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Thread: Poor Sami

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    Re: Poor Sami

    I don't like EJ at all but I think EJ and Chloe would make a much more suitable couple together and they should put Sami and Lucas back together were they truely belong!

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    Lightbulb Re: Poor Sami

    I think Sami & Lucas always had great chemistry together and I think EJ & Nicole have great chemistry together too. What I think is going to happen is Lucas will realize how much he still loves Sami & he will forgive her for sleeping with EJ as long as she forgives him for sleeping with Chloe. EJ will realize he'll never have Sami so he'll make a go of it with Nicole who BTW is acting very pregnant these days (Thought she couldn't have kids anymore, but things always change with soaps). Wonder if she'll be pregnant with EJ's baby? Then he'll have to chose between two baby mama's!
    Also, does anyone else think that Melanie could be Nicole's kid? Maybe we'll find out she gave a baby up for adoption after she ran away from Trent?
    As for Chloe, she should go back to la la land. To think I used to like her when she was with Brady! Yuck! She needs some serious acting classes!'s a thought....I heard a rumor that they might bring Brady back...I hope they're not thinking of pairing those two up again. It'll never be the same...

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    Thumbs down Re: Poor Sami

    Quote Originally Posted by Agent99 View Post
    There is absolutely no chemistry between Lucas and Chloe. What are they basing that on? Two vists and three phone calls? It's absurd! Chloe needs to go back to the land of the robots and be with her own kind. LOL! EJ and Nicole are both just horny. They can have as many booty calls as they want.
    I absolutely cannot stand Lucas and Chloe. I wish she would go back where ever she came from. Or maybe she will go back to Brady when he comes back to town.

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    Smile Re: Poor Sami

    Quote Originally Posted by Carson View Post
    I don't like EJ at all but I think EJ and Chloe would make a much more suitable couple together and they should put Sami and Lucas back together were they truely belong!
    I don't like EJ either, but I really like him with Nicole.

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    Re: Poor Sami

    I hadn't watched for like a year and came back to everything all crazy. When did Chloe become a bitch for starters? Why is she with Lucas? They are just so very blah together. Also she seems more interested in other guys that aren't Lucas. As for EJ I really hate the idea of a girl with her rapist. That just doesn't say romance to me so I don't understand those who root for EJ and Sami. Exactly why are they appealing together? I just don't see it. I'd rather Sami get back together with Lucas or hell she might even hook up with Rafe which wouldn't be so bad.

    Boo to EJ because I can't stand him although I think he and Nicole might end up bringing the best out in each other since on their own they are pretty horrible people.

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    Re: Poor Sami

    Is it just me or is everyone else tired of watching Nicole and EJ having sex all the time??? Everytime their together they end up in bed.

    I'm not to crazy about Lucas and Chloe and EJ and Nicole but maybe this will open the door for a new man in Sami's life...maybe Rafe? They look cute together. Or if EJ comes to his senses and dump Nicole for Sami then Nicole and Brady can hook up. I would love to see Nicole and Chloe fight over Brady. lol!!!

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    Re: Poor Sami

    Sami & Lucas will be together again - EJ (who was born what 7 years ago? long after Will) is just a mistake the writers made...they do that a lot on this show - Sami is strong enuf to make it through these new few years of turmoil - after all she survived the worst mother ever

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    Re: Poor Sami

    I thought for sure it was Will who shot ej. lol... I guess I was wrong.

    I love RAF. I think they would make a good couple but I hate that they have made Sami back into a skeaming liar again...The character had matured a while back and it was finally pleasent to watch her.


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