Introduction threads always stump me. I know who I am, I have a pretty good idea of how Ill introduce myself. Its the titles to the thread that always throw me. *Laughs*

Yes. This is yet another 'Hello, My name is.." thread.

Hello.. My name is Gracie. *Laughs* I've always been quite fond of Message boards. I love getting to know people, and sharing interests. I've only ever been part of one, in a sort of 'like interest' setting. When I had a breast reduction a few years ago, there was a very wonderful board of support that I was part of. When I discovered my addiction to CSI, I found a few like minded message boards to share episode synopsis, and compare notes on how 'drool worthy' certain characters were. *Grins* (Im a 'Brass Gal' myself.)

Its one of the reasons I've found myself here. In looking for other CSI boards, I came across your board here. And then found the Dexter one.. the Criminal Minds one... Law and Order.. House!! Ooh.. cool! Its one big message board that contains ALL of my interests.

So.. heres me. In my 30s. Happily married. I like to write, and have recently discovered fanfiction. (Any fanfic writers out there?) Love my garden, not all that fond of my job. I work too much, and play too little. But I love making new friends, and rambling on.. and on.. *Grins*

Nice to meet you all. Im sure Ill be getting around to meeting you at one point or another.

*Grabs mug of coffee* This stuff is free?