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Thread: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 8

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    Smile Tuesday's Touching SHUIS Summary & Picture of the Day.....

    In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen Luis stands, clutches the letter from Sheridan to him, and says, “I know. I know that I have to accept that Sheridan is gone. But I don't think I'll ever share a life with anyone else.” Pilar also stands, “Your wounds are still fresh, Mijo, but time will heal the wounds.” Luis softly replies, “I don't know. My love for Sheridan was so strong. Just like your love for Papa. You never moved on.” Pilar sighs, “I told you, that's different, Mijo. There is still hope that your father and Antonio will come home to us.” Luis replies, “Well, I don't believe that. You know, Papa disappeared. And Antonio, he just left us. We're never going to hear from him again.” The phone rings and Pilar crosses the room to answer it, “Hello?” On board Beth's boat near the island, Briantonio replies, “Mama, is that you?” At that moment Luis picks up his jacket and says, “Bye, Mama.” As Briantonio holds on the phone, Pilar takes the phone from her ear and turns to deal with Luis, “Luis, please, don't leave.” Luis puts his jacket on while asking, “All right. Who's on the phone?” She replies, “I don't know. Whoever it is can wait. Right now all I care about is my son. Please stay and we'll talk. I'll be off the phone in a minute.” Luis says, “Mama, talk to whoever it is, all right? It could be important. Besides, I just want to be alone right now.” Into the phone Pilar says, “Hold on, please.” Pilar doesn't cover the phone this time and Antonio is able to hear what is being said between Pilar and Luis. Standing by the boat railing Briantonio turns to Sheridan and explains, “My mother's on the line, but I don't think she's heard anything I said. Something's got her tied up.” As Briantonio listens in on their conversation, Pilar says, “It's more than Sheridan that has you feeling this way tonight, Luis. It was our speaking about Antonio. And you must try to forgive your brother. Look, if you continue to hold this grudge, it will just eat away at you, Luis. Do not do this to yourself.” Luis replies, “Mama, you know how I feel about this, all right? Nothing you say is going to change my mind. Antonio walked out on all of us, and I'll be damned if I let him get away with that.”

    On the boat Sheridan watches Brian and asks, “What's going on?” Brian says, “Nothing.” Sheridan asks, “Your mother didn't come back on the line?” Brian says, “You know, this is probably not a good time. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.” Sheridan urges him, “Think about it, Brian. If your family thought that you were lost or dead, think about the joy that it would give them to reconnect with you. I mean, if only...” She trails off and sadly looks away. Brian asks, “If only what?” Sheridan pleads with Brian, “If only I knew that there was someone out there waiting for me, someone that would be happy to hear from me. Maybe I'll never know. But, Brian, you can't hang up that phone. That would be the worst thing you could do.” Brian looks at her, “I know my mother would be happy, and I'm hoping that my younger sisters and brother would be, too, but I don't know about my other brother.” Sheridan replies, “What man wouldn't be thrilled to have his brother home? Please, Brian, you can't hang up that phone. This is the right thing.”

    As Luis walks out the back door, Pilar puts the phone up to her ear, “Hello?” Briantonio asks, “Mama?” Pilar asks, “Miguel?” On the phone Brian replies, “No, mama. It's me. Antonio.” He has his back toward Sheridan (which, I suppose, is the reason that she doesn't know his name is Antonio until she returns to Harmony and regains her memory.) Pilar exclaims, “It can't be.” She gasps, faints, and falls on the floor, losing the phone. Brian asks, “Mama? Mama, are you there? Mama?” Coming back through the back door, Luis sees Pilar on the floor and rushes to her side, “Mama! Mama, what happened? Hey, Mama?” Luis continues to try to revive her. Coming around, Pilar murmurs, “Antonio.” Luis asks, “What?” Pilar tries to tell him, “It's Antonio.” Luis asks, “Mama, what are you talking about?” Pilar groggily says, “I heard his voice.” Luis shakes his head, “No, Mama, that's impossible. You just think you did because we were just talking about him.” Pilar insists, “No.” Luis is sure he is right, “Yes. It was all in your mind, ok? Looks like you hit your head. I mean, you'll have a little bump there in the morning, but I don't think it's serious.” Luis checks her head. On the boat, as Briantonio listens in, Sheridan asks, “What is it, Brian?”

    In the kitchen, Pilar says, “Antonio's here. He spoke to me!” Luis gently lets Pilar's head back down on the floor, “What, here in this house? He better not be, that bastard. He isn't welcome here. I don't ever want to see him again. Don't move, all right? I'll be right back.” He gets up and walks away. Still on the floor Pilar asks, “Where's the phone? The phone? Antonio? Antonio?” Luis comes back into the kitchen with a cloth to wipe her face and holds her in his arms as she asks, “Antonio? Antonio?” Luis tries to comfort her, “Shh, shh. Mama, forget it, all right? Forget Antonio. He's not coming home. He never will. Mama, how many years have we waited for Antonio to come home at Christmas? How many years have we sat around the Thanksgiving table just waiting for a call? It's not worth the pain. It's not worth the hurt that he's caused his family.” On the boat Sheridan wonders what it going on again, “I thought you said your mother was there.” Brian turns to her, “She is. My brother's there, too. It's hard for me to talk to them right now. I caused them a lot of pain, Diana.” In the kitchen Pilar says, “No, Luis, your brother's come back to us.” Luis insists, “No.” Pilar demands, “Antonio's on the phone. Find me the phone!” Luis looks around and asks, “Antonio's on the phone? He wants to talk to me?” Pilar asks, “What?” Luis gets up and picks up the phone, “He's about to get an earful.” Sheridan takes the phone from Briantonio and speaks into it, “Hello? Are you there?” Seeing the shocked look on Luis' face, Pilar asks, “It's Antonio?” Luis looks at the phone, then to Pilar and replies, “A ghost. I heard a ghost.” Pilar nods, “Yes – Antonio.” Luis replies, “No. Sheridan.” Sitting on the kitchen floor with Luis, Pilar asks, “You mean you heard your brother's voice on the phone – Antonio?”

    On the boat Sheridan tries again, “Hello? Is anyone there?” Brian asks, “What's going on?” Sheridan looks up, “Nothing. I don't think anyone's there.” Brian replies, “I knew it. I knew I shouldn't have called home.” In the kitchen, Luis smiles, “Sheridan.” He puts the phone to his ear but Pilar kneels next to him and grabs for the phone, “Give me the phone, Luis. I want to speak to Antonio.” Luis replies, “It is not Antonio, Mama, it is Sheridan! She's alive!” Pilar raises her voice, “Mijo, no! It's been a long time, but I know the sound of my own son's voice! Let me have the phone!” Luis argues, “No, you just want it to be Antonio because we were just talking about him a few minutes ago.” Pilar counters, “Luis, you want to hear Sheridan's voice so badly, you think that it's she. It's imposible, Luis. She is dead.”

    On the boat Sheridan says, “Don't you dare take it back now, Brian. It was the right thing for you to call home.” Brian whines, “But you didn't hear what my brother said about me.” She tells him, “What's the difference? The important thing is that you tell your mother that you're all right and that you still love her. The rest will take care of itself.” Brian says, “Easier said than done.” Sheridan raises his voice, “Look, don't walk away from the opportunity of reconnecting with your family. Do you know what I would give to be able to talk to someone who loved me? Anything in the world. Please, don't throw this opportunity away.” Brian is increasingly agitated, “It's different for you, Diana. I'm sure whoever your family is that they loved you and they still do. My family hates me, and they have good reason. Look, I should have never let you talk me into calling them. Just hang the phone up.” In the kitchen Luis says, “You were confused, Mama. You hit your head when you fainted.” Pilar argues, “I fainted because I heard Antonio's voice.” Luis raises his voice, “Well, you couldn't have because it is Sheridan. I know it is!” Pilar then tells him, “Then speak to her. If she's there, go on, Son, talk to her.” On the boat Brian yells at Sheridan, “Do as I say and hang the phone up – now.” Now both standing in the kitchen Pilar tells Luis in a calm voice, “Go on. Go on, son. If it is Sheridan, you must have lots to say to her.” Brian demands, “Do as I say, Diana. Hang up the phone.” Sheridan is defiant, “No. I won't.” He yells, “It's my family.” Sheridan yells, “Which is why you should talk to them. Look, no matter how bad you think things are, I'm sure they want to talk to you, I'm sure they want you home.” Brian angrily says, “You know what? You're wrong about that.” Sheridan says, “Well, you know what? If you won't talk to them, then I will.”

    In the Lo-Fitz kitchen Pilar calmly coaxes Luis, “Go on, Mijo. Unless you're afraid you imagined Sheridan's voice.” Luis puts the phone to his ear and smiles, “No, I -- Sheridan, it's -- it's me. It's Luis. I love you.” Luis smiles and in an excited voice continues, “Sheridan, where are you? Because I will come get you wherever it is. Sheridan? Sheridan, say something.” Pilar asks, “She's not there, is she?” Luis yells, “Hello? Hello!” Pilar calls, “Son?” Luis cries, “The line went dead.” On the boat Sheridan yells, “Brian, give it back.” Holding the phone away from her, Brian replies, “It's too late. I already disconnected it.” She asks, “Why? You know you wanted to talk to your family.” Brian angrily replies, “Yeah? So what when they don't want to talk to me?” Sheridan tries again, “Look, whatever you heard your brother saying, I'm sure he didn't mean it.” Brian yells, “Oh, he meant it, all right. Look, Diana, no offense, this is my life, so why don't you back off, ok?”
    Now sitting at the kitchen table Luis yells, “Damn it! Damn it! Damn it.” He slams the phone down on the table. Pilar tries to comfort him. She places her hands on his shoulders.

    To be continued...

    I didn't find any pictures to go along with this episode so I wanted to post some hott screen caps that I found of the New Mexico cabin scenes.


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    Smile Wednesday's Wonderful SHUIS Smiles Picture of the Day...

    Sorry in advance because I have not had time to put a summary together today. I have not even had time to watch my tape of the next few episodes, much less transcribe them. I work for a nonprofit and our annual fundraiser is this Friday and we are all doing our best to put it all together with so much to do by then, which makes for long work days. I don't know if I will be able to post a summary for the next few days but I will do what I can, possibly only a picture, if I can.

    Tonight's Shuis Picture of the Day is one that I found recently of Galen and McKenzie at a fan event, one of the NBC All Star parties. I love those beautiful smiles. They both have gorgeous smiles.



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    Smile Thursday's Too Hott To Handle SHUIS Picture of the Day..........

    I love this SHUIS kiss. They could have given lessons on how do to it with heat and what chemistry they had! This kiss was during the ET engagement party. This is a great example of their undeniable "chemistry in spades".


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    Smile Saturday's So Many Near Misses SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day....

    On board Beth's boat on Sheridan's practice run, after she turns away from him and stands at the rail, Brian apologizes, “Look, Diana, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that.” Sheridan turns to look at him, “No, I'm the one who's sorry. I shouldn't have interfered in your personal life.” Brian says, “That's what I mean. I appreciate the fact that you're trying to help. I know that's what you're doing, but a reconciliation between me and my family -- it's not going to happen.” She replies, “But you hardly spoke two words to your mother.” He shrugs, “I could hear what my calling was setting in motion. The last thing I want to do is cause any friction between my brother and my mother.” She asks, “Are you sure you heard him correctly? I mean, the connection really wasn't all that clear.” He He answers, “Yeah, it was clear enough to understand what he was saying. And besides, I don't blame him for feeling the way that he does. If he'd have ran out on the family the way that I did, I'd probably feel the same way.” She softly says, “Even so, what about your mother? I'm sure she would give anything to talk to you.” Brian replies, “No, it would just set my brother off again. Look, Diana, I've caused my family enough pain. The last thing I want to do is cause them any more.” He walks off.

    In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen Luis stands from the table and is visibly upset, “I know that that was Sheridan on the phone. Why the hell would the line go dead? Maybe Sheridan's in trouble. Maybe she was calling for help and got cut off. I've got to find her.” Pilar tells him, “Luis, listen to me, Mijo. You're not going to help anything by getting upset.” Luis shouts, “Upset? I'm a little beyond upset, Mama. Where could she be?” Pilar tries to calm him, “Luis, por favor, you're not being rational, Son. It could not have been Sheridan on the phone. She's gone Mijo.” Luis passionately says, “No. I used to think that, too, but, Mama, I've got this sense. Call it a sixth sense, whatever you want, but I've got this feeling that Sheridan is alive. And now I know it. Mama, it was Sheridan's voice. I know that I heard Sheridan's voice.” Pilar insists, “And I know that I heard Antonio's voice.” Luis questions, “Antonio? Why the hell would Antonio be calling here after all these years? He doesn't give a damn about this family.” Pilar says, “We don't know that. We don't know anything about the reasons why he left of why he's staying away. And perhaps he would have explained if I had been able to speak to him.” Luis looks at Pilar, “Mama, look, I'm sorry, all right? I know that you want this family to be the way that it was years ago. It's not going to happen. And I know that it wasn't Antonio on the phone because I know that I heard Sheridan.” Pilar says, “Luis, Mijo, I know that's what you want to believe, but you're a policeman. You deal in facts, and the fact is Sheridan died.” Luis replies, “Yeah. A few months ago, I would have believed that. But a few months ago, I hadn't yet looked into the eyes of real live demons. I hadn't seen my brother trapped in the jaws of hell. So I'm not such a stickler for facts anymore because now I know that real life can be far more unimaginable than anything the human mind could dream up. I know that Sheridan is alive. I can feel it. I just have to figure out where she was calling from.” Pilar asks, “Can you do that?” Holding the phone up again, Luis says, “Watch me.” He tries Star 69, “Damn. It's supposed to connect with the last person who called. It's not working. Wait a second. Got it. Operator, yeah, this is Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald of the Harmony P.D. I just received an urgent call. I need you to trace that caller and its whereabouts. Now.” Pilar gives him a smile.

    On the boat, Sheridan stands and walks toward Brian, “Look, I don't know if I have a brother. But if I did, I can't imagine staying mad at him forever.” Brian says, “Look, let's not fight, Diana.” She agrees, “I don't want to fight, either, but you're being really pig-headed.” Brian says, “Yeah, so I've been told.” She says, “ I think you're just exaggerating about what you heard your brother say. So, he's mad at you for leaving the family. That doesn't mean that he hates you.” He thinks back to what he overheard Luis say to Pilar, then says to her, “I know what I heard, Diana. He told my mother not to waste her time talking to me.” She shouts, “Even after all these years? I'm sorry, but it sounds like your brother is as pig-headed as you are.” Brian replies, “Well, that could be. He always was a stubborn kid.” Sheridan asks, “Aren't families supposed to be about unconditional love and forgiveness and understanding? I mean, if your brother doesn't feel any of those things for you, then, I'm sorry, I don't know what kind of person he is, but he's definitely someone that I don't ever want to know.”

    In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Luis calmly explains, “Operator's going to call me back as soon as she traces the number.” Pilar tells him, “I just don't want you to get your hopes up.” Excited and upset, Luis explains, “Why not, Mama? That's all I have left. You'll see. As soon as the operator traces the number, we'll call Sheridan. We'll find out where she is. You'll see. I know what I'm talking about.”

    On the boat Brian says, “Look, don't be so quick to pass judgment on my brother.” Sheridan shrugs, “I can't help it. If your brother really has no use for someone in his own family, then I don't know what kind of person he could be.” Brian says, “Look, I'm the one who walked out on him when he was barely more than a kid.” Sheridan shouts, “Yeah, but he's an adult now, isn't he? He should be grown-up enough to understand that sometimes people do what they have to do.” Brian smiles, “Thanks. Thanks for taking my side.” She says, “Who else's side am I going to be on? I know you, Brian. I know that you are a thoughtful and compassionate and caring person who would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it.” Brian says, “I'm glad that you see me that way, but there are things that you don't know about me, things that happened between me and my brother. Now, he's got every reason to hate me.” Brian turns away from Sheridan and says to himself, “Some he doesn't even know about.”
    In their kitchen, Pilar sits at the table with Luis, “You cannot make it ring by staring at it, Luis.” Still looking at the phone, Luis says, “I know. I know.” Pilar continues, “But when it does, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. The operator's going to give us Antonio's number.” Luis stands, “Ok. Let's just say for the sake of argument that you're right. Let's say Antonio did pick tonight to call out of the blue after all these years.” Pilar interrupts, “He did. I knew he would someday.” Luis continues, “All right. So when you fainted and dropped the phone, that's when Antonio got disconnected. And then Sheridan called.” Pilar shakes her head, “Oh, Luis...” Luis raises his voice, “Mama, I know it's a stretch, but that's the only thing that I can figure out. What's the difference? Only thing that matters is that I get Sheridan's number. Then I can call her and find out where she is.” The phone finally rings. Luis immediately answers, “Yes, operator? (He writes down the phone number.) I've got the number. Thank you. I got the number.” He is so excited as he dials the number. Luis impatiently says, “Come on, Sheridan. Answer the phone. Answer the phone.”

    On the boat Brian's cell phone rings and Sheridan suggests, “Maybe it's Liz.” Looking at the phone's caller ID, Brian shakes his head, “No, I can see who the caller is. It's my mother's house.” She says, “See, I told you that they wanted to talk to you. Answer it.” Brian replies, “I don't know if that's such a good idea.” An exasperated Sheridan says, “Oh, Brian, come on. This phone call could change your life. All right, Chicken, if you won't answer it, then I will.” With the ringing cell phone in his hand, Brian looks up at her but doesn't answer.

    To be continued...

    I didn't find any caps to go along with this episode but am posting some very memorable ones from the cabin in New Mexico...
    Luis keeping Sheridan warm with his body heat...

    Then the next morning Luis has fun trying to explain to Sheridan why they were naked in bed together. Too cute!

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    Smile Sunday's Sad but Hopeful SHUIS Summary & Pic of the Day...........

    In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Luis tries to call Sheridan. As he paces the kitchen floor waiting for her to answer the phone, he impatiently says, “Come on, come on. Pick up. I'm gonna talk to Sheridan, Mama. I know it.” He is so excited. Leaning against the counter, Pilar looks doubtful, “Luis, I do not understand. I heard Antonio's voice but then you thought you heard Sheridan's voice.” Luis replies, “I did hear Sheridan's voice. Mama, I would know it anywhere.” Pilar reminds him, “Mijo, you know that Sheridan's dead.” Luis replies, “Mama, you asked me to pray for a miracle and I did. Maybe this is it.” He walks over to the refrigerator and takes a picture of Sheridan and he from a magnet there, he smiles, and whispers, “Maybe Sheridan's coming back to me.”

    On the boat, Sheridan holds her hand out for the phone but Brian holds it away from her saying, “You're not going to answer it, Diana.” Sheridan sighs, “But what if it's your mother calling?” Brian says emphatically, “No. It's my brother calling and I don't want to talk to him. I told you what I heard him say.” Brian has a flashback of him overhearing what Luis said. Sheridan holds out her hand, “I still want to answer the phone.” Brian is adamant, “NO, just let it ring!” Sheridan tries again, “You said yourself that your brother had a right to be angry with you. So maybe all you need to do is apologize for whatever happened.” Brian angrily replies, “Well, it's not going to do any good. My brother hates me.” Sheridan insists, “You should at least try to talk to them. Even though I don't know who my family is, I can't imagine that they wouldn't want to talk to me. You've been gone a long time. Don't you think they want to have contact with you?” Brian says, “No, I don't.” Sheridan pleads, “Surely your mother does. Let me answer and find out.” Brian hands her the phone.

    In the kitchen, as Luis smiles at his picture of Sheridan and himself, he asks, “Why doesn't she answer?” Pilar asks, “Luis, why would Sheridan be on the phone? I told you when I said hello, Antonio said, “hello, Mama, it's me Antonio.” Luis replies, “Well, you must have heard wrong because when I picked up the phone, I heard Sheridan's voice.” Pilar looks away confused, “Maybe it is her calling.” Luis again asks, “Why isn't she picking up? Where could she have gone?”

    On the boat Sheridan opens the phone, holds it to her ear, and opens her mouth to answer but before she can, Brian takes the phone out of her hand and throws it into the ocean. Wide-eyed a shocked Sheridan exclaims, “Brian, why did you do that?” Brian replies, “Because I know it's my brother calling and I don't want to talk to him... EVER.” Sheridan just looks at the ocean with eyes open wide. Brian turns away. Now standing on one side of the boat, Brian says, “It doesn't matter how I feel about my brother. We are never going to see each other. It's over between us as a family.” Sheridan softly states, “I don't believe that.” Brian says, “Don't you get it? There is no hope for us, Diana.” She says, “There is always hope for brothers to reconcile. The bond between family members is just too strong.” Brian says, “Well, then you don't know my family.” Sheridan says, “All I know is if I had family there is no way I could completely cut them off.” Brian tells her, “You don't know what I did. My brother has every right to hate me.” Sheridan replies, “No one has the right to hate anyone.” She turns back to the rail then back again, “I don't understand what's happening right now but something about you talking to your family has made me start thinking. Maybe I'll connect with someone I love. I don't know why but I just have this feeling that something special is going to happen very soon.” She smiles.

    In the kitchen, Luis yells, “Damn it!” Pilar asks, “Still not answering?” Luis replies, “No, it just keeps ringing. I don't understand. Why won't Sheridan pick up the phone?” Pilar shakes her head, “I don't understand any of this.” Luis says, “Maybe I dialed the wrong number.” He picks up the piece of paper with the phone number and looks at it, then calls the operator again, “ Let me check. Operator, hi, this is Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald from Harmony PD. I just called you a minute ago. Right. Can you give me that number again? (There is a pause.) Thanks. Yeah, that's what I have.” Pilar asks, “So it was the right number?” Luis replies, “Yeah, maybe I misdialed.”
    On the boat, Sheridan still looks out to sea and smiles, “So strange! I feel something special so close...someone special.” Brian's cell phone is shown falling to the ocean floor and all the while still ringing. (LOL!)

    In the LF kitchen, Luis paces with the phone to his ear, “Come on, Sheridan. Pick up the phone.” Pilar says, “Luis, whoever called is probably not going to answer.” Luis replies, “It was Sheridan, Mama. I know her voice.” Luis paces then stops and looks at the phone, then says, “I'm acting crazy, right? I'm actually trying to call my dead fiancée.” Pilar states, “You were so sure you heard her voice.” Luis looks at her, “As sure as you were that you heard Antonio. We were both wrong.” Pilar insists, “IO now my own son's voice. It was Antonio.” Luis replies, “Ok, Mama. So, if you heard Antonio and I heard Sheridan, and they were on the same line, that means that they were together. How could Sheridan and Antonio be together?” He looks questioningly at Pilar.

    On the boat, Sheridan leaves the rail and tells Brian, “I am sorry. I know you are hurting. I'm not trying to make this about me.” Brian says, “It's all right. Feel however you want to feel.” She sits on a bench at the opposite rail, “It's just when I get these feelings, and since I can't remember who I am or where I come from, they hit me pretty hard.” Brian says, “I understand. I know it must be hard feeling lost the way you do, not knowing about your past. But I just wish there was a way to tell you that it doesn't really matter but I know that's impossible.” He looks down. Sheridan looks up at him from her seat, “I just remembered something?” Brian looks up and rolls his eyes as if he is we go again. She asks, “Why did you call yourself Antonio?” Brian looks away, “Did I?” She continues, “Yeah, when you spoke to your mother you said, “hello, Mama. It's me...Antonio.” Brian looks away but replies, “Because that's my other name. I was named after both of my grandfathers. My mother calls me after her father.” Sheridan says, “That's so sweet. I could tell by the way you spoke to your mother that she means a lot to you. You must really miss her.” Brian sighs, “It doesn't matter because I'm not going to see her again.” Sheridan exclaims, “Please, don't say that! Your brother will get over his anger. I'm sure your mother is aching to see you.” Brian replies, “I'm sure my mother misses me very much.” Sheridan replies, “Well, then you should try.” Brian insists, “It will only cause her more pain.” He looks at his watch, then says, “It's getting late. We should head back to shore.” As he walks off, Sheridan says to herself, “Why does Brian talking to his family make me feel as if there is someone out there waiting for me?” She wears a faint smile.

    In the LF kitchen, Luis tells Pilar, “There's no way Antonio and Sheridan are together. Mama, that's just crazy.” Pilar replies, “It is ... unless...” Luis asks, “Unless what?” Pilar looks up at him, “Unless they're both dead.” She begins to cry and Luis hugs her to him, “No, shh... Don't get all emotional, all right? Look, I'm sure wherever Antonio is, he's alive and well.” Pilar cries, “I pray so.” Luis says, “I'm sorry I was so rough on him earlier but he did abandon us.” Pilar replies, “I know, Mijo, but he must have had his reasons for leaving.” Luis replies, “Yeah, whatever. Look, I hate him for what he did to us but I don't wish him dead. Maybe you did hear him on the phone earlier.” Pilar replies, “I did. I know I did but I think you're mistaken when you thought you heard Sheridan's voice. Maybe Antonio has a wife of girlfriend who sounded like Sheridan.” Luis replies, “Maybe. I guess I just wanted to hear Sheridan's voice so badly, I just imagined it. I don't want to believe she's really dead. She is. (He swallows hard and looks so sad.) I'll never see her again.” Pilar says, “Sorry, Mijo.” She puts her hand on his shoulder, “I know how hard you prayed for a miracle.” Luis replies, “Yeah, I don't have the faith that you have. I don't believe in miracles anymore. Sheridan came back to me once and it's not gonna happen again.” He shakes his head sadly, “I'm never gonna see her again.”

    At the hotel on the island, Sheridan and Brian walk down the hall to her door. She says, “I can see that you are still upset about what happened when you called your mother.” Brian replies, “Oh, I'm okay. I just want to apologize to you for acting like a jerk.” She opens her door and says, “Hey, you weren't acting like a jerk and the good news is that I did fine on my trial sail. So, I can sail all the way to Harmony with you.” Brian agrees, “You did fine, too.” Walking into her room, she asks, “Why don't we forget about everything else and look forward to the trip?” He smiles, “That sounds good to me.” She smiles, “I'm really excited about going to this town, Harmony. Maybe there is something that will change my life forever.” She now has a beautiful big smile!

    On the island in Sheridan's room, Brian stands in the open doorway to the balcony. Sheridan walks to a chest of drawers, “Look, Brian, a candle. I bet Liz put it her.” Brian turns to look, “Yeah, probably.” Sheridan picks ups a match and lights the candle. She watches it as Brian turns his back to the room and has a flashback from when he was a teen watching Pilar light the candle for his father. As the flashback ends, Sheridan comes up behind him, “Brian, what's the matter? You look sad.” Brian replies, “The candle just reminded me of something. My father disappeared when I was young.” Sheridan frowns, “Disappeared? You mean, just vanished?” Brian replies, “Yeah, the police couldn't find out what happened to him.” Sheridan says, “That's awful!” Brian adds, “My brother foul play and a wealthy family in town were involved. He just couldn't figure out why Papa would voluntarily pick up and leave his family. Anyway, my mother used to light a candle and put it in the window and pray for my father and his safe return.” Sheridan says, “That's lovely. I bet she lights a candle for you every night, too.” Brian replies, “Yeah, she probably does, although if I know my brother, he probably blows it out.”

    In the LF kitchen, Pilar stands in front of her candles in the window. She lights them, “I know you don't believe it, Luis, but I believe that lighting these candles every night is important. It will some day bring home my husband and my son safely to me.” Standing behind her, Luis admits, “I admire the faith you have, Mama. I guess I just don't have it.” Pilar turns to look at him, “You used to, Son. When you were younger, you had more faith than anyone I had even known...even more than I.” Luis shrugs, “I guess I lost it somewhere along the way. Maybe it was after Papa disappeared, or Antonio ran off, or after I lost Sheridan.” Pilar says, “Maybe you just need to try to get your faith back, Son.” Luis sighs, “I don't know how to do that.” Pilar replies, “You have to pray. You need to pray the way you did when you were younger. You used to say the rosary every day with such passion, Luis. Maybe if you prayed that way again, your faith would return.” Luis shakes his head, “Mama, look, I don't mean to be disrespectful but I don't see that happening. Just the way I don't see miracles happening.” Pilar says sternly, “That's not true, Son. Miracles do happen.” Luis replies, “Well, I prayed real hard for a miracle to happen with Sheridan and it hasn't.” Pilar looks into his eyes, “Maybe that's because you didn't really believe when you prayed, Son. Luis, if you truly believe in the power of prayer, miracles can happen. Son, you have to believe and maybe you'll find the miracle you need.” Luis looks at Pilar but say nothing.

    Luis sits alone at the kitchen table when Pilar returns to tell him, “I'm going to bed, Mijo. Good night.” She kisses him on the temple as he says, “Good night, Mama.” Pilar says, “I hope you'll think about what I said and that you'll pray again like when you were younger.” She kisses him on his temple again and leaves the room. Luis looks toward the candles in the window. He gets up and opens the cabinet, taking out a purple candle which he places in the window next to the other two. He lights the candle and says in a husky whisper, “I don't's crazy. I can't let go of you, Sheridan.” He shakes his head then gets down on one knee, folds his hands, and prays, “Please, God. I'm begging you. I'm begging you for a miracle. Please bring Sheridan back. Please bring her back to me.” As Luis bows his head in prayer, the flame of the candle shoots up very high. At the same time, the flame of the candle in Sheridan's room does the same thing. Sheridan turns from the window just in time to see it, “Brian, did you see that? All of a sudden the flame got bigger.” She walks toward the candle as he replies, “No, I didn't see it.” Brian looks at his watch, “I gotta go take care of some stuff on the boat before we take out trip.” Without turning around, she says, “Ok, see you later.” He leaves the room. Sheridan can't stop watching the candle as she says, “Maybe someone is lighting a candle for me tonight.” She smiles. Then the screen goes to a beautiful split screen of Sheridan looking at the candle and Luis praying in front of his candle.

    To be continued...

    This is a beautiful picture of Shuis after Sheridan was buried alive and before Dr. Eve told them that they could not engage in any strenuous activity. LOL! I love the way they are looking at each other here. Wow! That is what I call chemistry, red hot chemistry!

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    Smile Tuesday's SHUIS Summary and Pictures of the Day.. ........

    Pilar walks through the front door of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Miguel greets her, “Mama, let me help you with that.” Pilar gratefully says, “Thank you, Mijo.” Miguel comments, “It looks like you bought out the whole store.” Pilar smiles, “Well, it's Christmas and we are going to have a big celebration.” Miguel looks around the room, “You must have got up at the crack of dawn to get all of these decorations out.” Pilar happily replies, “That's because I want every corner of this house to be filled with the Christmas spirit.” Miguel smiles, “I've never seen you like this. I mean, you've always been into Christmas but this year you're like going all out.” Pilar can't contain her happiness, “Oh, this year is special, my son. This is going to be the most wonderful Christmas ever.” Miguel asks, “What do you mean?” Pilar has a big grin on her face, “Miguel, after all these years, your brother's coming home. Antonio will be home for Christmas.” Miguel stands looking at her with his mouth open.

    In his room on the island, Antonio is having a dream. He dreams that he has gone home for Christmas and is now watching the rest of his family through the window of their home. Standing around the tree, Theresa calls out, “Mama, hurry up with the egg nog.” Heading out the door, Luis calls out, “I'll get some more firewood.” As Luis walks outside he sees Antonio and utters his name in surprise. Antonio steps up on the sidewalk and says, “It's me, Luis, your brother. I've come home.” Luis just stares at his with his hands in his pockets.

    In the kitchen in front of the window with the candles, Luis thinks back to what happened the night before. He remembers hearing Sheridan on the phone. Luis says to himself, “No, Sheridan. Sheridan, I was so sure I heard your voice on the phone. I'd do anything to hear that. And I prayed for a miracle like mama said. Didn't work. You're not here.” As he leans forward to blow out the candles, he hears Sheridan behind him. She says, “Don't do it, Luis. Don't blow out the candle. You did get your miracle. I'm here. I've come back to you.” Luis turns and sees her standing in the doorway. He asks, “Sheridan, is that really you?” Sheridan smiles, “Yes, it's really me.” Luis smiles, “I hoped and prayed that you'd come back to me. I didn't know how I would go on without you.” Sheridan says, “You don't have to worry about that anymore. I'm here.” Luis smiles, “Oh, I've missed you so much. I love you.” As he walks forward to hold her, she says, “I love you, too, with all of my heart and soul.” Luis puts his arms around her only to have her disappear. Angry with himself Luis sighs, “She's not coming back, Luis. She's gone. No miracle's bringing her back.”

    In the living room as Pilar takes her coat off, Miguel asks, “Antonio's coming home for Christmas?” Pilar replies, “Yes.” Miguel smiles, “That's fantastic. I mean, I was so young when he left I barely even remember him. When's he coming?” Pilar replies, “Well, I'm not sure, Mijo.” Miguel stammers, “How did all this happen? When did you hear from him?” Taking a seat on the couch, Pilar says, “Well, Antonio called last night. But when I heard his voice, I fainted. And I dropped the phone.” Miguel replies, “I don't blame you, you must have been shocked. I mean, you've been waiting to hear from Antonio for years.” Pilar excitedly says, “I know.” Miguel states, “Since he left you've lit a candle every night praying for his return.” Pilar smiles, “I know and now my prayers have been answered.” Miguel nods, “Tell me, Mama, what did he say?” Pilar replies, “Well, I really did not get to talk to him. Luis picked up the phone after I dropped it but Antonio was no longer on the line, someone else was.” Miguel asks, “Who?” Pilar replies, “Sheridan.” A shocked Miguel asks, “What?” Pilar explains, “I know. I know it sounds strange but Luis said it was Sheridan’s voice on the phone.” Miguel looks skeptical, “Mama, that's impossible. Sheridan's dead.” Pilar replies, “I know, Mijo, but Luis was certain it was Sheridan. And he even got the number from the phone company and called back but he couldn't get through.” Miguel states, “Mama, don't get mad at me for saying this but are you sure it was Antonio calling?” Pilar nods, “Yes. He said it was Antonio.” Miguel counters, “Maybe it was somebody else named Antonio like a telemarketer or something.” Pilar is adamant, “No, Miguel, I know the sound of my own son's voice. It was Antonio.” Miguel frowns, “It just doesn't make any sense. You know, how could Antonio be on the same phone call as Sheridan?” Pilar admits, “I don't know.” Miguel says, “Maybe you and Luis wanted to hear their voices so much that you imagined it.” Pilar insists, “No, Mijo, it was Antonio and he's coming home.”

    In his bed on the island Briantonio continues to dream of going home for Christmas, “It's me, Luis. I've come home.” Luis replies, “Yeah, so I see. So why now? Why after all these years?” Antonio says, “I know it's been a long time.” Luis mumbles, “Yeah.” Antonio continues, “I've missed all of you. I thought about you every single day since I left.” Luis says, “Yeah, well, I'm sorry if I find that hard to believe.” Antonio replies, “It's true. I missed all of you.” Luis asks, “So why did you wait so long to come home? Why didn't you ever even contact us?” Antonio begins, “It's complicated. There's a woman in my life now, a very special woman. She convinced me that it didn't matter how long I was gone that my family would always be there for me.” Luis asks, “Really? Well, she's wrong. You walked out on us years ago. Mama has lit a candle every night praying for your return. Phone call, post card, anything. What did she get? Nothing. Broke her heart.” Antonio pleads, “I never meant to hurt Mama. I had to go.” Luis asks, “Why, Antonio? What could be more important than your family?” Antonio looks down, “I can't tell you.” Luis replies, “You haven't changed a bit. Yeah, you couldn't be honest then that same way that you can't be honest now. Just tell me this. You planning to stay?” Antonio shakes his head, “No. No, I can’t.” Luis angrily tells him, “Then you better listen to me. Don't you dare do this to Mama. And don't you dare come back and break her heart again. She doesn't deserve that.” Antonio pleads, “I just want to see her, that's all.”

    Walking to the window, Luis says, “Yeah? Look. And now you've seen her now leave. Don't you ever hurt Mama and this family again.” Antonio watches his mother from the window as he says, “Goodbye, Mama. Goodbye.” He turns and walks away. As he walks off, the dream ends, he wakes, sits up and sighs, “Luis was right. I caused my family enough pain. I can't go home. It's only going to make things worse.”

    Walking into the cafe on the island, Sheridan tells Liz, “That trial sail Brian and I went on went really well. I wasn't scared at all out at sea.” She sits at a table. Next to her Liz smiles, “Good. Does that mean that you're ready for the big trip back to Harmony?” Sheridan excitedly replies, “Absolutely. I can't wait. There's just something so familiar about Harmony. I sensed it from the moment I heard the name. I felt even stronger when I saw pictures of it on the computer.” Liz joins her at the table, “I hope Harmony has the answers that you are looking for.” Sheridan smiles, “Believe me, so do I. I just keep thinking that when I get there something will help me get my memory back. You know, last night I even had a dream about my past.” Liz leans forward, “Really? What happened in the dream?” Sheridan explains, “Well, I was getting ready for the trip and I answered the phone. This is really you. Is this really the man I love?” Luis replies, “Yes, it's me. I've been looking everywhere for you.” Sheridan asks her love on the phone, “But I don't understand, I thought you were dead.” Luis replies, “No, I'm alive but I've missed you so much. I can't live my life without you.” Sheridan smiles, “I'm going to be leaving for Harmony soon, my love. We can be together again.” He replies, “I'll be waiting for you. From now on, nothing will ever separate us again. We'll be together forever.” Sheridan tells Liz, “I know it was just a dream but it sure felt real. That's impossible, though.” Liz tries to cheer her again, “Maybe it's not so impossible, Diana. Maybe the dream is trying to tell you something.” Sheridan softly says, “But the man I love is dead. I remember holding him in my arms when he died.” She stands and walks to the bar. Liz follows, “You know, honey, maybe your memory is wrong. You know, maybe this guy is really out there somewhere. And right at this moment he's thinking about you and wondering where you are.”

    In the Lo-Fitz kitchen Luis at the table with the candle in front of him. He says, “I know you're gone, Sheridan but I can still feel you here with me.” The door opens and Pilar walks in, “Mama.” Luis stands and takes some of the bags from his mother. Pilar says, “Oh, thank you, Son.” Luis looks in the bags, “You've got enough food to feed an army. What is all this?” Pilar replies, “Have you forgotten it's Christmas? Besides I have a feast to prepare and this is going to be the biggest celebration we've had in a long time.” Luis asks, “Oh. Corn husks. Masa. Are you making Tamales?” Pilar nods, “Mm-hmm.” Luis smiles, “You haven't made tamales in years.” Pilar says, “Well, they were Antonio's favorite.” Luis then asks, “Mama... And what's all this? All these are ingredients for Crème Brulee, that's Sheridan’s favorite dessert.” Pilar looks up as she is unpacking the grocery bags, “I know, I was hoping -- I am praying for a miracle, Son.” Luis sighs, “Mama.” Pilar stops what she is doing and looks at him, “Luis, I am trying to put as much energy as I can into showing my faith. Antonio will be home for Christmas and I'm praying that Sheridan will come back to us, too.”

    As Pilar continues to put the groceries away, Luis says, “Mama, Mama, we've got to stop doing this. I want to believe in what you're saying. I want to think that Sheridan is coming back. She's not.” Pilar looks up at him, “Well, how do you explain last night's phone call, Luis?” Luis takes a breath, “You know maybe we both wanted to hear their voices so bad that we imagined them. I don't know. But what I do know is it wasn't real.” Pilar says, “You told me last night that you were certain that you heard Sheridan’s voice.” Luis nods, “Yeah.” Pilar then asks, “Now tell me, Luis, would you ever mistake Sheridan’s voice?” Luis gives and emphatic, “No!” Pilar shouts, “Well, I wouldn't ever mistake Antonio's voice. He said his name.” Luis tries again, “Mama, how could it possibly be? How could it possibly be that Antonio and Sheridan were on the call together?”

    On the island as she sees Brian walk into the cafe, Sheridan hops up from the table, “Brian, I'm glad you're awake. I want to leave for Harmony right away.” She follows him across the room, which makes him ask, “Right away? What's the hurry?” She says, “I'm just anxious to get there and see if Harmony holds the key to my past. I really think this trip is what I need. And I think it might also be what you need.” Walking up behind them, Liz asks, “Really? Why do you say that?” Sheridan answers, “Well, Brian’s family is in the United States I thought that once we get there he could go see them.” Liz asks, “Your family? In all the years on this island, you never once mentioned your family.” Brian shrugs, “It's not that important.” Sheridan says, “Of course it is. It's Christmas. Your family would be thrilled to see you. In fact, I bet even your brother would come around.” An unsmiling Brian says, “I doubt that very much.” She says, “Trust me, Brian. Once you're home, it won't matter why you left, only that you're back.” Brian replies, “Well, that won't matter since I'm not going home. I plan on sailing the boat and coming right back down here so...” Sheridan says, “That's too bad. I hope you change your mind. Listen, why don't I get you something to eat while you think about it?” She goes off to the kitchen. Standing next to Liz, Brian says, “I see that look in your eye, Liz. Go ahead, say what it is you have to say.” Looking at him, asks, “You're running from something having to do with your family, aren't you? What is it?” Brian replies, “I don't want to talk about it.” Crossing her arms in front of her, Liz says, “Whatever it is it's kept you away from your family for a very long time. So I'm guessing it must be big.” Briantonio thinks to himself, “If you only knew.”

    Liz stands by his table with her hands on her hips, “I know I'm right. Whatever caused you to leave your family must have been a big deal.” Brian sits down at the table, “Come on, Liz, I don't ask you about my past and I don't want you asking about mine. Isn't that the unspoken rule about this island?” Liz also takes a seat at the table, “I know. And I'll back off, Brian. It's just I'm concerned about you.” He replies, “Well, don't be.” Liz says, “I can't help it. Now I know all this talk about your family has gotten to you. You've been acting strangely ever since I asked you to sail that boat back to Harmony. Wait a minute. That's it, isn't it? Brian, your family's in Harmony. That's why you've been so reluctant to go back.” Brian scolds, “I thought you said you were going to back off.” Coming back from the kitchen, Sheridan says, “Brian, I want to apologize for bringing up your family. I didn't mean to upset you. I just thought that after speaking to your mother you'd want to see her again.” Liz looks at him again, “You spoke to your mother?” Sheridan takes a seat, too, “I convinced him to call her but they really didn't get a chance to say much to each other.” Liz looks at Sheridan, “Why not?” Sheridan Sheridan continues, “Well, Brian heard his brother in the background and he was upset with Brian for leaving. I even got on the phone and tried to talk to his brother but Brian here grabbed the phone and threw it into the water before I could even say hello.” Brian interrupts, “Look, there's nothing more you could say. My brother's right, I just need to stay away from my family.” Sheridan says, “I'm sorry but I just don't believe that.” Brian angrily says, “Well, it's true. It's best for everyone if I just don't see my family again, okay?” He gets up and walks away from the two women.

    In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Luis asks, “Mama, it couldn't have been Antonio and Sheridan on the phone. Why would they be together? How could they be together?” Pilar replies, “I don't know. Not everything can be explained logically.” She gets the candles out again, “But what I do know is that I heard Antonio on the phone last night and there's no doubt in my mind that he is coming home. Well, I'm going to light another candle for your brother. And I intend to keep one lit morning and night until he comes home. What about you, Son? Will you light a candle for Sheridan?” She hands a candle to Luis who looks at it trying to decide what to do. Pilar asks him again, “Will you light that candle for Sheridan?” Luis puts the candle down on the table and walks toward the door, “No, Mama. I can’t. I have to start accepting that Sheridan is gone and she's not coming back. And you have to start accepting that Antonio's not coming back either.”

    On the island, sitting at the bar, Brian tells Sheridan, “Everything looks clear, no storms are brewing on the horizon.” A very happy and enthusiastic Sheridan claps, “Great. That means that we can leave right away. There's nothing keeping us from going to Harmony now.” Brian says, “It looks that way. We can leave any time.” Sheridan smiles, “This is going to be such a great trip. I just know it. I have such a strong feeling that Harmony has something in store for both of us.” She puts her arms around his neck and hugs him. Brian thinks to himself, “That's exactly what I'm afraid of.”

    To be continued...

    No screen caps to go with this episode, so I am posting one of the memory that Sheridan has over and over making her believe that the man she loves, Luis, is dead. Shuis in the vault.


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    Smile Wednesday's SHUIS Something Different and Pictures of the Day

    Once again, no time tonight to get a summary together so I am posting onw of the early Q&A's with Galen and McKenzie (mostly Kenzie). The answers are quite interesting and very cute. Also, I recognize and remember quite a few of the posters who asked the questions but most of them haven't been on the board in years except on a Shuis reunion day or something like that. Enjoy!

    20 Questions with Galen and McKenzie
    from Coffeerooms board originally posted
    on February 14, 2000

    Posted by kepas
    Do you like working together?

    McKenzie: I love working with Galen! He’s incredibly easy going and has quite a sense of humor. We have a lot of fun together!

    Galen: Mac is great to work with. A very warm and giving person and that's certainly helped us make a certain chemistry come to life.

    Posted by smarti84
    Do you get nervous when you have to do certain scenes with each other?

    McKenzie: I really don’t get nervous – Galen is so easy to be around, that there is nothing to be nervous about.

    Galen: Not really. It is actually quite kinda cool.

    Posted by KandyKane
    How strenuous were the water scenes in New Mexico?

    McKenzie: The water scenes were tough but fun! The underwater stuff was the hardest because the water was freezing!

    Galen: They were exhausting, physically and emotionally.

    Posted by starrzone
    When doing scenes together, do you ever try to make each other laugh?

    McKenzie: We laugh constantly, with out trying…
    Galen: We always laugh. It keeps the energy up at the end of a long day.

    Posted by fadedrose
    I wondered how much say J.E.R. had in hiring the actors…what’s he like?

    McKenzie: Honestly, I’ve never personally met him but he is obviously an incredibly brilliant writer. He brought Sheridan to life.

    Posted by passions4ls
    Does either of you mistakenly confuse real life & your character?

    McKenzie: I do tend to be a little bit more dramatic now in real life than I used to be! Sometimes I can be a drama queen-just ask my parents!

    Posted by katelyn
    What has been the most memorable moment for you on Passions?

    McKenzie: Going to Paris to tape and getting to do the Tango with Galen!

    Posted by TiffanyNicole
    What episode have been the most fun to tape so far?

    McKenzie: One funny episode was when Sheridan finally put Julian in his place for the first time and of course---the Tango! As far as bloopers go, I would have to say the basketball scene was the worst for me! I had to make the basket and when the camera wasn’t rolling I could do it, but as soon as the cameras were rolling, I just could not make the basket. That scene must have taken about 30 takes! The whole crew was laughing & I just kept apologizing.

    Posted by padi
    Who chooses the clothes for you to wear on the show?

    McKenzie: Julie Rae Engelsman our costume designer, designs Sheridan's wardrobe.

    Posted by kepas
    Are you two friends in real life?

    McKenzie: Definitely.

    Posted by padi
    Do you have friends on the show, people you work with?

    McKenzie: The only time we have hung out after work, is if someone is throwing a party! I am still trying to get together with Eva Lemus (Pilar) to go running sometime.

    Posted by PassionsGal
    What are your favorite thing about acting on a daytime soap?

    McKenzie: Getting to wear great clothes, get your hair and make-up done everyday, and getting to kiss some hot good looking guys!

    Posted by Neurogirl
    What are your ambitions career wise?

    McKenzie: I would like to be on Passions for quite a while & then some day do feature film & Broadway.

    Posted by redgirl
    Do you have advice on how someone could end up on a soap opera like Passions.

    McKenzie: Study, study, study! Go to different acting school and learn as many different styles as possible!

    Posted by hollys
    Have you been working longer hours than you did at first?

    McKenzie: No. We create an hour of television each day.
    Some days are very long…it just depends on how the scenes go.

    Posted by brenna
    What is your favorite scene?

    McKenzie: Hard to choose, I have so many favorites.

    Posted by LandS
    While taping the Tango scenes did you dance to music or was the rhythm just counted out and the music over laid in the final tapes?

    McKenzie: We were able to listen to the music while we danced.

    Posted by syl in wisc
    Was that specific dance designed for competition? How long did you practice?

    McKenzie: The dance was specifically designed for the show by a woman named Christy, we practiced for about 2-3 hours before.

    Posted by kepas
    What is the hardest scene you two have to do?

    McKenzie: I have trouble keeping a straight face whenever I am doing a scene with both Galen and Dalton. When the three of us get together we constantly laugh! I also have a lot of fun with Ben Masters-he is very funny.

    Posted by brenna
    If you could choose one character to portray on Passions who would it be and why?

    McKenzie: I would love to play Fluffy! No, Just kidding….I love portraying Sheridan & I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Posted by Catho6
    Do you ever try to figure out what’s going to happen with your story line and others?

    McKenzie: No, I just run with what they give me.

    Posted by passion girl
    Will Luis and Sheridan be a couple anytime soon? And is Hank or Beth going to be a problem in their developing relationship?

    McKenzie: You’ll have to tune it to see!

    Posted by Mrs. Travis Schuldt
    McKenzie, would you prefer Luis over Hank?

    McKenzie: Luis all the way! Hank is a great guy, but he’s no Luis!

    Posted by hollys
    Do either of you have any bad habits that drive each other crazy?

    McKenzie: Bad habits, us???

    Posted by CarrieUA20
    Do you get-on-line often?

    McKenzie: I do once in a while just to see how you guys & girls are liking the show and if you have any suggestions.

    Posted by padi
    Do you read our discussion board?

    McKenzie: Again, once in a while

    Posted by SHUIS Fan
    If you do scan through the Coffeeroom Boards, which posts attract your attention?

    McKenzie: Obviously-anything to do with Luis and Sheridan!

    See you tomorrow night hopefully with a new SHUIS summary.

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    Smile Thursday's Tense SHUIS Moments Summary & Picture of the Day.....

    Standing in the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Luis puts the candle he holds in his hand down on the counter, “I'm not going to light this candle for Sheridan, Mama. Sheridan is gone! All right? She's never coming back. She's dead, I have to accept that. The same way that you have to accept that Antonio’s never coming home.” Pilar is adamant, “Luis, I believe in miracles, and I have faith in the power of prayer.” Luis replies, “Well Mama, this isn't about faith.” Pilar says as firmly as she can, “I'm never going to give up hope, and I have this feeling that your brother will be coming home to us, soon. Antonio will be home for Christmas.” Coming through the back door, a surprised Hank asks, “I did hear right? Antonio's coming home?” As Luis stands against counter with his arms crossed over his chest, Pilar replies, “Yes, he called me last night after all these years.” Hank smiles, “I can only imagine what that must have meant to you, Pilar.” Pilar continues, “And that's not all, Hank. Luis heard Sheridan’s voice.” Hank looks over at Luis, “What?!” Pilar replies, “Yes. I believe that there's a chance that Sheridan may be coming home, too.”

    On the island in the cafe, Sheridan smiles, “Well, the weather report says that it is calm and clear all the way up the coast. So there is nothing stopping us from going to Harmony now. And maybe once we get there, you'll change your mind and get in touch with your family.” Drinking his coffee, Brian says, “Yeah, we'll see.” So upbeat and smiling Sheridan says, “Anyway, I really feel that Harmony holds something for me. I mean, it could be the key to getting my memory back. Going there could change my entire life!” A very jubilant Sheridan walks to the table to pick up the dirty breakfast dishes. Walking up to Brian, Liz says, “I think it could change your life, too, Brian. That's what you're afraid of, isn't it?”

    In the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room, Miguel and the gang are decorating for Christmas. Miguel tells the group about his mother receiving a phone call from Antonio and about Luis hearing Sheridan's voice. He tells that she is sure that they are both coming home for Christmas. Reese comes up with an idea that Sheridan may not really be dead and that possibly an evil witch cast a spell to take her away from Luis... like an evil spell to separate two lovers, to tear 'em apart. Outside looking through the window, Tabitha says, “Oh, damn than Ross. He'll foul everything up! When I think of all the spells I cast down through the centuries, trying to keep Sheridan and Luis apart, dooming their relationship in every lifetime they've had, I'm exhausted just thinking of all the work I've put in.” Timmy asks, “Does princess really think it was Sheridan on the phone?” Tabitha replies, “No. Even if it were, it doesn't matter. Luis and Sheridan’s relationship is still finished. Remember? I added an extra player to the mix back when those two were on the Titanic.” Timmy thinks, “That ship's officer.” Tabitha smiles, “Yes. A man who'll ensure that Sheridan and Luis stay apart. A man who'll always be there to come between them. And this time it'll be a little more interesting, because I added a little twist.” Timmy asks, “What does Tabby mean?” Tabitha says, “The man's identity.” She giggles, “Oh, it's almost too delicious, Timmy.” Timmy frowns, “Why? Has Sheridan met the man in this lifetime yet?” Tabitha replies, “Oh yes. Oh, yes, she's with him now even as we speak.” Timmy asks, “Who is this man, Tabby?” Tabitha claps her hands together, “Antonio Brain Lopez-Fitzgerald. Luis' brother!”

    In her room packing her suitcase, Sheridan comments, “Well, even though I don't have that many clothes, I guess I should take everything.” Brian asks, “Why?” She replies, “If everything goes the way I hope it does, I won't be coming back here again. I'll stay with my family. Or my loved ones. If I even have a family. It's such a strange feeling, Brian.” Brian asks, “What, do you mean having amnesia?” Pacing the floor Sheridan sighs, “Yeah, who am I? Where do I belong? Why do I have this sense that going to this town, Harmony, will put the missing pieces of my life back together? I mean it could change everything for me!” She stops her pacing which causes Brian to ask, “What is it?” Sheridan looks at him, “I'm nervous. Excited but nervous. What if I'm wrong? What if Harmony doesn't mean anything to me at all?” Brian replies, “Look, Diana, we'll just have to wait and see. I mean...” Sheridan sadly replies, “I still won't know who I am or where I belong. What then?” Brian tells her, “You'll always have the island. And you'll always have me. I promise, I’ll always be here for you. Always.” She gives him a little smile.

    In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Hank asks, “You didn't just say -- I mean, how could that be Sheridan’s voice on the phone?” Luis replies, “I could have sworn that I heard Sheridan’s voice. All right, how can that be? How can that be possible? Sheridan is with my brother? It doesn't make sense. Any of it.” Hank begins, “Unless...” Luis finishes, “Unless we wanted to hear them so bad that we imagined it that what you're going say?” Hank says, “Yeah.” Luis looks up, “I thought of that, too. And it makes sense. But still, it...” Pilar replies, “I don't believe it. I told you, it's a miracle.” Hank looks at Luis and asks, “You agree with her, Luis? Is it a miracle?”

    On the island, Brian holds her hands, “I know you're hoping things “will work out for you in Harmony. But if they don't, you still have me.” Sheridan softly says, “You've been so wonderful, Brian. I'll always be grateful to you. Liz walks into Sheridan's room, “Hey. Anyone up for a sea voyage? What's going on here? You both look so serious.” Sheridan looks at her, “I was just thinking about what if I get to Harmony and it means absolutely nothing to me.” Liz smiles, “Oh, come on. You can't give up hope now. Look, the way I figure it, you and Brian will hit Harmony around Christmas. And Christmas is the time for miracles. So who knows what'll happen.” Sheridan smiles, “You're right. I should be optimistic.” Liz replies, “Yeah. The glass is always half full, Honey. Half full.” Sheridan laughs, “I have to remember that.” Liz turns to Sheridan, “Oh, I got what you asked me for.” She hands a package to Sheridan, “Thank you.” She turns to Brian, “Actually it's not for me. It's for you, Brian.” Brian asks, “For me?” Sheridan nods holding out the package, “It's a Christmas present. For your mother. I'm hoping that when you get to the states you'll see her. Because I know she would love to see you.” Brian says, “I don't think that's such a good idea.” Sheridan asks, “Why not?” Brian replies, “Because I told you, when I called the house, I could hear my brother railing me in the background. Look, last night I also had dream. A dream that my brother told me that if I came home, I was only going to break my mother's heart again.” With her hands on her hips, Sheridan replies, “Well, don't listen to your brother. Even in your dreams. He's just a judgmental jerk. And you know, if I ever see him I'm going to tell him exactly what I think of him!” Brian says, “Yeah, well you're not going get that chance.” Sheridan insists, “Well you never know. You might change your mind. You should not let someone like your brother keep you from seeing your mother.”

    In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Hank sits at the table across from Luis, “Don't you believe in miracles, Luis?” Luis replies, “Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do. But this is beyond miracles. This is impossible.” Standing next to the table, Pilar pleads, “Luis, think back to last Christmas when you thought Sheridan was dead and then she wasn't. And then when she was in the hospital. What did the doctors tell you?” Luis replies, “The doctors didn't hold out much hope for her.” Pilar continues, “Right. And then at Christmas Eve in the church she came to you, Luis.” Luis nods, “Yeah. Yeah, I remember very well. It was the first time I told her I loved her.” Pilar smiles, “That was a miracle, Son.” Luis replies, “But, Mama, this is a totally different situation. Sheridan wasn't really dead. The FBI wanted to take down the drug cartel and they faked her death. This time she is dead. She was cremated.” Pilar asks, “Was she?” Luis nods, “Yes. Her fingerprints and dental records match, and I have to accept the reality.” Pilar shrugs, “Well, who knows what's real. I need to put these in the recycling bin.” She picks up the newspapers. Luis starts to get up, “I'll get it.” Pilar stops him, “No, I don't mind, really. Besides, I want to get some air.” When Pilar leaves the room, Hank says, “I've been sitting here, listening to everything. You know what a realist I am. I never believed in spiritual or mystical stuff. But if there are such things as miracles, then who better for them to happen to than your mother and Sheridan? Pilar is the most selfless person I've ever known in my life. And Sheridan, Sheridan was a kind, loving woman. I'm not saying I believe that she's alive or that there's any hope of Antonio coming home. But if there is a miracle in the works, then your mother and Sheridan are the kind of people they happen to.” Luis smiles.

    Walking back into the cafe in his windbreaker, Brian asks, “Diana's not here?” Behind the counter getting the table settings and napkins ready, Liz replies, “No, she went outside. I think she's still nervous about making the trip.” Brian leans on the counter, “That's understandable, considering she's almost drowned twice.” Liz asks, “And you're nervous, too, aren't you?” Brian looks toward her, “Me?” Liz nods, “Yeah. About seeing your family. Diana doesn't know that they're in Harmony, does she?” Brian replies, “No, and I don't want her to know.” Liz asks, “Brian, whatever you're running from, isn't it time you stopped? Come on, this is a perfect opportunity to end it. Fate is sending you to Harmony for a reason.” Brian asks, “Fate? I'm returning some woman's boat, Liz.” Liz faces him, “It's more than that, and you know it.” Brian insists, “Look, I'm happy here on this island. My life is fine.” Liz replies, “No it isn't, Brian. You want more. We all do it. Nobody wants to be away from the people they love. Go see your family. See what happens. Brian, you never know.” Outside the cafe in the courtyard, Sheridan prays, “Dear God, please, help me find out who I am. If I belong in Harmony. Who I belong with.” She smiles.

    At the window with the candles , Luis looks at them and thinks about what Pilar and Hank have said to him about miracles and Sheridan. Luis picks up the candle for Sheridan again, lights it, and puts it back into the window. Outside looking in the window, Pilar sees him and says, “Have faith, Luis. Have faith.” Luis closes his eyes to pray, then says in that husky emotional voice, “Sheridan, I’ll always love you.” Pilar closes the back door as she enters the kitchen. Luis looks up, “Hi.” Pilar gives him a sympathetic look, “Never give up hope. Miracles do happen.” Luis replies, “I don't know, Mama. I just don't know.” Pilar says again, “Just have faith. I'm going to go check on the kids.” Luis says, “Okay.”

    When Luis hears a knock on the back door, he opens it, “Beth, hey.” Beth gives him a kiss on the cheek, “Hello.” Luis asks, “What's up?” Beth replies, “I just talked to Liz, you know, the lady who owns the hotel down in the islands?” Luis asks, “And your boat?” Beth replies, “They're setting sail tonight. So the people bringing it up should be here for Christmas.” Luis smiles, “That's great. Look, I really apologize for not being able to bring it back myself.” Beth says, “Forget it.” Luis looks thoughtful, “I don't know, it's just that I felt strange down there. You know? I... Kept sensing Sheridan’s presence everywhere. You know, it was like she was alive. I know, it sounds crazy...” Beth says, “No, it's okay.” Luis thinks, “I just wish I knew more about the island.” Beth smiles, “Hey, well we're still on for dinner with the two people bringing the boat back. So maybe they'll have the answers you're looking for.” Luis raises his eyebrows.

    Standing before Brian in the cafe, Liz announces, “I just spoke to the woman who owns the boat.” Brian looks around, “Yeah, so what's the deal?” Liz says, “Well she's not sure if she's going to be in town when you guys arrive, so she gave me the name of someone to contact when you get there.” Brian asks, “Yeah, who's that?” Liz looks down at the piece of paper and reads the name, “Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.” Brian's jaw drops in shock. Sheridan enters the cafe again, “All ready to set sail. Do you have the exact location of where we're supposed to take the boat?” Taking the paper from Liz Brian turns toward her, “Yeah. Yeah, I know the location.”

    To be continued...



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