As Luis sits on a boulder on the beach in Bermuda, he cries, “You had the most beautiful smile. It lit up a room. It lit up my life. So many boats out there. If only one of those boats could bring Sheridan back to me.” On one of those boats, Brian watches an unconscious Sheridan, “It's going to be ok, pretty lady. We'll be docking soon. We're going to get you all the care you need, I promise. I'll bet that there's some one's out there looking for you. Of course. Pretty woman like you, they'll probably be waiting on the dock when we arrive.”

As tears continue to make tracks down his cheeks, Luis so sadly says, “If only Sheridan was on one of those boats -- why do I keep doing this? Letting my imagination get the best of me? Sheridan's gone. She's gone forever. This is all I have. (He looks at the urn that contains Sheridan's ashes.) This and the memories.” Luis thinks back to Sheridan opening the door when they went on their first date and she wore the red dress. Luis whispers, “I can't accept it. Sheridan can't be gone. She can't be. She can't be.”

On the boat, Brian watches over Sheridan, getting her into dry clothing. He and the other fisherman talk about whether she is married. Brian decides that she must have a husband or boyfriend who must be worried sick about her.

Holding onto the urn, Luis sadly proclaims, “I'll never forgive myself for not marrying Sheridan. Never. I just hope Ethan listens to my advice and marries Theresa as soon as possible.” In the wedding chapel, Ethan is trying to do just that. As the JP begins the ceremony once again, Theresa cries out, “Wait! What about Luis? Oh, Ethan, he's the only family I have down here with me. He should be here. I can't get married without my brother.” Chad goes off to find Luis on the beach. Luis arrives and says, “Hey. Glad to see you took my advice. Marry her now, Ethan, or you'll always regret it.” Theresa gives Luis a hug as he says, “I'm just glad to be here to share in this special moment.” Rebecca is ready to go and the JP says with exasperation, “Very well. For the umpteenth time -- dearly beloved, we are gathered here to join these men and these women ...” The ceremony is interrupted again by a hotel employee looking for Julian. He has news that Ivy has been hurt, struck by lightening and may not live. Ethan is upset by the news.

On the boat, Brian decided to get Sheridan some warm soup and hot water bottles to help warm her up. As he leaves, the drunken boat captain come in and wants to have some fun with Sheridan. He strokes her cheek as she sleeps. Brian returns and demands that the captain leave her alone. When the captain pulls his knife out again, Brian tells him to put it down. He throws the knife on the floor near Brian and leaves. Brian returns to standing over Sheridan and whispers to her, “It'll be all right. I'm sorry. I should never have left you. I'll never leave you alone again.” (Wow! That was certainly foreshadowing because Antonio would do anything that he had to in order to “keep” Sheridan even though he knew that she loved another...his brother.)
Since Ethan is upset about Ivy, Julian has secured a jet to take them all back to Harmony immediately. Theresa tells Luis, “Come back with us, Luis. Julian offered us a free trip.”

Luis says, “I'm not ready to leave Bermuda. It's the last place that I was with Sheridan. I'd give anything right now for just one more moment with her. There's so many boats out there. (Luis smiles at Theresa.) And I -- I keep thinking, what if Sheridan's on one of them? What if she's on one of them, just -- she's on her way to come back to me? I know it's just wishful thinking.” On the boat, Brian sits on the edge of Sheridan's bed, “You know, you've got to have a boyfriend even though you're not wearing a ring. Guys like me, we never even get to talk to a girl like you. Whoever your man is, I hope he knows how lucky he is to have such a beautiful woman in his life.

Back on the beach with Sheridan's ashes, Luis looks out to sea, “If only a boat could bring Sheridan back to me.” Looking out the window on the boat, Brian says, “Land. We're almost there. I told you I'd take care of you. Now whoever's been looking for you since the hurricane is about to get the surprise of his life.”

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.