A person leaves for a couple of years and everyone disappears???

I'd like to say that I'm glad that Jake, Angie, and Jesse are back, and that I'm glad that Richie will be out of PV very soon. I've never liked the Richie/Annie storyline, and my affection for Annie began to diminish once Richie arrived. Annie has become a real dolt. I'd like to see that character salvaged, because I really liked her with Ryan, and as a part Spike's "family."

And does anyone know the story behind the switch in Colby's portrayer? I haven't warmed up to this new actress, and don't really understand why the original Colby was replaced.

And would anyone else like to see Scott Chandler come back to town now that Forbes March is available to reprise the role? He'd make a great rival for Greenlee's affections. We know that the plan is for Beth Ehler's new character to occupy Jake's time, and I personally don't want to see Greens back with Ryan, but we don't want to make things too easy for Aidan, either. Why not bring the character back that Greenlee originally followed back to Pine Valley right after college? She showed up in Pine Valley trying to snare Scott Chandler who she had met while at UCLA, if my memory serves correctly.

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