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Thread: Chinese gymnast disqualified?

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    Post Chinese gymnast disqualified?

    A hacker has ferreted out documents that prove at least one of China's female gymnasts is 14, too young to compete. He Kexin, who won the gold medal in the uneven parallel bars, was apparently born in 1994, not 1992 as her passport claims. The IOC has asked FIG to look into the allegations. If He is disqualified, Nastia Liukin will be bumped up to gold.
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    Re: Chinese gymnast disqualified?

    What's the latest news on this. It was on Yahoo as a headline about the IOC investigating and when I opened it, it said, "story removed". I missed most of the Olympics last night, so I don't know if anything was said. The last blurb I read on the internet was that the IOC has dropped the investigation. But that story has been removed too. Strange.

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    I'm pretty sure that all of the Chinese Gymnasts looked about 8 and a half...but hey who's counting.


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