Why is Palin being shielded from any questions by the media? Why is every legitimate inquiry into her record in Alaska immediately twisted into a personal assualt on women in general and poor Sarah Palin specifically?
Voters may very well decide that she is qualified to be VP.......or president. But they can't make an informed decision when the media has effectively been shut down from having access to her.
The fundamentalist Christian sect that Palin apparently buys into would love nothing better than to have women subserviant to men. They and Palin would have young girls and women unable to make the kind of choice her daughter did when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.
I think we need leaders who don't just see the world as a big battle between good and evil. Or think God is directing them to send our kids into war. Palin's religious beliefs make me very concerned about how she would govern........and if she could govern those who don't believe as she does.