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Thread: WATCH OUT! Tossing out a question.

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    Re: WATCH OUT! Tossing out a question.

    Ahhhh, your dream place sounds heavenly to me, Lola! Thanks for the tips on posting a picture. I need to get a site set up in order to do it. By the by, please tell me that interesting looking....uhhhhhhh.....bird you show in your post isn't one of your pets! That is one very, VERY unusual looking something or other. Fowl? Mammal? Vegetable? Museum piece?
    Ta ta! TT

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    Post Re: WATCH OUT! Tossing out a question.

    When I first saw the creature I'm using as an avatar, I was intrigued and horrified at the same time, just like some people react when they see a dreadful car accident -- it's awful, but they cannot look away.

    I love animals, but I don't think I'd want a beast like the one in my avatar in my house!

    I thought it was a cat when I initially saw it, signing with his 'paw' like some of today's hens and roosters do* but I could be isn't the most attractive animal, is it?!

    On one or two other forums that I visit, I use a dodo bird. Perhaps I should have stuck with the dodo!

    * The Chief and I called teenaged girls and boys hens and roosters. I don't know when this started, but the habit has stuck.

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    Re: WATCH OUT! Tossing out a question.

    LOL, when I saw that bird, it reminded me of a question I want to ask over here...
    Only an expert can deal with the problem


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