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Thread: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 8

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    Smile Wednesday's Wacky SHUIS Summary and Picture of the Day...

    In the cannery someone hidden in the shadows takes aim at Julian as he stands on the catwalk. All of a sudden the gun is fired and Julian grabs his chest where the bullet has lodged. He thinks about each of the suspects and why they would want to kill him. The faces of Ivy, Ethan, Theresa, Antonio, Pilar, Luis, Sheridan, Rebecca, TC, and Eve each flash through his mind as he tries to balance on the catwalk. Julian loses his balance and falls off the catwalk. He grabs onto a raised chopping machine and hangs onto it as he thinks about all of the people he has hurt and why they would want to kill him. Julian can no longer hang on and drops into the vat of tuna which is slate to be chopped by the machine hanging over head.

    Antonio arrives at the wharf visibly upset, stands at the rail and throws his gun into the water. Sheridan also stands at the railing out of his site, wrapping her coat more tightly around herself. Pilar drops her gun down a well as Luis comes up behind her. She is startled when he asks what she is doing out there. Luis says, “I'll walk you back to the house.” Pilar stops, “Wait, I thought you were looking for Julian.” Luis looks away, then back at her, “Right. Yeah, Julian. Well, I guess I've just calmed down a little now.” Pilar counters, “But you were so angry before.” Luis replies, “We were all angry. I guess we're both a little calmer now.” He puts his arm around Pilar's shoulders and they walk off toward the mansion. Each of the suspects gets rid of their guns in different ways and each acts very suspicious.

    Antonio arrives at the boat as Liz walks off the boat onto the wharf. Seeing him, Liz asks, “Brian, are you all right? You left here in such a state and you had a gun.” Antonio replies, “Yeah, I'm fine, Liz.” Liz sees Sheridan walking toward them and rushes to meet her, “Diana, what are you doing our here? Where've you been? I didn't even know you left the boat.” Sheridan replies, “I'm not sure where I was.” Standing next to Liz and facing Sheridan, Antonio asks, “Well, are you all right?” Sheridan shrugs, “I think so.” Antonio asks, “What do you mean, you think so?” She replies, “I must have been sleepwalking. I was below deck trying to go back to sleep. The next thing I know, I'm standing here on the wharf. I must have walked here in my sleep.” Liz says, “That's weird. Diana, you smell like fish. Actually, Brian, you do, too. Now, where would you two have gone to smell like that?” Antonio replies, “It's probably just the heavy mist here on the wharf.” Liz looks skeptical as she says, “Fishy mist!?! OK!” Sheridan pulls her coat closer around herself for comfort as she softly says, “I don't know if I was having a memory from my past or what but when I was on my way back to the boat, I kept having these flashes of myself seeing someone dead and feeling as though I had killed them.” They all look at each other with shock on their faces.

    Luis and Pilar find Theresa kneeling in the snow crying. They hear her say, “What have I done?” They ask why she said that. She is dazed but replies that she just meant that she has ruined all of their lives. She was so afraid that Luis and Ethan would kill Julian and ruin their lives because of her and it would be her fault. Luis comforts her, “Don't worry, Sis. Julian is never going to bother you ever again.” Theresa stares over past Luis as she says, “I know he won't.”

    On the wharf Antonio moves to stand behind Sheridan and puts his arm around her shoulder. She continues her thoughts, “I saw someone dead. I don't know if it was a memory from my past or something that I saw tonight while I was sleepwalking. I don't even know if I have a history of sleepwalking, but not knowing what happened tonight scares me.” She looks frightened, of course. Liz tries to comfort her by saying, “Diana, you know, maybe it's connected to the nightmare you had earlier about someone getting killed.” Antonio exclaims, “What?” Sheridan turns toward him to explain, “I had a nightmare that the man I loved was looking for someone, wanting to kill them.” Liz continues her thought, “Maybe it's the same dream. You're seeing someone getting killed, then seeing them dead.” Antonio smiles, “You know what? I'm sure that's what it is. You've had so much stress put on you not knowing who you are has really taken a toll. Not to mention the fact that you came to Harmony hoping that somehow it would bring your memory back. And you've been trying so hard to remember. Your mind's working overtime. That's all.” Liz offers, “Why don't I go below and make you a cup of herbal tea? It'll help you relax.” Sheridan takes Liz's hand, “Thanks, Liz.” Liz turns and walks back to board the boat. Antonio turns his back to Sheridan. She turns to him, “Hey, you seem preoccupied since I got back.” Antonio turns back to face her, “I was worried about you. That's all.” Sheridan says, “No, it's more than that. Where were you when I was sleepwalking?” Antonio replies, “I was confronting my past.” She looks up at him, “Did you?” He replies, “Yeah, in a way.” She asks, “How did it go?” Antonio turns toward the boat looking for Liz, “I wish Liz would hurry back with your tea.” He walks away from Sheridan. She turns to him and says, “I get the feeling that you don't want to talk about it.” Antonio says, “No, Diana. I don't want to talk about what happened tonight...not now, not ever.” He turns away.

    Luis, Pilar and Theresa arrive at the mansion and are greeted by the other “suspects” who are gathered there. They all talk about Julian being dead or not having to worry about ever seeing him again. They all look and sound guilty. Tabby and Timmy comment on that as they watch the group in the reflecting pool in Hecuba's lair.

    On the wharf in front of the boat, Liz comes down the steps with Sheridan's tea in hand. Sheridan thanks Liz and tells the others that she is going to go back to the boat to get a scarf. Liz offers to get it but Sheridan declines and walks off to get the scarf for herself, leaving Liz and Antonio alone to talk. As soon as Sheridan is out of sight, Liz turns to Antonio, “So, Brian, did you find the guy you were looking for, the man who threatened you and your family?” Antonio replies, “Liz, did you ever find yourself so upset that you were capable of doing something that you otherwise never thought you could do?” Liz looks shocked, “Brian, you're scaring me. Tell me what happened tonight.” Antonio says, “Tomorrow I'm going to turn the boat over and get out of Harmony as soon as I can.” Liz turns and whispers, “Leave and run away.” Sheridan returns and asks, “So, have you gotten in touch with the person you're supposed to leave the boat with?” Antonio turns toward her, “No, not yet. But that won't be a problem. You see, the guy I need to contact is my brother.” Sheridan replies, “Oh, well, I'm definitely going with you when you turn that boat over. There are a few things I want to say to your brother, like what an unforgiving jerk he's been for not accepting you back in the family.” Antonio says, “No, Diana, you really don't have to do that.” She angrily replies, “Are you kidding? After what your brother has done to you, I can't wait to see your brother's face.”

    At the Crane mansion Luis comforts Theresa as she stares into the night. He leaves to get her some water as Ethan approaches but Theresa is too upset to talk to him. Tabby and Timmy continue to watch everyone and wonder which one of the ten suspects killed Julian.

    To be continued...

    Cute picture of Shuis as Susan and Liam on the Titanic...

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    Smile Saturday's SHUIS Summary and Picture of the Day...

    In the morning, Luis and Miguel walk through the front door of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Pilar jumps up from her seat on the couch when she sees them enter the house. She says, “Luis, Mijos, I didn't realize you were out. Luis replies, “I couldn't sleep...too much on my mind.” Miguel informs her, “Luis told me what happened last night.” Pilar says, “The world will be a better place without Julian Crane in it.” Luis and Miguel take their coats off. Luis is in his uniform ready for work. Miguel says, “Luis just said that he had gone missing, but you sound like he's dead.” Luis looks suspiciously at Pilar as she replies, “No, we don't know, of course, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if we'd seen the last of that man. So, I guess you know about your sister then?” Miguel replies, “Yeah.” Luis reaches down and picks up a tabloid from his coat on the chair and says, “So does the rest of the world.” He hands the paper to Pilar who reads the headline, “Another Crane Scandal: Housekeepers Daughter Pregnant by Julian Crane.” At that moment Theresa rushes into the room looking for Ethan. She tells them that she thinks she had a nightmare...until she sees the tabloid in Pilar's hand.

    On the boat Liz arrives and makes her way down the steps and into the cabin where she is greeted by Sheridan and Antonio. Sheridan is seated at the small table and Antonio stands nearby drinking his coffee. Liz shows them two bags of coffee as she comments that it looks like no one slept so they could all use jolts of caffeine. Antonio says, “Way too much on my mind.” Sheridan tells her, “I was scared to close my eyes after I found out I'd been sleepwalking all over town. It was the weirdest feeling.” Liz asks, “You dreamed you saw someone die?” Sheridan replies, “Yeah. It was so vivid. I'm still not one hundred percent sure it wasn't real. How could that have been?” Antonio replies rather flatly, “It wasn't, Diana. Just let it go.” As Sheridan moves over for Liz to take a seat next to her, she says, “No offense, Brian, but how would you know? You were having quite a dream yourself last night.” Antonio looks over at her, “Was I?” Sheridan replies, “More like a nightmare, actually. I went in to check on you because you were yelling our in your sleep.” Antonio asks, “What did I say?” She looks up at him, “It was hard to make out because you were so agitated. You were talking about killing someone.” Liz looks quickly at Antonio but he looks away from the ladies and takes another sip of his coffee.

    Antonio looks toward Sheridan and Liz and replies, “I wish I could help you guys out but I don't know what I dreamed last night.” He pours himself more coffee at the counter. Sheridan looks toward him again, “Strange, isn't it? Me sleepwalking and thinking I saw someone die and then you having a nightmare and yelling out in your sleep about killing someone. Why are we both dreaming about death?” Antonio replies, “Who says it has to do with anything like the death of a person?” Liz asks, “What does that mean?” He turns back to face the ladies, “Don't the head doctors always say our dreams are more symbolic than literal? Diana and I have both had our hopes smashed lately. Maybe out subconscious minds are just mourning the death of our dreams.” Sheridan says, “Makes sense to me.” Antonio asks, “Yeah, why would she be out sleepwalking and I be having nightmares like that? We just got a lot on our minds.” Sheridan nods, “Yeah, I guess you're right.” She turns to Liz, “If you'll excuse me, I'm a little chilly. Be right back.” Liz gets up and let's Sheridan out. Sheridan goes into the other area leaving Liz and Antonio to talk. Liz asks, “So, Brian, do you really believe that bunk you just spouted out about subconscious minds?” He replies, “Yeah, why wouldn't I?” Liz says, “Brian, you left here last night with a gun and were hell bent on getting revenge on the man who separated you from your family all those years ago.” Antonio says, “I never should have said anything.” Liz replies, “Well, you did. Now, I'm gonna ask you, did you find him? Did more happen last night than what you're saying?” She waits for an answer.

    In the living room of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa apologizes to her family for not listening to what they were trying to tell her and for disgracing the family. Luis and Miguel both tell her that they still love her and always will. They also tell her that this is not her fault, but Julian's. When Luis comforts her by saying that they won't have to worry about ever seeing that man again, Miguel asks how he knows that.

    In the boat's cabin, Liz says, “If I'm wrong, just say so. What happened when you left with that gun?” Antonio tells her that he is not going to talk about it now or ever. He's going to turn the boat over and leave Harmony. He doesn't want to think about this anymore. She comes back into the room wearing a sweater and scarf. She is coughing. Antonio tells her that he is going to go out to make some calls and make flight arrangements for them to go back to as soon as they can today. Sheridan asks, “So soon?” He replies, “Yeah, I told you I was gonna turn the boat over this morning. After that's done, there isn't much reason for us to stick around any longer.” Sheridan hangs her head, “Guess not.” Antonio says, “Look, Diana, I'm sorry that things didn't work out the way you hoped.” She replies, “I was just so sure that Harmony held the key to my past. Must have just been wishful thinking.” Liz walks across the room to pick up her purse, then tells Antonio, “While you're at it, make reservations for Doc and me, too. My island hotel needs me and it is freezing here.” Sheridan replies, “No kidding. I think I'm coming down with a cold.” As soon as Liz leaves, Antonio turns back to Sheridan and tells her, “I really am sorry.” She says, “So am I. I really thought there was something here for me. How could I have been so wrong?” She smiles.

    In the Lo-Fitz living room, Miguel asks Luis again how he can be so sure that they'll never see Julian again. Luis replies, “I can't be sure...just going by what it looks like. Even the paper couldn't reach him for comment.” Luis figures Julian won't come around any of them in Harmony again. He is too much of a coward. Pilar sends Luis and Miguel off so she can talk to Theresa alone. Each of her brothers give Theresa a hug and kiss and tell her they love her before they leave the room for the kitchen.

    As Miguel and Luis finish breakfast, Miguel asks what Theresa will do without Ethan. Luis doesn't know if Ethan can ever get past what has now happened. Miguel asks if you aren't supposed to accept someone mistakes and all if you love them. Luis replies, “Well, yeah. That is the ideal, but we're not saints. Sometimes someone hurts you bad enough that you have no choice. If she had just leveled with him, things might have been all right. I'm not sure Ethan can get past this one.” Miguel and Luis then talk about love in regards to himself and Charity. Miguel wants to know what happened to all of them...Luis and Sheridan, Ethan and Theresa, and Charity and himself.

    In the boat's cabin, Sheridan says, “I just wish I knew why Harmony had such a pull on me.” Antonio asks, “Does it still?” Sheridan nods, “Even more so. Even though nothing has come back to me, I can't shake this feeling that this town played some part in my life before I lost my memory.” Antonio says, “Maybe it's just wishful thinking.” Sheridan sighs, “Maybe. I was just so sure that once I walked around, saw the buildings, looked at the people, it would ignite my memory and it would all come flooding back to me.” Antonio hugs her and says, “It will come back to you, some place, some time.” Sheridan sighs, “I just had such high hopes. But you know what, I'm not gonna give up yet. We still have a few hours before we have to leave and anything can happen before then.” She smiles.

    In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Luis tries to explain that he doesn't know why things happen. He looks toward the candles in the window with a picture of Sheridan next to them. He is still having a hard time accepting that Sheridan is gone. Miguel says, “You know what Mama says, if you have enough faith, miracles can happen.” Luis replies, “Well, Sheridan and I have had our miracle and I'm not expecting another one in this lifetime.” Miguel looks toward the candles, “I don't think Mama's gonna get her miracle either. I told her that there was no way Antonio was going to be coming home.” Luis looks around and Miguel asks, “What?” Luis lowers his voice and leans closer to Miguel, “If I tell you something, you gotta swear not to tell anyone, especially Mama.” Miguel says, “I swear to God.” Luis confides, “Antonio is in Harmony.” Miguel is surprised, “What? Where is he? Why didn't he come by the house?” Luis replies, “I told him that if he didn't plan on staying here, not to let Mama see him. Now, he's already broken her heart once, I'm not gonna let him do it again. I told him if he gave a damn about her, just leave her alone.” Miguel smiles, “You know what this means, Luis? Miracles can happen! If Antonio can come back, then so can Sheridan.” Luis holds his hand up, “Just stop right there. OK? Now, I appreciate what you're trying to do but I have to face reality. Sheridan is gone and she's not coming back.

    Antonio walks back into the boat's cabin, “How you doing?” Sheridan replies, “I'm almost packed. I'll be ready to go whenever you say.” Antonio says, “Good, I just have one last errand to run. I have to find out where my brother wants me to drop off these keys.” She replies, “Good, maybe your mother will be home and you'll get to see her after all.” Antonio says, “Well, it's probably best if she doesn't know that I was here. My brother is a cop so I'll just drop these off at the police station, I guess.” Sheridan asks, “Can I go?” Antonio replies, “If you want.” She angrily says, “I do. I can't wait to meet your brother and tell him what a jerk he's been to resent you all these years.”

    In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Miguel asks, “What did Antonio look like? Did he seem happy with his life? What did he say? Tell me everything!” Luis puts down his newspaper, “There's nothing to tell. To be honest, I didn't give him a chance to fill me in.” Miguel states, “You still hate him for leaving us, don't you?” Luis replies, “Miguel, come on, it was different for you. You and Theresa were just kids. I did the best I could to take care of...” Miguel interrupts him, “I know. It wasn't fair, but I always figured he had a good reason for leaving.” Luis replies, “Well, if there was one, I don't know what it is. He broke Mama's heart once and I'm not gonna let him do it again. Hopefully I got through to him and he's long gone from Harmony by now.”

    To be continued...

    This picture comes from the cover of a SOW during the mine shaft storyline. Sheridan is wearing the dress from "the most romantic night" while Luis is wearing the clothes that he dressed in to leave later that night with Agent Freeman and when he found Sheridan "dead".

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    Smile Tuesday's SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

    Walking on the wharf in Harmony, Liz runs into Ethan who is contemplating his woes with Theresa and his loss of his confidant, Sheridan. Ethan has taken pictures of both of them out of his wallet and is looking at them when Liz invades his space. He tells Liz about losing his aunt recently and now his lady love. He turns to leave, putting the pictures in his pocket and drops one of them on the ground. Liz picks it up and gasps. She asks who the woman in the picture is and Ethan tells her it is his fiancée, once again no one sees Sheridan who can recognize her. As Ethan talks with Liz, Antonio and Sheridan walk along the wharf, too, on their way to drop off the key at the police station. Antonio asks, “Isn't that Liz down there at the end of the wharf?” Sheridan looks in the direction Antonio indicates and asks, “Where?” Antonio points, “Right down there through the gate.” Looking around, Sheridan says, “I see Liz but she's alone.” Antonio comments, “The guy she was talking to just took off. Must have been asking directions or something.” Sheridan turns back to Antonio, “Well, you want to go and say hello?” Antonio shakes his head, “No, we'll catch up with her later. I just want to take care of this thing with my brother...get it done and over with. You want to stay here while I drop the key off? You might be able to remember something.” Sheridan says emphatically, “No. No, I don't want to miss the chance to meet your brother. There are a few things I want to say to him and late or not, his is going to listen.” They head off down the wharf to Harmony Police department.

    Luis walks into the police station and is greeted by a rookie at the HPD. When the rookie hears Luis' name, he tells Luis that someone called wanting to know if Luis was at work. The rookie didn't get a name but told the caller that Luis would be in shortly. The caller will be in to see Luis. Luis moves to stand behind his desk and picks up a picture of Sheridan and himself. He sets it down on his desk and asks the new guy if the man who wanted to see him said anything else. The rookie says no, turns to walk away and drops all of the books he is carrying. Luis tells the new guy to relax and to call him Luis instead of “sir”. Outside the police station, Sheridan and Antonio stop just short of the front door as Antonio points it out to Sheridan, who replies, “All right. Let's go meet this guy so I can give him a piece of my mind.” They walk on down the sidewalk.

    Inside the police station, Luis says he wishes that guy who called would show up. The rookie apologizes again for not getting a name or more information. Sheridan and Antonio stand outside on the sidewalk in front of the police station. Antonio turns to Sheridan, “Well, I guess I should go get this over with.” Sheridan smiles, “I know it's not easy to face your brother.” Antonio grimaces, “I just want to go inside, give him the keys to the boat, get out of here, and head back to the island.” Sheridan says sympathetically, “I know you're anxious to leave. At least you got to connect with your family. I still don't know who my family is. I don't remember anything before you fished me out of the ocean.”

    Antonio replies, “I know you hoped coming to Harmony would help you remember but it hasn't, has it?” Sheridan smiles, “No, but you know what? I shouldn't be thinking about myself, especially when you're so nervous about seeing your brother again.” Antonio looks away, “I'm not looking forward to it.” Sheridan says, “I can't wait to meet him and to tell him what a wonderful person you are and no matter what happened in the past, he should just forgive you and start over because he's your brother.” Antonio turns his back to her to look in the window of the Harmony Police Department (HPD).

    Standing in front of the HPD, Sheridan has a flashback of Luis at her cottage when he had to have her sign a statement before she left for Paris.

    When the memory ends, she tells Antonio, “It's strange. I just had a memory of the man I love in a police uniform.” Antonio folds his arms over his chest, “Really? Do you think your man might have been a cop?” Sheridan replies, “I don't know. Probably not. It's probably just because we're talking about police and we're here at the police station.” Antonio looks at her, “Yeah. Well, we're here.” He walks back to look in the window and smiles, “Look at him in that uniform. I always knew he'd make something of himself.” Sheridan comes up to his side and looks in the window, too. Luis has moved out of view, “I can't see him.” She turns back to Antonio, “You know what, Brian, that's the first time I've ever seen you smile when you talked about your brother.” Antonio replies, “Yeah, well, let's go inside and give him the keys so we can split.” He begins to walk to the door but Sheridan stops him, “Wait a minute. Which one is he? Point him out to me.” He walks back to stand behind her and points, “He's right there.” Sheridan says, “That's him? I wish he would turn around so I could see his face. There's something very familiar about him.” She continues to watch Luis back through the window. Sheridan turns to Antonio again, “I wish he would turn around.” Antonio tells her, “Well, you'll see him as soon as we go inside.” Sheridan smiles, “Let's go in. I guess he seems familiar because he's your brother, similar build.”

    Inside the police station, the rookie police officer tells Luis that he has another call. Luis answers the phone to find someone from the tabloid calling about Julian's murder, or suspected murder. Luis tells him not to print anything about Julian. As he hangs up, Luis tells the rookie that he needs to find Chief Bennett. He leaves through the back door just as Sheridan and Antonio walk through the front door. The rookie cop asks if he can help them. Antonio tells him that he called earlier looking for Luis. The new guy tells them that Luis just left but he will see if he can catch him. He runs off but quickly returns to tell them that he just missed Luis. He tells them that Luis should be back shortly if they would like to wait, telling them to help themselves to coffee. Sheridan walks over to the coffee pot to pour them each a cup of coffee. As she turns to walk back to sit in front of Luis' desk, she spills some of the hot coffee on her hand which causes her attention to be focused on her hand instead of letting her see the picture of herself and Luis that is on the edge of his desk now. She sits almost directly in front of the picture on his desk but never really sees it while Antonio checks her hand. Sheridan says, “I wonder where your brother is?” Antonio replies, “I don't know but he'll be here soon.” She says, “Good. I am anxious to tell him what I think of him treating you the way he has all these years.”

    Luis arrives at the Bennett house to warn Sam about the tabloid reporter's call and what might happen. He is needed at the station. Sam and Luis head back to the station, stopping on the sidewalk to discuss the possibility of Julian actually being dead. Luis says he'll believe it when he sees some physical evidence. Sam agrees that it is probably too good to be true. Luis then tells Sam that the new guy took a message for him about someone wanting to come in to meet with him. Luis wonders if the guy might be in there now. They continue their walk to the station. Sam turns back to Luis and tells him that the Cranes have given him nothing but trouble all of his life. Luis says there is a long list and his family seems to head it. Sam agrees that the Lopez-Fitzgerald family has had a really bad year and that he knows how much Luis is still grieving for Sheridan. He puts his arm on Luis in a sign of comfort. Luis sighs, “I still feel her presence and I guess it's because I still love her but I just can't seem to let her go.” Luis looks sadly away.

    To be continued...

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    Smile Wednesday's SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day.. .. . ...

    Inside the Harmony police station, Antonio asks the rookie police officer if the officer they are waiting to see has called in. Rookie tells Antonio that it shouldn't be long because the officer just went to get the Chief. Sheridan sits in front of Luis' desk as Antonio paces. She stands now and tells Antonio to just relax. She is sure his brother will be back soon and, “We'll just give him the keys to the boat and we'll be on our way.” Antonio replies, “I can tell you one thing. He's not gonna be happy to see me.” He has a flashback of Luis telling him to leave Harmony when they met on the Crane grounds. Antonio then turns to Sheridan and states, “We'll be out of Harmony soon, Diana.” Sheridan says, “Not till I have it out with your brother and give him a piece of my mind.” Antonio shrugs, “I don't know if that gonna go over too well. He doesn't take well to being yelled at.” Sheridan replies, “Oh, I won't yell at him. I'll just calmly tell him that I don't approve of the way he's treated you. In fact, he sounds like a real jerk.” Antonio turns away, “Yeah, he's just gonna eat that up.” Sheridan shrugs, “Too bad cuz I can't wait to tell him off.”

    Sheridan walks back to Luis' desk and sits in front of it again. She hugs her arms tightly around herself as she says, “I just had another one of those weird feelings as if something, some key to my past is really close by. Outside on the sidewalk in front of the police station, Luis tells Sam, “I know that Sheridan is dead but in spite of that, sometimes she feels so close. It's like I can reach out and touch her. That's how strong her presence is.” Sam tells Luis that is just how it is with him and Grace. He can sometimes sense which room of the house Grace is in, even when he is at work at the police station. The talk turns to Grace, David and John.

    In the police station, Rookie answers the phone, puts it down and asks Antonio if his name is Brian. He hands the phone to Antonio who talks with Liz. He puts the phone down and tells Sheridan that Doc has gotten tickets for all of them on the next flight. They will now have to hurry back to the boat, pack and make it to the airport. They don't have much time now. Sheridan replies, “I just hope I have enough time so I can have it out with your brother.” She looks at Antonio and waits for a reply. Outside in front of the station, Sam and Luis continue discussing Grace, David and John. Sam tells Luis that at times it seems like there are evil forces after Grace and him. They decide to go into the station to check on developments on Julian Crane.

    As Sheridan walks down the hall, Antonio stops Rookie and tells him that they can't wait any longer for Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald. He asks Rookie to give Luis a note telling him where the boat can be found and the key. Antonio catches up with Sheridan as she finishes pouring two cups of coffee. She hands one to Antonio as he states, “Just a few hours and we'll be on the island, huh?” Sheridan holds her cup and replies, “Yeah, I'm a little disappointed though. I was looking forward to meeting your brother.” They walk off down the hall to the door at the same time that Luis and Sam enter the front door of the station. Sam asks about any news on Julian while Luis asks if the guy who called earlier ever showed up. Rookie tells Luis that he did show up and just left but left a key and note for Luis. He hands the envelope to Luis. As soon as Luis takes the note, he gets a funny look on his face, “I got that feeling again, you know. Sheridan was just here.” He looks around. Outside on the sidewalk, Antonio says, “We're gonna have to hurry if we're gonna catch that flight.” Sheridan, who is walking a little behind Antonio, slows down and comes to a complete stop as she looks around like she has sensed something or someone.

    At the police station, Luis holds the envelop while he thinks. Sam asks him what he is thinking. Luis explains, “I'm just trying to put something together. The boat is Beth's. The boat was brought up from the islands. I went down to the islands to sail the boat back but I had to come back here before I could sail the boat back.” Sam looks concerned, “Luis, where are you going with this?” Luis replies, “Sam, when I was down in the islands, I felt Sheridan's presence so strongly, same as I'm feeling it now. Look, I know it's crazy, all right? But maybe Sheridan was the one who sailed the boat back to Harmony. Maybe she's here in Harmony.” Sam looks skeptically at Luis, “Luis, you listen to me...” Luis interrupts, “Sam, I know that you think I'm nuts. I'm not gonna blame you for that. Maybe I am nuts. But I gotta find out. I gotta put an end to this once and for all.” Sam nods, “You just go ahead.” Luis nods, “Thanks.” He grabs his coat, keys, and rushes off.

    On the wharf as they reach the boat, Antonio walks with his arm around Sheridan and tells her, “Traffic is worse than I thought. We're really gonna have to hurry if we're gonna make it to the airport on time.” Sheridan nods, “Okay.” They step on board the boat and Antonio hurries down to the cabin but Sheridan stops, looks back at the wharf and has a flashback of kissing Luis (the famous wharf kiss!). As the flashback is over all too quickly, she sighs, “I really thought Harmony would be the key to my past, to my family, to my lover. I guess I was wrong.”

    Luis is walking down the wharf toward the boat. Sheridan is still on the deck of the boat when she has another flashback of arriving at the stake out when Luis surprised her with the big kiss. She comes out of the memory flash and looks out over the wharf once again, as if expecting Luis to come up to the boat.

    To be continued...

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    Smile Friday's SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

    Doc and Liz arrive at Beth's boat to pick up Sheridan and Antonio to go to the airport. When they ask about Brian, Sheridan tells them that he is below tidying up the cabin. Doc says they need to hurry in order to make it for their flight. Liz tells Doc that she thinks they should go help Brian and speed him along. Sheridan tells them that she will be down in a minute. Standing on deck she has a flashback of her and Luis at the cottage when had to get her to sign a statement before she left for Paris.

    She again wonders, “Why do I keep remembering my dead lover? I was so sure that coming to Harmony would help me remember my past. Except for a few odd feelings I had on the estate, there is nothing or anyone that has rung a bell. Not even that cop that Brian and I turned the keys over to recognized me as someone from around here.”

    Walking along the wharf to the boat, Luis stops as he still tries to make sense of his feelings. He says to himself, “That rookie cop is new to Harmony. Sheridan could have been the one to drop off the keys to Beth's boat and he wouldn't have had a clue. I know it sounds crazy but I gotta find out if Sheridan's alive and back in Harmony.” He hurries on toward the boat but slows down when it is in sight, “I know it would take a miracle. What if Sheridan is on that boat?” He walks on toward the boat as Sheridan walks down the steps to the cabin, “I guess I'll go below and finish packing.” After Sheridan leaves the deck, Luis approaches the boat, “Permission to come aboard.” No answer so he yells, “Hello. Is anybody there?” He steps on board the boat and knocks on the door, “Hello.” As he kneels next to the door heading to the cabin, Luis smiles, “Oh, my God. It's you.”

    As Luis looks shocked, Liz smiles in surprise, “Hey, what are you doing here?” Luis replies, “Well, I heard a beautiful woman dropped off keys for the boat at the station.” Liz replies, “You heard right.” Luis shakes his head and stands, “Man, I'm losing it.” He walks off the boat and down the steps. Liz follows, “Hey, listen, what do you mean?” Luis explains, “I thought maybe the beautiful woman could have been my fiancée. I know she's dead, but I just had this strange feeling down at the station, the same one I had at St. Lisa's island.” Liz nods, “I remember.” Luis shakes his head, “I'm sorry to ramble on. It is good to see you.” He gives her a hug. They both smile as she replies, “You too.” He says, “I didn't even know you were coming to Harmony.” Liz replies, “I hadn't planned to, but things happened...” Liz is interrupted by the ringing of Luis' cell phone, “Sorry. I have to take this. Sam, what's up?” Sam replies over the phone, “I need you to meet me at the cannery. We may have a break about what happened to Julian Crane.” Luis replies, “All right. I'll be right over.” He hangs up and turns to Liz, “I have to go. Police business. I'll see you.” She replies, “Okay.” She turns and begins to think, “Luis told me about his lost love back on St. Lisa's. I wondered then if it could have been Diana. Now he feels her presence after Brian and Diana drop off the keys at police headquarters?” She turns around and tries to follow him, “Hey wait! There's something I have to tell you!” Antonio and Sheridan appear on the wharf next to Liz and Antonio asks, “Did I hear you talking to somebody?” She turns to face him, “Yeah, your brother.” Sheridan asks with surprise, “Brian's brother is here? I want to give him a piece of my mind for the way he's treated his brother.” She rushes off after Luis. Antonio shouts after her, “Diana, wait. You're wasting your time.” Liz turns to Antonio, “Brian, you thought I was crazy but isn't it possible that Diana could be your brother's fiancée?”

    As Sheridan runs after Luis, she comes to a halt until she sees a man in the distance, “Where is Brian's brother? You're not getting away this time.” She tries to follow the man. On the wharf in front of the boat, Antonio tells Liz, “There's no way Diana can be my brother's fiancée. She's not even from Harmony.” Liz asks, “How can you be sure?” Antonio replies, “Not one person has recognized her, not even a local cop from the station house.” Doc comes up on deck and shouts to Brian, “Better finish packing, Brian. We have to leave for the airport soon.” Antonio walks back aboard the boat and Liz is deep in thought, “I feel Diana and Luis are connected.” Sheridan comes to a dead end, “Shoot. I lost Brian's brother. No time to track him down. We have to get to the airport. I hate to leave Harmony but I guess there's nothing here for me after all.” She turns around and heads back to the boat. A few feet away from Sheridan, Luis has a flashback of kissing Sheridan on the wharf when he was on his stakeout. As the flashback ends, Luis shakes his head, “There it is again, that feeling that Sheridan's close by.” He looks like he is going to turn around to investigate but his beeper goes off. He looks at the message, “Sam's waiting for me. I have to get to the cannery.” He continues on his way to meet Sam.

    Coming back off the boat with suitcases, Antonio asks Liz, “So, you still think Diana is my brother's fiancée?” Liz replies, “Yeah, I do. In a way it all fits.” Antonio says, “Except for one thing.” Liz asks, “What?” Antonio replies, “I remember you telling me a while back on St. Lisa's that my brother's fiancé died and once the body was identified they cremated her, right?” Liz replies, “That's what Luis said, yes.” Antonio says smugly, “There's no way that Diana can be my brother's fiancé, is there?” Liz replies, “No, there isn't.” She is still thinking as Antonio walks off, “Unless...”

    Luis arrives at the cannery and asks, “So, is there any credible evidence that something happened to Julian?” Sam replies, “We found his jacket. It's in the processing vat directly under the gate from the catwalk.” Luis asks, “You're saying Julian was here last night? He fell into the vat and got chopped up.”

    Sam replies, “It's a definite possibility.” Luis says, “Until we rule it out, we have to handle this place as a potential crime scene.” Sam nods, “You got it.” Sam adds, “We need more than this jacket. If I find new evidence, I will go after them. Nobody kills someone on my watch and gets away with it, even if it is Julian Crane.

    On the airplane after finding their seats, Doc exclaims, “St. Lisa's here we come.” Taking a seat next to him, Liz says, “I cannot wait to get back.” From across the aisle, Sheridan sadly says again, “You know I really thought Harmony held the key to my past. Things just didn't go the way I hoped they would. I still don't know who I am.” Liz tries to comfort her, “Diana, everything happens for a reason. When it's time to know your past, you will.” Sheridan replies, “I can't shake this feeling that I'm leaving Harmony having missed something. Something that could have changed my life.” She turns and looks sadly out the window.

    At the cannery, Luis says, “Besides the jacket, it doesn't prove Julian was here.” Sam agrees, “Someone could have taken it from him and dumped it in the vat. All we know for certain is Julian is missing. Where do we go for proof that he's actually dead?”

    To be continued...

    Some of the Shuis pictures are from Passions Central. Thanks to PC.

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    Smile Saturday's SHUIS Summary and Pictures of the Day...

    Liz walks down the aisle of the airplane to her seat. Before she takes her seat, she looks at a sleeping Sheridan and asks Antonio how she is doing. He tells her that Sheridan has been talking in her sleep but he couldn't make out what she was saying. Liz says that she will be better once they get back to St. Lisa's. Antonio says that will make two of them because the family reunion wasn't what he thought it would be. He has a flashback of Luis telling him that they don't need him and for him to get out of Harmony and not come back. Antonio tells Liz that he doesn't want to talk about it. Back in her seat, Liz look questioningly at him, “Who said anything about you? I was thinking more about Diana and the man she loves.” Antonio tells her not to start again about Sheridan being his brother's lost love. He tells her that there is no way that she could be Luis' dead girlfriend. Brian angrily tells her that the man Diana loved is dead so don't talk about it again.

    At the Harmony police department Luis comments that they didn't get much from the cannery guys. Sam says that they are afraid that if they say anything they will be fired if Julian isn't really dead. But he does agree with Luis that they still have nothing but a jacket that Julian could have dropped into the vat himself...nothing to prove that Julian is indeed dead. The rookie cop asks about the broken latch on the gate on the catwalk. Sam tells him that is a good point but they still need more physical evidence. Tabby and Timmy walk into the police station. Sam gets up to greet her. She tells him that she has the physical evidence he needs. She tells Sam and Luis that she found it earlier in a can of tuna that she was going to feed Fluffy, her cat. Tabby hands Sam a plastic bag containing a signet ring with some initials on it. Sam looks at the ring and comments that the initials are JC, so it could be Julian Crane's ring.

    From across the aisle, Liz looks at Antonio, “You don't need to bite my head off, Brian.” Briantonio looks at her and says, “I think you are obsessed with the idea that her past life had something to do with Harmony. Obviously it did not. Even she knows that now.” In her sleep, Sheridan calls out, “So many things lost. It is all my fault.” Liz raises her brows, “Are you sure about that, Brian?” Sheridan again mumbles, “It is all my fault.”

    At the police station, Luis sits at his desk talking on the phone while Sam questions Tabby about the ring and how she came across it. Tabby finally leaves after Sam and Luis finally believe Julian must be dead. They decide to make a list of the suspects. Sam says, “Okay. The list should start with everyone at the Crane bash last night with means, motive and opportunity.” Luis folds his arms and replies, “That is going to include a lot of people we know.” Sam agrees, “It doesn't matter. We're cops, Luis, we have to be thorough.” Sam begins with TC as he writes TC's name on the chalkboard. Sam turns back to Luis, “Ethan had to be furious with Theresa when she found out she -- he found out she slept with Julian.” Luis objects, “That's your son, Sam.” Sam replies, “I still have to put him down as a suspect. I guess Theresa would be next.” Luis grabs Sam's arm before he adds Theresa's name to the board, “Wait a minute. Look, I know that Theresa was upset but she would never resort to violence.” Sam turns back to look at Luis, “Luis, I told you this was going to be tough but we have to put down everyone that is a potential suspect. If I can put down my best friend and son on that board, I am afraid I will have to add Theresa's name to the list, too.” He turns around and adds her name to the board. Luis is exasperated, “Sam, this is crazy. I know my sister would never have killed Julian and neither would my mother.” Sam asks, “Is there something you want to tell me? Something you haven't told me yet about the disappearance of Julian?”

    Luis has a flashback of he and Ethan going after Julian. As the flashback ends, Luis replies, “I don't know any more than you do, Sam.” Luis folds his arms across his chest again, “Okay. Let's get on with it. The sooner we clear those names, the sooner we can get them off of the board.” Sam agrees, “That's right. Well, I guess Ivy and Rebecca should be next.” He adds their names to the board. Luis and Sam stand back and look at the growing list. Sam says, “I guess we should add Eve to the list.” Luis asks, “What is her problem with Julian?” Sam replies, “She loves her husband. She was just as furious as TC when she found out Julian cost TC his dreams not to mention his father's life.” Sam walks back to the board and adds Eve to the list then turns back to Luis, “Everybody on this board had motive and opportunity to kill Julian last night. Now can you think of anyone else that I should add to that list?” Luis remembers his run in with Antonio that night.

    On the airplane headed to Bermuda, Sheridan calls out in her sleep, “So many things are lost. Something had to be done.” She unbuckles her seat belt and stands. Antonio tells Liz, “She is sleep walking just like last night in Harmony.” He stands, too. Sheridan says, “I did it.” The flight attendant walks up behind her and asks, “Are you all right?”

    Antonio warns, “Wait a minute. I think she will wake up on her own.” Sheridan says angrily, “He stole everything from me so I took everything from him.”

    Standing in front of the board, Sam asks again, “Can you think of anyone else I should add to that list?” Luis replies, “Why don't you just say it, Sam? You know that I was at the Crane estate last night and had both the means and the opportunity to kill Julian Crane.” Sam asks, “You really think I would consider my close friend and number one officer a suspect in a murder investigation?” Luis replies, “Thorough is thorough, that is what you have always taught me.” Luis takes the chalk from Sam and writes his own name on the board. Sam asks Luis, “Do you have any information of the disappearance of Julian? Wait... If you do have pertinent information, I suggest that you hire yourself a lawyer.” He walks away from Luis.

    Grace enters the police station and comes to a stop before she reaches Sam, “Oh, there you are.” She moves further into the room and comes to a stop again in front of the chalkboard, “What is that?” Luis returns to his desk and begins looking through reports as Sam replies, “A list of suspects we're compiling in the Julian Crane disappearance case.” Grace says, “You have Eve and TC up there, I mean, ...” Sam replies, “That is what we do in any investigation, Sweetheart. Put down anyone and everyone that could be involved.” Grace sighs, “Well, I just can't believe that one of our friends could be a ...” Sam continues for her, “Murderer. I am sorry, Sweetheart, facts are facts. Could be someone we know killed Julian Crane and it is up to me to narrow down that list until I find out exactly who it was - exactly who it was.”

    On the airplane, still sleeping, Sheridan angrily says, “I took everything from him, everything.” The flight attendant asks, “Do you know what she is talking about? She seems upset about something she did.” Antonio replies, “I don't know what she is talking about.” The flight attendant says, “Whatever it is, it is freaking me out. I get the feeling she did something really awful.” Sheridan again mumbles, “It is all my fault.”

    At Tabitha's house, she sprinkles some magic dust on her martimmy. The faces of the suspects in Julian's murder appear, one at a time, in her glass.

    Tabby smiles with excitement, “Oh, a new face. Sheridan Crane, what a spectacular array of suspects. Oh, how marvelous to be able to ruin so many people's lives when actually only one person is guilty. Oh, life is good, life is good.” She claps her hands together.

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for some of the Shuis screen caps.

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    Smile Sunday's SHUIS Summary and Pictures of the Day...

    Aboard the flight to Bermuda, Sheridan says emphatically in her sleep, “I did it. I took everything away from him, but he deserved what he got.” Standing behind her, the flight attendant says, “Sleepwalking's one thing, but her face, her tone of voice -- it's like she's capable of doing anything.” Doc stands at his seat, “Hey, I heard the commotion. What's going on?” Liz explains, “Diana's sleepwalking, saying she took everything from someone.” Doc says, “She might be reliving an event. Did Diana experience any kind of emotional trauma in Harmony?” Briantonio replies, “She told Liz and me she had a bad dream last night.” Liz says, “At least she thought it was a dream.” Doc shakes his head, “No, she must have done something she's reliving. Whatever it was, it's eating her away.”

    At the Harmony police department, Grace comments to Sam, “So many of those people are our friends.” Sam replies, “Grace, I hate this as much as you do, but someone's responsible for Julian's disappearance. If it turns out that he is dead, someone's responsible for his murder, maybe someone here in Harmony. I just hope whoever has any information comes forward voluntarily, or else this case could turn ugly.” Sam looks over at Luis who is thinking about he and Ethan telling Julian that they would make him pay for hurting Theresa. Sam turns back to the chalkboard and laments, “To think I have my own son listed as a suspect.”

    Tabby stands in the entrance hall of her home. She looks up at the mirror and sees Julian's face surrounded by all the suspects reflected there. She laughs.

    At the police station, Grace offers to get them all some decent coffee. She drops her purse and Sam sees the pictures that David took of the people at the Crane New Year's Eve party. They discuss their friends TC and Eve and their reasons for wanting Julian dead. Standing near the chalkboard Luis remembers his run in with Antonio on the Crane grounds. When his memory ends, he looks up thoughtfully and thinks, “No one knew my brother was in Harmony.” Tabitha arrives to find out what is going on with the Julian investigation. They all turn to look at her, making her ask if they think that she is a suspect. She is relieved when Sam tells her that she is not one of the suspects. Luis and Sam leave to interrogate the suspects.
    On the airplane, the flight attendant stands asks, “Is it ok to wake her now?” Doc raises his hand, “No, it's very dangerous to wake anyone who's sleepwalking.”

    The flight attendant walks away. Sheridan again says, “It's done. He's paid for all his crimes. He's dead.” Sheridan and Antonio are seated again when the flight attendant comes back to stand in the aisle between them and Liz and Doc. She says, “I should tell the pilot about your friend talking about someone being dead.” Antonio looks up at her, “No, no, no, it's ok. See, Diana, she's an actress and she's just trying to prepare for her role.” Across the aisle, Liz adds, “Right, a part on a soap.” The flight attendant grins, “Oh. Congratulations. Good luck.” She walks off. Doc leans toward her, “Good save, Liz Do you remember the night that Diana was sleepwalking on the island?” Liz nods, “Yeah, and then again on the wharf before we left Harmony. I wonder what awful things could have happened in her past to make her be so upset.” Antonio leans across the aisle to tell them, “I don't know what happened, but I can tell you what's going to happen in her future. I'm going to love her and I'm going to protect her from anything bad ever happening to her again.”

    Kneeling in the aisle next to Antonio's seat, Liz asks, “How's Diana doing?” Looking over at Sheridan, Antonio replies, “She's still asleep, but I can tell she's having bad dreams. I hate seeing her in turmoil like this, not knowing who she is. I'd die if I could get her past back for her, take all that pain away.”

    Liz looks up at him, “You really love her, don't you?” Antonio begins, “Liz...” Liz interrupts him, “No. No, Brian, it's all right. I've always known that Diana was different for you, that she was the one. You knew it, too.” Antonio looks back at Liz, “Liz, what you and I had, it was special, but we were younger then. We were both looking for someone, you know, when we left the states.” Liz smiles, “Excuses, excuses.” Antonio looks back at Sheridan who stirs in her seat, “Diana?”

    Walking up to the mansion, Sam informs Luis, “Look, this won't be easy. But starting with Ivy, I think, is as good a place as any.” They stop in their tracks as they hear yelling from inside the mansion. First Ivy's voice, “How dare you threaten us!” Then Rebecca yells, “Go back to the barrio where you belong.” Sam looks at Luis and says, “That sounds like Ivy and Rebecca.” Luis agrees. Then Pilar's voice is heard, “Do not speak to my daughter that way!” Luis adds, “And mama.” Luis and Sam walk faster and enter the front door of the mansion. Rebecca is heard saying, “Your daughter is a two-timing tramp.” Ivy adds, “And you knew all along!” Theresa yells, “Leave Mama alone. Your fight is with me, and I say bring it on!” Rebecca yells, “We're going to crush you like the cockroach you are!” Entering the living room, Luis yells, “What is all the shouting about?” Theresa continues her tirade, “My baby will get everything from the Cranes because it is a Crane. It's Julian's baby!” Looking rather shocked Luis turns to Theresa and asks, “Theresa, what did you just say?” Theresa replies, “Luis.” Pilar explains, “Mijo, Theresa didn't have the abortion.” Theresa continues, “No, I couldn't go through with it, Luis. Even though it's Julian's baby.” Rebecca huffs, “Says you. The father could be any man from here to Bermuda.” Theresa shouts, “Oh, you're one to talk, you gold-digging witch.” Rebecca shouts back, “Oh, listen here, you little fajita ...” Luis interrupts, “Rebecca, I'm warning you ...” Ivy suggests, “Why don't we just call Alistair. He'll take care of Theresa.” Luis warns, “Yeah, over my dead body.” Sam jumps in, “People, enough.” Rebecca shouts, “ (overused derogatory adjective) .” Theresa shouts back, “Bitch.” Sam warns, “I said that's enough. Now, Luis and I are here on police business.” Luis agrees, “That's right. We're investigating the murder of Julian Crane.” Theresa shouts, “I can tell you who did it. Ivy or Rebecca, or both! Rebecca pushed the wheelchair and Ivy pulled the trigger.” Ivy snips, “If I were going to kill anyone, Theresa, it would be you for hurting Ethan.” Theresa prompts, “Ask them where they were last night, Chief Bennett. I bet my late husband's fortune that one of them killed Julian.”

    Sam says, “Theresa, relax. We don't need a bunch of unsubstantiated accusations made in anger.” Luis agrees. “We just need to know where everyone was last night.” Ivy makes a face, “Good God, what is that smell?” Luis apologizes, “Sorry, we were just at the cannery and ...” Ivy interrupts, “The cannery? What were you doing at the cannery?” Sam replies, “It's part of the investigation.” Luis turns and asks, “Rebecca, where were you last night?” Rebecca in turn asks, “Why don't you ask your sister. She was as livid with Julian as the rest of us.” Ivy adds, “You even said you would kill him for what he did to you.” Pilar defends, “Theresa would never kill someone.” Rebecca asks, “But what about you, Pilar? When you disappeared last night, your red-hot blood was boiling.” Pilar asks, “Me? Please. I'll have you know that the staff reported that the dress you wore last night smelled strongly of fish when it was taken to the cleaners this morning.” Ivy turns to Rebecca, “Is that true, Rebecca?” She replies, “Look, the only thing that is fishy around here, Ivy, is your whereabouts last night. In fact, the maid told me that your wheelchair left a trail of fish guts in the elevator after you wheeled in there after doing God-knows-what.” Once again Sam tries to gain control, “Now, ladies, this isn't getting us anywhere.” Theresa repeats, “I told you they did it, Chief Bennett. They killed Julian and left me a widow. His pregnant widow.”

    Seated across the aisle from a sleeping Sheridan and Antonio, Doc comments, “Brian's really falling for Diana.” Liz replies, “Has he ever.” Doc whispers, “You know, you should say something to him before he gets in any deeper.” Liz shakes her head, “He wouldn't listen.” Doc suggests, “Then maybe you should try investigating Diana's past, find out who she really is, if there's someone out there waiting for her.” Liz replies, “Diana thinks her lover's dead.” Doc shrugs, “Well, what if he isn't? What if he is alive and he thinks she's dead?” Liz asks, “What difference would it make?” Doc replies, “Could make the difference between you having Brian back or Diana winning his heart for good.” Liz looks at him.

    In the Crane mansion living room, Sam says, “Now, I've heard enough of you ladies yelling at each other.” Rebecca snipes, “Theresa is no lady, she's a tramp.” Luis demands, “Stop insulting my sister.” Sam shouts, “I said that is enough! Now, I'm going to talk to each one of you and find out exactly where you were last night.” Rebecca asks, “Why don't you ask Luis? He was furious with Julian. Why don't you ask him where he was last night?” Sam replies, “Luis is going to make a statement. And for that matter, so will Ethan. No one gets preferential treatment in this case. No one. Now, as much as it pains me to say this, each one of you are going to have to answer some very serious questions.” Everyone in the room looks worried.

    At the police station, Tabitha and Grace stand looking at the list of suspects on the chalkboard. Tabby comments, “Murder in Harmony. And of a Crane, no less. I wonder who did it. Pretty Theresa? Handsome Ethan? An angry T.C. Russell? Or maybe noble Dr. Eve Russell. A fed-up Ivy could have done the deed. Or was it Rebecca, tired of being played for the fool? Maybe Pilar finally snapped. Or her hotheaded son lost his cool. Of course, someone whose name isn't even on the list could have killed Julian.” Grace replies, “You know, Tabitha, I just -- I can't talk about this anymore. I need to get some fresh air.” Tabby replies, “Oh, yes, dear, deep breaths, deep breaths.” Grace hurries out of the police station leaving Tabby sitting on one of the desks smiling, “What a wonderfully wicked day. I got revenge on the Cranes and the Standish women all in one brilliant stroke. And once Julian's murderer is finally revealed, Harmony will be shaken, rattled, and rocked like never before.” She laughs.

    To be continued...

    Shuis screen caps thanks to Passions Central.

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    Smile Monday's SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

    Tabitha stands in her hallway looking at pictures of the suspects in Julian's murder that she has pinned on her wall. As she looks at them she asks, “So, could it be Theresa? Or Ethan? Luis? Pilar? Ivy? Rebecca? Or TC? Or was it dear Dr. Eve? Each and every one of them is a perfect suspect and then of course, there is Sheridan and Antonio, Luis's brother. Chief Bennett doesn't even know about them yet. But either one of them could have done it as well.” She moves to look into the mirror, “So, who put this murder and mayhem into motion? You lovely old witch, you.” She laughs when the mirror cracks, “There's seven more years of bad luck for Harmony.”

    On the airplane, an announcement comes over the speakers, “Ladies and gentlemen, we will be starting our approach into Bermuda international shortly. Please return to your seats and secure your seat belts. Thank you.” Looking at the sleeping Sheridan, Liz asks, “How is she doing?” Antonio whispers, “She is still asleep. I am sure she is still dreaming.” Liz says, “At least she's not sleepwalking again. What do you think she could have been dreaming about to get her so upset?” Antonio whispers, “I have no idea but she was definitely upset.” Liz replies, “Maybe she was talking about what she said she took everything away from someone. Then she said it's over, he's dead. What could she have been talking about?” Antonio leans toward Liz across the aisle, “I don't know. She has amnesia. She doesn't know anybody.” Liz replies, “I got to tell you, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when she said, he's dead. The way she said it. Who in Diana's past deserves to die?”

    At the Crane mansion, Rebecca complains, “Before anyone starts questioning me, I would like to know where Theresa and Pilar disappeared to last night.” Rebecca, Ivy, Pilar and Theresa continue their sniping until Sam yells, “All right! That is enough. Now I don't want to hear another word out of anyone.” Standing next to Sam and writing in a note pad, Luis adds, “Ladies, just trying to investigate a possible homicide here. We need your help.” Sam explains, “Julian might have been murdered and I am going to get to the bottom of this no matter what I have to do. Now I need to know where each one of you was last night.” Ivy asks, “Sam, are you saying that we're all suspects?” Sam replies, “That is right. Until we can figure out what happened to Julian, everyone is a suspect.”

    Sheridan opens her eyes and stretches in her seat. Antonio leans over and touches her arm, “Are you okay?” She replies, “Yeah. Just dreaming.” Liz says, “We know. Must have been a pretty bad dream.” Sheridan sighs, “Yeah, it was awful.” Antonio asks, “What were you dreaming?” Sheridan frowns, “It was horrible. I was filled with this terrible guilt. I felt like I had taken something from someone, almost as if I had taken someone's life. Oh my God. I also dreamed that I was walking around on the plane. Was I sleeping walking again?” Doc tells her, “Yes, but we were with you.” She sighs, “Oh, dear.” Antonio explains, “We explained it to the stewardess. The other passengers hardly noticed.” Sheridan says, “I hope not.” Antonio asks, “Who were you dreaming about? Who were you dreaming that you took something from and trying to get revenge on somebody?” She frowns, “I remember someone but it is all so vague. You know what? It was someone who had hurt me, hurt me badly.” Liz asks, “Can you remember who?” Sheridan replies, “No. No, I can't remember. You know what though? I do remember something very clearly.” Antonio asks, “What?” She wrinkles her nose, “The smell of fish, a strong smell. I remember the smell of tuna.” She looks at Antonio questioningly.

    In the living room of the Crane mansion, Sam announces, “All right. Ladies, I'll question you one at a time and no more accusations. Now, I just want to know where each one of you was last night.” Each one of the suspects in the room thinks back to that night when they were searching for Julian to kill him. Sam asks, “Now who wants to go first? Ivy? Pilar? Who wants to tell me where they were last night after Julian left the party? What is the problem? Either you have an alibi for last night or you don't.” Everyone looks around guiltily. The women begin arguing again until Sam again has to yell, “All right. That is enough. Okay. That is it. This is not going to work. All right. (Sam turns to Luis.) You take Ivy and Rebecca into the other room and I'll stay here and talk to Pilar and Theresa.” Ivy and Rebecca refuse to be questioned by Luis since he is also a suspect. Sam then tells them, “All right. I'll question you two, Luis you stay here with Pilar and Theresa.” Ivy and Rebecca can't believe that Sam is going to let Luis question his mother and sister but Sam tells Ivy that he is going to question Ethan. He tells Ivy and Rebecca to wait in the library for him. They leave the room as Sam has a chat with Luis.

    Sam tells him, “This isn't going to get any easier, all right. We have to question everyone.” Luis replies, “I know.” Sam says, “It is probably a waste of time since there are dozens of people that we don't even know that wanted Julian dead.” Luis replies, “I know. I am having a hard time believing that it is someone we know.”

    On the airplane, Doc and Liz watch Antonio holding Sheridan's hand. Doc comments, “I don't remember Brian ever being that attentive with you, Liz.” Liz gives him a dirty look, “Oh, thanks a lot, Doc. Got any more salt to rub in my wounds.” Doc says, “I'm sorry but it kills me to see you standing by doing nothing while Brian falls harder and harder for Diana.” Liz sighs, “What am I supposed to do?” Doc replies, “I don't know but if you don't do it fast you will lose any chance of getting Brian back. They will be so closely bonded you'll never get them apart.”

    Across the aisle, the flight attendant asks Sheridan, “How are you doing?” Sheridan looks up at her, “Fine. Thank you.” The flight attendant comments, “You must be a wonderful actress. I am sure you will get that part.” Antonio replies for Sheridan, “Thank you. We're sure she will, too.” As the flight attendant walks away, Sheridan asks, “What is she talking about? Part?” Antonio explains, “When you were sleepwalking we told her that you were rehearsing a scene for a soap opera.” Sheridan sighs, “Rehearsing a scene, great.” The flight attendant comments, “It must be a very dramatic one, too. So real it gave me the chills like you had really killed someone.” Antonio replies, “Thank you. Are we going to be landing soon?” She replies, “We're on approach right now.” Sheridan turns to Antonio, “Did I really say those things?” He replies, “You were just dreaming. Don't let it upset you, okay.” Sheridan looks worried, “Maybe that's why the dream seemed so real. Maybe I did kill someone.”

    Retuning to his seat, Antonio repeats, “You are going to be okay, Diana.” She nods, “Yeah. It had to be a dream. How could I kill someone in why would I?” Antonio nods, “There's no way that you could have.” Sheridan agrees, “No, it just has to be the fact that I can't remember my past. I was just so sure that there would be some sort of clue for me in Harmony, that it would open some sort of window.” Antonio says, “Hey, sorry things didn't work out.” Sheridan sighs, “Yeah. You know the thing is that even though I didn't find out anything in Harmony, I still had this nagging feeling that there's still something there for me. As if I left something behind, something very close to my heart.”

    In the living room of the Crane mansion, Luis sits across from his mother and sister and prepares to question them in the Julian Crane investigation. Luis explains, “Look. I know this is pointless because I know neither one of you could have killed Julian. This is my job. I have to do it.” Pilar nods, “Of course you do, Son. Luis, Sam can't be serious about considering you a suspect, too.” Luis replies, “Well, Mama, everyone that was at the party here last night is a suspect. It's a start, okay. Now, there were a lot of people at the party last night that were angry with Julian and that is why he ran off. Mama, Theresa, look, I can take you both off the suspect list, just tell me you calmed down and went home, that you didn't chase Julian. You did go straight home, didn't you?” They both look away and can't answer. Finally Pilar says, “No.” Then Theresa says, “I went look for him. I tried to find him.” Luis asks, “Why? What were you going to do if you found him?” Theresa admits, “I wanted to kill Julian.” Luis scolds, “Theresa, do not say anymore.” She asks, “Why not, Luis? It's the truth. I wanted to kill Julian and that's why I left the party.” Luis leans forward in his seat, “You listen to me. You cannot say this to anyone, do you understand me?” Pilar then shocks him, “I also wanted to kill him.” Luis says, “No. Please, just tell me that you went straight home.” Pilar admits, “I went after Julian. He had hurt my children and I wanted him dead.” Luis insists, “Please. Don't tell me this. I know neither one of you killed Julian but when you say these things it makes you sound suspect.” Pilar tells him, “It is true, Luis. We both left the party looking for Julian, to find him.” Luis gets up and paces. Theresa looks up at him, “Luis, we weren't the only ones. Ivy and Rebecca were just as furious.” Pilar adds, “And Ethan and TC and Eve and even you, Son. We all wanted to kill Julian and anyone that says otherwise is a liar.”

    Luis again takes his seat across from Pilar and Theresa, “Mama, please. Don't incriminate yourself for no reason. Now you, too, Theresa. Yes, there were a lot of people at the party last night that were angry with Julian but we don't even know at this point if he was murdered. However, until we have evidence to the contrary we have to assume that he's dead. And any one of those people that hated Julian could have murdered him. Okay.” Pilar looks sad, “I'm glad that Antonio didn't come home after all. He might have been a suspect, too.” Luis comments, “I don't think we have to worry about him.” Pilar says, “No. We know for sure that Antonio wasn't involved in whatever it is that happened to Julian.”

    In the hallway of Liz's hotel in St Lisa's, Doc exclaims, “It is good to be home, isn't it?” Sheridan agrees, “It is.” Putting her bags down in front of her door, Antonio asks, “Are you going to be able to sleep okay?” She sighs, “I am exhausted but afraid to go to sleep. I am afraid I'll start sleepwalking again.” Antonio replies, “No. Everything will be fine. Okay. Tomorrow is a new day, wake up and the sun will be out, everything will be okay, I promise.” She smiles, “You know, I feel so safe with you, and just as long as you are around, my troubles seem so small.” He replies, “Then we shouldn't have troubles. Now, I'm going to hit the hay because I'm going to get up and go fishing in the morning. If you need anything, just knock on the wall. I'm right next door, I'll come running.” She gives him a hug, “Thanks, Brian.” He says, “Good night.” Sheridan says, “Good night, All.” Liz and Doc tell her, “Good night.” Liz turns to Briantonio, “Really starting to depend on you, isn't she?” He replies, “Just want her to know that I'll be there for her.” Liz comments, “So different than when we were together. The last thing you wanted was a clinging vine, no need for a woman depending on you.” Antonio replies, “That was a long time ago, Liz. Things were different then. You are in a different place emotionally.” Liz agrees, “Yeah.” Antonio says, “I'm going to go to bed now, maybe we can talk about this another time, okay.” Liz agrees, “Sure. Fine.” Antonio looks toward Doc, “Night, Doc.” Doc replies, “Night.” Doc turns to Liz, “Liz, remember what I said earlier. Diana's fiancé may not be dead. She might even have a husband. The point is she really doesn't remember anything. So you could find that person from her past. Brian and Diana would have no future and maybe you and Bryan might.”

    In the Crane living room, Luis continues the interrogation, “I have to ask you this question even though I already know the answer. Did either of you have guns last night? Theresa? Mama?” Neither of them reply but look away suspiciously. Luis continues, “Are you telling me that you both had guns last night? No. How? How did you two get guns? Forget that I asked, okay. If you did have guns, I don't want to know about it. I am telling you I expected a very different answer from both of you.” Pilar looks up, “We all know what a horrible man Julian Crane was and what he did to our family was unforgivable.” Luis says, “Yeah, I know. I am still convinced he and his family are the reason for Papa's disappearance.” Theresa adds, “Look what he did to me. Got me drunk, slept with me, got me pregnant, and made me lose Ethan.” Pilar stares off, “Rebecca is right. Each and every one of us is a suspect. Even from the grave, if that is where he is, Julian Crane has a chance to destroy our family.”

    On the island, Antonio gets into bed in his room. In her room, Sheridan sits up and remembers what Antonio said about knocking on the wall because he is right next door. She gets out of bed and walks into his room. When Antonio realizes she is there, he sits up and asks, “Diana, what's wrong?” She replies, “I had to see you. I need you. Make love to me. Make love to me now.” Sheridan sits down on his bed and leans in to kiss him. (YUCK!!!)

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for the screen caps.


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