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On her way back to Lovers Leap to look for her scarf, Sheridan thinks, “I wonder where I dropped it?” Luis hangs precariously out on a limb trying to “rescue” the scarf, “This is crazy. I'm risking my life for a scarf.”

Still searching Sheridan asks herself, “Where could I have -- oh. What's that?” She looks down. Having retrieved the scarf, Luis says in amazement, “I can't believe I just risked my life for a scarf. What the hell does that mean? Wonder who it belongs to. ...” As Sheridan walks she is scratched by some branches and cries out. Hearing her cry Luis turns and asks, “What was that?”

At the hotel Liz talks with Brian, “Well, it won't be long before Diana’s whole past comes back to her.” Brian replies, “Well, Doc said it might take a year, maybe more. I'm just hoping that by the time she remembers who she is and where she's from, she will be so hooked on this place ...” Liz adds, “And you.” Brian finishes, “That she won't ever want to leave. All I need to do is figure out how to make her forget about the man she loved.” Liz advises, “You are chasing a ghost, my friend. No woman ever forgets about the love of her life.” Brian whines, “He's dead, Liz. Diana really has no reason to leave the island. So I have nothing to worry about. Unless, of course, the guy comes back from the dead.”

At Lovers Leap with the scarf in his hand Luis thinks, “Must have been the wind.”

He holds the scarf close, “Smells like Sheridan.” He has a flashback to a time when he told Sheridan that she smelled, “like sunshine. I love the way you smell.” Sheridan smiles back, “I'm not wearing any perfume.” Luis says, “You don't need any. It's the sun in your hair. It's like nothing else I ever smelled.” Coming out of the flashback, Luis says to himself, “Can't be Sheridan. She's gone. We'll never be together again. Well, I bet whoever lost this is going to look for it again.” From a distance he spots a boat, “Looks like Beth’s boat.” He walks off toward the boat.

At the hotel Liz sees Brian coming from the kitchen, “Hey. You're really worried about her, aren't you?” Brian says, “She's been gone a long time.” Liz replies, “Hey, you know, maybe she ran into the guy that came down to take the boat back up to the states.” Brian asks, “What?” Liz continues, “Yeah. He wanted to take a walk around the island, so I told him to hike up to Lovers Leap.” Looking worried he asks, “Well, what was this guy like? Was he a nice guy or...” Liz grins, “Yeah, nice enough. Sure as hell is hunky, though. Sexy as sin. Luckily for you, I don't think he's staying around for a while. Else wise, he would give you some heavy competition for the fair Diana.” Brian looks relieved, “Oh, well, then it's a good thing I got that boat done when I did, huh? But Diana may still be upset.” Liz asks, “About what?” Brian replies, “Well, she might have wanted to go back on board. The boat seemed to have triggered some memories for her. Something about it seemed very familiar to her.”

At the boat Luis looks around and feels Sheridan, “It's like I can feel Sheridan’s presence. Forget it, man. It's not like she's going to pop up out of the cabin.” He tries to convince himself that she is not nearby.

Seeing Sheridan enter the hotel Brian immediately says, “Oh, Diana. Hey, what happened to your arm? Are you all right?” She looks down at her arm, “Oh, yeah, I'm fine. It's just a scratch. I'm starved.” Brian smiles, “Well, then you came to the right place. I was hoping you'd like to have dinner with me tonight. I've been whipping something up in the kitchen and thought you might like to join me. What do you say?” Diana smiles, “That's really sweet of you. I'd love to.” Brian says, “Well, good. It's not going to be anything fancy, but I hope you like it.” Diana moves to the door, “Ok, well, I'll just go shower and change. I'll be right back.” Brian goes to the kitchen to check on their dinner as Luis enters the hotel returning from his walk. Luis tells Liz, “So I went and checked out the boat. Thing's in first-class shape. It's definitely ready to make the trip back.” Liz asks, “Say, did you make it up to Lovers Leap?” Luis replies, “Yeah. Yeah, I did. It's beautiful up there. It reminded me of someone that -- nothing. Is my room ready?” Liz smiles, “Oh, it sure is. And you are in room 9.” Luis takes his key as Liz points him in the right direction. Liz says, “Hey, dinner's going to be on soon. You're going to stick around, right?” Luis smiles, “Yeah, yeah. That sounds great. I'm just going to shower and change first.”

Brian returns to the dining room wearing a suit causing Liz to exclaim, “Wow. You're really going all out for this dinner with Diana, aren't you?” Brian says, “Well, I do want it to be special, Liz.” Liz says, “I can see that. Brian, I know I've said it before, but I...” Brian stops her, “Look, I know, I know. You think I'm setting myself to get my heart broken.” Liz says, “You know, you have done everything in your power to get Diana to fall in love with you. But what if she suddenly gets her memory back? She's going to leave this island, and then what are you going to do?”

In her room Diana says to herself, “Hmm. What to wear to my dinner with Brian? That's strange. I suddenly just got the feeling that very soon something in my life is going to change. Maybe I'll remember who I really am. I just can't shake this feeling that everything I'm looking for, all the answers I need, are behind some door nearby.” Diana goes into the bathroom as Luis walks down the hall to find his room. He spots it, “Number 9. That's me.” He goes in to get ready for that dinner.

In the restaurant, Brian holds our his hands, “What do you think? Huh? Huh?” Liz smiles, “You look very elegant. Hmm. And just think -- you'll wear a suit for Diana, but I couldn't even get you to change into a clean t-shirt for one of my parties.” Brian grins, “Yeah, I know. I -- Diana, she seems like the suit type. There's something about her. She's not like us, you know. Kind of regal. Don't you think?” Liz agrees, “Yeah, I remember we said that when you first brought her here -- not stuck-up, just ...” Brian completes her thought, “Confident, like me. Right? I think we're a perfect match.”

Looking around the room, Luis thinks, “That's weird. There's a strange feeling of Sheridan, like she was in the room. Yeah. I knew coming down here was going to stir memories of her. I'm just going to have to learn how to accept the reality that she's gone. I have to learn how to handle that, that Sheridan’s gone. I got to get on with my life.” In the bathroom Sheridan hears Luis in the other room, “What was that? Nothing, I guess.” In the bedroom looking at a picture of Sheridan and himself, Luis says, “Just wish I didn't miss you so much.”

Liz knocks on Diana's door and sees Luis inside, “What are you doing in here?” Luis is surprised, “This is room 9, the room you gave me, isn't it?” Liz smiles, “No. I am so sorry. This is room 6. I have got to put a nail in this thing.” Luis says, “Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't walk in on anyone.” Liz says, “Yeah. This is Diana’s room. I guess she's in the bathroom.” Luis grins, “It's a good thing I didn't catch her changing.” In the bathroom, Diana things, “I'm not hearing things. Someone's in my room.” She puts her hand on the knob to see who is there.

Picking up his bag but forgetting his picture of Sheridan and him, Luis says, “Ok. Lead the way.” Liz leads him out the door just as Diana opens the bathroom door, “Hello? Is anyone there? I guess I'm imagining things. I could have sworn I heard people talking.”

Down the hall in Number 9, Liz asks, “Is it all right?” Luis looks around and replies, “Yeah, it's nice. It's great. I'm telling you, I’m just glad I didn't walk in on that woman.” Liz laughs, “Me, too. All right, this room has a balcony with a really lovely view.” Luis looks at the balcony and has a flashback to the view in their room in Bermuda. Liz asks if he is all right. Luis says, “Yeah, I'm fine. I was -- I was just thinking about my fiancée.” Liz tells him, “Oh, you should have her come down, join you.” Luis sadly says, “I wish I could. It's not possible.” Liz says, “Oh, what a shame. It is a very romantic island. Ok. I'll leave you to unpack.” She heads to Diana's room next door, “Hey. I just wanted to tell you that Brian is waiting.” Diana replies, “Thanks. Tell him I’ll be there in just a minute.”

Unpacking his bag Luis asks himself, “Where's the picture of me and Sheridan? I must have left it in that woman's room.” He goes next door to retrieve the picture. Knocking on the door Luis calls out, “Excuse me, miss! You in there? I think I left something in your room by accident.” When no one answers, he calls again, “Hello? Is anyone there? She must have gone out.” Luis picks up his picture and remembers Sheridan telling him that she loves him. Luis sighs, “Sheridan, I miss you so much.”

At the restaurant Diana exclaims, “The table looks beautiful, Brian.” He returns the compliment, “No, you -- you look beautiful. Absolutely stunning.”

She smiles, “Thank you. And you look very handsome in your suit.” Brian grins, “Oh, what, this old thing? Thanks. That dress -- it looks like it was made for you.” Diana says, “Really? I just pulled it out of the suitcase that Liz gave me.” Brian smiles, “It's amazing how all those clothes fit. Here. Please sit down.” He pulls out the chair for her at the table and hopes that she is hungry. She is famished. Brian serves her a steak. She immediately has a flashback to Luis giving her some of his steak when he was her bodyguard. Brian asks, “Diana, is something wrong?” She replies, “It was strange. I just had another memory. I keep getting this feeling that the key to my past is somewhere close by.”

She smiles. Suddenly, she remembers something, “My room! The key to my past is in my room!” In the room, Luis looks at the picture of Sheridan and asks, “When am I ever going to accept the fact that I'll never see you again?” Brian asks, “Diana, how can the key to your past be in your room?” She says, “I'm not sure, but I just remembered something. I was in such a hurry to get down here that I didn't pay any attention to it. I just glanced at it quickly. There was a framed photo on my nightstand, and I didn't put it there, but it was a picture of me and a man.” Brian is shocked, “Wait a minute, you're kidding. Who was the man?” Diana replies, “I don't know. It didn't really register, but I got to go back to my room to see if I'm crazy or not.”

To be continued...

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