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Thread: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 7

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    Re: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 7

    Thanks, Ann. It's still hard to believe what they've done to this couple; I'm glad this show's going off of the air!

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    Smile Wednesday's Wonderfully Sweet & Sexy SHUIS Summary & Pics of the Day.........

    Julian arrives at the Bermuda resort and is led to Alistair by a pretty young lady. LOL! Julian says, “You could have just left a note at the desk.” Alistair replies, “I don't want to risk being seen by Sheridan or Luis. Now, forget about the girl. I want you to stay focused on your mission.” Julian replies, “Don't worry, father. I know exactly why I'm here. My plan to kill Sheridan will work perfectly.”

    Music is playing as Sheridan and Luis enter the restaurant. Luis kisses Sheridan's hand as she is seated at their table by the maitre d' who asks, “Is everything satisfactory, sir?” Luis replies, “Well, I think everything looks just wonderful. Thank you.” Sheridan smiles, “This is perfect.” Luis proposes a toast, “To us. To our life and our love.”

    A couple dancing near their table watches them, as the woman says, “Look, darling. They must be on their honeymoon.” Her husband says, “Oh, looks that way to me.” As the couple pass Shuis' table, they congratulate them. Luis and Sheridan thank them. Luis shrugs, “I didn't want to disappoint them. Besides, this is supposed to be our honeymoon, and, well, I'm going to make it more romantic than any honeymoon ever was.” Sheridan beams, “It already is.” Luis smiles, “Nothing's going to stop me from marrying you.” Julian walks into the restaurant and sees Shuis so he hides behind a bush so as not to be seen.

    On the dance floor, Sheridan smiles brightly, “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight ...” Luis grins, “What did you wish for? Tell me. I'll make it happen.”

    Sheridan smiles sweetly, “Oh, it wasn't for myself. I have everything I could ever want. I just wish Ethan and Theresa could be happy again.” Luis says, “Well, that's up to them – (he looks up) and fate.” Sheridan dreamily says, “I just wish everyone could be as happy as I am. I love you so much.” Luis looks into her eyes, “I've waited my whole life for you.”

    Hiding behind the bush watching Sheridan and Luis, Julian says, “Oh, look at them, Father. They're so in love.” Alistair grumbles, “Good. They'll die happy. And I want no mistakes this time. Take care of it.” Julian says, “I promise you it'll be taken care of. Luis and Sheridan won't leave this island together. She'll be dead. With any luck, so will he.”

    Dancing in Luis' arms, Sheridan looks up and asks, “You think I could have one more wish?” Luis grins, “Oh, why not. I'm feeling generous tonight.” Sheridan and Luis both smile and say, “Ok.” Sheridan smiles, “I wish I could capture the way I feel right this second and keep it alive for the rest of my life.” Luis grins, “Sweetheart, you just wasted a wish. It's going to be like this forever.” Sheridan looks so lovingly into his eyes, “Is it true, Luis? I mean, do we really get to stay this happy?”

    Luis turns her around in his arms and dances with his arms around her from behind, “Sheridan, you can and you will. Our lives are going to be like this forever.”

    Luis kisses her on the cheek. Both of their smiles are huge and so radiant!

    (This is one of the sweetest scenes. I loved it! One of my favorite pictures of Shuis comes from this scene, too.)

    Alistair makes a stock deal as Julian paces the floor in Julian's room. Al hangs up and turns to Julian, “How did I ever get such a sissy for a son? Be a man, Julian.” Julian looks up, “Beg your pardon, Father.” Alistair sneers, “Well, you're pacing so much you'll wear a hole in that carpet. If you're not up to the task at hand, tell me now.” Julian says, “I said I'd take care of it, and I will. Sheridan will die in a boating explosion. If Luis survives -- and I doubt he will -- he'll blame himself for her death and wither away from a broken heart. I have it all worked out.” Alistair grunts, “You'd better. Because if your sister doesn't end up dead, you will.”

    As she dances in Luis' arms, Sheridan sighs, “Oh, I could dance in your arms like this all night.” Luis counters, “Well, that's impossible because we've got to eat dinner and then get ready for bed and get ready for our big day tomorrow.” Sheridan questions, “Big day? Well, I thought we'd have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed and put the "do not disturb" sign on the door.” Luis raises his eyebrows, “Well, how about we do that the day after? No, seriously, I do have plans for us tomorrow morning.” Sheridan smiles, “Really? What?” Luis grins but turns his head away, “My lips are sealed.” Sheridan smiles and coaxes, “Oh, come on. You cannot hold out on me.” Luis stands his ground, “No.” Sheridan coaxes with that brilliant smile, “I can't stand the suspense. What are we going to do?” Luis looks at her and gives in, “You know, I can't keep anything from you. All right. I chartered a private boat for us tomorrow.” Sheridan smiles, “Really?” Luis replies, “Yeah, yeah, I thought it'd be fun to pack a picnic and do some island-hopping and -- or we can swim and fish and maybe find a little secluded cove where we can do some other activities.” He raises his eyebrows and grins. Sheridan says, “Sounds heavenly. But a private boat for the whole day -- that must be so expensive.” Luis replies, “Oh, so what if it is? You're my bride-to-be. We're on our pre-honeymoon honeymoon, and I want everything to be as magical as possible. Heck, you only live once, right?” Sheridan looks dreamily up into his face, “If life is this wonderful, then I don't mind at all.” Luis says, “Neither do I.” They kiss as they dance.

    Back in Julian's room he assures his father that he has everything under control. Alistair is skeptical so Julian says, “I've worked everything out to the smallest detail. See, a while back, Sheridan mentioned that Luis fancied himself quite the rod-and-reel man.” Alistair says, “Oh, a fisherman, eh? He must have inherited that from his father.” Julian adds, “Apparently, he's dreamed of owning his own sea craft for years, which is why I took the liberty of placing a private boat charter brochure in his and Sheridan's honeymoon suite. Luis took the bait, so to speak, exactly as I knew he would. He's reserved a small boat for tomorrow. He and Sheridan will be out at sea all day by themselves.” Alistair grumps, “You just make sure the job is done this time. You've already wasted enough time lolly gagging about.” Julian asks, “Doesn't it bother you at all, Father, ordering the death of your own daughter?” Alistair sneers, “Oh, grow up, Julian. How many times do I have to tell you that as a Crane male this is just one of life's unpleasant but necessary duties. I've more important things to concern myself with than Sheridan's longevity. Which reminds me -- I told my broker I'd call him back. I'll check in with you later, Julian.” As Alistair leaves the room Julian says, “That's right. Distance yourself so I'm the only one who gets his hands dirty.” Alistair replies, “If you'd done the job correctly the first time, you wouldn't be in this boat. Get it? Boat.” Alistair chuckles, “I made a joke, son.” Julian meekly says, “Yes, Father.” Alistair stops in the doorway, “And one more thing. I'm well aware of your penchant for drinking too much and grabbing at nubile young girls whenever the opportunity presents itself. But not on this trip, Julian. I don't care if the entire cheerleading squad from the local high school invites you to be their mascot. You need to concentrate on the task at hand and keep little Julian in his pants until you get home to Rebecca. Is that understood?” Julian replies, “Yes, Father.”

    Theresa has arrived in Bermuda and is practicing in front of the mirror in her room at the resort, her speech for Julian about taking Ethan back into the Crane family. She calls the front desk, “Yes. I was wondering if Mr. Crane has gone downstairs. Reservations for dinner in the dining room? Thank you very much.” As she hangs up the phone, she decides this would be a good time to talk to Julian, “Ok. That's it. I will approach him in public. I mean, that way nothing can happen. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Dinner downstairs is fancy, and I don't have anything to wear.” She runs off to the shop to buy a dress for her dinner with Julian. Theresa finds a sundress to wear but it is more revealing than she would like but it was the only one in the shop in her size.

    In the resort lobby, Julian asks, “Bellboy, tell me, is there nothing in this place but lovesick young honeymooners?” Bellhop answers, “Well, it is our clientèle, sir, along with those that come to the island to get a divorce.” Julian says in disgust, “Oh, for God's sake.” Bellhop replies, “Although I did see one pretty young woman check in by herself a little while ago. I had the feeling she wasn't here for either reason.” Julian replies, “Really? What's her room number?” Bellhop says, “Sorry, sir, I couldn't say.” Julian grins, “Yes. Ahem.” Julian hears Luis and hides behind a bush. At the front desk, Luis says, “I'd like to order a picnic basket for two for a boating trip tomorrow.” Clerk replies, “Well, of course, sir. Will the honeymooner champagne basket be satisfactory?” Luis replies, “That sounds great. And -- well, I'll be by and pick it up in the morning. Thanks.” Behind the bush, Julian thinks, “Oh, God. The last champagne that will cross my poor sister's lips.”

    At their table in the restaurant, Sheridan asks, “Well, shall we order dessert?” Luis replies, “Well, we could have it in the room.” Sheridan looks up, “Or we could skip it entirely.” Luis grins and asks, “Then what are we going to do to entertain ourselves?” Sheridan replies seriously, “I don't know. Maybe we'll come up with something.” She raises her eyebrows. As Luis looks at her, she opens her eyes wide to indicate they should get out of there. Too cute! Luis gets her message, of course, “Yeah.” In total agreement, they both throw their napkins down, stand up, Sheridan picks up her little evening bag, Luis offers his arm, and they walk out of the restaurant.

    To be continued...

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    Re: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 7

    Thanks, Ann!

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    Smile Thursday's Temptingly Sensual SHUIS Summary & Pics of the Day....

    Lying in bed in their room, Sheridan and Luis both let out a breath and purr. Content after making love, Sheridan lays in Luis' arms with her head on his chest, “You know, we may not be married, but this is everything I dreamed my honeymoon would be.” As Sheridan rests her head and hand on his chest, Luis caresses her arm, “Well, it's only going to get better. I mean, you just wait and see that boat I chartered. We are going to have the time of our lives.” Sheridan smiles, “ Hmm. Tell me about it. Or better yet, show me.” Sheridan looks up into Luis' face as he brings his head down to meet her lips in a kiss. She puts her arm around his neck and pulls his head even closer to her.

    After assuring Alistair that his plan to kill Sheridan and maybe Luis is all set, Julian heads for the bar where he meets several of his friends who are all in Bermuda getting divorces and looking for women to bed. They make crude jokes and laugh as they drink.

    In her room in Bermuda, Theresa looks at herself in the mirror, “This dress is so revealing. But it was the only one that the hotel boutique had in my size.” Her cell phone rings. Sitting in the Book Cafe, Whitney calls Theresa to check on her. Whitney asks where she is and if she has talked to Julian yet. Theresa tells her that she went to the mansion but he was on his way to Bermuda to finalize his divorce from Ivy. Whitney asks Theresa to tell her that she did not follow Julian Crane to Bermuda but that is just what happened. Whitney tells her to get on the next plane and come home.

    Having traded sides of the bed with Luis and now propped up on her arm looking at Luis, Sheridan sighs, “I could stay like this all night. Maybe even the rest of our trip.” Luis smiles, “Yeah?” As her hand rests on his chest with his hand on top of hers, Sheridan adds, “The rest of our lives.” Luis laughs, “You're sure nothing could get you to leave this room?”

    Sheridan thinks, “I don't know. What do you have in mind?” Luis says, “Well, it's a warm night. We could take a walk on the beach.” Caressing his chest Sheridan says, “Hmm – pass.” Luis gives another option, “Ok. How about a dip in the ocean?” Sheridan considers, “Hmm – uh-uh.” After some quick thinking, Luis asks, “Hmm. What do you say we build a fire by a sand dune?” Sheridan quickly says, “No.” Luis caresses her arm and looks hopeful, “Well, what if we do all the above and make love under the stars?” Sheridan gets the biggest smile, “Mmm, deal.” Luis leans down, she stretches up to meet his kiss as he pulls her close to him.

    In their white terrycloth robes, Sheridan and Luis walk hand in hand through the lobby on their way out to the beach. Sheridan stops and exclaims, “Oh, well. It is so gorgeous out there.” Luis nods, “Mm-hmm.” Sheridan says, “I only wish Ethan and Theresa could share it with us.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. That would have been great.” They continue on their way out to the beach.

    Theresa crosses the lobby in her search for Julian who is still at the bar with his cronies. She stops at the front desk to ask the clerk if he could let Julian know that she wished to speak with him. He agrees and goes to the bar to give Julian the message.

    On the beach after a swim, Sheridan is drying herself off with her towel, “The water was so warm.” Luis already has a fire going and say, “It's unreal.” Sheridan says, “I keep thinking how much Ethan and Theresa would have loved this.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. I'm worried about Theresa. The girl can be her own worst enemy. You know, if only she'd told Ethan the truth about scanning that letter into her computer.”

    Sheridan understandingly agrees, “Yeah.” Luis sighs, “I just hope she's learned her lesson.” Sheridan places her hand on his arm.

    The clerk tells Julian that a young woman would like to speak with him in the lobby. Julian wonders who that could be. Julian walks out to the lobby and sees the girl who is facing the other way, “You wish to speak to me?” Theresa turns around, “Yes, I do.” Julian is shocked, “Oh, my.” Julian misunderstands why she has come to Bermuda, thinking that she wants her first time to be with him. LOL! He asks Theresa to have dinner with him and they walk into the restaurant to be seated. While Julian goes off to find a waiter and get champagne, Theresa daydreams about telling Ethan that she has convinced Julian to reinstate him as a Crane. Everything will be wonderful again. As her daydream ends Theresa says to herself, “It's going to happen. I just have to convince Mr.. Crane to take Ethan back into the family.”

    Sitting on the beach close to each other, Sheridan puts her hand on Luis' arm, “Hmm, so perfect. Can we come back here when we get married for our official honeymoon?” Luis says, “I'll make sure we do.” They kiss. Sheridan sighs, “Hmm. Maybe next time, Ethan and Theresa can join us if they work things out.” Staring into the fire, Luis says, “Yeah, well, that's a big "if" when it comes to my sister. She usually makes things worse. You know, she doesn't mean to. It's just that once she gets an idea in her head, no matter how crazy, she sticks to it, and, well, usually means disaster.”

    Standing on the beach holding hands, Luis suggests, “What do you say? Let's try and forget about Ethan and Theresa, at least till we get back to Harmony?” Sheridan smiles, “You're right. Whatever happens is going to happen whether we know about it or not.” Luis smiles down at her, “Good. Now, let's see, I promised you a -- a moonlight swim in the ocean and we swam.” Sheridan nods, “Mm-hmm.” Luis continues, “And I promised you a fire on the beach and, voila, there's fire. And I promised you a walk and we walked. So what else do we have left?” Luis grins as Sheridan's smile is wide, “I think I remember.” Luis says, “Yeah? I think we're supposed to make love under the stars.” Sheridan stands on her toes to reach Luis lips for a very sensual kiss!

    On Warlock Island, Miguel asks, “Charity, what is it? Why do you keep staring into the fire?” Staring into the fire, Charity whispers, “I see a terrible fire. I see death.”

    On the Bermuda beach, the flames in the fire that Luis has built suddenly shoot up causing a crackling noise. Lying in Luis' arms on their blankets, Sheridan suddenly sits up, “What was that?”

    Luis asks, “What was what?” Not taking her eyes off the dancing flames, Sheridan asks, “Didn't you hear it?” Luis replies, “No. I heard the fire crackling.” Sheridan says, “No, no, it sounded -- why did the fire just suddenly get so high?” Luis says, “I don't know. Tropical trade winds or maybe the driftwood was extra dry. What's wrong, Sheridan? Why you suddenly so afraid?” Sheridan replies, “I don't know, but that sound -- it just sent a chill through me. It was almost like a warning that something terrible was going to happen.” Sounding frightened and still looking at the fire, Sheridan asks, “Luis, why did I have this feeling? Why did I have this feeling that something terrible was going to happen?” Luis replies, “Well, I don't know. But I want you to put it out of your head, ok? Look, we're in this beautiful place. (Sheridan looks all around.) We're hundreds of miles away from your father or brother and miles away from anyone who wants to tear us apart.” Sheridan agrees, “You're right. I guess I'm just not used to feeling this safe and protected and happy.” Luis puts his finger under her chin to turn her face to him, “I am here to protect you, ok, Sweetheart?” Sheridan takes Luis' hand, “I'm just so afraid that it won't last. I'm so afraid that something will happen to take it away.” Luis reassures her, “All right, that is not going to happen, ok? Now, what can I do to convince you of that? Everything is going to be great.” Looking up at Luis, Sheridan asks, “You really, honestly don't think anything will happen to tear us apart?” Luis confidently replies, “Not anymore. Your father and brother, they gave it their best shot. They blew it, hiring some guy to impersonate me. It didn't work.” Luis smiles into her eyes, “Hey, you're stuck with me for life whether you like it or not, till death do us part.” Sheridan repeats, “Till death do us part.” Luis lowers his head to kiss Sheridan. As the kiss ends, they put their foreheads together, then Luis kisses her temple. Too sweet!

    After a bit of going round and round regarding the reason Theresa came looking for Julian, Theresa finally states the real reason she is there in Bermuda, “Well, the whole reason that I'm here -- to ask you to take Ethan back into the family.” Julian asks, “You came all the way down here to ask me to take Ethan back into the family?” Theresa says, “Well, yes. I mean, I thought that you understood that I wanted to talk about Ethan. I thought that if you could take Ethan back into the family, I can make up for the mess that I made. It's all my fault that that tabloid printed Ivy's letter telling Sam Bennett that Ethan was his son. I mean, it was scanned into my computer, something that I never should have done, and then someone else saw it and they e-mailed it to the tabloid.” Julian says, “You knew Ethan wasn't my son and you didn't say anything.” Theresa admits, “That's another thing that I have to make up for. Mr. Crane, Julian, I love Ethan so much, and all I want is for him to get back what he lost. I know that you loved Ethan as a son for all those years. You must still feel something for him.”

    Sitting in front of the campfire on Warlock Island, Charity says, “Danger. Theresa. No. No.” Miguel comes to sit with her, “Charity, what are you doing out here? You said you were going to go to bed?” Kay wants to know what is going on so Miguel tells her, “She keeps saying Theresa's in danger.” Reese asks, “Charity, what are you seeing?” Miguel, “Look, Reese, she's upset, all right? She doesn't need you to ask her what she's seeing.” Reese looks at Miguel, “Miguel, most of the time Charity's premonitions come true. We should try to get her to tell us what this one was about.” Jessica sits next to her cousin, “Yeah.” Charity replies, “Ok. I see Miguel's sister, Theresa, and she's on an island with palm trees and flowers.” Miguel says, “No, Charity, it can't be Theresa. All right, she's back in Harmony worrying about Ethan. She wouldn't just run off to some island. It must be someone else.” Charity is adamant, “No, Miguel. It's Theresa. It's Theresa, and she's on an island, and something bad is happening to her there. She's in trouble. She's in terrible trouble.” Miguel asks, “Charity? Can you tell us what you see in the fire?” Charity whispers, “I see different things now. I see a boat exploding and people dying. There's so much pain. It's awful!” Miguel, “A boat explodes. Is Theresa on the boat? I mean, is that why you said you saw her in danger?” Charity, “No, no. Theresa's not on the boat. But she's in some kind of trouble.” Miguel asks, “What kind of trouble? Who is she with?” Charity cries, “I don't know, I don't know! But she's going to regret what she's doing. She's going to regret it, and it's going to be too late, too late!” Jessica, “She just sounds so convinced.” Miguel, “I'm going to call my mother. She'll know where Theresa is. Damn it. There's no signal. Must be all the trees.” Simone, “Maybe we should try to go back to Harmony.” Miguel, “I wish we could, but the boat captain said he wasn't going to be back till daybreak. So we're stuck here for the night. Charity, I want to know about Theresa. What's happening to her?” A very upset Charity says, “No, Theresa. Don't take that drink. No.” Miguel asks, “What drink? And who is she with?” Charity replies, “I don't know. But if she takes that drink, Miguel, she's going to regret it for the rest of her life.”

    Returning to their table, Julian asks, “Ah. Theresa, where were we?” Theresa replies, “I was asking you if you could possibly take Ethan back into your family.” Julian grins, “Well, you have to admit it's a tall order inasmuch as Ethan isn't a biological Crane, but I'm willing to be convinced.” Theresa, “Oh, Mr.. Crane, Julian, thank you. Thank you.” Julian, “Bit of champagne?” Theresa, “Oh, I -- I shouldn't, i shouldn't.” Julian, “Oh, nonsense. We should have a toast to your success in convincing me to adopt Ethan as my son. Besides, I hate to drink alone.” Theresa asks, “Are you sure it's bad luck to make a toast with water?” Julian says, “Oh, I'm positive. Is there a problem?” Theresa says, “Well, I'm not really old enough to drink champagne.” Julian, “In Bermuda you're old enough. And besides, you don't want to risk having bad luck, do you?” Julian says that he must go. Theresa begs, “No, please, don't go. Of course I will make a toast to Ethan's future. I would do anything for him.” They toast as Theresa has one sip of the champagne. She laughs because the bubbles tickle her nose. Julian says, “That's what's so fun about champagne.” Theresa says, “Thank you for listening to me. It would mean the world to Ethan if you would just take him back. And then I could go through with the wedding knowing that I made up for causing Ethan so much pain.” Julian grins, “Well, I can certainly see your logic, but you must admit it's a tall order. But I'm willing to be convinced.” Theresa says, “Well, I am willing to spend the whole night convincing you.” Julian laughs, “Well, it may just take the whole night. Perhaps we should have another toast -- to Ethan's possibly bright future.” Theresa says, “Um -- I really shouldn't have any more.” Julian pours more champagne and they toast to Ethan's future.

    Lying on the beach in Bermuda, Luis asks, “You feel any better?” Sheridan smiles, “I feel silly getting upset over an eerie sound the fire made.” Luis says, “Yeah. Hey, you know, when I was a kid, we used to sit around the fire and we would tell stories about what we saw.” Sheridan says, “That sounds like fun.” Luis looks at Sheridan, “Yeah, it was. And you know what I see?” Sheridan asks, “What?” Luis smiles, “I see a boat. I see a boat sailing on the sparkling sea, and you know what I see in that boat? I see two people. I see two people who love each other so much that nothing can ever tear them apart.” They look so deeply into each other's eyes before their lips meet in a slow, sensual kiss...

    To be continued...

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    Smile Friday's Fires on Beaches SHUIS Summary and Pictures of the Day.......

    Sitting in front of the campfire on Warlock Island, Charity cries, “Poor Theresa. She took one sip and now she's going to regret it for the rest of her life.” Sitting next to her in the sand, Miguel asks, “Charity, I don't know what you're talking about, but you need to stop. You're scaring me.” Charity responds, “I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything about your sister.” Miguel understandingly says, “You can't help what you see.” Reese comments, “Let's look on the bright side. I mean, at least with your premonitions, now we're way ahead of the game. We can be up at first light, take the boat back to Harmony, and make sure everyone's ok.” Charity whispers, “There it is again -- the fire. It's a horrible fire. It's coming, and there's nothing we can do about it.”

    Sitting on the beach in Bermuda and once again dressed in her swimsuit, Sheridan sighs, “It all seems like a dream. Promise me we can come here when we have our real honeymoon.”

    Luis leans over to her, “I promise.” They kiss. After the kiss ends, Sheridan sits up straight and looks around. Luis asks, “What is it?” Sheridan replies, “I don't know. I just got this feeling like I was in danger.”

    As Julian and Theresa sit drinking their second bottle of champagne, a waiter tells Julian that he has a phone call in the lobby. Julian goes to answer the phone, “What is it, Father?” Alistair wants to make sure all the plans are set. Julian tells him that everything is taken care of and Sheridan will die tomorrow. Alistair replies, “You know, I've always felt that Sheridan was the weaker link of my two children. I'd hate to come to realize that it was you all along. Then I'd have to say (imitating the voice of the hostess of the Weakest Link) “good-bye” to you as well. Alistair laughs and waves at the picture of Sheridan on his desk. Julian is not amused, “There's nothing to be concerned about, Father. In a few hours, Sheridan will be dead.” He hangs up and goes back to the table where Theresa is waiting to convince him that Ethan deserves to be reinstated as a Crane. Julian says, “Well, I'm open to anything you might want to say, dear. Or for that matter, might want to do to a mutually satisfying conclusion to this evening, hmm?” They both drink their champagne.

    Still sitting in front of the fire on Warlock Island, Miguel asks, “Charity? Are you still having visions about Theresa?” Charity shakes her head, “I see Sheridan now, and Theresa's in the same place. We have to warn Sheridan. She's in terrible danger!”

    Sitting on the beach in Bermuda, Sheridan looks over at Luis, “Sorry. I don't know what came over me.” Luis wraps his arms around his legs as he sits, “I'm afraid whatever it was, it's getting to me now, too.” Sheridan looks surprised, “What, do you think we really could be in danger?” Luis says, “I don't know what it was. I guess I was just worried about Theresa. I'd feel a hell of a lot better if I knew where she was.” Sheridan places her hand on his arm, “I'm sure she and Ethan are back together. You know how much they love each other.” Luis says, “Yeah. I just wish that was all it took.” Sheridan asks, “Why, are you worried someone's trying to keep them apart?” Luis is thoughtful, “You saw how furious Ivy was when she thought that Theresa betrayed Ethan to that tabloid, and, well, who's to say that she or someone else won't work overtime to try and keep them from being together?” Sheridan sympathizes, “ I don't blame you for being worried, but it's not as if Ethan and Theresa are up against the negative forces we were.” Luis nods, “Yeah, you're right. At least now Ethan's not a Crane, he doesn't have to contend with Julian.” Sheridan caresses his arm again, “Yeah.”

    Deep in thought, Luis says, “I still don't believe your brother's sudden turnaround.” Sheridan nods, “You mean showing up at our wedding when we're about to get married?” Luis says, “Yeah. And how are we supposed to suddenly believe that he's in our corner after everything that he and your father did to try and break us up?” Sheridan says, “I don't know. But, you know, Julian really did seem sincere with his apology. (She looks over at Luis.) You must think I'm so terribly naive when it comes to my family.” Luis reaches over to caress her arm, “No, I just think that you're terribly decent. And you're too good to think that anyone could do something so treacherous. Hey, no more talk about Julian on our practice honeymoon, ok?” Sheridan looks thoughtful, “Hey, you know, speaking of practice, I want to make sure we get everything right for when we do this for real, don't we?” Luis agrees, “Yeah. Absolutely. Well, that could take a lot of rehearsal.” Sheridan agrees, “Yeah.” Luis nods, “Land, water, water, land. Sand, sea.” Sheridan adds, “Even our bed.” She looks pointedly at him. Luis grins, “I am suddenly getting very sleepy.” Sheridan suggests, “Well, last one to the room has to give the other a full body massage.” Luis smiles, “Hmm. Now, that's a contest I like. What do you say we stop by the bar and get a little champagne?” Sheridan smiles, “Mmm.” They kiss and kiss again.

    Back in the restaurant, Theresa continues, “There's another reason I think it would be smart of you to take Ethan back into the family.” Julian asks, “And what's that?” Theresa says, “Ethan's a wonderful lawyer. I mean, I am sure he was an enormous help to you at Crane Industries once he graduated from law school and joined you at the firm.” Julian agrees, “Oh, yes, indeed.” Theresa adds, “He loved working there. And, well, he already knows the corporation's ins and outs like the back of his own hand. You must miss having him there.” Julian says honestly, “Yes, Ethan was a natural. I always thought of him as a chip off the old block, his conscience notwithstanding. He had that killer instinct for negotiation. Oh.” Theresa says, “He could be negotiating deals tomorrow if you took him back as your son. I knew if I could just speak to you alone, I might be able to get through to you.” Julian says, “You are a very astute young woman.” Theresa smiles, “Thank you. Like I said, I will do whatever it takes to convince you that I'm not wasting your time.” Julian replies, “I may just hold you to that, Theresa.”

    Sheridan and Luis walk up to the bar and stand a few chairs away from Julian's friends and overhear them talking about an older man trying to have his way with a much younger woman. Sheridan looks disgusted as she looks in the direction of the men, “They sound like charming people.” Luis adds, “Yeah, that's just what I want to hear when my kid sister's on my mind. Hate to think of my sister as alone in the world when there are leeches like that running around.” While waiting at the bar to be served Sheridan and Luis can't help but hear the crude jokes and off color remarks the men are making. Luis looks over at the guys, “Talk about sleazy.” Sheridan agrees, “Yeah.” The bartender arrives and asks how he can help them. Luis orders, “Yes. We would like a bottle of your best champagne, please, and we're going to take it to our room.” Bartender says, “Of course, sir. I'll have that for you in a moment.” Luis informs him, “We'll be sitting right over there.”

    At a table not far from where Sheridan and Luis sit waiting for their bottle of champagne, Theresa and Julian are served more champagne by the waiter. Theresa says, “Oh. I really shouldn't have another drop.” The waiter thinks that they want to get back to their room. Theresa says, “I -- I never thought about what people might assume if they saw us together drinking champagne and everything. I would hate for anyone to get the wrong idea. I mean, you're so rich and famous, the gossip could get all the way back home.”

    As Luis signs the ticket, the bartender hands him a bottle of champagne, “Enjoy the rest of your evening, sir.” Luis says, “Thank you. We will. Ah.” Luis and Sheridan stand and Luis picks up the champagne. Luis offers Sheridan his arm as she laughs, “Thank you.” They start to walk out but Luis comes to a stop when he hears Theresa say, “Oh, that's a relief.” Wondering why he stopped Sheridan asks, “What? Did you forget something?” Looking around, Luis answers, “No. I just thought I heard my sister's voice.” Sheridan looks questioningly up at Luis, “Theresa? What would she be doing here?” Sheridan puts her hands on Luis' arm, then hugs him, “Oh, Honey, this is all my fault. My paranoia's rubbing off on you and making you hear things.” Luis says, “Well, I could have sworn I heard my sister's voice. But you're right. That's crazy, right? What would she be doing here?” Sheridan agrees, “Yeah. I mean, if she and Ethan had reconciled and flown down, we would have heard.” Luis nods, “Right. Let's go back to the room.” He puts his arm around her and they walk off to their room.

    At their table, Theresa continues on her mission, “I wouldn't be asking you to take Ethan back if I didn't believe that it was something you wanted to do yourself deep down. Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but I saw the pain in your face the night that you found out Ethan wasn't your son.” Julian replies, “It was the worst night of my life.” Theresa says, “That's why I am begging you to take Ethan back as your son, to let him use the Crane name again, you know, to be the man he always thought he was. I mean, you still love him, don't you?” Julian looks sad, “He was my first-born. Yes, that's how I always thought of him. You really love him, don't you?” Theresa says, “With all of my heart.” Julian says, “Yes. I can see it in your eyes every time you say his name. It's too bad I never married someone who loved me the same way. Still, I hooked up with Ivy. (They hear the clock chime and Julian looks at his watch.) Well, what do you know? It's midnight. I'm a free man. My divorce from Ivy is final.” Julian laughs and the guys at the bar raise their glasses in a toast to Julian's and their divorces. Julian takes his wedding ring off and tosses it over his shoulder. He asks Theresa to join him in a toast to his freedom from Ivy. Theresa says that she has had enough but she does toast to that. Theresa giggles. Julian moves closer to Theresa at the table. He tells her that it is too noisy there. She suggests they go somewhere where there isn't so much noise. He suggests his room. Theresa says there are so many quite places they could go to talk, but Julian says that it wouldn't be a place where they wouldn't be interrupted. She still has to convince him to take Ethan back into the family. Julian stands and holds out his hand to Theresa. Theresa says, “I told myself when I flew down here that I wasn't going to give up until I persuaded you to take Ethan back.” Theresa stands and they walk towards the lobby.

    On Warlock Island, Miguel asks, “Did you send the e-mails to Sheridan and Theresa?” Reese looks at his PDA or cell phone, “They didn't go through. The server must be down.” Charity takes the PDA or cell phone from Reese and is clearly upset, “But Sheridan could die, and Theresa's about to make a decision that's going to affect her whole life! We have to warn them!” Reese comforts her, “Shh, shh, it's ok.” Miguel says, “It's late, and there's nothing else we can do tonight. And chances are that Theresa and Sheridan are safe and sound asleep by now. We'll take the boat back to Harmony at daybreak, and we'll get a hold of them.”

    On the balcony of their room dressed in their white terrycloth robes, Luis stands behind Sheridan with his arms around her waist, “If only this was the real deal.” Sheridan smiles, “Oh, we'll be on our real honeymoon soon enough. And when we get back, we are going to plan another double wedding with Ethan and Theresa.” Luis says “Yeah? You're that sure they're going to work things out?” Sheridan smiles and looks over her shoulder at Luis, “Don't you know by now? True love conquers anything that anyone throws in its path.”

    Luis grins, “Oh.” Sheridan says again, “Anything.” Luis plants a kiss on her cheek, then rests his forehead on hers. They are just so adorable together!

    As a young man enters Alistair's room, he asks, “Were you able to double-check my son's plan for tomorrow?” The young man replies, “Down to the last detail, sir. You'll be glad to know that everything is in order, just as he said it was.” Alistair sounds surprised, “Well, well. Perhaps for once my son won't let me down. You're excused.” Looking at a picture of Sheridan on his desk, Alistair says, “Sheridan. You were always so pretty. Darling, it's unfortunate you had such terrible taste in men. Enjoy your last night on earth, my daughter.” He lays the picture face down on the desk.

    To be continued...

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    Smile Saturday's Sensual SHUIS Summary and Pictures of the Day.........

    Sitting on Luis' lap on the balcony, Sheridan sips her champagne, “This has been such a gloriously romantic day.” Luis looks up at her, “Hmm. And tomorrow is going to be wonderful, too, going down to the cove on that boat I chartered -- it's going to be a blast.” Sheridan runs her hands through his hair, “I can't wait.” Luis smiles, “Me, either. But, you know, right now, I was thinking we could take a nice, long shower together, hmm?” Sheridan grins, “I love the way you think.” Luis moans, “Hmm.” Sheridan smiles, “I love you.” Luis looking up, “I love you, too.”

    Sheridan leans down and captures his lips in a sensual kiss.

    At the Book Cafe, Whitney eventually tells Ethan that she heard from Theresa but she promised that she would not tell that Theresa went to Bermuda to convince Julian to take Ethan back into the Crane family. Ethan worries about what happened with Julian being in Theresa's room the last time they were in Bermuda. Ethan says several times that he believes that Theresa didn't send the email to the tabloid. Ethan calls the hotel but the desk clerk refuses to put him through to Theresa's room because he must obey the rule about not disturbing their guest so late at night. Ethan wonders where she could be. Ethan tries to get a flight to Bermuda immediately, but he can't get one until the morning. He says that is one thing that he misses from when he was a Crane...having the jet at his disposal. Whitney tells Chad that she hopes Theresa isn't getting herself into a situation she can't get out of.

    In Bermuda Julian and Theresa walk across the lobby to the elevators to go to his room. Theresa stumbles and says she has had too much champagne. He tells her that they can have more champagne when they get to his room. Theresa reminds him that she is going to his room to talk about Ethan. She says that she “is not leaving your room until I've convinced you that adopting Ethan is the only fair and right thing to do.” Julian happily replies, “Well, we can stay in my room together all night long if that's what you want.” A very tipsy Theresa says, “Oh! That's exactly what I want!”

    In their candlelit bathroom, Sheridan and Luis are in that hot shower. The scenes are definitely HOTT.

    Their song, “Imagine”, plays as Sheridan looks seductively at Luis while she scrubs his chest, shoulders and back.

    He returns the favor and scrubs her all over with those nice big sponges.

    Luis lowers his head to Sheridan's upturned face.

    They share some really heart stopping kisses before they are lowered out of our view. HOTT!!!

    The bartender stops Julian to tell him that he has a phone call. Alistair congratulates Julian on his plan to kill Sheridan. Julian tells Al, “I take no pleasure in what I've done, Father, but the bottom line is this -- in a matter of hours my sister, your daughter, will be dead. And any problems caused by a Crane co-mingling with a Lopez Fitzgerald will cease as well.” Julian looks over at Theresa and waves to her.

    Reaching the door to Julian's suite, he imitates Ricky Ricardo, “Lucy, I'm home! Open the door! You got a lot of splaining to do!” Julian and Theresa laugh. Theresa laughs, “Mr. Crane, I didn't know you could be so funny.” Inside the room, Theresa goes straight to the door to the balcony and admires the view. Julian's cronies arrive with champagne. He shoos them off and gives Theresa more champagne.

    Now dressed in their night clothes, Sheridan in a beautiful white nightgown and Luis in sexy Navy blue boxers, they walk into their bedroom after their hot shower. Sheridan sits at the foot of the bed, “Well, that was the hottest shower I've ever taken.” Luis grins, “I'll say. Well, maybe we can find some music to cool us down, huh?” He walks over to the radio on the side table, “Let's see here.” As the music begins to play, Luis looks over at Sheridan, “Tango. Sounds like divine intervention to me.” Sheridan smiles, “I highly doubt a tango will help us cool down.” Walking back to stand in front of Sheridan, Luis says, “I guess we'll just have to see.” He holds out his hand, “May I have this dance?”

    Placing her hand in his, Sheridan replies, “You may have anything you want.” He pulls her to her feet and they begin their wonderfully sensual tango.

    As the tango music plays, Sheridan and Luis continue their sexy tango. As they dance, Luis whispers in her ear, “We should always dance like this.” Sheridan replies with a smile, “And we will, every day for the rest of our lives.”

    They continue their dance until the final dip when the music ends.

    Luis stands and pulls Sheridan to him and they kiss several times. Sheridan sighs, “That was wonderful.” Luis cups Sheridan's face, “That was great.” Smiling Sheridan says, “This whole night has been wonderful.” Luis grins, “Tomorrow's going to be even better -- just you and me. We're going to be sailing the ocean blue and making love in some little cove. It's going to be fantastic.” Sheridan sighs, “Mm-hmm.” Luis pulls her into another kiss.

    To be continued...

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    Smile Sunday's Shocking SHUIS Summary and Picture of the Day. ...........

    Walking out onto their balcony, Luis breaths in the island scents, “Aha.” Sheridan dreamily says, “Oh. Oh, I still can't believe we're here, together, having such a wonderful time.” As he puts his robe on, Luis smiles, “Neither can I. But you know what? We are. And it's not going to end, and tomorrow is going to be even more wonderful.” Sheridan turns to face Luis, “Oh, our own private boat exploring all the secret coves.” Luis says, “Yeah.” Sheridan enthusiastically says, “I can't wait!” Luis grins, “You know, this is everything I ever dreamed of -- being out on the water with the woman I love, a boat. Even the boat's name is perfect.” Sheridan asks, “What's she called?” Luis replies, “The Island Dream.” They kiss.

    In a room overlooking the harbor/ boat docks, a woman looks at the boats with binoculars and asks, “Basil, what's the name of that boat again?” Basil replies, “Uh -- Mr. Crane said it was called the Island Dream.” June continues looking, “Ok. There sure are a lot of boats out there.” Basil assures her, “Oh, we'll find it, all right? And once we find the boat that Luis rented, we'll know what size bomb to plant. And then, June baby, we're on our way to a very healthy paycheck.” June says, “We have to find the right place to plant the bomb.” Basil scolds, “Oh, stop worrying, June. We'll find the right place. And by tomorrow afternoon, when the happy couple is in the middle of their fishing trip -- boom! Off it goes. Our bomb will be so powerful, it won't matter where we put it. Sheridan and Luis will be blown to smithereens.”

    At the Book Cafe, Ethan can't find a way to get an earlier flight to Bermuda and realizes that the Crane jet was one of the perks that he misses about being a Crane. Whitney says that is why Theresa went to convince Julian, to get all of that back for him. Ethan doesn't believe that Theresa sent the mail and wishes that she didn't think that she had to do that to make amends to him. Whitney worries that if Julian tries to seduce her, she won't know how to react. Whitney says Theresa always thinks she's doing the right thing, but her schemes end up blowing up in her face. Ethan continues to try and find ways to go to Bermuda tonight. He can't help but worry about Theresa being there all by herself with Julian.

    In Julian's room, he offers Theresa more champagne. She says she really shouldn't but finally does to continue their talks about Julian adopting Ethan. Theresa says that would make Ethan so happy. A drunken Theresa says, “You should know, Julian, that I'm used to getting what I want, and I want you to adopt Ethan.” Julian replies, “Hmm. Ahem -- so you have been saying. And I'm almost convinced it would be the right thing to do.” Theresa agrees, “It is. It's absolutely the right thing to do. It wasn't Ethan's fault that his mother lied to him. And you raised him as your son. Look, he misses being your son, Julian.” Julian says he is sure that Ethan does miss being a Crane. Theresa and Julian both say that the other doesn't know how persuasive the other can be when they want something.

    Out on the balcony as the kiss ends, Sheridan looks up to the heavens, “Hmm. Have you ever seen such beautiful stars?” Luis kisses her check. A smiling Luis looks up, too, “No. Never seen them this bright, either.” Sheridan sighs, “Uh-uh.”

    Basil and June find the right boat from their window. Basil says, “Wow. Well, all right. Let's get to work and check it out.” June thinks it is a shame to blow it up because it is a pretty boat but Basil says, “If Julian Crane wants it blown to bits, that's what he gets. When Luis and Sheridan take it out tomorrow, they're never coming back.” Basil pulls out dynamite and the makings of a bomb and lays them on the table.

    In Julian's room, Theresa spills some of her drink. As she tries to wipe it up, she sees the brochure for the 24-hour wedding chapel and thinks that it is a sign that she and Ethan could get married there in Bermuda if Julian will agree to adopt Ethan. As Theresa talks, she joyfully twirls around and knocks over a lamp. Julian tells Theresa that the maid will clean up the broken lamp. He suggests that they go out on the balcony with their drinks.

    Out on their balcony, Luis hears the crash, “Sounds like they're having a big party next door.” Sheridan replies, “Well, that's what resorts like this are for.” Luis looks at her, “Yeah, I guess you're right.” He takes a sip of his champagne. Sheridan asks, “Hey. Something wrong?” Luis shakes her head, “No, it's just that -- well, ever since I thought I heard Theresa's voice downstairs in the bar, I've been thinking about her.” Sheridan sympathizes, “It's only natural for you to worry about your little sister.” Luis replies, “Yeah. And after I heard those clowns talking about sugar daddies and how some old geezer was trying to get some innocent girl up in his room, well, I couldn't help but worry about Theresa.” Sheridan says, “I understand how you feel.” Luis says, “Yeah. And, you know, if I'd have known that Theresa had been working for Ivy Crane all this time and seeing Ethan, I would've gone crazy. I know Julian's reputation, and, well, I just can't believe that he never even tried to make a move on Theresa.” Sheridan looks thoughtful, “Well, I wouldn't put anything past Julian, but even he knows how young she really is.” Luis looks so serious, “Yeah? Well, if he did ever try and hit on her, I'd kill him.”

    Standing behind Luis, Sheridan caresses his chest, “Oh, Luis. You're tense. Why don't you come back inside and I'll give you a massage?” Holding her hand on his chest, Luis perks up, “A massage?” Sheridan nods, “Mm-hmm.” Luis grins, “Hmm. Never turn a massage from you down.” They walk back into their room and Luis closes the door.

    As Theresa makes it out on the balcony, there is a knock on the door. Julian answers and finds Basil and June, the bombers, wanting to collect for their work tomorrow. Julian doesn't want Theresa to overhear their conversation so he turns the music even louder which causes Luis, who is being given a massage by Sheridan, to look up and ask, “What the hell's going on over there?” Julian retrieves their payment and sends them on their way. He makes his way back to Theresa on the balcony. As they try to discuss Ethan and what Theresa can do to convince Julian to adopt him, Theresa knocks over a big potted plant causing a loud noise.

    In their room, Luis hops off the bed where Sheridan is giving him a massage and exclaims, “All right, that's it. I'm going over there ...” Sheridan follows him, “Wait.” As he puts his robe back on, Luis continues, “And tell them to keep it down.” Sheridan warns, “It's awfully late.” Luis turns to her and continues, “Which is exactly why they should keep a lid on it. Look, I heard voices on the balcony, so I'm just going to go and warn them. (Luis touches her arm to assure her.) Don't worry. I'll be polite.” Theresa falls down trying to clean up the dirt, then takes Julian down with her. They both laugh making more noise.

    Luis walks out the double doors and steps onto the balcony. Walking out onto the balcony to stop Luis, Sheridan says, “Luis, look, I don't think you should confront them like this.” Luis stops, “Like what?” Sheridan reasons, “You're in a horrible mood. I think we should go out into the hallway and knock on their door. It would seem a lot less hostile. Besides, you'll have to talk through all the plants out here.” Luis laughs, “You're right. I'm not on duty in Bermuda, am I?” Sheridan smiles and rests her hands on his chest, “No, you're not, Mr. Policeman. You're on vacation like everyone else.” Luis says, “Right. I'm going to go put some clothes on.” Sheridan agrees, “Good idea.” They walk back into their room.

    After crawling back into Julian's room, Theresa begins to cry because she misses Ethan and wants him to come to Bermuda so they can be married as soon as she convinces Julian to adopt him. Julian tells her that she has almost convinced him so she pulls herself up on the bed and stands. She is going to freshen up in the bathroom. No sooner is Theresa in the bathroom than Julian hears another knock on the door. Julian rushes to open the door. He is surprised to see Luis and Sheridan standing there. Luis turns to look at Sheridan. All three of them are shocked.

    To be continued...

    No screen caps for this episode so I am posting one of srhrobin's beautiful banners. This one is of the Bermuda "honeymoon" tango.

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    Smile Monday's Mood Dampening SHUIS Summary and Picture of the Day....

    Standing in the hall, a very surprised Luis and Sheridan look in on an also surprised Julian who asks, “Well -- what are you two doing here?” Sheridan recovers and replies, “You know exactly what we're doing here. I called you before we left. I told you we were going to take our honeymoon trip even though the wedding didn't happen.” Luis adds, “And I was with Sheridan when she made the phone call. So the real question is, what the hell are you doing here?” Sheridan asks, “Well, Julian? What are you doing here?” Luis insists, “Huh? And what's with all the damn noise? Who you in here with?” Julian says, “Luis, there's no reason to get upset. Just calm down.” Luis angrily continues, “Julian, just quit stalling. Quit stalling and tell us what you're doing here. You're real quiet all of a sudden. You were making a hell of a lot of noise earlier. And who's in there making all that noise with you, huh?” In the bathroom, Theresa comments, “I look like a mess. Hmm. Oh, shoot. How can I fix myself when I left my purse in the other room? I better go get it.” Luis pushes, “Start talking, Crane. What the hell is going on in there?”

    In a room overlooking the harbor, June says, “Everything has to go off perfectly -- so to speak. We promised Julian Crane we'd kill his sister and her boyfriend.” Basil says, “There's nothing to worry about. Once I build this bomb, we'll plant it on the boat that Luis rented for a romantic trip with his beloved Sheridan.” June says, “Ok, let's hurry up. I want to get this bomb planted as quickly as possible. The sooner we get this over with, the better.” Basil replies, “Building a bomb is an art. It can't be rushed. Besides, we've got plenty of time to put this baby on the boat before Luis and Sheridan set out tomorrow.” June picks up a bundle of dynamite and says, “Little do the lovebirds know we hold their fate in our hands.” Basil replies, “You got that right. Once Luis and Sheridan say bon voyage, they'll be as good as dead.”

    Still standing in the hallway in front of Julian's room, Luis folds his arms across his chest, “Well, start talking, Crane, or I'm going to come in there and take a look for myself.” In the bathroom, Theresa discovers some toiletries, “Oh. This place really does have everything. I don't need my purse.” Sheridan warns, “You know you can make this a lot easier if you just answer our questions. What are you doing here in Bermuda? And who is in your room?” Julian replies, “Well, if you must know, I came down here to finalize my divorce from Ivy.” Sheridan looks concerned, “Wow. Does Ivy know about this?” Julian angrily replies, “Well, as a matter of fact, she does -- not that I owe her any explanations, since my tramp of an ex-wife passed Sam Bennett's bastard off as my son.” Luis asks, “So you came here to finalize your divorce. So what? That still doesn't tell us who's in the room with you.” Sheridan asks, “Yeah, what, are you here with Rebecca?” Luis explains, “Well, Julian, look, it's obvious there's someone in there with you. There's a woman's purse right there. Is that Rebecca's purse? Is that who's in there with you?”

    Luis says again, “Well, we're waiting, Julian. Is Rebecca in there with you?” Sheridan looks shocked as she asks, “Yeah, what, did you come here to celebrate your divorce? Are you two going to get married in Bermuda?” Julian laughs, “My, this is like the Spanish inquisition.” Luis demands, “Start talking, Crane!” Julian spits out, “Actually, Rebecca is not with me. I came down to Bermuda all by my lonesome.” Luis mocks, “Oh. Well, you obviously didn't stay on your lonesome very long.” Sheridan says, “You know what? You may be my brother, but you are such a pig. You were never faithful to Ivy when you were married to her, and now you can't even stay faithful to your new fiancée.” Luis continues, “ And let me clear something up for you, Julian. I don't care that you were suddenly supportive of me and Sheridan getting married. You and I are not friends.” Julian says, “Your point is well taken. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to turn in.” Luis says, “No, as a matter of fact, I do mind. I have heard so many horror stories about young women in Harmony -- young women that you have got your disgusting little hands on.” Julian indignantly says, “I have no idea what you're talking about.” Sheridan puts her hand on Luis' shoulder in a show of support and to gently restrain him as Luis says, “Well, then let me make myself perfectly clear to you. See, I've been thinking about how it would feel if someone took advantage of my sister, and just thinking about it -- thinking about you conning her makes my blood boil. You seducing her to get what you want. And you want to know why it got under my skin when I found out that Theresa had been secretly working for Ivy?” Julian smugly says, “I'm sure you'll tell me.” Luis replies, “Because your face popped into my head. To think that my sister had to spend so many hours under the same roof as you. Now, let me tell you something, Julian. If I ever found out that you ever made a move for my sister, I would kill you without even a second thought.” Sheridan says, “Come on, Sweetheart. Julian isn't worth any more of our time.” Luis reaches up and puts his hand over hers and looks at her, “Well, you're certainly right about that. But I'm putting you on notice, Julian. Now, I can't control whatever it is that you were doing here in Bermuda, but I can back in Harmony. Harmony is my town. And if I find out that you were using any more young women, I'm going to come after you. You get it, Julian? If I find out that you were going after any more young women, you are a dead man.” Julian nervously loosens his collar.

    As June plays with the dynamite, Basil shouts, “Hey! Watch it, June. Do I need to remind you I'm dealing with explosive materials?” She asks is he is finished with the bomb. He replies, “I am. And when I'm done, I'll go plant it on the fishing boat.” June thinks that Julian is going to be pleased with their work. Basil agrees and says, “Tomorrow Luis and Sheridan will be blown to smithereens, just like he wanted. And the best part of it is there won't be any trace of evidence. Boom!”

    Luis asks, “Do we understand each other, Julian?” Julian replies, “Indeed. You've made yourself perfectly clear, yes.” Luis holds Sheridan's hand, “You were right before. We have wasted way too much time on Julian. Let's get out of here.” Julian smiles, “Enjoy the rest of your trip.” Sheridan replies, “Don't worry, Julian, we will.” Luis adds, “Oh, yeah, and one more thing. Make sure you keep it down in here tonight with your friend. See, we're right next door and plan to get a good night's sleep before our boat trip tomorrow.” Julian says, “I'm sure you'll have the time of your lives. Don't worry. You won't hear another peep out of this suite.” Julian closes the door and Luis walks off. Sheridan says, “That was quite a surprise. I never expected to see my brother down here.” Luis takes Sheridan's hand, “Right. What do you say we forget about Julian, go down in the dining room and have a little dessert?” Sheridan smiles radiantly, “Hmm, sounds wonderful, seeing as I worked up quite an appetite after our earlier activities.”

    Julian crosses his room, “Who does Lopez Fitzgerald think he is? Well, after tomorrow, I'll never have to worry about that would-be superhero again.” Coming out of the bathroom, Theresa comments, “Oh, I thought i heard voices. Was somebody here?” Julian tells her it was no concern of hers and that they should continue talking about Ethan.

    Sitting in the restaurant having dessert with Luis, Sheridan says “It's so nice to be able to sit and relax after our run-in with Julian.” Luis, “Yeah. Let's have a little dessert. We'll get lots of rest for our big boat trip tomorrow.” Sheridan grins, “Maybe even have a nightcap in between, if you know what I mean.” Luis grins, “Hmm. I know exactly what you mean.” They hear laughter from the bar from Julian's cronies. Luis comments, “The sleaze balls are back. Want to change tables?” Sheridan replies, “No, no, we'll just ignore them. Besides, I can think of much better things to concentrate on.” She looks lovingly at Luis. Julian's buddies at the bar make comments to indicate that Julian has a young girl in his room having his way with her. Sheridan looks around disgusted. Throwing his napkin down on the table, Luis says, “Damn Julian has got some poor, innocent girl up in his room.” Sheridan says “He always manages to stoop to new lows.” Luis says, “I'm not going to let him get away with it. No, I'll bet that that girl doesn't have a brother like Theresa has to look out for her. I'm going to stop him.” Sheridan asks, “How?” Luis stands, “I'm going to go up to Julian's room right now, that's how.” He leaves the restaurant. Sheridan follows and as she passes the bar, the sleezeballs look her up and down and like what they see.
    Sheridan stops Luis in the hallway to Julian's room, “You know, you are like every woman's dream -- a true hero.” Luis looks serious as he takes Sheridan's hand, “Believe me, I am no hero. I'm just protective of young women. I guess because I've looked after Theresa for all these years.” Sheridan smiles, “Well, I think it's wonderful that you're going to confront Julian.” Luis releases Sheridan's hand, “Well, I'm not going to let him ruin another innocent girl's life. Julian! Julian, open up!” Luis bangs on Julian's door. Inside the room, Theresa hears Luis, “That's Luis. I wonder what he's doing here.” She walks toward the door to let Luis in. Julian yells, “Wait! No -- you can't let him know you're in here.” Theresa says, “Oh, don't be silly. Luis is my brother.” She heads off toward the door and Julian runs after her.

    To be continued...

    I don't have screen caps for this eppy so I am posting a collage of the Shuis tango that was made by someone at the Superhunks site.


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