On the island Sheridan walks into the cafe and approaches Brian, “Well, what are we waiting for? You have the name of the person to contact when we get the boat to Harmony.” Brian replies, “Yeah, you're right. There's nothing keeping us around here.” Sheridan excitedly says, “Great! I can't wait to push off. I don't know why I'm so excited but about going to Harmony. It's not like I'm sure I've ever been there but there's something so familiar about the name. It rings a bell with me.” She can't help but smile as she speaks. Brian says, “Well, we'll find out soon enough. Are you almost ready to go?” Sheridan smiles, “There's just a few things I need to grab.” She grins, kisses Brian on the cheek, and heads for the door. When she sees Doc coming into the cafe, she giggles and throws her arms around his neck giving him a big hug before she leaves the room. Doc turns to watch her leave as he asks, “What was that all about? Not that I mind.” Liz replies, “Our Diana is feeling pretty good about the trip to Harmony. I wish we could say the same about our friend Brian.” Doc looks toward Brian, “Brian, I think I've got just the thing for you. One of my interplanetary communicants beamed me an excellent recipe for pre-travel jitters.” Brian replies, “Actually, Doc, I think I'm ok.” Liz then asks, “Well, if that's so, then you wouldn't mind explaining the look on your face when I told you to return the boat to Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald? Brian, what's with you and this guy? Do you know each other?” Brian looks away, of course.

In front of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Luis walks with Beth, “So, are you sure you're not mad at me for not sailing your boat from St. Lisa's island like I said I would?” Beth replies, “Stop it, Luis. If that was anyone's fault, it was mine for going down there and telling you about your sister's marriage to Julian Crane.” Luis smiles, “Yeah? Ok, so we're even? I'm just sorry you have to pay someone else to sail your boat back. I just hope they're not charging you an arm and a leg.” Beth shakes her head, “I can handle it. Besides you're the one who's gonna have to cough up the big bucks when they get here.” Luis grins like he knows that she is teasing. Beth continues, “Don't forget, you have to take them to dinner, okay?” With his hands in his jacket Luis replies, “I don't mind. I'm actually looking forward to talking to people from St. Lisa's island...strange place.” Beth asks, “Because it reminded you of Sheridan?” Luis shakes his head, “It didn't just remind me of her. It was like she was there. It was like she was there and like if I turned the right corner, she'd be standing there. I know I have to get over her, all right. I know she's dead.” He looks so sad and Beth turns away.

Hiding behind a bush next to the Lo-Fitz house, Tabby laughs as she listens to Luis, “Timmy, remind me to send a thank you note to Alistair and Julian Crane. I want to commend them for killing Sheridan, or at least making it look like she's dead. The pain it has caused Luis! I could watch that man mourn all day.”

On the island in the cafe, Doc places a drink on the bar in front of Brian. Next to Doc behind the bar, Liz asks again, “Out with it, Brian. What do you and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald mean to each other?” Standing at the bar, Brian says, “Come on, Liz! What makes you think I know the guy? And besides, what kind of cockamamie last name is that, anyway?” Liz warns, “Don't try to change the subject. Ever since I told you the name of the guy who stayed in number 9, you've been acting weird.” Brian brushes her off, “Your imagination is working overtime, Liz. Diana is waiting for me and I have to make a final check of the boat before we set sail. So...” He picks up his duffel bag, waves to the others, and walks outside. Walking around to the front side of the bar, Doc says, “He's hiding something, Liz. I can feel it.” Still behind the bar, Liz replies, “Oh, aren't we all, but this is something major. I have a feeling that when Brian and Diana meet with Luis in Harmony, all hell is going to break loose.” Liz walks to the door and looks out into the courtyard to see Brian checking what Diana has packed.

In the Lo-Fitz front yard, Beth tells Luis, “I am so sorry.” Sitting on a bench Luis replies, “You know, my mother thinks that if I just pray hard enough for a miracle, it will happen.” Beth sits on the bench next to Luis, “You mean she thinks Sheridan could actually come back to you?” Luis nods his head, “Yeah, I told her I heard Sheridan's voice on the phone.” Beth gives him a strange look, “I don't understand.” Luis tells her, “She thought she heard Antonio.” Beth asks, “Your brother who left home years ago?” Luis nods, “Yeah, when I got on the line, it wasn't him. It was Sheridan. We got disconnected before we could have a conversation so I called the operator and she gave me the number. I called it back.” Beth asks, “What happened?” Luis stares off across the yard before he replies, “No answer.” He pauses a bit before continuing, “You know, it's like my head is telling me one thing and my heart is telling me another. I just can't stop hoping that she's still alive and that she's gonna come back to me.” Luis looks sadly down at his hands.

On the island outside the cafe, Sheridan calls out, “Liz, thanks for everything.” Liz shouts, “Good luck.” Sheridan says, “I'll miss you, Doc.” Doc replies, “I'm sure we'll see each other again, another time, another place, another planet.” He waves good bye from the door. Sheridan smiles, “I can't believe it! We're finally doing it. We're finally on our way to Harmony.” Brian says, “Let's go.” They both pick up their bags and walk toward the boat. Liz and Doc walk back into the cafe. Doc says, “Maybe you're over reacting, Liz. It seems like Brian and Diana are gonna have the time of their lives on their trip to the states.” Liz replies, “That's what I'm afraid of, Doc, a time neither of them bargained for.” Outside, Sheridan turns back to look at the place she called her home for the past few weeks. She takes a deep breath and heads off for her adventure.

In the Lo-Fitz front yard, Luis says, “I shouldn't be laying all this stuff on you.” Beth replies, “Why not? We go way back. Besides, it's the holidays and everyone is feeling everything much more intensely right now.” A shout is heard from inside the house. Pilar shouts, “Mijo, NO!” Luis looks at Beth and asks, “What was that?” Beth looks back at him, “Sounds like someone's fighting in the house.” They both hop up and run into the house to see Miguel and Hank fighting over Charity. Miguel thinks that Hank was flirting with Charity. Zombie Charity was actually provoking a fight.

On the boat, with Brian at the wheel, Sheridan brings him a cup of coffee, “Truce” Brian takes a sip of his coffee, “I am not mad with you, Diana, and I never was. The question is, can you forgive me for snapping at you?” Sheridan replies, “There's nothing to forgive. I pushed too hard about you going to see your family, although I still think it's a good idea.” Brian begins, “Diana...” Sheridan continues, “Would you just think about it? Please. Even if your brother is mad at you, there's no reason why you shouldn't see your mother.” Brian says, “I just want to cause her any more pain than I already have. Is that really so hard to understand?” Sheridan sighs, “I guess not. I'm a little nervous myself about what's gonna happen when we reach the mainland. I keep feeling like I've been to Harmony, like I've been there with the man I love, before he died.” She looks sadly out to sea. Brian asks, “Are you still having flashes of him?” Sheridan smiles, “Yeah, of the two of us together on a pier. But you know, I don't even know what's real anymore or what's not. For all I know, I've never even been to Harmony or any pier there.” She suddenly says, “You know, when you think about it, I could have everything mixed up in my mind. The man I love might not have died at all after all. He might be there and when I get to Harmony I might even find him.” She smiles and looks out to sea.

After Miguel and Charity have gone to the back yard to work things out, Pilar and Luis walk into the kitchen. Pilar begins taking out pots and pans and ingredients to begin cooking. Luis looks at the ingredients and asks, “Oh, you're making flan now?” Pilar answers, “Yes, why not? You always loved flan.” Leaning against the kitchen table, Luis continues, “We all know that's Antonio's favorite food in all the world, too. Why are you making a Christmas feast of all his favorite foods? He's never coming home, not really.” Pilar angrily replies, “Please, Luis, do not say that! He will. I will continue to act as if it will happen. And you of all people should understand because your heart will not let you give up on Sheridan any more than I will let my heart forget Antonio. So, let's hold on to our slender hopes because they are the only thing we have of the people we love.” Pilar walks to the other side of the kitchen. Luis looks like he feels sorry for what he said to his mother. He swallows hard as Pilar walks off.

On the boat, Sheridan thinks about what she has just said, “What am I doing? I have no business fantasizing that the man I love is still alive. The one thing I do remember is of him dying in my arms. But you, Brian, you know that your family is still living and you even got to hear your mother's voice on the phone. I really wish you would go see her when we get to the states.” Brian asks, “Even if my brother is gonna try and throw me out the door when I get there?” Sheridan smiles, “Wouldn't it be worth seeing your mother again?” Brian shrugs, “I guess if my showing up causes problems, I can always go back to St. Lisa's and live out the rest of my days.” Sheridan grins, “I can think of worse things.” Brian agrees, “Yeah, me, too. Listen, I know you probably won't believe this but I really do hope you are able to find your family. I hope you're able to piece your past together, even if it means I have to go back to that island alone.” Sheridan shocks him by saying, “Don't say that! I don't know what I would do if I ever lost you.” Brian looks very hopeful.

Brian asks, “You mean you'd actually care if you never saw me again?” Sheridan replies, “Are you serious? You saved my life, Brian...twice. I don't know how I would have gotten through my time on the island without you. You mean a lot to me.” Brian smiles, “Thanks. You know how I feel about you.” Sheridan says, “Even if going to Harmony means I find out who I am and what my life was before I met you, I don't want to lose you. I couldn't bear it.” She begins to cry. Putting his hand on her shoulder, Brian says, “Hey, I'm not going anywhere. There's nothing that I'd love more than to be a part of your life for as long as you want me around.”

Luis steps out the back door into the yard. He looks up at the sky and sees the Christmas star, “Maybe Mama is right. You gotta believe to make miracles happen.” Looking to the star and wishing, “Well, if there's any chance that Sheridan's out there, bring her back to me. Please. Bring her home.”

Standing at the rail on the boat, Sheridan looks up at the sky, Brian asks, “Are you cold?” Without looking at him, Sheridan replies, “No, actually looking at that star, I suddenly felt like I was wrapped in a warm blanket.” Brian informs, “Well, that's the Christmas star.” Sheridan smiles brightly, “Really?” Brian replies, “Yeah, it appears once a year before Christmas. They say that every wish made on that star comes true.” Sheridan's eyes shine and she is smiling so brightly. She turns to look at him briefly before she turns back to look at the star, “Let's try it. We don't have to tell each other our wishes. It's better that way. Otherwise, they won't come true. Ready?” Brian says, “Yeah, whatever you say.” Sheridan closes her eyes to make her wish. Behind her Brian thinks to himself, “I won't ever let anyone take you away from me, Diana...EVER.”

In Harmony, Timmy also sees the Christmas star and makes a wish, “Please, Mr. Star, make Timmy's wish come true to be a real little boy with a real heart.”

To be continued...

This is another picture of Shuis from a promo that aired about the time of these episodes. I love those smiles. They are the most beautiful couple on any soap.