashback of dancing with Sheridan aboard the Titanic.

Standing in the cottage living room, Hank makes the comment, “According to Sheridan, the fortune teller said you two had been lovers in past lives.” Sitting on the couch and looking so sad, Luis replies, “That's what Sheridan said. She said that our love had reached over time but we would never find happiness, something would always keep us apart. We would always come up against these unbelievable obstacles.” Beth asks, “You mean like now?” Luis says in that husky voice, "Yeah. Like now.”

To be continued...

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