Saturday's Shocking SHUIS Summary and Pics of the Day. . . . .
On the plane the flight attendant announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent into Harmony. Please make sure your seat belt is fastened and your seat is in the upright position.” In her seat by the window Beth says, “I hate seeing you like this, Luis.” Luis asks, “Like what?” Beth says, “So wound up, angry. I mean, I'm starting to think I just -- I made a mistake coming down to the islands and getting you to come home.” Luis calmly says, “You think that I would've stayed down there? Beth, you did the right thing, all right? Julian Crane is going to pay for what he did. Getting my sister drunk so that he can marry her? I'm going to kill him.”

As the plane lands and they are trying retrieving their belongings to exit, Luis comments, “The pig ruined my sister's life, and he's going to pay.” Beth tries to calm him, “You know, you don't know all the facts, Luis. I mean, maybe Theresa secretly, you know, wanted to marry him. I don't know.” Luis questions, “Wanted to? Beth, he's scum. Everyone in my family hates Julian Crane and for good reason, all right? You're way off. There's no way that Theresa of her own free will would ever marry Julian. She loves Ethan.” Beth begins, “I know it's unlikely...” Luis interrupts to correct her, “It's impossible, all right? This is just another typical Crane move. Julian with all his money and power and fancy lawyers -- he does this stuff time and time again and gets off. Not this time. This time he's going to pay. Julian Crane's a dead man.” They pick up their bags and walk off the plane.

At the door of the Crane mansion Beth tries again to talk some sense into Luis, “Think about it. Luis. If you do anything to Julian, who's going to be the one to pay?” Luis bangs on the door as he quickly answers, “Him, with his life.” Beth continues, “You will end up in prison. Ok, your life is going to be over. Think about it. You lost Sheridan. Do you want your family to lose you?” Luis replies, “If I let Julian get away with what he did to Theresa, my family will never respect me. I'll never be able to look at myself again in the mirror. Now, he's going to pay for what he did.” Luis bangs on the front door of the Crane mansion. As Luis bangs on the door, Julian and his attorney, Harper, walk into the living room. Harper leans over to Julian and comments, “Just thank God Luis isn't here.” Both Julian and Harper look toward the repeated banging noise at the door as Pilar moves to answer it. As she opens the door she is shocked to see who is at the door, “Luis. Mijo.” Luis runs through the door and toward Julian, “Bastard...” As Luis grabs him, Julian yells, “No.” Pilar yells, “Luis – no!” Shoving Julian over the couch, Luis yells, “I'll kill you!” Julian whimpers, “I urge you to reconsider.” Luis says, “Tricking my sister into marrying you. You have ruined her life.” Pilar yells, “Luis, please!” As Beth and Pilar try pulling Luis off of Julian, Beth says, “You're choking him.” Pilar adds, “He's not worth it -- not for you to go to jail.” Luis doesn't stop, “You are going to pay for what you've done.” Pilar cries, “Luis, no!” Luis tells Julian, “You got away with his with my papa, but not this time.” Pilar yells for Sam who is in the library with Ethan, Theresa and Whitney.

In the library Sam says, “That sounds like Pilar.” Sam goes to check out the noise, Ethan follows but tells Theresa to stay there in the library. After Ethan leaves the room, Theresa decides to go, too, because she is afraid that Julian may something to cause her to lose Ethan. As Whitney helps her to walk to the living room, she comments, “We should just thank God that Luis isn't here, Theresa.” Sam rushes into the living room and yells, “Luis!” Julian yells, “Get him off me!” Sam and Ethan manage to get Luis off Julian but as soon as they do, Julian pulls his gun on Luis and the whole room and says, “I hate you.” Theresa and Whitney scream as they enter the room and see the gun. Worried about Luis and Ethan, Theresa runs to stand in front of Ethan, “Oh, my God. Please, Ethan, Luis...” Pilar pleads, “Luis...” Sam demands, “Julian, put the gun away.” Julian says, “If you don't get the hell out of my home, I will shoot, I swear.” Luis lunges at Luis as he says, “You're a dead man.” Julian fires his gun and Theresa falls on the floor. Everyone looks at her in shock. Luis looks from Theresa to Julian, lunges at him and says, “You killed my sister. I'm gonna kill you.”

On the island in the cafe in her hotel, Liz sits with a drink at the bar when Doc walks in, “Liz, you never drink this early. Something bothering you?” Liz quietly says, “Doc, I feel like I've seen a ghost or at least some very weird coincidences. As Doc takes a seat next to her he asks, “What?” Liz replies, “The woman who owns the boat that Brian fixed, I can't believe where she wants it sailed back to.” Doc asks, “Why? Is it some unfriendly country?” Liz replies solemnly, “No, it's a small town called Harmony.”

At the docks, helping Diana step off the boat, Brian continues to try to convince her, “It's no coincidence that the guy that was supposed to sail this boat back to the states had to fly home suddenly. It's fate, Diana. You and I were fated to be together alone on this boat.” He puts his hands on her face, as she was distracted looking at the boat, and kisses her on the mouth. Diana pulls away and he tells her that he is sorry. Holding her hand up to stop him she says, “No, it's not you, Brian. I had the strangest feeling being on the boat just now.” Brian asks, “Did you get your memory back? Or what?” She looks back toward him and says, “Yes, I did.” She looks away again.

In the Crane mansion living room, Luis and Julian struggle for the gun as Theresa is revived. She had just fainted. Ivy urges Luis to kill Julian but the others in the room try to talk him out of it.

Eve arrives. She takes Theresa to the library to be examined.

Standing on the docks, Brian asks, “What do you remember about your past, Diana...your name, where you're from? What?” Diana shakes her head, “No, that's all still a blank. If only that guest from the states could have been someone who knew who I was so he could tell me who I am. What are the chances of that? I may never remember my name or my past but there is just something about this boat, from the first time we worked on it, it made me remember a time in my life that was so perfect, just heaven sent.” She has a flashback of being happy on the boat with Luis in Bermuda and that heaven sent time in her life...with Luis. She continues, “Being on the boat just now didn't bring back happy memories of being with the man I loved. It made me remember the terror of almost drowning alone at sea.” Brian says, “I'm sorry, Diana. It must have been the moment just before I pulled you out of the sea.” She looks over at him, “Must have been that. I don't remember much but what I do recall is so frightening. I'm so afraid of being out of sight of land right now. I'm sorry, Brian, I can't sail this boat back to the states with you.”

She walks away as he looks like he can't believe his bad luck.

At the cafe, as Liz cleans off the tables, Doc says, “I know this is against the code of the islanders to pry into somebody's past, but it seems like you and Harmony have a connection.” Liz muses, “You think you've shut the door on your past, then suddenly when you least expect it, it flies open and smacks you in the face.” Doc thinks that there are really no coincidences because it is all mapped out by the extraterrestrials who monitor the Bermuda triangle. Liz walks outside into the courtyard and looking at the sky thinks about a place she said she once loved and wonders what if she stopped running and went back to Harmony.
On the docks Brian sits on a box where Diana joins him, “I know that you're disappointed that I can't sail the boat back to the states with you. I was looking forward to it, too.” Brian says, “Until you remembered almost drowning at sea.” She looks away, “It was horrible, Brian, just horrible.” Brian says, “I could kick myself. I should have been more sensitive. I'm sorry. It's way too soon for you to be on a boat out in the middle of the ocean.” She asks, “You're not disappointed?” Brian replies, “Not as long as I know you'll be waiting on me when I get back.” He kisses her on the cheek as she gives a small smile before she answers, “Yes, Brian, I will wait for you when you come back. St. Lisa's is my home now. You, Liz and Doc are all part of my life. I just have to stop hoping that every stranger that comes to this island might be someone who can tell me who I am and where I came from. I may never remember my name or my past but I do know that someday I will reconnect with the man I loved and lost.” Brian looks at her and asks, “He's dead, Diana. You said you remembered holding him in your arms when he died. How could you meet up with him again?” She wistfully looks out to sea, “I don't know. In Heaven, I guess. One thing I do know for sure is that when the love between two people is deep and passionate, it doesn't die just because they become separated. No, Brian. The love that I shared with that man will live on forever and someday, somehow it will guide us back together.” Brian looks away trying to figure out how to overcome that great love that Diana (Sheridan) shares with the man she loved (Luis).

Outside the hotel, Brian stops to face Diana, “I'll take it that you haven't run away is a good sign.” She giggles as he continues, “So, here's the deal. I'll take this boat back to the states, get the fee from the owner and fly back down here to the island ...and to you.” He touches her chin and she smiles before they walk into the cafe. Liz greets them, “Hey! You guys ready to set sail?” Brian looks at Diana and says, “There's been a change of plans. I'll be sailing back to the states alone.” Liz turns to Diana and asks, “What happened? I thought you were all excited about sailing?” Diana replies, “I was until I realized it was too soon after almost drowning to be off terra firma.” Doc steps up to the group and comments, “Sail through the Bermuda triangle as quickly as you can, otherwise you might get snatched up by the aliens and sent back to planet Corlan.” They all look stunned but none more than Diana. Brian replies, “Thanks, that's good advice, Doc. Exactly where am I supposed to go, Liz?” Liz replies, “It's a small port off the coast of New England.”

At the Crane mansion as Luis sits on the couch, he tells Ethan about his dreams of being on the Titanic with Sheridan and that he could swear that Sheridan came into his room and had given him a kiss. Ethan listens and looks at him to say, “Wow, that's quite a dream. What got you thinking about the Titanic?” Luis smiles, “Sheridan met a fortuneteller when she was a little girl and this fortuneteller told her that she had many lives with the man she loved. The last one was on the Titanic.” Ethan replies, “Well, I am not sure that I believe in past lives but I definitely believe in the power of everlasting love.” Luis looks at his hands before he replies, “Yeah, so do I. I know that I'll never have the kind of love with anyone like I had with Sheridan.”

Behind him and listening in on his conversation, Beth looks upset by his admission. Ethan admits, “If something like that ever happened to Theresa, I'd feel the same way. I'd always love her forever.” Luis says, “Well, let's hope that nothing else does come between you. I know my sister has done some really crazy stuff but I don't think she'd do anything to jeopardize your love for her.”

On the island as they look over the instructions regarding the boat, Liz says, “That's the town where the owner wants her boat sailed back to.” Brian asks, “Harmony?” Behind the bar, Diana drops her coffee cup and coughs. Brian looks up and asks, “Diana, what's wrong?” She replies, “Harmony! I know a town called Harmony!”

To be continued...

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