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Thread: Huge Max Brady/Umbrella Story RUMOR

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    Exclamation Huge Max Brady/Umbrella Story RUMOR

    Tagline for SL: Max finds that he can travel in time and tries to fix the past, with tragic consequences for the future.

    By mid November, Max, Stephanie, Chelsea, Nick and Melanie are on their way back to Salem until the aircraft they are aboard explodes. Max Brady is the only survivor but comes out of the wreckage a different man. He begins to suffer from memory blackouts where he suddenly finds himself somewhere else, confused. Max's friends and mom hardly believe him, thinking he makes it up just to get out of trouble, something bad always seems to happen during these blackouts.

    Max Brady discovers a way to travel back in time to any point by just looking at a photograph. His goal is to change his life by changing the painful event of losing Stephanie and Melanie in the plane crash. He finds that a very small change from the past will dramatically change his life in present time. He is not pleased with the results of his first trip back, so he makes another trip to change another bad event, hoping for a better life. Unfortunately, he must return to the past many times, because his alternate future gets worse with each trip. Where his life ends up is anybody's guess.

    By 2009, Max tries to prevent the murder of his good friend Nick but in doing so, releases a vicious serial killer upon Salem. This huge story will not just effect Max but also effects the other Salem residents; The DiMeras, The Bradys, The Hortons, The Johnsons and dramically change the lives of his girlfriend Stephanie and his sister Melanie. etc.

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    Re: Huge Max Brady/Umbrella Story RUMOR

    #1 Hope and Ciara Brady fan

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    Re: Huge Max Brady/Umbrella Story RUMOR

    what? more like journeyman.

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    Re: Huge Max Brady/Umbrella Story RUMOR

    In better hands this could be good, I guess. But if Dena, et al are the ones writing it, I'm terrified what they might do with it. The thought of a horror story on Days makes me nervous because I don't want to see the show go that way.

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    Re: Huge Max Brady/Umbrella Story RUMOR

    Sounds like the movie "The Butterfly Effect" which was great but I dont see Days pulling this one off. Oh and BIG YAWN another serial killer. Who are they going to off this time


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