In the Crane mansion living room, Luis sits in a chair across from his mother and sister, “I'm not telling you to lie.” Pilar asks, “Well, what are you telling us?” Luis replies, “Just don't volunteer that either of you had guns last night, okay. All it is going to do is bring you unwanted and, what I think is unwarranted, attention in this investigation. Now I know that neither of you killed Julian. If anyone finds out you had guns you are going to be prime suspects, like me. It is no secret that I hated Julian and I wanted to kill him for getting Theresa pregnant.” Pilar says, “But I know that you didn't kill Julian. You couldn’t, Luis.” Luis replies, “It would still be considered, I had a gun.” Pilar shakes her head, “Even if they never found out Theresa and I had guns, we would still be suspects just like many other people like Rebecca and Ivy and Ethan.” Theresa jumps in, “Ethan didn't do it.” Luis asks, “How do you know that?” She replies, “I know that. I know that Ethan didn't kill Julian.” Luis asks, “Well, that means that you know who did? Theresa, do you know who killed Julian?”

On the island, Liz walks out in the hotel garden and runs into Doc who is looking at the stars through a huge telescope, “I'm afraid it's one of those nights.” Liz turns and smiles, “Okay. I'll bite. One of what nights?” Doc comments, “The powers of the Bermuda triangle are amplified, extended all over the world.” Liz laughs, “You and your crazy theories, Doc.” Doc looks at the skies as he says, “You can't argue with the stars. They tell me that the triangle's powers are so strong tonight that people all over the globe will have their lives turned upside down, not to mention what could happen on the island.” Liz turns back to look at him, “Go ahead. Mention it.” Doc scolds, “Laugh all you want, Liz, but mark my words, strange things will occur, strange and terrible things.” Inside the hotel, Diana walks through the door and into Antonio's room. Antonio sits up and asks, “Diana, what's wrong?” Sheridan walks to the bed and sits down, “I had to see you. I need you. Make love to me. Make love to me now.” She leans in and kisses him. He pulls away and asks, “Are you sure?” Sheridan smiles, seeing Luis smiling at her instead of Antonio, and replies, “Yes. Make love to me. Make love to me right now.”

In the Crane living room, Theresa answers Luis' question, “The reason I know that Ethan didn't murder Julian is because ...” Luis holds up his hand to stop her, “Never mind. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to know.” Theresa asks, “Why not, Luis?” Luis replies, “Don't tell me anything. I want you both to keep quiet. Just don't volunteer any information.” He stands and walk over to a table where he picks up a picture of Julian, “Damn you, Julian. Damn this whole family, caused us nothing but pain and suffering for years. Papa disappeared and you slaved for this family your whole life.” Pilar says, “I had a family to support.” Luis adds, “Theresa became Ivy's personal assistant, caught that pig Julian’s eye. He bided his time to take advantage of you.” Pilar agrees, “Julian is -- was ...” Luis continues, “Then there's Ethan.” Theresa defends him, “Ethan is not a Crane.” Walking across the room, Luis says, “We know that now.” Theresa walks over to stand next to Luis, “It doesn't matter to me whether or not Ethan is a Crane. It never did. I love Ethan with all of my heart. He is everything to me. Just like Sheridan was everything to you. She was a Crane.” Luis whispers, “Sheridan.” Pilar says, “Sheridan was a Crane in name only. She was nothing like the rest of them.” Luis nods, “Oh, I know that. Theresa and I both fell in love with Cranes and we both ended up with broken hearts.” Luis begins to rant, “You warned us, Mama. For years, you told us to stay away from the Cranes because they cause nothing but destruction. Damn that whole family. If we never met them, never come in contact with them, we would be fine. We would be safe. We wouldn't be suspects in a murder case. Damn them. Damn the whole family.” Pilar jumps to her feet, “What are you saying, Luis? You wish you had never met Sheridan, never fallen in love with her?”

On the island Liz says, “That is just a bunch of old wife's tales.” Doc shakes his head, “Science. Unnatural, maybe but it is still science.” Liz states, “No. The Bermuda triangle has no power.” Doc tells her, “The night sky and the stars prove otherwise. The triangle will play with so many lives, make that which is real, unreal and that which is unreal, real.” Liz widens her eyes, “You know, sometimes you go right over the deep end.” Doc replies confidently, “You'll see." Liz begins to walk away, “I am going to go get a cup of coffee. You want a cup?” Liz turns back toward him, “Doc? Where are you? What happened? How did I get here? These gardens.” Liz hears a voice, “Why did you decide to come, Liz?” Liz shouts, “You bastard!” Inside the hotel in Antonio's room, he kisses Sheridan. She looks at Antonio but sees Luis smiling at her. She smiles, “I love you.” He replies, “I love you, too, so much.” Sheridan smiles at Luis, “Then show me. Show me right now.” She kisses him again.

Standing in the Crane living room, Theresa asks, “Is that what you are saying, Luis? That you regret meeting Sheridan, falling in love with her?” Luis replies, “Well, who would want to go through the pain that I have been through?” He walks over to the fireplace and looks at the picture of Sheridan, “I feel like part of my heart has been torn out. Who would want to be hurt like that? You would have to be a masochist to go out with a Crane. To hell with all of them.” He lifts his hand and swipes it across the mantle, knocking some of the pictures to the ground, including Sheridan's. Pilar exclaims, “Luis!” Luis stoops down and picks up the picture of Sheridan. He has a flashback of him and Sheridan saying good bye before he had to leave with Agent Freeman for his debriefing. He is so sad, “I'm so sorry. What was I thinking? I would go through all this pain to be with you, hold you, touch you, and kiss you.” He hugs the picture of his true love to his heart. Theresa moves to stand next to him for comfort, “You can never deny your love for Sheridan no more than I could deny my love for Ethan.” Luis agrees, “I don't regret being with Sheridan even if it means going to the electric chair.” Pilar says, “Don't say that. You didn't kill Julian.” Luis asks, “How do you know?” Pilar replies, “Because you are my son, you couldn't kill.” Luis looks at each of them, “Just remember what I said, okay. We're all suspects. If anyone asks you questions, don't volunteer information. I'm going for a walk. I'll see you later.”

On the island, Liz angrily yells, “You are such a bastard. What you did to me is unforgivable. The only reason I agreed to meet you here was to tell you that I'm leaving. You got your wish. But I won't forget what you did to me. I'll never forget.” Doc reappears behind her, “Why are you yelling?” Liz asks, “What?” Doc asks, “Who are you talking to? You were your way inside to get coffee and all of a sudden you stopped dead and started yelling at somebody, someone I can't see.” Liz replies, “I was remembering an argument I had with someone but it was more than just a memory. It was like I was right back there.” Doc says, “There you go. That is what it is talking about.” Liz asks, “What?” Doc looks to the sky, “The power of the triangle. It made your memory so vivid, it is like you were reliving it. The triangle transported you back.”

Liz looks at him, “Well I hope it never happens again.” Doc looks up at the sky and states, “Well, it could be that it will. And not only to you and the other folks on this island but people all over the world. The triangle is going to drum up all kinds of memories, good and bad. And the after effects could be horrifying.”

In Antonio's bedroom, Sheridan smiles at Luis, “I missed you so much. Make love to me again, make love to me like you used to.” Antonio stops kissing her neck and really looks at her, “Great. She's sleepwalking.” Sheridan repeats, “Make love to me. Make love to me now.” Antonio thinks, “I can't wake her up. Come here, Diana. I just want to sit next to you and hold you.” Sheridan leans on his chest, “I'm happy, so very happy.” Antonio wonders, “What has such a hold over you? Your amnesia. Who is it that you love so much?” Luis walks through the front door of Sheridan's cottage and into the living room, “Sheridan and I were so happy here.” He immediately has a flashback of toasting Sheridan before the ET engagement party, then he remembers them kissing after “I love those feet”. Luis smiles at the thought of those special memories of Sheridan, “Why can't I let you go? Why can't I let you go?” He sits on the couch in thought. Luis stands and walks around the living room, “Where are you? Where did you go? I miss you so much. Where are you?” On Antonio's bed, Sheridan sits up and answers Luis, “I'm here. Right here.” She smiles and tries to crawl of the bed. Antonio tries to stop her, “Get some sleep, Diana.” She smiles and says to Luis, “I have missed you. I have missed you so much. So much.” Antonio pulls her back toward him, “It will be all right. Just try to relax.”

In the hallway, Liz listens at the door to Antonio's room, “It's Diana, what is going on? She is crying.” Doc says, “I knew this would happen.” Liz asks, “What do you mean you knew?” Doc replies, “Diana being in Brian’s room. If you are holding out any hope of getting him back, you can't just stand around. You have to do something and fast. You can't let them bond anymore.” Liz scolds him, “Stop. She's crying. It doesn't necessarily mean that she's bonding. Something is wrong.” She knocks on the door, then opens the door. She and Doc see Sheridan on Antonio's bed crying. Antonio explains, “She's sleep walking again.” Sheridan stares ahead, “I missed you so much.” Doc states, “She's reliving something from her past.” Sheridan begs, “Come to me.” Doc amends his statement, “Not so much reliving as creating something in her present that's based in the past.” Antonio says, “It's pretty strange. She came in here and asked me to make love to her.” Liz exclaims, “What?” Antonio replies, “Yeah. She said, make love to me like you used to.” Doc nods, “Yes, I was right. She's remembering her lover. She is remembering her past in her subconscious. She is so desperate to return to her previous life she is creating that reality in her present.” Antonio doesn't want to hear it, “I don't know. It sounds like a bit of a stretch.” Doc continues to try to explain, “She's creating a reunion with her lover in the here and now. The power of the triangle.”

Sitting on the bed Sheridan says again, “I missed you so much.” At the cottage, Luis lights a candle on the fireplace mantle.

He has a flashback of Sheridan lighting the candle, then kissing him, “I missed you so much.” The candle in Antonio's room suddenly lights, Sheridan seeing it, smiles and says, “You are here. I knew you would come for me.” Her smile is so bright now as she watches the candle's flame, “You came for me. You're here.” She smiles and moves slightly toward the candle.

Antonio asks, “What is happening?” Doc repeats, “The power of the triangle. She must think her lover has come for her.” Antonio says, “No, it doesn't make sense.” Liz asks, “Why not, Brian?” He replies, “Because, Liz, Diana said before that the man she loved, she said he was dead. Now how can he have come back for her?” At the cottage, Luis tells himself, “How many times are you going to do this Luis? You have to find some way to let her go. Get Sheridan out of your head.” He thinks, then turns to the candle, and blows it out, “Yeah, that should work.” At the same time, the candle in Antonio's room goes out. Watching the candle, Liz says in disbelief, “It is like someone blew it out.” Doc says, “The triangle.” Antonio nixes their opinions, “No. I lit the candle earlier it just didn't go out all the way so that's why it re lit itself.” Doc disagrees, “I don't think so.” Antonio insists, “Listen, there is nothing strange about it. It was the breeze that's all. I felt it, I heard the curtain rustle.” Sheridan cries out, “No. Don't leave. I'll come with you.” She jumps off the bed and runs out of the room. Antonio also gets up and calls out to her, “Diana. Diana.” Antonio follows her. Doc explains, “She is going after her lover. She has to find him.” Liz and Doc also run after Sheridan and Antonio.

At the Crane pool house, Luis walks out of the changing room in a swim suit with a robe over it. He walks over to put his hand into the water and says, “Julian Crane would have a fit if he knew I was swimming in his pool. Oh, well. He's never going to know.” The lights go off, “Must be a fuse.” As he looks up at the sky though the windows, he sees dancing colored lights and comments, “Wow. Those are some strange lights, must be a storm coming. All right. Got to get her out of your head, man. Just got to stop thinking. Sheridan, good swim should help.” He dives into the pool and begins swimming laps. On the island, Antonio, Liz and Doc are chasing Sheridan on the beach. Antonio calls her name. Liz suddenly stops, “Wait? What was that?” Antonio asks, “What?” Liz looks up, “In the sky, the lights.” Dock replies, “They are symbols of the power of Bermuda triangle. Who knows how far they will reach tonight?” Antonio calls for Diana again. Liz asks, “Where could she be?” Antonio says, “Got to find her.” As she runs across the beach, Sheridan shouts, “Wait. I'm coming. I'll meet you.” She jumps into the water and swims toward Luis, “I'm coming. Wait for me. I'm here. I'm here.” She smiles as she swims. In the Crane pool, Luis stops swimming, turns to look at the other end of the pool. He sees Sheridan who has been transported there. Luis calls her name. On the island, Antonio asks, “Where could she have gone?” Liz stops searching, “Brian, look, footprints.” He runs to the water's edge to search for her, calling her name. At the Crane pool, Luis and Sheridan begin to swim toward each other. When they are together, in awe, Luis says, “I can't believe it's you.” They smile and lovingly touch each other. Sheridan cries, “I found you.” They longingly touch and passionately kiss.

As they are kissing, they are transported out of the pool and into the ocean. A maid walks into the pool house, “I thought the pool was shut down for the week but I thought I heard somebody in here.” Not seeing anyone she thinks, “But if somebody is swimming, why would the lights be out?” She sees Luis' robe on the chair and is confused, “I don't get it. I know I heard somebody in the pool. Where did they go?” Out in the ocean, Luis asks, “How did we get here? What's going on?” Sheridan smiles, “I don't know that or why. All that matters is that we are together again.” She throws her arms around him. He holds her close to him. They smile and alternately hug and kiss each other. They are overjoyed!

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the wonderful Shuis screen caps.