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Thread: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 1 The Beginning

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 31 I believe in True Love

    Charmed Standish Chapter 31 I believe in true love

    Harmony Hospital
    Waiting room

    I can’t wait to see Jessica and the twins; Grace said nervously she was readily impatient to see her new grandchildren.

    I know ;Aunt Grace, it’s weird that she would have twins.

    Yeah, Sam cuts in; she is going to need all of us to help her.

    I’m going to be here for my daughter, all my kids and of course you. She kisses Sam.

    Ivy still lurking in the corner started to get uneasy.

    It’s not over for us Sam, not by a long shot.

    Ivy, I see you’re still up to your old tricks a voice said in a distance, causing Ivy to jump.

    She looks up Julian, you scared me!

    What else is new?

    What are you doing here?

    I’m here to visit Eve, what are you doing here? He looks over at the Bennett clan while playing with his tie.

    Oh I see still pining away for Ol Sam Bennett, give it up Ivy he left you twice for Grace.

    Julian, now there you are wrong, Sam stills love me.

    From the looks of it, you don’t have a chance.

    Why don’t you go crawl under a rock with your whore of girlfriend and leave me the hell alone.

    I do anything not to be around a hopeless screaming banshee like you. Looks like Sam Bennett choose to do the same.

    Shut up! Julian.

    Keep this up and you’re going to end up alone like your friend Pilar. Could anything be so pitiful to see to women wallow away pining for men that don't want them.

    I know you’re wrong, Julian I will not be like Pilar, if Kay with her malicious schemes to get Miguel worked, I know there’s hope for me to have my Sam Bennett back where he belongs.

    Julian makes a face and shakes his head.

    Look at you, your highness has crawl beneath a rock and simply stalking the Bennett family in hopes to get her some.

    Julian, I am simply learning how my enemy works, you know a thing of two about that. When the time is right; I will be with Sam again;you’ll see She smirks.


    Gosh, what’s taking so long? Kay grew impatient.

    Maybe she just needs some time with the babies before she takes other visitors.

    Hello… Miguel, Fox is in there with her, what if he’s trying to put a spell on her and the babies or even trying to get them to join the Dark side

    Miguel rolled his eyes Kay, I don’t think Fox would do something like that.

    What, are you kidding, look at all the things he has done to break us up.

    Miguel ran his hands through his dark wavy raven hair He grew frustrated with Kay’s accusations; he was beginning to think she was jealous; for some reason he thinks Fox is genuinely trying to move on.

    I know he is up to no good, I can feel it.She rushes towards Jessica’s room.

    Kay! He yells... Stopping Kay dead in her tracks she turns to look at Miguel for first time they started the conversation she sees his frustration.

    Miguel, what’s wrong?

    You, that’s what’s wrong,

    Me, what I have I done?

    Is what you haven’t done, you haven’t let go of your feelings for Fox.

    What, what are you talking about?

    If you don’t know, Figure it out, and when you do… then call me. He said in a stern voice.

    Miguel grabs his coat and walks out the hospital leaving Kay confused Charity notices and she slips by everyone except Earl and runs after Miguel.

    Charity, what are you doing? Earl said to himself He decided to follow her.


    San Francisco
    Simone and Nadine’s apartment

    Simone packs her things quickly. She grabs her toothbrush and make up bag to complete her check in luggage and carry on bags for her trip to Castleton.

    Nadine walks in the apartment with groceries, thinking Simone is still at work; she had planned to cook a romantic meal for the two lovers When she starts sorting out the groceries that she took from her bags she looks up and sees Simone.

    Hey Simone!

    Hi! Simone said softly.

    What are you doing here, you ruin the surprise .Since you had that rough day with that horrible cop Lt. Morris, you keep going on about; I thought to do something special. She finishes sorting the groceries walks around the kitchen counter to give Simone a kiss then she notices her bags, she suddenly grew terrified.

    Simone! What’s going on?

    Nadine, I have to go to Harmony.

    Ok, is your mom ok, is it your friends?

    She’s fine, my friends are fine too.

    So, why do you have to go to Harmony?

    Simone sees the fear in Nadine’s face and chooses not to tell her the whole truth.

    I have to go because my job is requiring me to do so, and I am glad because you know Kay, my best friend, well she’s getting married, so I kind of kill two birds with one stone.

    Oh… Nadine said disappointed they couldn’t have a nice romantic evening; since when do data entry go on business trips?

    I got promoted, I am now the head of my department and they wanted me to train for the position.

    Nadine eyes lit up. Oh my god, that’s great Simone, I’m so happy for you She hugs her Simone felt a wave of guilt flow through her If Nadine finds out that she lied and lost her job so she wouldn't have to move to LA, that could end there relationship even worse going with the enemy Darnell.

    Tears in her eyes she quickly wipes away let me take you to the airport.

    No that’s okay; I have a taxi on the way.

    Of course, call me when you get there safe.

    Simone felt horrible; she felt the need to invite her too but that will only distract her from her work and cause major problems.

    She simply chalks it up and says ok.

    She grabs her bags as she heard the taxi honk its horn. She stops and hugs her .Bye Nadine.

    Nadine softly says Bye, I love you.

    Simone leaves the apartment.

    She didn’t even say I love you back Nadine began to cry.
    Why do I get the feeling this is it for us.
    """ ''""

    Fox and Jessica enjoy each other and the babies; until they heard a knock at the door.

    Come in! Fox yelled.

    Dr Russell peak her head in.

    Your family is anxious to see you, Jessica.

    Oh yeah, I forgot they were out there.

    Dr Russell cocked an eyebrow she was slightly annoyed by the statement.

    Could you send them in? Jessica said softly.


    Dr Russell leaves them alone.

    Fox looks at Jessica.

    Jessica, I think we can do this, I think we could be a family.

    Jessica grew a smile. Really! She kisses Fox

    He closes his eyes and forgot the pain that lingered in his heart.

    Tabitha walks in the Hospital waiting room and notices Kay.

    Kay is everything all right?

    No… I think I lost Miguel.

    What? How? The hard body of a man; loves only you.

    Dr Russell comes back to the waiting room and tells everyone they could see Jessica and the babies.

    Everyone gets up and walks towards Jessica’s room. Kay notices that Charity is no where to be found.

    Tabitha, have you seen Charity?

    I just got here Kay; I didn’t see her when I came in.

    She was acting a little weird today; I hope she’s okay. Ugh Miguel…why did you get so upset?

    Kay, I’m sure you guy will be fine; it’s probably pre wedding jitters on his part.

    You think so.

    I know so.

    They both began to walk to Jessica’s room .Ivy still lurking in the corner hoping to gather up more information about Sam and Grace who seem to be very much in love every second of the hour; Ivy notices them constantly smiling at one another. She begins to think it is hopeless case. Sam and Grace thank god they have a second chance to be together as new grandparents again.

    I won’t give up on you Sam; never, Ivy sighs

    Kay stood in the hallway while everyone crowded around the babies.

    She notices Jessica and Fox and how happy they were.

    Tabitha also notices.

    Looks like love is in the air Tabitha tells Kay.

    Kay felt a sense of betrayal how could they? She said to herself.

    You’re not jealous of Fox and Jessica’s relationship, are you? Is that what Miguel is mad about?

    Kay’s eyes widen.

    Tabitha searches for an answer.

    """ '""

    Outside the Hospital………

    Miguel felt the cool air hit his handsome face. He breathes in the air and flashes back to his previous conversation with Kay.

    You’re still in love with him, Kay I thought you were over him. I guess I was wrong .AAUGH why is love had to be so complicated. Kay I love you, but I can’t marry you if Fox is still in your heart. Miguel heart grew a sharp pain the same pain he felt when Charity left him all those years ago.

    Charity sees Miguel in the distance. Oh Miguel; this is my chance, my only chance to be with him.

    She started to get near Miguel but was frightened when a hand was place on her shoulder; she turns around to see the person’s face.

    Charity, what do you think your doing?

    What is it to you, Earl?

    Don’t do this; you only hurt your family and Miguel.

    How do you know?

    Because he is in love with Kay, you tried before and again he proves he loves only her.

    He used to love me; love like ours doesn’t really go away.

    What happen to you today, you were ready to move on and go on that date with Nathan Winslow?

    Yeah, well I got a chance to be with a real love.

    What, Charity… That is over; it was one of those once in a lifetime things, it will never worked out now.

    That’s your opinion.

    Earl grabs both of Charity’s shoulders and turns her around
    Charity look, Look at how he is hurting, you can see the pain ripping through his heart.

    Yeah and I will mend his heart.

    You can’t be serious.

    I am, watch me get the man I love.

    You’re only going to get your heart broken, He loves Kay he has Maria he has another child on the way; a recipe for disaster. You finally getting along with your cousin, and we know how very important you guys need to work together as the Power of three. If you do this, all would be lost for the good side; I beg you Charity don’t do this.

    Don’t blame me, blame Kay she started all this pain when she did everything she could to break Miguel and I up.

    She was a kid.

    That’s your excuse, Timmy died because of her selfishness, and she still didn’t learn .No…She had to be with Miguel. Causing mother to break up with her own Father,destroying Jessica’s life and Fox’s he now turn into a monster.

    That’s his own fault; besides you are doing the same exact thing, come on Charity your better than this. He grabs her face and stares intensely in her eyes.

    I guess selfishness runs in our family. She breaks free from his hold and walks towards Miguel.

    Earl shook his head then he looks at her aura he sees a glow of red that surround her slender frame.

    Charity is under a spell, he said to himself; I have to stop her; before it’s too late.

    He walks back in the hospital to look for Kay.
    On the way to San Francisco Airport……

    Simone closes her eyes and flashes back to her conversation with Nadine.

    She hated lying to girl that she thinks she could spend the rest of her life with. Rae was her 1st love and she didn’t think she would love another. Nadine has been there since the first day they met at a bar called P3 in San Francisco. She ventures off from Louisiana with her family in search for her own life especially when she got that wonderful job that had just laid her off. In the city by herself she had no one until the moment she met Nadine.

    Why did I lie to her... to stay in San Francisco, there is nothing here for me; but her? Why do I feel so at home here?

    The taxi stop in front of the Terminal 1. Simone quickly jumped out of her thoughts and realizes she was in front of the airport.
    She goes in her purse to pays for the fare and opens the taxi door there stood the tall handsome Darnell Morris she looks in his chocolate brown eyes and literally he took her breath away she gasped.

    Are you okay? He asked.

    I’m fine, just tired that’s all.

    The taxi driver grabs her bags out of the trunk of the car.

    Where she reaches for them, Darnell beats her to them.

    I take those.

    I am perfect fully capable of carrying my bags myself; thank you she grabs her bags.

    He backed off, Fine; he threw his hands up; they walk towards the ticket counter.

    Darnell pulled out two first class tickets to Castleton and handed to a very pretty lady behind the ticket counter that gave him a great big smile.

    She grabs the tickets, Hi my name is Sherry

    Darnell Morris and this is Simone. He smiled.

    So you and your sister going First class, huh ,she gives a twirl to her dark raven hair.

    That’s right, but she is…

    Is this a business trip? She was seriously trying to work up a conversation with the handsome man completely ignoring Simone.

    Why yeah, Darnell flashed a smile obviously picking up on her flirting confirming Sherry’s suspicion that Simone and Darnell weren’t together.

    Simone saw the two smiling at each other and she had gotten annoyed by the situation and saw her supervisor walking by giving Sherry a strange look she immediately knew that look of jealousy.

    Excuse me, Sherry is that your name, well…why are you getting in his business, isn’t your job is to just take the tickets, confirm that we are what we say we are, and give us our boarding passes. Simone was so loud it got the attention of the other attendees at the ticket counters and customers. Which Sherry looks around and saw her supervisor looking, she was completely embarrass. yes ma’am, she quickly confirm their flights and printed there boarding passes She completely stops all eye contact with Darnell.

    Walking away...

    Th whole situation piss Darnell off…? Why did you do that? She was completely in to me.

    So, we don’t have time for that, Darnell.

    We don’t board for an hour now; I could have at least got her phone number.

    Simone felt a bit jealous, look you don’t want a girl like that, she was a little flirty any ways.

    And that’s how you work up to get a phone number.

    Simone sighs he really liked Sherry in such a short of time. If you look closely, I think she has something going on with her supervisor. She points towards the counter; Darnell turned to see Sherry and the supervisor as if they were having a lover’s quarrel .I notice it when he was given her that look; as if he was jealous.

    Oh my god, your right.

    Thanks Simone, maybe you can give me some pointers on finding the right girl.

    You’re looking to settle down?

    I am almost 28 years old; yeah it would be great to start a family with someone, if you know what I mean, I just had been having the worst luck of finding the right one.

    Simone felt a sense of loss.

    Darnell picked up from it.

    Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…you can’t have a family because of you’re…

    That’s okay; I know what you mean, let’s just go. She grabs her bags and headed to the check point.

    He also grabs his bags. Look you and Nadine could always adopt.

    Simone smile, yeah we could, couldn’t we.

    Or if you guys want a sperm donor you know who to call. He points to himself.

    You couldn’t be serious for one minute could you?

    Hey you two girls are hot, I will be happy to help.

    Simone hits him on the shoulder ,smiles, and shakes her head as they go thru the check point.
    """ '
    Well…Kay answer me Tabitha demanded her response.

    Kay hesitates, she’s confused.

    I…I don’t know? Miguel seems to think so. I really not jealous just feel betrayed, am I wrong to feel that way?

    Tabitha sighs, No Kay, it’s very human to feel that way, but if you ask me its probably for the best, that you let it go, let your sister be happy, like you are with Miguel. Fox can do that; Kay.

    Yeah... but it’s not that simple, I can’t put these feelings a side.

    If you don’t Kay; your lifetime dream to be with Miguel will be lost.

    Suddenly Earl Walks up to Kay .Kay jumped.

    Oh, I’m sorry Earl, I’m just jumpy lately is there something you want?

    Kay, if you want to keep your relationship with Miguel you must find him right now.

    Kay and Tabitha rolled their eyes at Earl, they were suddenly confused.
    Kay, I love you so much, we have everything going for us, Maria, a baby on the way. Wait a minute, maybe it’s her hormones that made her act that way or the pressure of the wedding, Jessica just had her babies, and Fox is a demon she just worried about her that’s all. Yeah that’s it,I should go in there and just apologize to her. Miguel turned around to go back to the hospital, until he came face to face with Charity they were close to a brink of a kiss.

    Shaking the moment off, Miguel back up from Charity.

    Oh Charity, I didn’t see you there.

    I’m sorry Miguel, were you startled.

    No, I’m always happy to see you.



    I remember when we first met and we saw each other for the first time, we fell in love at that moment.

    Yeah, it was really weird. Now, I have an explanation on that, the elders decided to put a spell on both of us when you know I have been in love with Kay all my life. But I will always cherish those sweet moments we had.

    Miguel…do you ever think about those moments.

    Of course I do, all the time actually it was a lot easier with you…then…

    With Kay; Charity finishes his sentence.

    Yeah…Miguel finally admitted it.

    Kay is complicated if you know what I mean.

    In the background you could see Kay walking towards them she heard what he said and suddenly was sadden she sighs.

    Don’t you think if it’s so hard to be with her; then you guys really aren’t meant to be?

    Kay couldn’t believe Charity is doing this, making Miguel doubt his relationship with her.

    I do think that sometimes.

    I can’t believe this. Kay said to herself.

    But what Kay and I have is complicated; but I can’t get pass this strong desire and passion that I feel when I see her, kiss her, or even touch her. When we are together it’s like she’s the sunlight and I am sea and together the scene become simply beautiful, You see when we were together Charity it was nice, sweet sometimes too easy, more like a great friendship, I didn’t feel so passion with you like I did with Kay.

    Miguel, we were kids, I’m a grown woman now she opens her coat to show him how sexy of a woman she is now.

    Miguel looks her up and down and was very tempted .He closes his eyes as Charity approaches for a kiss, not knowing that Charity was pushed out the way by Kay.

    She kisses Miguel, and Miguel felt the passion he talked about earlier, thinking he’s kissing Charity he got scared and reluctantly pushes away, still not looking at her he turns, he was frighten.

    Miguel…Kay said softly.

    Kay… Miguel quickly turns around to see her and Charity gathering herself off the ground.

    Kay thank god, he rushes to her to kiss her passionately.

    Charity grew wary and suddenly she fainted.

    Causing Kay and Miguel to rush to her side; what’s wrong with her?

    She’s under a spell, Miguel.

    How do you know?

    She looks up Earl and Tabitha had approached.

    Because Earl told me, he saved us Miguel; this spell would have ruin us. According to Tabitha this spell was done before by the Dark side once under the spell any person she kisses would suffer a slow and painful death.

    Charity tried to kill me.

    Not intentionally.

    When was this spell casted?

    I think when you were shot by that dark lighter; Earl answers.

    Oh god…Miguel suddenly felt a faint.

    Earl realizes why Miguel is in such a panic.

    Miguel…what’s wrong?

    Kay…it too late… Miguel is doomed.

    No way, I stopped him from kissing her.

    No you didn’t Kay, I kiss her earlier.

    What! Both Kay and Tabitha said in unison.

    I was about to die, I grabbed her into a kiss.

    Oh my god Miguel, Kay had to take in a breath.

    Tabitha, please tell me there’s a way to break the spell?

    I don’t know of anything, Kay, this is a very powerful spell.

    NO! Kay cried.

    Miguel suddenly felt his heart cave in, he then drops to the ground.

    Kay rushes to him while Earl attends to Charity.

    Tabitha; get someone; please Kay yelled.

    Tabitha nods and rushes to the hospital.

    Kay! Earl said softly.

    I think I know something.

    Anything Earl…she said while tears free fall from her eyes.

    Tell him you love him and only him.

    She nods, Miguel…Listen to me, you can’t leave me, you can’t we finally have this chance to be together have a family together. Fox has moved on and Charity has too, there is no one standing in our way anymore. I love you Miguel with all my heart, there is no one else in my heart but you. She then bend down and kisses him.

    Miguel gasps he wakes up and looks at Kay, I love you too.
    Kay and Miguel were so happy that Miguel didn’t die that they didn’t see what was about to happen with Charity.

    Earl smiled. Now is his turn… He tells her in her ear…Charity please wake up, please, I can’t lose you and I just found you, if only you knew…he hesitates…… I’m in love with you. He kisses Charity suddenly a glow of white light surrounds them. The kiss of true love awakens Charity. Earl felt strange, he now has transform to a handsome dark hair man.

    Kay and Miguel had notice the glow and saw the transformation they were in shock.

    Charity are you okay?

    Earl, my god, who are you? She jumps.

    Suddenly help arrive.

    Are you two okay? a male nurse asked both Charity and Miguel.

    I’m fine, Miguel said while getting up and helping Kay.

    What about you, Miss?

    She looks at Earl; you lied to me and slap him.

    I think that’s a yes. Kay mumbles.

    The male nurse shrugged his shoulders and went back to the hospital. Then Tabitha rushes back to them.

    You stay the hell away from me. Charity gets up and walks away.

    What’s just happen? Earl asked. Kay, Miguel, and Tabitha not knowing he had transformed.

    Well for starters, you look different. Miguel answered.


    You need to see yourself; you look… Good… Almost as good as my Miguel here; Kay said while twirling her hair.

    Kay! Miguel whispers.

    Well he does.

    What happen here? Tabitha questions.

    Tabitha, you missed it, Earl told me to tell Miguel how I feel about him and I saved him and we were so happy he’s alive that Miguel and I turned and see this bright…light that surround Charity and Earl and the next thing you know, he transformed into…this handsome man!

    Oh I see…you were cursed by a gypsy weren’t you, must have done something bad when you were human.


    Wait a minute a gypsy curse you into a demon? Kay contra plated.

    But what’s funny Kay is he had to get the kiss of true love to transform back to his human state.

    So, he’s no longer a demon.

    Earl softly says No… I feel my powers are gone.

    So if you kiss Charity and this means… you’re her true love, oh my god we are saved…all she has too do is make love...

    Kay, wake up. Charity is gone. Miguel said suddenly.

    Yeah, she is, she mad temporarily. Does this means she loves you too; Earl?

    I think so.

    There you go, we just got get them together that’s all then everyone will be happy including Jessica.

    So you’re no longer feeling betrayed by Jessica and Fox .Tabitha exclaimed.

    Nope…not the slightest bit…I want my family to be happy and save the world. So Miguel could we just put our wedding on hold.


    Only for a couple weeks, I am working on Operation True Love she winks at him.Besides my cute nephew and niece were born. I kinda want to get to enjoy them a little before we get married.

    I guess I can hold out for a couple of weeks. He then kisses her on the cheek.

    Earl, we have to find Charity.

    He puts his hand in his jeans; Kay notices his muscles and said to herself Charity is a lucky girl.

    """ ''"
    Charity reaches Tabitha house.

    How dare Earl lie to me? I ask him time and time again was he a demon or not.

    Suddenly her cell phone rings.

    She answers…Hello!

    Hey Charity…it’s me Nathan.

    Oh Hi, How are you? She said in a nonchalant voice.

    Did I catch you in a bad time?

    No it’s just…No you haven’t.

    I wanted to still see if we were on tonight.

    Tonight…yeah… why not.

    OK, pick you up in 30 minutes.


    She hung up the phone she was truly confused; she wishes she had her mother to talk too.

    Meanwhile at Nathan’s place, the plan is working after all.

    Nathan says to Jacob.
    ''' """ '"""'''
    Mean while on the plane to Castleton...

    Simone, there is a question I’m dying to ask you.

    Ok, shoot! She sips on her champagne the flight attendant just given her.

    Have you also known you were a lesbian?

    She almost chokes on her drink.

    Oh I’m sorry, a little personal.

    No…No… I’ll answer that.

    I use to like this guy, but my sister dated him, which was odd he end up to be gay and slept with my real long lost brother. But before that we thought he was our brother… I’m sorry this is complicated

    Yeah, no wonder you stick to girls, but don’t you ever wonder how it would be like to be with a guy?

    I don’t know, I never consider it, I feel in love with a girl, so I guess I just stuck with that.

    Could it be possible that you’re not gay, but bi?

    Simone was speechless in her thoughts. She then flashes how it would be like with Darnell.


    Simone is taking a hot shower then Darnell goes in the room drops down his boxer and goes in the shower. Startling Simone then she realizes it’s him .He leans down and kisses her passionately as he presses her against the shower walls he kisses her neck She groans with pleasure. He begins to lift her up.

    End Dream Sequence

    Simone! Yoo hoo Simone!

    Simone was shaken out of her hot dream.

    I lost you for a moment there.

    Yeah, I’m sorry.

    Well we are landing in Castleton, Oh I’m sorry I was too personnel, god knows you hate me.

    No, No I don’t hate you.

    That’s good to hear, we are going to need each other on this mission.

    Right! She nods still shaken from the dream.

    Are you okay?

    Yeah, why are you so nice all of sudden?

    I was just wondering why someone as beautiful as you could be taken off the male market.

    That’s sweet of you too say.

    You ask me that guy that ended up your long lost brother then turn out to be gay is the best explanation of why he wasn’t with you?

    Simone smiled.

    I might like guys after all she said to her self.

    Ladies and Gentleman we will be landing in Castleton in 3 minutes Please have your seat belts fasten, your seat in an upright position for landing.
    Grace and Sam were so happy to see her new grandchildren.

    Grace had the little girl in her arms, while Sam had the other.

    Kay, Miguel, Tabitha and Earl walked in the room.

    Noah and Paloma were also there.

    What are you going to name them, Jessica? Sam anxiously questions her.

    Well I think the boy Nicholas Samuel Bennett and the girl Paige Elizabeth Bennett.

    You give the boy my name? Fox asked.

    Yeah, I think he would like that.

    Fox rushes to Jessica and kisses her.

    Causing everyone to stir up I do know about this emotion on their faces. They all looked at Kay.

    I think that’s great Jessica and thanks for putting a part of me with your little girl.

    What can I say I love you Kay.

    I love you too.

    So, you’re okay with this. Paloma said while placing her hand in her jeans.

    Yes, I believe in true love. She puts her arm around Earl.

    Everyone except Miguel and Earl gave her a strange look Jessica thought to herself Kay had lost her mind.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 32 Your Days are numbered

    .Charmed Standish Chapter 32 Your Days are numbered.

    .Evening at Tabitha House ……… .

    Kay is in the kitchen lighting a candle the final touch for her planned candle lit dinner for two with Miguel.
    . .
    .Miguel walks in the kitchen and kisses Kay on the cheek.
    . .
    .Wow Kay, you did all of this? Miguel questioned while walking to the table where he notices a well cooked meal that consists of Spaghetti, Meat Sauce, Garlic Bread, tossed salad and red wine. He sat down and began to eat.
    . .
    .What’s all this and when did you learn how to cook or did you use magic?.
    . .
    .Very funny, Miguel, are you implying that I can’t cook? .
    . .
    .Miguel minces his words and said no honey, it’s that you’re not that greatest.
    . .
    .Kay gave him a face as she sat down to join him, You know my mom use to say the best ingredient for cooking is your mood, if your happy you can cooked the best meal, maybe I wasn’t happy when I cooked before but I am now….
    . .
    .So, you’re happy about our upcoming wedding. He reached for her hand.
    . .
    .Yes, I’m ecstatic. She held his hand tighter and gave him an endearing smile.
    . .
    .So am I. Miguel was very content that things are moving along despite the tad bit delay.
    . .
    .Tabitha walks in the kitchen and notices the couple, she couldn’t helped to roll her eyes, she knows that she is a good witch now but her wickedness tend to come out from time to time, especially when couples show affection around her. .
    . .
    .I’m happy that Kay is finally with Miguel and not Charity. Tabitha said to herself. Where did that come from, must been from habit all those years keeping Miguel away from Charity. But, I think I should have some fun with Kay and Miguel tonight. Tabitha rubbed her hands together and went to their table.
    . .
    .What’s going on here, shouldn’t you two should be somewhere helping me find Endora.
    . .
    .Oh, sorry Tabitha, I wanted to take a little time to celebrate our engagement, Jessica’s twins and my pregnancy. Kay quickly responded.
    . .
    .Tabitha glanced at Kay as she gives her a fake smile. Tabitha nods her head.
    . .
    .I see. Tabitha puts her hand on her hip.
    . .
    . Tabitha, you’re welcome to join us. Miguel felt a sharp pain in his shine after that comment.Oww Miguel quickly rub out the pain realizing Kay had kick him; he then gave her a confused dumbfounded look.
    . .
    .Tabitha knew Kay wanted to be with Miguel, but her wicked side was winning tonight. Thanks Miguel I think I may take you up on that offer. I am a bit hungry. She grabs a plate and a chair. Kay grew angry and was seriously rolling her eyes at Tabitha and Miguel.
    .=== .
    .Simone was in wow first class she thought. Loving the special treatment and couldn’t believe Reese book her and Darnell first class tickets, rental car, and 4 stars Hotel. But she was very disappointed that she had to lie to Nadine to continue the job assign to her, most of all, she didn’t mention her partner Darnell Morris. She hates secrets, she knew eventually it ruins a relationship, but she wasn’t so sure that she was in love with Nadine.
    . .
    .Would you like another glass of champagne? The stewardess said breaking Simone train of thought.
    . .
    .Oh yes, thank you.
    . .
    .You have an expensive taste that’s like your third glass of champagne since we boarded an hour ago. Darnell commented.
    . .
    .Look, ok maybe I’m a little nervous about this whole thing.
    . .
    .Aah the little girl is frightened. He teased.
    . .
    .She hits him, Shut up!.
    . .
    .Hey,(rubbing his arm) I was only trying to loosen you up.
    . .
    .Do me a favor, and stop trying.
    . .
    .Ok, that’s the last time, I try to help you. He leans back in the seat ignoring her.
    . .
    .Simone took a deep breath. I’m sorry, it’s just I’m a little nervous to see my mother, best friend, and Harmony which harbors really bad memories for me.
    . .
    .Darnell turn his attention back to Simone. What bad memories?.
    . .
    .First of all, my first girlfriend was murder in Harmony.
    . .
    .That’s horrible, did they find out who did it? .
    . .
    .Yeah, my creepy long lost brother, my mother had with Julian Crane in which he terrorized all of Harmony.
    . .
    .What do you mean creepy? .
    . .
    .I don’t even want to get into that.
    . .
    .Okay, Okay.
    . .
    .Simone took in a deep sigh of relief while Darnell ponders.
    . .
    .I don’t get it.
    . .
    .Get what?.
    . .
    .Why do you like girls and not men, don’t you want a strong man to hold you at night. .
    . .
    .What, where is this coming from, I just told you someone I cared about was murdered and you go and ask me a question like that. Her voice was loud enough for all of first class to turn and look at her. But she didn’t care. Darnell on the other hand was slightly embarrassed.
    . .
    .Whoa, Simone I didn’t mean….to sound insensitive, I guess it kind of came out the wrong way…I only wanted to change the subject, you look a little sad and….
    . .
    .Ok well…so you could have came up with something better than that, like it’s great to be riding in first class, or the champagne is great, or even say how about those 49’ers.
    . .
    .Your right, I’m sorry, maybe we should stop talking and get some sleep.
    . .
    .Simone nodded still affected by his question; she notices him prepping his seat for a nap. He fluffed his pillow and leaned back turning away from her and rests his gorgeous head towards the window. She watches him until he fell asleep. She then drifted off and dreams of Darnell walking up behind her and holding her tight.
    . .
    .Simone he called out…are you going to answer?.
    . .
    .I like soft gentle not rough and hard.
    . .
    .How do you know that we are rough and hard, have you ever been with a man?.
    . .
    .She hesitated to answer.
    . .
    .Suddenly there was turbulence, Simone woke up and grew very nervous, and started to panic.
    . .
    .Darnell still asleep reached for her and held her in his arms she was dangerously close to him, so close she could feel his breathe on her ear, despite the turbulence and the awkward closeness she still felt safe in Darnell’s arms.
    . .
    .Don’t worry I got you. He said in a whisper. She looks up to notice he was still asleep.
    . .
    .>>> .
    . .
    . .
    .+++ .
    .Harmony hospital….
    . .
    .Jessica lies in her hospital bed barely watching reruns of her old favorite TV show Friends.
    . .
    .She is so happy she could barely watch the show. She goes in multiples of day dreams of her, Fox, and the twins. The most recent dream was different, this dream consists of her and Fox together making love until a shadow mysteriously appearing before them causing them to be alarmed. Jessica gasps at the shadow; some familiarity came to light and sort of warmed her heart. Who are you? She said to herself suddenly she heard a knock on the door.
    . .
    .Come in! She said still distant in the dream.
    . .
    .Hey sweetie…. Fox said as he walked in the hospital room with his hands behind his back.
    . .
    .Fox! Jessica grew a huge smile that welcome a sweet kiss on her lips.
    . .
    .How are you feeling?.
    . .
    .Better now that I see you.
    . .
    .Fox gave her a wicked grin. He felt true happiness, now that he let go of the pain of losing Kay. He felt this is his chance for a real family with someone who truly loves him. No one is going to ruin this; he vowed.
    . .
    .Hey where the twins? .
    . .
    .Oh they took them for tests.
    . .
    .Is everything ok?.
    . .
    .Yeah, it’s normal procedure. Fox nodded and Jessica notices he still have his hands behind his back. Fox, what’s behind your back?.
    . .
    .Hmm wouldn’t you like to know?.
    . .
    .Yes I would like to know, Jessica quirked. What are you hiding? She reaches to no avail. She tries to use her magic, Fox knew he doesn’t have a chance, so before they could orb out of his hand he laughs. Ok…. Jessica you win, I will show you, and don’t use your magic for personal gain.
    . .
    .Jessica nodded. Your right, so…. show me already or I will suffer backlashes.
    . .
    .We wouldn’t want that. He pulled out two small teddy bears one pink, one blue, and a rose.
    . .
    .These are for my favorite people in this whole world.
    . .
    .Aww Fox you are so sweet. He then kisses her and goes into a passionate kiss. I’m so lucky to find you Fox; this is what I call real love.
    . .
    .There was a knock on the door, Fox and Jessica broke from their intimate moment. A nurse walks in. .
    . .
    .Where are the twins?.
    . .
    .The nurse looked grim.
    . .
    .Ms. Bennett I have some news.
    . .
    .>>> .
    . .
    . Castleton.
    .The Hilton 4 stars Hotel.
    . .
    .Simone and Darnell go to the counter of the elaborate hotel and tries to checks in.
    . .
    .Hi our names are Simone Russell and Darnell Morris, we have reservations.
    . .
    .Very good madam, the man said while checking his computer for the names given.
    . .
    .Oh dear, the man commented.
    . .
    .What….What’s wrong?.
    . .
    .I’m so sorry, we are having a doctor’s convention this week and it seems that someone on our staff has only booked Mr. Darnell Morris and not you Ms. Simone Russell.
    . .
    .What? .
    . .
    .Yes we have a Dr. Eve Russell in your place.
    . .
    .My mother?.
    . .
    .Oh my, Dr. Eve Russell is your mother? The man eyes lit up.
    . .
    .Yes, unfortunately. Simone said sarcastically.
    . .
    .You must be so proud of the astonishing work that your mother has done. This woman is a jack of all trades from Psychiatry, to surgery, gynecology, and she dabbles in pediatrics. The list goes on and on, we have the honor of presenting the most prestigious doctor of 2009 to your mother.
    . .
    .Thanks for my mother’s praise but, what about me and a room here?.
    . .
    .The man looks at Simone in discontent then sighs while typing in his computer.
    . .
    .I’m sorry ma’am there is no rooms left.
    . .
    .It’s okay, she can share with me.
    . .
    .I don’t know? Simone ponders.
    . .
    . Tell you what, if Mr. Morris shares his room we will provide free meals for the two of you during your stay here; Plus complimentary voucher for your next stay at the Hilton. What do you say?.
    . .
    .What do you want to do Simone?.
    . .
    .Are you willing to share your luxury room for me?.
    . .
    .Sure why not, besides we are partners, we need to stick together.
    . .
    .Ok….Simone turns to the counter. Alright we take it.
    . .
    .He prints out there vouchers. The hotel takes full responsibility on the mishap. Again I apologize on the behalf of the Hilton Hotel.
    . .
    .Simone and Darnell looked at each other and nodded. .
    . .
    .Very well, your room is 1511 on the top floor. The man handed them their electronic key and vouchers.
    . .
    .Simone and Darnell politely left the counter.
    . .
    .Your mother Simone, Seems like a very impressive lady.
    . .
    .Yeah well, she seems to” dabble” into a lot of things. .
    . .
    .I would like to meet your mother.
    . .
    . .
    .It’s an honor to meet someone that is remarkable like that, especially in the medical field.
    . .
    .If we have time, then I introduce you to her, but let’s put our stuff up and get cracking on this case.
    . .
    .She said while walking towards the elevator. Simone accidently drops their electronic hotel key while the elevator opens. Darnell assists Simone on reaching for the electronic key and the two bump heads.
    . .
    .Oww, they both said in unison, while staring intensely in each other eyes, they look as if they were at a brink of a kiss.
    . .
    .There was a crowd of people that left the elevator including a light red hair fair skinned lady. She smiled at the two of them she then grabbed on to a distinguished gentleman.
    . .
    .Aww how cute, young love. She looked at the gentleman. The lady and the gentleman left not noticed by Simone and Darnell.
    . .
    .Simone had a feeling she needed to turn around but didn’t want to break from this moment until she suddenly heard the voice of her mother.
    . .
    .Simone, what are you doing here?.
    . .
    .Mom, Simone and Darnell both quickly stood up.
    . .
    .I’m here because (Simone didn’t know what to say).
    . .
    .Because she heard about you’re the most prestigious doctor award ceremony and she wanted to be here for you when they present the award. Darnell quickly answered.
    . .
    .Really, you came here for me, I had no idea. Thanks Sweetheart. She hugged Simone. Simone had missed her mother’s embrace; she smelled her perfume the same perfume she used to wear when she was a kid. She remembers happy times with her mom, dad and Whitney. She broke from her arms and Suddenly Julian Crane walks up and slowly grabs for Eve’s hand. Simone rolled her eyes, she never could get use to the idea that her mother left her father for Julian Crane.
    . .
    .Simone, What a lovely surprise, I thought you were in Louisiana with your father and Whitney.
    . .
    .Oh, Julian, late as usual, Simone has moved to San Francisco months ago, I thought I told you.
    . .
    .Yes that’s right you did tell me. Sorry about that Simone. ….who is this young gentleman here with you?.
    . .
    .Um…. (Simone got nervous again).
    . .
    .I’m a co worker of hers that wanted to meet the lovely Doctor Russell, I have been a fan of your work and it is an honor to escort your lovely daughter Simone to her mother’s 2009 awards ceremony. And I say 2009, because I am sure there will be many more to come. He grabs her hand and kisses it.
    . .
    .Oh, wow thanks for the compliment. I’m glad Simone brought you along, but with no disrespect, Simone wouldn’t you liked to bring your girlfriend Nadine to the Awards instead or at least accompany you two.
    . .
    .Simone stubbles Augh…Um….Well.
    . .
    . Suddenly Eve’s phone rang and she answers.
    . .
    .She lightly elbows Darnell and gritted her teeth. What are you doing?.
    . .
    .Keeping our cover. He whispered.
    . .
    .You’re not doing such a great job.
    . .
    .I didn’t know your mom knew about Nadine.
    . .
    .She knows everything.
    . .
    . .
    .Julian notices the closeness of Simone and Darnell and was curious to know about their relationship.
    . .
    .So Simone, I may not remember the whole story of you and your move to San Francisco but I do recall your mother telling me about your new love interest, Nadine is it?.
    . .
    .Yes Julian I am dating Nadine Rogers at the moment; what is it to you?.
    . .
    .Nothing at all, I did not mean to pry, just think it’s a little strange that you would come here with a co worker and not your partner.
    . .
    .Simone and Darnell felt uneasy, Julian Crane is a smart man, Darnell said to himself.
    . .
    .Eve finished her conversation on her mobile. Julian I have to….
    . .
    .Get to the hospital. Julian finished her sentence sarcastically as if he had heard the phrase multiple times before.
    . .
    .I’m sorry, it’s just that I got a call about Jessica twins; I want to make sure that they are ok; you know they are premature and could easily fall ill.
    . .
    .Wait Mom, Jessica…Jessica Bennett she had twins?.
    . .
    .Yes sweetheart, she had a boy and a girl. .
    . .
    .Oh my god, I got to see her. Could I come with you?.
    . .
    .Sure darling.
    . .
    . Eve, what about the awards ceremony?.
    . .
    .Julian the ceremony won’t start until tomorrow, It’s just a rehearsal to the actually ceremony.
    . .
    .Fine, I guess we can drive back to Harmony and leave as soon as you know the twins are ok.
    . .
    .Thanks sweetie, she kisses him on the cheek. Thank you for understanding.
    . .
    .You’re a doctor, a prestigious one; I have to do what the doctor orders. .
    . .
    .Eve smiled.
    . .
    .Mom, let me put my bags in the room and I will go with you.
    . .
    .I will do that, Simone. Darnell answered.
    . .
    .You’re not coming?.
    . .
    .No I think you need to catch up with your friends and family. I will be here when you return.
    . .
    .Okay, thanks I guess.
    . .
    .No problem. He watches her walk away and she turns to look at him, she smiles and thanks him again with a nod.
    . .
    . .
    .“””” .
    .Charity and Nathan walk in the blue note hand in hand. He is wearing a black sleek suit with a gray shirt and black shoes. His hair spike with a shaggy beard his looked was handsome and rugged. Charity with her sleek black dress that shows her new womanly curbs; her body has change from her teenage years. The front part of her hair was slick back with a big black barrette the rest of her hair flow freely on her shoulders as she sports her metallic silver Jimmy Choos she got in London to complete the look. The perfect Hollywood couple some would say.
    . .
    .Charity was determined to get Earl off her mind; she was going to have fun tonight she said to herself. They sat down at the table while a waitress took their orders. I would like a scotch on the rocks. Charity quickly responded.
    . .
    .Wow very strong drink for a little lady like you. Nathan grinned.
    . .
    .What can I say; the little lady likes a drink with a kick. She batted her eyes.
    . .
    .I see…. Ma’am I would like the same. The waitress nodded and went to the bar where Noah was bartending.
    . .
    .Suddenly Earl walks in and went straight to the bar.
    . .
    .Hey Noah, Earl responded.
    . .
    .Noah wrinkles his forehead and asks Do I know you?.
    . .
    .Did you bump your head, Noah; it’s me Ea… He stops himself as he look pass Noah and into the mirrors behind Noah; He sees his reflection. My features have change, Noah doesn’t know who I am he said to himself. Oh I’m sorry, I came here the other day for a drink, and I guess you don’t recognize me.
    . .
    .I usually remember all my customers, I don’t think I ever seen you here before. How did you know my name?.
    . .
    .Earl points to his name tag.
    . .
    .Noah looks at his tag. Very funny, what can I get you?.
    . .
    . .
    .One Heineken coming up; Noah grabs the imported beer and pops the top and handed it to him. He looks up and he sees his cousin Charity with Nathan. Well, Well, Well my cousin dating a movie star. I guess maybe my sister can finally relax. Earl quickly turns around he spots Charity with Nathan. He felt his heart literally breaking as she flirts deviously with him. .
    . .
    .“””” .
    .Tabitha, Kay, and Miguel finish their dinner. Miguel and Kay began to clear the table. While Tabitha gleefully sips on her cup of tea.
    . .
    .Kay whispered to Miguel. I can’t believe Tabitha deliberately destroy our romantic dinner.
    . .
    .Kay come on, she’s upset you know, everyone seems to find happiness and she still doesn’t have Endora back.
    . .
    .Endora! Oh my god I promised. I have been side track.
    . .
    .I know, between work, the wedding, Jessica, and all of those attacks….Hogsworth….
    . .
    .But still Miguel, Endora should have been put first, that is Tabitha’s child, I couldn’t imagine what she’s feeling, and still she listens to my problems and gives me advice about things. I realize something Miguel; I haven’t really been there for her lately.
    . .
    .It’s not too late, Kay.
    . .
    .You don’t mind?.
    . .
    .Not at all, look I think I go for a drink at the Blue Note to give you two some privacy.
    . .
    .Okay. She kisses him and Miguel leaves.
    . .
    .She walks to the table.
    . .
    .Tabitha, we need to talk.
    . .
    .Ok, Kay I know I ruin your romantic dinner with Miguel, now your going to scold me, but let me tell you something….
    . .
    .Kay hugs Tabitha.
    . .
    .What is this?.
    . .
    .You are so wonderful Tabitha.
    . .
    . .
    .You have been there for me, no matter what and I haven’t for you and I’m so sorry. Kay begins to cry as she broke from their embrace.
    . .
    .Kay, what’s going on? I know, your pregnancy hormones acting up again?.
    . .
    .No, she wipes her tears, Tabitha we will get Endora back that is first on my list, and everything is going to be put to the back burner until we get Endora back.
    . .
    .Kay there is something I have to….
    . .
    .No, don’t try to talk me out of it; I will make sure we get her back starting tonight. I am going to get the Book of Spells and see what we can do, even if I got to go to the pits of hell to get her back.
    . .
    .Before Tabitha could stop her, Kay rushed up stairs.
    . .
    .What just happen here? Tabitha looks around she was stunned by Kay’s behavior. If only she knew Endora has everything under control.
    .>>> .>>> .
    . .
    .What’s wrong Nurse?.
    . .
    .I can’t tell you now; I was instructed to wait until Dr. Russell gets here.
    . .
    .Oh no, there’s something wrong with Paige and Nicholas. Jessica began to get hysterical.
    . .
    .Nurse, you better tell us something.
    . .
    .I can’t, I’m sorry. The nurse left the room.
    . .
    .Can you believe that? How dare she come in here, and tell us there is bad news about the twins and won’t give us details?.
    . .
    . That does seem a little strange, I’m going to talk to that nurse and give her a piece of my mind. Fox quickly left the room.
    . .
    .Causing Jessica to cry harder; maybe this is supernatural. She decides to get up and look for her twins.
    . .
    .I will protect you. She said to herself.
    . .
    .Outside the hospital room Fox looks desperately for the nurse. He sees her go into a room. He follows her. .
    . .
    .Suddenly he found himself in the pits of hell. He was trapped in a cage with Endora.
    . .
    . .
    .Endora. Fox rushes to her and hugged her. She was slightly beaten. What’s going on? Who did this to you?.
    . .
    Fox, I’ve been overthrown.

    By whom?

    Welcome Fox.

    Who are you?

    Why, you don’t recognize me.

    Fox strained his eyes to see who he was talking too.


    For now on you can call me the Prince of Darkness and your days are numbered. He smiled.
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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 33 You will be mine

    Charmed Standish Chapter 33 You will be mine

    The Hospital……..

    Jessica desperately searches for her twins. Where are they? She cried as she walks to the cold clean halls.

    Where are my babies! She yelled. Holding her stomach in pain she grabs on the wall. She looks down there was a pool of blood on the floor.

    The incident grabs the attention of five staff members. Nurses and orderlies rushed to her side as she suddenly felt weak and slowly collapse to the floor.

    My god, she losing a lot of blood.

    Get her to ICU quickly one nurse said while the other grabs a stretcher they place her on the stretcher and quickly take her to ICU.

    My babies, she lightly called out still feeling very weak.

    Call Dr. Russell; let her know that Ms. Bennett is in critical condition. The Head Nurse told one of the orderlies.

    Tabitha’s House……… ..

    Ok, let’s see, Kay said while turning a page of the Book of Spells.

    The spell to turn me into a demon should be in here some where.

    Kay, please stop what you’re doing? You don’t know what’s going on?

    Tabitha shame on you, don’t you want to get Endora back?

    Yes but……

    No Buts…..Endora will be back before you know it.

    What makes you so sure?

    I’m a charmed one, that’s what. And I am determined to get Endora back for you; I hate to see you without her. I couldn’t imagine what you’re going through. She touches her friend’s hand.

    Kay you may have control of your powers now, but you by yourself can’t defeat the demons in hell.

    Watch me.

    Kay don’t do th….

    What I see you believe
    every one’s sight;
    is the key
    Images of me
    I shall deceive
    give me the look
    I want to achieve

    Suddenly Kay became a demon ness.

    She turns around and sees a mirror.

    God, demons are ugly.

    I think that’s an improvement. Tabitha giggles.

    Not Funny. Kay looks at her and turns back to the book.

    Kay please stop this, you may get yourself hurt.

    I will be fine, believe me; it wasn’t that long; I… myself was on the Dark side.

    But, you and your family are targets now; a demon’s trophy.

    I know…. that’s why it’s important to get Endora back to you. She is one of the powerful witches I ever known.


    Stop it Tabitha; I made up my mind. Now you’re either with me or against me?

    Fine I with you, and how do you purpose on how your going to get there?

    I didn’t think of that, Jessica is in the hospital, and Maria; no I can’t get her involve with this. She looks in the Book of Spells, this may work.


    On the way to Harmony……… Crane Limo

    I can’t believe Jessica is a mother now, with twins.
    It’s so…. unreal.

    Yes Simone, and the looks of it, she won’t be raising them alone.

    What do you mean, Spike offer to help her raise the twins.

    No, nothing like that; but come to think of it, I haven’t seen or heard from Spike Lester for ages. Dr. Russell shrugs her shoulders. Oh well, But back to Jessica; she has someone in her life now…..


    What is it Julian.

    Let her see for herself.

    See what? Simone anxiously waited for an answer.

    Maybe its best you see for yourself dear, but I guaranteed you will be surprised of the outcome of Jessica’s life has been.

    Suddenly Dr. Russell’s cell phone began to ring.

    Never fails. Julian sarcastically commented while sipping on his champagne.

    Ah Julian, it’s my job.

    I understand, I wished the hospital know that there are other doctors.

    No doctor is better than my mom.

    Eve smiled as she answers her phone.

    Hello this is Dr.Russell.
    My god, are you sure.
    Ok, Dr. Hodge is on call, tell him I’m on my way.

    She hangs up.

    Julian tell the driver to step on it, it’s an emergency.

    What is it, mom.

    It’s Jessica, she’s in critical condition.


    Blue Note……… ..

    Earl’s eyes were on Charity and Nathan as they exchange smiles, he sees Charity caressing on Nathan’s hand.

    He begins to become angry.

    At the bar, Noah becomes curious of how Charity began dating Nathan Winslow. So he decided to serve them their drinks himself.

    That damn Movie star, all I know he could be a demon to distract the charmed ones and try to destroy them. Earl said to himself. He look closer, he notices there is something familiar about Nathan. What is it? He ponders.

    Noah places napkins gently on the table, Charity and Nathan didn’t notice. Until Noah cleared his throat.

    Noah, Charity smiled. I didn’t know you working tonight?

    Yes I always work on Wednesdays; I didn’t know you were dating Noah Winslow.

    Oh you know who he is.

    What’s not to know? Noah places their drinks on their napkins.

    Hi, Nathan gestures a hand shake, and Noah refuses to shake it.

    Charity tries to bring down the tension. Nathan, this is my cousin Noah.

    Noah, nice to meet you.

    Noah looks him up and down. Whatever, he then turns around and heads to the bar. All of a sudden he felt someone pushing him and he falls to the floor.

    Nathan began to laugh as Charity and Earl quickly came to his rescue.

    Are you alright?

    I’m fine; Noah shook both of them off and limps towards the bar. Leaving Charity and Earl face to face.

    Earl, Charity said softly.

    Charity, he responded.

    What are you doing here, your not following me; are you?

    No, I came here for a drink; this has been my favorite past time for quite some time; now.

    Charity nodded her head.

    So you’re here with the movie star?

    Yes, and I got to get back to him. Charity started to walk back to the table.

    Charity, wait…… (She turns around to face him) I’m sorry I didn’t tell you what happen to me. I wanted too, but every time I get the nerve, someone or something interrupts.

    There were plenty of times, you could have told me.

    Yeah, but those times were never appropriate.

    What ever Earl, I was lied to by someone I love in the past, and I’ll be damn if I go through that again. If you excuse me, I’m going back to my date.

    She quickly walks over to the table to sit down.

    Earl ran his hair to his thick black mane. He felt weird because he realizes he has hair now. But it didn’t matter now; he was willing to give it all up for Charity’s trust and love.

    He walks back to the bar frustrated.

    You and my cousin know each other? Noah grilled him.

    Something like that, I work with her.

    Really….. Funny…… I don’t see a working relationship between you too, what I see is…..well…. love.

    Earl was reluctant to say anything.

    No answer….. That tells me that you are you in love with my cousin?

    Earl didn’t want to say anything, but Noah was demanding for an answer. Luckily Miguel walks through the door and headed to the bar. Hey guys what’s happening?

    Oh hey, Miguel. He took a double take at Miguel and Earl.

    You know if I didn’t know any better, I would say you too were related.

    No, what makes you say that. Miguel replied.

    You too got the same features; the mighty Lopez- Fitzgerald’s man features.

    Miguel chuckled. No... But he is a friend of mine.

    Really…. Hmmm, can I get you a drink?

    The usual.

    Noah resumed his bartending duties as he reached for a bottle Hennessey and a can of coke; he pours both drinks in the glass then stirs and serves it to Miguel.

    Thanks man.

    So how long you two been friends?

    Bartender, yoo hoo Bartender; a pretty brunette called Noah from the other end of the bar.

    Noah took in a deep breath. Noah took a deep breath; my job never ends. Noah said while making his way to the other side of the bar.

    Miguel and Earl smiled at his remarks. Earl was very relieved.

    Noah seems a bit nosey and I don’t know if I can keep him in the dark much longer.

    Yeah, but usually when he grill some one he is only looking out for people he loves.

    Earl nodded his head. I understand.

    So Earl, how are you?

    Not well, can’t you see.

    He points to Charity and Nathan.

    Wow, she actually went out with him. Tough break, my friend.

    You’re very nonchalant about the whole thing.

    What do you mean?

    You once loved Charity… I would think you will still have some kind of feelings for her.

    I care for her, but what we had was a long time ago, and by her leaving, I realize who I been really in love with. Miguel tone and answer didn’t sound quite convincing to Earl.

    Could it be that you settle for Kay; when Charity wasn’t available?

    No… No it may have started like that, but Kay is amazing and when I with her I feel…… complete. She’s my lifeline; her love saved me multiple times.

    And your love saved Charity’s….multiple times as well.

    Look, what are you getting at?

    Nothing, I’m just saying….Earl threw his hand in the air. Never mind.

    Look man, Look at yourself you were under some kind of awful spell that turn you into a demon. One kiss from Charity and poof you’re now a good looking fellow. This kind of stuff happens in fairy tales.

    Beauty and the beast.

    That’s right; your awful spell proves that Charity is your true love.


    So, why are you grilling me about my feelings for her?

    Earl shakes his head. You do have feelings for her.

    No I don’t, she is a friend.

    Right, what ever you want to believe.

    Miguel takes in a big breath, he was disgusted and frustrated.

    Earl, your being a dick right now; OK…. so now she’s with Nathan; do something about it and stop creating more drama for yourself and her.

    Miguel started to get up. Earl put his hand on his shoulder which causes Miguel to sit back down.

    Sorry Miguel, I’m sorry, I don’t know how to handle this, seems like all my demon ways haven’t left me yet.

    I understand, I been there a couple times with Fox, if you know what I mean.

    Earl nodded. Listen, Charity said something of the fact that she doesn’t want to go through lies again, I only assume that it happen with you. But you seem to be a stand up guy, what happen between you too?

    Miguel sighs; Kay that’s what. Kay tricked me, I made love to Kay thinking she was Charity, and I vow not to tell Charity, I didn’t want to lose her. And let’s say that it blew up in my face. On our wedding day; Kay announced that she was pregnant with my child.

    Whoa, I can’t imagine how Charity must have felt.

    She felt horrible…I felt horrible…. but the funniest thing, we got back on track and we were going to get back together despite the lie, and Kay being pregnant. But something…


    I don’t know, something must of have gotten to her, I don’t know maybe it was Kay, she was very manipulative back then.

    Maybe it was Charity realizing that the best thing was for you to be with your child and the mother of your child.

    Maybe? I still would like to know the real reason behind her leaving.

    Why, you have your happy ending.

    Yeah, you’re right. Miguel nodded not sounding convincing.

    Over to the table………

    So who’s the guy?

    Oh, he’s someone I work with.



    You guys seem a little bit more…. than just co workers.

    Yeah, we‘re friends, it’s no big deal.


    We didn’t come here to talk about my friends or co workers. She slid his drink to the side and lean in closer to him. Let’s get back to us.

    Lets…… would you like to dance?

    Yes I would.

    An oldie but goodie song came on.

    Here without you by 3 doors down came on.

    A hundred days had made me older
    since the last time that I've saw your pretty face

    Earl and Miguel turn to see Charity and Nathan slow dancing.

    A thousand lights had made me colder and I don’t think I can look at this the same

    Charity and Nathan look into each others eyes. And smiled, she laid her head on Nathan shoulders.

    But all the miles had separate

    Earl began fantasying that he was in Nathan’s place.

    They disappear now when I’m dreaming of your face

    Charity closed her eyes as she thinks about Earl.

    I’m here without you baby
    but your still on my lonely mind
    I think about you baby
    and I dream about you all the time
    I’m here without you baby
    but your still with me in my dreams
    And tonight it’s only you and me

    Both Charity and Earl fantasized about each other, wishing they could be in each other arms.

    The miles just keep Rollin
    as the people either way to say hello
    I've heard this life is overrated
    but I hope that it gets better as we go

    Earl and Charity’s dream…..

    Charity I love you more than I love myself.
    And I never meant to lie to you. I rather die then to be without you.

    I’m here without you baby
    but your still on my lonely mind
    I think about you baby
    and I dream about you all the time
    I’m here without you baby
    but your still with me in my dreams
    And tonight girl it’s only you and me

    I love you too. God knows I do.

    Shh…. he gently placed a finger to her folded lips. No buts, Charity; we can get past this, let go and just be with me.

    I can’t. She gently closes her eyes.

    Everything I know,
    and anywhere I go
    it gets hard but it won’t take away my love
    And when the last one falls,
    when it’s all said and done
    it get hard but it won’t take away my love

    Yes, you can, Charity looks up and she sees Earl’s face instead of Nathan’s. He places his curled finger under her chin they slowly leans in for a kiss. A sensual kiss, endearing to the soul, but she felt something was off.

    I’m here without you baby
    but your still on my lonely mind
    I think about you baby
    and I dream about you all the time
    I’m here without you baby
    but your still with me in my dreams
    And tonight girl it’s only you and me

    Earl sees Charity kissing Nathan he was angry, he got up and pressed out the club without saying good bye to Miguel.

    Miguel also sees Charity kissing Nathan, he was shock, and He grew a little jealous but felt more sympathetic for his friend. He remembers seeing Fox kissing Kay on a daily basis and how it made him feel. This was a bad situation and he felt the need to make it right.

    The song ended while Charity and Nathan stood there still lip locking. When Charity opens her eyes she was startled to see Nathan.

    Charity what’s wrong?

    Kay I beg you; not to do this. Remember your pregnant, she places her hand on her stomach; this is a miracle pregnancy. You don’t want to place your child in harms way; do you?

    Of course not; but….Endora?

    We will find Endora in due time.

    Tabitha please let me do this. I want to see you happy again.

    I won’t be happy if you lose your child; Kay.

    Look, why don’t I just go down there and spy a little. I promise I won’t do nothing but observe.

    That may not be a bad idea. Hell the dark side watches us all the time. We may get the upper hand, I really think is odd that none of the demons attacked lately, especially while Jessica is in the hospital with two helpless infants, she and those babies are vulnerable if you ask me. Tabitha speaks as if she knows something may be up.

    Yeah, but she has Fox the prince of darkness warding all evil away from her and the babies. You know I’m not at all comfortable about that, if you know what I mean, even Fox has evil enemies.

    You right Kay, and you need to think out of the box. Evil is tricky, they always seem to know what good would do in certain situations. They always told me love is good weakness, but too me love is the most powerful source of all.

    Love is truly remarkable, and I will take your advice on evil. Look I go down to hell and observe what’s going on and you check on Jessica and the twins.

    Already ahead of you. Well the twins anyway. Tabitha mumbles.

    Ok…well… here goes.

    Blessed it be
    Here my plea
    Let me see
    The Winds that sail
    Show me the gates
    To the depths of hell

    Suddenly a whirlwind swirled around the attic and swept demon Kay away.

    Tabitha began to grow worried as she walks out of the attic.

    I hope Kay and Endora will return safely. She said to her self.

    Tabitha hears a voice in her head.

    Hurry up Tabitha, it’s time.

    Ok, Maria, I’m coming.

    Simone, Julian, and Eve rushed into the hospital.

    Eve hurried her way to ICU.

    Simone and Julian impatiently wait in the waiting room.

    Do you think the hospital called her family? Simone nervously asked Julian.

    I don’t know, but I definitely will make a courtesy call.

    Julian grabs his cell phone and calls Chief Bennett and Grace Bennett.

    Poor Jessica, she has been through too much.



    Is she stable Dr. Hodge?

    I’m afraid she slipped in a coma; I can’t explain what’s going on with her there was so much blood.

    Earlier she gave birth to twins; perhaps she is experiencing some kind of a relapse.

    Maybe. Just seems strange. All except her current condition; she seems to be in perfect health.

    Yeah but she has introduced her body to a lot of illegal drugs.

    Aww that may be the root cause.
    Jessica begins to mutter something.

    She’s waking up.

    What’s she saying? Eve questioned.

    Nicholas…..Paige. Jessica mumbles.

    She said Nicholas, Paige. Does that mean something Dr. Russell?

    That’s the name of her children why would she……watch her Dr. Hodge I will be right back.

    Dr. Russell steps out of the ICU room and headed to the nursery.

    She goes to the nursery and to her dismay Nicholas and Paige weren’t in their bassinets.

    Eve flashes back when her child was taken out of the hospital. She was then determined that isn’t going to happen to Jessica.

    Dr. Russell sees the nurse in the nursery, nurse did you know the whereabouts of these two infants.

    Yes they are with her mother.

    No their mother is in ICU.

    The nurse place a hand on her mouth, her eyes widen.Oh my god.

    Dr. Russell immediately knew by the nurse’s response that the twins were missing. Amber alert! Eve cried she quickly rushes to the nurses to submit the Amber Alert procedures. They rapidly replied. Soon the Hospital was lock shut; no one was getting out. There was one entry point for emergencies only which were now guarded by two security guards.

    Julian and Simone grew nervous.

    What’s going on? Julian demanded an answer from the nurse behind the counter.

    Amber alert procedures, a child is missing and we need you guys to take a seat; please.

    Oh my god, Julian I hope it’s not the twins. Simone said in horror.
    Okay, I want everyone to keep a look out for two infants’ one boy, one girl. Everyone as practice corresponded with Dr. Russell’s instructions they all went to their assign tasks. one team check every room in the hospital, another team quickly calm the other patients and their visitors down, the next team look for possibilities of when security was breached; Still there were no sign of the newborns.

    Where could they be? Eve questioned.

    The blue note……… ..

    Umm….Charity looks around.

    Earl! She yells. Looking towards the bar and realizes Earl had left, Charity broken her way out of Nathan’s embrace. She rushes to Miguel.

    Miguel where did Earl go?

    He left Charity…..he couldn’t stand to see you in the arms of another man.

    She breathes in hard; I didn’t want to get hurt again.

    Miguel gets up and hugs Charity; Causing Nathan to become angry from afar.

    Look the guy is crazy about you, and you are crazy about him. Don’t let my past mistakes ruin this beautiful thing you guys got going.

    Your right Miguel, he is the one. He is.

    I think is only fair if you let Nathan know first, before you go after Earl.

    Miguel, thank you for being here for me.

    It’s the least I can do.

    Miguel’s cell phone begins to ring. He grabs it and flips it open.

    Go on Charity, start your new life with Earl.

    Thank you and Charity headed straight to Nathan.

    Miguel answers the phone.

    Hello, this is Miguel.
    Kay she should be home.
    Maybe she stepped out.
    What’s going on?
    My god is she okay.
    Ok…Ok I am on my way.

    Miguel quickly hangs up the phone. Noah! He yells.

    Get some one to cover you. Jessica is in critical condition and they can’t find the twins. Do me a favor and let Charity know.

    Okay….. I’m right behind you.

    Not quite. Miguel said to himself. Miguel rushes out the Blue note and orbs to the Hospital. Luckily he masters his orbs where no one could see him enter a room.

    He walks through the waiting room and was notice by Julian and Simone.


    Simone, he hugs her; what are you doing here?

    I came here as soon as I heard about Jessica. Umm when did you get here?

    I was always here.

    No you weren’t. Julian intervenes.

    Yes I was.

    That’s impossible, we were here about an hour and no one was here but that couple over there and that family that sitting in the corner. Julian protested.

    Oh I was in the restroom for a while, maybe that’s why you didn’t notice.

    That’s logical, Simone rested her accusations. But Julian not entirely put that explanation to bed.

    Where’s Kay?

    She was home but I think she stepped out with Tabitha.

    Tabitha. Julian questioned.


    Hmmm. I wonder if Endora is with her. Julian thought to himself.

    Do you have any news about Jessica? Miguel asked Simone.

    No we are in the dark, like you are. But they have an Amber alert in the hospital.

    Amber Alert?

    I hope this isn’t about the twins.

    I got a phone call, the twins are missing.

    Oh my god, poor Jessica. Simone felt sadden.

    Hey you know what I think I left something in the restroom, I’ll be right back.

    Miguel rapidly heads to the restroom before Simone and Julian could dissent.

    Once Miguel notices no one in the restroom he goes into a stall he closes his eyes and tries to sense Jessica. He found her and he then orbs to her room.

    No one but Jessica was in the room. Jessica, Miguel whispers; are you okay.

    He hears nothing but murmuring Paige, Nicholas.

    Page and Nicholas he repeated, okay you got to come out of this, he held his hand to try and heal her but hears some one approaching. He ducks on the side of her bed. He heard the voices of two personnel talking outside the room. The plan is working, the twins are long gone and no one suspects a thing. I know the queen didn’t now to kill the charmed one and our plan is complete. They walked in the room to kill Jessica. Miguel quickly touches her hand and orbs her away.

    Where she go?

    Don’t know.

    Find her.

    They quickly went out the room to look for Jessica.

    Miguel orbs her in another room.

    Jessica you need to come out of this, he proceeded to heal her.

    Come on, Come on Jessica.

    No response, suddenly someone was coming into the room they were in.

    Miguel orbs her to the previous room.

    I can’t keep this up; I need help, as he again tries to heal Jessica.

    Dr. Russell was approaching the room to check on her. She walks in and sees Miguel.

    Miguel! what are you doing?

    In the depths of Hell………

    God it stinks in here. Kay fans the awful fumes of hell away from her nose.

    She goes around the corner and suddenly vomits.

    I guess you don’t like that smell either. She begins rubbing her stomach.
    I got to keep on going, find Endora, and bring her back. Suddenly there was this big snake like demon headed towards her and ready to strike. Kay was about to be eaten. She raised her hands to blow up the demon but she freezes him instead. She notices he was still in the position he was before when she desperately closed her eyes and assumed the worst. She quickly ran around the corner. Breathing heavily she decided to be extra careful before turning the corner. Slowly looking around the corner and didn’t see a demon. Without delay she turned the corner to see a cage from a far distance. What is that? She tries to get to it. She walks up to the cage and saw two individuals. She recognizes them instantaneously.

    Fox! Endora! They quickly lifted there heads and saw a demon.

    What do you want with us? You took my powers; leave us be. Fox quickly held Endora in her arms.

    Fox! It’s me Kay.


    Yeah, I got to get you guys out of here.

    Fox looked around the cage, Look, there’s the lock.

    Stand back, Kay used her powers to break the lock. The lock broke in half.

    There, I still got it. Kay began to gloat but no too long; because there was a flock of demons coming there way.

    Come on, we got to go; she quickly rushed them out the cage.

    Kay stops to ward off the demons off. Blowing up multiples of them at a time while still dodging energy balls. Endora I need your help! Endora was too weak to help. I do you one better Kay. She barely lifts her hand and orbs them out of hell. They reach Tabitha house. Good… that was close. Kay walked pass a mirror.

    Ok got to let this image go.

    Let the object of objection
    Become but a dream
    As I cause the seen to be unseen.

    She turns back to her normal self. Hmm that’s better.

    Are you guys ok?

    Yeah; but Endora’s weak. Fox explain.

    Miguel! She called out with no purpose.

    Ok…. Maria!

    Maria orbs in. You rang.

    Maria help, please help Endora.

    Endora! Maria cried she bends down beside her and began the healing process.

    Suddenly, Endora began to feel so much better.

    Maria! She called out and began to hug her tightly. Thank you, my friend.

    Any time.

    Fox and Kay look abroad and smiled at the two best friends.

    Lets not do this undercover stuff again, I almost lost you. Maria kindly said.

    I guess I let the grown ups fight for their own love.

    Maria smiled stood up and in return she helped Endora up.

    Tabitha will be relieved to have you home Endora.

    Yes I think she would. Fox added.

    Where is she, by the way?

    Both Endora and Maria said in unison. She’s around.

    Oh no, the plan. Maria retorted.

    What plan? Both Fox and Kay said together.

    Jessica and her twins are in grave danger. Endora explained further.

    Right, Grandma and Grandpa went to the hospital; Julian called and said that she was in ICU. Maria quickly clarifies.

    Oh no, we got to get to the hospital. Maria could you orb us there?


    They orb out of Tabitha house, Maria orbs right in the hospital lobby. Julian went to the restroom to look for Miguel and the couple and the family there previously was being attended too. No one saw them orb in but Simone.

    Oh my god. You just, Oh my god.

    Kay saw Simone and realized she must of saw them orbed in.

    Simone; you have to calm down.

    Calm down, you guys are witches or demons of some kind.

    Simone if you calm down, I could explain.

    Explain what, Kay that you are some supernatural being?

    We are good witches Simone; we do good in the world, when we have time I will explain this all to you. Just trust me and go with the flow. Simone nodded. By the way what are you doing here?

    Kay, we don’t have time, we need to help Jessica, remember. Fox anxiously shouted.

    Right, Right…..Kay begins to use her power to Freeze. Nothing is happening. Ok Freeze. A fireball hit the counter and caused chaos. Simone was in total shock. I can’t master this power.

    I can, Maria froze the whole room. Fox, Simone and everyone else was frozen except Kay, Maria and Endora.

    Way to go Maria. Endora praised.

    Now let’s go. Hey… are you going to unfreeze Fox? Kay inquires.

    No this will keep him out of harms way, they all went to ICU to find Jessica. Endora answers back.

    Grace and Sam rushed in the lobby and notices everyone is frozen.

    What’s going on? Sam said while looking around the room.

    Must be the girls, they might of had a demon attack.

    What should we do?

    Damage control. Grace answered.

    Noah, tell him everything is fine, he shouldn’t come to the hospital.

    Sam picked up his phone to call Noah; no one answer.

    He’s not answering.

    Something’s wrong.

    Should we tell the girls? Soon as they are finish in here.
    Hold on, Endora stop the other two witches in there tracks to use her power to triple her hearing.

    What’s going on?

    Miguel and Dr. Russell are in the last room with Jessica.

    How do you know?

    How do you not know? Endora politely asked.

    Umm…….Kay was dumbfounded.

    The love between you two is supposed to be strong, Kay you should feel his presence.

    Endora stop it. Maria intervenes.

    Okay, Okay it’s out of habit.

    You guys stay here I will see what’s going on. Kay went towards the room.

    What was that all about?

    Nothing Maria, I swear.
    It’s a miracle Miguel, she’s okay but how?

    I don’t know, Jessica always been so strong.

    Perhaps she needs to rest and heal.

    I’m fine, Dr. Russell, I just want to see my babies. Jessica said weakly.

    They are sleeping Jessica, they had a rough night. Miguel quickly answers.
    Get some rest and you will see them first thing in the morning; I promise.

    She nodded and he kisses her forehead. She turns to her side to get some sleep.

    They walked out the room. That’s a steep promise.

    I know, but I won’t rest until I find them.

    Miguel, what’s going on? Kay walks towards Dr. Russell and Miguel.

    Kay. Miguel gives her a hug. Dr. Russell smiled and walk towards the lobby. She didn’t notice Endora and Maria.

    Maria quick unfreezes them. Endora whispers.

    Maria unfreezes the lobby.

    Grace and Sam try desperately for damage control.

    Fox quickly came running to see Jessica.

    Miguel stops him. Whoa man, Jessica is sleeping, she’s okay, but someone needs to keep an eye on her. I know you will keep her safe. We have to go find the twins.

    Not quite Miguel, I know who has them.

    Everyone turns to Endora.

    Who! Everyone said in unison.

    My mother of course.

    Tabitha, she couldn’t have. Kay responds.

    I had a couple of demons loyal to me, Kay, you know them; the boys in the basement….. Well …..They stole the babies before the demons that plotted the whole thing.

    No wonder they said the plan was a success, but endora they were going to defy you, they were going to kill Jessica. Miguel quickly explicates.

    Demons….they only do what they are told and you have to make it clear with them. When I see them, I will make them pay.

    Endora never mind the demons, where are the twins.

    The Crane Building.

    Endora, Fox grabbed her and swing her around. You think just like a Crane.

    Kay and Miguel looked at each other and each knew what the other was thinking.

    Ok well let’s go get them, I’m sure Jessica will thank you. Kay said in a grateful tone.

    So, Miguel will you stay here with Fox?

    He nods.

    And Maria, Endora and I keep an eye on the babies.

    Be careful; babe. Miguel reaches over to kiss Kay.

    I will. She taps on his nose after the sweet kiss and with that Kay, Maria and Endora left to protect the babies.

    It seems like things are looking up for you, Miguel. Fox put a hand on his shoulder. We may become friends after all.

    Miguel rolled his eyes. I wouldn’t say that?

    Miguel, I know you still have hostility towards me but I need you to know I will never stand in the way with you and Kay ever again. You two have my blessing with the wedding, the happy family thing, everything. I on the other hand, so want that with Jessica, Paige and little Nicholas.

    I’m glad to hear it. But you’re a demon…. do you honestly think it will work with a charmed one.

    That’s where your wrong my friend. Jacob stole all my powers; he is now the prince of darkness, not me I’m just a regular guy.

    You’re trying to tell me, he is behind this whole thing.

    You got that right, he overthrown Endora and kidnapped me.

    That means…. Earl?

    Could be involved too.

    They both at the same time realize something then looked at each other.


    This whole thing was a decoy. Fox added.

    No way, Earl was devastated to see Charity in Nathan Winslow’s arms. It’s all Jacob; by the way what powers did you have?

    Well, I could shimmer…um… energy balls, make things disappear, shape shift, cast spells and there was this weird power.

    What was it?

    I could choose any woman, and with one simple kiss I could make her pregnant.

    What? Miguel said angrily.

    You son of b**ch Miguel threw him to the wall.
    Blue Note……… ..

    Earl gets a feeling that Charity was in trouble he comes back to the Blue Note.

    He become aware of Noah wasn’t no where to be found; he looks around and didn’t see any sign of Nathan or Charity. Where could they be? He said to himself.

    He goes to the bar. Where did the last bartender go?

    He had an emergency. The bartender answers.

    Did you see that movie star, Nathan Winslow?

    Yeah, I saw him and this pretty blonde leave the back way. It looks like she didn’t want to go with him. Matter fact that’s the same time that Noah left.

    Thanks, is it that way? He pointed.


    Earl quickly rushes out the door.

    Noah tries to reach for his phone as it continues to ring to no avail. He lays there helpless, He was struck on the back of his head.

    Nathan steps over him. Carrying Charity, laughing as he placed her in his car.

    Earl sees Noah on the ground and dash to his side.

    Noah! Noah are you okay? He got no response. Earl reaches for the phone to call 911.

    Yeah, I need an ambulance at the Blue Note, A man has been hurt.
    Right, get here right away. He hangs up the phone.

    He looks up and sees Nathan going inside his limo; he got a glimpse of Charity lying unconscious on the seat. He then changes from Nathan Winslow to Jacob the now prince of darkness.

    You will be mine Charity, he plays in her hair while she lays there lifeless. You and I will rule the whole underground and maybe the world. He began to laugh.

    Earl runs towards the limo as it took off.

    Charity! He screams. He couldn’t catch up to the limo.

    Jacob hears him and looks back.

    Jacob turned to see who call out Charity, he looks at Earl and asked himself;Who is that?

    Credit song: Here without you
    sung by: 3 doors down
    Charmed spell:Let the object of objection
    Become but a dream
    As I cause the seen to be unseen


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