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Thread: Keesha or Libra?

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    Post Keesha or Libra?

    So, I used to be a feed watcher and would have been able to make educated guesses in the past but I gotta say, it's kinda fun not knowing what's going on. I can only assume with this group that there has been fighting going on in the house and I can't assume I know who's going home. If I had to take a guess, I'd say Libra, but this is BB, things change every second.

    So what do you think? Who's walkin' out the door tonight?
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    Re: Keesha or Libra?

    I'm hoping it's Libra. I just can't stand her. Keesha is kind of whiny and is in on a lot of the fights, too, but Libra just irritates me more.

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    Re: Keesha or Libra?

    ITA!!! I am hoping libra goes, but I think it's going to be keesha because libra let it be known that keesha was the one that coordinated jesse's departure. I think for the HOUSE, it would be better to have libra leave, but I think they'll vote out keesha.

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    Re: Keesha or Libra?

    How's this for a rare watcher answer... Libra, because her hair is driving me crazy.
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