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Thread: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 7

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    Smile Monday's More Near Misses SHUIS Summary & Pics of the Day......

    (***Sorry that there was no Shuis Summary and Picture of the day last night, but we were without electricity for about about 4 hours last night just when I was typing up my summary. I was too tired to finish it when the electricity came back on a little before 1am.)

    On her way back to Lovers Leap to look for her scarf, Sheridan thinks, “I wonder where I dropped it?” Luis hangs precariously out on a limb trying to “rescue” the scarf, “This is crazy. I'm risking my life for a scarf.”

    Still searching Sheridan asks herself, “Where could I have -- oh. What's that?” She looks down. Having retrieved the scarf, Luis says in amazement, “I can't believe I just risked my life for a scarf. What the hell does that mean? Wonder who it belongs to. ...” As Sheridan walks she is scratched by some branches and cries out. Hearing her cry Luis turns and asks, “What was that?”

    At the hotel Liz talks with Brian, “Well, it won't be long before Diana’s whole past comes back to her.” Brian replies, “Well, Doc said it might take a year, maybe more. I'm just hoping that by the time she remembers who she is and where she's from, she will be so hooked on this place ...” Liz adds, “And you.” Brian finishes, “That she won't ever want to leave. All I need to do is figure out how to make her forget about the man she loved.” Liz advises, “You are chasing a ghost, my friend. No woman ever forgets about the love of her life.” Brian whines, “He's dead, Liz. Diana really has no reason to leave the island. So I have nothing to worry about. Unless, of course, the guy comes back from the dead.”

    At Lovers Leap with the scarf in his hand Luis thinks, “Must have been the wind.”

    He holds the scarf close, “Smells like Sheridan.” He has a flashback to a time when he told Sheridan that she smelled, “like sunshine. I love the way you smell.” Sheridan smiles back, “I'm not wearing any perfume.” Luis says, “You don't need any. It's the sun in your hair. It's like nothing else I ever smelled.” Coming out of the flashback, Luis says to himself, “Can't be Sheridan. She's gone. We'll never be together again. Well, I bet whoever lost this is going to look for it again.” From a distance he spots a boat, “Looks like Beth’s boat.” He walks off toward the boat.

    At the hotel Liz sees Brian coming from the kitchen, “Hey. You're really worried about her, aren't you?” Brian says, “She's been gone a long time.” Liz replies, “Hey, you know, maybe she ran into the guy that came down to take the boat back up to the states.” Brian asks, “What?” Liz continues, “Yeah. He wanted to take a walk around the island, so I told him to hike up to Lovers Leap.” Looking worried he asks, “Well, what was this guy like? Was he a nice guy or...” Liz grins, “Yeah, nice enough. Sure as hell is hunky, though. Sexy as sin. Luckily for you, I don't think he's staying around for a while. Else wise, he would give you some heavy competition for the fair Diana.” Brian looks relieved, “Oh, well, then it's a good thing I got that boat done when I did, huh? But Diana may still be upset.” Liz asks, “About what?” Brian replies, “Well, she might have wanted to go back on board. The boat seemed to have triggered some memories for her. Something about it seemed very familiar to her.”

    At the boat Luis looks around and feels Sheridan, “It's like I can feel Sheridan’s presence. Forget it, man. It's not like she's going to pop up out of the cabin.” He tries to convince himself that she is not nearby.

    Seeing Sheridan enter the hotel Brian immediately says, “Oh, Diana. Hey, what happened to your arm? Are you all right?” She looks down at her arm, “Oh, yeah, I'm fine. It's just a scratch. I'm starved.” Brian smiles, “Well, then you came to the right place. I was hoping you'd like to have dinner with me tonight. I've been whipping something up in the kitchen and thought you might like to join me. What do you say?” Diana smiles, “That's really sweet of you. I'd love to.” Brian says, “Well, good. It's not going to be anything fancy, but I hope you like it.” Diana moves to the door, “Ok, well, I'll just go shower and change. I'll be right back.” Brian goes to the kitchen to check on their dinner as Luis enters the hotel returning from his walk. Luis tells Liz, “So I went and checked out the boat. Thing's in first-class shape. It's definitely ready to make the trip back.” Liz asks, “Say, did you make it up to Lovers Leap?” Luis replies, “Yeah. Yeah, I did. It's beautiful up there. It reminded me of someone that -- nothing. Is my room ready?” Liz smiles, “Oh, it sure is. And you are in room 9.” Luis takes his key as Liz points him in the right direction. Liz says, “Hey, dinner's going to be on soon. You're going to stick around, right?” Luis smiles, “Yeah, yeah. That sounds great. I'm just going to shower and change first.”

    Brian returns to the dining room wearing a suit causing Liz to exclaim, “Wow. You're really going all out for this dinner with Diana, aren't you?” Brian says, “Well, I do want it to be special, Liz.” Liz says, “I can see that. Brian, I know I've said it before, but I...” Brian stops her, “Look, I know, I know. You think I'm setting myself to get my heart broken.” Liz says, “You know, you have done everything in your power to get Diana to fall in love with you. But what if she suddenly gets her memory back? She's going to leave this island, and then what are you going to do?”

    In her room Diana says to herself, “Hmm. What to wear to my dinner with Brian? That's strange. I suddenly just got the feeling that very soon something in my life is going to change. Maybe I'll remember who I really am. I just can't shake this feeling that everything I'm looking for, all the answers I need, are behind some door nearby.” Diana goes into the bathroom as Luis walks down the hall to find his room. He spots it, “Number 9. That's me.” He goes in to get ready for that dinner.

    In the restaurant, Brian holds our his hands, “What do you think? Huh? Huh?” Liz smiles, “You look very elegant. Hmm. And just think -- you'll wear a suit for Diana, but I couldn't even get you to change into a clean t-shirt for one of my parties.” Brian grins, “Yeah, I know. I -- Diana, she seems like the suit type. There's something about her. She's not like us, you know. Kind of regal. Don't you think?” Liz agrees, “Yeah, I remember we said that when you first brought her here -- not stuck-up, just ...” Brian completes her thought, “Confident, like me. Right? I think we're a perfect match.”

    Looking around the room, Luis thinks, “That's weird. There's a strange feeling of Sheridan, like she was in the room. Yeah. I knew coming down here was going to stir memories of her. I'm just going to have to learn how to accept the reality that she's gone. I have to learn how to handle that, that Sheridan’s gone. I got to get on with my life.” In the bathroom Sheridan hears Luis in the other room, “What was that? Nothing, I guess.” In the bedroom looking at a picture of Sheridan and himself, Luis says, “Just wish I didn't miss you so much.”

    Liz knocks on Diana's door and sees Luis inside, “What are you doing in here?” Luis is surprised, “This is room 9, the room you gave me, isn't it?” Liz smiles, “No. I am so sorry. This is room 6. I have got to put a nail in this thing.” Luis says, “Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't walk in on anyone.” Liz says, “Yeah. This is Diana’s room. I guess she's in the bathroom.” Luis grins, “It's a good thing I didn't catch her changing.” In the bathroom, Diana things, “I'm not hearing things. Someone's in my room.” She puts her hand on the knob to see who is there.

    Picking up his bag but forgetting his picture of Sheridan and him, Luis says, “Ok. Lead the way.” Liz leads him out the door just as Diana opens the bathroom door, “Hello? Is anyone there? I guess I'm imagining things. I could have sworn I heard people talking.”

    Down the hall in Number 9, Liz asks, “Is it all right?” Luis looks around and replies, “Yeah, it's nice. It's great. I'm telling you, I’m just glad I didn't walk in on that woman.” Liz laughs, “Me, too. All right, this room has a balcony with a really lovely view.” Luis looks at the balcony and has a flashback to the view in their room in Bermuda. Liz asks if he is all right. Luis says, “Yeah, I'm fine. I was -- I was just thinking about my fiancée.” Liz tells him, “Oh, you should have her come down, join you.” Luis sadly says, “I wish I could. It's not possible.” Liz says, “Oh, what a shame. It is a very romantic island. Ok. I'll leave you to unpack.” She heads to Diana's room next door, “Hey. I just wanted to tell you that Brian is waiting.” Diana replies, “Thanks. Tell him I’ll be there in just a minute.”

    Unpacking his bag Luis asks himself, “Where's the picture of me and Sheridan? I must have left it in that woman's room.” He goes next door to retrieve the picture. Knocking on the door Luis calls out, “Excuse me, miss! You in there? I think I left something in your room by accident.” When no one answers, he calls again, “Hello? Is anyone there? She must have gone out.” Luis picks up his picture and remembers Sheridan telling him that she loves him. Luis sighs, “Sheridan, I miss you so much.”

    At the restaurant Diana exclaims, “The table looks beautiful, Brian.” He returns the compliment, “No, you -- you look beautiful. Absolutely stunning.”

    She smiles, “Thank you. And you look very handsome in your suit.” Brian grins, “Oh, what, this old thing? Thanks. That dress -- it looks like it was made for you.” Diana says, “Really? I just pulled it out of the suitcase that Liz gave me.” Brian smiles, “It's amazing how all those clothes fit. Here. Please sit down.” He pulls out the chair for her at the table and hopes that she is hungry. She is famished. Brian serves her a steak. She immediately has a flashback to Luis giving her some of his steak when he was her bodyguard. Brian asks, “Diana, is something wrong?” She replies, “It was strange. I just had another memory. I keep getting this feeling that the key to my past is somewhere close by.”

    She smiles. Suddenly, she remembers something, “My room! The key to my past is in my room!” In the room, Luis looks at the picture of Sheridan and asks, “When am I ever going to accept the fact that I'll never see you again?” Brian asks, “Diana, how can the key to your past be in your room?” She says, “I'm not sure, but I just remembered something. I was in such a hurry to get down here that I didn't pay any attention to it. I just glanced at it quickly. There was a framed photo on my nightstand, and I didn't put it there, but it was a picture of me and a man.” Brian is shocked, “Wait a minute, you're kidding. Who was the man?” Diana replies, “I don't know. It didn't really register, but I got to go back to my room to see if I'm crazy or not.”

    To be continued...

    Shuis screen caps are from Passions Central. Thanks!

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    Smile Tuesday's Twice Asked SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day........

    As Luis stands in his room looking at his picture of Sheridan, “It's not working. Everyone told me that time was going to make it hurt less. But it's not true. Everywhere I go, it's a constant reminder of you. And the fact that I'll never see you again.”

    In the restaurant Brian tries to stop Diana from leaving. She calls back, “I can’t. I've got to go back to my room and see.” Diana stops as she nears the door as Liz exclaims, “Oh! Where's the fire?” Brian says, “Diana thinks there was a photograph in her room that wasn't there before.” Diana confirms, “I think I saw a photo of me with the man that I love; the one I keep having memories of. I've got to go back to my room and take a look. I saw it out of the corner of my eye.” Liz skeptically asks, “Ok, I hate to be a stickler for reality here, but how would a photograph like that get inside your room?” Diana seems confused, “I don't know. All I know is that I saw it and I've got to see it again.” Diana heads to her room with Brian and Liz following. Diana stops in front of her nightstand. Brian asks why she stopped. Diana says in surprise, “I don't understand. I -- i was so sure that...” Luis' picture of Sheridan and himself is obviously no longer there.

    Liz attempts to make her feel better, “It's ok, honey. I've been known to see a few things myself that weren't there.” Diana is upset, “No, I swear, there was a framed photo on this nightstand. I can see it in my mind's eye. I wasn't paying much attention, but I think it was a picture of me and the man that loved me.” Brian tells her, “Look, it's no wonder. I mean, you want to remember your old life so badly that your mind is playing tricks on you. That's all.” Then he adds, “You ready for dinner now? A good meal will do you wonders. Come on. Maybe even help you remember more about your past.” She quietly says, “Maybe.” Brian urges, “Come on, it's getting cold.”

    Liz watches Brian lead Diana away and thinks, “Poor thing. Not her fault Brian is crazy about her. She certainly didn't ask to have her past erased, either. Hey there, number nine,” as she sees Luis come out of his room. He says, “Actually, it's...” Liz stops him, “Oh, please, you're wasting your time if you expect for me to remember your name. I'll only forget if you tell me again.” Luis smiles, “Ok. I thought I heard a voice.” Liz says, “Well, yeah, you did. A friend of mine and a woman from number six. Why?” Luis admits, “Well, the woman's voice -- I only heard a word or two, but there was something about it, and I could have sworn that -- that it was my fiancé's voice. I mean, I know that's impossible, but...” Liz asks, “Is that a picture of her? Can I see it? I bet she's beautiful.” Luis looks sad, pained so Liz asks if she said something wrong.

    Luis replies “It's not you. It's my fiancée. She died.” Liz apologizes, “Oh, me and my big mouth. I am so sorry.” Luis nicely says, “No, no, no. It's ok. You didn't know.” Liz says, “No, but -- you know, from the moment you walked into my place, I could sense that there was more going on than just your sailing a boat back to the states. You know, they tell me I’m a pretty good listener if you feel like talking about it. And if not, nobody understands a person needing their privacy more than I do.” Luis replies, “Well, thanks. I appreciate that.” Liz gives him fresh towels.

    Feeling comfortable with her, Luis tells Liz some of what happened, “It was an accident. One minute we -- we were laughing and making plans for the future, and -- and then she was gone. I wanted to protect her, and I couldn't. I never even got the chance to say good-bye.” Liz knowingly asks, “And you took this job so you could try and get her off your mind?” Luis gives a small smile, “Yeah, well, only it hasn't worked. You know, everything I see and every voice I hear reminds me of her.” Liz adds, “And every time you realize that it's not her, it's like your heart breaking all over again.” Luis says, “Yeah. How did you know? Did you lose someone, too?” Liz says, “Oh, well, I've lost so many people I care about, I've lost count. Children, husbands, lovers.” Luis apologizes this time, “Oh, I'm sorry. You must think I’m a real jerk for feeling sorry for myself.” Liz quickly says, “Oh, no, no, no. Not at all. Please, I have cried so many tears, i could fill an ocean. But I don't do that much anymore.” Luis asks, “So, how do you make the hurt stop?” Liz replies, “Who says it ever does? But time -- time will dull the pain. And you know what? You'll meet new friends. And they'll help you forget.” Luis shakes his head, “I'll never forget about her.” Liz wisely says, “Of course not. But that doesn't mean that you can just curl up and die. You're still young. You know, in time you'll meet somebody new. You'll settle down, raise a family, find some sort of contentment.” Luis sighs, “Well, I can't see that. Right now it feels like my whole life's over.” Luis then asks, “How do you learn to put one foot in front of the other when you don't even care where you're going?” Liz replies, “I guess what I meant is that one day you may be going through the motions, and then suddenly you'll realize that you're starting to feel things again. Number nine, I don't know. I mean, everybody's different. We all grieve in our own separate ways. What worked for me might not work for you. I can tell you this -- never say never about falling in love again. See, we're all born with this instinct to survive, and none of us is meant to go through this life alone. So, all right, maybe the woman that you meet, she's nothing like your fiancée. But she'll be other things that you care about and need. Am i talking too much?” She smiles. Luis smiles, too, “No. No, no, it's ok. What was your name, again?” She replies, “Elizabeth. Everybody calls me Liz, though.” Luis says, “Liz. No, talking to you is making me feel better.” Liz smiles, “Good. So you'll come to dinner?” Luis asks, “Tonight? I don't think so.” Liz says, “Ok.” She leaves Luis alone with his thoughts, “Sheridan. How am I ever going to go on without you?”

    In the restaurant, Diana asks, “Why does my mind keep doing this to me, Brian? Why do I keep thinking about the man who once loved me? I remember him dying in my arms, yet I...” She stops so Brian asks, “Yet what?” She continues, “Yet I feel as if he's somewhere close by.” Brian sees Liz, “Oh, just in time, Liz. Why don't you tell Diana what a good cook I am when I put my mind to it.” Diana says, “It's not that, Brian. I just don't have much of an appetite tonight.” Liz comments, “Oh, well, you're not the only person in this place that doesn't feel like eating tonight.” Diana looks confused, “What do you mean?” Liz replies, “The guy that checked in earlier to pick up the boat that you and Brian were working on.” Diana exclaims, “Oh, right, the one next door to me.” Liz confirms, “Yeah. Seems he's nursing a broken heart. His fiancée died recently, and -- well, he's having a rough time dealing with it.” Diana says, “Poor thing, to lose someone that you love so much.” Brian mentions, “Sounds a lot like what happened to you.” Diana agrees, “And I don't know the details of what happened to me. Guess I'm lucky that way. Must be even worse to know how you lost the person you love. I mean, you would replay it in your mind over and over every day.” Liz says, “I have a feeling that's exactly what he's doing in there.” Diana asks, “Is he going to come out here for dinner?” Liz replies. “Well, I asked him, but I wouldn't count on it. I think he wants to be alone with his thoughts tonight.” Diana has an idea, “He should be around other people. Why don't we invite him to join us?” Brian replies, “Well, Liz just said that he wants to be alone. Maybe we should just let him be.” (Remember that Liz told Brian earlier how sexy Luis is and that he could give Brian a run for his money for Diana if he were staying longer! Brian does not want the new guy to meet Diana!) Diana uses a persuasive tone, “That's because he doesn't know anybody here. I know you went to a lot of trouble to make this dinner, so wouldn't it be nice to share it with someone who's feeling good besides, I have a feeling you probably made way too much food.” Brian gives in, “Sure. Whatever you want.” Diana then adds, “You'll join us, too, won't you, Liz?” Liz looks toward Brian, “Um -- that's up to Brian.” Brian shrugs, “Yeah, that's fine with me. The more the merrier.” Liz says, “Ok. I'll go ask him.” Brian turns to Diana, “You owe me. Now that we're going to be having guests joining us, make sure you eat all that food now.” Diana smiles, “I will. I promise. For some reason, I’m starting to get my appetite back.”

    Liz knocks on Luis' door. When he opens his door, Liz says, “Hi. I know you thought you got rid of me for the night, but I have an invitation for you. Dinner with me and a couple of friends.” Luis says, “Well, thanks, but I thought that I told you I'm just not up for meeting anyone ...” Liz stops him, “Don't be so quick to say no. You know, being with other folks might help you take your mind off of things. Besides, didn't anybody ever tell you that it's not healthy to isolate?” Luis gives her a small smile, “Besides you? Yeah, my buddy Hank back home said something like that.” Liz replies, “See? Come on, listen to him. Both of us can't be wrong. Come on. What are you afraid of? Nobody is going to bite you. And you might surprise yourself and have a good time.” Luis looks at her, “Look, it's not that I don't appreciate the invitation, Liz, it's just that, well, I'm not up for it, you know?” Liz tries chiding him asking, “Didn't your mother ever tell you that you can't stay in your room and not eat.” Luis says, “Yes. But I...” Liz tries another method, “All right, all right, fine. If you're not going to do it for yourself, do it for me. I mean, what kind of a reputation am I going to get if I let my guests stay in their room all miserable and depressed?” Luis sighs, “Now you're playing dirty.” Liz smiles, “You ain't seen nothing yet. Liz is pretty good at getting what she wants -- at least some of the time... come on.” Luis gives in, “All right, you win. Just give me a minute to change my shirt, will you?” Liz says, “Ok. I promise you, you're making the right decision.”

    Diana sees Liz return to the restaurant, “What did he say?” Liz replies, “He accepted your invitation, and he'll be in in a minute. Maybe we can cheer him up a bit.” Brian says, “I don't know. The guy may not feel like talking.” Diana replies, “Well, then we'll do all the talking. The important thing is to get him past this tragedy, to get his mind off of it. I can't even imagine what it would be like if I remembered every detail of losing the man I loved. It would be devastating.” Brian says, “Well, I thought the point was to cheer him up, not make you feel worse.” Diana sighs, “You're right. I have to be upbeat if we're going to get past any of this sadness with him. And who knows -- maybe someday this man will look back on this dinner and see it as a turning point, see it as the night he began to get over his terrible loss.”

    In his room Luis looks at his picture of Sheridan and him, “All I can think about is Sheridan. There's only one thing in the world that I want. No amount of well-meaning people is going to be able to bring it back to me. All I want is you. That's not going to happen.”

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

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    Smile Wednesday's World of Hope SHUIS Pictures of the Day..........

    Once again, I didn't post last night because of circumstances beyond my control but I thought I would post this morning a couple of pictures that ran in promos for Passions around the time of the summaries that gave us hope at the time that Shuis would be back together soon...we were wrong and it tool almost a year for this wonderful couple to reunite. I will hopefully be able to post a summary and pictures tonight. Thanks to Passions Central for the caps of the promo...

    This is such a beautiful picture of McKenzie...

    See you tonight...

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    Smile Thursday's 3 or 4 SHUIS Near Misses Summary & Pics of the Day...

    After having changed his shirt Luis sits on the bed in his room at the hotel looking at his picture of Sheridan and himself, “It was nice of Liz to invite me to dinner with her friends. Just not so sure it's a good idea. Sometimes I think I'll never get over losing you. "Sometimes." (He looks around.) All the time. Well, I know Liz thinks this dinner will help me take my mind off of things. Just don't see that happening.” Luis stands up and walks toward the door.

    At the restaurant Liz walks over to Brian and Diana's table holding a bottle of wine, “I have been saving this baby for a very special occasion, and this is it.” Brian says, “Dinner with that guy from the states? He must've really gotten to you, Liz.” Liz says, “His story about losing his fiancée got to me.” Diana agrees, “I really feel bad for this guy. That's why I wanted you to invite him to dinner.” Liz adds, “Because you can relate to him.” Diana sadly says, “Very much so. He lost a love, just like I did.” Brian says, “Now unfortunately, you can't remember yours.” Diana sadly replies, “No. I just have flashes of things, none of them specific. I know that he's gone and that I’ll never see him again.” Liz adds, “This poor guy down the hall remembers everything -- her face, the way they were together.” Diana looks pensive, “Can't imagine how awful that must be for him.” Brian says, “He'll get over it. You both will in time.” Diana purses her lips and raises her brows, “Maybe this dinner will be therapeutic for us both. You know, once we can meet and talk, maybe we can help each other heal our pain.”
    As Diana stands looking out over the sand beach just at the steps of the restaurant, Liz comments, “You know, our guest is really taking his time. I'm going to go check on him.” Liz crosses the room to the door and heads off to find Luis. Brian walks up behind Diana as she says, “I hope that man joins us for dinner.” Brian says, “You know, you really are something, you know that? I mean, you're caring and generous and just all-round wonderful.” Diana smiles, “Just because I want us all to have dinner?” Brian smiles, “Oh, I mean, come on. You care so much about a guy you never even met.” She shrugs, “It's not like I'm worried or anything. It's just...” Brian smiles, “Well, you're an angel, Diana. An angel sent from heaven. When I first pulled you out of the sea, that was the first thing that shot through my mind. And I was right. Only an angel would care about a stranger's feelings like that.” (Oh how icky can he get! Can that man be for real!) Diana says, “You're the generous one, Brian, letting this man share such a splendid dinner you prepared for us.” Brian grins that lop-sided grin, “Like I could ever say no to you.” Diana walks back to the table. As she looks at the candles on the table she has a flashback of Luis and her having dinner the night that Luis planned the “most romantic night.” Seeing that she isn't paying any attention to him, Brian asks, “Diana? Is something wrong?” Diana still doesn't turn to face him as she says, “Another memory flash. I hope he gets here soon. I really feel bad for the poor guy. I don't remember all the details of my lost love, but this poor man -- he remembers every detail of his. How can he possibly get through such an enormous loss?”

    In the hallway Liz sees Luis coming out of his room, “I was just coming to get you. Everyone's waiting. Come on.” Luis stops, “Liz, you know what? Actually, I was just coming to talk to you about dinner.” Facing him again, Liz smiles, “Oh, it'll be delicious. That I guarantee.” Luis shakes his head, “No, I was thinking -- it's just the mood I’m in right now. I just want to be alone.” Liz tries persuasion, “Hey, you got to eat.” Luis says, “Well, I'll get something later.” Liz smiles, “No, you won’t. You'll just hang out in your room feeling all blue, and I ain't having it. Guests at Liz’s place get five-star treatment, and that includes a little T.L.C.” Luis also smiles, “Well, this guest appreciates that. Liz, I just don't -- I don't want to be around anyone right now.” Liz tries again, “You got to start sometime.” Luis adds, “And I'm also tired from my trip. Look, I just want to be by myself and think, ok?” Liz scolds, “About the past?” Luis replies, “About the time that I spent with my fiancée. Maybe I need to think a little bit more about that before I’m ready to move on without her.” Liz says, “Listen, I know you're hurting, but the sooner you start to heal, the quicker you will. And this dinner -- well, it'll be the perfect time to start.” Luis gives her a small smile, “No, Liz...” Liz pleads, “Oh, come on, number nine. That word is not allowed here. Now, you come to dinner. You'll thank me for it later. I promise.” She pulls his arm to get him to go with her.

    In the restaurant Diana tells Brian, “You know, I'm going to go find Liz, see what's keeping her and our guest.” Brian says, “Ok. I'll keep dinner warm till you guys get back.” Diana says, “Ok.” She walks down the hall toward Luis' room while in the hallway Luis stops walking and tells Liz, “Look, thanks, but no thanks.” Liz pleads again, “Oh, come on. Why can't I make you see that this is exactly what you need?” Luis is determined, “Liz, I know what I need.” Liz asks, “What about Brian and Diana? They set aside a very romantic dinner for two just so they can be with you.” Luis then asks, “What?” Liz informs him, “Brian cooked dinner for Diana. They're just starting their relationship. But when I told them about you and everything that you were going through, they really wanted to help you, to, you know, try and cheer you up. I think it's nice of them.” Luis agrees, “Yeah, yeah. It's very nice of them.” Liz asks, “So you'll come -- come have dinner with us? Good food, a few laughs. Couldn't hurt, right?” Luis shakes his head, “No thanks. I wouldn't want to intrude on your friends' dinner.” Liz smiles, “You wouldn't be intruding. I just told you, it's going to...” Luis stands firm, “Look, Liz, I remember what it was like when my fiancée and I first started dating. The last thing that I would want was someone else tagging along. You know, a third wheel? I just wanted to be with her all by myself.” Liz says, “But it's not going to be like that. First of all, there's going to be four of us.” Luis backs away, “Listen, you have a great heart, but I know what I need. I just want to be alone right now, ok? I'm just going to take a long walk on the beach. Thanks again.” As soon as Luis walks out of sight, Diana arrives and asks, “Liz? Where is he?”

    Liz sighs, “Gone. He was grateful for the invitation, but he really wanted to be alone.” Diana says, “That's too bad. I was really looking forward to talking to him. I had a feeling that it was important we meet.” Liz shrugs, “Oh, it's my fault. I blurted out that you and Brian were having dinner together, and he didn't want to spoil your evening.” Diana smiles, “But he wouldn’t.” Liz says, “I know. I just should have kept my big mouth shut.” Diana says with determination, “Oh, that's ok, Liz. Hey, look; I’ll go look for him. You know, I'll tell him that we want to have dinner, the four of us.” Liz replies, “Ok. He said he was going to take a walk on the beach. He's wearing a rust-colored shirt.” Diana begins to quickly walk to the door, “I'll go find him.” Liz says to herself, “I don't know if she's going to be able to help him. Poor guy. I don't think anyone can.”

    Walking along the beach Luis has a flashback of Sheridan and him on the beach in Bermuda with the fire. He looks to the heavens and asks, “Am I ever gonna get over losing you, Sheridan?” As Luis walks further down the beach, Sheridan appears in the clearing having walked the same path he did. She stops and puts her hand into one of his footprints in the sand. She then has the same flashback of them on the beach in Bermuda. She says, “I have to find this man. I don't know why but something inside is telling me that it's important that we meet and talk.” She walks off to catch up with Luis. As Sheridan walks along the beach trailing Luis, she has another flashback of them lying on the beach in front of the fire in Bermuda and she thinks, “You've got to stop thinking about your own pain, Diana. You’ve got to find this man and help him through his. We have so much in common -- lost love. Perhaps if we can talk, we can help each other.” Sitting on a rock on the beach Luis sighs, “Feels like she's still here. I can sense her like I sensed her in that room.” Looking toward a movement in the distance, Luis stands, “That even looks like her. Oh, man.” He laughs at himself but keeps looking, “You're going crazy here.” Then he really takes notice as he sees Sheridan in the distance, “Oh. The resemblance. Could that be her?” Sheridan turns in his direction then has a flashback of Luis kissing her before he left with the FBI Agent. Sheridan looks in Luis' direction and asks, “Could it be?” Both Sheridan and Luis keep looking at each other in the distance (they cannot see each other's faces clearly being night time, grasses and distance between them) each having the same memory flashes of being on the beach in Bermuda. They each begin to move forward to see if it is possible that the other really is alive and there.

    As Sheridan/Diana reaches the man, it is Brian looking for her. He says that she looks disappointed that it was him. Trying not to sound disappointed she tells him, “I just had the craziest feeling that the man I loved was somewhere nearby on this beach.” Brian says, “But you said you had a memory flash and he was dead.” Diana explains, “Yes, I did but for a second I thought maybe I was wrong...that maybe he wasn't dead. I had the strongest feeling that he was alive.” Brian hugs her and says her mind is playing tricks on her because she wants so badly to remember her past. Diana says that he may be right. Brian then suggests they go back to the hotel and tear up the dance floor. Diana says, “I don't really feel like dancing.” Brian insists, “Oh come on, it'll cheer you up.” Diana smiles, “All right.” The walk off just before Luis reaches the spot. Liz calls out to Luis and asks if he is looking for someone. Luis looks rather sheepish, “Yeah, I know it's crazy but I thought I saw my fiancée walking on the beach.” Liz looks surprised, “Your fiancée? You told me she was dead.” Luis replies, “Yeah, I told you it was crazy but I just had this feeling...Well, anyway I came around the dune and she's gone.” Luis keeps looking around for Sheridan while he talks with Liz, “It's silly, I tell you.” Liz softens, “No, not silly at all. You miss the woman you love. I really wish you'd come with me and my friends to dinner.” Luis shakes his head, “I would have been lousy company anyway.” A determined Liz says, “You're coming with me! We're going to listen to a little music and have a drink and I don't mind lousy company.” Luis says, “Not tonight. I mean thanks...” Liz insists, “Just one drink and I'll let you go. Come on! You just might have a little fun and never want to leave.” She smiles and takes him by the arm and they head back to the hotel.

    Brian and Diana arrive at the hotel from the beach side. There are a whole bunch of couples dancing. Diana smiles, “I like the music.” Brian replies, “Good because we're gonna dance the night away.” Diana giggles. Across the floor Liz and Luis enter from the hotel hall door. Luis looks astonished and asks, “Liz, where did all these people come from?” Liz replies, “Oh, the hippies and the hermits always come out when they hear we have a DJ. And some people from from the yachts who want to be on Terra firma for a little while.” She reaches out, puts her hand on his arm, and enthusiastically asks, “What'll you have to drink?” Luis replies, “Liz, I don't feel like staying now.” Putting her hand on his arm again, “Oh, come on. One drink. It'll do you good to talk to people.” Luis sits at the bar as Liz pours him a drink. She places the drink in front of him and looks up, “There are my friends, the ones I wanted you to have dinner with.” Luis asks, “The ones just starting a relationship? Where?” He turns around on the bar stool and looks across the room but doesn't even know who he is looking for. Liz says, “There...behind the woman in the gold dress.” Luis looks but can't see them with all the people in between them.

    Luis tells Liz that he can't see them. Liz tells him that she is sure they will come over in a few minutes. Luis and Liz both take sips of their drinks when Luis has a flashback of him toasting Sheridan in the gazebo after she accepted his proposal. Liz asks if he is okay. Luis sadly says, “Yeah. I'm sorry. It's all these couples. It brings back a lot of memories.” Liz says sympathetically, “Of course it would.” Luis says, “You know, I'm just gonna head back to my room and get a good night's sleep for tomorrow. I want to get my friend's boat back before the weather turns.” Liz responds, “Well, I wish you would stay, but I understand.” Luis smiles, “Thanks for trying. Good night.” He stands and walks toward the door. The music changes to a tango. Across the floor Brian asks Diana if she knows how to tango. She smiles and says, “If I do I don't remember. Show me.” Brian grins, “My pleasure.” They begin to dance and she knows all the moves prompting Brian to comment, “Wow! You must have done this before. You're really good.” As they continue the dance, Diana has a flashback of her tango with Luis in Bermuda. She stops dancing and Brian asks, “What's wrong?” At the door, Luis sees a reflection in a mirror and turns to call out, “Sheridan?” When Luis is completely turned around he sees that it is not Sheridan but a blond dancing the tango. Luis says to himself, “Will you stop being such an idiot? Sheridan's gone. She's not coming back.” He walks out the door into the hall.

    Across the dance floor, Diana walks off onto the sand and Brian follows. Behind her Brian asks, “Diana, what is it? You look upset.” With her back to him she says, “It's nothing. Just another memory flash. It's nothing. I'm fine. I just don't feel like dancing right now. OK?” She turns to face Brian who says, “That's fine.” Diana continues, “To be honest, I just want to go back to my room. I'm sorry.” Brian says, “No, no, no, don't be. I'll walk you back. Just let me say good bye to Liz. Be right back.” He walks away as she turns around again, “What's wrong with you? Why do I keep getting these feelings that my past is so close to me tonight?”

    On the balcony of his room, Luis looks up at the sky, “Sheridan, I miss you so much. Why do I keep seeing you? Why do I get the feeling you are so near? Maybe it's because I never got the chance to say good bye.”

    Diana walks into her room followed by Brian. She says, “Sorry. I just didn't feel like dancing.” Brian replies, “That's okay. I just hope you feel better.” Diana smiles, “Yeah. I'm fine. I just can't shake this feeling that my past is so close to me right now. All the answers I am looking for ... Well, thanks for trying to make me feel better. (She smiles.) I really did enjoy all the dancing and the dinner you made for us.” Brian says, “Good. See you tomorrow.” She gives him a kiss on the cheek before he leaves. Diana heads straight out onto her balcony. She and Luis are both on their own balconies a few feet apart but don't see each other, but they do feel the other's presence. They just don't believe it. On his balcony, Luis closes his eyes and whispers, “I feel so close to you, Sheridan.” They both look so sad as they look up at the stars.

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for the screen caps.

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    Smile Friday's Few More Near Misses SHUIS Summary & Pics of the Day......

    Only a few feet away from Luis on the balcony of his room, Sheridan stands on the balcony of her room. She smiles, “Why can't I remember more about him?” She has a flashback of Luis smiling at her. On his balcony Luis whispers, “Why do I feel so close to you?” Looking out over the sea and sky Sheridan says, “I know he's dead, but it's as if I can still feel his presence, as if we were breathing the same air.” With his eyes closed Luis says in a husky voice, “I need you, Sheridan. Come back to me.” Luis looks to his right towards Sheridan's balcony but she has gone inside, of course! Luis thinks, “For a moment, I almost thought she was there. I must be losing my mind. Sheridan is gone.” Luis looks around once again and walks into his room. Pacing inside her room Sheridan says, “I can't go on like this. I've got to stop obsessing about a man that I once loved when I don't even remember his name.”

    She stands in front of the mirror to brush her hair and has a flashback of brushing her hair in front of the mirror in her bedroom at the cottage as Luis comes up behind her and stops her from brushing her hair for a kiss.

    Coming out of her flashback Sheridan wonders, “How long ago was that? Where was I?” In Luis' room he has the same flashback. He flops down on his bed and hugs his pillow. In her room Sheridan thinks, “I'm not the least bit tired. Maybe a swim will help.” In his room Luis decides the same thing, “There's no way I’m going to sleep now. I'll go down to the water.”
    Walking on the sand to the ocean, Sheridan drops her towel and sarong on a big rock. She says to herself, “Maybe the warm water will relax me; help me fit the bits and pieces of my memory together.” She has a flashback of being on the boat with Luis in Bermuda. Sheridan smiles, “I was so happy. Why did it have to end?” She swims off. Luis arrives at the same spot that Sheridan had just vacated and sees her sarong on the rock. Picking it up he asks, “I wonder who this belongs to.” Putting the sarong down, Luis wonders, “What am I doing? Everything I look at, everything I touch -- it reminds me of her. I can't go on like this.” He takes his shirt off and swims off following Sheridan. As he swims, he has a flashback of them on the boat in Bermuda. He is in the water trying to get the anchor up when Sheridan looks down at him in the water and asks, “You get the anchor unstuck?” Luis smiles up at her, “No, not yet. One more try should do the trick, though.” Sheridan smiles, “Ok. Coffee's almost ready.” Coming out of his flashback Luis comes to a stop and says to himself, “That's the last time I saw her smile.”

    Swimming further out Sheridan declares, “Oh, this is exactly what I needed. Oh! Where'd that come from? I'm not going to let a little cramp stop me. Ow! Oh. Help!” She goes under. Luis stops swimming and looks around, “Was that someone crying out for help? Must be hearing things.” He hears her call again and he looks around. Sheridan cries out, “Help me.” She goes under water again. Luis stops and looks around, “I swore I heard someone call for help.” She goes under again then calls out, “Somebod-- somebody help me!” Luis says, “I knew I wasn't imagining things. Where are you? Answer me!” He looks around and listens but nothing so he calls out again, “Where are you? Nothing. I was thinking about Sheridan. I imagined she was calling out for help, only that's not possible. Sheridan's dead. I'll never hear her voice again.” Luis swims away. Coming up again she yells, “Ah! Help!”

    Knocking on Liz's door, Brian calls out, “Liz? It's Brian.” A sleepy Liz opens her door and steps out into the hall, “This had better be good. I was sound asleep.” Brian tells her, “I can't stop thinking about Diana.” Liz gives him a dirty look, “What else is new, Brian?” Brian explains, “Liz, come on. I'm worried about her. Earlier tonight she said she thought she remembered more about her past. She said she felt a connection to that new guest of yours -- you know, the guy from the states that lost the woman he loved?” Liz looks like she would like to strangle him, “Yeah. And I was connected to my pillow before you came knocking.” Brian says, “Liz, I’m serious. Look, she was upset when I left her in her room. She said that things weren't going right with her trying to remember everything about her old life, and I was just wondering if you could go check on her.” Liz asks, “Why can't you do it yourself?” Brian explains, “Because I might startle her, you know? A guy being in her room in the middle of the night. And besides, with the state that she's in, she might think that I’m the guy that she loved and lost.”

    In the ocean Luis asks, “Sheridan, why do I have the feeling that you're so close by? That if I reached out far enough, I could touch you, take you in my arms again? Get over it, Luis. She's gone.” He swims off. Sheridan surfaces again and yells, “Help! Somebody help me! Help!” Luis stops swimming and listens, “It's not my imagination this time. Someone's out there calling for help. Hang on! I'm coming!” He swims off in the direction of the calls for help.

    Meeting Liz in the hall, Brian, “Hey, how is she?” Liz replies, “I don't know. Diana is not in her room.” Brian says, “I should have known that she was too upset to sleep. Where could she be?” Liz : suggests, “You saw her at the beach earlier. Maybe she went back -- take a late-night swim, clear her head.” Brian says, “Well, I hope not because it's a little late for her to be out swimming by herself. And besides, the undertow out there is just -- it's crazy, you know?” Liz says, “You're right. If she got caught, she might not be able to fight it.” Brian looks worried, “Diana could drown. Come on.” They both rush off.

    In the ocean Sheridan call out again, “My stomach! The cramps are getting worse! Oh, somebody help me!” She slips under the water again. Still swimming, Luis yells, “Hang on! I'm coming!” He sees the woman as she goes under the water, “There she is. No!” He is too far to reach her so he swims again.

    Arriving at the spot where Sheridan left her sarong, Brian calls out, “Diana, are you out there?” Liz says, “It's so dark, I can't see a thing.” As they enter the clearing, Brian says, “Come on, let's try further down. Wait a second. This is her sarong, isn't it?” He picks it up. Liz agrees, “Yeah.” Brian surmises, “She must have gone swimming.” Liz nods, “Where the water's the most dangerous.” Brian says, “She could drown, Liz.” He begins to unbutton his shirt as he runs toward the water.

    Swimming under water looking for Sheridan, Luis' voice is heard, “I have to find the woman who called for help.” As Sheridan is falling further to the ocean floor when hands grab her and begin to pull her upward to the surface. As she breaks the surface she says, “It's you!” She smiles at Luis as he smiles at her. An ecstatic Sheridan exclaims, “It's you! I finally found you.” She kisses Luis there in the middle of the water.

    As the kiss ends, Sheridan says, “Oh, I thought you were dead. Where have you been? How did you find me?” Suddenly, she is being pulled away and Luis is receding into the distance and she calls out, “No! Where are you going? Don't leave me! Please, don't leave me! Don't go. Don't leave me.” Sheridan is being pulled through the water and Brian says, “I'm not going anywhere, Diana. I'm taking you back to shore. I'm not going to let you die.” Sheridan was just hallucinating. On shore Liz calls Doc, “Doc, it's Liz. Listen, Diana went swimming and apparently got caught in an undertow. Brian's bringing her to shore now, but I don't know what kind of shape either one of them is going to be in.” At the hotel, Doc instructs her, “Have Brian get Diana to her room if he's able. I'll be set up and ready.” Liz replies, hangs up and says, “Please, God, let them be all right.” In the ocean Luis comes up for air and see Brian in the distance, “He must have seen her, too. I'd better help him. This current is strong.” He swims off toward Brian and Sheridan.

    Brian carries Sheridan across the sand toward Liz. Liz covers her with a towel and tells him that she called Doc and he's waiting at the hotel for them. They turn to walk back to the hotel as Luis comes out of the water and runs to catch up with Liz. Luis yells, “Liz, wait! Liz.” Liz turns and goes back to Luis, “My goodness, I didn't know you were out there, too.” Luis tells her, “I went swimming. I heard a woman calling for help.” Liz nods, “It's Diana. Brian rescued her, but she didn't look good. Are you ok?” Luis says, “Yeah. It just reminded me of what happened to my fiancée. I heard her calling out my name. I just couldn't get to her in time. She was too far away.” Liz says, “I'm sorry.” Luis sadly says, “I'm just glad this Brian guy saved Diana. Well, how is she? How are they doing?” Looking concerned Liz tells him, “Well, he's taking her to a local doctor, but when he carried her to the hotel, she was barely breathing. I'm not sure anybody can save Diana now.”

    Brian carries Sheridan into her room and lays her on her bed. Brian asks, “What's wrong with her?” Doc checks the pulse in her neck and declares that he can't find a pulse which prompts Brian to say, “No, Doc, you have to do something. She has to live.” Doc yells, “Help me give her C.P.R.” Brian begins mouth to mouth as Doc does the chest compressions. (Now, I am not a doctor but since she was breathing and talking about Luis when Brian pulled her out of the water, it seems a bit of a stretch that she isn't breathing at all now...such is Passions!)

    Still on the beach a concerned Luis asks, “This woman, Diana -- you say she's barely breathing?” Luis picks up his shirt but doesn't cover up that gorgeous chest yet. Liz says, “I'm not sure she's going to make it.” Luis says, “Well, maybe I can help her. Why don't you take me to her.” Liz points the way, “All right. She's in the room right next to yours. Number 6.” Luis repeats, “Number 6, ok.” They both quickly move down the path to the hotel.

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for the beautiful screen caps.

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    Smile Saturday's SHUIS Past Life Story Summary & Pics of the Day..........

    In Tabitha's attic dressed in his pajamas, Timmy sees the scroll pop out of a trunk, “The scroll!” Tabitha exclaims, “Oh, the scroll. It must be here to tell us that something evil's about to happen.” Timmy agrees, “Timmy remembers when he found the scroll up here, Tabby was arguing with the dark forces in the basement. And about Luis and Sheridan -- Timmy couldn't believe it was about their past lives.” Tabitha nods, “Hmm. It's a good read, if you like misery.” Timmy frowns, “Timmy feels bad for all the pain and suffering Luis and Sheridan had. But Tabby's right -- it does make for a great story.” Grabbing the scroll from where it dangles in mid-air, Tabitha says, “Ah. The scroll has come back because of Luis and Sheridan. They're headed for more pain, Timmy -- pain, pain, pain, much more pain.”

    In Diana's room performing CPR with Doc, Brian declares, “I won't let her die, Doc.” Standing next to her bed doing the chest compressions, Doc says, “She'd be a goner without you. That's for sure. You're making a career out of fishing her from the sea. Five – breathe.” Brian says, “I thought she was a goner for sure this time, the current was so strong. Come on! We got to save her.” Doc commands, “Breathe.” Brian commands her, too, “Breathe, Diana. Come on.”

    Luis and Liz arrive at the hotel through the restaurant. Luis is still shirtless because his chest is still wet from his swim. He carries his shirt in his hand. Luis looks worried as he says, “Another woman almost drowning? See, it was after I lost my fiancée, I had nightmares about her. I -- I heard her voice calling me, but there was nothing I could do. I was knocked unconscious. Then later, I couldn't get to her because of the storm.” Getting bottles of water from behind the counter, Liz replies, “Well, the last thing you need to do is feel guilty about what happened. You did everything you could to save her -- almost too much from what you've told me. You almost drowned yourself.” Luis replies, “I'm not feeling guilty. I just don't want the same thing to happen to this Diana woman that happened to my fiancée.” They head for the door to check on Diana.

    In Tabby's attic as Tabby and he drink Martimmys, Timmy asks, “More pain for Luis and Sheridan? Isn't what's going on with them on that island enough?” Tabitha replies, “According to my bosses, there's no such thing as enough pain. Maybe it's the Martimmys, but I sometimes wonder. Anyway, what's done is done and done well.” Timmy says sadly, “Timmy remembers when he read the scroll in January, the story that Luis and Sheridan -- Luis thinking Sheridan was dead... But she's alive.” Tabitha laughs, “Yes. But now she's got amnesia, so she doesn't even remember Luis. Oh! The thought of those two on the same tropical island clueless that they're so close. Oh, it's heart-wrenching with a capital h. Hmm.” Timmy asks, “Timmy doesn't get it. Tabby, how can Luis and Sheridan experience more pain if they don't even know they're on the same island?” Tabitha answers, “Oh, Timmy. The events that are going on there now were set in motion eons ago. Hey, give me a refill and I'll tell you a bedtime story epochs in the making.” Timmy refills Tabby's glass, then says, “Timmy wishes Luis and Sheridan hadn't had so much pain. But the story's so incredible; Timmy could hear it again and again.” Timmy smiles. Tabitha unfurls the scroll and begins to read, “Hmm, hmm! Well, in that case -- "this is an epic saga of two people who've loved each other throughout the ages, a bittersweet story of a couple who want nothing more than to be together."...” Timmy sighs, “So sweet.” Tabitha looks at him, “Yes, well, bittersweet, Timmy -- hmm -- terribly, terribly bitter. "In their attempt to find happiness together, they are destined to experience only agony and anguish." Timmy says sadly, “Poor Luis and Sheridan.” Tabitha nods, “Indeed, indeed. Now listen to this, Timmy. Listen to this terrible tale of pain and woe.” She laughs as Timmy takes a sip of his drink.

    In Diana's room, Brian and Doc continue giving her CPR, “Stay with me, Diana. Hang on.” She begins to cough. Doc exclaims, “There. That's better!” Brian agrees, “Yes.” Doc decides, “I think she may be out of danger.” Brian says, “Good. For a moment there, I thought...” Doc looks toward Brian, “Whew. Didn't take you long to develop feelings for this girl -- strong feelings.” Brian agrees, “Yeah. She's a very special woman, Doc. I don't know what I would have done if something -- something had happened to her.”

    Standing in the hall outside Diana's room, Luis shows his concern, “I just have to make sure that this Diana woman's ok.” Liz says, “No, Doc is good. He knows his stuff.” Luis replies, “Yeah, well, still, the thought of another woman drowning? No, this isn't going to be like what happened to my fiancée. I'm not going to let it.” Luis seems determined to help Diana as he tries to open the door but Doc stops him and walks out in the hall to talk, “I'm sorry. We have a sick woman in here.” Luis replies, “I know. I came to see if she was ok, if I could help.” Doc informs him, “Well, Diana’s resting comfortably. Her breathing's normal again, her pulse is strong, but she can't have any visitors for at least several hours. I'm sorry.” Luis asks concerned, “So she's going to be ok, though?” Doc says, “With rest, I think she'll be just fine.” Luis smiles and throws his shirt over his shoulder, “Well, that's good. I'm glad.” Doc apologizes, “Yeah, and I'm sorry about shoving you out the door, but...” Luis insists, “No, no, no. I understand.” Doc explains, “Just the last thing Diana needs right now is a stranger in her room.” Luis grins, “Right.” Liz hands the bottles of water in her hand to Doc and turns to Luis, “Ok. Now that we know that Diana’s going to be all right, let's get you fixed up.” Luis asks surprised, “Me?” Placing her hand on his arm, Liz says, “Yeah. You never did eat. Come on. I'll fix you my special B.L.T. Plus.” Luis asks, “"Plus"?” Liz smiles, “Plus whatever's in the kitchen.” Luis says, “Well, maybe later. I'm -- I’m ...” Liz says emphatically, “Now”, as she pulls Luis down the hall. Luis looks back at Diana's room just as Doc goes back into her room.

    In the restaurant sitting at one of the tables with Liz, Luis takes a sip of his coffee, “It's good coffee.” Liz smiles, “He said, trying to avoid a conversation.”

    Now wearing his shirt, Luis asks, “About what?” Liz says, “Look, I know you've been through hell, losing the love of your life. But it was the way you talked about your fiancée. I was very touched.” Luis tells her, “Oh, well. She said that we had been star-crossed lovers throughout recorded history.” Liz shakes her head, “I don't understand.” Luis smiles, “Well, when she was a kid, she had this birthday party. And I'm not sure how old she was, but there was a fortune-teller who was hired to give readings to all the kids and to her.” Liz smiles, “That sounds like fun.” Luis shakes his head, “No, it wasn’t. You see, this fortune-teller, well, said some pretty strange things, you know, things that a normal birthday fortune-teller wouldn't say to a kid.” Liz asks, “Like what?” Luis takes another sip of his coffee, “That she had been seeking happiness with a man throughout the ages and that she would never find it.” Liz is taken aback, “Wow. That must have been pretty tough to hear.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. You know, I can't even imagine how she must have felt, you know -- she was only a little girl -- and having to hear such a horrible thing about the rest of her life.”

    In Tabby's attic, Timmy is shocked, “You told that to a little kid? Timmy can't believe it.” Putting the scroll down, Tabitha replies, “Hmm. I was just doing my job, and I did it exceedingly well. The poor girl was terrified. You should have seen the look on her face.” Tabitha chuckles. Timmy says, “Timmy's ashamed to admit it, but he wishes he had. It's like the "Larry winger show." Timmy knows he isn't supposed to watch it, but he can't help it.” Tabitha says, “Yes. Sheridan and Luis -- star-crossed lovers that have sought each other out through all their many lifetimes. Sheridan and Luis fell passionately in love the first moment they laid eyes on each other. Yet time after time over the eons, their budding relationship was crushed. Take, for example, when their love bloomed again in ancient Rome.” There is a very short of Shuis in Ancient Rome and Sheridan drinking poison and dying.

    Tabitha continues, “Luis and Sheridan did indeed experience great pain in all those lives. But it was nothing compared to what was in store for them.” Timmy asks, “What?” Tabitha replies, “They were so close to happiness, so very, very close. But then my bosses saw what was happening and they made me step in and ruin their chance of bliss for all eternity.” Tabby shrugs.

    Liz states, “You and your love had so many lives.” Taking a bite of his sandwich, Luis replies, “That's what the fortune-teller said.” Liz asks, “But you don't buy it?” Luis says, “Me? Well, it sounded pretty crazy. Well, my fiancée bought it. And that's why she believed in love at first sight. You see, she figured that if people had known each other in previous lives, then when they met again, then subconsciously they would still have those feelings.” Liz says, “Pretty romantic.” Luis rests his chin on his hands as talks lovingly about Sheridan, “Yeah. Yeah, she was. She was everything.” Liz asks, “So, what else did the fortune-teller say?” Luis replies, “Hmm. Said that one time we -- we actually had the chance to be happy and that in that life if we'd been able to stay together then -- then we would have been happy for all eternity. But something came between us.” Liz asks, “When did that happen?” Luis replies, “Hmm. It was in the early 20th century. We were passengers on the Titanic.” Luis and Liz both smile.

    In the attic, Timmy happily says, “The Titanic? Timmy loves this part.” Tabitha nods, “Mm-hmm. Yes, it was terribly painful.” Timmy asks, “Sheridan was an aristocrat?” Tabitha confirms, “Booked in first class. And Luis was an Irishman off to seek his fortune in America.” Timmy adds, “And he was in steerage.” Tabitha adds some more information, “Actually, Sheridan’s name was Susan in that lifetime, and Luis was named Liam.” Timmy thinks, “That reminds Timmy of a movie.” Tabitha nods, “Which they stole from yours truly. As Liam looked through the rails that divided steerage from the first-class passenger deck, it was love at first sight. Liam wasn't only handsome. He was resourceful, too. He invited Susan down to steerage for a party. Perfect love is evil's greatest enemy, Timmy. My orders were to stop it, and stop it I would.” On the Titanic Luis and Sheridan are dancing to the music that Doc turns on to play in Sheridan's room, “Music should help soothe her.” Brian says, “She's feeling a little warm. I'm going to go get a cool cloth for her.” He leaves the room just before Sheridan calls out in her sleep, “Liam.”

    In the restaurant, Liz asks incredulously, “You and your fiancée were passengers on the Titanic?” Luis takes another bite of his sandwich before he answers, “It sounds crazy, I know. That's what she believed. She believed we'd been in love several times.” Liz says excitedly, “Crazy? Try utterly and totally romantic. You should write a book. I mean it, it's perfect. Star-crossed lovers hoping to find each other lifetime after lifetime.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. It's an incredible story. I just wish it had a happy ending.” Liz seems to feel sorry for him, “Right, considering you've already lost your love in this lifetime.” Luis looks sad, “Yeah, you're right. I've already lost her.” He shakes his head.

    Tabitha continues the story, “"Ever after" isn't in the cards for Luis and Sheridan, just as it wasn't for Liam and Susan. The electricity between them positively crackled.

    I could tell how much in love they were; how this would be the time they'd stay together their whole lives. And you know what that would have meant -- they'd be together for the rest of the millennium and beyond, every life more happy than the last. Well, Timmy, the dark side couldn't have that. It just couldn't. I was ordered to give Liam and Susan another obstacle to overcome. For a while I was stuck, till I suddenly saw him right in front of me, wearing a white officer's uniform. All I had to do was come up with a way to give my bosses what they wanted.”

    Sitting on her bed and wiping her face with a cloth, Brian asks, “Diana, can you hear me?” Doc tells him, “Just let her rest. It's the best thing for her now.” Diana mumbles, “Titanic. Liam.” Brian asks, “What did she just say?”

    Doc looks at Brian and says, “She said "titanic"? Then "Liam," I think.” Brian looks stumped, “Well, what do you make of that?” Doc shakes his head, “No idea.” Diana calls out in her sleep again, “Liam. Liam.”

    Liz apologizes, “I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to hurt your feelings.” Luis replies, “It's all right. Anyway, I wasn't talking about this lifetime. I was talking about the lifetime that the fortune-teller had told my fiancée about, the last one we shared, the lifetime that we were supposed to be together forever. I shouldn't be doing this.” Liz encourages him, “No, no, no. The best thing you can do is talk it out, you know, don't keep it bottled up. What else did the fortune-teller say?” Liz smiles but Luis sadly says, “She said that something was going to come between us and that we would never find happiness.” Liz reminds him, “But in this lifetime, nothing has come between you.” Luis says, “No. I mean, there was no one. Nothing could tear us apart. We were perfect together. I guess the fortune-teller was right. She's gone, my one true love. We'll never have happiness together.” Luis' voice breaks as he finishes what he was saying.

    In the attic, Tabby yawns and pours herself another Martimmy as she asks, “Where was I, Lad?” Timmy replies, “The plan.” Tabitha remembers, “Oh, yes. Yes, the plan. Well, my bosses insisted that it affect Liam and Susan from that lifetime into the next and the next and so on and so on forever. Oh, Timmy, those were the days. Frankly, it was one of the easiest spells I ever had to perform as nature had done most of my work for me. She was so sweet, so lovely. Any man would fall in love with her in an instant. Naturally, I never traveled without a goodly supply of my best enchanted dust. In the end, it was quite simple, really. All I did was cast a little spell on the smashing-looking officer I saw standing before me, and, voila! He took one long look at her dancing and he was hooked for life. He will come between Sheridan and Luis for the rest of eternity.” Tabby stops to take in her work. She continues, “Hmm. Amazing, isn't it, Timmy? The spell I cast so many years ago is still paying dividends for the boys downstairs. Oh, yes, Sheridan and Luis are still alive, but they've got nothing to look forward to but pain and suffering.” She laughs as Timmy looks so sad.

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

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    Smile Sunday's Stunning SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day........

    At their table in the restaurant Liz seems excited and very interested, “To think that you and your fiancée loved each other through so many different lifetimes...” Luis says, “Well, I'm not sure about all the past lives stuff but that's what the fortuneteller told my fiancée. Liz is fascinated, “Yes, but she specifically said that the two of you were reincarnated in the early Twentieth century and that you both wound up together on the Titanic.” Luis sighs, “Yeah, we were supposed to find happiness in that lifetime but we never did. Someone, another man, came between us and took away our happiness forever.” Luis looks sadly away.

    In her room, Diana dreams about Liam and Susan on the Titanic. She mumbles in her sleep, “Liam. Titanic. No, no!” As he wipes her face with a cloth, Brian asks, “She's mumbling about Titanic and a man named Liam. What does that mean?” Kneeling beside Diana's bed, Doc shakes his head, “Maybe Liam is the name of the man she loved.” Brian shrugs, “Why would she keep saying Titanic? Do you think that was the name of the boat she was on before the hurricane?” Doc replies, “Why would anyone in their right mind name their boat Titanic? Maybe she'll be able to tell us when she comes to.” Diana again mumbles, “Liam, Liam.”

    In Tabby's attic, Timmy says, “Timmy is amazed that Luis and Sheridan have loved each other through so many lifetimes.” Tabby laughs, “It's not as if I haven't told you this story before, Timmy.” As they sit drinking their Martimmys, Timmy says, “But Timmy never gets tired of hearing it. So, when Luis and Sheridan were on Titanic...” Tabby interrupts to correct him, “Susan and Liam. They had different names then.” Timmy nods and continues his question, “And as they were about to find true happiness Princess stopped them?” Tabby replies, “Yes, yes, I did. Don't forget, I'm a pawn of evil, Timmy. We couldn't let a perfect love like theirs exist. If they'd found happiness then, they'd have been happy for all eternity. My bosses would never have allowed that! In the end, it was quite simple really. All I had to do was cast a little spell on the smashing-looking officer I saw standing before me. (As Tabby tells the story, the clips of Sheridan and Luis on the Titanic is playing. Here Tabby throws her magic dust over Brian, the ship's officer.) And voila, he'd come between Luis and Sheridan for the rest of the big shebang. I'm talking eternity, Timmy...eternity!” Tabby takes a sip of her drink and continues the Titanic story, “Susan and Liam were dancing together when she suddenly “felt” the young officer's gaze. She turned to him and saw that he was in love with her even though he was a stranger. His gaze unsettled Susan as if deep in her soul she could sense that this man was a threat to her happiness with Liam. But Liam, blinded by his love for Susan, didn't notice her uneasiness or the man who caused it. Liam pulled Susan back into the merriment and after one last look at the officer, she focused all her love on Liam. It was then that the young officer asked me who Susan was.” In the attic with Timmy looking on, Tabby tells him, “I knew then that my spell had worked. I knew that Luis and Sheridan would never find happiness then in that lifetime; therefore, not in this one either. My spell ensured that the handsome young stranger would forever come between them, thwarting their chance of perfect happiness. The spell continues in their current lives, Timmy. It's playing out even as we speak.” Timmy looks sad for Sheridan and Luis.

    Still in the attic drinking their Martimmys, Timmy looks at the pitcher full of his drink and comments, “Tabby's story is like a pitcher of Martimmys...incredible till the end.” Tabby agrees, “It is riveting, Lad.” She continues the story, “Susan's family had first class accommodations. It was a scandal for a woman of her position to associate with a person in steerage but Susan was in love with Liam so she didn't care. Her family, however, did. It was they who sent the young officer down to find her.” On the Titanic, the dancing ends and both Susan and Liam laugh as they hold hands as Liam says, “I bet you've never been to a party like this before.” Susan enthusiastically replies, “No, never! This is wonderful. I'm having so much fun. Promise we'll do this every day of the crossing.” As he holds both of her hands in his, Liam grins, “Promise! This is only the beginning. I'm going to show you parts of the Titanic you never dreamed.” The officer who has been watching them for a while steps up, Excuse me. The lady's family is looking for her. They sent me down to bring her back to first class.” Susan looks over at him but doesn't let go of Liam's hands as she informs him, “Tell them I'll be up later. I'm having too much fun down here.” Liam looks from the officer to Susan and laughs with pure joy. The officer reminds Susan, “You are supposed to have tea with your mother and the Astors and Mrs. Molly Brown. You wouldn't want to disappoint her, would you?” As the officer looks on, Susan says to Liam, “I'm sorry. I can't break a promise to my mother.” Liam smiles, “It's okay. We'll catch up later.” The young officer just stares unwavering at them with an evil glint in his eye as Susan leans forward and kisses Liam as they still hold each other's hands. After the kiss, she steps back and takes the officer's offered arm. She picks up her purse and turns back to Liam and says, “I'll see you soon.” Liam says, “Yeah, Susan, soon.” He smiles brightly at her but the smile fades as he sees the evil look the young officer gives him. In the attic, Tabby says, “From that moment on being aboard the Titanic spelled tragedy for Susan, Liam, the young officer and everyone else aboard.”

    At their table in the restaurant, Liz asks in amazement, “So, the officer lead Susan away and you, Liam, were left behind?” Luis says, “Well, that's what the fortuneteller told my fiancée.” Liz smiles, “That is an incredible story!” Luis agrees, “Yeah, but like I said, it doesn't have a happy ending. Susan and Liam have nothing in store for them but grief.”

    In Diana's room, she is agitated and mumbling, “Liam. NO! Liam.” As Brian dabs her face with the cloth, she has what looks like a seizure. Brian calls Doc back to her bed. Doc checks her pulse, breathing and eyes. Brian wants to know if she is all right. Doc tells him that it was probably an involuntary muscle spasm but she's all right. She needs rest. He says he is going to go now but Brian tells him that he is going to stay in case something else happens. As Brian sits on the edge of Diana's bed, he tells her, “Don't scare me like that again. I can't lose you, Diana. I love you. I've loved you since the day I first laid eyes on you. I don't know what I'll do if you get your memory back and decide to leave the island. I just pray that that never happens.”

    In the restaurant as he sits with Liz drinking coffee, Luis says, “The fortuneteller said that dancing together was the last happy moment that Liam and Susan would have. Soon after that the Titanic hit an iceberg.”

    In the attic, Timmy asks, “So, the officer that came to pick up Susan was the man in Tabby's scheme?” Tabby replies, “Yes, once I got him involved, everything fell right into place. Everything went exactly as my bosses wanted it to. First, the ship slammed into that iceberg. On board the Titanic Liam and the others in steerage are knocked to the floor as the the boat hits the iceberg. Susan is the first thing he thinks about and he gets up to find her. Upstairs in first class, Susan and her mother are shaken and head for the deck. Susan's first thought is of finding Liam. They just wanted to be together so they each look for the other. Tabby takes up the story again, “The ship was sinking fast. People were running hither and dither trying to save themselves.” She thinks back to her and Timmy sitting in lounge chairs on the deck and drinking martimmys as they watch the tragedy unfold. On deck, the young officer reaches Susan and her mother. He insists she go with him to the lifeboat. Susan hears Liam calling her name across the deck as he tries to reach her. Susan tells her mother and the officer that she won't leave without Liam, then she and Liam make their way through the crowd to each other. They rush into each other's arms and kiss, so happy to be together.

    In the attic, Timmy has tears running down his cheeks, “That was so beautiful. Liam and Susan finally found true love in each other's arms.” Timmy wipes the tears from his cheeks as Tabby says, “Hmmm. Well, not for long, Timmy. The end of their lives was at hand and we were there to see it all.” Timmy begins crying again. Tabby pats him on the head.
    In Diana's room, she is still restless as she calls out, “No, Liam, Liam.” Sitting with her, Brian wonders what has her so upset. While in the restaurant of the hotel, an interested Liz asks, “What happened after you and Susan found yourselves on deck?” Luis replies, “The ship was sinking fast. It was tilting higher and higher. People were screaming and holding onto the railings and sliding towards the bow of the ship.”

    In Tabby's attic, Timmy sadly says, “At least Liam and Susan were happy a moment or two.” Tabby says, “Yes, Timmy. Then the Titanic began to break apart. On the Titanic, Susan and Liam were kissing and holding onto each other. Liam breaks the kiss and says, “We have to get to a lifeboat.” They begin to move but are thrown overboard into the freezing water. Liam surfaces first and sputters as he looks for Susan, calling her name over and over until he spots her trying to stay afloat a few feet away. He spots a board, a door I think, and gets Susan safely on top of it and out of the icy water. Susan tells him to climb on the door, too, but Liam know that it will not hold both of them. He knows that he has to save Susan.

    In the restaurant, Liz stands to pour Luis some more coffee and asks, “What did the fortuneteller say happened next? Oh, I'm sorry. That's right, you did say that the story didn't end well.” Luis replies, “No, my fiancée and I were kept apart. Supposedly, because of the ship's officer. If I remember correctly, he kept us apart in this lifetime, too.” Luis stops to brush his hair off his forehead. Liz asks, “How did he keep you apart...I mean on the Titanic?” Luis shakes his head, “I'm not sure. According to the fortuneteller, Liam and Susan went into the water together.” Liz says, “I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked you to tell me that story. I can see it's upsetting you.” Luis gives her a small smile, “No, I...I'm just tired.” He gets up from the table saying, “I better go to my room...get some sleep. I'll see you in the morning.” Liz stands, too, “Are you going to be getting ready to take your friend's boat back to the states in the morning?” Putting his hands in his pockets, Luis replies, “We'll go over it in the morning.” He walks to the door, turns back toward Liz, and says, “Liz, good night.” Liz smiles, “Good night, Number 9.” Cleaning off the table, Liz says to herself, “Sure wish I knew the end of that story. I wonder if both Susan and Liam drowned or one of them survived.”

    In Tabby's attic, Timmy blows his nose and cries, “Timmy hates how the story ends. It's too sad.” Tabby laughs, “You're such a softie, Timmy. I grant you, it is tragic, especially for Luis and Sheridan.” In the icy water as they wait for a rescue boat, Susan and Liam drift on the plank until Susan spots the young officer on a lifeboat.

    He pulls her into the boat. She reaches out for Liam and asks the officer to help Liam. Liam slips into the water. Susan begs the officer to help Liam but it is too late, Liam is gone. She cries on the officer's shoulder and yells, “NO!” In the attic, Tabby holds up her glass, and tells Timmy, “It was my job and I did it well. (Tabby finishes her drink and stands.) Not only was the sinking of the Titanic one for the history books, but happiness eludes Sheridan and Luis to this very day. Come on, Timmy. Let's get some sleep.” She picks up the martimmy glasses and walks to the door. Timmy yells, “Wait, will the other man come between Sheridan and Luis in this life, too?” Tabby replies, “Oh, yes, Timmy.” Timmy asks, “But how? The scroll doesn't say.” Tabby raises her brows, “Well, perhaps because the next chapter hasn't been written yet. But when it is, you can be sure that Luis and Sheridan will suffer more misery than any other couple in history.” The scroll opens and the quill pen begins writing. Tabby stoops down next to Timmy and says, “Look, Timmy, look! It's beginning...another sad chapter in the lives of Sheridan and Luis.”

    On the balcony of his room, Luis is again shirtless as he looks at his picture of Sheridan and himself. Talking to Sheridan, he says, “I wonder if what that fortuneteller told you is true. Did we know each other in past lives? What about that guy on the Titanic? Is he the one who kept us from being together in our last life, condemned us to lose each other in this life?” Luis lowers the picture in his hand and looks up, “No, can't blame boat explosions and hurricanes on ...That's no one's fault.” Walking to the other side of the balcony, he says, “I just have to learn to live without you. That officer on the Titanic had nothing to do with it. He's not the one who tore us apart.”

    In Diana's room, Brian is still hovering when Liz arrives, “Hey, how's she doing?” Brian explains, “Doc says she's gonna be fine. She just needs some rest.” Still dreaming of being with Liam on the Titanic, Diana clearly says, “Titanic. Iceberg.” A surprised Liz asks, “What did she say?” Brian replies, “Something about the Titanic and iceberg. She must be having a nightmare.” With eyes open wide, Liz murmurs, “Could it be?”

    To be continued...

    Thanks to Passions Central for the wonderful SHUIS screen caps.

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    Smile Monday's More Titanic SHUIS Summary & Pics of the Day.....

    On the island Luis stands on his balcony looking at his picture of Sheridan. He smiles as he looks to the heavens, “Maybe the fortune-teller was right. Maybe someday in the future we will get another chance together. But you know what I wish? You know what I wish more than anything in this world? I wish that I could hold you in my arms again in this lifetime. I swear I'd be there for you. I'd protect our love and never give up on you.”

    In her room next door, a restless Diana shouts out, “Titanic. Iceberg!” Liz looks shocked, “Could it be?” Brian turns to look at Liz as he sits on the edge of Diana's bed, “What? Why are you looking at her like that?” Liz replies, “I know it's going to sound rather strange, but I think I know who our Diana really is.” Brian stands and moves next to Liz, “Are you serious? You think you know who Diana really is?” An excited Liz says, “Before I say anything more, promise me you won't think I’ve lost my mind.” Brian angrily demands, “Just tell me.” Liz says, “All right. I've been talking to the guy who's staying in the room next door.” Brian says, “Right, the guy you nicknamed Number nine, the one who didn't come down to have dinner with us.” Liz continues, “Yeah, and I told you that he came down to sail his friend's boat back to the states. Well, he's been telling me some more about his fiancée.” Brian asks, “The one who died suddenly?” Liz continues, “Well, not long after they fell in love, she told him about something that happened to her when she was a young girl. (Liz smiles as if she knows something that he doesn't.) A fortune-teller came to her birthday party. Only the fortune-teller did much more than predict the child's future.” Brian asks, “What did she say?” Liz replies, “Specifically? That the young girl would someday meet and fall in love with a man that she'd fallen in love with many times before in previous lives.” Brian laughs at her, “Liz, come on. You don't believe that John Edwards stuff.” Liz is exasperated, “Just hear me out, ok?” Brian lets out an exasperated breath, “All right, fine.” Liz continues, “The fortune-teller said that the girl would meet this man and fall in love with him again in this life, but tragically, and that, just as so many times before, they would be torn apart.” Brian asks, “By what?” An excited Liz tells him, “The fortune-teller described their earlier lives, going way back. But she went into a lot more detail when she got to the most recent past.” Brian asks, “Liz, how much wine did you have to drink tonight?” Liz chides, “Brian!” Brian releases another breath in exasperation, “Go ahead. I'm listening. You know, this...” Liz goes on, “Ok, listen. The fortune-teller swore that this woman and this man sailed together on the Titanic, and they were young and carefree and they thought that they would finally defy the odds and that they would live happily ever after together.” Brian says in a sarcastic voice, “Oh, and then they hit an iceberg, right?” Liz continues, “Oh -- but there was another obstacle in their path before that. See, there was another man on board who was in love with the woman. And according to the fortune-teller, that man came between them.” Brian says again in his sarcastic voice, “Wow. That is a great story. Now, tell me what in the hell that has to do with Diana here.” Liz states the obvious, “You heard her. Come on. She keeps murmuring things about the titanic in her sleep.” Brian looks at her, “So? Maybe she has a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio.” Liz walks closer to Diana's bed and watches her sleep, “I don't think that's it. But I can't help but wonder if she's remembering something that happened to her.” Brian sighs, “Liz, come on. There's not -- wait a second. Are you suggesting that Diana and this guy in the next room -- are you suggesting they have a connection?” Liz turns to him and smiles like he finally got it!

    Standing next to Diana's bed but facing Brian, Liz smiles, “It's a stretch, I know, but...” Brian skeptically says, “A stretch"? It's the craziest thing that I’ve ever heard come out of your mouth, Liz. For starters, the guy that Diana loved -- he's dead. And out of all the things that she remembers about her past, that is the one thing that she is for sure about.” Liz replies, “She's confused, Brian. Who knows what she remembers?” Brian tries another approach, “Ok. Ok, saying that she is confused does the guys next door -- does he have amnesia, too? Because he told you that his fiancée -- he told you she died in a tragic accident. Now, it can't be Diana, then, can it? She's very much alive.” Liz looks away, “I guess not. Just can't help but think that there's some connection there.” Making fun of her, Brian says, “Yeah, in your dreams, Liz. You know, I never pegged you for being the gullible type, especially to think all that woo-woo stuff about fortune-tellers and stuff like that. I'm afraid on this one, you're all wet.” Liz looks straight at him, “Well, I believe you're afraid, Brian -- afraid I’m right.”

    Diana dreams of her being on the Titanic with Liam. On the deck of the Titanic, Susan is given a glass of wine by a waiter. She says, “Oh, thank you.” As she looks up she sees that it is the man she loves dressed as a waiter so she exclaims, “Liam.” Liam tells her, “Shh. If they find me up here with all you fancy folk, they'll toss me overboard.” Liam smiles and hands her a red rose, “Meet me inside.” He walks off. After a minute she follows telling him, “You shouldn't have come. It's dangerous for you to be on this deck.” They kiss. Liam smiles, “I couldn't stand being without you for another minute.” Susan beams with happiness, “I want to be with you, too. That's all I want.” Liam says, “We'll find a way to make it happen. We'll find a way.” They happily kiss again. In her bed, Diana turns in her sleep and says, “Titanic.”

    Brian angrily states, “There is no way that Diana was on the Titanic in a past life with the guy next door.” (LOL! Oh, yes, she certainly was!) With her arms folded across her chest, Liz asks, “So why is she talking about the same thing the man told me about just tonight?” Brian says, “I have no idea. Actually, I've got it.” He walks over to the dresser and Liz asks, “Since when does Diana have a boom box in her room?” Brian replies, “Since I lent her mine. Doc said it would help her sleep. Oh, and guess which C.D. She listened to last.” Liz says, “I am not in the mood for guessing games, Brian.” Brian holds up the CD, “It's a CD of movie scores. And guess which tracks are on it. The ones from the movie about the Titanic.” Liz murmurs, “Hmm.” Liz looks skeptical as Brian adds, “So there's your answer right there. It was probably the last tune that she listened to and now she's got it stuck in her mind. She's having a dream about the movie. Case closed. Come on, Liz. You know that's it. She listened to the music about the movie, and now she's dreaming about it. There's nothing else. That's all.”

    Across the room, Diana continues to dream of the Titanic. On the deck of the Titanic, Liam says, “I need to ask you a question. Do you believe in love at first sight?” Susan smiles, “I do now.” Liam smiles, then gets serious, “I knew I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you. Somehow, I know I always will.” Susan's eyes sparkle as she looks into Liam's eyes, “I will always love you, no matter what.” Liam asks, “Forever?” Susan nods, “Forever.” They kiss.

    Liz replies, “Part of me was hoping that she would turn out to be that guy's fiancée.” Brian asks, “Even after he told you that she died?” Liz replies, “Yeah. Because if what he said was true, then it wouldn't have to be the end for them. You know, according to the fortune-teller, they had lived and died over and over throughout ages. Guess I kind of liked the idea that there could be a love so strong that it would survive throughout all time.” In her bed, Diana continues to dream about Susan and Liam as they dance happily on the Titanic.

    In his room Luis sits on his bed looking at the picture of Sheridan, “If only that fortune-teller you told me about was right all those years ago. She said that we'd fall in love over and over again throughout history. If that was true, then I’d have another shot with you. What I wouldn't give for another shot. I would never let you go. Never.”

    Next door in Diana's room, she dreams of Liam and Titanic, “Titanic. Liam. I love you.” She suddenly opens her eyes and sits up, “You're here. I can feel it. I know you're near.” She then pulls back the blanket, gets out of bed, puts on her robe, and walks onto the balcony.

    Sitting at a table in the cafe drinking coffee, Brian insists, “You know I’m right, Liz. The man's fiancée is dead and Diana is very much alive, so there's no way that these two are connected.” Liz still seems confident, “We'll find out for sure soon enough, won't we?” Brian asks, “Oh, yeah? How's that?” Liz replies, “St. Lisa's a very small island. This is a tiny hotel. Diana and Number nine are bound to run into each other sometime before this man sets sail for the mainland. What are you worried about, Brian? If they don't know each other like you say, then what difference is it that they meet?” Brian looks worried but says, “None, I guess.” Liz says, “Then get over it. They'll probably bump into each other in the hall or here at the cafe, will exchange a few pleasantries, and that'll be it. He'll go on his way and Diana will still be here on the island with you.” Brian doesn't look so sure of himself now.

    Standing in the doorway to the balcony of Luis' room, Sheridan watches Luis sleep. She walks over to him, calls out to him, “Liam.” She then bends down and kisses him on the lips.

    **sigh** (This was so beautiful and so romantic!)

    To be continued...


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