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Thread: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 1 The Beginning

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    Post Re: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 23 Curiousity Killed the Cat

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 23 Curiosity Killed the Cat

    Tabitha House………9:00pm

    Oh no Kay and the others can’t find out about this house. Tabitha yells while looking in her bowl. That would be the end of my daughter and them.

    The phone began to ring. Tabitha uses her magic for the call to direct to the Lobster Shack.

    San Francisco……..5:00pm

    Hello Lobster Shack…. the voice from the other line had spoken.

    Lobster Shack….I’m sorry wrong number. Simone said in confusion she hung up the phone. To dial her friend number again.

    Hello Lobster Shack…. the voice answers again.

    This can’t be right. She hung up her cell phone and place it on Reese’s desk.

    I keep getting the Lobster Shack for some reason.

    Well maybe you should try to reach Chief Bennett.

    That’s a great idea. She picks up the phone and dial the number.

    Tabitha House…….

    Rats, that damn Reese. What am I going to do, they can’t find out about that house especially not Grace.

    She swirl her hands across the bowl to get a look at the Bennett’s house.

    Well, Well, Well….. What do we have here?

    Sam Bennett making love to Ivy Winthrop Mmm while Grace is in the other room? That usually is my doing…what’s going on here? Oh my ….Someone is going to catch them in the act. She cackles. Wait a minute, I can’t seem to choose sides anymore. One minute I’m for good than the next I’m for bad. What’s going on with me?

    I would like to know the same thing. A voice from behind had spoken. Tabitha turns around.


    Bennett’s house…………

    Hearing the kettle in the kitchen.

    Maybe I should get that. Grace said sweetly.

    She gets up and walks towards the kitchen door and slightly opens it.

    No Mom, I got it. I got to ask dad something, anyways. You two go ahead upstairs and take a look at that wedding album that you were talking about.

    Ok….Honey, you sure? She walks away from the door and picks up the album to show Paloma.

    Yeah, two go on,I know it’s important for both of you.

    Now Paloma, aren’t you glad that your going to inherited such a considerate husband.

    Don’t I know it. She goes over to him and kisses him.

    MMM you may need to stop while your ahead. He whispers in her ear. If only my mom wasn’t a few feet away.

    Noah! She playfully hits him.


    You deserve it. Paloma flirts.

    He smiles.

    Grace giggles. You two are sooo cute.

    Shall we… Paloma. She motion her to go upstairs. She wanted to show her more ideas for the wedding.

    Noah heads to the kitchen to get the kettle.

    He takes the kettle off the stove. Soon the kettle stop whistling. He then heard noises close to the kitchen door. He walks towards the kitchen door only to see in the corner, what was in the laundry room. To his dismay it was Sam and Ivy “making love” on the dryer.


    Noah! Sam turns around quickly.

    I’m sorry! He quickly separates from Ivy and started to fix his clothes and Ivy did as well.

    Sorry?…..what will mom say?

    Noah, I didn’t mean it….I just couldn’t resist.

    You mean you rather throw away a second chance with mom; to be with this slut.

    Hey! Ivy calls out. I’m not a slut…. I love your father too much to give up on him now.

    Ivy, your not helping.

    I couldn’t have your son calling me a slut; Sam.

    Look, I think is best that you leave.

    But Sam….

    Go…Ivy! He points out the door.

    Fine! Just make sure you call me, Sam.

    If you don’t get out of here Ivy, I swear you regret you ever came over here. Noah threatens.

    That’s enough son. Sam tries to calm Noah down.

    Ivy leaves she shut the door and leans against the it. I knew you still love me…Sam ….tonight proves it. She smiles. Now; if only I can get rid of Grace once and for all. If only she stayed cold and buried.

    Back in the kitchen……

    How could you do that Dad…How could you ruin your chance with Mom?

    Look, son I love your mother, I really do….and I love Ivy a part of me always have….I told you earlier I’m confuse.

    Noah had calmed down and remember the conversation.

    You did tell me that. But I got to tell you, you always taught me right and wrong, and I’m shock at your behavior, sure you love Ivy and Mom and I know your feelings are confused for the both of them. But for you to act on it, first you were in my mother’s arms then literally minutes later your in Ivy‘s come on dad that‘s…. not like you.

    Look I know… but I recall a similar situation with you, Maya, and Fancy.

    That was different Dad; and you know it. I did that to protect Fancy, and I wasn’t in love with Maya.

    You were at one time.

    That’s not the point, I’m with Paloma now. And your with mom.

    Where’s your mom now?

    Paloma and Mom are upstairs sharing ideas for the wedding. Your lucky mom was minutes from catching you and Ivy making love.

    What are you going to do? Your going to tell your mother what happen?

    I’m not going to tell her; you are.

    I can’t son, I can’t lose her again.

    You should of thought about that before you start itching and scratching with Poison Ivy on top of our dryer.

    He saw how hurt and confuse his father was.

    God knows if Fancy had came over and came on to him…he probably do the same. But this his mother, he have to get his father to tell her what’s going on with his feelings.

    Ok Dad, I make a deal with you. I won’t tell her only on one condition.

    And what’s that?

    That you leave Ivy alone.

    I can’t promise that son.

    Well, I can’t promise not to tell mom. But ….I give you tonight to tell her what’s in your heart.

    I don’ t know if I can.

    I suggest you try. Noah said in a stern voice.

    The phone started to ring and it echo all over the Bennett’s house.

    Grace from upstairs answer it.

    Hello; Bennett’s resident.

    Oh I’m glad I got someone. Simone answered. I’m trying to get hold of Kay has anyone seen her.

    Simone is that you?

    Yes, who is this…. Ms. Winthrop?

    No, I guess you haven’t heard yet.

    Haven’t heard what?

    I’m Grace Bennett.

    You can’t be serious, your alive…… How is that possible?

    It’s a long story. Grace smiled.

    That is so great, I’m sure the rest of the family is happy about your return including my mom.

    I don’t know about your mom, Simone.

    Oh I see, You still have animosity against her in her role with Ms. Winthrop.

    You can say I do.

    I’m sorry to hear that. I know my mom is truly sorry for that. But listen since I have you on the phone there is no need to speak to Kay.

    Why? What’s going on?

    Mrs. Bennett you’re the one I really need to speak with; about this house………

    Tabitha House………

    Look Jacob is it, I don’t have time to deal with you now.

    That’s what you always said when we battle for territory all those years ago.

    Tabitha became horrified. Her powers wasn’t as powerful as it was then thanks to the boys in the basement.

    Oh yes, I remember you. You’re the one that took off with Parts of the Book of Shadows now the Charmed ones are using it as the Book of Spells. He laughs as he taunts around her. Yeah, and I believe you’re the one that cause the fire that cause Grace to conveniently lose her memory instead of killing her while you had the chance….. But yet you stole the Nexus from the Halliwell place…. I also believe your protecting the Halliwell line…oh how good of you. He said sarcastically. Then you claim to do something as evil well (we think) as killing Charity’s mother or didn’t you as they never found her remains.

    Tabitha bit her lips. She knows Jacob was on to her.

    Oh you got it all wrong….I am the baddest witch out there.

    Ha Ha Ha that’s funny… Ok humor me;
    What have you done bad recently?

    Well…I broke up Luis and Sheridan’s relationship and toying with Fancy and Luis's at the present time.

    Ha Ha Ha …Jacob continue to laugh.

    Toying with people relationships and emotions, you got to be kidding me.
    That’s the worst you can do?

    Yes, I can’t draw too much attention to myself, plus my powers are diminishing.

    Use that tire excuse all you want witch. I’m on to you. You’re a good witch and you know it. But guess what if you want to become evil, and still have a good aura you might say I will gladly show you.

    You…your a rookie.

    Rookie, hey! You'll see. oh yeah…. there was something I want it to ask...Oh yeah,have you did any killing lately?

    What do you mean? What have you done?

    Ha Ha Ha….wouldn’t you want to know.

    He then walks out the kitchen.

    Tabitha was nervous she knew Jacob did something terrible, But she in return had to show some evil traits or the jig is up. But why at times she does good then some days she has urges of being bad.
    Bad! She sighs badness has been in my family for years, I was bad for as long as I could remember. Why have I turned good. She recalls the Day at that dreadful house.

    The day she fought that Angel for the Book of Shadows. She couldn’t put her finger on what changed her that day.

    Then she realizes something.

    Where is that Angel brat?

    The Halliwell’s place has been a battle ground for good and evil for years. Years ago I made my way to the house and I was the one that succeeded in stealing the Nexus. She boasts. Imagine me….. instead of any other witch or upper level demon.

    I was a powerful witch at one point and I manage to fool that drastic book that I was good…. until that Angel brat try to stop me. We struggle with the book for awhile until it realize I was evil. I took quite a few pages from the book in the process before it decided to protect itself and then I pass those pages off as my own. She began to give off an evil laugh. Not noticing Jacob had return in the kitchen and listen to everything she was saying to herself.

    My question is witch… Jacob then grabs her…is what did you do with the Nexus?

    Is that what your after. She suddenly became frighten.

    That and much more.

    Hey, Tabitha… Jacob let Tabitha go and walk a few feet away from her. Fox walked in from the kitchen door. And notices their reaction.

    Oh Fox dear, you scared me.

    Are you sure I’m the one that scared you? He looks at Jacob.

    Yes of course dear, why would you ask?

    Oh maybe, because a demon may be threatening you.

    Fox….you’re a demon also. Tabitha added.

    Yeah, well I’m still mortal since I haven’t killed any body. He reaches in the cupboard for a glass then goes in the refrigerator for a drink. It felt natural for him since he used to stay in the house.

    And why haven’t you? Jacob questions.

    I think it’s none of your concern. Besides who side are you on anyway.

    Charity’s side.

    Jacob was technically right. He was planning to make Charity evil and his mate once he get‘s Fox‘s evil powers.

    Satisfy with the answer. He took a sip of his drink. Ok….. by the way……Where is Charity?

    She’s in the living room with the others.

    Thanks Tabitha!

    Gosh, my home has become Grand Central Station.

    I wonder what he wants with Charity?

    Good Question.

    I better keep an eye on the Prince of Darkness. Jacob exclaimed.

    Your right you do that.

    Don’t forget witch! We will finish this conversation later.

    Looking forward to it! She lied giving him a nervous smile.

    He walks out the kitchen and Maria walks in.

    Hi Aunt Tabby.


    Is something wrong?

    Oh it’s nothing!

    Maria places her hand on Tabitha it began to glow.

    I know something is troubling you.

    Tabitha looks at Maria and saw her aura of white light. Giving her some clue of the past.

    Tabitha then realizes something could Maria be that Angel brat?

    In the living room in Tabitha……

    Hey Everyone!

    Hi Fox! Jessica walks towards him and smile.

    Fox walks past her and walk towards Charity.

    Hi Charity, can we talk. He motion for her to go outside towards the front door.

    Jessica and Earl gave them jealous looks until a demon blink in the living room and attack just missing Jessica by few inches.
    Charity turns around and starts fighting the demon. But he manage to turn the table by landing Charity off her feet. The demon conjure up a fire ball.
    Jessica was new at this and been practicing after Paige showed her in class. She manage to call Fire ball and pushes the conjure up fire ball towards the demon and vanquish it. Suddenly a few more demons shimmers in and started to attack.

    In Tabitha's kitchen.......

    We are being attack. Tabitha yelled wanting to run in the kitchen. Until Maria grabs her.

    No, don't go out there now.

    Tabitha looked at her with confusion.

    Back in the living room.......

    Charity yell out the first person she thought of.

    Miguel! He orbs in.

    Miguel, we are going to need Kay’s help.

    Miguel nodded and orbs to the bedroom where she was resting.

    Fox join in the fight giving all he could.

    Earl hid behind the sofa the only power he has is to shimmer/blink and give good aura to himself and others. Jacob just dodged everything that went his way and smiled in hopes one of Demons will hit Fox.

    Miguel orbs in with Kay.

    Damn, you Demons! How dare you disturb my romantic evening. She shouted.

    She suddenly started to vanquish demons with her power along with the others. They started clearing out the demons until one conjure up a fire ball and threw it straight at Kay. Charity saw this and push her out the way saving Kay’s life and she get hurt in the process.

    Charity! Kay yells.

    Making everyone in the room mad. Kay grew more angry. Got up and started to vanquish every last demon that stood in existence that was attacking them.

    After all the demons were vanquished.

    Miguel! Kay yelled while running to hold Charity. Charity needs your help. Jessica, Earl, Fox surrounded the wounded witch.

    Please don’t let Charity die. Kay started crying. She save my life.

    I never thought I would see the day Kay fell sympathy for Charity. Jessica said to herself.

    Charity had a pool of blood under her body that clearly shows where the fire ball hit the side of her stomach she appears to be dying… it was a miracle she wasn‘t dead all ready.

    Charity! Miguel calls out running towards her with his healing hands.

    Miguel, please don’t let her die. Please.

    Earl yells while kneeling down clutching her hand. He begins to cry.

    It doesn't seem to be working. Miguel added.

    She can’t die, I need her for my plan. Jacob said to himself.

    No, Miguel you can't let her die. Earl yells some more, he now has a shower of tears.

    I’m doing my best. Miguel snaps at him.

    Right when I need her…. she goes and die on me. Fox said to himself. What’s wrong with me? This is not like me…..I got to get rid of these powers before it consumes me.

    Look I will help. Jessica offer her healing hands She knelt down next to Earl and also place her hands on Charity‘s wound.

    Maria and Tabitha runs in.

    What’s happening? Tabitha questions.

    Maria, we need your help….come quick.

    Maria also knelt down and offer her healing hand.

    Please God…save Charity’s life! Please… Kay’s tears fell like rain drops one landed on Charity's wound despite all the healing hands that surrounded it.

    Charity was suddenly healed she awaken with a cough.

    That’s it…..Kay yell it’s working.

    Charity, thank god. Kay gives a sigh of relief. So does everyone else. Kay pushes everyone away to give her a hug.

    Earl pulls her from Kay and hugs her as well. I don’t know what I do if I lose you.

    Kay, Miguel, and Jessica stood up and realizes Earl cares about her very much.

    Kay wipe the tears of her once flush cheeks and also realize she and Charity has grown close since they been charmed. She now thinks of Charity as a sister.

    Earl gave Charity a helping hand to help rise her off the floor. When Kay and Jessica politely pushes Earl out the way and hugs her.

    Thank god your alright! Kay exclaimed.

    I’m glad too. She said in nonchalant way.

    You save my life and I owe you. Kay said while still hugging her.

    Nonsense, you would of done it for me.

    Jessica looks at Kay and wasn’t sure she would.

    Kay answers. Of course of would.

    Jessica saw the truth in Kay’s eyes she was shocked to believe that Kay would even lift a finger to help Charity.

    Things change over time she said to herself.

    I guess we have that talk later, Charity. Fox gently tells her.

    Yes, I guess so. I think I just want to lay down.

    You need some help, Earl rushes to help her.

    Yeah, I would love that.

    Fox and Jacob gave him an intense look.

    Which Earl in return ignore the death stares they were giving him and help Charity upstairs to her room.

    I need to find out about this Earl fellow and why on earth is Endora sending demons to attack so frequently? Fox said to himself. He was about to shimmer to hell to find out.

    Suddenly Jessica walks towards Fox.

    Can we talk?

    Now?, I was going to leave to find out about the demon attack.

    It will only take a minute, I promise. She gave him a sad puppy eye look.

    He broke down and said Sure, what do you want to talk about?

    Not here, let’s talk outside.

    They both walk out the front door.

    Maria, may I have a word with you in the kitchen. Tabitha softly requested her.


    Tabitha and Maria walks in the kitchen.

    Charity save my life. Kay said over and over again.

    Yes she did. Miguel answer her with the already know knowledge that Charity is that type of person.

    Why would she do that?

    Because your family… She finally has family to care about and knowing how she is, she would do anything to protect it including risking her life.

    But I always been so mean to her.

    That’s an understatement.


    Well it’s true, but lately you guys been working together as a team, you wouldn’t be charmed if it wasn’t time to put your personal feelings aside and start caring for one another.

    I guess,now the power of three would work together as one.

    Now your getting it.

    Miguel, I’m sorry that I been avoiding you earlier.

    It’s ok, I think I know what your going through.

    You do. Kay wrinkle her nose.

    Yes, the past hurts you especially when I was with Charity.

    How do you know?

    Fighting to get you away from Fox and I couldn’t convince you that I love you. And you always bringing Charity up then I know the past had to hurt you because when you was with Fox it was hurting me.

    Well you did leave me and Maria to look for her.

    I know….and that was the biggest mistake I ever made. Like I said….. I dedicate my life to both you and Maria forever.

    I believe you. And I can't wait to walk down the aisle with you.

    Me too!

    She smiles and gave him a small kiss.

    Don’t get your hopes up! Jacob said while listening in the corner. I think the Prince of darkness would never make that happen.By the way, Let me see what that demon is up too. He blinks out.

    Maria and Tabitha were in the kitchen……

    Maria….why didn’t you want me to help with the demon attack?

    Because my mother and Charity needs this they need to put the past in the past to move on to present. If you and I helped fight the demons my mom will never been in harms way for Charity to save her….they would never become close to become the fearsome Charmed ones.

    You had a premonition. Didn’t you?

    Yes. Maria’s aura started to glow again.

    You! You’re that Angel brat that I been fighting over the years.

    Why would you say that?

    Why didn’t I thought of this before…. Silly Tabby the answer was staring at you in front of your nose… the angel stop coming around just about the time my precious Timmy died.

    I’m sorry Timmy died. But Tabitha, he is doing great things in his after life.

    Then it’s true.

    Maria looks at her with discontent.

    Bennett’s house……….

    Mrs. Bennett, we found a house here in San Francisco that belong to you and your sister the thing is….

    Is the house red and trim with white around the windows. Grace interrupted.

    Yes… along the borders as well. Simone answered. How did you know?

    Let’s say we were on the hunt for this house.

    Must be Leprechauns’ working in your favor.

    Lucky, that I called. I have the address, would you like to write it down.

    Sure! Grace goes and grab a pen and a piece of paper What is it?

    1329 Prescott Street in San Francisco.

    We will be there soon as I can.

    Really! Could you bring Kay and Jessica with you, I think they would like to see an old friend that I ran into here in San Francisco.

    Yes I think I will do that maybe bring the whole family.



    That will be great!

    Thanks Simone, you save us a lot of trouble.

    No problem, see you soon.

    Will do that.

    Good bye.

    Good bye.

    What was that all about? Paloma question her.

    Just say I book a little trip to find out about my past.

    If you ask me, you should leave the past behind, you don’t know what kind of demons you will stir up. Paloma said politely.

    Grace nervously look at Paloma as she went through the wedding album.

    Funny, she should say that, she said to herself.

    San Francisco……..

    Reese, you won’t believe this.

    What is it?

    Grace Bennett is alive and she will be here as soon as she can.

    Reese had a concern look on his face.
    What’s wrong Reese, this is good news.

    I don’t know Simone, we may be getting a little over our heads.

    What happens if she wants to claim this house and lives there.

    Well you know she is strong enough to handle any house considered what happen to their last house that ended up getting suck into hell.

    Yes, but this house is a battleground, our celebration of her resurrection could be short lived.

    You may have a point.

    Look it’s time I get some answers. You two stay here.

    Where you going?

    To the 13th floor.

    Reese walks out the room.

    Look Simone, this was once fun at one point, but I think we should leave it alone, let Grace Bennett handle her own house. We are still trying to find a place to live, I was thinking San Francisco is not that great, maybe L.A. is where we need to go.

    L.A.? But Nadine my job is here.

    Quit the damn job and move to L.A. with me.If this thing get to dangerous, I don’t want us to get caught in the cross fire.

    Look, we won’t and I can’t abandon my best friend and her family. She is the first person that stood up for me when I first came out the closet. You can say I owe her.

    Nadine swallowed hard. If you won’t come with me to L.A. then forget about our relationship.

    Nadine you can’t be serious.

    I’m dead serious.

    How about this, I greet Mrs. Bennett and show her the house and then we leave to L.A.

    I don’t know, I have a bad feeling being around that house will get one of us killed!

    Come on, nothing is going to happen to neither one of us. Especially with Grace, Kay and Reese they will make sure we are safe.

    Fine, after you show her the house, were going to L.A.

    Thanks!Don‘t worry, I think this will be the right thing to do.

    No Simone, I’m getting this eerie feeling about that house.

    I understand it‘s creepy but yet I‘m curious what‘s inside. Simone leans over and kisses Nadine.

    Have you ever heard Curiosity Killed the Cat.

    Simone laughed.

    I love you. She hugs Nadine.

    I love you too. Nadine answers frighten as what’s to come.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 24 This I promise you

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 24 This I promise you.

    Thanks for helping me to my room, Earl. She sat on the bed as her new found cat jump up and curl up beside her. She begins to pet the cat. The cat begins to purr.

    My pleasure….. I thought we lost you back there.

    She smiled. Thank god you didn’t.

    ….Your right about that.Earl said nervously.

    Charity gave him a confuse look. He looks at her and realize she may know that he has feelings for her. But too be sure he asks.

    What is it, Charity?

    Sometimes I don’t know…. you don’t act like a demon.

    Charity….don’t start. He wanted not to lie to her again.

    Don’t start….start what? She place the cat down and stood up.

    This conversation again.

    I’m curious, you always hear about my problems and my thoughts, but never tell me about yours, I like to think we are friends here….and a friendship is a 2 way street.

    I am your friend….and don’t forget that! He said while he harshly grabs her.

    Ok…..wait….don’t get angry with me. She backs away. I care so much about you. I care so much that I want to know more about you. I mean at least…. can you tell me if you were born a demon or you inherited your powers like Fox?

    Speaking of Fox….

    No you don’t….Don’t change the subject on me now.

    Look (He looks in her eyes and knows that she was serious) Fine I tell you!!….I inherited my powers.


    Yes really!

    Ok….well can you bind them?

    Bind them...Charity... ( He scratches his head)Looks like you been thinking about this, for some time now.

    I came across a spell in the book about binding powers. I thought it would be helpful to all of us that you and Jacob could bind your powers.

    Charity you would put Jacob and I in so much danger if you do that.

    We will be here to protect you, so what do you say?

    I really don’t know! He said with a slight attitude.

    Listen, I’m not trying to badger you…it’s just that I care so much about you and all I want is to completely trust you.

    Then trust me…I ‘m your friend. He said in a stern voice.

    Fine…ok ….let’s talk about friendship stuff then.

    Lets do that….like today…. when Miguel hugged you. I saw the look you gave him. Your still in love with him… aren’t you?

    No….don’t be silly. She shrugged off his comment.

    Charity!….tell me the truth.

    Fine….. I still have some kind of feelings for him…is that wrong?

    No….considering you guys had a great love at once upon a time.

    Yes…. now I know how Kay felt in the past.
    Seeing your cousin having a loving relationship with the one you love right in front of your face….it hurts.

    But, you will never resort in the evil ways like how Kay had done to get him back.

    Kay has done everything short of murder to get Miguel… and when I saw him again…. Lets say….I was tempted to do what I can to get him ba…..

    Earl gave her a look.

    Don’t give me that look….Remember when you save us in hell? I was hell bent in getting Miguel back then, Until I kissed him and realize he doesn’t love me like that anymore.Which for the life of me, can't understand that, the way we were in the past, Then I flashback of all the times he kissed Kay in front of me. I knew he now loves her, but sometimes I think he may still have feelings for me. She sits back down on her bed pouting causing the cat to jump from the floor and curl on to her lap. She naturally pets her again.

    You do realize it’s over between you two. Why don’t you move on?

    Don’t you see I’m trying….it’s hard. She snapped.

    I know and you also save Kay’s life tonight.
    She and I had gotten close since this magic ordeal happen…..Plus she have a lot to live for like…. Maria.

    You said Maria’s name like it’s the cause of all your problems.

    Well, it was the nail in the coffin for Miguel and my relationship with him.


    I made a deal with death to leave Miguel in exchange for Maria’s life. You see... I made a mistake trying to get Miguel back, I realized that when Maria could of lost her life down there in hell….


    Yes, you see….no matter what I do….I can never be with Miguel again. Now I need your help, I need to move on and find my true love.

    Why don’t you realize your true love; is me. Earl said to himself.

    Charity…..what if your true love is right under your nose?

    How could it be unless it’s Miguel, Jacob, you, or even Fox, the only guys I know.

    Fox….what makes you think it’s Fox?

    I don’t know….it was a little weird that he wanted to speak with me tonight, We barely have spoken two words to each other. And you…. I like you a lot but….we are friends .And Jacob, I think as long as I am in this world I could never trust him.

    But…..Charity …..well…. He sits down on the bed beside her.

    She smiled. What are you thinking? Suddenly the cat jumps off her lap causing them both to try and grab her. Their heads bump slightly. Aww they both said at the same time while rubbing their pain on their heads. Charity turns to Earl. A moment pass when they stare into each other eyes. She leans forward towards him.

    …….He also lean forward and on the brink of a kiss.

    Suddenly they heard someone throwing up in the bathroom in the hall. Which had broken the mood.

    What’s that? Charity quickly questions.Ignoring what was about to happen.

    Earl suddenly became angry someone broken the mood once again.

    Charity gets up causing the cat to run across the room. She and the cat walks out the room to go see who was in the bathroom. Earl stayed in the room. The door for the bathroom was cracked. Charity slowly opens it.

    Are you alright? She questions the person hurling in the toilet.

    I’m okay go back to bed, the voice answers.

    Familiar to the voice. Charity calls out Kay?
    Outside Tabitha’s house……
    Fox, I wanted to talk you for a while now, I haven’t seen you in a couple days.

    Well... you know I been busy, I have to keep my mortal life going.

    Tell me you haven’t been up to any demonic acts?

    No….I’m doing my best to behave.

    That’s great….Fox….That’s good to know.

    So….what is it you want to talk about?

    I want to talk about us.


    Yes….I like you Fox.. so much…. you have no idea.

    Are you sure it’s not the spell talking?

    Spell… I never thought of it.

    Look…we both are under the spell. I think it’s superficial for us to act on it.

    I don’t think so Fox….because you have no idea how I felt about you before the spell.

    What? He started to scratch his head in confusion.

    Fox, even without the spell, I had a crush on you. I like you even before you went out with my sister, I never acted out on it because I never really had a chance. First you were with Theresa then Whitney then worst of all my sister in which I knew it wasn‘t going to work because of her undying love for Miguel.

    Fox didn’t know what to say he was speechless.

    Well... say something?

    I’m baffled. Is that why you told Kay, she had two great guys after her the night of our bridal shower when you attack her because of the suppose death of your mother.

    Yes... I guess, I was jealous and drunk back then.

    I thought you were more angry and drunk, so to speak.

    I was that night, yes; angry about what Kay did to my mom, angry about what she did to my life, but more jealous she had two great guys after her after all the bad things she had done, and worst of all angry because she was marrying you. I was trying to drink away my sorrows….then I saw her with you. You were comforting her, I said to my self that night she has a great guy that treats her like a princess and have the other great guy dangling in the wind . And here I am a worn out drugged up drunk hooker... married to a murderous pig.

    Look your parents break up was hard on you I couldn’t imagine going through what you been through. But I would never guess, that you of all people had a crush on me. Besides I am the son of the person that cause you all this pain.

    Yes, but your nothing like your mother, father or your family, I know that despite the Charity and Miguel imposters and the dying act. I feel that we understand each other. We were burnt from love.

    Were you in love before? I mean before Spike?

    Spike….he was nice to me once. But, I think I was using him like he was using me. And yes I was in love before Spike.

    To who?

    Reese Durkee….We were going places; him and I, until Charity stepped in and ruin that for me.

    What did she do?

    Let’s say I caught them in uncompromising position.

    Charity? I thought she was too sweet for that.

    I thought so too. Look... I forgiven her for that, if Reese loved me he would of dismiss Charity’s advances. Family comes first in my book anyways.That is why I had to tell you this before……she pauses.

    Before what? Fox gulps.

    Before anyone else get in the way.

    He bit his lip….Charity was going to get in the way if he follow through with his plan. But the demon attack had stopped him. May be that was fate I couldn’t do that to Jessica. Sorry Mother it was good plan! He said to himself.
    Jessica, I don’t know what to say about this.

    Could it be a chance that you have feelings for me? That’s all I want to know.

    I care about you. Yes….you’re my wife’s sister….this is awkward.

    Yeah, I know the situation. But I can’t keep how I feel inside any longer. I learn this from Kay from her past mistake with Miguel, before Charity…. I learn say what’s on your mind never hold it in. You never know... if that would be your last chance.

    Kay and Miguel ... Fox grew a little angry. She could of said something and would avoided all this pain for everyone.

    Yes, if only she told Miguel how she felt the day before the carnival things would be completely different.


    Yes…..and I don’t want to go through the pain she endure over the years.

    Alls well and ends well…I guess.

    Do you still love Kay?

    Jessica, I am not going to lie to you. I still love her with all my heart.

    Jessica turns her back on Fox and began to cry.

    But….he walks towards her and places his hands on her shoulders. I’m willing to move on if she is happy with Miguel. He turns her around. I willing to give “us” a try if Kay is okay with this. And with that he gave her a small peck on the lips.

    But Jessica lace her fingers around his neck and kisses him passionately.

    He breaks away.

    Look, we need to start this out slow.

    I understand. She whispers.

    He took her by the hand and walk back inside Tabitha’s house they sit on the couch and cuddle.

    Oh…. The baby kicked.


    Uh huh! She grabs Fox's hand and place it on her stomach. He felt the baby kicking.

    Oh my god, it feels like a football team in there.

    They both laughed. And decided to talk some more about their past.
    Bathroom upstairs…..
    Kay are you alright?

    Yeah….just caught the flu that’s all.

    Ask Miguel or Maria to heal you.

    You know, I might just do that. She stood up and rinse her mouth with mouth wash.

    Go back to bed Charity….I’m okay. She said in between gargles.

    Alright well make sure you take care of yourself.

    Kay finish cleaning out her mouth. She wipe her hands and mouth on the hand towel and walks towards the door. I will…and oh I almost forgot….I never thank you for saving my life earlier and I want you know I am eternally grateful.

    It was nothing….Kay….really.

    No….you almost lost your life for me.Me... Someone that been horrible to you in the past. Charity you are truly a wonderful person….I’m sorry it took so long for me to see it.

    Kay walks up and gives Charity a hug.

    Thanks again.

    Meow….that cat walks around the two of them.
    What’s this? Kay asked while picking up the cat.

    Oh, I forgot to tell you what I did I cast a find what’s lost spell and my memory and this cat appeared oh yeah and my lost pendant.

    That’s funny….we never had a cat, did you?


    Mmmm it has a collar. Kay tries to grab the collar which had a medallion on the front.

    Look…it has the Power of three emblem she turns the back and reads the name Kit.

    It’s something about this cat. Charity said softly.

    He looks a bit familiar I think I seen it with one of our neighbors, I guess, we can ask our neighbors if she belong to them. In the mean time she is so cute…Aren’t you….she play with the cat in which it purr repeatedly. She then place it on the floor. I ask the neighbors tomorrow if they lost a pet. Just remember to put Kit in your room…you don’t want Fluffy to attack her. She‘s small as a mouse compare to Fluffy.

    Ok…she smirked.

    Good night Charity….And thanks…. I owe you one.

    No problem. Good Night.

    With that….Kay walks away towards her room.

    She again gave Charity a grateful look and walks inside.

    Charity walks in her room.

    Earl looks up at her he sees her crying. He walks up and gave her an friendly embrace.

    What’s wrong Charity? He then brushes his fingers thru her hair.

    Kay….she said softly while breaking from his embrace.

    What about Kay?

    She finally appreciates me.

    You shouldn’t be a surprise…we all do.

    She looks up at him.

    You guys, do.

    We do. Especially me. He again hugs her.

    He then looks at her and leans forward to kiss her.

    In which Charity ignore his advances and walk away to pick up Kit.

    Umm I’m sorry…maybe I should go. Earl proclaimed.

    I’m sorry I am bit tired... after classes with Bruce Lee, Hermonie and Jessica with potions and my new found job demons attacking and almost dying..,. A girl needs her beauty rest, you know what I mean.

    Yes, I do….See you first thing in the morning.

    First thing . She smiles.

    He too smiled. I’ll be the first thing you see.

    Counting on that.

    He then closes the door and he then flashes back on his almost kiss with Charity. Charity I will make you mine no matter what I have to do.

    He’s nice, I just wish…never mind looks doesn’t matter it‘s the person within. Charity tries to convince herself. I mean….. Demon?

    Earl walk down the stairs. He then notices Jessica and Fox talking about their past on the couch. Then he saw Jacob in the corner watching as well.

    Sneakingly rushes down the stairs to Jacob.

    What are you doing here? Earl whispers.

    Spying, what else.

    What’s going on?

    Look like the Prince of Darkness has a weakness. Jacob smirked.
    Oh Miguel I didn't know you were in here.

    I been trying to talk to you.

    Not now Miguel….I’m not feeling well.

    What’s wrong Kay?

    I don’t know….I think I’m coming down with the flu.

    Ok... well... let me heal you.

    He places his hands on her and she began to feel better.

    Thanks! She said softly.

    My pleasure. Speaking of pleasure. He leans down to kiss her. Only for her to dodge his kiss and went straight to bed.

    Not now Miguel, I really weren’t feeling well.

    I just healed you. Aren’t you feeling better?

    I am. But tonight I just want to lay in your arms. Could you do that for me?

    That…..I can do.

    Let’s talk….

    That….I definitely can do since you been avoiding me.

    I didn’t mean too. It’s just a lot I’m been going through now ...Classes, my job, , this flu . And lately my emotions have been unbalance.

    Maybe it’s stress.

    Maybe, We also have to worry about the mission we are assign to do….the house in San Francisco….

    They both looked in each others eyes.

    The demon attacks they say in unison.

    And not to mention Endora, Maria, the divorce and our engagement. Miguel added. That’s a lot to handle.

    I guess your right I don‘t know how Jessica and Charity is holding up especially Jessica.

    Maybe something is motivating her.

    Maybe…but she’s strong, she always have been.

    Kay, I don’t want to add more stress but, before the mission, before San Francisco, before anything else get in the way we should…..

    What? Kay said softly.

    Get Married.

    Miguel, that’s a good thought and all but, I am still married. So it’s possible San Francisco and our mission in the past could come first before my divorce.

    You may be right. But ….I have a good feeling your divorce papers will come sooner than later.

    You sneaky angel... you asked Maria, to give you a premonition, didn’t you? She lightly tapped him.

    He laughed.

    That’s why she was in a good mood, weren’t she suppose to be at my parent’s house?

    I told her to sleep here tonight.

    Miguel, I was only trying to protect her, from demons attacking, she‘s still a toddler.

    I know, but the best way to protect her is to keep her close.

    Your right….as usual…. Kay said sarcastically.

    Kay, come on…look I’m sorry I went behind your back, it’s just I want her close to me…because I still feel guilty leaving the both of you to search for Charity.

    Miguel, stop it! Look I get that you loved her, but the only way you can make it up to Maria and I is being here for us now.

    You see, that’s why I want you to become my wife right away. Promise me when the divorce comes through… we will marry right away.

    I promise. She kisses him I love you she whispers to him. I love you more, he whispers back and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

    You will never get marry, This I promise you. Endora said from hell.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 25 A Hell of a Fight

    Charmed Standish Chapter 25 A Hell of a Fight

    Who are you?
    I been looking for you?
    Let me see your face, please...
    Charity grabs the figure for it to turn around.
    It starts to turn around. She see's Earl!
    Charity suddenly wakes up in a cold sweat.

    What does that dream means? She asks her self. Suddenly she heard a light knock. She answer the door.



    Miguel awakes to a sleeping Kay when he heard the door bell ring. He goes down stairs to open the door.

    He opens the door.

    Mailman greets him. Delivery for Mrs. Kathleen Elizabeth Crane.

    Oh she’s up stairs I’ll sign for it. The mailman gives him his clipboard to sign and gave him a letter size envelope.

    Wonder what's in the package? The mailman leaves and he closes the door to go upstairs where Kay was still asleep.

    Kay opens her eyes and notices Miguel walks back in the bedroom.

    Good Morning my Love, where have you been?

    Downstairs to answer the door. You got a package.

    What package? She grabs the package and opens it.

    I must say Kay, I am very interested in this package it looks official.

    Its from the Crane attorneys…. Its divorce papers from Fox.
    Noah awakes and saw his soon to be beautiful bride still asleep at the Bennett’s’ house.

    Paloma, you change my life he said to himself.
    I never thought there will be life after Fancy.
    You are my true love it was meant to be.
    He smiled. Maybe breakfast in bed will show how much I appreciate her. He gently kisses her on her cheek. And walks down stairs to the kitchen.
    He smelled Blueberry pancakes and bacon.
    Wow, I haven’t smelled breakfast like that in this house since the day I left for college. He walks in the kitchen and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

    Grace looks up and called out Noah!

    Good Morning Mom….

    He flashes back 3 weeks ago remembering when he saw her for the first time since she was declare dead. He was so happy for the family.

    He smiles at the thought. But suddenly he felt sadden, for his happiness in their family; we are in for a lot more pain. He thought to him self.

    Jessica is in the kitchen with Maria fixing a potion to break the spell Fox had place on her.
    Maria, I got to know if I truly care about Fox and my feelings and is not cause by that silly spell he place upon me.

    I know he cares about you, your mom‘s sister.

    I know that; Could you hand me that toad’s eye over there.

    Eww that’s gross; Maria passes it to her. Look are you sure you want to break the spell?

    Maria… yes, and I know you are concern about Fox.

    Actually, I concern about you.


    He was with my mom, Aunt Jessica, and I saw all the great lengths he tried to steal her back from Dad. I think when this spell wears off, you may not have a chance.

    Look Maria, I know you’re the Goddess of Light and you may have some insight on things, but you don‘t know the first thing about love, your still 3 years old for peak sakes; I think its best to stay out of grown up business.

    Maybe I should. But….like you said, I am the Goddess of Light... I have the same powers of the power of three….. remember? And one of those powers is Charity’s power of premonition.

    That's right, So, what do you see?

    Let’s say a happy Fox.

    Jessica smiled then frowns.

    What’s wrong?

    Is he happy with me? You know maybe the Crane’s are curse.

    Hello… if we fulfill the prophecy the curse will be lifted. And I can't see who Fox is with.

    Disappointed in the answer, Jessica decides to change the subject. So, has Charity found her true love?

    Maybe, I don’t think she know it yet.

    Who could it be?

    We will see.

    Hope so; anyways almost done with this potion. Jessica pours into two small glass vials.

    I made two just in case we need this for later.

    Okay here goes. She begins to drink the potion.

    Here’s the chant. Maria handed a piece of paper.

    Love that is false.
    With a beat of my pulse
    I must face the cause
    Of the spell that’s been placed
    At this time; it shall be erase

    Suddenly a blue glowing light surrounded her and disappeared.

    You did it! Maria cheered.

    Was there any doubts.

    Now... how do you feel?

    Like nothing ever changed.

    What do you mean never changed?

    I still have feelings for Fox, I think I always have.

    Hey, what that suppose to mean, I thought Fox was so cute, when I saw him at Charity and Miguel’s wedding, I liked him, even though I was with Reese. And then after Reese and I broke up; I develop a crush on him. Then he was with your mother I admire Kay and Fox’s relationship so much, I kind of had dreams that I was Kay and I was with this handsome Crane and we were happy together just like they were. Plus he was good to you Maria; imagine…. if Fox gets out of this evil mess and we do get together he will be a good father for my child. She rubs her stomach. I could actually have a family of my own.

    Let’s say he may have feelings for you, but, my dear aunt be careful he has unresolve feelings for my Mom.

    I know, I just hope their relationship is truly over. Your mom still has feelings for Fox…. I can tell.

    No Jessica, I think after last night, My mom won’t go back to Fox.
    Charity, how are you this morning? You look a little flushed.

    I'm okay, how are you Earl?

    Wonderful…. now that I seen you.

    She gave a nervous smile.

    What’s wrong, Charity?

    Oh, I don’t know there’s something about you.

    I don’t get?

    Like… what?

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think your not telling us the truth about yourself.

    Why would you say that?

    For starters,Jacob.

    He’s my friend.

    Demons have friends?

    He snickered. We got to stick together.

    I guess; and witches have to stick together too. She said proudly. She went to the vanity to brush her hair.
    Anything that belongs in the magic world needs to stick together. If the wrong mortal knows that magic exist we may be done for.
    Only my uncle knows, maybe that is the only person that should know. He may keep the authorities in line with all the un explain cases we had lately. Plus working at Daily Lives could keep magic; a secret as well. And the innocent people that we saved….they wouldn’t want to put us in harms way.

    I agree!….So Charity….. He quickly silence him self while he watches her brush her blonde mane.

    What is it Earl?

    Do you know how beautiful you are?

    She giggles. No…But do you know how handsome you are. She lied.

    He scrunch his face.

    What’s wrong?

    Handsome? Your just being nice. We both know that isn’t true. Jacob is the one, that is handsome.

    Charity sighs. Yeah maybe in the outside, but you have something in the inside that I can truly see, no matter what.

    And what is that?

    Love, kindness, but… a lot sadness is going on in there.

    You know me very well, I do have a lot of sadness in me.

    But it’s time to make you smile, Now let’s rewind on handsome. Charity smiled.

    I think it’s going a bit far. I look like a beast some older ugly chubby man when I‘m with you its like people see the Beauty and the Beast.

    Aah your not a beast and your far from chubby. Your beautiful. She touches his hands.
    She suddenly gets a premonition... She sees Earl being cursed by a witch. And he looking at himself in the mirror in distraut.
    She comes out the premonition.

    Charity what's wrong?

    Nothing, just happy your here.

    He looks at her lovingly. Thanks for that. By the way we been busy fighting demons and you ask me to help you with something. Could you tell me the reason?

    Yeah, I need you to help me; I need you to help me find the witch that cursed you.

    Earl scratches his head. He was confused.
    Divorce papers? Whoa… Kay places the papers on the bed. My god it’s official all I have to do is sign it.

    Yes Kay, then we can get married. Miguel cradles her face.

    Yeah, I can’t believe were actually going to get married.

    So why are your not happy.

    I’m happy, just a little shock that’s all.

    We can get marry right away. Before anything else happens with all these demons we been fighting lately, we won't have time to plan a wedding.

    What do you have in mind?

    Let’s elope.

    Fox walks in the kitchen.

    Hey Maria…Hey Jess you two look beautiful this morning.

    Jessica looked at his hard rock body that shows in his tight fitting shirt.

    Damn, he is so fine. She said to herself while twirling around a lock of hair.

    Fox notices her stare.

    You like what you see?

    Jessica smirked.

    Oh forgive me for staring, um you really….um… have a great body.

    Why thank you. How’s the baby?

    I think the baby is fine.

    You think?

    Well the baby kicks so much you will think it was a soccer team in there.

    Did you get a check up from the doctor. You been too active lately maybe you need some rest. Maria tries to play dumb she knew she was carrying twins.

    No I’m fine and I get… here and there check ups; by Doctor Russell.

    Did you get an ultrasound?

    Not yet. She said lightly.

    Well what the hell, are you waiting for? Fox quickly questions.

    OK, whoa!I am not exactly made out of money Fox, and I definitely didn’t get the memo for hookers r us, for health coverage.

    So, you mean here and there check ups is getting freebies from Doctor Russell. Not actually going to the hospital and get a full blown physical.

    Yes if anything happens to me I can ask Miguel to heal me or I can heal myself. She said defensely.

    Look, you need a real check up, you weren’t exactly taking care of yourself when you were working for Spike.

    Don’t remind me. Her face sadden from the remark. She thinks to herself. Fox is only going to think of me as an alcoholic drugged up hooker sister he must take pity on, for his beloved Kay.

    Look, I’m going to help you.

    Maria nods her head she definitely likes how things are going. For her aunt’s sake.
    Its always nice to see you Mom.

    Yeah; well I’m alive and well and I am so glad to see you too.

    I know what happen when David save you off the doomed bus and that I am so grateful for David. Are you guys going to make it official and marry, or your going to stay with Dad?
    David and I are over… After I found out Ivy secret he confess everything to me, I did care for him but, the lengths he did to break up a loving family, I could forgive him. But I could not be with him. So, don‘t worry! I looking at a long and happy future with your Dad.

    Glad to hear that. ( If only Dad would do the same.) Noah said to himself.

    So let‘s just change the subject. All I want to do is catch up with my prince of a son.

    Noah smiled.

    How’s Paloma?

    Great; she’s the most beautiful, kindest, considerate person I ever known.

    Grace smiled. If she makes you happy than I am all for it.

    Except, I wish I could get a better job to support us and get a house of our own.

    Why don’t you?

    The only thing in Harmony is to work for the Cranes and I definitely don’t want to do that.

    Well I’m sure something will come up.

    Yeah, Charity tells me they are looking for reporters for that sleazy tabloid Daily Lives.

    Are you sure you want to work for them? She giggles.

    No! But it pays better than Bartending at the Blue Note.

    I’m sure you will figure something out.

    Noah knows he will regret asking but he had to know.

    How are you and Dad?

    We are fine.

    Whoa I’m surprised.

    Why are you surprise? Your father and I love each other it‘s like I never left.

    That may be the case now, but Dad was with some one else not long ago; before you came back.

    Really, I’m surprise, but I can’t really get mad. He thought I was dead. She took a sip of coffee out of her mug. I wouldn’t blame him if he had moved on.

    Well moving on is understatement.

    Noah, what are you trying to tell me?

    Mom, I think is best that Dad tell you, he took a bite of his breakfast his mother so carefully made for him.

    Noah don’t keep me in suspense and not tell me who your dad was with recently. Just tell me.

    Mom I can’t.

    You can Noah, tell me.

    Fine, but your not going to like it. It’s Ivy, mom. Ivy was with dad recently.

    Yeah we can finally tie the knot. There won’t be no one in our way. No Charity, No Fox, Hopefully no demons, no one can stop us now.

    I know; and I do want to marry you, Miguel.
    But I waited all my life to marry the man of my dreams and I want to do it in front of everyone that we both loved. I love you and I want everyone to see us exchange vows.

    Kay, please I want that too. But considering the past this will be the only way we can get married.

    OK, whoa... this is... going a little fast, what about this; we have a wedding here…. nothing special just family but at least we both get what we want.

    That's a good idea, that will work? You think we can get it done tonight?

    Tonight...I think…so. Kay hesitates.

    Tabitha walks in and says Kay no, you can’t get married tonight!
    Well, you have an appointment with Dr. Russell at 1:00pm and you are also schedule for an ultrasound.

    Fox oh my god, How did you get an appointment so fast?

    You forget, I’m a Crane, it has it’s perks.

    …You’re the best. Jessica smiles and hugs him.

    They both felt sexual tension between them.

    She broke from their embrace to look into his sea blue eyes. Fox she cried out. So beautiful he whispers out. He leans in to kiss her. Only to hear a loud crash.

    What was that! Fox shouted.

    Oh I’m so sorry. Maria whimpered. I drop my glass, I guess I got get used to being grown up.
    Ivy, isn’t it? Its always Ivy!

    Mom, don’t worry since dad seen you alive his feelings has rekindled. I’m sure poison Ivy will no longer will be in our lives.( If I can help it) Noah said to himself.

    I wouldn’t count on that Noah. Poison Ivy is itchy and irritating and always leaves a mark.

    How do you know that for sure, Mom?

    Just say I have a six sense about things. Ivy won't quit, when it comes to Sam. But she has a hell of a fight on her hands.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 26 Good News comes in threes.

    Charmed Standish Chapter 26 Good News comes in threes.

    Tabitha what do you mean we can’t get married now? Miguel and I love each other, As soon as I sign the divorce papers I can legally marry Miguel, then my life will be perfect.

    I told you Kay you can’t say that word around here.

    Well sorry, Anyways…. why are you listening in our conversation in the first place.

    I got the feeling you guys were up to something and when I overheard your conversation; I had to say something, you can’t marry Miguel at this time?

    But….. why not Tabitha? Miguel shouted

    Because…. You guys are magical now. You can’t have a normal wedding. In fact you guys only can get married in front of people that know your secret. What if demons decided to attack…?

    Attack…I didn’t think of that, What if we keep it quiet and only tell the ones we love.

    Ha, you‘re the charmed ones they won‘t care what your doing, all they want is to destroy you.

    Including Endora ehh; Tabitha. Kay said while folding her arms in disgust. While remembering all the demon fighting they had been doing lately.

    Yes; including her.

    You know Tabitha you never told me what happen between you and her that night my mother came back. All we know we been fighting a lot of demons to get her back.

    She tricked me, but besides that, I think some one else place this plan into motion. Tabitha begins to ponder with the comment and begin to cry.

    Someone…… like whom? Miguel questions while consoling her.

    I don’t know; some one more evil than I can ever imagine. Tabitha begins to wipe her tears.

    If it’s evil you would think Alistair Crane is behind this. Kay knowingly tries to cheer Tabitha with a joke. But Tabitha thinks she was on too something.

    Couldn’t be, no matter how evil he is; he’s mortal.

    Are you sure about that? This is a man that has come back from the dead several times,

    Maybe he’s the Boogie Man. Miguel jokes and

    Kay begins to laugh.

    Kay! That’s not funny. This is not the time to joke around.

    Tabitha scolded her and her smile turned up side down.

    You know, maybe your insensitive joke may be on to something. Tabitha exclaimed.

    I assure you; Alistair may be a force of evil to reckon with, but the man is mortal. What we need to focus on is to get Endora back. Kay said forcefully.

    And in the mean time, all I want right now is to make you my beautiful blushing bride. Miguel walks up to Kay and kisses her on the cheek.

    Right, So how are Miguel and I going to get married Tabitha?

    Let’s see….you will have to summon someone magical to marry you. And which Halloween is in three days; that will be the perfect day to celebrate your union as a magical couple.

    Maybe you’re right. Miguel… Halloween will be perf… (Kay caught herself)I’m mean great. It will give us time to get everything in order.

    Great! The sooner; the better, And I have the best person to marry us.

    Father Lonigan? Kay answered forgetting what Tabitha had just told her.

    No, Kay it has to be a magical being. Father Lonigan will not understand a demon attack. Tabitha said in annoyance.

    I was thinking…. Leo. Miguel added.

    And you know what, Maria can be my maid of honor, and Jessica and Simone could be my brides maid.

    Wait Kay, Simone can not be in the wedding.

    Why not my best friend, (Kay stopped herself and looked at Miguel) I mean my 2nd best friend…she have to be at my wedding is absurd.

    Because Simone, is not magical and she doesn‘t know our secret!

    I don’t care; she’s coming to the wedding.

    Don’t worry we can come up with an excuse if a demon attack; we can always say its crazy kids playing around.

    (Miguel and Tabitha nodded)That leaves me with one more brides maid.

    Why don’t you ask Charity? Miguel searches for an answer.

    Charity? Well yeah she’s been great lately and we gotten close since she save my life; it would be fitting.

    Well, what do you know; I thought I would never see the day Kay actually appreciates Charity. Tabitha commented.

    Things change. What am I doing, I have no time to waste, and I got a magical wedding to plan in 3 days. She squeals.

    Don’t worry I’m sure your sister, Charity and your mom can help you.

    Right, my mother. She smiles as she walked out the room. I know now she will be happy for me. She said to herself.

    Kay, Kay, your divorce papers. Miguel shouted.

    Oh, I almost forgot can‘t forget this. Kay started to feel regret as she grabbed the papers.

    Are you Ok? You look like your still not feeling well?

    Miguel handed her a pen. Um; I had been feeling a little light headed and nauseous.

    I’m sure your probably tired or something in that nature.

    She forces a smile. I hope my marriage to Miguel lasts. I hope it won’t end like it did with Fox. She flashes back the time she had with Fox. Fox and I were so in love. She said to herself as she signs the divorce papers.

    Suddenly a tear fell from her eye, she did her best not show Miguel but he saw it so did Tabitha. Well off I go. She tries to sound happy.

    She walks down stairs and notices everyone in the kitchen.

    Maria, Jessica, Fox, Charity, Jacob and Earl.

    She notices Jessica and Fox were sharing smiles at each other.

    Could it be, my sister and my soon to be ex husband is falling in love. This day has become very interesting that’s for sure she said to herself sarcastically.

    She walks in the kitchen and plants a fake smile on her face.

    Good Morning; Everyone.

    Good Morning most of the patrons responded except Jessica and Fox.

    Kay felt annoyed. I know a way to grab his attention.

    Here Fox, You need to sign this, she slam it on the table.

    Damn it Kay, did you have to slam it on the table?

    Well I’m sorry I interrupted you two.

    Kay what’s wrong? Are you still not feeling well? Jessica questions.

    Kay then realizes what she had done, and asks herself what is wrong with her why is she so emotional? She quickly calmed down and gave Jessica a calming answer. I‘m ok just a little light headed, It’s probably pre wedding jitters.

    Pre wedding jitters? Fox questions.

    Yeah, Miguel and I are going to get married on Halloween.

    Halloween? Jessica was surprise Miguel actually took her advice to heart.

    Yeah, we were going to elope today.

    Thank god for small favors. Fox mumbles while sipping his coffee.

    Well congratulations Kay. Jacob grabs her hand and kisses it. He was trying his best to earn her trust.

    Thanks Jacob! Kay smiled.

    That’s great, Kay. Jessica added.

    So I take it you want this sign right away. Fox said while reading over the papers.


    Kay, that’s rude.

    Sorry Jess. But I am, in a little rush here; I got so much to do. Kay begins fanning herself. Whew; is it a little hot in here or is it just me?

    No! And just because you’re in a rush doesn’t mean you have to be rude! Jessica answered angrily.

    I‘m sorry Jessica. She begins to feel a little dizzy.

    Charity begins to take notice. Remembering the incident in the hallway bathroom last night….Kay may be really sick.

    Kay, you need to sit down, I bet you came down with something…judging how you were feeling yesterday.

    I can‘t be sick, I don’t have time to be sic…… Suddenly Kay fainted while Earl catches her.

    Kay! Everyone yells.

    Earl picks up Kay and carried her in the living room and lays her on the couch, as the rest of the gang followed.

    Dad! Dad! Maria shouts.

    Miguel and Tabitha rushes to the living room.

    Kay! What happen to her? Did a demon attack?

    No…She was saying she was a little hot earlier and then she fainted. I think it may be the flu or something.
    Jessica explains.

    Miguel touches her face, funny she doesn’t feel hot. She doesn’t have a fever.

    I saw her yesterday tossing her cookies in the bathroom; she said she was coming down with the flu, so I ask her to tell Miguel so he can heal her. Charity explained.

    Yes, I remember and I did….I did heal her.

    Maybe it‘s something that can‘t be heal magically, I call Dr. Russell and see if she could come over. Charity grabs her cell phone out her pocket and dials Dr. Russell’s number.

    Kay wake up, please Kay. Miguel cried.

    She‘s out cold. Tabitha added.

    What’s wrong with her? Charity said to herself then remembers her premonition she had 4 weeks ago. Could it be Kay’s pregnant?

    Dr. Russell is home, she would be here in 5 minutes. Charity announces to everyone.Dad, I hope nothings wrong with Mom.

    Maria, don’t worry your mom is tough…she can get through anything.

    I hope so. Jessica added.

    I know so. Miguel was confident that she will pull through.

    She will Jessica, I know Kay she is a tough lady; that’s one of the things I always admire about her. Fox puts his hand on Jessica’s shoulder the other hand had the divorce papers still not sign.

    Jessica notices it. Your still in love with her, aren’t you? She questions herself.

    Jacob wants so much to talk to Charity. This is the perfect time. He walks towards her but Earl had reach Charity first. Causing Jacob to become angry.

    What do you think is wrong with her? Earl whispers to her.

    I have a feeling that she may be….(Charity was interrupted by Eve Russell rushing through the door.)

    Clear the way everyone. She shouted as she begins to examine Kay.

    Dr. Russell is she going to be ok?

    I don’t know Miguel; it doesn’t look serious. She flashes a small light from her flashlight in her eyes. What was she doing before she fainted?

    She was talking about her up coming wedding to Miguel. Jessica explains.

    But, she said it was a little hot. Fox added.

    Really! Dr. Russell had gotten a slight idea in her head, what could be wrong with her. She grabs a thermometer to get her temperature. Seems to have a normal reading. Then she takes her blood pressure, it’s a good reading. She ponders again; well she doesn’t have the flu. What could it be? I guess waking her up will be the next step to getting to the bottom of her illness. She reaches in her bag and grabs smelling salt and places it under her nose.

    Kay suddenly wakes up.

    Are you ok? Doctor Russell questions her patient.

    I don’t know…she said feeling woozy then suddenly she felt nauseous. Please hand me that pail over there.

    Fox reaches for the pail and gives it to her.

    Kay began to toss her cookies again.

    Everyone stares with a disgusted look on their face.

    Kay you must of caught the flu or something? Miguel proclaimed.

    Not quite Miguel. Dr Russell answered then turns her attention on Kay. I’m going to ask you a couple questions; I think I may have an idea, what may be going on with you. But, I want to be sure…. so the first thing I need is for everyone to clear the room. Including you Miguel.

    Me, I need to stay to make sure my fiancé is all right.

    I know you want to be here for her Miguel, but for me to find out what’s wrong with her. She needs her privacy and I promise I will make sure she will be ok. Please understand! He nodded his head as everyone walks to the kitchen.

    Kay, now…. I been your doctor since you were born…I even treated you through that horrible accident that you had with that rod. She handed her a handkerchief

    Kay wipes her mouth.

    I know Dr. Russell, but….Miguel might be right I must have caught the flu or something I been sick for a couple of days now.

    What are your symptoms?

    Lightheaded, Fatigue, and nausea

    Really that’s interesting; let me do a simple little test … before I make a diagnosis.

    Test? What test?

    Now Kay calm down, it may be nothing. So don’t be alarm.
    Jessica I do remember Kay like this before. Charity whispers.

    Yeah, like when?

    On my wedding day to Miguel.

    Jessica mouth dropped. She can’t be… she was told she couldn’t have any more children.

    I had a premonition that she would be pregnant again.

    It will explain why she was so emotional lately, the debut performance with that pail in the living room and why she would be feeling so hot. But still its impossible for Kay to bear children she just have the flu or something.

    I hope your right. Now is not the time for 2 of the charmed ones to be pregnant at the same time. That will mean we have no chance against demon attacks and getting Endora back.

    Kay, I don’t know what to say I‘m baffled. This is truly a miracle.

    What? What’s going on Dr. Russell?

    Suddenly Noah and Grace knock on Tabitha’s door. No one answer so they walked inside the house and saw Dr. Russell and Kay talking.

    Is there something wrong Eve?

    Grace? It’s always nice to see you.

    Whatever Eve, Grace said rudely…. what’s going on with my daughter?

    Kay, what happen? Noah added.

    Eve then looked at the test.

    My god there’s two miracles in this family. One your alive Grace and…..

    What’s the other miracle? Kay questions.

    Your pregnant, Kay.

    Kay’s having another baby.

    Oh my god. How can this be?

    I don’t know, I can’t explain it I diagnose your condition years ago and medically you couldn’t have any children… it‘s like out of no where, magically all the scars in your body has heal.

    Kay swallows hard and thought to herself Miguel and I are magical could it be he healed me while we were making love?

    OK If I’m pregnant, how far along am I because these are some intense morning and evening or whatever the time of day sickness?

    Well, I’m not sure I just ran your blood for traces of HCG.

    When was your last period?

    I only miss my period yesterday Dr. Russell isn‘t my symptoms way to early?

    Well maybe your worry so much dear or even straining your body a little too much with stress. That’s why you fainted. Besides Women pregnancy and symptoms are different.

    So I take it; you been with only Miguel since then.

    Yes of course, that means Miguel and I am going to have another child.

    I guess so.

    This is more than a reason to marry him I know I had my doubts but this definitely puts our situation in different prospective. She smiled and pets her stomach.

    Mom, Noah ,I’m going to have another child. She shouts to them.

    That’s great Kay, I’m sure you and Miguel will be happy. Noah commented.

    Wow that’s great, another baby. Grace congratulated her.

    Noah, could you help Kay to the kitchen I pretty sure she’s ready to give Miguel the good news.

    Ok. Noah said while helping his sister to the kitchen.

    Kay! Miguel shouted while taking over for Noah.

    Are you alright? Miguel questioned.

    I’m more than alright Miguel? There’s something I have to tell you. And I think we need to be alone.

    No problem I orb us to our room.

    No…You can’t ….Noah! She whispered.

    Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go outside and talk.

    Miguel and Noah helped Kay outside and sat her on the swing.

    I guess it’s my cue to leave. Noah exclaimed.

    Noah thanks! He nods and walks back inside.

    Are you all right Kay, is it serious is your condition delicate? Maybe it’s the flu or maybe its all in your head or it could be pre wedding jitters?

    Miguel calm down…it’s serious but not what you think.

    What do you mean…please tell me you’re going to be ok? I couldn’t bare to lose you.

    Miguel you’re not going to lose me. She grabs Miguel hand and kisses it gently. Actually we are welcoming a new edition to our family.

    She places his hand on her stomach.

    Miguel realizes what she is saying We’re going to have another baby!

    Yes! She softly replied.

    We’re going to have a baby! He repeats and jumps up he grabs her and spins her all around.

    Kay you made me the happiest man alive! He clamored.

    Everyone hears the laughter outside.

    I wonder what’s going on.

    Have anybody… ever heard good news come in threes.

    Everyone looked at Noah nervously.

    What do you mean Noah? Jessica asked assuming he knew they were witches.

    Well Kay is marrying Miguel, our mom is back from the dead and both of my sister’s are pregnant! I hope it’s not something in the water or Charity and my fiancé could be next.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 27 Doubts will be the death of you

    Charmed Standish Chapter 27 Doubts will be the death of you

    Kay’s pregnant! Fox said in despair. I thought she couldn’t have any more children?

    You and me; both. Tabitha added.

    This is a shock, because all the time I was with her... I prayed for a child to complete our little family. And here comes Miguel who left his family for someone else and Poof…. in a short time, he impregnates her? What the hell,man. Fox then punches the wall.

    Oh Oh looks like trouble in paradise. Jacob smirked.

    Looks like it indeed. Earl added.

    Fox calm down, you and my sister wasn’t meant to be. I hate to say it but the baby proves it. Noah tries to calm him down but seems to make it a bit worse.

    He turns to Noah with tears in his eyes.

    You don’t understand Noah, I loved Kay and with the divorce papers, the baby and her upcoming wedding it’s a little too much for me. You said good news come in threes; so does bad news… It’s not fair, Miguel leaves Kay and Maria to search for Charity and all of sudden he wants to be with them. Miguel seems to be living the life I always wanted with Kay despite the mistake he made to look for Charity. Gosh, I feel like such a failure. And I’m a Crane. Crane’s never fail.

    You think your feeling bad… Kay’s living my life with Miguel I always wanted. Charity said to herself.

    Fox please calm down. Jessica said with a firmed voice. Maybe all this happen for a reason…Maybe it’s a sign for you to move on with your life with someone that truly loves you.

    My guess you think that someone is you. Tabitha mumbles.

    Fox looks at Jessica and although he has feelings for her. He loves Kay. He knew he must push himself to move on.

    I can’t change the past; After all; I did mess up… I just need to calm down that’s all. I need to take a walk and get some air.

    That’s a good idea. I walk with you. Jessica clamored.

    No… No I just want to be alone Jess; that‘s all.

    Ok, are you going to my appointment with me, later?

    Sure, I will be here for you. Fox kisses her on the cheek and walks out the room.

    Boy, he was mad. Noah said out loud. Look what he did to the wall, I didn't think it was humanily possible to punch a hole in the wall like that. Geesh, that guy got some superhuman strength.

    Just drop it Noah, ok. Jessica was annoyed of the whole situation.

    What’s with you, or should I say with you and him?

    Drop it Noah.

    He stares at her and realize his little sister has a crush on Fox Crane….Oh I see…You have a crush on this guy. Your sister’s soon to be ex.

    That’s none of your business.

    When it’s come to this family it is my business.

    Noah, I care for him, he needs someone who cares about him to be there for him.

    Yes he do, I agree the both of you do. But keep it in the family thing is going to get you both hurt.

    I don’t care; I am willing to try, for both our sakes.

    No, don’t get involve with him Jessica it only spells trouble. You and Kay just repair your relationship, don’t make her hate you.

    He couldn’t be any more trouble than Spike was. And Kay is set to marry Miguel, what can go wrong?

    Um…Maybe she is, But Fox may cause more pain than you can ever imagine. Judging by the wall he is not over Kay and let me remind you he’s a Crane pain is their middle name.

    Annoyed by Noah she started to throw fighting words…Are you speaking from experience.

    What do you mean?

    I mean Fancy, she still has your heart doesn’t she?

    Everyone started to feel uneasy overhearing their conversation.

    Except Jacob and Tabitha.

    Noah and Jessica notices. Noah was struck by a nerve.

    Fancy…. What... You must be kidding me, right? I am marrying a great girl PALOMA Re...Mem...ber ok, I love her very much.

    Charity motion to Jessica to let it go.

    She took a deep breath…Yeah ok; well I drop the subject if you drop yours?


    The kitchen grew silent.

    So…(Noah tries to break the silence) I haven’t visit my niece in a long time where is she?

    Maria widens her eyes.

    Umm she’s at Pilar’s house for a visit, Noah. Jessica answers quickly.

    Yeah her nanny Maritza took her there this morning. Charity added.

    Nanny, oh you must be Maritza. Noah turned to Maria.

    Yeah that’s who I am. Maria lied to her uncle.

    Strange, you look so familiar.

    Maybe because I am always around, and when you’re around people a lot you start to look familiar. She jokes.

    Ha that‘s funny. You know I need to talk to Kay and schedule a play date with my niece one day soon, I really miss her.

    I think she misses you too. Maria added.

    Everyone smiles.

    I could assure you young man that your niece would love a play date with her favorite uncle.

    Tabitha puts a hand on Maria’s shoulder.

    Noah smiles.

    Tabitha…. your house seems a bit crowded these days.

    You think. Tabitha snobbishly replied while going for her tea.

    Who are these two guys?

    Hi I’m Jacob….Tabitha’s cousin and this is Earl a friend of mine

    Tabitha slowly looked up from sipping her tea and rolled her eyes at Jacob.

    Nice to meet you. Tabitha I didn’t know you had any relatives except for Endora and Timmy.

    Broken from her deadly stare at Jacob. She quickly answers.

    It was a surprise for me too….. My distance cousin, very distance just shows up out the blue. She continues giving an evil glace at Jacob. He shrouded his shoulders.

    Where are you two from?

    Oh umm from Down under.

    Charity kicks Jacob.


    Down under. You guys don’t have an Australian accent?

    No we just move down there…. Recently. Earl came to Jacob’s rescue we are originally from Chicago and we decided to take a job down there.

    Oh…. what do you guys do?

    Security…Body guard work. Charity added.

    Oh ok. Really, because I been looking for a job.

    Oh Noah the security company aren't taking any more applications. Jessica shouted.

    Oh well if they are, could you let me know. They nodded. Well nice to meet you.

    You guys have fun chit chatting, I want to take a nap before my doctor’s appointment. Jessica said while yawning to escape the room.

    Hey, could I talk to you before you take your nap?

    Sure Charity, let’s go up stairs and talk.

    Well, I got to go too …I want to talk with Miguel and Kay about Maria and the new baby I would be babysitting.

    Sure, nice meeting you Maritza.

    Nice meeting you too. She smiled.

    Well guys, I got to get back to my beautiful fiancé, Its been a pleasure. I will see you around.

    Sure man . Earl gave him some dap.

    I walk you out. Tabitha added and walks out with Noah.

    Earl was relieve Noah was gone.

    I thought he will never stop asking questions.

    You said it.

    Suddenly Jacob heard a whisper.

    What’s that? He said out loud.

    I didn’t hear anything? Earl said in confusion.

    Are you sure? I got to go…

    You had been leaving a lot these days. What‘s going on?

    Don’t worry I tell you when I get back.


    Jacob shimmers out.

    Damn, how can I warn the charmed ones of what Jacob is up too if I don’t know what’s going on, The charmed ones are good, but if they stop focusing on themselves and start on Endora and get along, I wouldn’t worry about them so much. I hope Charity can come up with a premonition to stop Endora.

    What’s going on with you Grace?

    Now Eve you know better to stay out of my business, don’t pretend you’re my friend.

    Look I may have messed up our friendship with keeping quiet about Ivy’s secret. But, I do care about you.

    Oh what do you about caring you don't have a heart…. You and Ivy are the ones that ruin my family’s lives and you say you care about me.

    I do, Ivy was blackmailing me, she threaten to tell TC and the girls everything about me in the past.

    Eve, I know the story, I heard it from Sam.

    So you should understand why I did what I had to do

    Oh, I understand Eve.

    Eve took a deep breath of relief.

    I understand; what an ungrateful selfish conniving bitch you are…sometimes I think you were worst than Ivy herself. She runs up and slaps Eve.

    Eve cradle her face. You can‘t possibly believe that.

    Oh I do…Eve, No wonder Liz and the rest of your family turn their back on you. Liz was right all along about you.

    Liz……Look it was a big mistake keeping Ivy’s secret ok, yes I was selfish and desperate, if I could do it all over again I wouldn‘t definitely not to you Grace.

    There’s no going back Eve, Our friendship was over when you sold your self to the devil.

    Grace…..Please we can get past this, if only you would forgive me.

    I know god tells us to forgive Eve, that is why I have forgiven my daughter. But with you it will be a cold day in hell. So if you don’t mind….would you please leave?

    Well…I have to get back to the hospital anyways. She turns to look at Grace.


    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    Grace! Really this is not like you.

    Just leave; Eve.

    Fine, I’m leaving…tell Kay to make an appointment with me as soon as she can.

    And with that Eve walks out the door causing Grace to slam the door behind her.

    One day you will forgive me Grace….I only hope. Tears fell from the doctor’s eyes. As she once again cradles her cheek.

    Mom, Dad! I heard the news.

    Maria! Kay jumped up and hugs her.

    I’m going to be a big sis.

    I think your going to be the best big sis ever. Way better than I was.

    I can’t believe this...

    Oh and we have more good news Maria. Miguel interrupted.

    More good news?

    Yes, your mom and I are getting married. How’s Halloween sound.

    Couldn’t be any sooner! She hugs both of them.

    And you will be my maiden of honor. Kay added.

    Mom! Maria cried. This is the best! We have no time to waste.

    We need dresses, flowers and where are you two getting married? Crane mansion, church…

    We were thinking at the beach. A simple outdoor wedding in the moonlight on Halloween.

    That’s perfect, the perfect day for a magical wedding.

    Glad you’re happy for us… Maria.

    I wish everyone was.

    What do you mean sweetheart? Miguel questions.

    Well Fox was pretty upset earlier when he heard the news about the baby.

    Oh…I would think so. He always wanted to be a father and I thought I couldn’t have any more children. This must have really hurt him and his pride. I should talk to him.

    Kay, I don’t think that’s a great idea. Remember he is still a demon. We wouldn‘t push him to….

    Become evil again…You’re right Miguel.

    You’re not going to fight me on this?

    No you been right so far and I have been nothing but stubborn and I feel I should listen to you alot more.Everytime I don’t listen I seem to get in trouble.

    I told you so.

    She hits him.

    Oww What? He teases while hugging her and tickling her neck with kisses.

    That tickles. She giggles.

    Dad…not in front of your daughter. Maria shields her eyes.

    Oh sorry Maria I left you out. He grabs her and tickles her on her funny bone.

    He then tickles both of the women. The backyard was full of laughter.

    Fox was walking back from his walk and heard the laughter

    He searches for the laughter and notices Miguel, Kay and Maria playing as a perfect little family.

    That should have been me. Miguel doesn’t deserve them. He left them to defend for themselves. I was there for you Kay. How could you leave me for him? I can’t let you have them Miguel, not when I have breath in my body.

    That’s what I was waiting to hear.

    A voice said from behind. Fox turns around. You! He cried.

    So Charity, I love you and all, but you need to make this quick because I am feeling so tired, and I need to take a nap before I go on my appointment.

    I will make it quick, don’t worry.

    I want to ask you about Earl.


    Yeah what do you think of him?

    He’s a demon… what’s to think about?

    He is a great friend. Besides Fox is a demon sort of.

    Yeah I know, but Earl’s a demon since he was born... And not an attracted one; at that.

    What? You don’t like his looks.

    Well yeah I don‘t, at least Fox is handsome and caring.

    Look I know Fox is handsome, rich and caring, but Earl has so much more than that in him that surpasses his looks on the outside. He’s caring, helpful you see he was the first one to help when Kay fainted. He’s the one that helped us the most on all these surprising demon attacks.

    Look, I didn’t mean to sound so shallow. I like Earl and all don’t get me wrong, but I at the same time I don't want to see you hurt.

    And I, feel the same for you.

    What do you mean?

    Well…. you have more trouble than I do, Fox is a demon, and he was married to your sister in which at times has shown he still love her…. and yeah there’s the other reason.

    And what’s that?

    He’s a Crane.


    Crane’s suffers from a Love Curse. No one in Crane history has been happy in love.

    That will change with me.

    How can you be so sure.

    Because I believe in the power of love.

    I think you have your work cut out for you.

    Maybe, but I am willing to go the distance.

    Jessica has a deep love for Fox and willing to fight for it against all odds. Maybe Earl as an un attracted demon doesn’t seem so bad after all. Charity thought as she proceeded out the room.

    Jessica wasn’t so sure about her and Fox. Maybe everyone’s right we will never work. But why does her heart feel that it could.

    Jacob shimmers to an underground palace.

    Hello! Someone summons me?

    He searches around the palace and calls out Hello.

    It echoes off the walls. He then heard the whispering.

    You will be the Prince of Darkness soon.

    AAH that’s what I want to hear. I feel so inspire. Who are you and why did you summon me?

    Hello Jacob. Some one said out loud.

    Whose there?

    A figure came out of no where and walks towards him. He notices the figure and calls out.

    Alistair Crane?

    Outside Tabitha‘s house……… ..

    Who said that?

    Your sister of course.

    Fox turned around and notices Endora and the other demons that stood beside her.

    You’re coming with us. The demons grabbed him and blink out.

    Endora looks at the family laughing.

    Oh laugh away, pretty soon you will be in tears of misery.

    Look at you Kay; you know you still doubt Miguel’s love for you. And Miguel, you think Kay will change her mind because of your past mistake. She sniffs the air Aww your having a baby. And No the baby doesn’t reassure things and you know it.Oh…. and Maria…Just when she was about to comment, Maria slowly turns to look at her.

    Endora saw the strong look in her eyes while her parents celebrated.

    Yes your doubt is that they won’t be together long. And you’re right. Endora smirked.

    All of your doubts will be the death of you.

    She then blinks out.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 28 I know you still can love me.

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 28 I know you still can love me

    Simone and Nadine kiss each other goodbye as Nadine head off to her modeling gig.

    Simone was off that day and decided to call Kay to catch up and ask her when are they going to San Francisco her curiosity is getting the best of her. She barely can sleep.

    Hello can I speak to Kay?

    This is she.

    Hey Kay.

    Oh my god, I was about to call you.

    Really, you must have something important.

    Well... Not Really, but I do have news.

    Don't tell me. Simone close her eyes and knew exactly what Kay was about to say. She could hear the happiness and semi gloating from the tone of her voice.

    Simone, it's the best news ever... I am getting married.

    Again. Simone said in a monotone.

    Simone, come on, I'm marrying the man I love since we were kids.

    I know, I know, I guess I should be happy for you.

    Oh why shouldn't you be?

    Well...I don't know maybe since Charity came back,i thought Miguel will jump at the chance to be with her again, I guess, I don't want to see you hurt again.

    I won't be Simone, Miguel assures me everyday it's me in his heart and not Charity.

    Simone took in a big sigh. I guess.

    Your guess is right, and I have some more good news.

    What is it now?

    I'm pregnant.


    Congratulations on your engagement Miguel, Larry said while going down below on the boat with Henry.

    Thank you.

    Miguel happily pulls in his catch of the day on to the boat.

    Thinking in 7 days he will be marrying Kay and everything will be perfect. No one could come between him and Kay again especially now that they are expecting.

    Suddenly a dark lighter shows up and shoots Miguel in the arm. Miguel grabs his arm in pain and notices blood leaking from his wound.The dark lighter attempts again but misses when Miguel orbs out.

    The dark lighter hears voices and then quickly shimmers out.

    Henry and Larry walks back to the cabin deck.

    Henry mumbles I hope we catch our quota today, because….. They notice Miguel is gone.

    Miguel they cried out. They notice the fish flopping around all over the deck.

    Larry looks down and sees blood. He bends down to touch it.


    What is it?


    I hope that's fish blood. His eyes widen. I think Miguel may have been murdered.

    But how, we are in the middle of the nowhere.
    ``` ```

    Nathan Winslow, tell me about the latest film The Dentist?

    Well, Charity its about this normal guy, he's a dentist that everyone seems to like but he has a terrible dark secret, he rapes his female patients while they under anesthesia. But one of his encounters leave one of his patients pregnant, her semi conscious remembers his betrayal when she finally has the baby she notices the baby doesn’t look like her husband or herself, she visit the dentist for a check up and her consious physically put the attack to surface when she notices the same features of the dentist and the baby. After research from different patients. She puts two and two together but wants to be sure. So suddenly she stalks the poor dentist for DNA she finds out and do everything in her power to destroy him, his career and his family. You can say he gets his own taste of his medicine.

    MMM sounds like an interesting film.

    Yeah, be sure to check it out.

    I think I will.

    So Nathan this is the first time you play a villain in a movie. How do you think your fans will act when they see this side of your acting?

    I think they would finally see that I am versatile; I need them to see it’s not always a hero I will play in the movie.I also cowrote the script.

    Really, That's interesting,I'm sure your fans already appreciates the great talent you bring to the screen, now they can also enjoy the behind the screen talent as well.

    Nathan looks into Charity eyes and suddenly was memorized. I hope so. He lightly replied.

    Judging by the preview, it will have everyone buzzing.
    Check out the preview of The Dentist starring Nathan Winslow and Annette Myers.

    While the preview was viewing.

    Earl puts down the camera and walks up to Charity.

    Charity that was great.

    You really think so.

    Oh yes, your a natural at this.

    I have to agree. Nathan gave her his Hollywood smile.

    Charity also smiles. My first interview and it's with Nathan Winslow. She squeaks.

    No need to be star struck, I'm just a regular guy.

    I can't believe you just said that, I'm like one of your biggest fan.

    So am I. Earl added.


    Yes, I love your movies; especially the movie “Romance is not dead”; AHH that’s a classic.

    So you’re a romantic type?

    Very much so.

    Uh oh I don't like the way this is going? Earl said to himself.

    So Charity, would you like to go out on a date with me.

    You... Nathan Winslow... sure why not? She gave a gleaming smile.

    Well after my next interview, I could get your phone number and I’ll call you.

    She nodded. He walks away but then turns to her and smiles.

    Earl grew jealous. That son of b...

    Earl it's time.

    Oh. Earl gets clumsy with the camera and then reaches to his place to film the final cut.

    The preview is over.

    So there you have it Nathan Winslow in his latest film... The Dentist premieres this Friday. Be sure to check it out.

    And cut.
    Earl then walks to Charity.

    Your not going to go out with that guy are you?

    Why not?

    He is well...

    Look I know what you’re going to say he's a Hollywood star and I am just a local reporter for the tabloids and a witch part time. It doesn't mesh well. But I need to try to get romance back in my life...Besides it's for the good of the world. Come on I buy you a cup of coffee.

    But why him? Earl said to himself.
    Kay, I thought you can't get pregnant.

    I can now.

    How is that possible?

    You can say; I was touched by an angel.

    What does that mean?

    Nothing, it was just a jok...
    Kay suddenly got this pain in her arm.


    Kay, what's wrong?

    Simone, I just got an awful feeling that someone I love is in trouble.

    Suddenly 3 demons show up and attack.

    Oh... Oh... Simone got to go. Kay hung up not giving Simone a chance to speak.

    Kay ducks an energy ball. Then uses her power to vanquish one of the demons.

    Another attack. She tries again and misses while the other shoots an energy ball and it hits her in the arm. She ducks down behind the couch and quickly observes her wound.

    You Bastard. She said to her self. They continue to attack back and forth ducking her attacks while she ducks theirs.

    Miguel she calls out.

    No Miguel, Damn it where are you. I need help, Jessica! Jessica orbs in.

    Kay this better be good. She notices Kay behind the couch and an energy ball coming straight to her.

    Oh my god, energy ball she calls out with an extending hand and the energy ball moves from coming towards her to them but splits in half become two. The energy balls hits both demons and they were vanquished.

    Jessica cheers she never really vanquish two demons at the same time.

    How did she do that? She finally got a hold of her powers. Kay thought to her self while discovering the serious pain she was in.

    Jessica. Kay call out.

    Jessica's cheers were short lived.

    Oh I'm sorry Kay. She helped her up.

    Aww Kay cried while looking at her wound.

    Here let me.

    Kay holds out her arm and Jessica heals it.

    Thanks Jess.

    Hey where is Miguel?

    Miguel, I thought he was at work?

    Yeah, but I called him.

    Kay he's on a boat, wouldn't it look suspicious if he suddenly left the boat.

    I guess your right, maybe he knew you were coming to the rescue.

    Yeah, I'm sure that's it.

    You don't sound convincing.

    I don't know I suddenly got a bad feeling.

    I did too earlier, just before I was attack.

    Could this mean...

    I call Charity...Jessica pull out her cell phone.

    And I will go over to our parents’ house and make sure they and Maria are okay.

    Kay rushed over to her parents’ house.

    Damn, I can't get thru. Oh well I guess I orb.

    The door bell rings.

    Damn it, Tabitha! Tabitha! She’s not here. I guess I answer it.

    She opens the door.

    Fox, what are you doing here?

    We are going to your appointment, remember.

    Yeah, but there's something I have to do first.

    It can wait, the baby had waited long enough for proper prenatal care, don't you think?

    The baby kick. AWW hey sport, I'm going, just relax.

    I think its cute how you talk to your baby.

    And I can think of something else that's cute. Jessica said to herself.

    Thanks Fox, well I guess I could check on them later.

    Fox gave a devilish grin.
    Please don't let it be... Anybody in our family, my mom, I just got her back, my dad he just got mom back and he's happy. Noah and Paloma their happy. Miguel, Maria my whole world... Please God don't take them away.

    She approaches the foyer; Grace and Sam are on the couch giving each other sensual kisses. Oh thank god, where's Maria. Grace and Sam broke their romatic moment to speak with their 1st daughter.

    Oh Kay we didn't see you there. Sam said embarrassed he begins straighten up his clothes.

    I'm sorry to interrupt, but where is Maria?

    She's upstairs something about watching her favorite show.

    What Blue clues?

    No, Dora.

    Kay smiled let me go up and see if she's okay.

    Why, is something wrong? Grace said softly.

    I don't know, I got this bad feeling about something.

    Do you know what it could be? Sam questions her.

    No, only that someone I love is in trouble.

    Kay begins to climb the stairs.

    I hope everyones alright, Sam, I too have this bad feeling.

    Sam held his wife.

    I'm sure everyone will be ok.

    I hope so, Sam. I just got my family back, I don't know what I would do if I lose any member of this family especially you.

    Sam felt a wave of guilt flow thru him as he flashes back the night he made love to Ivy. He swallows hard.

    Grace, look at me, you will never lose me.

    Oh Sam, I love you.

    I love you too. He embrarce Grace. He knew in his heart it felt like a lie. He convinces himself he will stay with Grace no matter what.

    Kay walks in the room and smile at her baby girl and then she notices what she was watching.

    Maria, what are you watching?

    She turns to see her mom and answers. America’s Top Model.

    Kay laughed.

    I knew you were going to get into that sooner or later, but I didn't think so soon, I thought you were up here watching Dora. Kay said while placing thick black strands of Maria's hair behind her ear.

    Nah, I grew out of that, I personally like American Idol and Hannah Montana.

    Kay smile and gave Maria a hug. I am so glad you’re alright.

    Maria suddenly had a premonition.

    She sees her father in a lot of pain and on the run. (With no shirt on of course) Men dressed in black with arrows are after him.

    Maria almost faints.

    Maria are you okay?

    No, (Maria tries to catch her breath)

    What's wrong?

    Dad...He's in trouble.
    ``` ```
    Charity your not going out with that guy are you?

    Yes why not, he's handsome, sweet and despite his celebrity status he's down to earth.

    Yeah, which scares me.

    Come on, I'm not that weak teenager people knew in the past. I will be okay.

    It's just I got this off feeling about that guy, he also seem familiar.

    You’re just jumpy, he's a great guy. I’m sure it will be fine. But,Thank you for worrying. She kisses Earl on the cheek and gave him a hug. I know how you feel about me Earl and I feel the same way, but I can’t be with a demon for the sake of the world. Charity said to herself while absorbing Earl’s jealousy.

    Earl barely had a chance to embrace the moment.

    When he notices Miguel.

    Charity is that Miguel.

    She turns and laid eyes on Miguel!

    Miguel turns and notices her.

    There were two men that heard her one aim his bow towards Miguel. The other drops two vials of potion. Purple and yellow smoke filled the air.

    Charity wasn't distracted her empathy power felt their hate and she felt fear from Miguel. She absorb the hate from the two darklighters. they shoot their arrows; target Miguel.

    Charity raises her hand and the arrow went from target Miguel to target dark lighter.

    Suddenly direct hit and the dark lighters were vanquished.

    Charity! Miguel cried out before passing out.

    Miguel! Earl and Charity ran towards him.

    They notice his wound.

    He's hurt Charity we got to get him to Jessica or Maria.

    Jessica! Charity yells.
    (No Jessica)

    (No Maria)

    Charity begins crying. Why are they not here?

    Earl looked around and notices the broken vials on the ground.

    My guess is that they knew we will ask for help. Judging by one of the vials that was an old potion by evil to cover the aura of good. They won't be able to hear us or find us.

    No... Miguel please don't die.

    Look, call Kay on your cell.

    Charity looks for her cell and tries to place a call.


    Charity thinks real hard. Camera.

    Earl said chances are it won't work. But I believe I can help.

    How? We can't move Miguel we don't know the injuries he sustained.

    No, but my powers could work.

    ``` ```
    Miguel we got to find him.

    Mom, I'm trying I can't locate him.

    Scry! we can scry for him.

    It's worth a try.

    Maria just installed a scrying database for everyone she cares about in her computer.

    She clicks on the link Miguel and started to scry Harmony for her father.

    Well anything? Kay nervously asked.


    Please don't let him be dead.

    The hospital always gives me the creeps.

    Come on what can be so creepy about the hospital?

    I don't know, just do.

    Hey look at me, look this is a happy occasion.

    I want us both happy.

    Sure that’s what I want too. He gives her a big hug.

    And smirk grew across his face. Just in a matter of minutes, Miguel will be dead. And Kay will be mine.
    Endora's plan is working.

    Oh... Jessica breaks from his embrace, um... Fox, I think my water broke.

    Fox quickly looks down. Forgetting the plan.

    We need a doctor! He begins yelling... Please help us!!!
    Mom, I can't find him, what are we going to do?

    I don't know. Kay beginning to pace back and forth.

    Miguel where are you? She closes her eyes.
    Kay! Miguel slowly calls out.

    He's thinking about Kay. Charity runs her fingers through his thick black wavy hair.

    What is this power?

    I have the power to shield evil auras make the good side believe that any evil creature is good.

    What? Have you used this power before?

    No, of course not. He lied.

    Ok, how is this going to help Miguel?

    I will reverse it, and maybe they can hear or even find us.

    Alright, it’s worth a try.

    Earl closes his eyes and used his power.

    It didn’t work.

    Something is wrong, it’s not working. Earl exclaimed.

    Oh my god, Miguel. Charity cried.

    Miguel! Kay cried out.

    Kay, please help me.

    Where are you?

    I don’t know but, Charity is with me.

    Charity, Maria find Charity; Hang on Miguel we are coming.

    Maria begins scrying for Charity.

    I love you Kay!

    I love you too. Maria he’s in trouble we got to find him.

    I can’t find Charity, Mom.

    Oh god, please help me find Miguel.

    Sam runs in the room.

    Catching his breath. Kay we just got a call from the fishing docks. Miguel is missing.

    I know, Dad we are trying to find him.

    How did you know.

    Maria had a premonition.

    I forgot you girls have powers. But, there is more.

    What is it, Dad? Kay face crinkled.

    They think Miguel was murdered.

    Kay's knees felt weak.

    No, Miguel is not dead. I just talk to him.


    Thru our love.

    Sam scratches his head. Say what?

    Dad, it's hard to explain, I got to find him or Charity?

    Charity? Wait, wasn’t Charity working at that movie premiere?

    Yeah, she was supposed to be interviewing Nathan Winslow. She was telling us earlier.Maria, could you orb us there?


    Kay and Maria orbs to the movie premiere.
    Leaving Sam still in wow with magic.

    Miguel, please don’t die. Charity cries.

    Miguel wakes up and slowly grew consciousness. He looks up and sees Charity.

    He sees Charity as a glowing angel.

    Charity….(He reaches to kiss her on the lips) He releases his lip lock. Tell, Kay and Maria I love…. He slowly draws his last breath.

    Kay and Maria look around and see Earl, Charity, and a dead Miguel.

    Oh my god, Miguel. Kay runs to him screaming, pushes Charity out the way to cradle him.

    Dad! Maria rushes to her father.

    Maria places her hands on her father to heal him.

    Nothing is happening.

    Miguel was dead.

    Kay screams NO!

    Tears fell from Maria’s face.

    Dad please; don’t die.

    Maria still tries to heal him.

    A single tear fell from Maria and fell onto Miguel.

    Another tear fell from Kay.

    I love you Miguel, I always will. She held his hand.

    Suddenly Miguel begins to cough, he wakes up.

    Miguel! Everyone said in unison.

    You’re alive, Thank god. Kay looks up to the sky and embraces Miguel.

    I’m not leaving you, not just yet.

    Charity and Earl had tears of joy as they seen the small family interact.
    Someone help she’s having a baby!

    Nurses rushes to Jessica with a wheel chair; Fox in tow.
    They push her to a clean and sterile hospital room.

    Dr. Eve Russell was paged.

    Eve rushes to Jessica’s room.

    Are you having contractions?

    Surprising no, I feel ok.

    Ok ,I’m going to check if your dilating do you think you can change into a hospital gown.


    Ok Fox, could you come with me and give her some privacy.

    Of course.

    They both step out of the room.

    Jessica used her powers to get dressed.

    Suddenly she felt a sharp pain, she then faints.

    Particles of baby blue light surrounds her.
    Miguel, I thought I lost you.

    Long as you love me Kay, you will never lose me.

    Your so sweet. Kay wipe the rain fall of tears that fell down her cheeks.

    Miguel and Kay hug with tears still in her eyes.

    Yellow liquid on the grown slowly started to move towards Charity.

    Charity touches her lips and remembers Miguel sudden kiss. The liquid slowly crawls upwards into Charity's ear.

    Conflicted with her feelings, you use to love me like that, Miguel. I know you still can love me, not Kay I will make sure that will happen. Charity said to herself while balling her fist with jealousy. Kay will finally get what she deserves. Her pupils began glowing red.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 29 I want you to want me

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 29 I want you to want me.

    Come on, Miguel I help you up.

    Thanks Kay.

    Dad, are you alright?

    Yeah, Better than before he started to flex.

    Maria and Kay laughed.

    Hey Charity, thanks for helping me.

    Yeah thanks, your the greatest cousin in the world. Kay hugged Charity. Charity barely hugged back. Secretly hating Kay.

    Kay felt heat coming from Charity.

    Charity, are you sick? You feel a little hot.

    Why no, Kay, I'm fine.

    Oh ok. Miguel, Maria are you ready to come home?

    Yes! They both said in unison.

    Earl and Charity are you coming?

    No, We still have to wrap up the Winslow interview.

    Oh that's right, how is he in real life?

    Actually Kay he is great, he just ask me out.

    Wow, my cousin dating a movie star, how great is that.

    Just Peachy. Charity gave her a fake smile.

    Peachy is not the word. Nathan is sexy, handsome and...

    Kay! Miguel interuppted.

    Ok, no one is more sexy or handsome than you my love. She kisses him.

    They make me sick. Charity mumbles.

    Earl overhears. Charity what's the matter?

    Nothing, let's go.


    Earl and Charity left the small family.

    Miguel,Kay, and Maria orbs out.

    Knock, Knock Jessica are you ok?

    Fox hear no response.

    So he decided to peak inside, hoping he doesn't catch Jessica undressing.


    He see's her on the floor.

    Jessica! He see's the particle of lights leaving.

    Eve walks in.

    Oh my god! She cried. We have a code blue. She called out. A hand full of Harmony's Hospital staff rushes Jessica to surgery. Causing Fox to have cause for alarm.

    Eve what's wrong? What's happening? It's too early for her to be having the baby.

    I don't know what's wrong with Jessica?

    She seem fine earlier. Just relax and do me a favor call her family, she is going to need there support.

    Oh yes, I do that.

    Eve rushes to the wash room to prep for Jessica's surgery.

    Kay is going to need me, Miguel is dead and now Jess, this sure wasn't part of the plan.

    He dials Kay number.

    Miguel and Kay were in Tabitha's Kitchen cooking dinner as Miguel playfully teases Kay about her cooking.

    I don't care if you can't even boil water. I still love you.
    He grabs a carrot chews on it then kisses her. They begin to make love in Tabitha's kitchen.

    Miguel here??

    I almost die today, I don't care where?

    But Maria?

    She went back to your parent's house.

    Ok, but if we get caught?

    I orb us out.

    She smiled and grabs him into a passionate kiss he begin to remove her blouse. He clear the dining room table and gently lay Kay on the table. When the phone begins to ring.

    Aah ignore that. Miguel said in between kisses.

    Miguel it could be important. Maria, Jessica, or Charity could be in trouble.

    Ok! Miguel said in defeat. He help Kay up she answers the phone.

    Kay! Thank god, I been trying to get a hold of you.

    Fox! What do you want?

    Fox? What is he trying to get you back. Miguel rushes to get the phone from Kay.

    Kay motion him to hold on.

    Kay, I'm at the hospital.

    Why? Is something wrong?

    Yes, Jessica is in surgery.


    Oh ok, what's going on. Miguel impatiently wait for an answer.

    It's Jessica, she's in surgery.

    Kay who are you talking too?

    Miguel; of course.

    Fox almost drops his phone. In disbelief Miguel is alive.

    Fox are you there?

    Yes! Fox regain his composure.

    Is she in labor?

    Her water had broke before her appointment started. Dr. Russell ask her to change into a hospital gown. While she was changing she passed out.

    Oh my god! Ok Miguel and I are on our way.Thanks for calling Fox.

    Yeah. He shuts the phone off.

    Miguel's alive! How could that be. No matter, Miguel will die before the night is out. I will make sure of it.

    Dr. Russell walks up to Fox and taps him on the shoulder.

    Fox, did you get a hold of her family?

    Yeah, they are on the way.How's she doing?

    We are not sure, We don't know why she is unconious but when we hook the baby's heart monitor to Jessica.

    Please don't tell me the baby is dead.

    On the contrary, she has two heart beats.

    Which means?

    She's having twins?


    Yeah, if you excuse me, I have to get back to her.

    Sure, let me know if she's ok.

    No Problem Fox, I keep you posted.

    Jessica having twins. She is going to need my help. What am I saying, Kill Miguel, get Kay back ,and then help Jessica. But Jessica won't forgive me if she finds out I kill Miguel and definitely won't let me near her or the babies if I get Kay back. Those are not my kids, so why should I care. I care damn it, But, Charity, the plan with Charity that's right. Charity will go after Miguel, and I know Miguel has some feelings for Charity; that doesn't just go away. Look at me and Kay, I love Kay I can't let her go. She love Miguel she can't let him go. Miguel in the past no matter what Charity did. He still love her. What change... ah Maria. This plan is a dud. If I go back in time and stop Kay from tricking Miguel to get her pregnant. I will be with Kay. And Miguel will be with Charity. He begins to walk away until a hand touches him on the shoulder.

    I can't let you do that.

    Fox turns around to see his sister Endora.

    Your not going to stop me.

    I will send you to spend eternity in the wastelands, Fox if you defy me.

    You wouldn't.

    Try me.

    Fox hesitated.

    Look, not that it's a good plan but you will destroy evil and change everything the world won't be balanced. You claim you love Maria, right.

    Yeah, I do.

    You go back and change Kay from tricking Miguel into sleeping with her. Maria won't exist, I might not exist.

    I didn't realize.

    Be patient, brother you will get what you want. Charity will do everything for us. Miguel did die tonight. But Kay and Miguel love is strong. Everytime she says I love you too him he some how pulls through spells and death just to be with her.But, I had an odd feeling the Charmed ones will save him, so plan B is working as we speak.

    If Kay and Miguel love is so strong how is Charity going to break up Kay and Miguel?

    Charity and Miguel relationship was a romantic one not the passionate one like Kay and Miguel's, She will have to show Miguel her passionate side. I watch her today, she has a date with Nathan Winslow.

    The actor?

    Right, all we have too do is show Miguel what he's been missing. He will be tempted to be with Charity and when he does Kay will see and she will run straight back to you. So don't blow it.

    Oh I won't, Kay is mine and always will be.Here they come, Endora, go!

    Endora blinks out.

    Fox! Kay, Miguel, Grace, Sam, Noah, Maria, Earl and Charity all walk towards him.

    Any word on Jessica? Kay impatiently awaits an answer.

    Yeah, I have some news.


    Endora what are you up too? Tabitha walks back and forth trying to see something in her magic bowl.

    Images began appearing. Tabitha was relieved to see something. She sees Jessica in the hospital.

    What's this Jessica in surgery? My gracious, I got to get to the hospital.She tries to rush out the house. Until Endora appears.

    Who side are you on, mother?

    Endora, Oh Endora my sweet girl, you came back to me.

    Not exactly mother.

    Oh I see,rebellious teenager ready to strike at her mother. Well, I will not have it.

    Who cares what you want.

    Endora! Watch your mouth, I'm your mother. Why are you acting this way.

    You treat Maria better than me. SHH Endora hold her fingers to her lips.

    Tabitha caught on.

    Endora goes to the cabinet to grab some ingredients for a potion. Tabitha continues while Endora mix the potion.

    What Endora...What are you talking about?

    All those times you knew I wanted Fox to be with Kay.

    But, You did things to help Miguel and Kay to end up together. Now I am taking over.

    Endora, listen I only did those things for the darkside.

    You hurt the darkside. Charity and Miguel wouldn't brought goodness in this world. They would be like any old tired couple in Harmony.

    It's my mistake, the prophecy was wrong.

    Endora finish the potion then threw it. Causing smoke to cover the kitchen.

    Ok the coast is clear.

    Mom, the prophecy was right, you had the players wrong.

    What do you mean?

    Charity isn't the girl you were looking for.

    Then who is?


    Maria, no. You are mistaken.

    Mistaken, the oracle has warn me of Maria powers.

    Maria is a daughter of a charmed one and an angel, Mother she has all the charmed ones power. She meets and fall in love with a guy and makes love to him. Her powers will expand and save mankind.



    I don't get it, your a good witch Endora, why are you on the darkside.

    I am undercover mother, to kill the threat. Fox mishap with Kay is a diversion.

    Oh good one. Wait a minute, What threat?

    Purest of Evil mom, the source.

    Endora no, your a strong witch there's no doubt about that. But you won't kill the source.

    But the Charmed ones can.

    So you risk your life for this.

    Like you said Mom, I'm a good witch.

    You must have the Charmed ones go to San Francisco and take back the house.

    I don't know if I could do that.

    Mom, forget your past wicked ways, we must help them. Or all is lost. Charity is under a spell right now, that probably lead her to the house, make sure she brings the others. If the source gets the house then we are doomed.

    Who is the source, Endora?

    Not sure yet, could be anyone.

    Could it be Jacob?

    Possibly, could be Earl, could even be Fox,I don't know yet.

    What about Kay and Miguel they are set to get married in 7 days.

    Don't worry I will prospone the festivities.


    MMM, it's already in progress.

    You mean, Jessica.

    Endora nodded her head.

    Her babies understand the importance of this mission.


    Yeah her son and daughter.

    You talked with them?


    My, My Endora you are a powerful witch.

    I learned from the best.

    So you and Maria are not fighting?

    No. We plan this. With Maria premonitions, to her wishing her mother and father get it together. She's on cloud nine right now. I still want my brother with Kay because he deserve happiness and Kay gave it to him. But something tells me he has to go thru this to find his true love.

    I underestimated my girls Maria and you are quite the witches, toddlers, I wonder how your going to be when your the Charmed ones age.

    We are going to be fierce.Mom, I got to go. Evil never sleeps who knows anyone could of broke the spell. Just remember I love you.

    I love you too.

    Endora blew a kiss and blinks out.

    Oh Endora, my sweet Endora. I got to get to the hospital.

    Tabitha rushes out.

    Well, Well, Well the Queen of Darkness working for the good side. Jacob sneakly said to himself.

    At the hospital.

    Well, what's the news? Sam desperately wanting to know the fate of his daughter.

    Sam, your going to be a grandfather for the third time.

    Third time?

    My baby sister is having twins. Noah blurted out.

    Yes. Fox happily answer.

    That's great. Grace burst out of a smile.

    Everyone was happy for her.

    Jessica, is going to need us Charmed ones more than ever. Kay directed to Charity.

    Yes she will, and I will be there to help her.

    So will I. Kay grabs Charity hand.

    Charity after all this, I want us to talk, really talk.


    Talk about how you stole the love of my life. Charity said to herself.

    I need you to know that I never hated you and I hope we could be close.

    Grace smile, she finally got Kay to accept Charity.

    You bitch, it's a little too late for that. Charity said to herself. Miguel will not marry you he will marry me. Charity shook it off. What am I doing, I don't want Miguel. then she shook it off again. It doesn't matter if I want him or not, payback is a bitch.

    Dr. Eve Russell walks in the lobby.

    Eve is there any word on Jessica.

    Eve smiled why yes, she had a boy and a girl.

    Everyone was overjoyed.

    Can we go and see her? Grace politely asked.

    Yes, she is recovering but she wants to see Fox first.


    Yes, she really wants to see you.

    Fox rushes to go see Jessica.

    Why does Jessica wants to see Fox, Miguel?

    Maybe they are closer than we think. Does that bother you?

    No. Kay said lightly, she told a half truth. She loves Fox but she can't help to be slightly jealous. But really wants her sister happy and couldn't think of anyone better than Fox especially with her twins.

    Kay, don't lie to me. Talk to me. It has to bother you.

    Miguel , I'm fine. Fox will make my sister as happy as I am with you. She kisses Miguel.

    That's good to hear.

    My daughter with twins, Grace cried.

    It was bound to show up in our family sometime.

    I wish Faith was here to enjoy this.

    I know my mother would been very happy Aunt Grace.

    Oh Charity, I am so happy to have my family back.

    She hug Sam. Sam looked up and there was Ivy lurching in the corner. Smile on Sam face clearly wiped off. As he knew Ivy could be the one to ruin his family again.
    I must get Ivy out of my life. But how? He said to himself.

    Oh Sam, you are not going to get rid of me that easy. Grace can have this moment. But in the end it will be me in your arms forever.
    ;;; ;;;
    Jessica in her room exhausted.

    Fox quietly knocks on the door and peak inside.

    Hey beautiful. He replied.

    Fox! Jessica grew a huge smile on her face.

    How do you feel?


    You must be, you past out before having the babies.

    I don't know what happen, one minute I'm fine the next.

    I told you about those check ups.

    Right, you did.

    So, where are the babies?

    They are getting clean up.

    Oh, I can't wait to see them, who knew you were having twins.

    I had a mini soccer team in there.

    Fox laughed.Yes, I remember.

    Fox, thank you for being here for me. I don't know what I would do if you weren't here.

    You would of been fine.All your family out there waiting to see you the babies.

    Jessica grew nervous she had to tell Fox once and for all.

    Fox, I like you alot.

    I like you alot too.

    Ok, this is what I am trying to say I want you to want me as much as I want you. Could you?

    Jessica nervously awaits his answer.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 30 Your wish is my command

    Charmed Standish Chapter 30 Your wish is my command.

    Well Fox could you?

    Jessica I don't know, this is awkward, we never really been on a date.

    I know, but I can't help the way I feel.

    Could it be that you’re feeling lonely and scared?

    I knew it, a guy like you could never love an ex hooker like me. What was I thinking? All you feel for me is pity.

    Jessica, it's not like that. I mean it's not pity, it’s just a little complicated with you and me.

    You mean Kay?

    Yeah, she has something to do with it. I mean the ink isn't dry yet from our divorce papers. And then I go and date her sister.

    Kay has moved on, why can't you?

    I still love Kay, the feelings doesn't just go away.

    It can, if you let it.

    It's not that simple, you never been in love, so I don't expect you to understand.

    You're wrong, I have been in love.

    Jessica, Spike doesn't count.

    It wasn't Spike, Fox I been in love with someone before.

    Ok, I’ll bite, who?
    '''""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """"""""""'""""""
    Simone wonders why Kay hung up so fast.

    She dismisses any bad thoughts and that it was very important and she had to go, she didn't give her a chance to let her know that she was let go of a job, due to cut backs. She didn't want to move to L.A. as previously discussed with Nadine. So she decided not to tell Nadine that she lost her job. She thought of Reese Durkee, he might do her a favor and give her job until she gets on her feet.

    Desperate, Simone gets in her car and drives to San Francisco Durkee Paranormal Research Center.

    She hears familiar voices. She creeps next to the door to hear their conversation.

    Look, Simone is a good person and a very great friend of mine; you didn’t have to arrest her for trespassing.

    With all do respect, Reese I was following your orders.

    Simone’s eyes widen, Orders,what? She said to herself.

    Look I meant for you to get the trespassers that kept trying to get in the house.

    You don’t want to know who the trespasses are.

    Darnell, Humor me.

    Darnell, Simone said to herself. She felt her heart beat in a rapid pace, butterflies in her stomach, and of course the sweaty palms. Clear indication Darnell was something special.

    Look, I am glad you don’t own that house after all; you’re just getting in very deep waters; Reese.

    Don’t you think I’m already know.

    Look, I appreciate your interest in the supernatural but…..

    I have research the supernatural almost all my life Darnell, including this strange old lady who I believe is a witch that live next door of my first love's house. I could never get to prove it. Oh… and Hell in her cousin’s closet. Blood on the walls, birds and demons attacking their house and one of my best friend’s girlfriend and her dead on premonitions. Nothing will surprise me. Darnell you only known me for 4 years, my life in Harmony trying to prove there is witches, supernatural beings and of course angels out there was hard one especially when your trying to convince adults that these thing exists when they just dismiss it and say your a teenager with an active imagination. Everyone e else believes that and act like none of those things ever happen. But I will prove to the world that it exists,mark my words.

    No doubt that you dealt with the supernatural considering what’s on the 13th floor, but this is different, I heard my grandfather who heard it directly from his grandfather telling tales of this house. It was once owned by good witches for generations, but their was twins that were born in the house that ended up separated, no one knows why; but we have speculate that it had to be something very evil that drove them out. In which in return ended the good reign in the house. There have been nothing but evil that surrounds that house ever since.

    I beg to differ.

    What do you mean?

    I have proof that the house is the battle ground for good and evil. We just have to make sure that good wins out over evil.

    And how do we do that?

    By bringing the twins back into the house to banish the evil.

    I thought you said the twins were dead.

    One is alive, the other is presumed dead.

    Presume; what do you mean presume?

    Well, they never seem to find the other twin’s body they think she perish in the fire. But in my experience, you should be able to find some kind of evidence of a person, teeth, bone, hair, something. They didn’t even find one drop of blood.

    Simone gasps; Catching both men attention.

    Whose there? Reese called out.

    It’s me. Simone said in defeat. Causing Darnell’s heart to do flips, what is it about this girl? He said to himself.

    Simone, hi how long have you been standing there? Reese said in a calm voice.

    Enough to hear that Charity’s mother could be alive, is it true?

    Um, I was just speculating.Reese inhabitly pushing up his imanginary glasses and realize nothings there.

    Come on, this is Simone your talking too, I known you all my life. When your on to something, you are pretty much dead on.

    Ok, I think Charity’s mother could be alive and probably suffer the same fate that Mrs. Bennett did with her amnesia.

    It might be a family trait, something they use to suppress their mind from bad things; Charity had amnesia, and oh Kay did too.

    She did?

    Yeah, it happen when she was engaged to Fox. Aoparently Kay and Miguel got electrocuted, she thought she was engaged to Miguel for awhile until another shock brought her back to her senses. Needless to say that was the point where she knew she loved Miguel more than she loved Fox.

    Oh, how convenient. Reese said sarcastically.

    Oh, I see you’re still bitter of what happen between you and Kay.

    Kay? He didn’t tell about that one.

    Yeah because there is nothing to discuss, I liked her, she likes my best friend. She used me to get to my best friend. She hurts me and everyone in the process.

    And yourself, secretly dated her sister behind her back, Simone shrug her shoulders big deal, water under the bridge, you guys were teenagers back then. Anyways, I have news….. Kay and Miguel are about to get married in about 7 days, she’s also pregnant for him again.

    Whoa, Miguel finally admitted to himself that he loves Kay.

    Yeah, it took Charity being out of his life for a couple years and jealousy of Kay and Fox’s relationship to finally get him to admit it.

    But I thought she couldn't have anymore kids?

    I thought so too,But I guess it's a miracle. Simone gave a small smile unsure how Kay was able to become pregnant again.

    Reese stood there drinking this information in.

    Ok, I’m confused Charity? Fox? Who are they?

    Reese shook out of his thoughts, Darnell, I catch you up on those details later. But what I want to know is what are you doing here, Simone.

    Good question? Darnell added.

    Well, I came for a favor? She said modestly.

    Anything, what is it?

    I need a job.
    """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """""""""""""'""

    There was this guy, and his name is…..

    There was a knock on the door.

    Jessica stopped suddenly and two nurses walked in holding two bundles of joys in each of their arms.

    Hey, hope you’re not too tired, but here they are... two beautiful babies. One nurse said while laying the baby boy into Jessica’s arms for the first time. The other nurse hand over the girl to Fox too hold.

    Both nurses was in aww when they see the two of them interact with the babies. Fox smiled at the little girl and sat down near Jessica to peak at the little boy. Jessica gently stroke the little boy’s cheek then turn to look at her little girl.

    Now, that is the cutest little family if I haven’t seen one. One nurse commented while the other nod her head agreeing with the words. They then silently left the left the room. Leaving Jessica and Fox to bond with the newborns. Fox think to himself I can do this, I can be the family man that was his dream along. He looks up at Jessica could this be it; could this be the love he always wanted.
    """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """"""""""""""'
    A job? Darnell responded with laughter.
    What can you do?

    Not that it’s any of your business, but I can do lots of stuff. Simone pouted.

    I’m sure you can, Reese quickly answers hoping to keep the peace between Darnell and Simone. I really need help with my theory about Faith Standish.

    I can help you with Charity’s mother,maybe ask Charity if she heard from her, that and also I could catch Kay and Miguel’s wedding while I’m down there.

    Look, what I really need is for someone to investigate Faith’s death by gathering newspapers from Castleton, her death certificate, look around the house that she supposely died from,you might not be able to catch Kay and Miguel’s wedding, that’s if you go at it alone.

    What, I can’t believe your going to send an ametaur out to investigate. Darnell said defensively.

    Darnell, she’s close to her daughter and knows the area very well, she knows the story behind the investigation. Just maybe ….. if Darnell can go with you too since he was cut from the dep.....

    Darnell, this arogant a….? Simone cuts him off.

    Arogant, what about you miss stuck up. Darnell commented while wrinkling his nose at her.

    Stuck up? You bas…..

    Wait a minute you guys, ok this could get very dangerous, I couldn't live with myself if anything happen to any of you. Maybe this is a bad idea.

    Wait, Darnell and Simone said in unison.

    Maybe we can learn to work together. Simone said softly.

    And I will make sure we stay out of danger.Darnell added.

    Okay this is a lot of work, and I wouldn’t want you Simone, to miss out on Kay and Miguel’s wedding, Darnell has a lot of experience with this and I know you will remain safe with him around.

    But what about you? Can’t you go?

    I wish I could, I have about a dozen of meetings in this week alone. I do need people I can count on, if you two can settle your difference and work together, you would accomplish a lot of good in this world, plus a hefty pay check and possibly a permanent place on my investigating team. Darnell police department didn’t pay enough for the work you do. This will give you a nice trial run for a lot of money and Simone this will provide you and Nadine a beautiful new home. So are you guys in or out.

    In unison, Were in! They all shook hands. But when Simone shook Darnell's hand they gave each other an intense look.

    Reese notices and smile.

    Okay, well I speak with my secretary and you guys are on the first flight to Castleton. I will give you your itinerary later today with the files you need to accomplish this mission. I need you guys to give me an update daily.

    They both nodded with a smile.

    Thanks guys for taking on this difficult task, I appreciate it.

    No problem Reese, I won’t let you down.

    You mean we….won’t let you down. Simone quickly corrected him.

    Darnell looks Simone up and down.


    Reese shook his head. He thought to himself Nadine better watch out. With these two and their obvious hots for each other, It must be love. Okay, talk to you guys soon.

    Will do. Darnell nodded.

    Reese grabs his files and leaves the office.

    You better stay out of my way, Darnell.

    Your wish is my command.
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