In Bermuda, Ethan wants to marry Theresa in the 24 hour wedding chapel but Theresa stalls trying to figure out how to tell him that she can't marry him right then because she and Julian “got married” in a drunken stupor during the night. Just as Theresa begins to explain to Ethan, the captain and Ron scream for help outside of the chapel. When Theresa, Ethan and friends go to investigate they learn that a boat blew up at sea and a man who was rescued from the boat needs medical help. Julian has almost forgot about the boat due to his problems with Theresa. Theresa fears it is Luis and Sheridan, but Ethan says there is no way it could be them. When Luis is brought by on a stretcher, everyone realizes that it is indeed Sheridan and Luis' boat. Ethan asks what happened to the woman. The captain says that she is gone. There is no way she could have survived that explosion.

Theresa is worried about Luis and asks if he will be okay. The captain tells her that he is in bad shape. He kept searching for Sheridan even after he should have given up. Ethan asks if there is any chance Sheridan could be alive. The captain says that even if the explosion didn't kill her, she would not have been able to survive the rough seas. Ethan refuses to believe Sheridan is dead until a body is found. Ron tells them that they never found Sheridan. They only knew that she had been on the boat was because of Luis telling them about her. He says they searched but the couldn't find Sheridan. A doctor finally arrives to check Luis. Ethan calls for a rescue boat just as Luis regains consciousness. Luis asks where Sheridan is. Theresa tells him to save his strength but Luis refuses to go to the hospital when Sheridan is still out there. When Ethan asks what happened, Luis recalls the details of the explosion. Ethan goes off to help with a search for Sheridan. Luis wants to go, too, but Chad tells Luis that he needs to go to the hospital. Luis says his life is not worth living without Sheridan. He might as well be dead, too.

Basil and June find Julian to tell him that Sheridan is dead. He thanks them for a job well done. They have come to collect their money. Julian says they will get it. When Ethan spots Julian in the shadows, he wants to know why Julian is not organizing a search party? Julian replies that a hurricane is coming and he cannot put lives in danger when Sheridan is probably dead.

Ethan, Chad, and Luis are going out to search for Sheridan. When Ethan asks Julian if he is coming to help, Julian refuses to go but Basil, the head of hotel “security" to take them out. Basil tells Julian this wasn't part of the deal but Julian says he'll pay him double to make sure they don't find Sheridan. Luis, Ethan, Chad, and Basil head out in the boat to search for Sheridan. Luis continues to scream Sheridan's name as he asks God not to let him lose her.

To be continued...