Hey everyone!

If you haven't seen the new Coffeerooms on TV blog yet, well what the heck are you waiting for? Go check it out!

I'd really like to see more reviews and recaps on the blog but I have only so many fingers for typing. I'm inviting the TV watchin' members of Coffeerooms to submit reviews to me to be posted!

It's pretty simple really. Watch a show you always watch, write up a paragraph or 2 or 3 and send it off to oda@w3pg.com! I'll add all the whistles and bells (like links and photos) for you (unless you have some specific in mind of course) so all you have to do is share your opinion!

Basically just pretend you're writing it for the forums, but a little bit longer!

I'll also be happy to edit/spell check for you.

Only a few guidelines:

  • Keep swearing to a minimum. We know its sometimes unavoidable when you're watching shows like The Shield for instance, but it is a family driven site so keep it...pleasant.
  • Don't say something nice just for the sake of saying it. If you didn't like what you saw, then say so! That's the beauty of opinions!
  • Keep it shortish. Don't be afraid to add your personal flare, but remember you want people to read it all.

So we don't run into too many overlaps, please email me with a list of shows (or just one show if that's the case) that you would be interested in reviewing. I'll create a list here so we don't have 5 people doing the same one.

Thanks everyone! I hope you'll consider. I really think it will be a blast!

Again, please send all emails to oda@w3pg.com!