As he naps on the boat, Briantonio has a dream about going home to see his mother only to have Luis answer the door and turn him away. He calls out in his sleep. “No!” Sheridan calls to him, “Brian, hey. You okay? You were calling out in your sleep.” Sitting up he asks, “Did I say anything?” Sheridan replies, “Nothing I could make out but you sure seemed pretty upset.” He states. “It's a bad dream.” Sheridan asks, “Brian, look something is bothering you. What is going on with you?” Standing next to him on the boat, she demands, “Talk to me, Brian. What is it that has gotten you down like this? Look, we're friends. I trust you. Look, I want you to feel like you can trust me, too.” He replies, “I do trust you, Diana. It's just that... It's kind of difficult for me to talk about.” He picks up his coffee cup and takes a sip as Sheridan softly says, “It has to do with your family, doesn't it? At least I assume it does. I knew that once we got back to the states you'd want to see your mother again. And I’m sure she would give anything to see you. Because no matter how much time has passed or how long you've been gone, you're still her son.” He replies, “It's not that simple, Diana.” She replies, “But it is. Look, once we get this boat back to its owner we'll just jump on a plane and go to your family.” He says, “We don't need a plane.” She counters, “All right, then we'll rent a car.” He states, “They're here.” Sheridan asks in surprise, “What?” Brian states again, “My family's here.” Sheridan asks, “Here in harmony? Well, then you've got to go see them right away.” Briantonio replies, “I did see them. Well, I saw my mom anyway last night.” An excited Sheridan asks, “What happened? What did she say?” He replies, “I left before she could say anything. She was asleep. She never even knew I was there.”

In the kitchen, Pilar stands in front of the window with the candles. Luis walks into the kitchen, sees Pilar with the lit candles, and asks, “A candle? It's morning.” Pilar turns to face Luis, “I told you I’m going to continue to burn a candle day and night now that I know Antonio is coming home.” Luis says, “Mama, you don't know that.” Pilar states, “He was here last night, Luis. I’m sure of it.” Luis sighs, “Haven't we been through this?” He goes to pour some coffee. Pilar insists, “It wasn't a burglar, Luis.” Luis replies, “I bet my badge on it.” Pilar reminds him, “I sensed Antonio in my room last night. Look, a mother knows her own child.” Luis sighs, “Mama, I know that you wanted to see Antonio so bad but you imagined it.” Pilar again insists, “No, Luis, I did not imagine it. And it wasn't wishful thinking.” Luis replies, “Mama, look, I know this can't be easy for you, all right? But if Antonio was coming home, he would've done it years ago. Why now? There's no reason.” He turns and leaves the kitchen. As soon as Luis is out of the room, Pilar says to herself, “There is a reason, Luis. and maybe Antonio senses it. His sister's in terrible trouble.”

The Lopez-Fitzgerald family plus Ethan are gathered around the table for breakfast. Theresa asks Pilar, “You really believe the man in your room last night was Antonio?” Pilar stands in front of the table between Luis and Ethan, “Yes, I do.” Looking up at her, Luis says, “You didn't even see his face, Mama.” Pilar answers, “I know it sounds strange but I didn't need to see his face. I know in my heart that it was him.” Theresa happily asks, “Wouldn't it be amazing if that was true? I mean, it's been so long since we've seen Antonio. I wish he would come back home.” Looking at her. Luis explains, “Theresa, Antonio walked out on this family. It broke Mama's heart. He never called, he never wrote, nothing. All right? So as far as I’m concerned Antonio is no longer a member of this family and I hope he stays away for good.”

On the boat, Sheridan stands with folded arms, “So you saw her? You went to your mother's house last night?” Briantonio explains, “I slipped in after she was already asleep. I left her the gift you gave me for her.” She sits down at the table as she asks, “Why didn't you let her know that you were there?” He takes a seat next to her, “Because I told you the things I heard my brother say about me over the phone when I called her that day.” She asks, “So what, your brother's more important than your mother?” He replies, “No. No one is more important to me than my mother. That's why I can't stand the fact that she may be hurt again.” Sheridan angrily says, “You know, if I were you, I would just ignore your brother because he has obviously got problems.” He replies, “No, in many ways my brother is right. I have hurt my mother. I've hurt my whole family.” She uses a softer tone, “I’m sure she's forgiven you by now and would give anything to see you.” Briantonio replies, “Well, she almost did. I got this close to being caught last night. I just barely got away. That's when I realized that this whole thing is a mistake. I have no right coming back into my family's life, Diana.” She shouts, “You have every right.” Brian looks down, “No, I don't. I have no place with my family anymore. I mean, what I want to do, I want to take this boat, I want to turn it over and I want to get out of here before I cause them anymore pain.”

Sitting at the table on the boat, Sheridan tries to be persuasive, “Brian... If you leave Harmony without talking to your mother, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. You'll always wonder what could have been. You really love your family, don't you?” Brian says, “That's not the point.” She pleads, “If you didn't, you wouldn't feel this strongly, you wouldn't have gone to your mother's house last night. I know she must love you. I’m sure they all do. You know, Brian, you've got people who love you. I would give anything to have that. To know that there are people out there who care about me. This is just too important. You cannot walk away from this. You have got to go back to that house and face your family. And I know that it's going to be hard but if there's one thing I've learned about you is that you are not a coward so you've got to do this.” Brian tries to explain, “It's not that simple, Diana. There are reasons I left Harmony, reasons that my family don't even know about. If they ever found out, all it's going to do is hurt them more than I already have.” Sheridan sighs, “I know what I would do if I had a family. I would give anything to be with them.” Brian stubbornly says, “Well, I wouldn't. It's not worth it.” She pleads, “Please, Brian, would you just give it some more thought?” He replies, “No. I’m going to transfer this boat and I’m going back to the island. It was a mistake for me to come back to Harmony.” Sheridan says with voice raised, “But you did. You came here. Liz could've gotten someone else to sail the boat but for some reason you came here.” Brian angrily says, “Yeah, for you. I came here to help you. You thought this place meant something to you before you had amnesia, you thought it might bring back some memory for you.” She raises her voice again, “Yes, you wanted to help me but there's more to it than that. There was a part of you that wanted to reconnect with your family and that's the part that you have to pay attention to.” She gets up from the table and walks off.

Luis answers the phone as it rings in the living room, “Hello?” Briantonio replies, “Hello, Luis? It's me, your brother, Antonio.” A shocked Luis replies, “How dare you call here, you bastard.” Then he asks, “What are you calling for, Antonio?” Antonio replies, “I understand why you're mad, Luis.” Luis replies, “That's really generous since you ran out on Mama and the rest of us when we needed you most.” Antonio says, “I didn't call to fight with you. I just want to see Mama.” Luis adamantly replies, “Just stay the hell away from us!” Sitting next to Antonio, Sheridan asks, “What's going on?” Briantonio puts his hand over the phone, “My brother doesn't want me anywhere near the family.” She encourages him, “Well, keep trying because your family's too important.” He takes his hand away from the phone and states, “I wanna see Mama.” Picking up a picture of Shuis, Luis replies, “You listen, Antonio, this family's been through a lot of pain lately and we don't need you adding to that. We've already lost enough.” Antonio concedes, “You know, you're right. You're absolutely right about everything. I was selfish, but now I wanna make amends.” Luis says, “You're not listening, Antonio, it's too late for amends.” Brian insists, “Look, I wanna see Mama and I'm pretty sure that she wants to see me. Now am I wrong about that?” Luis admits, “No, but -- look, it's just not a good idea, all right? I don't want you hurting her again.”

Walking into the living room, Pilar asks, “Luis? Who are you talking to?” Pilar asks again, “Who's on the phone, Son?” Luis puts his hand over the phone, “Where are Ethan and Theresa?” Pilar replies, “Ethan left, um, Mrs. Crane is having a party at the mansion, she asked me to work and she invited the whole family.” Luis replies, “Huh, what, me at the Cranes? I don't think so.” Pilar sighs, “I understand. Though it would mean a lot to me to have some of my children near me on New Year's. I have to change, if I don't see you, Happy New Year, Son.” Luis hugs her and replies, “Oh, Happy New Year, Mama.” He takes his hand from the receiver again, “You still there?” Antonio replies, “I heard Mama, can I talk to her?” Luis replies, “No, she's already gone. Look, I know Mama wants to see you, so, uh, if you wanna see her, you can.” Antonio says, “Thank you.” Luis says, “Don't thank me.” Antonio replies, “Okay, tell me when's a good time.” Luis replies, “Well, there's a party at the Crane mansion tonight, she'll be there.” Antonio is surprised, “Wait, she still works for them?” Luis replies, “Yeah, we needed the money. Look, we're all invited so I guess that means that you can come.” Antonio says, “Oh, uh... Well, I...” Luis asks, “What? Well, what, are you gonna go to the party and see Mama or not?” Antonio replies, “To be honest, I don't know.” Taken aback, Luis replies, “First you wanna see her and now you're not sure. Boy, you're some piece of work, brother. You know, I'll tell you something, I'm gonna go to this damn party tonight just in case you show up, because I wanna be there for Mama, wanna make sure you're not gonna hurt her again.” Antonio asks, “What, you think I'm gonna hurt her on purpose?” Luis says, “You listen to me, all right? I'm not gonna have you playing with her emotions again, building her up and then knocking her down. Now you can see Mama if you wanna stay in her life forever. If you're not gonna do that, then you just stay away, Antonio. All right, you just stay away.”

On the boat as Briantonio hangs up the phone, Sheridan stands and asks, “Well? You gonna see your mother?” He replies, “I keep thinking about what my brother said. I don't wanna hurt her again.” Sheridan stands behind him, “Brian, you won't. She wants to see you and you're dying to see her, but you've gotta take the first step.” Briantonio says, “Okay, I'll go.” She says, “You're making the right decision.” He looks at her, “But I have a favor to ask of you. Will you go with me to the party? I could use some support.” She smiles, “Of course I'll go.” He thanks her. Sheridan smiles, “You know, even though there wasn't anything here for me in Harmony, at least I'll get to see you reunite with your mother and I'll get the chance to give your brother a piece of my mind.”

To be continued...

Here is a cute picture of Shuis on the Titanic as Susan and Liam.