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Thread: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 8

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    Smile Tuesday's EnTrancing SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

    In the Crane mansion living room, Luis sits in a chair across from his mother and sister, “I'm not telling you to lie.” Pilar asks, “Well, what are you telling us?” Luis replies, “Just don't volunteer that either of you had guns last night, okay. All it is going to do is bring you unwanted and, what I think is unwarranted, attention in this investigation. Now I know that neither of you killed Julian. If anyone finds out you had guns you are going to be prime suspects, like me. It is no secret that I hated Julian and I wanted to kill him for getting Theresa pregnant.” Pilar says, “But I know that you didn't kill Julian. You couldn’t, Luis.” Luis replies, “It would still be considered, I had a gun.” Pilar shakes her head, “Even if they never found out Theresa and I had guns, we would still be suspects just like many other people like Rebecca and Ivy and Ethan.” Theresa jumps in, “Ethan didn't do it.” Luis asks, “How do you know that?” She replies, “I know that. I know that Ethan didn't kill Julian.” Luis asks, “Well, that means that you know who did? Theresa, do you know who killed Julian?”

    On the island, Liz walks out in the hotel garden and runs into Doc who is looking at the stars through a huge telescope, “I'm afraid it's one of those nights.” Liz turns and smiles, “Okay. I'll bite. One of what nights?” Doc comments, “The powers of the Bermuda triangle are amplified, extended all over the world.” Liz laughs, “You and your crazy theories, Doc.” Doc looks at the skies as he says, “You can't argue with the stars. They tell me that the triangle's powers are so strong tonight that people all over the globe will have their lives turned upside down, not to mention what could happen on the island.” Liz turns back to look at him, “Go ahead. Mention it.” Doc scolds, “Laugh all you want, Liz, but mark my words, strange things will occur, strange and terrible things.” Inside the hotel, Diana walks through the door and into Antonio's room. Antonio sits up and asks, “Diana, what's wrong?” Sheridan walks to the bed and sits down, “I had to see you. I need you. Make love to me. Make love to me now.” She leans in and kisses him. He pulls away and asks, “Are you sure?” Sheridan smiles, seeing Luis smiling at her instead of Antonio, and replies, “Yes. Make love to me. Make love to me right now.”

    In the Crane living room, Theresa answers Luis' question, “The reason I know that Ethan didn't murder Julian is because ...” Luis holds up his hand to stop her, “Never mind. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to know.” Theresa asks, “Why not, Luis?” Luis replies, “Don't tell me anything. I want you both to keep quiet. Just don't volunteer any information.” He stands and walk over to a table where he picks up a picture of Julian, “Damn you, Julian. Damn this whole family, caused us nothing but pain and suffering for years. Papa disappeared and you slaved for this family your whole life.” Pilar says, “I had a family to support.” Luis adds, “Theresa became Ivy's personal assistant, caught that pig Julian’s eye. He bided his time to take advantage of you.” Pilar agrees, “Julian is -- was ...” Luis continues, “Then there's Ethan.” Theresa defends him, “Ethan is not a Crane.” Walking across the room, Luis says, “We know that now.” Theresa walks over to stand next to Luis, “It doesn't matter to me whether or not Ethan is a Crane. It never did. I love Ethan with all of my heart. He is everything to me. Just like Sheridan was everything to you. She was a Crane.” Luis whispers, “Sheridan.” Pilar says, “Sheridan was a Crane in name only. She was nothing like the rest of them.” Luis nods, “Oh, I know that. Theresa and I both fell in love with Cranes and we both ended up with broken hearts.” Luis begins to rant, “You warned us, Mama. For years, you told us to stay away from the Cranes because they cause nothing but destruction. Damn that whole family. If we never met them, never come in contact with them, we would be fine. We would be safe. We wouldn't be suspects in a murder case. Damn them. Damn the whole family.” Pilar jumps to her feet, “What are you saying, Luis? You wish you had never met Sheridan, never fallen in love with her?”

    On the island Liz says, “That is just a bunch of old wife's tales.” Doc shakes his head, “Science. Unnatural, maybe but it is still science.” Liz states, “No. The Bermuda triangle has no power.” Doc tells her, “The night sky and the stars prove otherwise. The triangle will play with so many lives, make that which is real, unreal and that which is unreal, real.” Liz widens her eyes, “You know, sometimes you go right over the deep end.” Doc replies confidently, “You'll see." Liz begins to walk away, “I am going to go get a cup of coffee. You want a cup?” Liz turns back toward him, “Doc? Where are you? What happened? How did I get here? These gardens.” Liz hears a voice, “Why did you decide to come, Liz?” Liz shouts, “You bastard!” Inside the hotel in Antonio's room, he kisses Sheridan. She looks at Antonio but sees Luis smiling at her. She smiles, “I love you.” He replies, “I love you, too, so much.” Sheridan smiles at Luis, “Then show me. Show me right now.” She kisses him again.

    Standing in the Crane living room, Theresa asks, “Is that what you are saying, Luis? That you regret meeting Sheridan, falling in love with her?” Luis replies, “Well, who would want to go through the pain that I have been through?” He walks over to the fireplace and looks at the picture of Sheridan, “I feel like part of my heart has been torn out. Who would want to be hurt like that? You would have to be a masochist to go out with a Crane. To hell with all of them.” He lifts his hand and swipes it across the mantle, knocking some of the pictures to the ground, including Sheridan's. Pilar exclaims, “Luis!” Luis stoops down and picks up the picture of Sheridan. He has a flashback of him and Sheridan saying good bye before he had to leave with Agent Freeman for his debriefing. He is so sad, “I'm so sorry. What was I thinking? I would go through all this pain to be with you, hold you, touch you, and kiss you.” He hugs the picture of his true love to his heart. Theresa moves to stand next to him for comfort, “You can never deny your love for Sheridan no more than I could deny my love for Ethan.” Luis agrees, “I don't regret being with Sheridan even if it means going to the electric chair.” Pilar says, “Don't say that. You didn't kill Julian.” Luis asks, “How do you know?” Pilar replies, “Because you are my son, you couldn't kill.” Luis looks at each of them, “Just remember what I said, okay. We're all suspects. If anyone asks you questions, don't volunteer information. I'm going for a walk. I'll see you later.”

    On the island, Liz angrily yells, “You are such a bastard. What you did to me is unforgivable. The only reason I agreed to meet you here was to tell you that I'm leaving. You got your wish. But I won't forget what you did to me. I'll never forget.” Doc reappears behind her, “Why are you yelling?” Liz asks, “What?” Doc asks, “Who are you talking to? You were your way inside to get coffee and all of a sudden you stopped dead and started yelling at somebody, someone I can't see.” Liz replies, “I was remembering an argument I had with someone but it was more than just a memory. It was like I was right back there.” Doc says, “There you go. That is what it is talking about.” Liz asks, “What?” Doc looks to the sky, “The power of the triangle. It made your memory so vivid, it is like you were reliving it. The triangle transported you back.”

    Liz looks at him, “Well I hope it never happens again.” Doc looks up at the sky and states, “Well, it could be that it will. And not only to you and the other folks on this island but people all over the world. The triangle is going to drum up all kinds of memories, good and bad. And the after effects could be horrifying.”

    In Antonio's bedroom, Sheridan smiles at Luis, “I missed you so much. Make love to me again, make love to me like you used to.” Antonio stops kissing her neck and really looks at her, “Great. She's sleepwalking.” Sheridan repeats, “Make love to me. Make love to me now.” Antonio thinks, “I can't wake her up. Come here, Diana. I just want to sit next to you and hold you.” Sheridan leans on his chest, “I'm happy, so very happy.” Antonio wonders, “What has such a hold over you? Your amnesia. Who is it that you love so much?” Luis walks through the front door of Sheridan's cottage and into the living room, “Sheridan and I were so happy here.” He immediately has a flashback of toasting Sheridan before the ET engagement party, then he remembers them kissing after “I love those feet”. Luis smiles at the thought of those special memories of Sheridan, “Why can't I let you go? Why can't I let you go?” He sits on the couch in thought. Luis stands and walks around the living room, “Where are you? Where did you go? I miss you so much. Where are you?” On Antonio's bed, Sheridan sits up and answers Luis, “I'm here. Right here.” She smiles and tries to crawl of the bed. Antonio tries to stop her, “Get some sleep, Diana.” She smiles and says to Luis, “I have missed you. I have missed you so much. So much.” Antonio pulls her back toward him, “It will be all right. Just try to relax.”

    In the hallway, Liz listens at the door to Antonio's room, “It's Diana, what is going on? She is crying.” Doc says, “I knew this would happen.” Liz asks, “What do you mean you knew?” Doc replies, “Diana being in Brian’s room. If you are holding out any hope of getting him back, you can't just stand around. You have to do something and fast. You can't let them bond anymore.” Liz scolds him, “Stop. She's crying. It doesn't necessarily mean that she's bonding. Something is wrong.” She knocks on the door, then opens the door. She and Doc see Sheridan on Antonio's bed crying. Antonio explains, “She's sleep walking again.” Sheridan stares ahead, “I missed you so much.” Doc states, “She's reliving something from her past.” Sheridan begs, “Come to me.” Doc amends his statement, “Not so much reliving as creating something in her present that's based in the past.” Antonio says, “It's pretty strange. She came in here and asked me to make love to her.” Liz exclaims, “What?” Antonio replies, “Yeah. She said, make love to me like you used to.” Doc nods, “Yes, I was right. She's remembering her lover. She is remembering her past in her subconscious. She is so desperate to return to her previous life she is creating that reality in her present.” Antonio doesn't want to hear it, “I don't know. It sounds like a bit of a stretch.” Doc continues to try to explain, “She's creating a reunion with her lover in the here and now. The power of the triangle.”

    Sitting on the bed Sheridan says again, “I missed you so much.” At the cottage, Luis lights a candle on the fireplace mantle.

    He has a flashback of Sheridan lighting the candle, then kissing him, “I missed you so much.” The candle in Antonio's room suddenly lights, Sheridan seeing it, smiles and says, “You are here. I knew you would come for me.” Her smile is so bright now as she watches the candle's flame, “You came for me. You're here.” She smiles and moves slightly toward the candle.

    Antonio asks, “What is happening?” Doc repeats, “The power of the triangle. She must think her lover has come for her.” Antonio says, “No, it doesn't make sense.” Liz asks, “Why not, Brian?” He replies, “Because, Liz, Diana said before that the man she loved, she said he was dead. Now how can he have come back for her?” At the cottage, Luis tells himself, “How many times are you going to do this Luis? You have to find some way to let her go. Get Sheridan out of your head.” He thinks, then turns to the candle, and blows it out, “Yeah, that should work.” At the same time, the candle in Antonio's room goes out. Watching the candle, Liz says in disbelief, “It is like someone blew it out.” Doc says, “The triangle.” Antonio nixes their opinions, “No. I lit the candle earlier it just didn't go out all the way so that's why it re lit itself.” Doc disagrees, “I don't think so.” Antonio insists, “Listen, there is nothing strange about it. It was the breeze that's all. I felt it, I heard the curtain rustle.” Sheridan cries out, “No. Don't leave. I'll come with you.” She jumps off the bed and runs out of the room. Antonio also gets up and calls out to her, “Diana. Diana.” Antonio follows her. Doc explains, “She is going after her lover. She has to find him.” Liz and Doc also run after Sheridan and Antonio.

    At the Crane pool house, Luis walks out of the changing room in a swim suit with a robe over it. He walks over to put his hand into the water and says, “Julian Crane would have a fit if he knew I was swimming in his pool. Oh, well. He's never going to know.” The lights go off, “Must be a fuse.” As he looks up at the sky though the windows, he sees dancing colored lights and comments, “Wow. Those are some strange lights, must be a storm coming. All right. Got to get her out of your head, man. Just got to stop thinking. Sheridan, good swim should help.” He dives into the pool and begins swimming laps. On the island, Antonio, Liz and Doc are chasing Sheridan on the beach. Antonio calls her name. Liz suddenly stops, “Wait? What was that?” Antonio asks, “What?” Liz looks up, “In the sky, the lights.” Dock replies, “They are symbols of the power of Bermuda triangle. Who knows how far they will reach tonight?” Antonio calls for Diana again. Liz asks, “Where could she be?” Antonio says, “Got to find her.” As she runs across the beach, Sheridan shouts, “Wait. I'm coming. I'll meet you.” She jumps into the water and swims toward Luis, “I'm coming. Wait for me. I'm here. I'm here.” She smiles as she swims. In the Crane pool, Luis stops swimming, turns to look at the other end of the pool. He sees Sheridan who has been transported there. Luis calls her name. On the island, Antonio asks, “Where could she have gone?” Liz stops searching, “Brian, look, footprints.” He runs to the water's edge to search for her, calling her name. At the Crane pool, Luis and Sheridan begin to swim toward each other. When they are together, in awe, Luis says, “I can't believe it's you.” They smile and lovingly touch each other. Sheridan cries, “I found you.” They longingly touch and passionately kiss.

    As they are kissing, they are transported out of the pool and into the ocean. A maid walks into the pool house, “I thought the pool was shut down for the week but I thought I heard somebody in here.” Not seeing anyone she thinks, “But if somebody is swimming, why would the lights be out?” She sees Luis' robe on the chair and is confused, “I don't get it. I know I heard somebody in the pool. Where did they go?” Out in the ocean, Luis asks, “How did we get here? What's going on?” Sheridan smiles, “I don't know that or why. All that matters is that we are together again.” She throws her arms around him. He holds her close to him. They smile and alternately hug and kiss each other. They are overjoyed!

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for the wonderful Shuis screen caps.

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    Smile Friday's Fairy Light SHUIS Summary & Pics of the Day...

    Arriving at the Crane pool house, Theresa calls, “Luis?” The maid asks, “Who's there?” Theresa replies, “Theresa. Is that you, Penny?” The maid answers, “Yes.” Theresa asks, “Why is it so dark in here?” Penny replies, “I don't think the lights are working.” Theresa explains, “I'm looking for my brother, Luis, and someone said they saw him heading here to the pool. Have you seen him?” Penny replies, “No. But I heard somebody in the pool. At least I thought I did. But when I came in to check, there was nobody swimming. There was just this robe and towel on the chair.” Theresa looks around, “Hmm.” A loud splash is heard and they see a ripple in the pool causing Theresa to say, “I thought you said that there was nobody here.” Penny looks confused, “I didn't think there was.” Theresa looks at the lights that are seen through the windows of the pool house, “Oh, those lights are really strange. What's going on?”

    On the beach on St. Lisa's Briantonio calls, “Diana! Diana!” Liz comments, “This is downright weird.” Doc replies, “The power of the Bermuda triangle is almost unimaginable. It's obviously affected Diana.” Liz says, “Yeah, made her crazy -- swimming out to sea?” Doc replies, “Maybe she's trying to reach her dead lover.” Liz asks, “How, by killing herself?” Doc says, “Thinking she'll meet up with him in the world beyond.” Briantonio says, “There's no way I'm going to let her die.” He runs off toward the water. Liz calls after him, “Brian! Come back, Brian!” She is going to run after him but Doc stops her, “Don't do it, Liz.” Liz looks at him, “But he's about to go out to sea ...” Doc replies, “First of all, Brian's a strong swimmer. Second, it'll be just about impossible find Diana...” Liz says, “Well, maybe...” Doc continues, “Much less get her back to shore.” Liz replies, “Maybe I can help him.” Doc asks, “Are you sure you want to?” Liz asks, “What?” Doc shrugs, “If Diana weren't to come back, then you and Brian might have a chance at being together.” Liz looks shocked, “Doc, that's terrible. I can't believe you would say that. I am going to help him!” Doc replies, “I'm just looking out for your interests, Liz.” Liz looks at him, “You know, I think the triangle has fried your brain. I'm going after him.” She runs off to the ocean. Doc looks up at the sky, “The triangle's powers are unfathomable tonight. Dimensions, time -- there'll be no barriers. Anything can happen. All levels of consciousness and creation -- even the underworld -- they'll all have access to one another.”

    In the ocean off St. Lisa's, Luis and Sheridan cling together as she smiles, “Thank God I finally found you.” Luis touches her hair, “I can't believe it's you.” They kiss.

    Sheridan says, “I've missed you so much.” Luis frowns, “Me, too. But I was just swimming in your family's pool, and now I'm here!” Sheridan exclaims, “Yes. Yes.” Luis asks, “Where's here?” Sheridan smiles, “Who cares? All that matters is that we're finally together again.” She kisses him as she hugs him close.

    In the Crane pool house, Theresa asks, “I didn't imagine it, did I, Penny? There was a splash down there. Somebody dove in.” Penny nods, “I heard it, too, Theresa. I just wish the lights were working.” The maid walks over to the light switch and tries to turn the lights on but they don't come on, “There must be a fuse blown or something. Listen, I'll go call maintenance and see if I can get them to fix it.” Theresa looks up at the lights in the sky, “Ok. I've never seen anything like this.” She leans over and picks something up, “This is Luis' wallet. Well, then he was here. Where did he go?” She kneels at the side of the pool and calls, “Luis! He wouldn't just go off and leave his wallet. What if he hurt himself, he fell in the pool, and i just can't see him? Oh, my -- luis! Are you ok? Luis! Oh, where did he go?”

    In the ocean, Luis looks into Sheridan's eyes and smiles, “You're actually in my arms. It's really you.” Touching and holding each other Sheridan smiles up at Luis, “It feels so good to have you hold me, your body next to mine.” Luis says in a low voice, “God, how I missed you. Where have you been?” She looks up at Luis, “I'm finally where I belong -- with you, my love.” He kisses her hand while holding her close, then kisses her again.

    Swimming toward Sheridan, Briantonio calls her name, followed by Liz swimming after Antonio and calling his name. He turns back to her, “Liz, what are you doing out here? The last thing I need is to worry about getting two people back to shore.” Treading water she replies, “Listen, I swim every bit as well as you do. And Diana's my friend, too.” Briantonio says, “Look, look, look. Wait a minute -- there. Isn't that ...” Liz finishes his sentence, “Diana.” He asks, “Is that someone with her?” Liz replies, “Looks like a guy, but I can't make out his face.” Brian angrily declares, “If he's hurting her, I swear -- Diana. Diana? Diana!” Hearing Briantonio calling her, Sheridan looks behind her and says, “He's here.” Swimming toward her, Briantonio calls her name again. Luis asks, “What?” Looking worried, Sheridan says, “He's coming for me.”

    Luis asks, “Who is?” Briantonio yells for Diana again. Theresa calls out for Luis! Hearing her, Luis looks around and says, “Someone's calling my name.” Sheridan says, “I don't hear anything.” At the edge of the Crane pool, Theresa calls again, “Luis! Come on, someone get the lights back on. Luis! Are you there? Luis! Luis!” At the same time, Antonio is calling Diana. Then Theresa calls out again for Luis. On the shore on the island, Doc looks up at the lights dancing in the sky, “So much is happening. The power of the triangle is intense. Who knows what could happen? Maybe Diana's found her lost lover. But if she has, it might mean the triangle could take them both. They might end up dead and together?”

    Theresa calls again for Luis. Briantonio calls out, “Diana, I'm coming!” Looking behind her, Sheridan says, “They're coming.” Luis asks, “Who?” A very scared Sheridan says, “No. I don't want to leave you. I don't want to go back.” Luis assures her, “You don't have to leave me. We're together now, all right? We're going to be together forever.” He smiles as he holds her.

    Theresa can be heard calling Luis once again. Luis looks around, “Who's calling me?” Sheridan caresses his face, “It's no one.”

    Luis asks, “Can't you hear them?” With her hands on his face, Sheridan begs, “No, please don't leave me.” Theresa asks,, “Why haven't the lights come on? If it's only a blown fuse, maintenance should've fixed it by now. Luis. Luis!” A splash is heard as Theresa looks into the pool, “There he is ...” Luis appears in the pool but quickly disappears again. Theresa calls out, “At least I thought. Luis? Luis!” Hank arrives and asks, “What's all the yelling? Theresa, was that you shouting? What's going on? Why is it so dark in here?” Theresa replies, “The maid thinks it's a blown fuse, Hank. She went to talk to maintenance.” Hank says, “It sounded like you were calling for Luis.” Theresa nods, “I was. I thought I saw him just -- just a moment ago when those lights got brighter. I guess I was wrong. I've called to him several times, but he hasn't answered.” Hank explains, “Pilar called me. She said that he's still upset about Sheridan's death, and she wanted me to come down and talk to him.” Theresa tells him, “Well, I found his wallet and a towel.” Hank says, “Well, then, he can't be far.” Theresa frowns, “I'm really worried about him, Hank. I mean, he was upset earlier.” Hank asks, “About Sheridan?” Theresa replies, “Yeah, I mean, he loved her so much and she was taken away from him so suddenly. You know, I have prayed for a miracle every night, wishing that somehow Sheridan would come back to him.” Hank says, “I wish we could have a miracle, Theresa. I just don't see how it's possible.” Theresa says, “God. I was so sure that I saw Luis.” Hank tells her, “Listen, I'm going to go check on the fuse myself.” Theresa exclaims in disbelief, “No. No, this can't be.” She sees Sheridan and Luis in the pool before they disappear again. Hank asks, “What? What'd you see, Theresa? What's wrong?”

    In the ocean Briantonio calls out for Diana again. He grabs Sheridan's arm, “Diana, I've got you. It's ok.” Sheridan tries to pull away from him, “Oh, leave me alone! Let me go!” At the Crane pool Theresa tells Hank, “I saw Luis in the pool, and he was holding Sheridan.” Hank exclaims, “What?” Appearing in the pool suddenly, Luis yells, “No. What's happening?” Seeing Luis, Hank says, “I don't know what's going on, but we got to get him out of there.” He pulls off his shirt and jumps into the pool and pulls Luis' arm, saying, “Come on, Buddy. We got to get you out. Come on.” Luis yells, “Stop it! Let go!” In the ocean, Brian pulls Sheridan's arm, “I'm getting you back to shore, Diana.” She suddenly disappears. In the pool Hank says, “Come on, Luis. We got to get you out of here.” An annoyed Luis yells, “Hank, let go!” Hank tugs on Luis' arm, “Come on, Buddy.” Luis yells, “Hank...” Hank tells him, “Come on. I'm worried about you. Come on!” Luis disappears from the pool. Hank exclaims, “I can feel him, but I can't see him!” Touching Sheridan in the ocean now, Luis says, “We're being pulled apart!” Trying to hold onto Luis, Sheridan cries, “Don't let me go! Please, don't let me go!”

    In the pool, Hank tries to pull Luis with him, “Don't fight me, Luis. Come on.” Luis yells, “Let me go, Hank!” In the ocean Briantonio says, “It's all right.” Sheridan cries, “Let me go!” Hank calls, “Come on, Luis. Come on.” As Sheridan disappears from Luis' sight, he asks, “Where'd you go?” Sheridan begs, “Don't leave me!” Hank says, “Come on, Luis.” Briantonio calls Diana. Sheridan and Luis are back together again. Luis asks, “What's going on?” Sheridan begs him, “No, don't leave me! Please don't leave me!” Luis yells, “No! Sheridan!” Luis continues to try to hold onto Sheridan while Hank tugs on him, “Come on, Luis!” Luis yells, “Hank, let go of me!” In the ocean, Liz asks, “Brian, what's wrong?” Briantonio looks back at her and yells, “I don't know. It's like she was holding on to someone and didn't want to let go. It's strange. Maybe it was the weird light, but it seemed like Diana disappeared a couple of times -- more than a couple of times.” Liz asks, “What do you mean, "disappeared"? Like underwater?” Briantonio replies, “I had ahold of her arm, but I couldn't see her anymore.” A rather confused Liz just says his name, “Brian.” Briantonio turns to Sheridan, “Diana, come on. I've got ahold of you. I'll take you in to shore. Can you swim? Come on, I'll take you. Come on.” A devastated Sheridan replies, “It doesn't matter.” Treading water, Liz asks, “Is it possible Doc was right? Are there strange forces operating tonight?”

    At the Crane pool house, Theresa puts a towel around Luis, “Here. Sit down. Are you ok, Luis?” Luis sits in a chair near the pool, “I had her in my arms. Did you see?” Theresa sits ion the arm of the chair and puts her arm around Luis, “See who?” Luis replies, “Sheridan -- I had her and I lost her. I lost her all over again.” He looks so devastated, so lost. Theresa and Hank look at each other in disbelief. Luis tries to explain, “Sheridan was in my arms. But it was strange. It wasn't here.” Theresa asks, “What do you mean, not here?” Luis replies, “The water was warm. There were waves.” The lights suddenly come back on. Theresa exclaims, “Finally.” Hank says, “The maid must've gotten ahold of those maintenance guys.” Luis looks from one to the other, “You guys, I was with Sheridan. She was in my arms. I held her. I -- what, is there something that you're not telling me?” Theresa says, “Luis -- earlier, when the lights were flickering, I thought just for a moment that -- that I saw you in the pool with Sheridan.” An excited Luis exclaims, “Yes! Yeah, I was in the pool with Sheridan, both here and there.” Hank looks at him worriedly, “Look now, Buddy. She's not there. Nobody is.” Luis looks sad again, “Right. I'm losing my mind.” Hank shakes his head, “Actually, no.” Luis asks, “There's something else you're not telling me?” Hank replies, “When I was pulling you over to the side of the pool, something happened that I can't explain. I had a good grip on you, but then you -- you disappeared. But I could still feel you. It was still like I was holding you.” Luis nods, “Yes. I was both here and there. There was -- the water -- salt water! It was the ocean!” Hank says, “Listen, Buddy...” Luis interrupts him, “It was the ocean.” Hank tells Luis, “This is getting beyond weird now. You're talking about traveling across space. And since that can't happen, we got to think of a logical explanation for all this.” Luis looks up at him, “Yeah, tell me.” Hank replies, “Well -- well, the lights, the reflection off the water. Maybe it blinded me for a couple seconds to you, you know?” Theresa asks, “Hank, what about what I saw, ok? Luis and -- and Sheridan in the water together.” Hank says, “Yeah, but right before you saw them, you said that you prayed for a miracle, prayed that Sheridan would return to Luis.” Theresa asks, “Are you saying it was all in my mind, wishful thinking?” Hank says, “I'm just saying that maybe your mind was playing tricks on you. You know, you just wanted them to be together so much that...” Theresa finishes, “That I imagined them together.” Luis insists, “No, I was with Sheridan. I didn't imagine it.” Theresa says, “I know how terribly you miss her. But she can't come back, Luis. She's gone.” Luis replies, “I know. But then why do I keep having these visions? And why did you see me with her?” Hank replies, “Look, I'm no shrink, but -- but maybe it's because Theresa wanted to be with the person she loves, too. Losing Ethan hurt you badly, Theresa. Maybe seeing your brother with the woman he loves was the way that your subconscious was dealing with your own pain.” Theresa thinks, “It's possible, I suppose.” Hank apologizes, “I'm sorry to bring up something so painful, but I just want us to look at this in a logical way.” Theresa says, “Well, I think Luis needs to rest. He needs to get out of here.” Hank says, “Yeah. Come on, Buddy. Let's go.” He pats Luis on the shoulder. They all stand and walk to the door. Luis stops and looks at the pool and asks, “Where are you, Sheridan? Where are you?”

    Back on the shore on the island, Sheridan murmurs, “Gone.” Briantonio says, “Come on, you're back to shore now. Just sit down.” Sheridan stares off in the distance and says, “He's gone.” Doc asks, “What happened?” Briantonio replies, “I don't know. I was trying to pull her in, and she kept fighting me. It was like she was trying to hold on to somebody or something.” Doc says, “I knew it. The Bermuda triangle -- it was the triangle.” Brian looks at him, “Doc, why don't you give it a rest, ok?” Doc says, “I'll bet Diana made contact with her dead lover on the other side.” Brian says, “Diana, come on. Let's take you inside and get you dry and warm. Come on.” Briantonio, Liz and Sheridan head back to the hotel while Doc stands in place, “If only John Edward were here.” He runs to catch up with the others.

    Arriving at Sheridan's cottage, Theresa says, “I'm not sure this is a -- a good idea, Luis.” Hank agrees, “I'm with Theresa on that.” Dressed in his uniform again, Luis walks into the living room and says, “I need to be here. I still feel Sheridan's presence. I just want to be where our love was the strongest, ok?” Luis walks over to stand in front of the fireplace while Theresa and Hank wait. Ethan and Gwen walk out of the bedroom with boxes of Sheridan's clothes to sort.

    Back in Sheridan's room at the hotel, Liz arrives with towels and blanket, “Is she still cold?” Looking at Sheridan lying in her bed, Briantonio says, “And wet.” Liz says, “These will warm her up.” Brian tells Sheridan, “You're going to be fine, Diana.” Sheridan begins to come around, “Where...”

    Briantonio says, “I think she's coming to.” Sheridan asks, “What's going on?” Liz tells her, “You just relax, ok?” Sheridan asks, “Why am I all wet?” Brian explains, “You were sleepwalking again.” Sheridan exclaims, “Again?” Doc explains, “It was the power of the triangle.” Liz scolds, “Enough with that.” Sheridan asks, “Power?” Brian informs her, “You went into the ocean.” Sheridan asks, “I did?” Brian asks, “You don't remember?” She replies, “No.” Liz asks, “Can you remember anything, Diana?” Sheridan says, “No, I can't.” Liz explains, “When you were in the water, it was like you were clinging to someone and you didn't want to be pulled away.” Sheridan asks, “Clinging to someone?” Liz nods and asks, “Is anything coming back?” Sheridan smiles as she remembers Luis, “My lover. I was with my dead lover.” Sheridan smiles brightly as Briantonio looks annoyed. Liz and Doc look at each other.

    At the cottage, Luis walks over to Ethan and Gwen, “Those are Sheridan's clothes.” Gwen nods, Yeah.” Luis asks, “What are you doing with them?” Ethan explains, “We're doing what she wanted.” Luis asks, “What are you talking about?” Ethan explains, “Her estate lawyer called and -- about auctioning off her clothes for charity.” Luis takes the box from Ethan and sits with it on the couch, “No, you can't sell her clothes. No, you can't.” Ethan says, “Luis, look, I miss Sheridan, too. Look, I think maybe you're right. This isn't a good time.” Gwen places the box in her hands next to Luis on the couch, “Yeah. This can wait, Luis. Of course it can.” Hank steps in, “Look, Luis had a pretty rough night.” Ethan nods, “Yeah, I can see he has.” He and Gwen leave the cottage as Luis looks through the box. He looks so lost as he pulls a black dress from the first box, “It's the same dress that Sheridan wore to the party at the youth center.” Holding up another dress, Luis smiles, “I remember the night that Sheridan wore this dress.” He has a flashback of him in a white dinner jacket and Sheridan in the black dress at her cottage.

    He was telling her how beautiful she looked and she told him that he looked great, too. They kissed. As the flashback ends, Luis whispers, “Can't believe I'll never see her wear it again.” He exhales deeply.

    In Sheridan's room in the hotel, Briantonio demands, “Tell me about it. Tell me what you remember.” Sheridan replies, “It's all fuzzy. I just remember being with him in the water. That's all I can remember.” Liz tells the guys, “You know, I think we should get out of here, let Diana get some rest. I'll help you get out of these wet things and into something warm.” Briantonio asks Doc, “Can you stay, too, Doc, and examine her, make sure she's ok? Thanks.” He leaves the room. Doc walks over to Sheridan's bedside, “Well, let's see what we've got in the way of a pulse.” Sheridan says, “I have to remember.” At the cottage, Luis looks out the window and remembers kissing Sheridan, “Why do I keep seeing her, Hank? It's like she's out there somewhere, alive. Why can't I find her?” In Sheridan's room, Doc announces, “Pulse is good and strong.” Luis walks through the balcony and stands in the open doorway smiling at her. Sheridan sits up smiling from ear to ear and says, “It's you.” Liz and Doc both look toward the door but can't see the face of the man standing there in his white dinner jacket, but Sheridan can see him looking so incredibly handsome and sexy in that white dinner jacket. They smile at each other but neither moves.

    To be continued...

    Thanks again to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

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    Smile Saturday's Sexy SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

    In Sheridan's cottage, Luis sits on the couch looking through boxes of Sheridan's clothes. As he holds one of her dresses and thinks about her, he sadly asks, “I know Sheridan's dead, Hank. I saw her body cremated before my own eyes. So why do I keep seeing her alive everywhere I go?” Hank replies, “You loved her, Luis. It takes time.” Luis tries to explain, “It's more than that. It's like at the pool tonight on the Crane estate -- it's like I wasn't even in the pool at all. The water was salty. It was like the ocean. That's where I found Sheridan. That's where I held her.”

    Hank says, “I still think it was your mind playing tricks on you.” Luis looks up with those sad eyes, “Yeah. It must have been. I still feel so close to Sheridan.” He remembers dancing with Sheridan then says, “I just feel so close. Sheridan -- it feels like I can reach out and touch her.”

    In her room in Liz's hotel on the island, Sheridan smiles, “You're here. You came for me.” Standing in the open balcony doorway, Luis smiles his sexy smile, “Of course I did. I'm never going to let you out of my sight again.” He looks so handsome and so HOTT in his white dinner jacket. Coming back into the room, Briantonio asks, “Hey, what's going on? Diana's been through a lot tonight. She needs her rest.” Doc puts his hands up to stop Antonio from getting any closer to Sheridan. Antonio stops and looks toward the open door and exclaims, “Oh, my God!”

    Still sitting on her bed, Sheridan's smile can't possibly be any bigger as she and Luis just stare at each other and smile. Sheridan looks so beautiful and so very happy as she says, “It's true. You're really here.” She gets out of bed and stands before Luis in the open doorway. Briantonio asks, “Who is that?” Liz watches Sheridan, “I don't know.” Doc replies, “I do.” Since they can only see a man in a white dinner jacket standing in the doorway through the sheer gauzy curtains that are blowing in the breeze, Liz asks, “What do you mean? Can you see his face?” Doc replies, “I don't need to. It's just as I've been saying all night. The confluence of the aurora Borealis and the power of the Bermuda triangle have suspended the usual rules of time and space.”

    Liz looks confused, “Doc, you lost me.” Briantonio says, “Come on, Doc. This is serious.” Doc replies, “I'm dead serious. You're looking at Diana's lost lover.” Briantonio says, “That's impossible. We all know he's dead.” Doc replies, “Well, if that's so, then he's come back from the great beyond to get her.” A wide-eyed Liz exclaims, “God in heaven.” Walking toward Luis, Sheridan smiles, “I hoped, I prayed, and -- no, I think I always knew that you would come back for me.”

    At Sheridan's cottage, Hank tries to comfort Luis, “It's got to get better with time, Luis.” Still holding Sheridan's dress, Luis says, “That is what they say, isn't it? Did Theresa go talk to Ethan?” They talk a bit about how bad they feel for Theresa seeing Ethan there at the cottage until Luis asks Hank to go check on her for him. After Hank leaves, Luis says to himself, “What I'd give for one more night with you.” The lights go off and Sheridan appears near the fireplace. She walks over to stand in front of Luis. They smile as he asks, “What's going on?” In Sheridan's room on the island, Briantonio angrily says, “Who the hell does he think he is, breaking into Diana's room? Nobody's going to hurt her as long as I'm around.” Liz stops him from going to Sheridan, “Brian, she doesn't look very afraid to me.” But Briantonio insists, “Yeah, she's been through a lot tonight. She doesn't even know what's going on, but I do. I'm about to toss this guy out on his ear. What the -- where'd he go?” Doc pulls him back, “Forget it, Brian. This is a battle you can't fight with fists.” Liz asks, “But where did he go? I mean, I didn't see him leave.” Doc replies, “That's because he didn't. He's still here. I can't see him either, but look at Diana. She can.” Luis holds his hand out to Sheridan, “Shall we?” Sheridan smiles, “I thought you'd never ask.” She walks into his waiting arms and they dance. As Liz, Doc, and Briantonio watch Sheridan dancing on the balcony, Doc asks, “Did you see that?” Liz asks, “What was it?” Doc replies, “Another meteor shower. I've never seen the sky like that. No wonder.” Briantonio asks, “Who does she think she's dancing with?” Liz looks over at him and says sarcastically, “I think you know the answer to that, Brian.” Sheridan and Luis are happily dancing on the balcony of Sheridan's island bedroom as well as in her cottage in Harmony. Shuis smile as they dance until Luis brings her hand to his lips and kisses it. So sexy!!!

    Watching Sheridan dance on her balcony, Briantonio decides, “She must be sleepwalking. I've got to wake her up.” Doc stops him, “It's not sleepwalking, Brian. She's in her lover's arms. I hate to think what it would do to her subconscious to rip her from him so abruptly.” Brian tries another approach, “Yeah, but it can't be good for her.” Doc replies and tells him exactly how things are, “How can you say that when she's so obviously happy? What Diana and this man had when they were together must have been very powerful to reach all the way across the great beyond -- even with the help of the stars and the triangle.”

    At the cottage, Luis asks, “How'd you get here?” Sheridan whispers, “Shh. No talking.” She begins to fade at the cottage, so Luis yells, “No. Please don't leave.” As Luis begins to fade on the island balcony, Sheridan cries, “No. It can't be. No, don't go! Please, no!” Briantonio asks, “What's happening?” Doc replies, “She must be losing her connection to her dead lover.” Liz asks, “But why? What makes her able to see him one second and not be able to the next?” Doc says, “I can't answer that.” Sheridan begs, “Please, don't go! Please!” At the cottage Luis yells again with tears in his eyes, “Don't leave. Come back, Sheridan! I can't bear to lose you again! Sheridan!” As Sheridan fades away Luis yells, “Dear God, no, I -- I can't lose her again. Sheridan? Sheridan, come back! Sheridan. Sheridan! Come back!” On her balcony, Sheridan cries, “Please, no. Please, don't leave! I want to be with you. Oh. Come back to me. Please come back to me. Oh. Oh.” She faints and Antonio catches her before she can fall on the floor. He carries her back into her room and lays her on the bed, then calls for Doc, “Doc, do something. I can't stand to see her like this.” Doc replies, “I wish I could help her. She's devastated by losing the connection to her dead lover. There's nothing I can do. She'll be better in the morning after a good night's sleep.” At her bedside, Briantonio says, “It's going to be ok, Diana. It's going to be all right.” Sheridan tosses and cries out, “Please.” Doc says, “See? I told you the galaxy possessed strange powers. Even we saw Diana's lost lover.” Briantonio shakes his head, “Yeah, I'm not so sure about that.” Liz doesn't agree with him, “Brian, the man in the white dinner jacket -- no, we didn't see his face, but he was in here.” Briantonio tries to explain it away, “Look, I know that's what it looked like, but the lights were flickering on and off. Come on, it could have been an optical illusion playing a trick on us by the weird way that the curtains were moving. I don't know.” Liz looks at him, “Look, I don't think so, Brian. I don't understand everything that's going on, but you got to admit we've seen some pretty strange sights tonight. I mean, it's obvious Diana saw the man she loved in the ocean. And then she sees him here, again?” Briantonio refuses to believe that, “It just doesn't make any sense.” Liz tells him, “Maybe you just don't want to believe because the way you feel about Diana. I mean, like it or not, she's in love with someone else.” Briantonio snaps, “Yeah, and she doesn't even remember his name when she's in a conscious state.” Liz supplies, “She has amnesia. She's trying to remember. She just can't.” Brian shrugs, “But the man she was in love with is dead, Liz.” Liz counters, “Not in her heart, he isn't. Come on, Brian. Be honest with yourself, if not with me. Now, how do you fight the kind of love we've witnessed tonight?” Antonio looks down at a sleeping Sheridan. (Yeah, Liz, you tell him!) Liz asks again, “Hey, you're the guy with all the answers. How do you wage a battle against Diana's memories of her former lover?” Doc stops her, “Let him be, Liz. He doesn't know.” Brian tells Liz, “I have an answer. I just don't know if you want to hear it. I'll fight Diana's old memories by giving her new ones with me. I'll fill her life up with love and joy -- so much that she'll never want to revisit her past. And she'll be so happy with me that she won't even want to.”

    Doc walks to Sheridan's bedside, takes her pulse, and covers her up. She stirs and in her sleep calls out, “Help. If you can hear me, help me. Please, help me.” At the cottage, Luis stands at the window looking out at the lights, “Sheridan, where are you? How do I get you back?” Coming through the front door, Hank asks, “Who are you talking to?” Luis replies, “Sheridan. She was just here, Hank.” Hank looks surprised, “What -- you mean, like in the pool?” Luis nods and quietly says, “She was just here in the cottage. I held her. We danced! Hank, we danced like were never going to stop.” Hank worriedly says, “Listen, man, you need to get some shut-eye. You're fried.” Luis insists, “Hank, I'm not even tired! I'm wide awake. I want to find her. Hank, I think it's got something to do with these -- these lights out here.” Hank looks up at the sky as Luis has been doing and asks, “What, do you mean, like that aurora Borealis thing that's going on outside?” Luis replies softly, “Whatever it is, I think it's got something to do with how I can feel and touch Sheridan tonight. I got to take advantage of this feeling, Hank.” Hank begins, “Luis...” Luis hears Sheridan's voice calling, “Please, can you hear me?” Luis turns to Hank, “Did you hear that? It's her!” Hank asks, “What?” Luis silences him. Luis looks around, “Maybe I am losing my mind. Now I'm hearing her voice in my head.” Hank tells him, “You're not losing your mind. You just miss her.” Luis says, “Yeah, well, it's one thing to miss her, and it's a whole other deal to think that she's still alive.” Hank asks, “Is that what you think?” Luis admits, “Yeah. I don't know how to explain it, but I do. And I'm going to find her.” He walks back to the window and once again looks up at the lights in the sky.

    Still standing at the window watching the lights, Luis tries to explain, “I know this doesn't make sense, Buddy. I could swear that Sheridan's somewhere out there, calling to me.” Hank tells him, “I wish I knew what to say, Luis.” Luis turns to look at Hank, “There's nothing to say. Now it's just that I've got this feeling, I've got this chance tonight, a chance to meet up with Sheridan, and if I don't use it, I'll never see her again.” He turns back to watch the lights. In her room on the island, Sheridan tosses on her bed. Antonio comes back and sits beside her. She turns in the other direction on her pillow and Luis' face appears on screen and we are treated to another amazing split screen picture of the two of them face to face.

    Wow! They are so beautiful together!

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for today's screen caps.

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    Smile Monday's Magical SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

    In the living room of Sheridan's cottage, Luis stands at the window watching the colorful lights dancing in the night sky. He smiles, “What a weird night. Hank, I have this feeling if I don't connect with Sheridan tonight then I'm going to lose her again.” He walks back into the room to sit on the arm of they chair. Hank asks, “How can you lose her again? She's dead. She's gone.” Luis looks at his friend, “What are you talking about? You saw what happened tonight? I went for a swim in the Crane's pool and all of a sudden Sheridan was in the water with me. We swam into each other's arms.” Luis flashes back to them swimming in the Crane pool.

    He smiles again, “The next thing I knew we were some place in the ocean. Some place warm, tropical feeling.” He remembers being with Sheridan in the ocean.

    Then he saddens with the next memory, “And we were pulled away from each other.” Luis continues, “Sheridan disappeared. And I was back in the Crane's pool. Not long after that, we were dancing together here in the cottage, that was some place else, too, I think. Balcony with roses. Both times I could touch her, I would feel her.” He smiles remembering holding her in his arms has they danced.

    Hank says, “Your mind is playing tricks on you.” Luis stands and shouts, “Hank, that is bull and you know it. Both you and Theresa were there, you saw what happened. You said that I was there one minute and gone the next. You even said you were trying to pull me out of the water and you felt something holding me and you didn't know what it was. It was Sheridan, Hank. I am sure of it.” Hank shrugs, “Look, I don't have all of the answers.” Luis insists, “Well, I do. Hank, I held Sheridan in my arms not once but twice tonight. I don't know how. Somehow, I have got to find her, Hank. I have to find her because if I don't, someone or some thing is going to take her away from me forever.” Luis walks back to the window to watch the lights in the sky.

    In Sheridan's room in Liz's hotel, Liz stands with her arms folded over her chest, “Brian, you may be head over heels in love with Diana but you got to admit that her connection to her past lover is incredible.” Sitting on the side of Sheridan's bed, Antonio replies, “I think my love for Diana is strong enough to beat any ghost or whatever it was we saw. Right now, all I'm concerned about is making sure that Diana is all right.” He stands and looks down at the sleeping Sheridan. Doc says, “I bet my stethoscope the happenings are tied to the Bermuda triangle exerting unusual power. Diana is somehow being pulled across the dimensions of time and space to connect with her dead lover.” Liz looks confused, “Doc, I just don't follow...” Sheridan pushes up on her elbows and looks at the trio assembled in her room, “Doc is right. I was with my dead lover earlier and I have to get back to him now, tonight.” Walking back to her bedside, Antonio says, “I didn't realize you woke up.” Sheridan sits up in her bed and replies, “I just did. I heard Doc talking and he's right.” She smiles lovingly, “I was with my lover twice tonight, once in the ocean and once here in the room. Our love is pulling us back together.” Antonio looks skeptically at her, “When you say you were with your lover -- what do you mean exactly?” She smiles, “I was in his arms. I could feel him. I could touch him. We were together like the four of us are right now. I mean, my lover is out there waiting for me. And I have to get back to him, we have to be together.”

    At Sheridan's cottage, Luis continues to watch the lights through the window, “I have to get back with Sheridan somehow. Maybe all this weird atmosphere stuff has caused me to have a connection with Sheridan.” Standing behind Luis, Hank asks, “You think there's some sort of weird cosmic thing going on out there? You never used to believe in that stuff.” Luis walks over to the chair to pick up his coat, “Hank, we have seen a lot of stuff in the past few years. I have seen stuff I never thought could have existed before, something had to put me and Sheridan together. Now I touched her, I felt her skin against mine. I feel like we could be together again. We could pick up right where we left off if we just make one more connection.” Hank frowns, “I just don't see how that's possible.” Luis exhales, “Well, I don't either. Wait a minute. I just got an idea, Hank.” He walks to the front door and leaves. Hank follows.

    In Sheridan's room on the island, Doc exclaims, “You were with your dead lover tonight, incredible!” Sheridan smiles, “Yes. First we were in the ocean and then we were here in the room dancing together. It was real. I know it was.” Liz confirms, “We did see the man in the white dinner jacket.” Antonio reminds her, “You said you remember him dying in your arms.” Sheridan says, “I still do. Look, I can't even begin to explain what happened tonight. All I know is that we were together and I could feel his love, a love for each other. It was so strong. It was so passionate.” She speaks so passionately. Doc states a possibility, “Maybe this man didn't die in your arms. Maybe he was saved and you just don't remember. And that's why you your love is using the power of the triangle to draw you back together.” Sheridan smiles with the new possibility, “Yes. Maybe Doc is right. Maybe the powers of the triangle are bringing us back together.” Her face falls, “No. No. It can't be. I remember him dying in my arms. If he had been saved, I would have remembered that. I have memories of other happy times. I mean, that would have been the happiest of all.” Doc shrugs, “It makes sense.” Liz adds, “As much as any of it does.” Sheridan replies adamantly, “I don't know what is going on but whatever it is, it is extremely powerful. I have to use that power somehow to get back to him. I have to.”

    At the gazebo on the Crane grounds, Luis tells Hank, “Sheridan with me earlier in the Crane pool and at the Sheridan's cottage. Both of those places have wonderful memories for us.” Hank says, “Yeah, so.” Luis smiles, “This place is special, too. Maybe even the most special. This is where I asked Sheridan to marry me.” Hank says, “I still don't know where you are going with this.” Luis explains, “Hank, I figure whatever force it is that is bringing us together, it is going to be strongest in the place that is special for us. Like here.” He looks toward the sky. Hank looks up, too, “It makes sense. If any of this makes sense.” Looking toward the sky, Luis points out, “Hank, look. That strange light is getting brighter.” Hank says, “So it is.” In a low voice, Luis comments, “This could be my last chance to connect to Sheridan. The last one. Sheridan. Sheridan.” Luis stands watching the lights and calling Sheridan's name.

    In Sheridan's room on the island, Doc states, “Diana, I know how much finding out about your past might mean for you. There might be a clue in your meetings or whatever they were with your dead lover.” Antonio asks, “How so, Doc?” Doc asks, “Did you speak to him? Do you remember him calling you by your real name?” Sitting up in her bed, Sheridan replies, “We did talk but I don't remember him ever saying my name.” Doc then asks, “What about you, Diana? Did you call him by name?” She thinks before she replies, “I don't think either of us said the other's name.” Doc tells her, “If you could remember if he said your name, then we could find out who you really are. Knowing your name would change your life forever.” Liz agrees, “He's right, Diana. Think. Think hard.” Sheridan frowns as she tries her best to remember her encounters with Luis.

    Standing in the gazebo looking up at the sky, Luis shouts, “Sheridan, I know you're out there somewhere. Please come back.” Hank says, “Luis, don't do this.” Luis replies, “Hank, it is okay. It's okay.” He then whispers, “I know I can connect with Sheridan. Sheridan, Sheridan, where are you? Please come back to me. Where are you?”

    In her room, Sheridan asks herself, “What did my lover say to me when we were together?” Luis' voice is heard, “Where are you my love?” Sheridan perks up and asks, “Did you all hear that?” Antonio asks, “Hear what?” Sheridan smiles, “My lover. It was his voice. He's calling out to me.” Luis' voice calls out again, “Where are you my love? Tell me where you are.” Brian looks upset as Sheridan smiles her reply, “I'm here, my darling. I knew you would come back for me.” She looks around and smiles happily.
    Standing in the gazebo looking at the sky, Luis whispers his plea for Sheridan to come back, “Come back to me, Sweetheart. Please come back to me.” Hank worries, “Luis, you can't keep doing this.” Luis scolds, “Shh. I have to try. The lights are so bright. I think maybe the power is getting stronger, whatever force that brought Sheridan back to me, bring her back to me again.” Luis then whispers, “Where are you Sheridan? Where are you my love?” In her room, Sheridan replies, “I am here.” Liz comments to Doc, “She must hear someone calling her.” Doc leans closer to Liz and replies, “Her dead lover maybe.” At the gazebo, Luis smiles, “Come back to me, please, come back to me.” In her room, Sheridan gets out of bed, “I'm coming my love. I'm coming.” Antonio asks, “Where is she going?” Doc replies, “Sorry, Brian but I think Diana is looking for her long lost lover.” Luis whispers, “If you can hear me, come back. Please come back.” Sheridan smiles, “I'm coming my love, wait for me.” She begins to walk toward the door. Luis is looking toward the sky and Sheridan is walking toward him. They face each other for a beautiful split screen of the lovers.

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

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    Smile Tuesday's Touching SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

    At the gazebo on the Crane grounds while he stands looking up at the dancing lights in the sky, Luis whispers, “Come back to me. Come back to me, my love.” A skeptical Hank begs, “Come on, Luis. You're scaring me now.” Luis smiles, “Hank, I was with Sheridan. I held her in my arms. She was as real as you and I are. Hank, look at the lights, they're getting brighter. Whatever force it is that brought me and Sheridan together must be getting stronger.” Hank asks, “You're saying that those lights brought you and Sheridan together?” Luis sighs, “I don't know. I don't know, Hank. Hank, I came to this gazebo to connect with Sheridan. This is a special place for us. It is where I proposed to Sheridan.” Hank deadpans, “I know but Sheridan's dead.” Luis turns toward Hank and yells, “She's not dead. Hank, she is alive and if I don't connect with her tonight someone or something is going to pull her and I apart forever.” Hank says, “Okay. Calm down. You go ahead, see if you can connect with her. I'm going to go get the car. When I get back hopefully you're ready to go.” Hank leaves the gazebo. Luis concentrates on the sky and willing Sheridan to come back to him. He whispers, “Come back to me. Come back to me, my love.”

    On the island, Sheridan walks out of her room and down the hallway. Following her at a distance, Antonio tells the others, “There's no way I'm letting her go back to the ocean, no matter what you say, Doc.” Doc says, “She is being pulled back by her dead lover, part of her is being pulled into another dimension, another time.” Reaching the end of one hallway, Sheridan smiles as she sees Luis standing there in his white dinner jacket smiling at her. She exclaims, “It's you. You're here.” Luis calls, “Come back to me, my love. Come to me, my love.” Sheridan says, “I'm coming.” Luis begins to back down the hallway and begins to fade. Sheridan pleads, “No, wait, I'm coming. Don't go.” Doc informs them, “I think she sees her dead lover again. I think she's ready to crossover to him.” Antonio says, “I've got to stop her. I can't let this happen. Diana!” He starts to run after her but Doc stops him, “Brian, don't. You could do serious damage if you pull her out of her trance.” Liz asks, “Brian, what are you afraid of? Do you think she could actually crossover to her dead lover?” Looking worried, Antonio replies, “When I was in the ocean it was as if someone was holding on to her and she was holding on to them. That is why it took me so long to get her back to the beach. Another thing, when I was holding her, it was as if she disappeared.” Liz asks, “Disappeared?” Antonio continues, “Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but it's the truth. One minute, I could feel her in my arms and the next minute I could see all but I could still feel her.” Doc says, “It doesn't sound crazy at all. It's the power of the triangle.” Antonio asks, “Wait a minute, Doc. Are you saying she could disappear and reunite with her lover, is that it?” Doc replies, “The connection between Diana and her lover is enormous. And the power of the triangle is helping them be together.” The three friends walk to the end of the hall so they can continue to watch Sheridan.

    Sheridan repeats, “I'm right here. I'm coming. Wait for me.” She continues walking down the hall. At the gazebo, Luis calls, “Come back to me, my love. Where are you? Please come back to me.” He turns and smiles, “It's you.” Then adds in a disappointed voice, “Oh, Hank, I thought...” Hank asks, “You thought you were seeing Sheridan again, right?” Luis nods, “Well, she still feels so close by. Hank. When I heard you back there I just thought that...” Hank informs Luis, “I couldn't get the car. There was a delivery truck blocking it so I came back to tell you.” Luis whispers, “Oh.” Hank asks, “So, are you ready to go?” Luis begins, “Hank...” Hank continues for him, “Luis, I know you are trying to reconnect with Sheridan but I don't think it is going to happen.”

    Luis insists, “It has already happened twice. First at the Crane pool and then Sheridan's cottage. Hank, Sheridan and I were together.” Hank asks, “How can you be together? She's dead. Whatever you saw was your imagination. Visions brought on by your incredible need to see her again.” Luis shouts, “Hank, they weren't visions. Don't you remember what happened when you were trying to drag me to the edge of the pool? I disappeared.” Hank begins, “That could have been the lights playing tricks...” Luis interrupts, “Hank, it wasn't a trick. It was real.” He lowers his voice, “Hank, our love is breaking through the barrier, whatever it is trying to keep us apart. I know if I keep believing and if I keep calling to Sheridan, she's going to come back, Hank. I know it. Sheridan is going to come back.” He exhales.

    On the island, Sheridan walks toward the beach, closely followed by the 3 island misfits. Doc says, “Diana almost disappeared and then she suddenly came back to herself.” Antonio asks, “What is happening, Doc?” Doc replies, “I told you. She's been being pull back to her dead lover into some other dimension.” Antonio says, “I can't let that happen, I have to stop her.” He starts to run but Liz stops him, “Brian, if you care about her, let her go.” He replies, “I don't know if I can. I don't know what I would do if I lost her.” Liz asks, “Would you deny her this happiness, being with the man she loves? She obviously can't forget him. Could you put your feelings above Diana's?” Sheridan continues on her walk toward the love of her life, Luis. Liz asks again, “Could you really be happy keeping Diana from the man she loves?” After thinking a minute, Antonio replies, “Well, you're right. I can't deny Diana the chance to be with the man she loves even if it means giving up my own happiness. I'm going to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't hurt herself.” As soon as Antonio leaves, Doc tells Liz, “Talking Brian into letting Diana go was a brilliant move. If she does disappear and stays gone maybe you and Brian can get back together.” Liz looks upset with Doc, “That's not why I said it. I would never manipulate Brian that way.” She walks after Antonio. Standing next to Liz, Antonio asks, “What is happening? Is she about to crossover to her lover?”

    At the gazebo Luis stares at the lights in the sky and points out, “Hank, the lights. I think I am about to be connected with Sheridan again. Come back to me, my love. Come back.” Hank gives in, “Luis, I hope it happens. I really do.” Luis confidently replies, “It will, you'll see.” Hank says, “Okay. But I'm going to check on the car and see if it is still blocked.” A distracted Luis says, “Yeah, go ahead.” Hank asks, “If I come back with the car, will you let me take you home then?” Luis looks at him, “Hank, when you come back I'm going to be with Sheridan, okay.” Hank says, “I hope so. I'll be back in a few.” He leaves the gazebo as Luis continues to call Sheridan, “ My love, come back to me. Please. I need you. I'm here.” Luis turns to see Sheridan walking near the entrance to the gazebo and he smiles, “My love, you've come back.”

    On the island, Doc catches up with Antonio and Liz who are watching Sheridan walk toward Luis, “What's happening?” Antonio tells him, “She's fading, Doc. She fades out and then she comes back.” Doc says, “The power of the Bermuda triangle is getting stronger, focusing.” At the gazebo, Luis smiles at Sheridan, “I'm here. Come to me.” Doc comments, “She's fading. She's not long for this dimension.” Luis watches Sheridan, “That's right. I'm here. Come to me.” Sheridan sees him and smiles, “I'm coming to you, my love. Wait for me.” As Sheridan fades away, Antonio shouts, “Diana! Where are you? Diana, answer me. Where are you?” At the gazebo Luis asks, “Where are you? I can't lose you now, you were almost here. I saw you. I think I saw you but -- you're trying to break through to me. Where did you go?” He runs to the entrance of the gazebo looking for her and turns suddenly and returns to the gazebo when he sees her standing there. She smiles as she calls out, “I'm right here.” Sheridan and Luis walk toward each other, smiling Luis says, “It's really you. Are you really here?” They are now face to face, touching each other. Sheridan replies, “Yes, I'm here. I'm here.” He touches her, caresses her arms as he says, “It is you. You're real.” Sheridan smiles and tells him, “I love you so much. I missed you.” Luis smiles and passionately says, “I love you, too. More than you will ever know.” Their lips meet in a sweet but passionate kiss.

    On the island, Antonio stands beside Liz and Doc on the beach, “I can't believe it. I can't find Diana anywhere. She's disappeared.” Liz says, “She's crossed over, Brian. She rejoined her lover.” Antonio replies, “No.” Then he adds, “I hope she's happy. Just like the woman of my -- just let the woman of my dreams go back to her first love. I'll never see her again.”

    At the gazebo, Sheridan and Luis are kissing and holding each other when Luis exclaims again, “I still can't believe it's you. It's really you.” Sheridan smiles, “I'm really here, right where I belong.” Luis smiles, “I don't know how this happened and I don't care. I'm never going to let you go again. I know how to make sure of it.” He takes the handcuffs from his belt and cuffs them together. He grins, “Now nothing is ever going to tear us apart. Nothing.” He bends down and captures her lips again. They revel in the joy of being together again, smiling, kissing and hugging so happily.

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for Shuis screen caps for this episode.

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    Smile Wednesday's Wishing SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

    On the island, Antonio scours the hotel grounds and comments, “She has to be here some place. Diana!” Liz pleads with him, “Brian, come on. Let's go back inside.” Antonio refuses, “No. Not until I find her.” Doc says, “She's not here. She's with her lover.” Antonio says, “That's impossible. She thinks he's dead.” Doc replies, “Like I said the powers of the Bermuda triangle are in full force tonight. Anything, even that which seems impossible, can happen. Time, space, every dimension can be crossed, broken through.” Seeing the look on Antonio's face, Liz says, “Doc, ease up on that for a second.” Doc explains quite passionately, “Diana was remembering her lover tonight, her memories were so strong and she was so desperate that using the power of the Bermuda triangle as a catalyst she somehow crossed over and found a way to join him.” As Antonio looks at the sky, Liz stands next to him and exclaims, “For God's sake.” Doc continues, “Diana found him when she went out in the ocean and again on her balcony, she danced with him. This time, now, it seems like much more.” Still looking at the sky, Antonio says, “If you're right, the powers of the triangle are that strong, capable of crossing all barriers, she must have crossed over to be with the man she loves. If that's true, she went back to be with him, I'll never see her again.”

    At the gazebo, Luis places his handcuffs on both his and Sheridan's wrists. He smiles as he holds up their hands to see the cuffs. Luis grins, “There. Now you can't get away. Nothing can ever separate us again.” Sheridan breathlessly whispers, “I've missed you. Hold me. Never let me go.” Luis embraces her, “Never. Nothing can ever come between us again. We're locked together now, nothing can ever come between us. Nothing.” Luis bends down and captures her lips as his hand gently clasps her neck and hair.

    Slowly ending the kiss, Luis exclaims, “This is real.” Sheridan smiles, “Yes.” Luis smiles so happily, “I still can't believe this is actually happening. I have imagined this moment so many times. I would see you, hear the voice, and feel your presence. It always seemed so real. It was always my mind playing tricks on me, wishful thinking. Not this time. This is no illusion. It's you.” In a soft voice, Sheridan simply replies, “Yes.” Luis is overjoyed and smiles, “I can smell your hair, feel your skin, it's you. It's really you.” He kisses her so passionately. When the kiss ends, Sheridan replies, “Yes. I'm with you, the man I love. You don't know how deeply I've missed you. I've longed to feel your arms around me again.” She turns in his arms so that he now stands behind her. Luis asks, “I know it is really you but tell me how this can be happening. How is it that you came back to me? I want to know. Tell me, I need to know how this can be happening.”

    On the island, Antonio says, “I'm not giving up hope, no way. If Diana can crossover to another dimension to hook up with this man from her past then it has to be possible for her to cross back.” Doc states, “Anything is possible as long as the power remains this forceful.” Antonio asks, “Then she can come back?” Doc replies, “It is not for me to say.” Antonio tells the others, “We've got a connection, Diana and I. Maybe it was not as strong as what she had with this other man but it was growing. So I think right now I need to focus on that connection.” Liz asks, “How do you mean, Brian?” He replies, “I'm going to see if it can't help pull Diana back to me. I'm not giving up on her. I haven't really lost her. I don't believe that. No, I can't have.” He insists, “Diana can come back. She will.” Standing with Doc, Liz asks, “Doc, do you really think she can cross back over even if she has gone to her lover?” Doc replies, “Anything is possible but right now we're still not even sure where she's actually gone.” Liz asks, “What do you mean?” Doc asks in return, “Did Diana go back to her former life where this man is living? Or if he's dead, did she somehow find a way to crossover to him on the other side?” Antonio says, “No. I don't believe that. I'm not giving up hope. I am not leaving here until I find her.” Liz asks again, “Doc, what do you really think?” Doc shrugs, “It's hard to say or even make a guess. Nothing is as it seems tonight.”

    Sheridan stands in Luis' arms. He asks, “I wanted you to come back to me. Did God answer my prayers? The miracle that I asked for. How is this all possible?” Standing behind her, he kisses the crown of her head. Sheridan replies, “All I know is that I'm here in your arms.” Luis smiles, “Right where you belong.” Sheridan says, “I am going to stay forever.” Luis grins, “Forever.” He holds her close from behind and plants a sweet kisses on her temple.

    Sheridan smiles, “Yes. Nothing else matters since I've returned to you, my true love, my soul mate.” Luis holds her close to his body as he asks, “Where have you returned from? Tell me where you have been this whole time.” He turns her around in his arms and asks again, “All this time you have been gone, where were you... some place we have been before?” Looking up at Luis, Sheridan smiles, “A place unlike any other. Everything about it was so soft, air, the feel of the ground beneath my feet, the smells were sweet. It was all so peaceful.” Luis comments, “It sounds like paradise.” Sheridan says slowly, “It was. Beautiful, perfect, a place where no one has a past.” Luis asks, “Where was it?” Sheridan frowns, “I don't know.” Luis then asks, “What was it called?” She replies, “I don't know. I'm not sure.” She looks worried because she doesn't know the answers. Luis reassures her, “It's okay. We'll talk about it later.” Sheridan replies rather mechanically, “Yes, later.” Concerned about her, Luis asks, “Are you okay? It is like you are in a trance or something? Sleep walking?” As Luis looks searchingly at Sheridan, Luis begins thinking, “Maybe she's really dead. She's talking about heaven just now. Is that where she has been? Has she come back to me from heaven?” He smiles and holds her hands in his while trying to make sense of it all.

    Dressed in her robe, Liz finds Antonio on the beach. She brings him a shirt, “It's getting nippy out here. We don't want you catching cold.” Putting on the shirt, Antonio says, “All I can think, feel and hear is Diana.” Standing behind him, Liz says, “Brian, you know I hate to bring you down but there is a possibility, a very real possibility that Diana might not come back. You got to be ready to accept that.” Antonio replies, “But she is coming back, Liz, I can feel it.” Liz says, “Like I said before, even with her amnesia, she still remembers the love she has with that other man.” Antonio says, “I know.” Liz reminds him, “He's still very much in her heart and their love was so powerful that even though Diana has lost so much of her life, she doesn't even know who she is, she still clings to her love for him.” Antonio says, “I understand that.” Liz adds, “Well, Brian, it is not just some ordinary love. It is one of those once in a lifetime passions that can transcend time and space.” When she sees his face, she apologizes, “Brian, I really didn't mean to be so insensitive.” Antonio says, “No, you're just telling me what you think I needed to hear.” She walks away from her. Walking over to him, Liz says, “It's because I care for you. I don't want to see you get hurt.” He turns back to face her, “You're right, I am going about this the total wrong way. I want Diana to come back to me more than anything else in this world. I can't force it. I can't will it to happen. It wouldn't be right.” Liz quietly says, “No.” He continues, “I'm just going to have to leave it up to those forces that made it possible for her to reunite with the man from the past.” Liz agrees, “Whatever happens, happens.” Antonio says, “Whatever happens. But that doesn't mean that I'm giving up hope. It doesn't mean that I'm going to stop praying for her to come back to me. But when she comes back to me, I want it to be because she wants to come back. I want her to come back to me free and clear. Her feelings come first, her happiness comes first, my feelings, everything else it comes second. I just want her to know how much I love her and will take care of her when she comes back. Her happiness is with this other man then so be it. I'll accept it. But if her happiness is with me, I swear to you I will never let her go again, not ever.”

    At the gazebo, Luis stands facing Sheridan, caressing her arms and thinking to himself, “Could she have come back from heaven? She's not completely alive but she's breathing normally. I can feel her heart beat. So this has to be some kind of trance but how do I bring her out of it?” Aloud, he asks Sheridan, “Hey, do you remember how we used to dance?” She asks, “Dance?” He smiles and explains, “Yeah. We used to love to dance with each other.” She says in a rather mechanical voice, “I don't remember.” Luis smiles, “All right. Let me show you, okay.” He takes her into his arms and begins to dance around the gazebo. While they dance, she has a flashback of them dancing. She looks stunned, “I remember.” Luis smiles happily, “You remember.” Sheridan smiles, “It was wonderful. Everything was wonderful when I was with you.” Luis smiles and whispers huskily, “I love you. I love you so much.” She replies, “I love you.” He kisses her passionately. As the kiss ends, Luis demands, “Look at me.” She says, “Yes.” Luis tells her, “No. Really look at me.” Sheridan sighs, “This is just like all my dreams, only so much better because it is real.” Luis asks, “You know where you are right now?” She smiles, “I'm with the man I love, in his arms again.” A worried Luis pulls her into his arms and holds her ever so tightly.

    On the beach on the island, Doc rejoins the other island misfits, “Up in the hotel, the lights are starting to flicker, grow dimmer.” Antonio asks, “What does that mean?” Doc replies, “Power of the Bermuda triangle is fading out. It is almost over.” Antonio asks, “What is? Spell it out, would you, Doc?” He replies, “When the lights go out, the power will die and things will go back to normal.” Antonio looks at him and asks, “Normal. So does that mean that Diana will be back?” Doc replies, “It means whatever side Diana is on when the light goes out it is the side she will stay in forever. If she is not here by the time the lights go out completely she'll never be back.”

    In the gazebo clinging to Luis, Sheridan says, “I never want to leave your arms.” Holding both of her hands in his, Luis smiles, “Don't worry. I'm never letting you go. Not after I waited so long, I'm never letting you go. Hey, what do you say we go over to the hospital, have you checked out. Come on. Let's just make sure everything is okay.” He tugs her arm but she stops him, “No, no hospital, not now. I just want to be in your arms. That's all I need. To know that I am with the man I love, to know I am with him forever.” Luis looks at the handcuffs and assures her, “No matter what, you are staying with me.” Luis pulls her into his arms again and holds her tight. On the island, looking at the lights, Liz points out, “They're almost out.” Also looking toward the sky, Antonio says, “I love you, Diana. Come back to me, please.” In the gazebo, Luis and Sheridan continue kissing.

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for Shuis screen caps.

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    Smile Thursday's SHUIS Summary & Picture of the Day...

    At the gazebo as Luis holds her hands, Sheridan says softly, “I love you so much.” Luis smiles into her eyes, “I love you, too. With all my heart.” Sheridan says so sincerely, “I never want to leave your arms. I want to stay with you forever.” Luis tells her confidently, “Don't worry, you will. A miracle brought you back to me and now that you are finally back, nothing is ever going to take you away from me again.” They smile into each other's eyes.

    On the island, the three misfits stand together on the hotel patio looking at the sky when Liz comments, “The lights are getting dimmer.” Doc adds, “The power of the triangle is fading fast.” Liz says, “So, the strange event, whatever it was, is almost over.” Doc informs, “Whatever side Diana is on when the lights go out is the side she'll stay on.” Liz begins, “But if she's not back before the lights go out completely...” Doc nods, “Diana will be gone for good.” Antonio hears that and begs, “Please, God, no. Please Diana come back to me. Please.”

    At the gazebo, Sheridan pleads, “Hold me. Never let me go.” Luis assures her, “I won't, my love. I won't.” He pulls her into his arms. She lays her head on his shoulder as he holds her close to his heart. At the same time, on the island, Antonio begs, “Please, my love, come back to me.”
    Luis kisses her shoulder, then looks up at the sky. He comments, “The strange lights are almost completely out.” Looking up into his face, Sheridan softly pleads, “Hold me tighter. I need to feel that I'm safe, that nothing can take me away from you.” Luis smiles, “Don't worry. You always will be. Now that we're together and always going to be together, it will be wonder and perfect, the way it should be.” Sheridan's smile grows brighter as she dreams of that possibility, “Wonderful, perfect. The two of us together like this forever and always.” They kiss with such a gentleness. As the kiss ends, Luis looks up at the night sky and says, “Those strange lights are really almost out now. It will be dark soon.” Sheridan says, “I don't care so long as I'm with you.” Luis replies, “You will be. You will always be with me.” He leans down and captures her lips again.

    On the island, Antonio says, “It's out of my hands now. Whether or not Diana comes back is up to the powers that took her away. If I could bring her back, I wouldn't. I want her to come back here because she wants to be here with me.” Doc pulls Liz off to one side and whispers, “I think this could be your chance, Liz. All I'm saying is that if Diana didn't make it back, I think you and Brian could be together again. He's more open now. He's more ready to commit to a relationship after falling in love with Diana.” Liz looks at him, “Doc, I'm not so sure. You know what Brian and I had was nothing compared to the love he feels with Diana. I am afraid if he loses her now, he might never recover and he'll shut down completely.” Antonio asks, “What is happening to the lights?” Walking back toward Antonio, Doc replies, “I guess whatever we were witness to is about to be over.” Antonio yells, “No. No, Diana! Diana! Diana didn't come back. I've lost her. I've lost her forever, she's gone.”

    At the gazebo, Luis looks toward the sky, then back at Sheridan. An elated Luis proclaims, “The lights are gone and you are still here with me. We're still together.” His smile grows wider. Sheridan pleads, “Promise me we always will be together.” Luis smiles, “I promise you I will not let anything take you from me again. What is that?” Luis indicates the colorful lights that are dancing in the night sky. Sheridan asks, “What is happening?” Luis looks up again and replies, “I don't know. Maybe heaven and earth are celebrating us being back together again.” Sheridan adds, “The two of us.” Luis smiles, “Yeah. Why this is happening is beyond me but it is happening and it is real. We're together again. We will be forever.” Sheridan smiles and repeats, “Forever.” Luis grins as he looks at the lights in the sky which look like a huge fireworks display. Luis happily says, “It is a celebration of our love, our ever lasting love.” As he watches those lights, Sheridan fades away.

    On the island and feeling sorry for himself, Antonio says again, “I lost Diana forever.” Liz touches his arm, “I'm sorry, Brian, I really am. I know what it is like to lose out on a love.” Antonio looks at her, “I guess I just have to accept it. Diana is not coming back.” Doc says, “Not necessarily.” Liz asks, “Why not?” Doc points to the sky, “Look.” Antonio asks, “What does it mean, Doc?” Doc replies, “It means whatever this is isn't over. The power of the triangle is back big time. Anything can happen. Look at that.” He points to a faint image of Sheridan. Antonio says, “Diana?” He asks, “What's going on?” Doc replies, “Diana, it looks like she is coming back.” Liz exclaims, “Unbelievable.” Doc says, “It is the triangle. I told you it is not over yet. Anything can still happen.” Liz asks, “Is it really Diana?” Doc replies, “Yes, it's her. She has not fully crossed over yet and that is why we are only seeing her image. Diana is caught between here and wherever she was with the man she loves.” As Antonio stares, he says, “Maybe my prayers are answered, she's coming back to me.” Doc urges him, “Go to her, Brian. Go to Diana. Take hold of her, fight to keep her here.” Antonio begins to go to her but stops. Liz asks, “What is it?” Antonio replies, “I won't force Diana to leave the man she loves. If she's happy with him, I want her to be happy. I can't make her leave.” Liz asks, “You love Diana enough to let her go?” Antonio in his usual flat monotone voice says, “Yes. It is up to fate to decide where Diana should be with him or with me. I love you, Diana. I love you.”

    At the gazebo Luis smiles as he watches the light display in the sky, “The lights...” Luis' words fade away as he looks back at Sheridan and sees that she is fading away. She is upset and asks, “What is happening? I feel like I'm going away.” Luis is adamant, “No, I'm not going to let you leave.” She looks sad, “I want to stay with you.” Luis again assures her, “I won't let you go away. No.” He reaches out to hold onto her but his hand goes right through her. Both Sheridan and Luis are visibly upset. Sheridan says worriedly, “I feel myself leaving you. As if I'm going far away.” Luis pleads, “No, please, please don't leave me. (He looks up to the heavens and prays.) Please, God, please don't take her away from me. Help me. I'm begging you, please let us be together. I love her. Don't take her away from me. Just let us be together.” Sheridan tells him, “Even if we're not together, I will always love you. I will always love you.” Luis gives her some encouragement, “We're together. Can't you see we're together, I love you. I will always be with you wherever we go. Just don't let go.” She is fading in and out, “I can't hold on much longer.” Luis pleads, “Don't let go.” As she fades away, Sheridan requests, “Your name, I can't remember your name. Tell me your name.” A very concerned Luis replies, “Sheridan, it's me. Sheridan it's Luis.” Sheridan has disappeared. When Luis lifts his arm to look at the handcuffs, Sheridan's is empty, causing Luis to yell, “No. No. Sheridan! Sheridan!”

    On the island, Sheridan begins to appear as she is asking Luis, “Tell me your name. I don't remember your name.” Liz says, “Diana's image is getting stronger.” Doc declares, “She's coming back.” Antonio urges, “Don't stop now. Diana.” Doc exclaims, “Amazing. She's back in the flesh.” Sheridan is still asking Luis, “What is your name? Tell me your name.” Antonio answers her, “It's me, Diana. It's Brian. You are going to be okay.” She asks one more time, “What is your name?” He replies again, “Brian.” Coming out of her trance, Sheridan looks around and asks, “How did I -- where am I?” She faints. Antonio catches her.

    At the gazebo, Luis is pleading, “Come back to me. Come back.” Arriving at the gazebo, Hank call out, “Luis, did you see the sky just now? That was the most incredible fire work show I have ever seen.” Luis sadly says, “She's gone.” Hank asks, “Who?” Luis replies, “Sheridan was here, now she's gone again.” Hank exclaims, “What?” Luis looks like he has tears in his eyes as he explains, “Sheridan was here with me, Hank. I kissed her. She kissed me back. We talked. I held her in my arms. She was really -- Sheridan was here and she was real.” Hank says, “Luis, we have been through this before. Sheridan is dead. She couldn't have come back to you.” Luis pleads with him to believe him, “Hank, I'm telling you, Sheridan was here. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it either. I swear to God she was here.” Hank tries to humor him, “All right. Let's go get a beer, just something to help you relax. All right.” Luis turns to him, “No. There has to be a way to find her and bring her back.” Hank tells him, “That sounds crazy.” Luis gets an idea, “That's it. I think I know a way to find her and bring her back, Hank.”

    At the Harmony observatory, Luis bursts into the main room, followed by Hank. A scientist asks, “Who are you? What do you want?” Luis explains, “Those lights in the sky, look, I need to know where they came from and how to get them back.” The man replies, “I am sorry, I can't answer your questions.” Luis asks, “You are a scientist, aren't you?” Hank tries to smooth things over, “Easy, Luis. I apologize for my friend being so intense. Anything you saw about those lights -- would be much appreciated.” An impatient Luis sarcastically demands, “Today would be nice.” The man replies, “As a matter of fact, I was just checking into that data when you burst in here. As far as I can tell, it has been over a century since something like that happened. It is as rare a phenomenon as it is strange.” Luis asks, “But when will it happen again? How can I get them back?” The scientist replies, “I told you I don't know. It is impossible to predict an event such as what happened tonight.” Luis hits a piece of equipment with his hand, “You got all this damn equipment. Everything, try.” The man asks, “Sir, what is your problem?” Luis replies angrily, “You. Right now you are my problem.” Hank steps between the two men, “Luis, let me handle this, okay.” Turning to the scientist, Hank says, “Here's the deal. Somehow during the time those lights were in the sky tonight, my friend feels that his fiancé returned to him.” Luis insists, “She did, Hank. Sheridan was here.” Hank continues, “My friend was engaged to a woman who died last summer but he feels that she was with him tonight and that her appearance was directly related to those lights in the sky.” The man says, “I'm sorry to disappoint your friend but what you're describing to me is a scientific impossibility.” Luis passionately insists, “To hell with science. I am telling you both that it happened. My fiancé came back to me. I was with her. Then those lights went out and she disappeared. Look, I'm not crazy, okay. There is a connection between Sheridan appearing and those lights. You need to find a way to get them back. That's the only way to get Sheridan back.” The man informs them, “I am a scientist. I am not a Hollywood special effects guru. I am sorry that I can't help you.” Luis yells, “You have got -- you have got all of this damn equipment. Just try. Try to get those lights back because I need to get Sheridan back. Now.” The man just stares at Luis as if he is insane.

    In her room on the island, Sheridan wakes up, “Where am I?” Antonio tells her, “You are in your room on St. Lisa's.” Liz adds, “We are all here with you.” Doc tells her, “You are going to be just fine.” A confused Sheridan says, “I had the strangest dream that -- it didn't seem like a dream. It all felt so real.” Doc informs her, “It wasn't a dream. Diana, the powers of the Bermuda triangle have come into full force tonight, something that hasn't happened in over a hundred years. It can cause the impossible to happen and we think it did.” She says, “I don't understand.” Doc tells her, “From what we can gather, you crossed over to be with the man you love from your past.” Sheridan smiles, “That's exactly what happened. I was with my fiancé. You are saying that it wasn't a dream?” Doc assures her, “No. It was real.” Sheridan is happily crying, “Oh my God. I was really in his arms. He really held me. We really talked about how much we had missed each other, how much we loved each other.” Liz asks, “Diana, do you think that you were in heaven?” A confused Sheridan says, “I don't know. Wherever it was, it was so beautiful. It was just perfect. Peaceful. Neither one of us wanted to let go of the other.” Antonio asks, “What finally happened?” Sheridan sadly tells them, “I could feel myself getting weak. I remember getting pulled away. I tried to hold on to him as he held me but no matter how tight we clung to each other, I just remember myself fading away. The next thing I knew I was back here on the island. I can't believe that I was in his arms and I couldn't remember his name. I asked him but I was gone before he could tell me. Now I'll never know.” Liz says, “I'm sorry, Diana. I really am but -- maybe you could go back to him.” Sheridan sits up in her bed and sadly says, “No, Liz. I don't think so. I think tonight was the last time I'll ever see him. I've lost him! I’ve lost the man I love!” She cries.

    Sheridan is so sad, “It's over. My life with him is over. I will never see the man that I love again.” She lays down. Antonio tells the others, “I'll stay with Diana until she falls asleep.” On the other side of the room, Liz comments to Doc, “Poor Diana. The idea of not being with the man she loves is tearing her apart.” Doc adds, “Brian, too.” Liz asks, “Doc, is there any way that she could cross back over?” Doc shakes his head, “No. The lights have gone and the power they represented has past. It could be a century or more before something like tonight happens again. Diana is back and she is here to stay.” Across the room, Antonio whispers to a sleeping Sheridan, “Fate brought you back to me, so it must want us to be together. Sorry you are in so much pain. Losing the man from your past is hurting you so but I'm here to help you get past that pain by showing you how much that I love you and God willing you will love me, too. I love you, Diana. I love you.” He kisses a sleeping Sheridan on her forehead. As Sheridan dreams of Luis and asking him to hold her, she says out loud, “Hold me. Hold me.” Antonio hears her and climbs onto her bed to put his arm around her as she sleeps.

    At the observatory, Hank tries to ease the situation, “You have to get a grip. He watches the sky and doesn't control it.” The scientist says, “At least one of you is lucid.” Hank explains, “My friend is hurting here. Give him a break.” He turns to Luis, “Luis, I am sorry that you are hurting over Sheridan but she is gone. Nothing can bring her back.” Luis insists, “Hank she was back. I held Sheridan in my arms. I felt that she was -- she was real.” He looks so sad. Luis turns and walks out of the observatory. When he reaches the grounds, he immediately looks to the sky and sadly says, “Sheridan, you were here. We were together. Now you're gone. She's gone forever.” He yells, “Sheridan. Sheridan!”

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

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    Smile Monday's SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day. . . . . .

    On the island in the hotel hallway Liz runs into Antonio camped outside Sheridan's door, “How's she doing?” Antonio looks up from reading a book, “She's been quiet for a while. I think she dozed off.” Liz says, “I'm not surprised she's done in. It's been quite a night.”

    Antonio replies, “Yeah. It has been for us all.” He thinks back to what Sheridan said earlier about needing to be with the man she loves. Sheridan said, “I was with my lover twice tonight -- once in the ocean and then once here in the room. Our love is pulling us back together.” She was smiling as he asked, “When you say you were with your lover, what do you mean exactly?” She replied, “I was in his arms. I could feel him, I could touch him. We were together like the four of us are right now. My – my love is out there waiting for me, and I have to get back to him. We have to be together.” She was so insistent causing Antonio to tell Liz, “Sometimes I wonder if Diana will ever be able to move on with her life. Even though she has amnesia, she's still in love with that man from her past.” Lying in her bed and thinking, “I still feel so close to him. Why can't I be with him again?”

    At Sheridan's cottage, Luis sits in the living room where he has a flashback of Sheridan coming to him in the gazebo...and of Sheridan leaving again. He is just devastated, as is Sheridan on St. Lisa's island. As the flashback ends, Luis sighs and Hank enters the living room, “I changed my mind about the coffee. I really think we should split.” Looking straight ahead, Luis replies, “Yeah. Why don't you go ahead. I'm fine here.” Hank throws up his hands, “Like hell you are. You're never going to get past Sheridan's death. You set up camp in her old cottage.” Luis smiles, “Hank, it's not about these four walls. Home, the Crane estate, everywhere I go, I see Sheridan now cause I know that she's still alive.” Hank is at a loss, “I don't know what to tell you, Buddy.” Luis answers, “Well, there's nothing to tell me because I'm going to find her.” Hank asks, “Where? In the Crane swimming pool? Up in the stars in another galaxy?” Luis says sincerely, “I don't know. I'm not giving up, all right? All I need is just a slim chance, a tiny clue. Once I have that, I'm going to chase it till I have her back.”

    At the Book Cafe, Beth accepts several packages. She looks at each package and asks, “What is this? My God. It's from Sheridan.”

    On the island, Liz tells Antonio, “Brian, it's late. I'm sure she'll sleep through the night.” He asks, “Yeah, but what if she wakes? What if she starts sleepwalking again?” Liz encourages, “Brian, you can't stand outside her door all night. Look, why don't I make us a cup of tea, and then you can turn in. Brian, I know you want to help her forget about her old love by showing her your own love but I don't think you're going to make much headway while she's sleeping.” Antonio says, “All right, you're right. Liz, do you hate me for caring about her the way that I do?” Looking a little shocked, Liz shakes her head, “Uh-uh. Brian, we've been through this already. Our relationship was over years ago.” He says, “Yes, I know. But I hurt you and I just want to make sure.” Liz asks, “Do you want the tea or not?” He replies, “Sure.” They walk off down the hall. In her room, Sheridan has a flashback of reuniting with Luis in the ocean. She gets out of her bed and walks out of her room and into the hallway just vacated by Antonio and Liz.

    At the cottage, Luis stands and goes to the window again. He turns, “You're right. It is strange to be around Sheridan's things without her.” He paces, then stands in front of her desk and picks up a rose that had been pressed in a book along with a note from him. He remembers giving Sheridan roses last Valentine's Day.

    He is lost in thought when Hank asks, “From you?” Luis smiles, “Last Valentine's Day.” Hank looks sympathetically at Luis, “She loved you as much as you loved her. It's no wonder you can't let her go.” Luis smiles, “There's no reason to let go. I'm going to find her, Hank.” Hank replies, “I know you wan to, but ...” Luis stops him, “I just need to keep looking. Eventually, I'm going to catch a break. I'm going to find her.” Luis phone rings. Luis ignores it so Hank asks, “You going to get that?” Luis sadly says, “I don't feel like talking to anyone right now.” Hank tells him, “I'll take care of it.” He walks back to the chair that holds Luis' coat and retrieves Luis' cell phone. He answers, “Hello?” On the other end Beth asks, “Who's this?” Hank identifies himself. Beth replies, “Oh, Hank. Hey, it's Beth. Is Luis there?” Hank informs her, “Yeah, but he's really tired right now. I don't know if this is a good time.” Beth says, “Listen, I wouldn't be calling so late if it weren't important. Where are you guys?” Hank replies, “We're at Sheridan's cottage, but...” Beth tells him, “Well, that's what I need to talk to him about -- Sheridan. I'll be right over, ok?” She hangs up but says to herself, “I hope you're ready for this, Luis.”

    A short while later, a happy and smiling, Luis asks, “Well, what else did Beth say?” Hank patiently replies, “I told you three times. She said she had to talk to you tonight ... something about Sheridan. She's on her way.” Luis happily turns to Hank, “This could be it, Hank. This could be the piece of the puzzle that I've been looking for. Maybe Beth knows something that's going to lead me to Sheridan.”

    Walking down the hallway of the hotel, Liz says, “Brian, you didn't finish your cup of tea.” Reaching Sheridan's door, Antonio comments, “That's funny. I know her door was shut.” He walks into her room and declares, “She's not here.” Liz calmly says, “You know, maybe she went down the hall.” Antonio says, “No, we would have seen her. Diana? Oh, no, Liz. What if she's sleepwalking again? What if she went back out into the ocean to see if she could find her lost lover? The current's way too strong tonight.” He runs off to the beach, followed by Liz. Standing at the water's edge, Sheridan says, “He's out there. The man I love is out there.” Hurrying along the beach Antonio calls, “Diana?” Next to him, Liz cries out, “There. There she is.” Antonio yells, “Diana, stop. What are you doing? I was worried about you when you weren't in you room.” Sheridan turns to them, “I'm fine, really.” Liz asks, “Is she sleepwalking again?” Sheridan replies, “No, Liz, I'm wide awake. Ok, it's sweet of the two of you to worry, but I know exactly where I am and why I'm here.”

    Antonio asks, “Well, you'd better tell us. You almost drowned tonight.” Sheridan replies, “I'm not going to go back in the water. I just wanted to be close to, close to the man I love. I think he's out here somewhere.” She smiles as she looks out to sea.

    At the cottage, Luis paces impatiently, “What's keeping her? It's not that far from the Book Cafe.” He looks at his watch again. Looking up from reading a magazine, Hank says, “I don't even know if that's where she was calling from, but I'm sure she'll be along any minute.” Luis laughs, “She'd better be. I just know this is it, Hank.” Hank shakes his head, “You're doing it again. Getting your hopes up for no good reason.” Luis turns toward Hank and laughs sarcastically, “For no good reason? I saw Sheridan tonight, Hank...twice. I held her in my arms. And you say that that is no good reason? They weren't visions, Hank. Sheridan was real. She's alive. And maybe Beth could be the answer that I'm looking for.”

    On the beach in St. Lisa's, in a very normal voice, Sheridan tells them, “Honestly, you two, I'm fine. So why don't you just go back to the hotel and I'll talk to you in the morning?” Liz turns to Antonio, “Brian?” With his arms folded over his chest, Antonio says, “Go on, Liz. I'll walk Diana back.” Liz walks off. Antonio turns to Sheridan, “Listen, Diana, I know that you feel a connection to this man that you loved. But what happened tonight was not real.” Sitting on a large rock, Sheridan says softly, “It was to me. I could feel his arms around me. I could even feel the stubble on his cheek.” Antonio reminds her, “That's impossible because you told me yourself that you remember him dying.” She passionately says, “What if I'm wrong? What if he's still alive?” Antonio asks, “Then why hasn't he come looking for you?” Sheridan looks out to sea, “I don't know the answer to that. Maybe he will. Maybe he's out there right now still looking for me.”

    There is a knock on the door at the cottage and Luis runs to answer it. As he opens the door to Beth, he asks, “Where the hell have you been?” Beth looks at Hank, “I guess you told him.” Hank nods. A very anxious Luis pleads, “Just tell me, Beth. Just tell me everything that you know about Sheridan.” Pointing to the package in her hands, Beth tells him, “Luis, this came to the Book Cafe tonight. I thought you'd want to see it as soon as possible.” She hands the package to Luis.

    On the beach on the island, Antonio looks at Sheridan, “I'm not trying to dash your hopes, but if he's still alive, wouldn't he have come looking for you? Or at least sent out a search party?” Sheridan raises her voice, “Maybe he's hurt and he couldn't. Maybe he tried and then something went wrong. Or maybe he's hit a dead end and he's desperately trying to find another clue. I mean, maybe even as we speak he's closer to finding me than I ever dreamed.”

    At Sheridan's cottage, Luis looks down at the package placed in his hands, “I don't understand.” Beth says, “Just open it.” Luis takes the package to the desk and opens it. He exclaims, “Oh, my God. Sheridan.” He smiles happily!

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

    Sorry to be absent for the last few nights but I had unexpected out of town guests, financial reports for a board meeting to complete, and homework and tests for my Block classes so I just didn't have any spare time to get my a summary completed. The next few weeks will be hectic here so if I am able to post a few a week, I will be doing good but will post as often as I am able.


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