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Thread: Galen & McKenzie Chat Transcript from February 2000

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    Smile Galen & McKenzie Chat Transcript from February 2000

    I found this very interesting and informative chat transcript that I remember from years ago. I thought I would share it here. Love these two!

    I believe this was a chat done by NBC or TalkPassions and definitely in February 2000 (I believe it was Feb. 13th to be exact, Galen's birthday, and the fans sang Happy Birthday to him). They were at the NBC Store in New York. Passionatic (and I am sure others but I don't remember who they are now) was there. She has recounted her story of meeting them and what it was like that day several times over the years but I never tire of reading it so Louise, this is your cue (If and when you have the time, that is!). LOL!

    Galen_Gering: Hi! Thanks for logging in!
    McKenzie_Westmore: Thanks for joining us!

    passion1fan: Are you having fun in New York?
    Galen_Gering: We are having a BLAST! We're at Rockefeller Center, right now.
    McKenzie_Westmore: We're in the NBC Experience Store.
    Galen_Gering: We had an autograph signing here.
    McKenzie_Westmore: It was unreal!
    Galen_Gering: The biggest turnout they've ever had.

    guest-sasha: Have either of you ever been to New York before?
    Galen_Gering: Yes, I went to school here. I'm originally from LA, but I moved here when I was 17 to do modeling, and I ended up at New York University.
    McKenzie_Westmore: I was here years ago with my parents. We were on vacation for about a week. We saw a different musical every night. It was amazing.

    franny8: What all do you plan to do during your trip?
    Galen_Gering: All kinds of things! We have a full itinerary.
    McKenzie_Westmore: We're going to see Saturday Night Live, tonight. That should be really awesome. Photos tomorrow in Central Park.
    Galen_Gering: Monday, I'm doing the "Ainsley Harriot Show." We leave Monday night.

    guest-maryanne2: What is your favorite thing about working on "Passions?"
    Galen_Gering: Just working with the cast.
    McKenzie_Westmore: Everyone is so nice; we're like a little family.

    guest-biana: Do either of you have any formal acting training?
    McKenzie_Westmore: Yes, I studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and the Howard Fine school, where I also took a master class with Uta Hagen. A lot of my training has been in singing and dancing.
    Galen_Gering: I studied with a lot of private coaches, but in college I specialized in film making, not acting. It was a lucky, big break for me.
    McKenzie_Westmore: I was getting ready to leave for the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music when this came along.

    nanadee: Why do you think you have such good chemistry together?
    Galen_Gering: 'Cause I'm in love!
    McKenzie_Westmore: I guess we just get along.
    Galen_Gering: I think anyone would have good chemistry with McKenzie.
    McKenzie_Westmore: Awwwww :-)

    guest-paula: What is a typical day on the set like for you?
    McKenzie_Westmore: It always varies. Our workdays can be so different. Some days we work from 6 a.m. to 9 or 10 at night, if not later. And some days we have off.
    Galen_Gering: We shoot an episode a day. In the morning, when you go into the studio, there will be a rundown telling you when your scenes are, chronologically. So if McKenzie has scenes with Ethan or Ben, she'll be able to tell when she's on, and on what set.
    McKenzie_Westmore: For the girls, they give us an hour and half, or so, for hair and makeup. The guys just kind of show up!
    Galen_Gering: Aww! Well yeah, it's true. We have it easy! These poor girls, they have the hair and the makeup.
    McKenzie_Westmore: I'm lucky; I have short hair. :-)

    guest-nicole: What have been some of your favorite scenes to tape so far?
    McKenzie_Westmore: First Tango and all my things in Paris.
    Galen_Gering: New Year's stuff was great. It was so intense and rewarding. Everyone put a lot of work into it, from the producers to the set designers. It was fun to shoot.
    McKenzie_Westmore: You made it when you cried.

    guest-luvspassions: Do either of you hope Sheridan and Luis will get married one day?
    McKenzie_Westmore: Sure, why not?
    Galen_Gering: If 'she' behaves!
    McKenzie_Westmore: If 'he's' lucky!

    guest-britan: Do you ever get embarrassed shooting love scenes?
    Galen_Gering: Well, of course not!
    McKenzie_Westmore: Galen had to come out in these teeny, flesh-colored shorts when we had to do the locker room fantasy scene. And I couldn't stop laughing!
    Galen_Gering: Yeah. That was pretty embarrassing! And everyone had to show up to see Luis in the pants.

    luvsgalen: Have you gotten letters from fans that are upset that you are engaged now?
    Galen_Gering: You know, surprisingly not. I even get cards addressed to my fiancée and myself, congratulating us. It's amazing.

    SilverHawke-guest: Hi ! I love Sheridan and Luis! What a couple! Galen, yesterday there was a horrible hoax on the web about you quitting. Can you confirm, here, that it really was all a hoax?
    Galen_Gering: Yeah. It was a hoax. I'll be on "Passions" for at least three years. So any rumors can be dispelled.

    passionsfreak: McKenzie, have you spoken to anyone, yet, about Sheridan singing on the show? I would love to see it!
    McKenzie_Westmore: There has been some talk about it. Hopefully, it will happen some day soon. I would probably like to do opera, because I can see Sheridan having trained in opera in Italy with one of the top-notch teachers. I'd sing "O Mio Babbino Caro" from "Gianni Schicchi."

    os0sweet213-guest: Hey, McKenzie and Galen! I just wanted to know if Galen's hand is OK since Jesse ran it over?
    Galen_Gering: It was pretty gross, but I'm okay, now.
    McKenzie_Westmore: It was all black and blue; it was really gross!

    Christina-gh: McKenzie and Galen, what's been your most embarrassing moment on the show so far?
    Galen_Gering: Weiner pants!
    McKenzie_Westmore: Weiner pants!

    evilgal: I have a question for both of you. Have you ever, at anytime, watched a soap opera? By the way, you two are incredible actors.
    McKenzie_Westmore: I watched "Days of Our Lives" for a little while.
    Galen_Gering: Not really. Every once in a while, I'd see part of one, but I was never addicted.
    McKenzie_Westmore: Oh! And I watched "Dark Shadows" when they did the remake. I loved that! And the reruns on the Sci-Fi channel are cool too.

    SheridanLuisFan: McKenzie & Galen, hi! I wish I could have come to New York today to meet you both. Do you do meet & greets like that, often?
    McKenzie_Westmore: No, this is the first one we've ever done. Hopefully, we'll be doing more in the future.
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