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Thread: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 7

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    Smile SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 7

    Tuesday's Touching SHUIS Summary and Picture of the Day. . . . . .

    Standing in front of the altar in the church, Ivy announces that she has something to tell everyone. Watching on the monitor, Alistair interrupts a call, “I want to listen to this. I'll call you back.” In their front row seat, Francisco comments, “Mrs. Crane looks very angry.” Cristina shakes her head, “Yeah. I do not have a good feeling about this. Not good at all.”

    Ivy begins, “As you all know, a secret I had kept since the day that Ethan was born was recently revealed in a horrifying manner. Someone got a hold of my personal letter, and instead of doing the honorable thing and coming to Ethan or to me, this person did the lowest, most reprehensible thing possible. She sent it to a tabloid. Instead of my painful revelation coming out privately so that Ethan and Julian and Sam and I could talk it through, it was trumpeted to the whole world through a sleazy tabloid headline, which destroyed Ethan's life and shattered everyone close to him. The idea of someone doing something so heartless was, as you can imagine, alarming to me. I couldn't believe that anyone would ever want to hurt Ethan, and certainly no one who ever truly cared about him. But I was wrong. And now I have the proof that the person who ruined Ethan's life is someone so devious that she managed to convince all of us that she is a sweet, innocent girl when nothing could be further from the truth! Well, I know the truth, and I am going to expose her the same way she exposed my secret! The person who ruined Ethan's life and took everything away from him is the same person who stands here today claiming she loves him, claiming she wants to marry him! And that person is Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald!” She points and looks at Theresa while the guests gasp. Ivy makes things clear, “Theresa is the one who sent my letter to the tabloid! She is the one who exposed my son's paternity!” Theresa cries, “No, this is not true. I didn't do this. I would never do this!” Ivy yells, “Oh, I knew you would deny it. That is why I brought proof!” She holds up the tabloid.

    In their seats in the front pew, Tia Cristina exclaims, “I don't believe our Theresa is capable of doing such a thing.” Francisco says, “Of course she wouldn't. Theresa's a good girl.” Cristina agrees, “Yes.” Francisco nods, “Mrs. Crane must be mistaken.” Ivy again states, “Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald is the one who betrayed my son! She sent my letter to the tabloid! It's all in here!” Theresa cries, “No, this is not true! I didn't do this, Ethan!” Luis turns to Sheridan, “My sister wouldn't do this. There's got to be a mistake. Theresa couldn't have. She loves Ethan.”

    Ivy continues, “I trusted you, Theresa. I took you into my home. I gave you a job! I supported your relationship with my son, and this -- this is how you repay me? No, Ethan. There is no way you are going to marry this conniving bitch! Everyone gasps. Ivy turns to Father Lonigan, “I'm sorry, Father, but there is no other word for her. There's no way, Ethan -- no way this wedding is going to go on!”

    In the library of the Crane mansion, Julian answers the phone, “Yes, Father.” Alistair asks, “You still watching this, Julian?” Julian says, “Oh, I'm glued to the set.” Alistair shouts, “Well, unglue yourself and do something.” Julian replies, “Well, what can I do? It's out of my hands. Ivy stopped the wedding. It looks as if Ethan won't be marrying Theresa now.” Alistair booms over the phone, “Do I give a damn about those two? I couldn't care less if they got married. But Sheridan and Luis are another matter. They have to go through with the ceremony. He has to put that ring on her finger, no matter what.” Julian replies, “Well, I can't see that not happening, Father. I mean, even if Ethan walks away from Theresa, I'm sure that Luis and Sheridan will continue their wedding.” Alistair, “Better hope they do, Julian, because one way or another, Sheridan must die today. And if it's not via the poisoned ring, then you'll have to do it. It'll be up to you to kill your sister.”

    Standing next to Sheridan, Luis says, “Look at my sister. She's devastated. On her wedding day. Wish there was something I could do for her.” Looking toward Ethan and Theresa, Sheridan replies, “I don't think there's anything that either of us can do.” Luis takes her hands in his, “I'm sorry. I wanted your wedding day to be perfect for you.” Sheridan looks at him, “It's yours, too. We'll both be disappointed. Right now I'm more concerned about Ethan and Theresa and what this means for them.” Luis assures her, “Well, this whole thing is a lie. That tabloid is a total sleaze. They don't care what they print as long as they stir up trouble or sell papers. Theresa's innocent. She'll be able to prove it. I know she will.”

    While Ivy takes Ethan to another area of the church to talk, Pilar goes to Theresa's side, “How can this be, mija? Hmm? You told me you deleted that letter from the computer.” Theresa replies, “Mama, I did.” Pilar asks, “Then how could Ivy's letter have been sent from your computer?” Theresa replies, “I don't know, but I swear I didn't send it. I would never do such a thing, mama. Please believe me. I would never hurt Ethan.” Pilar sighs, “I believe you. I do. I just don't know if anyone else will.”

    Standing in the back of church near the bank of candles, Charity says, “I can't believe this could happen to Ethan and Theresa -- two people who love each other so much.” Miguel replies, “My sister didn't do it, Charity, all right? She is completely innocent. I know she is. She'd never hurt Ethan.” Charity says, “Look, I know that, but look at what's happened. I can't see them getting married now, can you? And if this kind of thing could happen to Ethan and Theresa, something could break the two of us apart.” Miguel exclaims, “No, all right? That is never going to happen. Nothing can ever come between us.”

    Standing in front of the altar with Sheridan, Luis and Chad, Whitney says, “I can't even imagine what this is doing to Theresa. I mean, Ethan is her whole world. This wedding meant everything to her.” Chad says, “Yeah, well, life's going to be rough on her now.” Whitney assures, “Chad, she did not do this. There's no way she did.” Chad, “I'm not saying she did, all right? I'm agreeing with you, ok? I mean, it's hard for me to imagine somebody who loves Ethan as much as she does would do something like this to hurt him.” Whitney says, “Well, she didn't. I know she didn't.” As she approaches the group, Gwen asks, “Sheridan, you ok?” As Sheridan stands with Luis holding her hand, “Yeah, I'm fine. It's Ethan I'm worried about.” Gwen replies, “I know this is your wedding, too, and to have something like this happen is just ...” Sheridan says, “It's unbelievable.” Gwen says, “Just such a shock.” Still holding Sheridan's hands ,Luis turns to Hank, “Well, Hank, I guess you better hold on to this for us.” He takes the rings from his pocket before Sheridan tries to stop him, “Wait -- what are you doing?” Luis smiles at her, “Don't worry, Sweetheart. Everything's going to be fine. I'm just going to give it to Hank to hold onto it for safe keeping. I am going to marry you today, promise. I'm going to put this ring on your finger and I'm going to make you my wife.” Looking on from the library, Julian comments, “That's right, Luis. That's what you're going to do. I'm counting on it. Because if you don't, I'll have to kill Sheridan myself.”

    Theresa joins Ethan and Ivy as they talk, “I didn't do this. I never did this.” Ethan replies, “No, Theresa said she didn't do it, and I believe her.” Ivy says, “The tabloid said it has proof that it was Theresa.” Ethan asks, “Since when do you believe what's in a tabloid? You always said they were full of nothing but trash.” Ivy agrees, “Yes, that's true. But this is the same tabloid that broke the story about your paternity, and they were right about that!” Ethan replies, “So they're wrong now! Theresa couldn't have sent the letter! She would never do something like that to me.” Ivy begs Ethan not to believe Theresa but Ethan says that he does believe her and wants to get back to the wedding. Theresa beams!

    Looking on, Luis holds Sheridan's hands as they stand facing each other, “See, now, I told you everything was going to work out.” Sheridan smiles, “Yes, you did.” Luis adds, “And we are definitely getting married today.” Sheridan smiles adoringly at Luis. In her pew Cristina turns to Pilar, “You see, Pilar. Everything is all right. There's nothing to worry about.”

    Ivy is still trying to convince Ethan not to marry Theresa but he tells Ivy that if she says she didn't do it, he believes her. Theresa says, “I love you, Ethan, and I would never do anything to hurt you.” Ethan announces, “I know that. Everyone -- sorry about the interruption. But I'd like to get back to the ceremony.” Holding Sheridan around the waist, Luis smiles, “Yeah. Thank God they worked it out.” Sheridan smiles, “And our wedding will be back on track.” Luis smiles at her and kisses her cheek.

    Cristina marvels, “Oye. This Ivy -- she's a little loca, no?” Francisco gives a skeptical look, “More than a little, I think.” Cristina replies, “Yeah? Huh. But this wedding is going on. Nothing can stop Ethan and Theresa from getting married today.” Pilar replies, “I hope not.”

    Standing by Ivy's car toward the back of the church, Miguel asks, “Feel better?” Charity replies, “I don't know.” Miguel soothes, “But everything's fine now. I mean, Ethan and Theresa are going to get married.” Charity says, “I know, and I'm happy for them, Miguel. But I'm sorry. I can't shake this feeling that something really terrible is going to happen here.” Miguel asks, “Can you tell me what?” Charity sighs, “I don't know. Whatever it is, it's going to cause terrible heartache and pain, Miguel.”

    Luis asks, “The ring ready?” As he pulls out the ring, Hank replies, “: Right here, buddy. Won't be long now before Sheridan will be wearing it.” Luis grins, “I can't wait. Yeah, well, you hold onto that ring because I'll be needing it real soon, all right?” Hank shrugs, “Come on. I won't let anything happen to it.” Luis grins, “Nice.”

    Julian speaks up, “It's all systems go, Father.” Alistair says, “Excellent. The wedding is back on track and we are back in business. Won't be long now before Luis slips the ring on Sheridan's finger, and then she'll no longer be a problem.”

    Ethan says, “Well, Father, let's pick this up where we left off, shall we?” Father Lonigan replies, “Very well. I just need a moment. Then we can begin again.” The wedding parties stand at the altar in front of Fr. Lonigan ready to get married.

    To be continued...

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    Smile Wednesday's Wearisome SHUIS Summary and Pic of the Day.....

    Sitting in their pew at the church, Kay asks, “Do you believe this?” Jessica sighs, “Oh, talk about a roller coaster ride.” Kay says, “Poor Theresa. You could see the blood drain from her face.” Jessica agrees, “Yeah, well, there's a smile on it now, though.”

    At the altar, Hank grins, “Let's get you two married before something else happens, huh?” As Sheridan and Luis both smile at him, Luis, “Yeah. We're ready.”

    Pilar makes her way to Theresa’s side, “Are you all right, mija?” Theresa replies, “I won't be all right until Ethan says "I do." A few feet away, Ivy continues to try to convince Ethan not to marry Theresa because she believes that Theresa betrayed Ethan. Ethan continues to believe in and defend Theresa.

    In the library of the Crane mansion Julian watches the wedding feed on his monitor, “Oh, get on with it. Let it be done. Let Sheridan's death be painless, please.” He groans.

    Standing in front of the altar and Fr. Lonigan, Ethan asks, “Father Lonigan, can we continue the ceremony? Because Theresa and I are ready to get married.”

    Sheridan looks around, “Where's Gwen? She was here just a minute ago.” Luis says, “Don't worry about Gwen. She probably just got upset after seeing another wedding about to blow up, like her and Ethan's did.” Sheridan says, “Yeah, probably.” Luis looks toward Hank then at Sheridan and smiles, “As long as Hank doesn't disappear on us, we can go ahead with ours.” Hank says, “I'm not moving here till I hear some "I dos." Luis shakes his head, “Uh-huh.” Hank agrees, “Till death to us part. That's the only thing that's going to break you two up. Not some stupid tabloid.” All three of them smile at each other.

    Miguel asks, “Charity, what is it? What's wrong?” Jessica adds, “I know. She always gets that look whenever she's having one of her premonitions.” Miguel asks, “What are you seeing, Charity?” Charity replies, “It's Sheridan again. She's at the altar, and she's all twisted in pain.” Miguel answers, “But she's not. I mean, look for yourself. She's up there. She's smiling. She's fine. It's Ethan and Theresa that we're worried about.” They look up at the altar to see a smiling Sheridan.

    Father Lonigan begins again, “Since this is a double wedding ceremony, I have to shift things, reorganize, not to mention pluralize everything. So if there is anyone who knows why this couple should not marry, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” Gwen comes forward from the back of church saying that she does. Theresa looks at her. There are shocked reactions from the guests. Gwen says, “I know why these two people shouldn't be married.” Francisco asks, “Who's that?” Cristina replies, “That's the girl Ethan gave up for Theresa. I knew she'd cause trouble.”

    In the library Julian is a nervous wreck, “My God, I can't take much more of this. Luis and Sheridan have to get married. Because if they don't, I'm going to have to kill my own sister.” Rebecca replies, “Julian, Ethan and Theresa not saying "I do" doesn't mean that your sister can't still get married. I mean, there's nothing to stop Luis from putting that poisoned wedding ring on Sheridan's finger.” Julian has a fantasy about Luis putting the ring on Sheridan’s finger and her dying in his arms. Julian comes out of his daydream and asks, “Will this bloody day never end?”

    Ethan asks, “Gwen, what is this?” Gwen walks up to the altar and stands in front of Ethan and Theresa while everyone looks on, “I'm sorry to have to be the one to do this, Ethan, but I love you too much as a friend to let this wedding continue.” Ethan asks, “What -- what are you -- I don't understand.” Gwen tries to convince Ethan that Theresa is a liar who ruined his life. Theresa denies sending the tabloid and Pilar accuses Gwen of being jealous. Ivy implores Ethan to hear Gwen out. Theresa swears again that she did not do this. Ethan defends her, “Look, Gwen, please. I love Theresa. Don't do this to yourself.” As he edges closer to Pilar, Theresa and Ethan, Luis yells, “: My sister would never do anything to hurt Ethan. Sending an e-mail to a tabloid about him? You don't know what you're talking about.” Gwen replies, “You're wrong, Luis.” Luis counters, “No. Ethan dumped you. You want revenge, and you're hoping that smearing Theresa and tearing her down is going to win Ethan back.” Ethan says, “That's not going to happen.” Gwen says again, “Theresa lied and cheated. I'm telling the truth.” Sheridan walks up to Gwen and tries to end this, “Gwen, please, let it go. I know that this is hard on you, but Ethan and Theresa love and trust each other.” Gwen, “He can't trust her.” Sheridan continues, “Those tabloid people lie all the time. I should know. I've been on enough covers, and I have yet to read anything that is remotely related to the truth.” Pilar says, “Ethan and Theresa have a right to get married.” Sheridan affirms, “Pilar is right.” Cristina nods, “Of course she's right.” Francisco shouts, “You tell them, mi hermana.”

    Charity says, “Theresa's in trouble. I can see that. My premonition's about Sheridan.” She has the premonition of Sheridan twisted in pain on the floor of the church. Miguel points out, “Sheridan isn't in any pain. I mean, look. And so is Luis.” On the other side of the aisle, Cristina seethes, “That Gwen. There's a word for women like that.” Francisco warns, “Don't say it, Cristina. We are in church, remember?”

    Ethan is adamant, “You'll never convince me that Theresa lied.” Ivy, “Oh, open up your eyes, Ethan! Why would the tabloid print it if it weren't true?” Ethan, “To sell papers.” Ivy, “And open themselves up for a lawsuit in the process? Theresa could sue them for a fortune. Please, the tabloid's attorney would never allow them to print it if it weren't true. You are a lawyer, Ethan. You know that.” Ethan, “All right. Then it would have been a careless lawyer. That doesn't change anything! Theresa says she didn't send it.” Pilar agrees, “She didn't.” Sheridan adds, “She couldn't have.” Ivy, “I am begging you, Ethan, please, just check this out for yourself. Because if you don't, you will regret it for the rest of your life!” Ethan replies, “I am not delaying the wedding, Mother.” Gwen tries to convince Ethan that he owes it to himself to find out the whole story. Ethan tells her that he already has the truth. Chad went to the tabloid office and turned up nothing. At Gwen’s prompting, he asks Chad if he found anything at the tabloid office.

    Ethan, "Look, Chad went to the tabloid to find out who sent the e-mail, and he turned up nothing. Isn't that right?" When Ethan asks Chad replies, “I -- I broke into the office, and -- I found this. This is a message that was sent to the tabloid -- the one exposing paternity. The e-mail address is here at the top.” Ethan looks at the email, then at Theresa.
    Standing behind Sheridan and Luis on one side of the altar, Hank says, “That's it. Theresa's off the hook.” Sheridan asks, “Off? What makes you think that?” Hank replies, “Oh, Ethan's looking at the proof that Theresa didn't send the e-mail, right?” Sheridan says, “I hope so.” Hank says, “Just a crazy mix-up.” Luis adds, “The only people who believed it were Ivy and Gwen. It's good to get it cleared up, though. Oh, poor Theresa. Look at her. She's having a tough time.” Hank grins, “Well, at least we'll finally have a wedding, huh?” Sheridan and Luis smile!

    Theresa asks, “Who was it, Ethan?” Ethan replies, “It's sent from your computer, Theresa.” Theresa is shocked, “What? No. This can't be.” Ivy says, “Oh. I told you, Ethan, but you wouldn't listen. It's true. You are the lowest! You -- you are unspeakable! You sent the e-mail from the computer that I gave you. You came into my house, I denied you nothing, and how do you repay me? You ruin my son's life!” Gwen adds, “I told you she was a lying bitch.” Cristina stands, “She can't talk to my sobrina that way!” Francisco says, “Sit down, Cristina.” Theresa replies, “No! This is all a lie, Gwen!” Ivy states, “Here's the proof, Theresa.” Ethan shakes his head, “No. No, there is no proof. No, and I want you and my mother to leave us alone. I trust Theresa completely. There are no secrets between us.” Ivy asks, “What about this e-mail, Ethan?” Ethan replies, “Well, how could she have sent the e-mail when she didn't know that I wasn't a Crane until the night of the engagement party?” Ethan turns to Theresa, “You didn't know I was a Bennett until that night, did you? Did you, Theresa?” Theresa, Pilar, Whitney and Chad look worried. Ethan asks, “But how could Theresa know I was a Bennett before that night? No one but my mother and Pilar knew.” Gwen says, “Well, someone else had to know -- the person who sent the information to the tabloid. Theresa.”

    Ethan begs, “Theresa, tell me Gwen is wrong. Say that it's all a lie, a mistake. Look, tell everyone what I already know -- that you would never lie to me.” Theresa begins, “Ethan ….” Ethan says, “Theresa, I love you. I want to marry you. Tell Gwen, tell my mother, tell everyone that it isn't true, that you didn't know.” Standing close, Sheridan and Luis look at each other.

    To be continued………..

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    Smile Thursday's Trying Times SHUIS Summary and Picture of the Day.....

    At the church, Father Lonigan ushers Sheridan and Luis into his office, “Please come in, my children.” Luis walks in, “I'm worried about my sister.” He turns to Sheridan, “I don't even know where she is.” Following Luis into the room, Sheridan says, “I don't understand why she ran out of the church. I mean, she's making it look as if Gwen and the tabloids are telling the truth.” Luis asks, “You don't think that Theresa sent that e-mail about Ethan's paternity, do you?” Sheridan puts her hand on Luis' chest, “No, of course not. I just wish that she hadn't run out when Gwen accused her of knowing Ethan wasn't a Crane and not telling him.” Luis says, “Yeah, tell me about it. It makes her look guilty as hell. I'm sorry, father. It's just ...” Father Lonigan says, “You're forgiven. This has proven to be a most unusual wedding in every respect. I was prepared to perform a double wedding ceremony.” Luis sadly says, “It was Theresa's dream.” Father Lonigan, “Under the circumstances, you have an important decision to make. Do the two of you still want to get married today or not?”

    In the Crane library, Rebecca squeals, “Oh! Why did you turn off the feed to the church?” Taking a drink, Julian replies, “Because I can't stand the suspense! If your harebrained scheme to stop Ethan and Theresa from getting married prevents Luis from slipping that ring on Sheridan's finger, father is going to force me to murder my own sister in cold blood.” Rebecca says, “Julian -- Julian, don't worry. I'm sure that Luis and Sheridan are going to go ahead with their wedding in spite of Theresa's misfortune. I'm going to call Gwen and see what's going on.”

    Running after Theresa, Ethan calls, “Theresa! Theresa, stop! Listen. I need you to help me make sense of all this. Why did you just run out of the church?” Theresa stops but she doesn't look at Ethan. He asks again, “What Gwen said in there, I know it isn't true. I know you didn't know all along that I wasn't a Crane. You didn't lie to me, did you, Theresa? I need to know the truth, whatever it is. Did you lie to me? Did you know all along that Ethan wasn't a Crane?” Theresa replies, “Ethan, I never sent that e-mail. That story was a complete fabrication.” Watching Ethan and Theresa a few feet away, Whitney says, “I'd better go get Luis.” Chad replies, “I'm going to see if I can talk some sense into Ethan.” Whitney goes quickly to find Luis. Chad tries to reason with Ethan, “Just hear me out. You told me yourself that you've never loved anyone as much as you love Theresa. So what's it going to be, man, huh? You know the kind of trash those newspapers print just to sell copies. You're going to believe a tabloid over the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with?” Ethan turns back to Theresa, “Theresa, you didn't answer my question. Now, please, just tell me. When did you find out I wasn't a Crane?”

    In the his office, Father Lonigan says, “The last thing I want to do is pressure you.” As Luis hold her hands, Sheridan says, “I know you have another wedding scheduled.” Father Lonigan replies, “Yes.” Luis says, “I just wish I knew that Theresa was ok.” Sheridan looks up into his eyes, “I'm sure she's fine. She's probably explaining everything to Ethan right now and they'll be ready to go on with the ceremony in just a bit. Would it be all right with you, Father, if we go ahead and do it all together then?”

    Father Lonigan says, “I don't know why not.” Sheridan smiles, “Then it's settled. We'll wait until Ethan and Theresa work things out and then go ahead with the double wedding.” Luis asks, “Yeah? Sure you're all right with that?” Sheridan says, “Of course.” Luis smiles, “I love you.” He puts his forehead against hers. (So sweet!) Father Lonigan says, “I believe this is my cue to exit.” Sheridan leads Fr. Lonigan to the door. As she walks back to Luis he says, “You know, I mean that. I really do love you. Most women -- well, they wouldn't wait, not even an hour or two.” Sheridan smiles, “Most brides aren't marrying the man of their dreams.” There is a knock on the door. It opens and Whitney enters saying, “Luis, come quick. Theresa needs you.” Luis and Sheridan quickly follow her out the door.

    On the church grounds, Ethan again asks, “Answer me. Did you lie to me? Did you know all along that i wasn't a Crane?” Theresa says, “Ethan, please don't ask me these questions. Just remember how much we love each other, and just let it go.” Luis, Sheridan and Whitney arrive on the scene but stand back out of the way with Chad. Whitney asks him what's going on. Chad replies, “Ethan keeps asking her when she knew the truth about his paternity, but so far she hasn't admitted anything.” Luis says, “Well, why should she? My sister didn't do anything wrong. You guys don't think that she sent that e-mail the tabloid about Ethan being Sam's son, do you?” Whitney replies, “No, no, Luis. Of course not.” Sheridan stands behind Luis as he says, “All right. I don't know how her e-mail got on that thing, but there's no way that she could have sent it. She didn't even find out that Ethan was Sam Bennett's son till Ethan found out himself at the engagement party. I'm going to go see if she's all right.” Sheridan grabs his arm, “No, don't. Let them work this out on their own.” Luis begins, “But she's ...” Sheridan says understandingly, “I know you love your sister, but this is between them.” Ethan says, “We talked about who else knew besides my mother and Pilar that I was Sam Bennett's son. You said you had no idea. I need to hear that that wasn't a lie. I need to hear the truth, and I need to hear it from you. Did you know?” Gwen arrives and suggests that Ethan would know the truth if he just looks in Theresa's eyes. He does and exclaims, “Oh, my God. You knew I wasn't a Crane.” Theresa cries, “I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Yes, I knew, Ethan. I knew you weren't a Crane before you found out.” Ethan asks, “How? How is that possible? I defended you. I told everyone that you couldn't have known before I did because we found out at the same time.”

    Standing back and watching the scene play out, Luis says, “I can't believe Theresa knew that Ethan was Sam's son.” Standing next to Luis, Sheridan says, “She admitted it.” Luis replies, “But why didn't she tell him the truth?” As they watch, Theresa admits, “I knew for months before you found out. But I swear to you, I didn't send the proof to that tabloid.” Ethan asks, “How did you find out?” Theresa replies, “It was by accident. I mean, Mama held Mrs. Crane's personal papers at home in her closet for safekeeping, and I found it in the suitcase by chance.” Ethan asks, “But I asked you point-blank if you knew before I did, and you said no. Why didn't you tell me the truth?” Theresa replies, “Because I didn't want to hurt you. Being a Crane meant so much to you that at that time i thought there was no reason that you had to find out.” Ethan asks, “Well, what about later after I knew? Why didn't you tell me then?” Theresa cries, “Because I was scared that you would blame me for this story getting out. I was afraid I would lose you, Ethan, and I couldn't face that.” Whitney pleads, “Ethan, it's true. Theresa wanted to tell you so badly. She was just scared that she was going to lose you.” Chad tries, “Ethan, remember how we talked about all those "what ifs"? Well, this is the big one, man. You said you'd be able to forgive someone if they knew the truth but didn't tell you out of love.” Ethan grimly states, “Only if it wasn't the person who stabbed me in the back with the tabloid.” Theresa cries, “And that wasn't me, Ethan. I don't know how that happened, but I swear to God above that wasn't me. I'd never do that because I love you.” Ethan says, “I thought love was about trust. And if you trusted me, why didn't you tell me the truth?” Theresa says, “I wish I had. I'll wish that every day for the rest of my life. I am so sorry, Ethan. I did a terrible thing. And maybe you'll never be able to forgive me, but I am begging you -- please, realize that I did what I did out of love.” Ethan hugs Theresa. Smiling as he walks over to where Ethan and Theresa stand, Luis says, “Well, ok, folks. Looks to me like the double wedding's back on. Now, what do you say we all go back into the church?”

    Gwen asks why Theresa scanned the letter on her computer. Ethan believes that they don't know how the letter was scanned onto the computer. Ethan would like nothing better to go back into the church and get married but, “I think it would be nicer if we start the wedding without all these unfounded accusations against you. So just answer the question so they'll let this go once and for all. Did or did you not scan the letter into your computer?” Theresa replies, “Yes, I did. On my computer.” Ethan asks, “But why? You knew it was a huge secret. You knew you shouldn't have seen it. Why did you want to put that kind of information on your computer?” Gwen thinks that the tabloid paid her a lot of money for the story. Theresa says that they didn't because she didn't send it to the tabloid. Luis steps up again, “That's enough from the both of you, all right? Why don't you just leave my sister alone, huh?” Ethan, “It just doesn't make sense. When did you scan that letter into your computer? What day?” Theresa replies, “I don't remember the date, Ethan, but it was right after your engagement party to Gwen.” Ethan asks, “My engagement party?” Theresa replies, “Yes. I thought that you didn't love me. I thought that I'd lost you.” Ethan asks, “Theresa, was that it? Is that why you didn't destroy the letter when you found it? Is that why you scanned it into your computer?” Theresa says, “Ethan, I didn't know what I was going to do. But I would never hurt you. I would never send that letter to the tabloid.” Ethan says, “Look, Theresa, it is time for the full truth. Now, were you going to get back at me because you thought I had chosen Gwen?”

    Now on the church grounds, Julian says to Rebecca, “Sheridan's by herself at the moment. If I don't convince her to go ahead with her own wedding ceremony, Father's going to make me kill her some other way.” Julian walks over to Sheridan who is standing a little apart from the group surrounding the Ethan and Theresa drama, “Here you are.” A startled Sheridan asks, “What are you doing here?” Julian replies, “Well, I couldn't stay away. Do you have a moment?” Sheridan looks at him like he is nuts, “Not really.” Julian tries again, “I -- I came here to beg your forgiveness for my role in trying to keep you and Luis apart.” Sheridan looking very skeptical, “I don't believe you.” Julian says, “Your skepticism is well-deserved, but I've come to realize the error of my ways. I know now that you'll never be happy until you marry Luis. Tell me you're not thinking of postponing your own joy. Tell me you're still planning to marry Luis today, that I'll get to watch him slip that ring on your finger.” Julian smiles while Sheridan frowns, “What are you up to?”

    To be continued...

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    Smile Friday's Fabulous Wedding SHUIS Summary and Pictures of the Day........

    On the church grounds, a few feet from Luis who is dealing with Theresa and Ethan and their problems, Sheridan says, “You and father tried so hard to break up Luis and me, and now you suddenly want us to get married? What are you up to? Why are you so eager for Luis and me to get married?” Julian has a flashback of putting the poison on Sheridan's wedding ring so he tells her, “I -- I'm urging you to marry the man you love, and you think up I'm up to something?” Sheridan looks skeptical, “Are you?”

    In another area of the church yard, Ethan asks, “I need to know the truth, Theresa. Were you going to get back at me because you thought I'd decided not to call off my engagement to Gwen?” Whitney chimes in, “Theresa would never do anything to hurt you, Ethan. She loves you.” Chad adds, “And that's the bottom line, man. Ethan, just let it go, all right? And we can all go back into that church right now and have father Lonigan just finish up this double wedding.” Ethan says, “I need to hear it from you, Theresa. Were you going to get back at me because you thought I'd chosen Gwen? Is that why you scanned the letter into your computer?” Theresa replies, “No, Ethan. I swear.” Luis looks solemnly at Ethan and asks, “Now do you believe her?”

    Julian replies, “I'm -- I'm not up to anything, Sheridan. My only concern is for you. I just -- I have this feeling if you don't marry Luis today, you'll lose him forever.” Sheridan says, “But Luis and I love each other. I will never lose him.” Julian tries again, “Well, never say never, sister dear. Consider what's happening with Ethan and Theresa. They love each other, and I doubt very much from the looks of it that they'll ever tie the knot.”

    Ethan asks again, “Theresa, you said you wanted to protect me from learning that I wasn't a Crane. Then why did you scan the letter into your computer instead of destroying it?” Luis also asks, “He's right, sis. Why didn't you destroy it?” Theresa replies, “I was confused. I was upset. But believe me, Ethan, it wasn't to get back at you. I swear, Ethan, I have never sent this letter to the tabloid.” Ethan then asks, “Just, Theresa, give me a reason. Why did you scan that letter into your computer? What were you going to do with it?”

    Sheridan replies, “Well, I think Ethan and Theresa will work things out and the four of us can get married as planned.” Julian asks, “But what if they can't work things out? I'm sure Ethan and Theresa wouldn't want you and Luis to put your wedding on hold just because of them.”

    Ethan says, “I need a minute to think about this.” Ethan walks off by himself. As Theresa starts to run after him, Whitney stops her, “Theresa, Theresa, let him go. Let him take all of this in, ok?” Luis looks toward Sheridan and sees that Julian is there with her, “I need to talk to Sheridan for a second.” He asks Theresa, “You going to be ok?” Theresa answers, “Yes.” Whitney says, “I'll keep an eye on her, Luis.” Luis rushes over to Sheridan's side. He puts his arm around her and at the same time moves her away from Julian. She places her hand on his chest. Luis asks, “Julian. What the hell are you doing here? As I recall, Sheridan made it very clear that she didn't want you or Alistair to come our wedding.” Julian replies, “Yes, and I unhappily accepted my sister's wishes -- until I'd heard that your nuptials had been marred by Ivy's arrival and the subsequent bombshell she dropped. I came here to urge Sheridan that you and she should marry today no matter what Theresa and Ethan end up doing.” Luis asks, “And I'm supposed to believe that? As I recall, you and Alistair didn't want us to get married. You were trying to break us up. Now suddenly you want us to get married?” Staring at Julian, Sheridan says, “I've been trying to figure it out myself.”

    Returning to Theresa's side, Ethan begins, “Theresa ...” Theresa answers, “Yes.” Ethan says, “No matter how I look at this, I still don't understand why you scanned my mother's letter into your computer.” Theresa says, “I know it looks like I did it for revenge, Ethan, and, yes, I was upset when I thought that you had chosen Gwen over me.” Ethan agrees, “Yes. You were going to leave Harmony for good.” Theresa says, “But I didn't use that information to get you back, Ethan. I love you. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. In the short time after I scanned Ivy's letter into the computer, you came to the airport and you stopped me from leaving. I realized that you loved me and that you wanted to marry me. So I deleted the letter, Ethan. I don't know how the tabloid got it!” Gwen says that she knows. Theresa sent it. Ivy thinks that Theresa is just trying to make Ethan believe that she is innocent. Theresa replies, “I am innocent! Ethan, you have to believe me! The only reason I scanned Ivy's letter into the computer is because I'd thought I'd lost you!” Ivy says, “Well, if I have anything to say about it, you have lost my son.” Theresa asks, “I haven't lost you, Ethan, have I?”

    As they walk through the church grounds, Francisco tells Pilar, “We don't mean to add to your stress, hermana, but we arranged a flight home right after the wedding.” Cristina explains, “I'm sorry, Pilar. I have to go back and tape the show. I'd give anything to stay, but all the guests -- they're already booked. I hope you understand.” Pilar replies, “Of course I understand. Thank you so much for coming. Hermano.” Cristina says, “I feel horrible leaving you. I hope things work out. Theresa was so happy. Why would someone want to hurt her, sending that e-mail to the tabloid? I don't understand.” Francisco asks, “Who would do such a terrible thing, Pilar?” Pilar replies, “I don't know. But I do know that sooner or later Luis will find the person responsible for ruining Theresa's happiness. Of that I am certain.” Cristina says, “Oye. But don't worry. Because if things don't work out, I know a lot of very fine young men. You remember that cute Iglesias boy?” Francisco shakes his head, “Cristina, no more matchmaking. You promised.” Cristina sighs, “I just don't want to leave, you know. I miss you already.” Francisco says, “Family should not be parted for so long, Pilar.” Pilar nods, “You're right.” Cristina says, “Recuerda que te llevamos en el corazon.” Pilar replies, “Yo, tambien. Adios.” Cristina replies, “Bye, mi amor.” Pilar says, “Come. I'll take you to your car.”

    Julian says, “I don't blame either of you for doubting my sincerity in light of recent events. I had no right to try to break you up. But father convinced me we were doing it out of love for you, Sheridan, and I fell for it. He played on this promise I made to our mother years ago that I would always look after you, and ...” Luis frowns, “And you've broken that promise how many times now?” Julian responds, “Luis is right. I've repeatedly let you down, but I would like to make amends. I came here today to try to keep the promise that I made to mother, to put your happiness in Luis's capable hands. So I urge you -- get married today, no matter what Ethan and Theresa do.” Luis again asks, “Why?” Julian replies, “Well, father would kill me for saying this, but I want you to be happy, Sheridan. You're my sister. And at times it may be misguided, but I -- I do love you.” Sheridan frowns and leads Luis away from Julian.

    Gwen and Ivy continue to try to convince Ethan not to believe Theresa. Ethan begs, “Theresa, please, give me something to hold on to, something tangible.” Theresa replies, “I can't, Ethan. All I can give you is my word that I didn't send that e-mail. And if you don't believe me, well, there's nothing more I can say.” Theresa walks away. Ivy goes after her.

    Sheridan walks up to Julian, “I don't know whether you're being sincere or not.” Julian says, “But I am. Your marrying Luis means everything to me.” He looks behind Sheridan and sees Rebecca who is all wet, “What? Becks, that's really not a very good look for you.” Rebecca whines, “It's Pilar's fault. She pushed me into the fountain.” Sheridan tries not to smile too much as she looks up at Luis as he says, “Well, she must've had good reason. My guess is you set her off ragging on Theresa, and you're lucky you got off so easily.” Rebecca sputters, “I -- I want you to arrest her for -- for assault and battery with intent to drown.” Luis replies, “Wait. Have you lost your mind? I'm not to going to arrest my own mother. And even if I did, no court would convict her. If anyone deserves a dunking, it's you.” Sheridan cannot contain her smile upon hearing this. LOL! Rebecca says, “But Pilar just ...” Julian quiets her, “Rebecca, dear. This is supposed to be a festive occasion. Of course, it was marred by Ethan and Theresa's problems, but that's no reason for Luis and Sheridan to postpone their wedding, now, is it?” Rebecca replies, “Oh. Yeah, that -- that's right. You two should get married today, no matter what happens.” Luis folds his arms across his chest while Sheridan her hand on his arm in a show of solidarity, “Hmm. Well, we've decided not to do anything until things are squared off between Ethan and Theresa. Oh, besides, we know better than to take anything you or Julian say at face value, so what's really going on? Huh, why do you want us to get married? Julian, what kind of game are you playing?”

    Julian replies, “I -- I am not playing games, Sheridan. I'm simply trying to make amends for the horrible behavior I've -- I've exhibited towards you in the past.” Rebecca adds, “Well, yes, we both feel just terrible about the upset we've caused the two of you, and -- and we'll never be able to forgive ourselves for buying into Alistair's lies.” Julian says, “Yes, I -- look at me, Sheridan. Sheridan. I am -- I am prostrate with regret, profuse with apology. Believe me, I want nothing more than to see Luis slip that wedding ring on your finger.” Sheridan and Luis look at each other. Julian continues, “I just want you to be happy, Sheridan. I know your happiness lies in being Luis' wife. So you two go back in there, take your vows.” Luis takes Sheridan off to one side.

    Julian turns to Rebecca, “Hope I convinced them to get married, though I hate Sheridan's going to have a poisoned ring placed on her finger, and I hate the thought of killing her myself even more.” Standing behind Sheridan, Luis grins, “Forget about what Julian said. Do you want to get married today?” Sheridan replies, “I was struck by one thing my brother said.” Luis asks, “Yeah?” Sheridan answers, “That -- well, that if don't get married now, something might derail us like it did Ethan and Theresa.” Luis turns Sheridan around to face him, “Sheridan, Sheridan, wait. Nothing will ever come between us. We don't have any secrets.” Sheridan nods, “I know, but -- but, still, it just made me uneasy.” She holds her beautiful face up to him and smiles, “I so want to be your wife.” Luis says, “Oh.” Sheridan says, “But if you think it will upset Theresa for us to go ahead, then we should wait.” Luis grins, “Well, I think that Theresa wants us to be happy. So I think we should go back in that church and finish off this ceremony and get married!” Sheridan happily throws her arms around Luis' neck. Rebecca asks, “Should we take this as a positive sign?” Sheridan replies, “Yes. Luis and I are going to go back inside and get married.” Luis kisses Sheridan! Julian whispers, “Till death do them part.” Luis holds Sheridan's hands up to his lips and kisses them. They smile and stare into each other's eyes.

    To be continued...


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    Smile Saturday's Shining SHUIS Summary and Pictures of the Day. . ......

    Outside on the church grounds, Sheridan and Luis decide to get married without Ethan and Theresa. As they see Father Lonigan, Sheridan call out to him. Father Lonigan replies, “Yes, Sheridan.” Holding Luis' hand as they walk toward Fr. L, Sheridan laughs, “It's amazing how you can recognize voices.” Father replies, “Yours is very easy to pick out tonight. It has such a happy ring to it.” Placing his arm around Sheridan, Luis says, “Well, it's going to get happier because, well, we'd like to finish what he started.” Looking up into Luis' smiling face, Sheridan's smile is radiant, “All the way to “I do!” She looks at Luis then at Fr. Lonigan, “If that's all right with you, Father.” Fr. Lonigan replies, “Oh, it's better than all right. It will be a great pleasure. Why don't we go round up the others?” Luis takes Fr. Lonigan's arm and they all walk off. Looking on, Julian is about his sister's impending death but relieved that he won't have to kill her himself.

    Also on the church grounds, Ethan tells Chad that he can't marry Theresa now. Theresa hears that and runs off in tears thinking that she has lost him forever. Ethan then tells Chad that he is not going to marry Theresa today. He still loves her and wants to work things out. He still wants to marry her, just not today.

    Luis finds Miguel with Charity and tells him that he and Sheridan are going to go ahead with their wedding. Luis asks Miguel to find Pilar, Ethan and Theresa and ask them to come back inside for the ceremony. Miguel goes back to tell Charity about the wedding being back on, then leaves to find Pilar as requested. As Charity watches Sheridan, she has another premonition of Sheridan twisted in pain on the church floor. She looks over and sees Sheridan and Luis happily kissing while standing next to Fr. Lonigan.

    As Julian and Rebecca stand behind some bushes so they can see and hear what is going on with Sheridan and Luis' wedding. they again discuss why Sheridan must die. Rebecca again asks what they did to Martin. Julian says that she doesn't need to know, but then he says, “Suffice it to say, if Luis would ever find out he would kill me.” (I wish they hadn't rewritten the Martin storyline. So, Luis would kill Julian or make sure that Julian spent his life in prison, IF he found out that Martin ran off with Katherine? That makes no sense nor does having to kill Sheridan to keep that a secret when it would be more likely to tear Shuis apart! Once they rewrote Martin's disappearance storyline, nothing much made sense.)

    Back from his mission, Miguel finds Sheridan and Luis sitting on a bench holding hands. He tells them that he found Pilar. She will tell Ethan and Theresa and the others and they will join Shuis. Miguel says that it sounds like it might take a while though. Luis turns to Sheridan, “Well, we've waited this long, we can wait a little while longer, can't we?” Sheridan nods, “Yes, and once Pilar, Ethan and Theresa join us, we are going to finish that ceremony. You and I are going to get married.” Charity has her premonition of Sheridan again but this time Sheridan is dead and Luis is holding her in his arms and grieving. Charity stands up and shouts, “No, you can't get married! You just can't!” Sheridan and Luis turn to look at Charity, then back at each other.
    Miguel rushes over to Charity and asks her not to wreck Sheridan and Luis' happy day. Charity apologizes but says that she has to tell Sheridan about her premonition. Luis and Sheridan stand as they hear what Charity is saying. He keeps Sheridan's hands in his as he asks skeptically, “A premonition?” Charity leans around Miguel and answers, “Of Sheridan...on the floor in agony, Luis, and of you holding her lifeless body. I see death. It's hovering nearby. You can't go though with the ceremony. You just can't!” Sheridan looks up at Luis and is clearly shaken. Behind their bush, Rebecca asks if that is the girl they have heard about who can see the future. Julian thinks it is. Rebecca wonders if she really knows what is going to happen. Julian says of course not. Charity continues, “Look, Sheridan, you can't go through with this. If you do, I think you will die.” Sheridan looks so frightened as she looks up into Luis' face to see what he thinks about this.

    As Shuis look on, Miguel talks with Charity. He tells her that everything is fine. Sheridan is fine and that she must be sensing the drama that happened with Ethan and Theresa. Charity says, “No, I know what I saw.” Julian and Rebecca come out from hiding behind the bush to help convince Sheridan to go ahead with the wedding. A truly frightened Sheridan begins, “She aid...” Luis puts his finger on Sheridan's chin and cheek to turn her to face him, “I know.” Sheridan asks, “What if she is right?” Julian speaks up, “Sheridan, don't let your fears or the fears of others stop you from marrying the man you love.” Luis turns from Julian to Sheridan, “Oh, I didn't even think. I don't have the rings. I gave them to Hank and he's taking Francisco and Cristina to the airport.” Miguel pulls the ring boxes from his pockets, “Actually, Hank gave me the rings before he left.” Julian smiles, “Well, that's a sign if I ever saw one! We have the rings. Let's get this show on the road.” Ethan and Chad join the group. Julian exclaims, “Here's another sign. Didn't you say you wanted to hold up the ceremony until Ethan was here? He's here!” Sheridan smiles, “Yes, he is.” Looking confused, Ethan asks, “What is going on here?” Sheridan explains, “We're going to continue on with the ceremony.” Luis puts his arm around Sheridan, “Didn't my mom tell you?” Ethan replies, “I haven't seen Pilar but I am happy for you guys. I think you two should get married.” Running up to Luis, Pilar asks, “Luis, have you seen Theresa?” Luis has not, neither has Miguel. Luis asks, “Why? What's wrong?” Pilar says, “I'm sorry. I know that you two are ready to exchange vows now but I don't think Theresa will be here for the ceremony. She ran off before I could tell her.” Luis exclaims, “She what?” Pilar says, “She was terribly upset. She overheard Chad and Ethan talking. She said you said you didn't want to marry her any more.” Ethan replies, “I never said that.” Chad adds, “She must have misunderstood, man.” Ethan agrees, “I said that I couldn't marry her today but I still love her and want to marry her after we work things out.” Ethan, Chad and Whitney run off to find Theresa. Luis turns back to Sheridan and holds her hands. Sheridan asks, “What do we do now?” Luis replies, “I don't know. Why don't we just wait and see what happens?” Julian jump in here, “Why not go ahead now. You're so close. Don't let the day be a total loss.” Luis turns, “I'm worried about my sister.” Pilar rests her hand on Luis' shoulder, “Mijo, Ethan has gone to find her. There is nothing more you can do.” Luis smiles, “Maybe you're right. (to Sheridan) What do you say? You want to do this...finally?” He pulls the rings out and looks at Sheridan's ring. She smiles, too. They continue to look into each other's eyes and smile.

    Jessica arrives with Father Lonigan. Sheridan replies to Luis, “I don't think I can go through with it. I don't want to have to worry about Ethan and Theresa when I should be concentrating on the most important day of my life. I'm sorry, Luis.” Luis says, “No, no, don't be sorry. You're right.” Julian jumps in, “You two love each other. Why not tie the old knot?” Luis looks into Sheridan's eyes, “We will get married, just not under these circumstances.” Sheridan looks around, “This wedding should be a celebration. I don't know about the rest of you but I don't think I can celebrate with Ethan and Theresa in so much pain.” Luis looks at Fr. Lonigan, “Father, I'm sorry but we're just going to have to pick this up another time, all right?” Father Lonigan replies, “I understand completely.” Julian is about to say something again to convince Shuis to get married but Rebecca stops him. She says the others are going to become suspicious if he keeps trying so hard.

    Sitting on a bench in the church yard, Luis tells Sheridan that they did the right thing. “When we get married I want us to have happy, perfect memories of the day.” Sheridan smiles, “Yes, let us look back on our wedding day and ...” Sheridan's face changes from a smile to a face that looks like she is shocked, causing Luis to ask, “What's wrong?” Sheridan replies, “I don't know. I felt like someone walked over my grave.” Standing in the back of the church, Julian continues his conversation on his cell phone, “Yes, Father, I'm well aware of what I have to do. She will die.” He looks glum as he hangs up on Alistair.

    To be continued...


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    Smile Sunday's Shaky SHUIS Summary and Picture of the Day. . . . ....

    Out on the wharf searching for Theresa, Miguel, Ethan, Luis, and Sheridan stop while Miguel takes time to check in with Pilar who thinks it might be Theresa on the phone, “Sorry, Mama. It's just me checking in. Theresa's still missing?” Pilar says, “She didn't even come home to change from her wedding dress. Where could she be, mijo?” Miguel replies, “Mama, I'm on my way home, but Luis wants to talk to you. All right, bye. See you.” He hands the phone to Luis, “Mama? Any chance you heard from the police station or the state police?” Pilar asks, “Why would they do at? Is Theresa hurt?” Luis replies, “Oh, of course not. I had to notify them to let them know that she'd gone missing and -- well, the more people looking for her, the better, right?” Pilar says, “Yeah, I suppose.” Sheridan holds Ethan's arm as they listen to Luis say, “Try not to worry. Theresa's a smart girl, and she knows how to take care of herself, and I'm sure wherever she is, she's fine.” Pilar sighs, “Yeah, yeah, I guess you're right.” Luis replies, “Well, I'll call as soon as I hear anything. Ok. Bye.” Sheridan walks over to Luis as he hangs the phone up, “You're as worried as your mother, aren't you?” Luis sadly says, “I just wish I knew where to look.” Ethan joins them, “This is all my fault.” Luis begins, “No, Ethan ...” Ethan interrupts, “No, if I hadn't have been so hard on Theresa, she wouldn't have run off.” Sheridan turns to Ethan, “Look, Ethan, you can't blame yourself. That tabloid headline hit you really hard. It's not your fault that Theresa misunderstood what you were telling Chad.” Ethan forlornly says, “All I said was that I didn't feel I could go through with the wedding right then and there. But I still love her. I know we can work things out. But now I have to find her, and I don't know where to look. Where could she be?”

    Ethan goes off on his own to try to find Theresa. He shows her picture to a couple of guys who taunt him. He tries to fight with them when Sheridan and Luis arrive on the scene. Luis pulls him off the guy, yelling, “Ethan! Ethan! Hey, get off of him! Get off him!” One of the guys says he is going to call the cops but Luis informs him, “That's not going to be necessary. I am the cops. Now, beat it! Go on.” Luis shoos the guys off , then turns to Ethan, “Ethan, what are you doing, man? You can't be going off on people like that.” Ethan yells, “I'm just worried about her. You know, what if something's happened to her?” Sheridan consoles, “You can't think that way. Wherever she is, she's all right. We're going to find her.”

    Arriving home, Miguel hugs Pilar, “Still no word from Theresa?” Pilar says, “No.” Kay tells him, “Miguel. I told your mom that if there's anything I can do, anything at all ...” Miguel asks her to tell Charity that he may not be able to go on their trip to Warlock Island if Theresa is not found. Luis, Sheridan, and Ethan come through the front door of the Lo-Fitz house. Pilar asks, “You haven't found her.” Luis stands on side of his mother, “No, I'm sorry.” Ethan says, “We looked everywhere, Pilar.” Standing on the other side of Pilar, Sheridan adds, “You mustn't give up hope.” Pilar tries to think of the others, “You must be starved. I have coffee and fresh baked bread in the kitchen. Go ahead and help yourselves.” Sheridan stands behind Pilar and rubs her arm as Luis says, “I meant what I said on the phone. Theresa's a strong girl. She's going to be ok.” Pilar can help but cry, “Well, under any other circumstance, I wouldn't have any trouble believing you, but this time her heart has really been broken, and I'm just afraid of what she'll do. I've already lost a husband and a son. If I lose my little girl, I don't ...” Luis takes Pilar in his arms to comfort her.

    Sitting on the couch with Pilar, Luis announces, “I'm going to check with the police station. Maybe they heard something.” Luis stands and goes to the phone. Ethan crosses the room and takes Luis' place on the couch, “Pilar, I'm sorry.” Pilar says, “It's not your fault, Ethan. You've been very understanding.” Ethan confirms, “You know I still love her.” Pilar agrees, “Yes, I know. I only wish Theresa did.” Ethan replies, “Yeah, so do I. You know, I can't do this. I can't just keep standing here and waiting. You know, I've got to keep looking for her.” Chad joins him, “Ethan, I'm going to go with you, ok? Now, Whitney gave me the names of a few more of Theresa's friends, so we'll start with them.” Ethan, “All right, thanks, because I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to her.” Ethan and Chad leave.

    Sheridan stands next to Luis with her hand on his arm in a show of support. As Luis hangs the phone up, Miguel asks, “Any news?” Luis replies, “Uh-uh. The guys have even put word across state lines as a personal favor to me. No one's seen Theresa.” Whitney says, “Well, there has to be something that we can do.” Luis responds, “Well, if there is, I haven't thought of it.” Whitney asks, “Ok, what about the airports?” Luis replies, “That, bus and train stations -- those are the first places we looked. We've got her picture everywhere. We even faxed it to the F.B.I.” Miguel asks, “What about hotels and motels or whatever? I mean, she could have registered under a fake name.” Luis replies, “We've got it covered, Miguel.” Luis crosses the room to stand in front of the bookcase. he picks up a picture of Theresa. Sheridan follows him putting her hand on his arm and resting her head on his shoulder. Luis turns to face her and takes her hands, “I'm sorry. I -- I know this morning isn't what we expected it to be.” Sheridan quips, “You mean sleeping till noon and having our honeymoon breakfast in bed?” Luis smiles, “Lunch and dinner.” Sheridan giggles, “It'll happen, Luis.” Luis replies, “Yeah.” Sheridan says, “I'm not worried. You know, we made the right decision in postponing the ceremony. We need to be here for Ethan and Theresa.” Luis confides to her, “I -- I'm trying to stay positive for my ma and Ethan's sake, but Theresa's been gone a long time and -- well, I'll bluff if you call me on it, but I'm really starting to worry.” Sheridan hugs Luis in an effort to comfort him.

    Ethan returns to the Lo-Fitz house, “I'm sorry, Pilar. We still can't find her.” Everyone stands as Ethan enters and Pilar says, “That's ok, Ethan. I know you're doing your best.” Chad turns to Luis and asks, “Anything on your end?” Luis replies, “No. She's so young to be out on the street all night by herself. I keep trying not to think of what could happen.” Sheridan says, “You've got to stop letting your imagination run wild. Theresa was upset. She probably did the same thing that I would have. You know, she went somewhere alone to try and pull herself together before she was ready to face the world. She'll be back soon. In fact, I'll bet she walks through that door any second now.” Ethan says, “I wish she would because then I could explain to her what I meant when I was talking to Chad, and I could ask Father Lonigan to reschedule the wedding as soon as possible.” Sheridan turns to face him, “It will happen, Ethan. We will have that double wedding, and next time nothing will stop it.” Ethan says, “Look, you have no idea how much I want to believe that, but I just keep thinking that I might not see her again.” Sheridan says, “Oh, Ethan.” Luis goes to the window and looks out, “Come on now, sis. Come on, you got to come home. You don't know how badly we need you.”

    Sitting next to Pilar, Sheridan comments, “The bread is wonderful, Pilar.” Pilar says, “Thank you, Sheridan.” Luis stands next to Sheridan and pours himself coffee before he moves the coffee pot to sit on the table next to Sheridan. Whitney says, “You know, I heard the weather is really supposed to cool down tonight. That's good.” Chad comments, “Really? I thought we were in for a heat wave. You know, why don't we put on the weather and get the street story.” Luis agrees, “It's a good idea, Chad.” TV announcer, “Looks like the nasdaq's down and the mercury's up.” Chad asks, “What'd I tell you? We're in for a hot one.” TV announcer, “And breaking news -- the body of a so-far unidentified female has been found in an abandoned warehouse downtown. Police are asking anyone with information on this Jane doe to call a special number.” Everyone looks up. Miguel, sitting on one side of Pilar, quickly puts his arm around her. Ethan stands and says, “Theresa.”

    To be continued................

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    Smile Monday's honeyMoon SHUIS Summary & Picture of the Day.......

    In the Crane library, Julian says, “Father wants Sheridan dead so Luis won't gain access to the Crane family secrets.” Rebecca asks, “Well, have you come up with a plan yet” Julian replies, “Not quite yet. That sister of mine seems to have nine lives. Since she didn't put the poisoned wedding ring on, she's still alive and kicking.” Rebecca reminds him, “Well, you better come up with something quickly, or Alistair will never reinstate you as heir.” Julian says, “Just have to figure out the details of the murder. When I do, Sheridan is as good as dead.”

    At the Lo-Fitz house, Radio announcer, “I repeat -- an unidentified female body has been discovered in an abandoned warehouse downtown. In other news ...” With Sheridan and Miguel each on one side of her, Pilar exclaims, “Oh, God. Oh, God, no. Not my little girl. Please, Luis ...” Sheridan and Miguel each hold Pilar's hands and are able to get her to sit back down on her couch. Luis goes to his mother, “Now, look, everyone. Let's just calm down, ok? Mama, I have got every cop in town looking for Theresa. If something were to happen, they would've called.” Sheridan agrees, “Luis is right. We wouldn't hear about it on the radio. Someone would've called us.” The phone rings. Pilar exclaims, “Oh, God. What if that's the police? What if something horrible has happened to Theresa?” Luis goes to the phone. As everyone stands looking at the phone, Pilar asks, “What if that's bad news about Theresa, Luis?” Luis says, “I'll get it. I'm sure every thing's fine. Hello? Oh, my God.” Pilar says, “Oh ...” Whitney exclaims, “Oh, no. Maybe that was Theresa's body they found. Maybe Theresa is dead.” Chad says, “Shh. .” Walking closer to Luis, Pilar asks, “Luis, who is it?” Luis looks around at everyone in the room, “It's Theresa. She's fine.” Sheridan smiles, “You see? I told you she was fine.” Ethan comments, “I don't know what I'd do if something had happened to her.” Sheridan smiles, “Well, you'll never have to wonder because we are going to have that double wedding before you know it.” Pilar takes the phone from Luis, “Teresita, thank God you're ok. I've been worried sick.” Theresa says, “I just wanted to call and let you know that I'm ok and that I love you.” Pilar says, “Teresita, please, just tell me where you are.” Theresa tells her mother, “I'll check in with you later, mama. Bye.” Pilar shouts, “Teresita, wait! Ethan is here. He wishes to -- Theresa? She hung up.” Ethan asks, “Is she ok? Where is she?” Pilar replies, “No, she's fine. She just didn't tell me where she was. She wants time alone to think.” Ethan panics, “No. But I have to talk to her. I have to tell her that she misunderstood what I was saying to Chad, that I was saying that I didn't want to marry her right now. I mean, I still love her. I still want to work this out!” Chad says, “Look, man, you'll get to say all of that to her very soon, all right? The important thing right now is that Theresa is all right.” Luis agrees, “That's right. I think we can all rest a lot easier knowing that Theresa's ok.” Even though Chad tries to get Ethan to leave the Lo-Fitz home, Ethan doesn't want to until Theresa comes home. He finally listens to Sheridan and agrees to go change clothes and relax for a while. They all promise to let him know if they hear from Theresa. Ethan, Chad, and Whitney leave. Pilar says, “Thank God Theresa's safe because I don't know what I would do if I lost her.” Miguel says, “You don't have to worry about that now, mama.” Luis puts his arm around his mother and kisses her head, “I think we can all rest a lot easier knowing that Theresa's ok.” Pilar sighs, “Yeah.”

    In the library Julian says, “Sheridan should be honeymooning six feet under right now. Since she isn't, I have to do the dirty work.” Rebecca asks, “What are you going to do? Shoot her in the street like some John Wayne movie?” Julian informs, “I know perfectly well that I can't kill Sheridan in Harmony. Luis and Sam Bennett would be swarming around me like horseflies.” Rebecca agrees, “Yes, you would be the first one they suspect. Well, what are you going to do, my pookie?” Julian replies, “I have to find a place where I can control the police force, bribe them into not investigating the crime.” Julian says, “Sheridan is going to die, and I'm the one who must kill her.”

    At Tabby's house, Miguel tells the group that Theresa called and she is all right. Charity asks, “Are you sure that Sheridan and Theresa are ok? I can't shake this horrible feeling that I have.” Miguel assures her, “I promise. They are both fine.”

    Pilar walks in from the kitchen and sees Sheridan and Luis sitting on the couch in the living room kissing rather passionately, “Ahem.” Sheridan and Luis giggle. They stand holding hands. Luis laughs, “Sorry, Mama. You caught us.” Pilar says, “No apologies necessary. I am sure this is not the way you envisioned your first morning as a married couple.” Luis jokes, “Well, call me crazy, but I at least expected to be married.” Sheridan adds, “If everything had worked out smoothly, we would be on our way to the airport right now, ready to catch a flight to Bermuda.” Luis takes Sheridan's hand, “Our honeymoon! Honey, with everything going on, I forgot to call and cancel the trip.” Sheridan says, “I don't think that's possible, remember? The tickets were nonrefundable.” Luis exclaims, “Oh, damn. I hate to lose money, but it just wouldn't feel right going on our honeymoon not being married.” Sheridan says, “Luis, you're right. So, how are we going to spend our first day as an almost-married couple?” Luis grins, “Well, we can go back to the cottage and get some rest. I'm sure we could both use some of that.” Sheridan grins, “That sounds wonderful. (Her face drops.) Oh, no, we can't go the cottage. Remember? I hired workers to redo the plumbing while we were away. The place is probably a wreck.” Luis says, “Oh, we're batting a thousand here, huh? First, no honeymoon. Now, no home.” Pilar says, “Well, you're more than welcome to stay here. Miguel and Kay are on their summer trip to Warlock Island.” Luis replies, “Thanks, Mama, but I just think Sheridan and I need our space for now.” Sheridan suggests, “We could get a hotel room.” Luis says, “I think we should really be saving money.” Sheridan asks, “Then what are we going to do? For the next week, we have no place to stay.”

    In the Crane library, Rebecca asks, “What is it with the Cranes and the Lopez Fitzgeralds, anyway? I mean, first there was Ethan and Theresa. Then there was Luis and Sheridan. Why don't you just take up with Pilar?” Julian smiles, “Now that you mention it, there is something naughty about that maid's uniform.” Rebecca pouts, “Well, I didn't mean it. Next thing i know, you're going to be asking her to join us in the boudoir.” Julian smiles at the thought, “Hmm.” Rebecca hits him on the arm! The maid brings Julian a large evelope, “Yes. My divorce papers. Once I fly down to the islands, I'll be rid of Ivy for good. I'll head down there once i figure out how to kill Sheridan.”

    Sheridan looks up at Luis and asks, “Well, looks like we're homeless for the next week. What should we do?” Pilar stands next to her, “Sheridan, if I may, I think I have a solution. We already know Theresa's all right, so why don't you go ahead and go on your trip to Bermuda?” Luis says again, “I don't know, Mama. It just doesn't seem right to go on a honeymoon before the wedding.” Pilar says, “Well, think of it as a pre-wedding trip.” Sheridan replies, “You know, she might be on to something.” Pilar continues, “You both have been through so much already. I think you deserve to get away. And, besides, every thing's already paid for. If you don't go, you'll lose your money and the trip.” Sheridan smiles as she looks hopefully at Luis, “Well, she has a good point. A tropical getaway sounds like exactly what we need. And don't forget, you already took vacation time for this week.” Luis laughs, “Ok! All right. I am not going to stand here and argue with my two favorite ladies. Looks like we're going to Bermuda.” Luis pulls Sheridan to him in a hug. Sheridan cries, “It's going to be an amazing time!” Pilar smiles, “First you have to get there. And if you don't hurry, you'll miss your flight.” Luis grins, “Luckily our bags are already packed. Just have to go to my room and grab them.” Luis takes Sheridan's hand and pulls her to the bedroom, “Oh, this trip is going to be perfect. I can hardly wait!” Pilar watches them leave the room, “Well, at least Sheridan and Luis are happy. I only wish Theresa could be as happy with her relationship with Ethan. Oh, Teresita. Where are you, mija?”

    Whitney finds Theresa in her bedroom when she arrives home. Ethan thinks he hears Whitney call out Theresa's name but Theresa doesn't want to face him yet so Whitney gets rid of the guys. Whitney tells Theresa that she misunderstood what she heard Ethan telling Chad. Ethan still loves her and wants to work things out. Theresa feels responsible for Ethan having lost everything so she wants to make it right. She doesn't want to see Ethan until she fixes things. When Whitney says that she can't get his life back or make him a Crane again, Theresa gets the idea of convincing Julian to make Ethan a Crane again.

    Dressed in their island clothes, Sheridan and Luis enter the living room with all of their suitcases in tow. Sheridan exclaims, “Bermuda's definitely calling our names.” Luis says, “We're going to have to run, or we're going to miss our flight, Mama.” They each kiss Pilar on their way to the front door. Pilar says, “Have a good time and enjoy yourselves.” Luis assures her, “We will.” At the front door, Pilar says, “Luis ...” Luis replies, “What?” Pilar warns, “Be careful.” Luis says, “We will. But we're going to Bermuda. Nothing bad could possibly happen.”

    The phone rings in the Crane library. Julian picks it up to hear that it is Sheridan calling from the airport, “Julian, it's Sheridan. I just wanted to let you know that I'm having work done on the cottage this week.” Julian replies, “It's yours. You can turn it into a homeless shelter if you like. Where will you be staying?” As Luis looks at their tickets, Sheridan informs him, “Well, even though the wedding didn't happen, Luis and I are still going to take our honeymoon vacation to Bermuda.”

    Julian perks up, “That sounds like a wonderful idea. You two kids have fun.” Looking skeptical, Sheridan hangs up, “Bye.” Luis looks at her, “Dare I ask what your dearest brother said?” Sheridan replies, “He said to have fun.” Luis grins, “Huh. That will not be a problem. I can't wait to get away from Harmony. There won't be Julian or Alistair or anyone else that'll hurt us.” Luis leans over and kisses Sheridan's cheek.

    Seated at his desk, Julian informs Rebecca, “It seems that Luis and Sheridan are headed for Bermuda.” Rebecca asks, “Which means ...” Julian replies, “Which means with Luis and Sheridan there, everything will work out perfectly. I can divorce Ivy and kill Sheridan. My dear sister is as good as dead.”

    To be continued...

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    Smile Tuesday's Tender SHUIS Summary and Pictures of the Day..........

    As the teens are loading the boat for their trip to Warlock Island, Miguel asks, “Charity? What is it?” Jessica who stayed on the docks with Charity as the others loaded the boat answers him, “She had another premonition.” Charity stares off frightened, “It was horrible. They were all crying out in so much pain. Sam and Grace, Ethan and Theresa, and Sheridan and Luis. Even Tabitha and her doll. They're doomed, Miguel. They're all doomed.”

    As Ethan and Chad shoot a few hoops trying to take Ethan's mind off Theresa, he stops, “Did you hear my cell phone ring? No messages.” Chad says, “You got to chill out, man. Look, when Theresa's ready to talk to you, she'll call you.” Ethan says, “Chad, look, I was way too hard on her. Yeah, I mean, I was upset she knew I wasn't a Crane and didn't tell me, but, you know, we can work that out. You know, the next time I see Theresa, I'm going to kiss her and hold her close and never let her go.” In Whitney's room, she tries to convince Theresa to forget trying to convince Julian Crane to make it so that Ethan can be a Crane again. Theresa replies, “I have to, Whitney. I have to undo all the horrible things I've done. Having information about Ethan on my computer that someone e-mailed to the tabloid ruined his life. It robbed him of everything that he held dear. No, I have to get it back for him, no matter what it takes.”

    On the airplane en route to Bermuda, Luis leans over to Sheridan, “You know, I am so glad that we decided to take this honeymoon trip. Even if the double wedding was a bust.” Sheridan smiles, “I'm glad, too. I feel badly for Ethan and Theresa. I'm sure they'll work things out and then the four of us can finally get married. But until then, it is just you, me, and beautiful Bermuda.” Luis grins, “That's right. Don't have to worry about Alistair or Julian or Rebecca trying to break us up, do we? We're just going to enjoy ourselves.” Sheridan and Luis kiss and rub noses. (Too cute!)

    In the Crane living room as Julian packs his briefcase, he says, “That Luis and Sheridan will be in Bermuda at the same time I'm there to file my divorce papers is a stunning coincidence, to say the least. I've even come up with a germ of a plan to kill my poor sister and perhaps Luis, given the distance he'll be from Harmony. Only two things matter at this moment -- divorcing Ivy and doing away with my poor sister. While I'm in sunny Bermuda, I will be able to kill two birds with one stone.”

    Arriving at the Bermuda resort, Luis and Sheridan walk in hand in hand. Sheridan looks around and smiles, “This resort is amazing.” Luis says, “Glad you like it.” He rubs his hand up and down her arm. Sheridan exclaims, “Oh.” Luis turns her to face him, “Hey, what do you say, uh, we go check out one of those private hot tubs, relax for a while?” Sheridan, “Oh?” Luis grins, “Hmm?” Sheridan smiles, “That sounds perfect.” Luis kisses her.

    She says, “Then again, anywhere I'm with you is perfect.” The kiss again before heading to their room.

    Outside in the private hot tub area, dressed in their white terry robes (and nothing else), Luis holds Sheridan's hand, “I guess the bellhop was right. This place looks nice and private.” Sheridan looks into his eyes, “I don't think anyone will disturb us.” Luis unties Sheridan's robe, “Oh, yes.” Sheridan giggles and they drop their robes on the ground and ease into the hot tub. They oh and ah as they slip into the water. Sheridan smiles, “This is wonderful.”

    Luis grins, “I know how to make it even better.” Sheridan raises her eyebrow and grins, “Really? How?” Luis kisses her hand then kisses her.

    Outside the mansion on the way to his car, Julian calls Alistair, “Hello, Father?” Alistair replies, “I'm busy, Julian. What is it?” Julian says, “I'll only take a moment of your time.” Alistair says, “What about the time you're wasting in Bermuda filing your divorce papers when you should be forming a plan to kill Sheridan?” Julian says, “That's why I'm calling -- to tell you that I've come up with a foolproof plan to kill Sheridan and maybe Luis.” Alistair perks up, “I'm listening.” Julian says, “What if I told you that Sheridan will die in what looks like an accident and Luis will blame himself if he lives?” Alistair says, “I'd say interesting. No, no, no, amazing that your brandy-soaked brain could possibly handle this.” Julian proposes, “If I can't pull this off, you can strip me of my trust fund, any possibility of ever being your heir. I won't make a peep.” Alistair replies, “Well, Julian, you sound completely delusional or surprisingly confident.” Julian informs Al, “I'm positive that my plan will result in Sheridan's death, and if Luis survives, he'll torture himself for the rest of his life thinking it was his fault.”
    On the Crane jet in mid-flight to Bermuda, Julian says to himself, “It's time to concentrate on the business at hand -- finalizing my divorce, getting rid of Sheridan. I promised Father I'd do in my poor sister, perhaps her lawman lover. I must come through. My future as heir to the Crane empire depends on it.”

    In their private hot tub, Luis says, “I don't think I realized how tense I was till I got out of Harmony.”
    As Sheridan runs her hand over Luis' shirtless chest, “We both were.” Grabbing Sheridan's hand and kissing it, Luis confides, “I couldn't relax, couldn't let my guard down. I was constantly worrying about Julian and Alistair and their threats to try and break and us up. Now I don't have to worry about them or their threats.” As Luis holds her hand, he runs his finger down her chin. They kiss again. Behind some tropical foliage, Alistair stands watching Sheridan and Luis.

    In the hot tub, Sheridan and Luis are kissing. As Luis releases Sheridan, she moans, “Um mm! This is so wonderful.” Looking around, Luis agrees, “This is definitely up there on my ways to spend time.” Luis swoops in and kisses Sheridan on her cheek. Looking lovingly at Luis, Sheridan exclaims, “I'm having such a good time. I feel like we're really on our honeymoon.” Looking serious, Luis says, “Yeah. I'm sorry we couldn't go through with the wedding, Honey.” Sheridan replies just as seriously, “It was our decision. And with everything Ethan and Theresa were going through -- I don't want us to have any regrets, though. (Sheridan smiles here.) I want us to have the most wonderful, romantic, perfect (Sheridan purrs that word.) time together.” Luis grins and imitates Sheridan's purr, “Perfect. It is perfect. Out here away from Harmony. So peaceful. I don't have to worry about Julian and Alistair and their threats to try and break us up. Heck, we don't have to worry about anything.” Sheridan and Luis go back to kissing as Alistair stands in the bushes watching them.

    Still in the hot tub kissing, Luis runs his hand down Sheridan's arm while she caresses his bare chest, “I love you so much.” Luis responds, “I love you, too. You know, when we go back to Harmony, I want to go through with the wedding.” Sheridan smiles, “I can't wait to marry you.” Luis replies, “And I hope Ethan and Theresa can work out their problems, but if they don't, I still want to do it.” Sheridan agrees, “Me, too. You know, I still can't get over how eager Julian was to see us get married.” A thoughtful Luis says, “Yeah. That was quite a turnaround. I still can't figure out that guy's angle, you know? It's the same guy who was dead set against us getting married, would do anything in his power to break us up, even hiring a guy to wear a mask to impersonate me to make you think I was cheating you.” Sheridan says “I still can't believe he would go so far.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. Your father was in on it, too. But anyway, you know, all of a sudden Julian wants us to get married? Why? And why now?” He frowns. Sheridan frowns as well, “I don't know. All I know is that Julian seemed genuinely disappointed that we didn't get married.” Luis agrees, “Yeah.” Sheridan says emphatically, “I mean, he really wanted to see that wedding ring on my finger.”

    Aboard the Crane jet, Julian musses, “If only Luis and Sheridan had gone through with the wedding, she'd have put that poisoned ring on her finger and all this would be done and over. She'd be dead, and I wouldn't have to kill her myself.” On the phone, Alistair says, “You're not trying to weasel out of doing what you have to do, are you, Julian?” Julian replies, “No, of course not. I know I have no choice. I just -- I hate the idea of killing my own sister.” Alistair, “I thought you said you had a plan, that you wouldn't actually be committing the murder yourself.” Julian cringes, “Please. Do we have to use the m word?” Alistair, “Call it whatever the hell you want, just make sure it happens.” Julian replies, “It will happen -- on the island, where I'll have no trouble bribing the police. My plan will make Sheridan's death look like an accident, and Luis will blame himself if he survives.” Alistair asks, “If he survives?” Julian shrugs, “Well, I can't be certain that he'll die, but if he survives, he'll blame himself for Sheridan's death. His life will be ruined. He'll spend the rest of his days in despair, and he'll forget all about snooping into his father's disappearance.” Alistair says, “Well, now is the perfect time. They're at the resort totally relaxed, and their guard is down.” Julian looks stunned, “Where exactly are you, Father?” Al says, “Don't ask.” Julian replies, “I don't think I have to ask. I think I know where you are.” Alistair replies, “I'm keeping an eye on Sheridan and Luis, and you should have a very easy time of it. They're completely off guard.” Julian says, “Good. That will make things easier. We should be landing shortly. I should be at the resort within the hour. How will I find you?” Al, “Don't worry, I'll find you.” Julian comments, “I'm killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. I'll be rid of Ivy, and the threat of having our secret about having Martin Fitzgerald exposed will be gone for good. And my poor sister will be dead.”

    As they enjoy the hot tub, Luis looks at Sheridan “Let's not talk about Julian or Alistair for the rest of the trip, all right? Let's just enjoy our time together.” Sheridan grins, “I'm all for that.” Luis captures her hand and kisses it, “Good. Because I have an evening of romance planned for us.” Sheridan smiles and raises her eyebrows, “Really? What do you have planned?” Luis smiles, “A surprise. But it's starting right now.” He pulls her close to his chest for another one of those heart stopping kisses! Watching them from behind the bushes, Alistair says, “Enjoy your night together because it's going to be your last.”

    In their room, dressed for dinner, Luis stands looking out the window at the view. Sheridan comes up behind him placing her arms around him. Luis says, “Sweetheart, this is paradise.” He puts his hand over hers on his chest as Sheridan agrees, “It is. But then again, anywhere I'm with you is paradise.” Luis turns around to face Sheridan, “Aw. You know, I never thought I could be this happy.” Sheridan smiles but walks away from Luis only to stop a few feet away. Concerned, Luis asks, “ Sheridan, you all right?” Sheridan sighs, “I was just thinking about Ethan and Theresa.” Luis sighs, “Oh.” Sheridan reminds him, “They should be on their honeymoon right now, enjoying each other the way we are.” Luis replies, “I know. It's hard not to think about them when we're so happy. I feel so bad for them.” Sheridan says, “I still can't believe the way everything fell apart.”

    Luis tries to be positive, “Yeah. Well, maybe they'll work things out by the time we get back and then we can have the double wedding after all.” Sheridan smiles, “I hope so because I know how much they love each other.” Luis smiles, “Yeah. Well, you know Theresa -- big dreamer, romantic, and, well, she is always saying that fate's on her side. So maybe fate will bring Ethan and Theresa back together.” Sheridan says so sweetly, “I hope it does. I hope that what's happened doesn't tear them apart.”

    To be continued...


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