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Thread: Who do you trust?

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    When it comes to news, who do you trust to give you the straight story? What medium are you relying on most; TV, Print or Internet? Are there any sources with a solid reputation for being non-partisan?

    I know their rep is to lean left, but I tend to listen to PBS/NPR the most with a dash of BBC for an international point of view. I'm not sure how skewed their views may be, but at least there are no commercials.
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    I agree, I like PBS/NPR. Fox is the worst. They are so shrill and plastic on that channel.

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    Re: Who do you trust?

    oh i think pbs's news isnt that fair & balanced. cnn is just horrid. i guess it's what side of the playfield you lean towards.

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    Of cable news, probably CNN is the most balanced and they do seem to try to have on a varied mix on both sides of guests during segments.

    FOXNEWS has never been fair and balanced even though that is their mantra. Pundits are obviously right-winged and have been accused of receiving talking points from the Bush admin.

    MSNBC has gone left it seems.

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    Re: Who do you trust? for me. I watch the local news and thats it

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    I feel like most media is so sensitive to the accusations of leaning left that they go overboard trying to get republican ppl on to voice their opinions. I don't get my news from just one source. I watch everything except Fox and I read many websites, both right and left. I also watch network news and the local news. I'd say I tend to watch NBC more than anything.


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