Secrets Revealed

By: Nicoles-sis and NicoleLuvsShuis
Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with JER or anything Passions. We are just borrowing the characters for a while.

“Good Afternoon and welcome to the Larry Winger Show,” said Larry, “Today’s show is all about secrets and people today are here to reveal their secrets. Our first guest is Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. She knew that her fiancé Ethan Crane was a Bennett way before it came out. Theresa how did you find out that he was a Bennett?”

“I was searching threw some papers at my house and I found a letter that said Ethan was a Bennett.” Theresa explained.

“Well why don’t we bring out Ethan right now,” Jerry said, “Ethan you know that there is a secret that your fiancée wants to tell you about and so why don’t we just get right to it, Theresa.”

“Ethan I knew that you were a Bennett way before it came out,” Theresa said while starting to cry.

“What the HELL, I thought we didn’t have any secrets between us! I can’t believe this. Theresa I am sorry, but I can’t marry you!” Ethan yelled out, “Gwen can I still marry you?”

Gwen got up from the audience, “I’m sorry Ethan, but I love Hank!”

Hank ran out, following Sheridan, “I love you too!” Sheridan and Hank are married during this.

“What? I was going to tell you that I was having an affair with Luis,” Sheridan yelled out, “And that I am pregnant with his child.”

Luis walked out and gave Sheridan a kiss. Hank looked at him with anger.

“How dare you kiss Sheridan,” Hank said while running to Luis, “I’m going to kill you.”

“Yeah well you are the one that said you loved Gwen,” Luis said back in his face.

“Well I guess it is time for a commercial, so that we can get them under control,” Larry said.


“Welcome back,” Jerry said, “Our next guests are Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald and Kay Bennett. They want to tell Charity Standish and Reese that they love each other. Lets bring Charity and Reese out. Miguel would you like to tell them?”

“Charity I am sorry but…” Miguel got cut off by Charity.

“Wait I am getting a premonition,” Charity said, “You love Kay!”

“Yeah that’s right,” Kay said.

“I’m getting another one, and you and Miguel are making love!”

“That did happen!” Miguel said, “I’m sorry Charity.”

“No I can’t believe this, we are suppose to be together for the rest of our lives,” Charity yelled out.

“I’m sorry Charity, but I don’t love you. Kay and my love for her is a lot stronger than ours was.”

“I am sorry Reese, but I never loved you the way I love Miguel,” Kay told Reese.

“I understand Kay, because I never truly loved you, it’s time to reveal my secret I have,” Reese said, “I am in love with Jessica!”

Everyone was silent than Kay spoke.

“So what? You can have her. I love Miguel!”

“You mean you’re not jealous?” Reese asked.

“Why should I be jealous? Miguel is the one I love.”

Jessica ran down to from the audience and gave Reese a kiss.

“I love you too Reese,” Jessica replied.

“I am sorry but it is time for another commercial,” Jerry spoke out.


“Welcome back. We now have Sam Bennett and Ivy Crane with us. Sam claims that he loves Ivy, his first love, instead of his wife now, Grace. Well, before saying anymore lets bring out Grace.”

“Good afternoon Larry,” Grace said. “I brought you some tomato soup cake.” She handed it to Larry and he looked at it with disgust. He handed it to his producer.

“Welcome Grace. You know that Sam has something to say so why don’t we just let him speak.” Larry said.

“Grace I know that I told you that I don’t love Ivy anymore, but the more I was away from her the more I thought about her. I am very sorry, but I still love Ivy.”

“NO!” Jessica screamed and then ran back stage.

“WHAT! You can’t love her she is a tramp. We are supposed to stay together for the children’s sake. How can you do this to me.”

“I am very sorry Grace, but he doesn’t love you, he loves ME,” Ivy said with her grin.

Then out of the crowd Julian stands up and speaks, “You can’t love Sam, because I love you!”

Ivy starred back and forth from Julian, the rich one, and Sam, she loved with all her heart.

“NO! I can’t decide between you two.”

“How dare you take Pookie away from me,” Rebecca yelled while running to Ivy.

“Don’t you dare come near me!”

Rebecca starts slapping Ivy as hard as she could, which isn’t very hard.

“LARRY, LARRY, LARRY,” the crowd shouted.

“You call that slapping! My grandmother could of done better then that.” Ivy spat.

“I am so sorry Ivy, please come back to me!” Julian pleaded.

“I don’t know who I should go with. Leave me alone.” Ivy yelled while running backstage.

“Fine you can go right ahead and marry that tramp. I still have my Tomato Soup Cake.” Grace said.

“You can go ahead and marry the stupid nasty cake,” Sam said.

“I know someone who loves my cake. Oh, Julian how about you and me get out of here so we can go make some cake that we both love so much.”

“Oh god someone please help me. I can’t stand that cake.” Julian pleaded.

“You don’t love my cake? Well who needs men! I will go make some of my YUMMY cake myself,” Grace said while walking off stage.

“Oh well I am so sorry, but it is time to go to another break.” Larry said.


“Welcome back to the most chaotic show that has ever been broadcasted. We have our next guest Chad Harris and Whitney Russell. Chad wants to tell Whitney’s sister that he does not love her, but loves Whitney.

“WHOA,” the crowd snickered.

“Well lets bring out Whitney’s sister Simone,” Larry said, “Chad go right ahead.”

“Simone I am very sorry, but I love Whitney.”

“How could you, even after the accident. I can’t believe I saw you kissing Whitney in her room. How could you?” Simone cried.

“I never knew it was you I kissed when I was unconscious. I thought it was Whitney. I didn’t want to hurt you so I never said anything.” Chad told.

“Simone I am really sorry, that you had to see us kissing in my bedroom,” Whitney said, “But that isn’t going to change the way I feel about Chad.”

“I told you so Simone,” Kay yelled out, “But you wouldn’t listen to me.”

“Shut the Hell up, Simone yelled, “You are all happy now just, because you schemed your way to get Miguel.”

“OOOOOoooOOOOO!” The audience laughed.

“WHAT!” Miguel said in surprise, “I can’t believe you would do something like that.”

“Thanks a lot Simone, you little slut!” Kay said while pushing Simone.

“You don’t touch me, you whore, that would sleep with a man just to get him.”

“I am so sorry Charity will you please forgive me!” Miguel pleaded.

“Wait right there Mister,” Timmy came walking out from the audience, “Charity is mine!”

“The doll it’s alive,” Charity said while running to Timmy, “Oh how cute! He will love me more then any of you.” She gave Timmy a kiss on the cheek.

“My name is Timmy and I will always love you.” Timmy said while they walked backstage while giving the audience a wink.

“Timmy wait you are suppose to be a doll!” Tabitha yelled.

Charity turned around, “And what a doll he is!”

“Wait Tabitha, Alistair yelled, “I love you”

Everyone was quiet.

“You love me,” Tabitha asked.

“Yes, ever since I laid my eyes on you.”

“Well, Thank you”

Alistair walked up and gave Tabitha a kiss on the hand.

“Oh, Mr. Crane.” Tabitha said while blushing.

“I am sorry, but it is time for another break!” Larry said.


“Welcome back. We now have a final guest for this show. Everyone this is Eve Russell. She is going to tell her husband TC that her and Julian were lovers and that they had a child that died. So why don’t we bring out TC right now,” Larry said, “Eve go right ahead.”

“I loved Julian when I was younger and I had a child with him that died.”

“WHAT!” TC yelled out, “How could you. To Julian. I mean GROSS! I am going to kill you.”

“Help me daddy,” Julian screamed while running behind Alistair.

“What the hell are you doing son, get out there and fight like a man.

Everyone was laughing at Julian running around the stage trying to get away from TC.

“Rebecca, PLEASE help me,” Julian pleaded while hiding behind her.

“Oh of course,” Rebecca said and then thought, “Wait you don’t love me anymore why should I protect you.” After speaking she slapped Julian across the face and then walked to the back.

Finally after everyone stopped laughing they caught TC and told him to stay away from Julian.

Luis then went down on one knee beside Sheridan, “Sheridan I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?”

“YES Luis, YES!” Sheridan gave Luis a kiss.

“Wait if it time to reveal secrets, then I have a secret to tell,” Tabitha said, “I’m a witch.”

“I knew it!” Reese yelled out, “Kill the witch!”

“KILL THE WITCH, KILL, KILL!!!!” The audience yelled.

“Aren’t you glad you don’t live in Harmony. Thanks for watching the show. Goodbye.” Larry said and then threw the microphone.