In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen Luis stands, clutches the letter from Sheridan to him, and says, “I know. I know that I have to accept that Sheridan is gone. But I don't think I'll ever share a life with anyone else.” Pilar also stands, “Your wounds are still fresh, Mijo, but time will heal the wounds.” Luis softly replies, “I don't know. My love for Sheridan was so strong. Just like your love for Papa. You never moved on.” Pilar sighs, “I told you, that's different, Mijo. There is still hope that your father and Antonio will come home to us.” Luis replies, “Well, I don't believe that. You know, Papa disappeared. And Antonio, he just left us. We're never going to hear from him again.” The phone rings and Pilar crosses the room to answer it, “Hello?” On board Beth's boat near the island, Briantonio replies, “Mama, is that you?” At that moment Luis picks up his jacket and says, “Bye, Mama.” As Briantonio holds on the phone, Pilar takes the phone from her ear and turns to deal with Luis, “Luis, please, don't leave.” Luis puts his jacket on while asking, “All right. Who's on the phone?” She replies, “I don't know. Whoever it is can wait. Right now all I care about is my son. Please stay and we'll talk. I'll be off the phone in a minute.” Luis says, “Mama, talk to whoever it is, all right? It could be important. Besides, I just want to be alone right now.” Into the phone Pilar says, “Hold on, please.” Pilar doesn't cover the phone this time and Antonio is able to hear what is being said between Pilar and Luis. Standing by the boat railing Briantonio turns to Sheridan and explains, “My mother's on the line, but I don't think she's heard anything I said. Something's got her tied up.” As Briantonio listens in on their conversation, Pilar says, “It's more than Sheridan that has you feeling this way tonight, Luis. It was our speaking about Antonio. And you must try to forgive your brother. Look, if you continue to hold this grudge, it will just eat away at you, Luis. Do not do this to yourself.” Luis replies, “Mama, you know how I feel about this, all right? Nothing you say is going to change my mind. Antonio walked out on all of us, and I'll be damned if I let him get away with that.”

On the boat Sheridan watches Brian and asks, “What's going on?” Brian says, “Nothing.” Sheridan asks, “Your mother didn't come back on the line?” Brian says, “You know, this is probably not a good time. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.” Sheridan urges him, “Think about it, Brian. If your family thought that you were lost or dead, think about the joy that it would give them to reconnect with you. I mean, if only...” She trails off and sadly looks away. Brian asks, “If only what?” Sheridan pleads with Brian, “If only I knew that there was someone out there waiting for me, someone that would be happy to hear from me. Maybe I'll never know. But, Brian, you can't hang up that phone. That would be the worst thing you could do.” Brian looks at her, “I know my mother would be happy, and I'm hoping that my younger sisters and brother would be, too, but I don't know about my other brother.” Sheridan replies, “What man wouldn't be thrilled to have his brother home? Please, Brian, you can't hang up that phone. This is the right thing.”

As Luis walks out the back door, Pilar puts the phone up to her ear, “Hello?” Briantonio asks, “Mama?” Pilar asks, “Miguel?” On the phone Brian replies, “No, mama. It's me. Antonio.” He has his back toward Sheridan (which, I suppose, is the reason that she doesn't know his name is Antonio until she returns to Harmony and regains her memory.) Pilar exclaims, “It can't be.” She gasps, faints, and falls on the floor, losing the phone. Brian asks, “Mama? Mama, are you there? Mama?” Coming back through the back door, Luis sees Pilar on the floor and rushes to her side, “Mama! Mama, what happened? Hey, Mama?” Luis continues to try to revive her. Coming around, Pilar murmurs, “Antonio.” Luis asks, “What?” Pilar tries to tell him, “It's Antonio.” Luis asks, “Mama, what are you talking about?” Pilar groggily says, “I heard his voice.” Luis shakes his head, “No, Mama, that's impossible. You just think you did because we were just talking about him.” Pilar insists, “No.” Luis is sure he is right, “Yes. It was all in your mind, ok? Looks like you hit your head. I mean, you'll have a little bump there in the morning, but I don't think it's serious.” Luis checks her head. On the boat, as Briantonio listens in, Sheridan asks, “What is it, Brian?”

In the kitchen, Pilar says, “Antonio's here. He spoke to me!” Luis gently lets Pilar's head back down on the floor, “What, here in this house? He better not be, that bastard. He isn't welcome here. I don't ever want to see him again. Don't move, all right? I'll be right back.” He gets up and walks away. Still on the floor Pilar asks, “Where's the phone? The phone? Antonio? Antonio?” Luis comes back into the kitchen with a cloth to wipe her face and holds her in his arms as she asks, “Antonio? Antonio?” Luis tries to comfort her, “Shh, shh. Mama, forget it, all right? Forget Antonio. He's not coming home. He never will. Mama, how many years have we waited for Antonio to come home at Christmas? How many years have we sat around the Thanksgiving table just waiting for a call? It's not worth the pain. It's not worth the hurt that he's caused his family.” On the boat Sheridan wonders what it going on again, “I thought you said your mother was there.” Brian turns to her, “She is. My brother's there, too. It's hard for me to talk to them right now. I caused them a lot of pain, Diana.” In the kitchen Pilar says, “No, Luis, your brother's come back to us.” Luis insists, “No.” Pilar demands, “Antonio's on the phone. Find me the phone!” Luis looks around and asks, “Antonio's on the phone? He wants to talk to me?” Pilar asks, “What?” Luis gets up and picks up the phone, “He's about to get an earful.” Sheridan takes the phone from Briantonio and speaks into it, “Hello? Are you there?” Seeing the shocked look on Luis' face, Pilar asks, “It's Antonio?” Luis looks at the phone, then to Pilar and replies, “A ghost. I heard a ghost.” Pilar nods, “Yes – Antonio.” Luis replies, “No. Sheridan.” Sitting on the kitchen floor with Luis, Pilar asks, “You mean you heard your brother's voice on the phone – Antonio?”

On the boat Sheridan tries again, “Hello? Is anyone there?” Brian asks, “What's going on?” Sheridan looks up, “Nothing. I don't think anyone's there.” Brian replies, “I knew it. I knew I shouldn't have called home.” In the kitchen, Luis smiles, “Sheridan.” He puts the phone to his ear but Pilar kneels next to him and grabs for the phone, “Give me the phone, Luis. I want to speak to Antonio.” Luis replies, “It is not Antonio, Mama, it is Sheridan! She's alive!” Pilar raises her voice, “Mijo, no! It's been a long time, but I know the sound of my own son's voice! Let me have the phone!” Luis argues, “No, you just want it to be Antonio because we were just talking about him a few minutes ago.” Pilar counters, “Luis, you want to hear Sheridan's voice so badly, you think that it's she. It's imposible, Luis. She is dead.”

On the boat Sheridan says, “Don't you dare take it back now, Brian. It was the right thing for you to call home.” Brian whines, “But you didn't hear what my brother said about me.” She tells him, “What's the difference? The important thing is that you tell your mother that you're all right and that you still love her. The rest will take care of itself.” Brian says, “Easier said than done.” Sheridan raises his voice, “Look, don't walk away from the opportunity of reconnecting with your family. Do you know what I would give to be able to talk to someone who loved me? Anything in the world. Please, don't throw this opportunity away.” Brian is increasingly agitated, “It's different for you, Diana. I'm sure whoever your family is that they loved you and they still do. My family hates me, and they have good reason. Look, I should have never let you talk me into calling them. Just hang the phone up.” In the kitchen Luis says, “You were confused, Mama. You hit your head when you fainted.” Pilar argues, “I fainted because I heard Antonio's voice.” Luis raises his voice, “Well, you couldn't have because it is Sheridan. I know it is!” Pilar then tells him, “Then speak to her. If she's there, go on, Son, talk to her.” On the boat Brian yells at Sheridan, “Do as I say and hang the phone up – now.” Now both standing in the kitchen Pilar tells Luis in a calm voice, “Go on. Go on, son. If it is Sheridan, you must have lots to say to her.” Brian demands, “Do as I say, Diana. Hang up the phone.” Sheridan is defiant, “No. I won't.” He yells, “It's my family.” Sheridan yells, “Which is why you should talk to them. Look, no matter how bad you think things are, I'm sure they want to talk to you, I'm sure they want you home.” Brian angrily says, “You know what? You're wrong about that.” Sheridan says, “Well, you know what? If you won't talk to them, then I will.”

In the Lo-Fitz kitchen Pilar calmly coaxes Luis, “Go on, Mijo. Unless you're afraid you imagined Sheridan's voice.” Luis puts the phone to his ear and smiles, “No, I -- Sheridan, it's -- it's me. It's Luis. I love you.” Luis smiles and in an excited voice continues, “Sheridan, where are you? Because I will come get you wherever it is. Sheridan? Sheridan, say something.” Pilar asks, “She's not there, is she?” Luis yells, “Hello? Hello!” Pilar calls, “Son?” Luis cries, “The line went dead.” On the boat Sheridan yells, “Brian, give it back.” Holding the phone away from her, Brian replies, “It's too late. I already disconnected it.” She asks, “Why? You know you wanted to talk to your family.” Brian angrily replies, “Yeah? So what when they don't want to talk to me?” Sheridan tries again, “Look, whatever you heard your brother saying, I'm sure he didn't mean it.” Brian yells, “Oh, he meant it, all right. Look, Diana, no offense, this is my life, so why don't you back off, ok?”
Now sitting at the kitchen table Luis yells, “Damn it! Damn it! Damn it.” He slams the phone down on the table. Pilar tries to comfort him. She places her hands on his shoulders.

To be continued...

I didn't find any pictures to go along with this episode so I wanted to post some hott screen caps that I found of the New Mexico cabin scenes.