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Thread: Poor Sami

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    What happened with Will? I know he's in Europe with Carrie and Austin, but when did he leave?

    I am tired of waiting for what's going on with Sami. Either she needs to get with Rafe and pretend her child is theirs together, or she needs to put the baby up for adoption (whom Nicole will then adopt).


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    Re: Poor Sami

    Why does she need to put this child up for adoption?
    Raise it without EJ!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boo1 View Post
    I really hate that 2 men who claimed to be so in love with her, cheated so fast. I was hoping Lucas could find a new love, too much has happened between him and Sami, to be happy. I was so hoping EJ would be true to his love for her. So will Ej break Nicole's heart and go back to Sami? Will Sami take him back? Wil Sami find another man? Stay tuned... lol.
    There is a difference. EJ was rejected, Sami begged Lucas to stay with her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dylanangel75 View Post
    Why does she need to put this child up for adoption?
    Raise it without EJ!
    She doesn't want Stefano to know it's his grandchild.

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    Talking Re: Poor Sami

    I like the Sami/Rafe or Rami combination as I think he will call her on her behavior. Hopefully, this will help her to mature and him to be able to explore a sensitive part (family?) that he has had before.

    I did like EJ with Sami but I think he's better with Nicole. I wondered if Nicole was Melanie's mother but now I'm wondering if it will come out that she is really Mia's mother (Mia being only 15 versus Melanie in her mid 20s). It could come out only when there is a blood test that shows that she isn't Sydney's mother but has a DNA connection to Grace. She'd have a hard time explaining how that one happened but then it would come out that she had had a baby and given her up for adoption years ago. Somehow she connects to Mia. If she is still with EJ, he could love her real granddaughter as much as he loves his bio children. It would have made for a better story if they had had EJ/Nicole explore the loss of their child but it didn't happen. Of course, if Melanie turns out to be Nicole's, she could volunteer to either be an egg donor for Nicole/EJ or carry a child for them. Then Melanie changes her mind and tries to split up EJ/Nicole. lol

    As to Chloe/Lucas, I have never liked either character and would not be disappointed to see them both gone. He can take his mommydearest with him too.

    Dr. Horndog has also had his time and needs to leave.

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    Sami brought that all on herself. Don't pity her. She deserves every misery she ever gets and more.
    She made it very clear to both of them at various times that she hated their guts. And has done a lot of awful things to them. Much much much worse than any of the things they ever did to her.
    She sure is easily hopping into bed with either of them and then suddenly when the other one knows about it she suddenly hates the one she just had sex with.
    She is such a liar and hypocrite. She isn't worthy of pity or sympathy. EVER!

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    This is just my opinion - and it is opinion only!

    I do not feel sorry for Sami. Everyone on this show gets what they deserve at some point or another.

    With that said, I loved the interaction with Sami and Lucas today, even if she fibbed about her baby being stillborn. In truth, she never really "had a chance to live" ... the life that she should have been raised in. Sami just left that little blurb out .

    I am very tired of Chloe and Lucas. I really loved her with Brady back in the day and DO NOT buy the "Brady turned to drugs" line of crap. John Black is his father for chrissake!! Brady was always a strong character in the past, and drugs just didn't seem like a good excuse for me. And I am definitely weirded out by the Brady/Nicole friendship, because when they split and he finally connected with Chloe, I don't remember him and Nicole being on good terms.

    I really, really hope that Sami and Lucas get back together. I read a rumor several months back that they were going to be the new supercouple, and at the time I was like, Finally! But then she got prego with another EJ baby, blah, blah, blah. Oh, and I didn't find the chemistry with her and Luis, I mean Rafe, very convincing. Rafe needs to leave all the committed women alone in Salem - aka I don't want the writers having Rafe be an excuse to break up anyone...Bope comes to mind.

    Philip-schmilip by the way. What's with all the teeny-bopper drama and all the young actors stealing most of the show-time anyways. Can we kill Melanie off? Would that be wrong? Let's send Steph back to the racetrack while we're at it.

    Sorry if this is a little long, but it's been awhile since I've been on the boards and this was a good thread
    The truth shall set you free, now if only someone would tell it!

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    I had given up on DOOL, but have been tuning back in to see the Sami/Rafe scenes. I'm a Galen Gering fan and enjoy seeing him again. I dont think Galen & Ali have any 'sexual" chemistry but they have a nice friendship chemistry on-screen and I dont know what storyline Galen(Rafe) will have while Ali is on maternity leave. I CANT stand any of these 'young" characters, Melanie is dreadful, who cares about her, Philip&Stephanie have no chemistry and are boring, Chloe & Lucas are un=believable, they have gotten rid of my favorites: John&Marlena and soon Kayla&Patch.
    I FF thru most of the show and just watch when Ali and/or Galen is on=screen.


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