As they leave the Lobster Shack, Hank teases Luis that it wasn't so bad. Luis walks off by himself. As she stands with Hank and Lisa by the door, Beth warns Hank to leave Luis alone. It was too soon for him to go out with other people, just too close to Sheridan’s death. Luis sees a girl who looks like Sheridan from behind and he calls out to her. When she turns around, Luis sees that it is not Sheridan and he apologizes to the girl. Beth, Hank and Lisa all comment on how much Luis loved Sheridan.

On the island, Brian walks into the hotel lobby by himself, so Liz says, “Don’t tell me you lost your sea angel already.” Diana enters behind him. Liz asks if she enjoyed her tour of the island. She did and thinks it is a beautiful island. She wasn't paying as much attention to what she was seeing so she wants to walk around again in the morning. Doc suggests that she relax and not strain her mind too much to regain her memory. Diana says, “I’ll try. When Brian and I were down on the beach, I had a moment where I thought I might be Sheridan Crane.” Liz is surprised, “You did?” Diana replies, “Yeah. I read a story about her in the newspaper being lost at sea. But then Brian told me that her body had been found and identified. I can’t get her out of my mind, though. I -- I don’t know why.” Doc says, “I think I know why you can’t get Sheridan Crane out of your mind.” Diana stands in front of Doc, “Why? Tell me.” Doc replies, “Well, it’s simple, really. Diana here read about what happened to Sheridan Crane at sea. And her experiences were so similar, she’s just identifying with her. It’s no wonder you're upset, realizing how close you came to losing your own life out in the hurricane. I think all Diana needs is to be left alone so she can get a good night’s sleep. It'll help you forget all about this Sheridan Crane.”

Diana stands on the balcony in her nightgown looking at the stars when Brian knocks on the door and walks in saying, “I don’t mean to intrude. I just wanted to make sure you had everything you needed.” Pulling a shirt over her gown, she answers, “Yeah. I’m fine.” Brian says, “Good. You had kind of a faraway look in your eye when you were looking out the window. Anything come back to you?” She replies, “No. Nothing that makes any sense.” He comments, “Must be awful frustrating. Look, if there’s anything I can do for you, anything at all, just ask, ok?” She says, “You've been so kind. I -- I wouldn’t even know what to ask for. Except -- no. Forget it. It’s too silly.” Brian encourages her, “No, no, go ahead. Ask away.” She smiles, “You're going to think I’m crazier than you probably already do. I mean, it’s hotter than July here, and for some reason I have this terrible craving for a hot cocoa. Liz probably wouldn’t even have any.” He smiles, “Actually, I just happen to know where a secret stash is. Coming right up.” He leaves to get the cocoa. Diana says to herself, “Hot cocoa? I wonder where that came from.”

Walking along the wharf next to Luis, Beth asks, “Can’t stop thinking about her, can you?” Luis says ever so softly, “I try. Everything I see, everything I do, reminds me of her. The woman we saw just now -- I mean, I could've sworn it was Sheridan -- even though I know logically that it couldn’t be her. Her body was positively I.D.'D before she was cremated. But, honestly, I could've sworn that that woman was Sheridan.” Beth says, “Don’t feel bad. Anybody who lost the love of their life would feel the same way.” Luis speaks in a low voice, “Yeah. Even this place reminds me of her. We used to take long walks, and I’d take my jacket, put it around her to keep her warm, get hot cocoa. I can almost smell it now. You know, you're a real good sport, listening to me go on about Sheridan. Why don’t you go join Hank and Lisa? I’m sure they're much better company.” Beth replies, “No. Not to me, Luis. And just for the record, I don’t mind listening to you talk about Sheridan. I meant it when I said I really liked her.” Luis looks at her, “She liked you, too.” Beth adds, “And, besides, I owe you one. When my father died, you listened to me go on and on for I don’t know how long until I finally accepted his passing. And I want to be here for you until you get over Sheridan.” Luis takes a deep breath and looks out over the water.

Later as it is time to leave the wharf, Luis asks, “Are you going to be ok getting home by yourself?” Beth says she does it every night. She asks if he wants to come by for some hot cocoa, but he replies, “Oh, thanks. Not tonight. Maybe another time.” Luis thanks her for putting up with him even though he wasn't great company. Beth says that he doesn't have to be with her. Luis says, “No. I’m glad Hank got me to come out. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was -- that -- that’s -- that’s not what I meant.” Beth says, “Don’t worry about it. I really do understand. Take care of yourself, you hear?” Luis replies, “I’ll do my best.” Beth leaves and Luis looks up at the moon.

Sitting on her bed with the shirt over her nightgown, Diana takes a sip of her cocoa, “Thank you. Mmm. This is good.” Brian says, “Well, people do tell me I make a mean cup of hot cocoa. So, does it remind you of anything?” She thinks that it should, but she isn't sure. He wishes he could help as does she, but he leaves to let her get some rest. Brian leaves and she looks over the balcony, “What is it? What am I feeling?” Sheridan (“Diana”) looks up at the moon, just as Luis is doing in Harmony, “Hello, moon. Are you looking over my friends and family, too? Where are they? Doesn’t anyone miss me?” She goes back inside her room and lays down on her bed as Luis whispers, “Good night, Sheridan.”

To be continued...

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