Okay, seriously, The Shrub is just out of control. When is Nascar going to do something about this jerk? TPTB need to decide, either this kind of thing is okay or it's not. If it's okay then everyone can do it, if it's not then park his butt!! Why should every driver out there have to worry about him punting them into the wall when he's behind them? I think every driver out there should just start spinning him out every time they pass him. Just an "oops" moment every race. lol! I would pay to watch that happen!! I'm sick and tired of him and his reckless driving and then his threat that he's gonna race Edwards the same way in the chase. He already races everyone like that every single race! I truly think one of the reasons he is so successful is that many drivers are afraid that if they race him hard they'll end up in the wall and they can't afford to take the chance. I hardly even watch anymore because I'm sick of the Shrub show.
Otoh, congrats Shortness on your driver's hot streak! Looks like you picked the right guy to get behind this season! Hope all is well with everyone.