I haven't been able to see the show since it moved to Direct TV but I understand that it has ended.

So, in honor of the end of the show, I would love to hear what everyone thinks are the top 5 scenes of the show. They can be funny, sad, romantic or mean; what are your 5 favorite scenes?

Mine are:

  1. Theresa pours paint over Ethan's head
  2. Sheridan and Luis' first tango
  3. Luis and Fancy finally make love
  4. Luis and Sheridan in the cabin in . . . I forget where but is was really early in the series and it was snowing outside.
  5. Tomato soup cake . . . . Just kidding, let me see . . . there have been so many great moments . . . I really miss the 4th of July scenes when the whole cast was involved.

What are your faves?