Well nobody is here. I thought I would start a topic of scrapbooking school pix and the professional pix that we "older" folks have since took out of frames due to the grandchildren in the frames out on display.

I have a son and daughter. So I thought I would do pink and maybe brown, and yellow for my girl. I've have lots of paper that is pink and brown. Maybe just not use all pages alike, but stay with the same colors.
For my son I thought about blue and green.

Some of my pix are 8X10, that would still work on a 12x12 scrap paper. I could crop some of the edges.

I could start with the baby pix, before school and go all the way to their senior year. I could also put in their prom and gradutes' pix.

Come on scrappers, I know there has to be some in here somewhere. Give me your input!!!
Thanks, CJ