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Thread: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 1 The Beginning

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    Post Charmed Standish Chapter 15 It's written all over your face

    Charmed Standish Chapter 15 It’s written all over her face

    Sam my god Sam! She called out in his sweet embrace.

    Oh Grace, how is this possible….We thought you were dead? He fell from their embrace to look in her eyes.

    Sam, it’s a long story…. Just hold me!

    My pleasure; its good to have you in my arms again.

    Aagh all this love in my house. Endora please do something and fast.

    No problem mom.

    Endora from hell summons evil demons. Now you will attack the Charmed ones tonight and I want you to kidnap Maria and bring her to me. I have a little surprise for her.

    You will not hurt Maria. Fox yells.

    See I knew you were a better father than Miguel. She smiles.

    Maybe, but Miguel is her biologically father but, I love Maria like she’s my own and um I feel that I am her true father.

    This is your chance to prove it to Kay and Maria.

    Oh…. I dig your plan. Fox claimed.

    Oh really seems to me your plans are with Jessica.Endora shouts.

    What made you think that?

    Well the growing love that seems to be blossoming between you too.

    Don’t be ridiculous he said nervously. Kay he convinces himself is the one I want.

    Oh yeah well you better be telling the truth on that or they’ll be hell to pay. Now get the hell out of here so I can excute the plan.

    Fox blinks out to the Crane mansion.
    Whoa Endora is getting more evil by the day; she must be stop! But how? Grand father might have some books of mythology in his study somewhere?

    Jacob we need to get inside and see what’s going on?

    We can’t let the Charmed ones know that we are up to something.

    Yeah sure.

    Hey look ;we need to stay focus on our plan and we need to execute it right away.

    Okay I heard you the first time, so lets go.
    I don’t care what you want Jacob you will not hurt Charity. Not on my watch.

    They walked into Tabitha’s home and notices the commotion.

    God its great to see Mom and Dad together again.

    Now our family will finally be happy.

    No Jessica ;happy for the rest of the family. But for me I feel a world of hurt is arriving. Kay said to herself.

    Is that Grace Bennett? Jacob ask Earl.

    I’m afraid so.

    I thought she was dead.

    Apparently so; its not her ghostly form.

    This is great. Jacob celebrates.

    What you mean great? This will make the Charmed ones stronger and if she ever get her memory back she will kill you.

    That will never happen besides she will be causing so much kayos to the charmed ones; to bother recognizing me. He whispers.

    Yeah go on….

    Well take a look at Kay over there.
    Look at how she is worried about her mother’s homecoming may destroy her precious relationship with Miguel. If I’m right Grace will push Miguel with Charity and if that happens we will get Kay on our side and instead of killing Charity; Kay will do it for us.

    That won't happen. Earl said to himself.

    Grace how did this happen… How did I get lucky to have you come back to me?

    Well it’s a long story Sam. But, I have to thank David for my life.

    David Hastings! How can you thank him, Grace how in the world you can thank someone that put you in that situation in the first place.

    Sam its not like that okay. Yes he and Ivy are the ones that destroy our marriage. But he saved my life okay he was the one that drag me off that bus before it exploded.

    Yeah well how do you know he wasn’t the one that put the bomb on the bus in the first place?

    Oh Sam, he warn me their would be danger. And he was right.

    Danger isn’t the word. Miguel whispers to Kay.

    Miguel I have to talk to you. Can we talk in the kitchen.

    Sure Kay… What is it? You looked worried.

    Yeah well just say that my mom coming home isn’t a great one for us.

    Look Grace I am glad you’re here and I hope this means we will be together again despite David saving your life.

    Of course; as soon as I found out what Ivy and David plotted to destroy our marriage. I knew there is no way that I can forgive him for deceiving me to leave my family.My real family.

    Mom so you and dad are back together this cause for a celebration. Tabitha do you have any champagne?

    Yes, of course…. Tabitha conjure up chill champagne on the sly.

    Where did that come from? Sam questions.

    Oh I brought that up earlier when I saw Grace come in. I thought it would be nice to celebrate her return.

    Oh I didn’t see it earlier.

    Oh you didn’t? You must be so into Grace Homecoming, you didn’t see it.

    Yes you probably right.I am a bit excited.
    By the way, who is this pretty young lady and these two guys?

    Ok Kay, what is it that you needed to talk to me about?

    Miguel I need to know, if my mom pushes you and Charity together; what would you do?

    Oh not this again, Look Kay you have nothing to worry about. I love you; you love me and no one is going to come between us.

    I hope your right.

    Kay come on, all the things we been through with Fox, I will be damn if I lose you now. He walks to her and hugs her.

    He looks in her eyes and says I love you.
    I love you too. He gently kisses her.

    Suddenly two demons appeared.

    Oh my god; Demons!

    They begin to attack.

    Miguel and Kay duck behind the kitchen island.

    Okay Charity and Jessica is in the other room.

    I got to destroy them.

    Kay its too dangerous.

    Miguel I have to try something or we our dead.

    Well who are you? You look familiar like you belong in our family and Pilar’s , maybe your related to Pilar or something. Well I’m waiting for an answer; tell me who are you and whose your friends?

    Suddenly there was a big blast. Everyone hears it and runs in the kitchen.

    What’s that? Sam questions.

    Oh no, don’t tell me demons are on the attack. Now is not the time Endora. Tabitha exclaimed.

    Kay and Miguel! Jessica yells.

    Charity nods.

    They all run into the kitchen.

    Kay threw her hands up to throw the demons instead she vanquish him.

    What in the world? She looks at her hands.

    Kay another one! Miguel yells; she turns and vanquish the next demon.

    Oh my;my powers are growing.

    Everyone witness her witchcraft including her father.

    Kay! You’re a witch
    Dad you weren’t suppose to see that.

    Oh my god did you just kill someone?

    No Sam, she didn’t. There is something I have to tell you. Grace said in despair.

    What is it? How can you explain away what I just saw? She’s a witch. Witches; Grace they are evil.

    Sam, all witches are not evil; there are good witches in the world. Our girls are good witches including Maria he hugs her.


    Our girls our witches! And Sam; so am I.

    Witches, all of you?And Maria….. that’s you?
    Yes Grand father; it’s me.

    This is getting better and better. But this doesn’t explain what Kay just did. She just blew up a person.

    No Sam that wasn’t a person.


    Yes Uncle Sam; Kay was protecting herself.

    That was a burglar, it does not matter she shouldn’t have killed him.

    Dad he wasn’t a burglar?

    Kay then who was it?

    Oh god Miguel, if I tell dad that was demon; he will lock me in a insane asylum.

    Sam please, don’t ask any more questions she didn’t kill anyone. Miguel quickly came to rescue. Distractind Kay; from telling the truth.

    Dad; mom is telling the truth. Jessica interrupts
    Maria walks towards her mom only for a demon to blink in and grabs her then blink out.

    Maria! Miguel and Kay yells out.

    What was that? Sam yelled.

    Dad that was a demon and he just kidnapped Maria. Jessica yells.

    What have you guys gotten your self into?First blood bleeding from the walls years ago. Hell in our closet. Demons again here in Harmony. I beginning to think Charity are you the cause of all this.

    No I’m not.

    So why is it every time you’re here; Something of this effect happens?

    Dad, Maria has been kidnapped by demons. This has nothing to do with Charity.

    Sam listen to Kay we need to focus on getting our grand daughter back safely.

    Kay, this has Endora written all over it. Tabitha proclaimed.

    Then Tabitha; what do she want with my daughter?

    To turn her evil; I’m afraid.

    Evil? Endora? Oh this is getting stranger and stranger. And I am guessing your a witch too.
    Sam shouts.

    That explains everything!

    Dad it’s a long story and we do not have time to explain. We have to get Maria back.

    And we will. Miguel comforts her.

    Look I will go to the elders to see if any one can track her.

    Ok Miguel be careful they may be counting on you to do something like that and may trap you.

    Kay don’t worry I will be careful.

    He orbs out.

    What! Miguel’s a witch too.

    No dad! He’s our white lighter.

    White lighters what is that. Never mind don’t want to know! Demons, witches and Maria all grown up? Is enough for me to handle right now. What’s going on here… Please tell me I didn’t see Kay blew up some one with her hands with my own two eyes. He rocks back and forth in disbelief.

    Sam we need to talk…. Look I will bring you up to speed. Just come with me. Grace grabs Sam towards the living room.

    Fine but Kay don’t go anywhere I got a lot of questions to ask you.

    Sure Dad.

    Kay, We got to get Maria back.

    I know Charity…. My question is why would Endora send demons to kidnap my daughter. What could they possibly want with her. Do you know Tabitha?

    You better not say anything Mommy dearest.

    The demon and Maria blinks in Endora’s lair.

    Oh Maria so nice to see you.

    Save it Endora, what do you want from me?

    Only to split your parents apart. That’s all! Oh and reign evil on poor little Harmony.

    Your crazy; you know I would never spilt my parents apart and I will never allow you to reign evil in Harmony..

    Want a bet! She jingles an amulet.

    Now this won’t hurt you. Just your poor unexpected Parents.

    You see, you will give this to your Cousin for a present, and in return she and your father will live happily ever after.

    And how do you suppose I will knowingly give this to my cousin.

    Because you are going to be possessed by my very trusty demon Canossa; that's how.

    I will fight her and you will not win.

    Like I said I am willing to make a wager.

    Jacob and Earl looked at each other and says Endora may have had this plan all along. Earl whispers.

    Nah, Amateur she is, she is coming up with stuff as she go, she should take lessons from her mother she has done hall of fame evil when she was in her 50's and trust me that was a long time ago.

    Maybe but I think the old witch may of gave her some pointers.

    Well Tabitha? Kay questions.

    No, I don’t know Kay….. I am shock as you are.

    I asked Endora the same question. Only to be a product of one of her clever spells.

    Tabitha, we got to get Maria back.

    I also want Endora back as well.

    I guess we are in the same boat.

    I guess we are. Tabitha said with guilt.

    Yep the old witch knows. Its written all over her face. Earl whispers to Jacob.

    And I am going to find out what that witch knows. Jacob answers back.

    You have something against her; don’t you?

    You can say that!

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    Post Re: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 16 It means what it means

    Charmed Standish Chapter 16 It Means what it Means

    Kay began scrying for Maria on the map... I can’t stand this, I have to find Maria. Tabitha, can’t you use your witch tracker to find Maria and Endora.

    I tried Kay, hundreds of times.

    This is frustrating. Jessica yells out. Scrying won’t help, calling a lost witch spell won’t work. What else can we do?

    Did Miguel have any luck with the elders? Charity questions.

    No, he hasn’t been back yet. And Dad seems to think he can help by the old fashion way and put out an amber alert. But what pictures to go on since she is in her teen form.

    At least he’s trying…Kay.

    I know Jess, I’m worry about her.

    Hey Kay, how about Jacob and I be assistants to you and look around in the underworld maybe we can find someone there; that will be willing to tell us where she is. Earl proclaimed.

    Wouldn’t that be suicide? She answers back.

    Yeah, if Endora catches you down there, she may vanquish you. Charity added.

    She won’t... we will be discreet.

    Kay, please don’t let them go down there I can’t bare to lose Ear… I mean both of them. They been so helpful to us. Charity whined.

    I knew it, Earl and Charity! Jacob yelled.

    No, were close friends. She just said my name because I am the one that ask to help. Isn’t that right Charity?

    Yes, there’s nothing between Earl and I he’s just a supportive friend, just like yourself. She lied.

    I guess, look I have some friends they are not from the underworld but they are from another dimension we can go there instead, they usually keep up on the underworld’s gossip.

    You can do that for me. Kay answers.

    Yeah, I like Maria; she’s a good kid.

    Thanks Jacob and Earl.

    No problem! They blinked out.

    Charity, Jacob is so handsome, I’m surprise you haven’t talked to him by now.

    Kay! He’s a demon.

    So! Jessica added.

    So? Are you girls kidding me? Demons uses you and turn on you like a drop of hat. Mark my words, You don’t want get yourself involve with them. Tabitha lashed out.

    Oh Please Tabitha, that’s a nice change from Julian or better yet Spike for me. Jessica proclaimed.

    Annoyed by the Julian comment. What that suppose to mean?

    Tabitha, I didn't mean no harm, it's just that we all know that Julian is Endora’s father. We know that this whole thing started because Endora’s helping her half brother to get Kay back and now it’s a revenge thing between her and Maria.

    Look you young Chickadees I was only involved with Julian for one lousy drunken night after losing my poor little Timmy.

    Got to be the best and worst night of your life! Kay added.

    Bloody hell, Kay why would you say something like that?

    You may of lost Timmy but you conceived Endora that’s why.

    Your right, I lost Timmy and gain a beautiful daughter I swear Charity you may have his heart, but Endora has Timmy’s soul. I don’t know what’s become of her. Why all of a sudden she wants to become evil is anyone’s guess.

    Well maybe someone else is involved. Jessica ponders.

    That's a thought. Charity added.

    All I know is I want her back. I don’t know what I’m going to do without my daughter.

    Spank her, that’s what you need to do. Jessica yelled out.

    Jessica! Charity and Kay shouted in unison.

    What! you know you wanted to say it.

    They all shook there heads.

    Look, we are going to find both of them, even if I die trying.

    Suddenly the crystal hit a location on the map.

    Oh my god, I got a hit.

    Everyone rushes towards Kay and the crystal.

    She’s here? Charity questions.

    Yes, I’m here.

    Everyone turns around and see’s Maria.


    Kay drops everything to hold her daughter.

    Miguel! Miguel!

    Miguel orbs in and notices his daughter is back.

    Maria! Where have you been. He charges to hug both women.

    Endora held me captive.

    Did she hurt you? Charity questions.


    What did she want? Kay searches for an answer.

    She wanted to tell me.... to give Auntie Tabby a message.

    What is it?

    Auntie Tabby, she says she misses you and she loves you and she hopes your proud of her.

    Why would she say that? Miguel begin to badger.

    Miguel, Tabitha in the past, practice the dark arts.
    She and her family has been with the dark side since forever. Only recently Tabitha has join the good side to help us destroy evil.

    Speak for yourself Kay. Tabitha mumbles.

    Evil? What Evil can sweet Tabby do? Charity commented.

    Ok Charity I may have my hand on the good side but I won’t take it as far as being sweet!

    I’m sorry.

    Tabitha begin to roll her eyes.

    Look, all we know that Tabitha is on our side and not evil. Kay defended her.

    It’s seems to me, she may still be with the evil side with a comment from her daughter like are you proud of me. Jessica decided to debate her sister. She probably helping Endora with her evil plans in the first place.

    No, I didn't, I just want my daughter back the way she was and We can go on with my life raising her.

    I hope your sincere Tabitha.

    Of course I am Miguel. I adore you, Kay and Maria.

    Miguel looked in her eyes and saw the comment as the truth.

    Ok, well it’s just great to see you back, Maria.

    It’s nice to see you too. Mom, Dad. Ugh this icky icky lovey dovey stuff is too much. Yuck!!! Maria said to herself.

    Oh... we have to call Jacob and Earl back! Charity yells out.

    Can you? Jessica questions her.

    No! I never could call them.

    Maybe there’s a spell to summon them.

    Ok, Well Jess you go with Maria and relax, I really, think you should sit this one out.

    Kay, I’m not helpless and beside if something happens to me. We have Miguel or Maria to heal me.

    Wanna bet. Maria says to herself.

    I don’t want to take that chance with my beautiful niece or nephew. Kay said while making baby faces at her tummy.

    Charity smiled. Drop the or. She said silently. Then spoke out.
    She’s right, we can handle the spell, it’s very simple.Doesn't require the power of three.

    Ok, we will see you later. Maria and Jessica leaves the attic.

    Miguel and Tabitha decides to stay behind.

    Look girls, you have to be specific on what demon you want to summons. you don’t know if you will call the right one with the spell in the book.

    Tabitha, were ok we can handle it.

    Now Kay, you made a lot of mistakes and I mean a lot, your just now owning up to your powers because your using it to protect you and the ones you love is anyone guess of how you got a handle on them now. This spell is merely to call demons to you does not specify what demon and how many. Why don’t you just be patient and wait til they get back.

    Suppose they are in danger Tabitha, besides Kay is also casting the spell with me. Me, The chosen one. She gloats.

    Don’t get cocky Charity, you don’t even have your full powers yet. All you do is levitate and see the future.

    That’s mean.

    It is what is.

    Look, girls Tabitha may be right. You have no idea what that spell can do to us.

    Miguel we have been doing fine all this time.

    Yes, but we have been at this for a short time we haven’t begun to experience the upper level demons that was explain to me by the elders. Beside why don’t you have Fox look for them He‘s a demon too.

    He had something to take care of at the Crane Mansion, its seems he wants to get his life back.

    Why do I doubt that.

    Miguel, its fine. Fox is no longer a threat to us.

    There is always a threat to us. Kay, and you know that.

    Ok so what if Fox is a threat. He can never break us up.

    There could be other things out there, Kay!

    What besides Fox, is a threat to us?

    He looks at Charity lighting candles. Then look back at Kay. Nothing…Just nothing.

    Kay gives him a kiss. I love you.

    I love you too.

    Ok Charity, your ready?

    Ready as I ever be, I just want them back safely.

    And I will help you. Ok I guess we change witch into demons and they should return.

    Kay… I don’t think so….you should call..

    Kay and Charity ignore Tabitha’s statement.

    I Call upon the spirits to hear our plea
    To find the ones in which we seek
    We ask the demons to cometh back
    Safe and sound and still in tact.

    Suddenly a wind whirled around them. Pushing everyone to the floor.

    Oh no, Kay you don’t what you have done! Tabitha yells.

    Evil faces swirl around the wind and suddenly made a full appearance.

    The wind stopped and everyone was surround by demons.

    Oh no, what have we done. Kay yells.

    You should of said there names not demons. Tabitha shouted.
    We are now in heavy battle.

    The demons approach them rapidly. They started to attack.

    Kay uses her magic to vanquished some of them.

    Charity used her martial arts to defend herself.

    Tabitha use her lighting bolt magic to sting the demons that wanted to attack her.

    Miguel also used martial arts and orbing to defend himself and everyone else around him.

    There too many of them what are we going to do? Charity shouts.

    Call Jessica use the power of three! Miguel yells out by dodging a demon attack.

    Jessica! We need your help! Charity yells.

    She orbs in. You rang! Oh my god. What did you guys do.

    Jessica look out.

    Jessica ducks from two demons that attack her from behind and the front the demons ended up hitting each other.

    Maria decided to orb in as well.

    Whoa, what’s going on? A demon tries to attack her by the neck as she fights him off the demon accidently pull the amulet off her neck.

    The amulet! It flew across the attic near Tabitha’s trunk.

    Power of three spell! Please Ladies. Miguel yells while hitting a demon in his noggin.

    Power of three
    Shall set us Free
    Power of three
    Shall set us Free

    They all yelled and repeated.

    Suddenly all the demons where vanquished.

    They all started to breathe heavily with relief.

    Kay, you need to learn how to listen to me! If not you will get yourself and everyone you care about killed.

    Your right, I should of listen.

    In your defense, did the spell work? Jessica said while brushing off debris that flourish on her pants after the demons vanquished.

    No! I didn’t even see Jacob and Earl. Kay said in defeat.

    Where could they be? I’m worried about them.

    I’m sorry Charity, I don’t know where they could be. Maybe we should wait until they return. If there not back in a couple of hours we try again with the right spell this time. I’m going to go get clean up. Kay sweeps debris from her clothes.

    I second that! Miguel shouted. Are you coming Maria?

    Um... I just wanted to stay up here to help Charity find Jacob and Earl. She lay her eyes near Tabitha’s trunk.

    That’s not a good idea young lady since demons attack here, we wouldn’t want to lose you again.

    But Dad!

    No…Maria you need to come with us; besides your grand parents would want to see if your alright... were going to there house after we get clean up.

    She pouts looking towards the trunk. I hope no one finds it before I give it to Charity. Better yet I hope she finds it and puts it on. It will get me off the hook.

    Maria come on. Miguel grabs her.

    They left the attic.

    Your worried about Earl and Jacob aren’t you?

    Jessica, more than you know, I got a bad feeling about this.

    You have the power to see the future, try finding something of there’s to get a premonition.

    Right, but they don’t have anything here!

    Well, it was worth a try. Maybe we should be patient like Kay said.

    Charity begins to walk around to find something that belongs to Earl or Jacob...she walks by the trunk and almost steps on the amulet.

    What’s this? She picks up the amulet and admires it.

    Oh my that looks like the amulet I gave Charity years ago. What is it doing here? AAH Endora! Clever girl she is! Tabitha gloats.

    This looks familiar.

    Jessica walks over to see what Charity has in hand.

    It does, but I can’t place where I saw it.

    I can.


    On me, I wore it on Prom night the second worst day of my life.

    What was your worst? Tabitha questions.

    My wedding day!

    Jessica and Tabitha stood there in silence.

    Grace and Sam is cuddle up on the couch in their family home.

    Sam, I am so glad that I am back in our family home.

    I’m glad your back as well.

    Things would be better, when we find Maria.

    That won’t be necessary, she’s back! Kay shouts out as the small family walks in the Bennett's home.

    Maria oh my god thank god your alright. Sam said while racing with Grace to reach her.

    Sam and Grace hugs her.

    What happen? Where were you? Grace searches for an answer.

    Endora wanted me to deliver a message to her mother and I try to get her to come back; to no avail she refuses. She hates that My father is with my mom, but I don’t understand why?

    I could think of a few reasons. Grace whispers to herself.

    Well, I’m glad your home, but I wish Endora would give up on the idea that Kay belongs with Fox. Beside it’s Kay’s life not hers.

    She belongs with Fox. And Charity belongs with Miguel. Grace silently say to herself.

    Ding Dong the doorbell sound.

    I get it. Sam walks up to the front door and opens it.

    Ivy, what are you doing here?

    Sam, I wanted to talk to you, I wanted to know why haven’t you return my phone calls.

    She rushes through the door and into the foyer in hopes of him not slamming the door in her face as he has done several times since Kay blew her secret.

    Ivy, you know why. You ruin my family, I could not begin to understand why you think I should forgive you.

    Because of Love ….Sam. I love you and I know you love me and since Grace is no longer with us. I would think we could have another chance.

    Boy, your behind the times.

    Who said that? You have company Sam?

    More than Company, More like the woman of the house.
    She turns to lay her baby blue eyes on the suppose to be dead woman.

    Grace! Ivy‘s air suck out of her lungs and she collapsed.

    Ivy! Sam rushes to help her.

    Now that’s priceless. Kay smiled.

    Are you ok?

    Oh she will be fine, Sam! Watch!

    Grace took flowers out of a vase that holds lingering water.

    Grace what are you doing?

    She took the vase over to Ivy and pour the water over Ivy’s flawless face.

    She screams in agony.

    You Bitch, how dare you come to my house.

    Grace! Ivy began to wipe the water off her face.

    Your Alive?

    You bet your 5 dollar ass, I’m alive.

    Grace… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you or your family.

    Save your damn apology for someone that will actually believe your lying ass. You took me away from my own family and you should thank your lucky stars that your sorry ass is still alive because if I had anymore anger in me left I will be on death row by now.

    Grace, I really mean it, I am sorry.

    Sam, if you don’t get her out of here.

    Come on Ivy! He grabs her by the arm.

    Sam, how can she be alive?

    Just call it a miracle that she is. Maybe one day I can forgive you.

    So we have chance right?

    Sam couldn’t believe she said that; he began to shake his head with disbelief. Ivy I think it's safe….He leads her out. To say….. No! And slams the door in her face.

    Grace, she’s alive. She can't be. Ivy thought to herself.

    Mom, that was great.

    Kay! Miguel nudges her.

    What? It was! She whispers
    I wouldn’t have to do any of that if it wasn’t Kay.

    Mom, where back to that. I thought you forgave me and you even gave me your blessings to date Miguel.

    I did. But I’m still very angry with you young lady.

    Grace, there’s no need to dwell. life is too short to hold a grudge.

    Your right. Sam. She nods. I’m surprise Ivy didn’t know I was alive. Half the town knows already.

    Well, Miguel, she doesn’t have that many friends; you know.

    Well she has Fox, Fancy or even Julian could of told her by now.

    Who cares, she knows now. Maria interrupted.

    Maria! Watch it! Miguel shouted.

    What the lady deserves it.

    Maria….this is not like you, are you ok.

    Yes, why wouldn’t I be?

    Do you guys feel feels like evil. Grace begin to rub her arms she felt cold.

    Kay looks at her daughter.

    What Mom!


    Hey Mom, I could help you warm up with some tea. You want to help?


    Whoa, strange that it made it’s way back to Tabitha’s?

    Strange indeed! Tabitha added.

    I thought I lost this.

    Apparently, maybe you accidentally cast a spell to call things that were lost too.

    If that’s the case I would of got all those socks and trinkets that I lost from the past. Charity jokes.

    Let me do this quick. Endora may be exposed.
    Tabitha begans to chant

    All things
    that had a cause
    Show yourself
    if you were lost.

    Suddenly socks and trinkets were slowly emerging.

    Oh my god Jessica, I think you were right.

    You girls, need to be a little bit careful with your witchcraft. Tabitha interrupts.

    Whoa these are a lot of socks. Hey that is my Michael Bolton pin I thought I lost years ago.

    Charity and Tabitha gives her a look.

    Hey I’m his biggest fan. How did I remember that, strange.
    She said to herself.

    OK! Apparently you need to find taste in music. Jessica added.

    Charity laughs and realizes something.

    Funny, Jess… she started to remember more things.

    OK, I know my taste in music is funny but… Michael Bolton; come on Charity.

    No!…. what is funny is…. that I got my memory back from before the fire.

    Oh know Tabby, you screw up! I should of said things without a cause. Oh my.. If Charity remembers her witchcraft and her teachings with Faith, I could be doomed.


    Is that a cat? Charity questions.

    A white cat with a collar walk across the attic.

    Jessica picks up the cat. Look it got the books emblem on its collar.

    Weird. Charity answers.

    Weird indeed. Jessica replied back as the cat started to hiss at Tabitha.

    Get that cat away from me! Tabitha yells.

    OK! Jessica walks away with the cat as it purrs in her arms.

    Suddenly Jacob and Earl make there way back.


    Charity! He smiles.

    Charity drops everything including the amulet to hug Earl. Not realizing she ignores Jacob.

    What’s going on? She should be hugging me. He says to himself.

    Jessica and Tabitha notices that Charity could be falling for Earl.

    That’s trouble, if you ask me that and that stupid cat. Tabitha said to herself.

    Where were you guys?

    Oh now you recognize me. Jacob said in a nasty voice.

    Sensing his ugly tone, she softly replies. I’m sorry Jacob. She goes to hug him.

    Well Charity we were both separated. Until we was summons here, We had to fight it because we were starting to get some juicy gossip. Earl explained.

    Like what? Jessica anxiously awaited an answer.

    Well Maria…

    She’s back.

    No, she’s possessed. Jacob interrupted.

    Oh no Kay, Miguel! Charity shouted.

    Grace and Kay went to the kitchen.

    Mom, that’s not Maria. That!... out there could be a shape shifter or she’s could be possessed by a demon.

    No! She couldn’t be.

    Look Mom, I know my daughter. She has that sugary sweetness like Charity. Sometimes I get a little sick of how she’s so much like Charity. But I love her all the same. That girl in there she’s a little….

    Like you.

    Hey that’s not fair.

    Well it’s the truth.

    Ok Mom, I get your still angry at me, but this is your grand daughter here, we have to put your hostility to the side for now.

    Your right, for now. So what do you propose us to do?

    Well, remember hell in Charity’s closet?


    You possess a rare power to reinvent demons where they belong and you also sense them like you did out there. If you can reenact the same thing you did in hell in Charity's closet all those years ago. You may can get the demon that holds her out and I can vanquish it.

    That sounds like a good plan, but what if it’s a demon and not a shape shifter couldn't it hurt Maria?

    I think you done this before.

    It’s coming back to me a thought from my past.

    Whoa you may be getting your memory back.Ok back to the plan if it’s shape shifter there won’t be a demon that comes out. it would be the demon itself then I’ll vanquish it.

    You have the spell?

    Well lately I been memorizing spells from the book, since I have a family to protect.

    I admit, I am impressed.

    Thanks, Are you ready?

    Ready when you are.

    They came out the kitchen but, forgot the tea.

    Hey where’s the tea? Miguel questions.

    Maria looks at the two women and realizes that they are on to it.

    It attack first using Maria powers against them.

    Kay defends everyone with her powers. The demon ducks in front of the couch only to attack again.

    Miguel and Sam ducks behind the couch.

    What’s going on here? Sam yells out.

    I don’t know! Miguel answers.

    Miguel get dad out of here! Kay shouted while ducking around the corner of the fireplace and the door of the kitchen.

    Miguel grabs Sam and orbs him to Tabitha‘s.

    Maria tries to hit Sam and Miguel with her powers and misses.

    Kay and Grace continue to keep ducking.

    Miguel! Charity shouts.

    Dad! Jessica rushes to hug him.

    Kay and Grace are in trouble. Sam shouted while trying to make sense of things.

    Maria is possessed. Jessica shouts.

    We know! Miguel and Sam say in unison.

    How can we help them? Charity questions.

    It’s dangerous, this is an upper level demon. Jessica we don't want you in harms way and Charity well you still don't have active power.

    This may require the power of three. Jessica proclaimed.

    Actually no. If anything Grace has the power to
    summon a demon out of a posse body. Once the demon is out of Maria. Kay can vanquish it. Jacob explains.

    How do you know about Aunt Grace’s powers? Charity demand an answer.

    I’m a demon, I fought with her before…so did some others I recall.

    Earl and Jacob looks at Tabitha.

    I knew he was trouble. But I don’t recognize this demon. She stares back at him.

    Are you the cause of my mother’s death?

    No, but I know who is!

    Tabitha became frighten.

    She has same powers as you do.

    Maria does, I guess this demon is powerful enough to take on her power as well. They duck another attack. She must be possessed.

    So How are we going to get the demon out without hurting her?

    Mom use your power!.

    Demon from hell, I rebuke you! Grace used her hand to separate the demon from Maria.

    As Maria fell on to the floor.

    Maria! Grace and Kay shouts.

    The demon started to attack again.

    They both ducked.

    Kay, Vanquish the demon!

    Kay rushes out of the corner to use her powers and vanquish it.

    She ran to Maria.

    Miguel! She calls out.

    I been summons; it’s Kay.

    I’m going with you. Sam yelled.

    Jess, Charity stay here, I will summon you if we need you.

    They nod.

    He orbs in with Sam.

    Maria he rushes to her to heal her.

    Maria suck in air to breathe life back into her lungs she started to cough.

    Mom. Dad!

    Maria! Kay and Miguel hugged her.

    What happen?

    Oh Sam, its okay just leave it to the Standish women when it comes to demons.

    Demons? This is a lot for me to handle.

    It was for me too. Miguel commented.

    But, you have powers too.

    Yeah and I’m not sure how did I receive them.

    Suddenly someone orb in the Bennett’s house.

    Perhaps, I can explain.


    Who’s Manuel? Kay questions.

    He’s an angel too.

    Now there are angels. Sam whispers to Grace.

    Yes! I said that all along.

    I need a drink! Sam went into the liquor cabinet to pour himself a double scotch on the rocks.

    Well we’re waiting, how did Miguel receive his powers?

    I’m sorry to say Miguel has died some time ago. The elders just filled me in on what happen all those years ago.

    What! If I died, don’t you think I would of known that.

    Apparently the elders erase your memory on the event.

    Wait, if Miguel died years ago, when did it happen? Did it happen when he was looking for Charity.

    No Kay, it happen when you guys were teenagers going to the ski lodge for some school event.

    Ski Lodge? Ski Lodge, you mean when Miguel and Charity was caught up in the avalanche?


    Wait I did remember when I was unconscious and I saw a bright place, similar to where I orb to talk to the elders.

    Your correct, Miguel!

    So, if he died and he is a white lighter now, why didn’t he come into his powers until recently? Grace intervene.

    Yeah, Mom’s right, and why did the elders tell him his powers were temporary?

    Ok, now please don’t beat up the messenger; we are closer than you think. I was told that his powers was temporary and I was told of what the past elders in the past has done to you, Miguel, and Charity.

    What have they done?

    In the behalf of all the elders I have to apologize, instead of me telling you, I will show you. Manuel walks toward the television. He sway his magic as Grace, Sam, Miguel, Maria and Kay sat down on the couch.

    This is the day before the carnival when Miguel and Charity met.

    Yeah, I remember Reese and I saw Kay in a bikini. Boy, that got me to thinking we could totally be dating.

    Kay smiled. She felt the same way.

    Yeah, well so did Reese. Manuel added.

    That was the person that was paging me, he was my secret admirer that I mistaken it was you. Kay explained.

    Manuel then sway his power over the television again and showed Charity and Faith.

    I wish I could have friends and big family, I love my mom but I wish I could have more. Maybe even a boyfriend a handsome one, at that. God please grant this wish for me. Please! Charity prayed.

    So, well we granted her wish. And someone elses. He again sway his magic.

    God, I wish I could date Kay, she’s beautiful, smart, kind and so hot. I would love her like no one can. Reese prayed on his knees and wished all his might. Scientifically we are compatible, we both are hot, smart and kind the only other person is Miguel and he digs her as a friend. Please God answer my prayer.

    You got to be kidding me. Kay yells out.

    What about Miguel and I?

    Well you guys just said your normal prayers that night. So we didn’t know what you two felt for each other until it was too late.

    Ok, I got that, but why pair Charity with me If I didn’t request anything.

    Well since Reese wanted Kay, and you never really said that you like her, we figure since you wasn’t with her you would want to be with some one close to her.

    That was a disaster you know, I knew in my heart something was wrong. Kay shouted.

    Not entirely, we realize the mistake the day of Miguel’s death. You finally said out loud to us and everyone around you that you loved him. All of the elders at the time heard it. You see! He sway his magic over the T.V. again.

    The Avalanche~
    Charity thinks Miguel is dead, and she drags him to a nearby cabin. Kay and Simone are worried, and decide to look for Charity and Miguel themselves. They notice fresh tracks in the snow, and decide to follow them and it leads them to the cabin Miguel and Charity are in. Charity tells Kay and Simone that Miguel is dead, and Kay flips out and tells Charity that ever since she came to Harmony, there has been nothing but trouble. Kay also tells her that she ruined her chances with Miguel. Charity asks Kay if she is in love with Miguel, and Kay says yes. Kay said she has loved Miguel for as long as she can remember, and that she thought they would be together forever. Miguel suddenly wakes up, and Kay and Charity rush to his side. Miguel tells Kay that he woke up because he heard someone talking about love, and that's what brought him back. Kay tells him it was her, and she tells him that she loves him. Miguel says "I love you too", and tells Kay that she is a great friend. Kay is crushed, and Miguel tells Charity that he loves her very much.

    We are truly sorry Kay!

    Grace looks on to the T.V. and saw the pain in Kay’s eyes as Miguel rushes to Charity and tells her that he loves her. She then turn her attention back on her daughter and see’s how she is reliving the nightmare over again.

    I’m sorry too! Grace captures her hand.

    Thanks, Mom that means a lot to me.

    Ok, so you did all this….how?

    Well the plan was to use a love potion and have the one that prayed for their love to spill it on a person that was intended. Note the server…he shows a male giving Charity a soda and than watches as it instantly hits Miguel. They were in love at first sight.

    You bastards! Kay yelled out. How could you? You cause us a lot of pain.

    We just wanted to win the war between good and evil. We figure Charity is all we need to win it. But, it turns out the love you had for Miguel out way the tricks the Elders has. so we had to revive the Charmed ones again to win the battle.

    OK you did... and Kay we found each other, Miguel reassure her. So really lets see what they been doing to us over the years.

    Well, Reese… we tried! Manuel swayed his magic again.

    Kay and Simone go to the coffee shop, and Whitney and Miguel show up. Miguel talks with Whitney about Theresa's new job, and how this must be the most difficult day of her life. Jessica shows up and asks her sister out loud how her plan to trap Miguel is coming along. They begin to fight, and Whitney tells Miguel that Kay and Jessica are probably arguing about boys. Whitney says that Simone says Kay has a wild imagination when it comes to trapping boys. Miguel says that maybe, but nobody is wilder than his sister. Kay reminds Jessica that they had a deal, and is she doesn't keep her mouth shut she'll shave her head bald while she's asleep! Simone asks them why they always fight, and the two blame each other for starting their feud. Jessica says that Kay started the war, she's only defending herself. Simone tells Kay that her sister does have a point, Jessica rattled off a list of everything Kay has done to her. Jessica decides to take off, but Kay asks her if her mystery boyfriend has beeped her again? Jessica says no. Reese, the school geek, shows up and runs into Kay, and almost spills his drink on her. Kay is angry with him, and Simone warns Kay not to be mean to Reese, he is Miguel's friend.

    So you see the server that gave Reese the drink. He was suppose to spill it on you. But he failed.

    I can’t believe this! Sam said out loud. You could of done this to any number of us. Including Grace, Luis, maybe even Katherine and Martin. But why do this to my daughter, if Miguel and Kay had found each other back then, Our family wouldn’t have broken up.

    Not so sure of that… gra… I mean sir.

    Kay wouldn’t have been angry enough to storm out of the house to see Ivy and David arguing about their plan. She kept that secret no matter what the outcome.

    That’s true, Dad!

    So your saying all this was Fate like Theresa like to say.
    Miguel added.

    More like Fate with a twist.

    And we suppose to be happy this. Kay cried out.

    Why not, Kay! Think about it…you turn out to be a great person with a lovely daughter, you form the charmed ones and despite our efforts you and Miguel are in love and your parents are back together….Why dwell in the past?

    You right, Manuel. Your right. Miguel answer.

    Everyone nodded.

    Mom, I know that was painful to see. But I told Manuel to tell you the truth.

    You knew all long, Maria?

    I have power to see like Charity! Only mine is stronger because of Charity’s amnesia. Well now were equal.

    What do you mean? Grace questions.

    You will see also…Soon enough! Maria smiled.

    Well now you know it was Destiny that these things happen.

    Destiny, maybe? Ok. God knows what would of happen if Miguel didn’t have these powers. Kay added.

    I know Jessica, and Maria inherited their white lighter powers from the Hallowell line thanks to Leo, Miguel on the other hand was cause by the spell you cast for the power of three, his powers was always with him; he suppressed it, But now the powers that Miguel possess is requested for the mission. the time has come for you to honor the request I have made, Miguel.

    What? I thought that happen already.

    I’m afraid your wrong, that was just a mere test for the future now it’s a test from the past, There will be a series of events that have already starting to take place that will lead up to what I am requesting of you.

    Past? What does the past has to do with anything?

    Everything, Kay! you are well aware of the prophecy, Charity is still the one to end it all.

    So what does Miguel have to do to fulfill this prophecy? She felt shiver down her back as if someone was walking over her grave.

    Miguel is requested to obtain this mission in secrecy. If it’s told to you, it may alter the prophecy and your future. You and Miguel must go on this mission on your own without the power of three. Miguel will do what is requested and you will vanquish the demon.

    Secrecy, so Miguel has to keep secrets from me to fulfill the prophecy and I in return risk his and my life without knowing what Miguel has to do. But Miguel and I don’t keep secrets.

    You do now!

    Kay roll her eyes.

    Manuel notice her eyes and became frighten.

    What kind of Angel are you, to allow someone to keep secrets from the ones they love? What am I saying, you’re the one messed up our past.

    I’m afraid Karma has came back to haunt our beloved Kay!

    Grace whispers to Sam.

    Grace! Look she made her mistakes and learned from it. that is why she don’t want any secrets between her and Miguel.
    Well I hope that evil will be defeated. She just have to let the past go and do what‘s right.

    I don‘t know if that is an easy thing to do. He took a big swallow from his scotch.

    Kay, please trust us on this!

    Piper told me about you guys, she had difficult time with you angels so to speak. You almost ruin her relationship with Leo also. Charity and Miguel could have been married, I would of lost Miguel and never had Maria. Man I would have been in love with Reese.

    Kay, I am not here to hurt you, this is for your relationship with Miguel, besides you fell in love with Fox, well…that was due to us too.

    What! Miguel and Kay yell out in unison.

    Except we tried a new tactic, we used stones instead of drinks it wasn’t as potent. Plus the elder that came up with the love potion…well you see. We basically use the stones so it will work that time.

    I remember, I threw stones at Fox, and we instantly had some kind of love/hate attraction. oh my god you guys are unbelievable.

    In all fairness we didn’t use anything on you and Miguel.
    Oh yeah, that made me feel so much better.

    Look you guys need to go back in the past and destroy the demon that threatens your future. And may I remind you Kay and Miguel…. remember your love for one another. I’m sure Piper and Leo told you it will be tested over and over again. I hope it is strong because they didn’t think so. He pointed up.

    What that suppose to mean? Miguel questions.

    It means what it means! Manuel orbs out.

    The nerve of him. Kay shouted.

    Kay, I am so sorry for all the hurt and pain the elders has cause us.

    I’m sorry for acting out from past and present and possible future. She jokes.

    Miguel smirked and hugged her. Grace was beginning to accept there relationship.

    Aww! She said in unison with Maria.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 17

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 17 On the Thirteenth floor

    Miguel, you are always so kind to me.

    Why wouldn’t I be Kay, I love you.

    And we do too, Grace added.

    Not if you know what I did in the past. She said to herself.

    San Francisco…. 6:30pm

    Whoa this is great. Simone said while looking at her new girlfriend Nadine.

    Looking for a house together, is the best. The long blonde haired woman smiled.

    Simone started to take pictures of the houses that were shown to them by the real estate agent.

    Mary Anne Owens was determine to show a particular house she had on her list for years. She want to finally get off her hands and offers it as a Rent to own. Since the house been abandon for years. The State picked it up since so known relatives has came forward to own the place the real estate company owned by Mrs. Owen’s boss bought it. This house has it secrets and many neighbors pour their stories on the house at any resident dare to rent or own the house. Some listen some didn’t. The ones that didn’t never was heard from again. Why is this house on my list? If I don’t sell this house its going to look bad on my record. But the danger this poor couple is getting too if they bought this house. She thought to herself.

    Mary Anne Owens sighs for a moment then show signs of mixed feelings of hope and disappointment when Simone looked very interested in the house.

    This house is lovely, I like the red vinyl sidings and the windows outlining in white. Seems like a really old house though.

    Yes! Mary Anne added. It’s very old this manor was past down to generations of women.

    Wow Girl power! Nadine smiled at Simone giving them sense of pride.

    This seems perfect for us. Shall we go in.

    Mary Anne was a bit frighten to go in. Look we have so many houses to look at. But I have a virtual reality cam that can show you the house on my computer. The other houses you must see up close.

    But it’s not the same, we should go in. Simone started to proceed to go in. And felt a chill down crawl down her spine.
    Maybe Mrs. Owens is right Simone, if all the other houses doesn’t measure up to this one then maybe we take a good look at the house.

    But Nadine, (ignoring the chill )this house is beautiful and the price you can’t beat the price.

    Look, Miss Russell, if you are still interested in this house after looking at the others then I will give you the key to this house and you and your lovely girlfriend could see for yourself. In the meantime I have another client I have to show a house after you guys and our appointment is at 7:30 and then I would like to get to my family for dinner.

    Oh all right Hey, Nadine could you take a picture of me in front of this house. It is beautiful and I still can’t believe is a rent to own house and it quite affordable. She then positioned herself in front of the for rent to own sign which reside conveniently in the yard for everyone to see.

    Sure Nadine answered while taking the digital camera away from Simone. Simone began to pose for the camera. Nadine started to position the camera. Wait I’m a little too far away.
    There’s a zoom feature right below the menu button. Simone explained then smiled.

    Yes I see it! Ok, she presses the button and zoomed in. Again she positions the camera to fit Simone in the target she said perfect and takes the picture.

    How does it look?

    Nadine presses the feature to look back on pictures to see the most recent one.

    They both look at the picture.

    Oh my god! They both said in unison.

    What is it? Mrs. Owens yelled out.

    Tabitha’s House..... 10:30pm

    Why is it that we haven’t heard from Miguel and Kay yet?

    Jessica shouts while pacing the floor back and forth.

    Would you stop, your giving me a headache.

    I don’t give a damn Jacob. Your lucky I haven‘t vanquish your sorry demon butt back to the….. she sighs and took a deep breath she then change back the subject. Look, my sister and my niece could be in trouble.

    Nah, Jacob said calmly. Kay and Maria are too powerful. Besides if they had gotten hurt they would of call for you.
    Your right, for once. But, I’m going over there to make sure.

    Suit yourself.

    Your coming Charity?

    Charity stood by the window as if she was longing for something. She didn’t hear anything that Jessica was staying.
    Charity! ….Charity!

    Charity finally snaps out of it. What is it? She yells.
    Charity are you ok? Earl walked over and comfort her.

    Jacob began to roll his eyes.

    Oh, I’m sorry…. I feel a little strange now that I got my memory back.

    Not to say that I am curious, but I really worry about Kay and Maria.

    I know. Charity said softly.

    After we find out if Kay and Maria are alright maybe we will talk about it. Jessica tries to give eye contact with no avail she looks up at Earl instead. He motion her to go with Jessica.

    Yeah sure, let’s go. She gets up still looking back at Earl she grabs Jessica hand which Earl and Charity’s eye contact was still connected and suddenly they orb out. Leaving Earl and Jacob by themselves in the attic.

    So….You want Charity to yourself?

    What do you mean Jacob?

    Oh you know what I mean, always hanging out with her…. comforting her…. If I didn’t know any better I would say you want…

    Earl felt his throat swelling up with dryness he felt the need to swallow hard he then trembles with fear, I hope he doesn’t know I ‘m in love with her. He thought to himself.

    (Jacob then use a typical Passions move)To use her, so you could be the Prince of Darkness.

    Don’t be ridiculous Jacob, me Prince of Darkness? He gave him a nervous fake laugh.

    Jacob ponders about what he just said, Then he began to give a fake laugh also.

    Your right, what was I thinking! But….he suddenly stops laughing why are you always around her then and not allowing me to get close to her?

    Bennett’s Home ....10:45pm

    Kay! Maria! Are you okay? Jessica runs towards Kay and Maria and hugs them.

    Yeah Jess, we‘re fine.

    What happen?

    A demon had possessed Maria. Mom and I vanquished it.

    Oh thank god it’s over.

    Not over yet apparently.

    What do you mean? Charity questions Kay, she was frighten for all of them.

    Miguel and I have been requested to go back in our past to stop a demon from changing everything.

    When are you going?

    Well we’re not sure Jess, Kay shoved her hands in her pockets.

    The Elders would let us know when it is time. Miguel added while place a gently hand on Kay‘s shoulder. There are a change of events that have been taken place that leads to our mission.

    What ever it is, I hope Nothing will change our current situation. Kay shouted.

    Look we‘re all in this together, and we will help, in the mean time. We should try to get back to our normal routine. Jessica explained.

    That’s a great idea. You girls seem to be growing up too fast. Sam interrupted. He was so proud but yet he fears for his daughters’ life.

    Sam‘s right, Besides it will keep your mind off of what had happen.

    Your right mom and thanks!

    Your welcome Kay and know this…. I am so proud of you.

    Kay gave a fake smile.

    San Francisco..... 6:50 pm

    What is that? Simone asked Nadine.

    That’s not normal.

    Nadine let’s get out of here, This picture, is creepy.

    Mrs. Owens suddenly thought this can’t be good.

    What is it, girls?

    Is there something your not telling us? Simone yelled out.

    Like what?

    This! Nadine shows her the picture.

    What is it?

    You don’t know. Simone questions.

    It looks like something is wrong with your camera and you picked up a bunch a white and black spots possibly from the sun's reflection; it‘s almost night time you know.

    Maybe, Look lets go, let this be the last house for now, I know you want to go home to your family.

    Are you sure?

    Sure we will contact you soon about looking at more houses.

    What about this one?

    Don’t worry we will let you know.

    Ok see you soon. Mrs. Owens went in her car and drove off.
    Lets go. Nadine and Simone walks towards there car.
    Suddenly the curtain moved over slightly from inside the house.

    You know what these can‘t be the reflection from the sun it’s a bit too perfect. Simone kept staring at the picture.
    I have a friend that can make out what’s in the picture.

    Really? Who is he?

    Well, we dated a while back.

    Nadine? I thought you were a lesbian?

    Well… I’m bisexual.

    You didn’t tell me that.

    It didn’t seem important.

    Important? I can’t believe you. Your sexuality is very important.

    Ok! Ok! Look what does it matter who I like and what I did in the past. All it matters is that I’m with you now. She leans over to kiss Simone gently.

    Fine… well I am curious about this picture.

    Who is the guy you use to date?

    He is this rich professor who loves the paranormal his name is Reese Durkee.

    Reese, it can’t be the same Reese I know!

    What… you know him?

    I think so, the Reese I know loves the paranormal You know I remember he use to accuse this sweet old lady that help my best friend out in her time of need of being a witch.

    Nadine giggles. Sounds like the same Reese to me.

    You dated him?

    Yeah, he’s so…. fine.

    What? Reese?

    Yeah he has a great body, he’s blonde, and rich the only reason that we didn’t work out is because he could be boring at times and he is still hung up on some girl in his past I think her name was Jennifer or Jackie I can’t quite remember; it’s some girl name start with a J.

    Simone eyes widen and shouts Jessica!

    Yeah that’s the name, you know her.

    You have no idea.

    Tabitha House 11:00 pm

    Look, Jacob I only trying to get Charity to trust in the both of us.

    And that’s comforting her and complimenting her.

    Well yeah when she‘s upset she tends to tell me what‘s on her mind and what she‘s going to do next and that gives us time to react. And the more we help her the more she will trust us when it’s time to act on her plan.

    Huh, that’s brilliant why didn’t I think of that?

    Because you want things right away you need to be patient your just rewards will come to you when you wait.

    You might be on to something!

    Please don’t get any bright ideas. Earl said to himself.

    Bennett’s’ House..... 11:10pm

    Hey mom, dad is okay if Maria stays here. I think I need to go home and take a nice relaxing bath after this ordeal.

    But Mom, there is something I have to tell you. Maria yells out.

    Not now sweetie, just get some sleep and mom…Could you make sure she get some rest.

    Some things never change. Maria said to herself.

    Sure honey and don’t think much about the mission, judging how you destroy that demon your mission should be a piece of cake.

    She’s right. Sam added.

    Before you go Kay I must tell you all something.

    Sounds serious, what is it Charity? Miguel ponders on what got Charity so rile up.

    I want to tell everyone, I finally got my memory back, I remember everything before the fire that killed my mom.
    Oh my god that’s great sweetie! Grace smiled from ear to ear. Now you can tell me about your life with my sister Faith. She then clutches her heart. Sam smiled and gave Grace a half hug.

    Charity sighs. Apparently Aunt Grace, I have some really good memories but yet I have a lot of bad ones also and that’s what’s bothering me.

    What do you mean?

    Well Jessica, I remember moving from town to town. But, what I remember was the house that I was born in. What all I remember was when I was 5 I seem to be happy playing with my old stuff bunny until I heard noises my mom grabbed me from the foyer and ran out the house. Mom told me since then we been running from the house that seem to be taken over from evil and my mother and I been running from it since then. She said she can’t fight this evil alone she must find her sister to vanquish the evil.

    Where is this house? Kay questioned.

    I remember the golden gate bridge so I believe…

    “ San Francisco” Maria said out loud. Charity is it red and trim with white windows?

    Yes? Charity said in confusion why would her little cousin know this?

    Maria!! How did you know? Miguel was very concerned that Maria knew about the house.

    The thing is dad, I don’t know.

    Ok This is get a bit freaky here. Kay begins to get agitated.
    I know! But evil doesn‘t stop in California it‘s source is right here in Harmony.

    How can you be so sure Charity?

    I’m not, I think this is from memory and of what my mom told me when I was five. She had premonitions also.

    And she told me Aunt Grace you have powers to vanquish evil by simply a wave of your hand like Kay.

    We basically know that from Hell in your closet. Remember?
    Jessica announces.

    Miguel suddenly heard the elders calling him.

    I hate to interrupt but I have to go.

    What….Miguel now?

    There calling me Kay. I promise I won’t be long.

    And how do you know that?

    Just know, he puckers to kiss her and she leans over to give him a kiss and he orbs away. She threw her hands up in disgust.

    Charity do you know where in San Francisco is this house located?

    I think so Aunt Grace. Why you ask.

    Because I think we should all go to find this house and get some answers. Maybe I too can get my memory back as well.

    San Francisco..... 8:30

    We‘re here! Nadine explains to Simone.

    Durkee’s Paranormal Research Center Simone reads out loud.

    Wow Reese made a name for himself.

    Yeah when I say he is rich he’s like Crane rich.

    Is it open this time a night?

    Yes Reese basically lives here, he is determine to rid the world from evil.

    He and I saw demons and hell up close once we definitely know it does exist.

    Really, I didn’t believe him when he told me.

    Believe it, my best friend’s house got sucked into hell literally.

    Whoa so the Paranormal does exist.

    There's no doubt in mind it doesn't. Shall we go inside.

    They walk in and sees a receptionist.

    Hey, I’m Nadine Rogers and I…

    I know who you are Ms. Rogers. Just give me a minute to see if he is available.

    Oh….ok….thanks she flips her hair.

    The receptionist calls to her boss.

    Ok Mr. Durkee I will send her up and could I go home after this. She awaits his answer.

    Thanks Mr. Durkee and you have a good night too. She hangs up the receiver.

    Ok, he will see you just sign in on this log book and take these two visitor’s passes. I take it you remember the way to his office. The receptionist said while packing up her things.

    Yes I do. Nadine answers while signing her name on the log book and passes it to Simone.

    Ok all set. You have a nice day Ms. Rogers and company.

    The name is Simone Russell.

    Ms Russell she nodded. The receptionist then begins to head out the doors she said her good byes to the security guards that was posted in front of the doors.

    Ok he is on the 14th floor. The elevators is this way.
    They walk to the elevators and press the button on the 14th floor.

    You ever wonder why buildings never have 13th floors.

    Simone, it’s bad luck to have a 13th floor.

    Really, I never really was superstitious so I didn’t know.

    I am very superstitious, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t got that modeling gig last summer. And this rabbit foot she reaches in her purse to show Simone a white furry rabbit foot. This will get me something big this year.

    Very interesting! Simone touches the rabbit foot.

    Suddenly the elevator stops on the 14th floor. They walked out the elevator and walk straight ahead. All you could hear is there footsteps echoing in the hall.

    Nadine knocked on the door. It creep open slightly.

    Come in a voice from the other side answered.

    Nadine fully opens the door and walks in with Simone.

    Nadine! Reese stood up and embrace her he looks up and saw the other woman beside her.

    Simone? He broke from his embrace to look at her.


    Wow you look great! Reese walks up to her and hugs her.

    You too. I can’t believe how successful you are and very handsome she cups his face and smile.

    Thanks for the handsome comment he straighten out his jacket then pushes his stylish eye glasses towards his face he had a bad habit of doing that. He then replies, and far as for my success in San Francisco I invested in real estate which I own two companies and I am also a real estate developer who in fact is in to the paranormal. Which is very paranormal activity is very high around here. So that is why I invented equipment to either destroy them or capture them.

    Very impress of what Reese has done with his life but very curious of his last statement. She muster up the question both her and Nadine was curious of.

    And where do you keep” them”?

    On the 13th floor where else.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 18 At least I hope

    Charmed Standish Style: Chapter 18 At Least I hope

    Morning came finally to Harmony.

    The girls at Hog warts learning advance magic.

    Potions and Demon identifying was the subjects. Paige is instructing.

    Ok, girls if you ever encounter this demon the best thing is to do is to be prepared.

    The more ingredients you hold in your household the better. The main ingredient in fact when you encounter most demons is mandarin root. You never have enough of that stuff believe me and oh….. vials.

    She holds it up.

    Stock up girls. Demons like to attack you at the worst times and it could ruin both your career and personal life. Being charmed has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The advantages is… the powers are cool (she smiles) And you will never get over the feeling of saving an innocent life. Disadvantages personal life can be disrupted, Your in danger of becoming poised, your family is always in danger, and it gets pretty expensive. So girls, especially you Jess, you may need to get a job.

    Whoa! Jessica sighs.

    Yes, the vials the damage to your house, your baby, your going to need money and lots of it. So it will be great if you guys stick together until you get on your feet.

    The bell rings. The girls gather their things and head out the door.

    Well class dismiss, Tomorrow we will identify demons a bit more, It will help if you bring the Book of Shadows. She smiled.

    Book of Shadows? They all said together.

    That’s right. Paige utters.

    You mean Book of Spells. Kay stated.

    No, I mean Book of Shadows.

    Everyone looked at each other with confusion.

    You mean the book is no longer called the Book of Shadows?

    No! Charity recited.

    Ok, this is not good. Jessica please summon the book.

    Jessica calls out Book of Shadows.

    Nothing happens.

    Say Book of Spells. Kay whispers to her.

    Ok, Book of Spell!

    The Book orbs in her hand.

    Paige took the book out of her hand.

    It has the same emblem on the front, but it’s a bit thin since the last time she saw it.

    She opens it. Everyone surrounds her including Maria.

    Paige turn all the pages in the book and realizes there is many pages missing.

    Where’s the truth spell and Barba’s the demon of fear warning; and make the perfect date spell…

    Perfect date? Jessica ponders.

    and the…

    she keep turning to see if she could find her and her sister entries of their 8 years of becoming Charmed.

    It’s not here.

    What’s not there? Jessica questions.

    Practically the whole book. This is not the Book of Shadows but merely pages out of it. You see, Grams ring, power of three spell, and to call upon your powers in which I think is the reason why the emblem is place on the book. Which one of you said the spell out loud.

    Kay raise her hand.

    Did you have some power before reading the spell?

    Yes. I save Tabitha’s life and suddenly my powers came.

    You saved an innocent. That is why you encounter your power. It gets stronger when you use it for good.

    Look, I know you guys got to get going. I will look more into this okay. Take the book and I will see you guys tomorrow.

    Ok, are you sure? Charity enounces.

    Sure, and girls… take my advice find a job and practice potion making, I have a feeling your going to need it.

    They nodded. Then orbs out.

    Something is very strange here. Paige said to herself. She then orbs to see the elders.

    Tabitha house…..

    The girls orb in the living room.

    I see you guys later, I have to get to work. Kay rushes upstairs to change.

    She is so lucky. Jessica pouts.

    Don’t worry, you will find a job. Charity speculates.

    Yeah right, who going to hire a big whale like me.

    Your not a whale, Aunt Jess.

    Thanks Maria.

    More like a cow.

    That’s not nice, Maria. Charity scolded.

    I’m just kidding. Maria shrugs her shoulders, grab the Book of Spells and went upstairs.

    I swear she reminds me more and more of Kay, everyday.

    No, She reminds of you.

    Gee Thanks, Charity.

    Well I’m being honest. She said with sarcasm.

    Look, we can go out there…to the world….and we will find a job. Are you with me?

    I’m with you. But how, the only experience I have is being a door to door sales woman and you can add prostitute to that list.

    Ah Jess, there’s something out there, I have a feeling retail is more your thing.

    Ok, well I’m coming with you…but I doubt anyone will hire me retail or not.

    I don’t know, your future looks bright. Charity sway her arm around Jessica shoulders and they walked out the door.

    How do you know? Did you have a premonition?

    No, but I have a good feeling about today.


    Hey Miguel. Kay gave him a quick peck on his cheek.

    Hey…how was class?


    Strange how?

    I really can’t talk about this now, I’m running a bit late, we’ll talk later, dinner you and me tonight.

    8 o’clock, right?

    Right! Love you.

    Love you too.

    Kay then changes her clothes. Miguel watches.
    I’m not sure if I will be able to let you leave.

    Miguel, your crazy we need the money.

    I know….But…

    He lightly grabs her.

    Surely you have time for a quickie.

    Ohhhh….Miguel! They kiss and fell slowly on the bed. They begin to make love until Miguel heard ringing in his ears.

    Damn….he pauses.

    What’s wrong?

    I been summons by the guardians, I’m sorry.

    He kissed her on the cheek. Kay sighs.

    I got to get to work anyways. She stood up.

    Then there was a knock on the door.

    Come in! Kay yells while Miguel orbs out.

    Mom, where’s Dad?

    You just missed him, he was “summons” by the guardians.

    Ok, I have too.

    You too?

    Yeah, see you later, have a nice day at work.

    Maria then orbs away.

    Why can’t we just be a normal family? She looks at her watch and notices she’s running late.

    I hope Fancy won’t be mad at me for being late for my first day working with her. She dressed quickly and rushed out the house.


    Augh… no one will even offer me an application! Jessica stated.

    Jess, you are applying for jobs like manager or assistant manager, you got to be a little realistic.


    Like applying for entry level jobs.

    You may settle for less but, I’m not selling my self short.
    Charity shook her head. Glad to see you have confidence. She said to herself.

    Why can’t we just place a spell to get a job or money for that matter, like Tabitha?

    Good question, but Paige said stuff like that is classified as personal gain, nothing good will come out of it.

    Then how does Tabitha gets away with it.

    Don’t know, evil apparently gets away with stuff like that. And at one time she was evil. And now she isn’t? Charity scratch her head and ponders.

    This whole magic rules is so confusing.

    Tell me about it.

    Charity giggles.

    Look, maybe you can work at your mother’s store or the B and B? Charity exclaimed.

    You know what, that’s a great idea. What about you?
    Well, I’m going to keep looking, see what’s out there.
    Alright, I’m going to see mom and I will see you later.
    Will do.

    Charity begin to walk east in town until a stranger with a red scarf bumps into her.

    Excuse you. She said out loud. But the stranger ignores her and rushes off.

    She gets a premonition.


    The man with the red scarf fights with another man on the Warf. The man with the scarf ends up hanging off the ledge of the Warf. The other man laughs and begins to step on the man’s hands causing the man with the scarf to fall to his death. There is a sign on the Warf that states Pier 12.

    End Premonition.

    That man, he’s in trouble.

    She runs towards the Warf looking for Pier 12.

    Other side of Harmony………………

    Jessica walks to B&B hoping to catch her mom there.
    She was hopeful that her mom will give her a job.
    Suddenly she bumps into Fox.



    There was a moment of silence.

    Until both decided to speak.

    How are you? They said in unison and began to laugh.

    Finally, Fox answers.

    I’m fine, I’m heading off to work.

    Oh, and I’m merely looking for a job.

    How’s it going?

    Not well, but Charity gave me a great idea, She suggested I should work for my mom.

    Right, yeah she does own two businesses here in town.
    Yeah, (Jessica smiled while looking into Fox’s eyes)
    Fox return the gaze.

    Well, I got to get going?

    Sure, don’t want to hold you up.

    It’s nice to see you this morning. He smiled.

    Same here.

    They both parted ways.

    Fox turns around to get one more glimpse of her, What am I doing, I am in love with Kay. (He said to himself) But she reminds me so much of her.

    He walks away.

    Jessica also turns to take in the tall blonde handsome male. Men shouldn’t be so sexy. (She said to her self) What am I doing? He is my sister’s soon to be ex husband and I’m pregnant, oh and ex hooker. That three strikes against me, I will never get a man like that. Kay your so lucky. She pouts and continue to walk to the B&B.

    Crane Industries……………

    Kay came in 10 minutes late.

    Kay! Fancy calls out.

    Uh Uh….she said to her self.

    Kay walks in Fancy’s luxurious office.


    Look, I know we are family, but I do expect my assistant to arrive to work on time if earlier if you know what I mean.
    I know, and I’m sorry, I had class and I kind of got mix in a family emergency.

    Kay got the feeling that will be a continuous excuse, De ja vu she thought.

    Oh, is Maria alright? I haven’t seen her in awhile is she ill?
    She had a slight fever, Kay lied. Thank god Miguel is an angel and stayed home with her.

    Oh, so you two are still going strong?

    Yeah, it’s great.

    And you don’t have any problems with him and Charity?

    No, she actually stays with us and umm they haven’t shown any interest in each other.

    Wow, your lucky….Because I keep finding Luis in Sheridan’s arms and I don’t know what to do.

    You stand by him, that’s what you do, Sheridan is probably coming on to him…I saw how he looks at you he loves you.

    You think?

    I know….Luis is a good man, he will never intentionally hurt you.

    I so want believe that. She sulks.

    Then believe it.

    Fancy smiled. I am so glad you’re my assistant.
    I am so glad that I am your assistant.

    Yeah, I could imagine working for Fox, will be a bit difficult for you.

    Yeah…It’s hard enough working in the same building.

    Well, my brother won’t dare be a problem to you or he will answer, to me.

    Kay smiled, she knew Fancy always had a handle on Fox.

    The Warf…………….

    Charity frantically looks for the man with the red scarf. She looks at the sign and it said Pier 15.

    I’m close, Pier 12 should be that way. She quickly rushes to the next Pier.


    Jessica walks in the B&B searching for her mother.

    Grace was politely talking to Jacob and Earl.

    Mom, what’s going on?

    Oh, I just hire these fine young fellows to help out in the B&B.

    But Mom, (she whispers) There demons.

    I know….but, there trying to change their ways. Isn’t that right, fellows?

    They nodded.

    Mrs. Bennett we will get started painting the outside than work our way to the inside.

    That’s fine, Boys. Thank you!

    They grab their paint and equipment and head outside.

    So what are you doing here?

    Mom, I was wondering do you need anymore help?

    Grace smiled. I sure do….I need housekeeper.

    And I need a job and we can co exist together.

    Grace politely smiles…I’m sorry Jessica, you can’t.

    Why not?

    Your pregnant, there is no way you can withstand those harmful chemicals, plus the job inquires a lot of bending, it wouldn’t be good for the baby.

    I guess your right. She sulked. Hey, what about the shop?
    I could use some help in the shop, I need some one to order and take inventory and Jess you can be my inventory clerk. Oh wait that inquires bending.

    What! How?

    Well some of our stock is stored very low.

    Mom give me a break.

    Fine you do the ordering and I take inventory.

    Jessica took a deep breathe. Thanks.

    Your welcome.

    When do I start?

    Next week, I have to wait for my first order to come in to open back up the shop. I been gone so long, some of my stock has been outdated.

    Yeah, pretty much. I stop caring since I was walking the streets for a living.

    Jessica, I been meaning to talk to you about that.

    Oh no, Here we go.

    Don’t patronize me, young lady.

    I’m not!

    I want to know how you of all people got caught up into drugs, prostitution and god knows what else?

    Mom, I not ready to have this conversation.

    Well I am, I was dead to all of you, remember, so I know the value of time. And we need to talk about this.

    Maybe I don’t need that job after all. Jessica decided to walk out.

    Jessica, please don’t leave. Jessica turns around.

    Mom, I can’t talk about this, not now.

    Ok, but some day?

    Some day! She nodded. Grace hugged her daughter.

    I love you and I don’t want to fight.

    Me neither, I saw where that can go.

    Grace smiled.

    Ok, well how about we get a smoothie?

    I’m so for it. Oh, by the way mom, I have an idea to improve the shop.

    What is it?

    Include herbs for potion making, not make it obvious it’s for Wicca, but more organic and herbal.

    You know you may be on to something.

    They walked out the B&B to get smoothie.

    Earl and Jacob saw.

    Good she’s gone, Look I know we need to cover our tracks but, there is something I have to do.

    Like what? Earl searches for an answer.

    Don’t worry about it, just cover me.

    Jacob shimmers out.


    Pier 13! Charity yells.

    One more, she began running faster.

    She then saw the man in the red scarf from a far distance.

    There he is. She races towards him to warn him of the upcoming danger.

    Then she sees a figure shimmers in.

    A demon!

    The men were exchanging heated words the demon grabs something out the men with the red scarf hand.

    Man with scarfYou got what you wanted, now leave me alone)

    Demon: You see that’s not all I wanted. He grab the man jacket and push him closer to the edge.

    Man with scarf: This wasn’t the agreement.

    Demon: Funny, I don’t remember an agreement.

    He pushes him closer to the edge. Fearful for his life the man with the scarf begin to fight. But the demon was stronger and he pushed him out on the edge.

    Charity grew closer but out of breathe from trying to run a long distance to find the Pier.

    Hey! She muster out.

    The figure heard her and shimmers out.

    The man with the red scarf was hanging on the edge.

    Help! He yells.

    She then extended out her hand to rescue the man. He grabs on and she pulled with all her might. The man finally was pulled to safety.

    The man was breathing hard trying desperately to catch his breath.

    Thanks, you save my life.

    No problem. Charity also try hard to catch her breathe.

    Are you ok?

    I think so. The man answered. I ‘m leaving this retched job.


    You didn’t see what that thing can do?

    Yes! I saw very clearly. Charity whimpered standing up dusting off the debris off her clothing.

    He’s a monster of some sort, with powers you won‘t believe, (he sighs)when I took on this job I suppose to be photographing the rich and famous. Not Demons or supernatural stuff like before. I can’t do this any more, I got get out here, I got to get out of Harmony and find my family, who can help me get rid of them once and for all.

    He begins to rush off.

    Charity grabs him by the arm.

    I can’t let you leave.

    He turns and ask Why not?

    Your in danger, that demon, monster what ever you want to call it, that you were talking about, might come back, and next time he may kill you.

    I don’t think so, he got what he wanted.

    What did he want?

    My video tape, you see I caught him on tape, using his powers.

    Oh no, magic could be exposed? That means the demon was protecting all of us. Charity said to herself.

    Look, sweetie, I thank you for saving my life and trying to keep me safe, but your a young woman with a life ahead of you and that is a demon, you may get you self kill by trying to save me a wash up drunk photographer who denounces his family.

    Charity was tempted to tell him, that her and her cousins can protect him and they have the power to do it. But she had to keep a low profile that she was in fact a witch and could be exposed them as well. How can I protect him with out exposing magic, she ponders. And suddenly came up with an idea.

    Ok, I believe you. As long as you let me treat you to dinner with family.

    No, I don’t think so, I better leave town as soon as possible.
    Do you think that safe?

    Yeah, I have relatives in California, San Francisco in fact there very powerful, I think I may head out there. Hopefully they will take me back.

    So, that’s it your leaving Harmony?

    Oh… you can count on that doll. I wish my boss would understand, the hell with it, I quit it doesn‘t matter anymore, I’m definitely leaving Harmony and never looking back.
    Charity figure since the man was quitting just maybe there’s a potential job opening that she has first dibs on. Hey if you have lemons make lemonade. She encouraged herself.

    Sir, where do you work?

    What do you care?

    You see, I’m in dire need of a job.

    Oh ….you can have this job, I tell my boss, I have a replacement. Have you done photography?

    Your kidding, that is one of my many hobbies.

    The man smiled. Look I tell my boss, be at her office noon tomorrow that‘s when she is in her better moods. He took out a card out his wallet and handed it to her. It’s the least I could do for you, for saving my life. Some how I feel this closeness to you, it’s hard to explain, you look like….never mind… By the way Good Luck, your going to need it.

    He begins to walk away.

    Oh and young lady. Be careful, I seen some sick stuff out there.

    She nodded. He gave a smirked before walking away.

    Charity looks at the card and read out loud Daily Private Lives.

    Crane Industries…………

    Kay walks in her office to give Fancy important files mark urgent.

    Ugh! I hate this Tabloid! Fancy throws the tabloid and nearly hits Kay.

    I take it your in it. Kay laid her files on the desk.

    I’m so sorry, Kay, I didn‘t hit you, did I?

    No, I’m ok, what’s bugging you?

    The smut they put in those things. Fancy begins to rub her temples.

    Kay walks over and picks up the tabloid and begins to read it.
    I can’t believe it they even have a picture of Luis kissing Sheridan ….saying the couple is back together? I’m so sorry Fancy.

    Oh that’s premature, your in it too.


    Turn to page 8. Kay started to flip the pages desperately searching for page 8.

    Gold digger leaves Rich Crane for Fisherman. She stated out loud.

    Oh my god, It said they don’t understand why Fox married me and I am skanky and said the Fisherman lower his standards . He’ll be better off with his catch of the day, a mere Tuna Fish?

    Yeah, that’s pretty awful.

    I hate this Tabloid. She threw the magazine down and stomp it.

    You know what, Daily Private Lives has gotten on my last nerve. Fancy pouted.

    Look, its bad. I know. But you love Luis don’t let this ruin your relationship.

    Your right again, Kay. Just make sure you live up too your advice. Miguel is a great catch, (she giggles)

    Kay gave her a deadly stare.

    Oh ok, I’m kidding, since your into advice, I’m going to give you mine, don’t underestimate his ex or yours in that matter.
    What do you mean?

    I mean….

    Suddenly a knock on the door. Fox walks in.

    I didn’t say come in. Fancy utters.

    And since when did that stopped me.

    Never, as I recall.

    Oh Fancy, what got you in this sinister mood.

    You should talk. Kay said to her self.

    Oh nothing, but Daily Private Lives, who else…

    Luis and Sheridan, I saw.

    I swear, it would just been easier to stay with Noah at least his ex isn’t a problem anymore.

    That was evil, Fancy. Kay announced.

    Oh, I didn’t mean no harm.

    Oh, Kay I didn’t see you there. Fox exclaimed.

    Oh, well you can see me walk out the door. She smirked as she walked out of Fancy’s office.

    You guys should try to get along.

    I want to? It still hurts, you know.

    Yeah, but why did you fake your illness, oh yeah and use fake Charity and Miguel imposters.

    Who told you?

    Father, of course.

    Damn him. Look, she was going to leave me anyway.
    I didn’t do anything wrong, just fighting for love, I was losing and I figure it was worth a try. All is fair in love and war.


    Come on, you would do anything to keep Luis.

    No, I willing to let his sorry butt go, to his “soul mate”.

    I’m not like you. I loved her, I still love her and I am willing to fight for her.

    The best way is to let her go, if she loves you she will be back.

    I can’t.

    Fancy threw her hands up in defeat and decided to change the subject.

    So, is this the reason, you’re here.

    Fox gave a small laugh. You know me so well.

    I sure do. Come here. She stood up to give Fox a hug instead grabbed his ear and twisted it.


    Next time, you try a stunt like that. I’m twisting both of them off.

    Tabitha house………. 7:30 pm

    Everyone with exception of Miguel and Maria were settling down getting ready for dinner.

    Where’s Miguel and Maria? Kay began to get worried.

    I don’t know, I haven’t seen them all day. Tabitha announces.

    Where could they be. Kay paced the floor back and forth.

    Relax Kay, I’m sure they just having a family outing.

    With out me?

    Yeah, Father….Daughter that’s the least he could do with all the years he missed.


    What? It’s true.

    What is gotten into you?

    Everything! She laughs. No one was amused It’s just hormones.

    Suddenly, Miguel and Maria orbs in the kitchen.

    Hey you two, where you been?

    With the guardians. Maria stated.

    Really, since this morning? Kay questions.

    Oh, yeah it kind of ran long. Miguel added.

    Well, what did they want? Tabitha shouted.

    Look, let’s all go to Bennett’s house and I will explain.

    But, what about dinner?

    Tabitha, could you put in the oven to keep warm. You don’t have to go, you can go ahead and relax and have your dinner, ok. Miguel said while they all head to Bennett’s house.

    Bennett’s house…..

    I got news on the house and the Book of Shadows. Maria announces.

    Miguel took over.

    Apparently, the real Book of Shadows is located in the house you were talking about Charity.


    Yes, someone took some of the pages out the book and pass it off as the Book of Spells.

    Tabitha…right. Kay pondered.

    Maria agreed.

    Is she evil, is she a threat to us? Grace questions.
    She was, but the guardians has told us she is neutral at this point. She’s torn between her friendship with Kay and the dark side.

    So what does the guardians want us to do?

    They want us to find the house, Jess. Miguel explains it’s in San Francisco apparently it’s shielded from something powerful, we can’t find it by using magic.

    So, we have to find it the old fashion way. Sam added. I have friends in San Francisco that can help find the house with Charity description of it.

    Wait a minute, Paige, she’s our ancestor couldn’t she just tell you where the house is.

    She was ordered to stay out of it by a council because she is a ghostly figure. We have to find the house on our own Maria said in a firm voice.

    Weird. Jessica ponders.

    Well, if Tabitha got the pages from the Book of Shadows she may know where the house is now. Kay added.

    We don’t want to arouse her suspicion with her past she may try to steal the book for herself ,if that book ever get in the wrong hands. Evil will get the upper hand. Miguel swallowed hard with his last statement.

    Oh god, well the old fashion way, is the best way. Sam yelled out.

    So, this House it can be the answer for all unanswered questions.

    Right, Mrs. Bennett.

    San Francisco? Charity pulls the card the man gave her earlier. She looks at the card and notices the man’s name Victor Matthew Halliwell she read out loud. Could he be related to us?

    Charity, who could be related to us? Jessica stood there confuse.

    This morning, I saved an innocent from a demon.

    Oh god, why didn’t you tell us. Jessica exclaimed.

    I’m sorry, I had a lot of things going on.

    What happen to the innocent, Charity? Miguel questioned.

    He’s fine, he said he was going to San Francisco where his relatives lived.

    That can’t be a coincidence. Kay gently answered.

    No, and this can’t be either. Charity shows the card to them.
    Halliwell? Jessica and Kay said in unison.

    Yeah, he seem familiar with magic as he said he caught a demon on tape using it.

    You think he was going to expose magic?

    I would think so. Charity lowered her head. The demon was going to kill him, if I didn’t get to him on time.

    Thank god you didn’t, I just wish you brought him here. Kay ran her hand through her hair.

    No, she did right Kay. Just maybe he could be evil.

    You can’t be serious, Miguel, he could be our family and could answer the questions that we are dying to know.

    No Kay, Miguel is right, we don’t know if he is related to us, and it’s a possibility that he hates magic and possibly expose us are could lead us in a trap.

    Come on Mom, this is your past, wouldn’t you want to take that risk, too know who you were, who you are?

    Sure, Honey but, not in the expense to put our family in danger.

    You can’t be serious.

    Kay, I think their right, we need to think this through, he could be setting us up, he too could be a demon. Charity added.

    Then we vanquish him, come on people, it’s about taking chances.

    Kay you been at it, longer than we have, and we understand your frustration, but we need to think this one through, before someone gets hurt.

    Great Miguel, then I’m going home then.

    Kay, don’t be like that, maybe I will go with you and we can talk.

    No, stay here and take Charity’s side as usual.


    You heard me. Kay rushes out the front door and slams it.
    What has gotten into her? Miguel shouted.

    Relax, Miguel, you know Kay when she doesn’t get her way. She’ll be fine, after a good night’s rest. Jessica said while comforting him.

    Yeah, she’ll be fine, he repeated. At least I hope.

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    Post Re: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 19 Magic does exists

    Charmed Standish Chapter 18 Magic does exists

    Tabitha Kitchen………Next day

    Good Morning all! Charity smiles sweetly at everyone while grabbing herself a cup of coffee.

    Hey, Charity, you look cheerful today. Jessica responded while taking a scoop of her strawberry and cream oatmeal.

    Yeah, it looks like your glowing with the aura of happiness. Miguel added.

    What’s the happy occasion dear? Tabitha curiously questions her.

    I have a job interview today! Charity smiled sweetly.

    Really… Where? Jessica responded.

    Ok.. Promise me, you won’t judge.

    We won’t judge, Charity….Just tell us. Jessica said curiously.

    Ok…. Daily Private Lives. She waited for their response, there was a long moment of silence in the kitchen.

    That sleazy tabloid that broke the story on Ethan’s paternity? Tabitha said while breaking the still of silence in the room.

    Yes. Charity replied softly.

    Why would you want to work there? Miguel questions.

    With the knowledge of the business card that was given to her.

    Miguel, it’s a job, a great opportunity for me.
    Keeping a Wicca lifestyle gets expensive. Plus, I need to help out around here and pay Tabitha some rent.

    That’s the first. Tabitha mutter under her breath while sipping her tea.

    That’s very thoughtful dear, but there are other means of making a living. You have a college degree why don’t you ask Fox for a job at Crane Industries with Kay.

    Ok, well I’m grateful for your suggestion Tabitha. But I, think that will be a world of trouble…. considering Fox is a demon and besides Kay works for Fancy now. I think she would like a place where she can be normal without anyone of us around, You know we live together, go to classes together, fight demons together it is healthy for all of us if, we had life away from each other.

    And I 100% agree….Miguel added.

    I don’t think is for you too decide; Miguel…if Charity wants a career in business she should do it. Not necessary with Fox or Fancy’s department maybe Theresa‘s, I think it’s safer for you all too stick together. Tabitha desperately tries to make her point.

    It‘s something evil and sinister about that company if you ask me. I‘m not thrilled that Kay and my sister work there and Fox being there as well….

    Look Miguel, Fox won’t do any thing to hurt Kay or anyone else in that matter. He may have demonic powers…. But, he hasn‘t attack us, since he got them. Besides, Kay has been working there since he became a demon and nothing had happen to her.

    There is no need to fret; you guys. That is why I decided to work away from anyone I know. Daily Private Lives may be sleazy but it’s a life away from family and friends, a career in the making and you never know maybe I can change it up….. do something good for the tabloid. And with all the demon fighting lately; and what had happen yesterday. I would think to keep an eye out on any magic becoming exposed.

    You know your smarter than anyone gives you credit.

    Thanks Tabitha, I think.

    Charity looks around and notices someone is missing.

    Hey, where’s Kay?

    Miguel sighs…She gotten up early today for class.
    She’s already at Hogs worth? I take it she’s still mad at you.

    Yeah, some times I get the feeling she doesn‘t want to be with me.

    Don’t be ridiculous Miguel, she loves you, she always have. Jessica puts a reassuring hand on Miguel’s shoulder.

    Yeah…well sometimes she doesn’t act like it.

    He begins to hear voices in his head.

    Look ,I got to go, the guardians are calling Maria and I to a meeting again.

    Oh ok! Jessica quickly takes her hand off Miguel’s shoulder. He than orbs away.

    Wow, it looks like trouble in paradise. Tabitha announces.

    Your jumping to conclusions…. Jessica then looks at her watch. Oh, Charity look at the time we ‘re running late.

    Oh man, Bruce is going to kill me. She places her cup in the sink. Jessica orbs her breakfast dishes in the sink.

    Oh, your leaving those dishes for me to clean up.
    Jessica shrouded her shoulders at Tabitha as she gets up and grabs Charity’s hand and orbs to Hogs worth.

    Magic school should teach you to clean up after yourself. Tabitha said in disgust.

    Suddenly the bowl got her attention.

    Why are you showing me this house? She became shocked at the next image. No!! it can’t be.

    Elsewhere in Harmony…….

    Hannah Johnson lights 3 white candles in front of her altar.

    She begins to chant.
    Spirits from east and west
    Spirits from the widen seas
    Protect my home, family, and friends
    From unknown enemies
    Blessed be

    She repeats while swaying her hands over the candles. Suddenly the flames from the candles went out.

    She opens her eyes quickly from fright, as she felt a dark shadowy presence behind her. She sucks in a breath, it was clearly known she was nervous when she felt her body shaken with pure terror as if she was already expecting evil‘s arrival.

    I knew you were coming. She said with a shaky tone.
    The presence said nothing. She stood up and face the figure. She sees a dark figure in black ceremonial robes.

    My home is protected your not going to get my powers or my cousin‘s.

    The dark figure begins to laugh. He blinks out then back in. Her eyes widen in surprise when she felt his presence in front of her. She gasps.

    You mean your daughter.The figure grabs her by the neck. You wanna bet. She begins to chant Spirits from east and west. Spirits from the widen seas. The figure begins to laugh, which puzzled Hannah. You never think it through,as long as I known you. In your spell you said unknown enemies. Me and you go way back and you know that. Hannah struggles and again chants.She knows it will protect her daughter. She looks at the dark figure’s face. You, I trusted you! Yes me, big mistake never trust a demon! He announces. You never get her.Perhaps, but you will never know. He then reaches in his robes for his Athame.

    Wait... there is something you should know. Spare me your plea, You didn't spare me when you vanquish me the first time.

    I loved you until you betrayed me.

    Some love.He stabs her quickly. She gasps she wimpers out Gretchen, the spell was suppose to protect us from your fa.....

    Hannah eyes rolled back. She took her last breathe and past. Her lifeless body fell to the floor. The dark figure blinks out. Leaving her laying in a puddle of blood in the middle of the floor. Even in death it seems she was trying to protect her home.

    San Francisco…..

    You know what…I need to get a better look at this house. Reese proclaimed.

    Look, I will go to the house and take a look at it. If I see anything out the ordinary. I will call you.

    That could be dangerous, Simone.

    Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

    Come on in. Reese answered.

    His receptionist walks in with a message.

    Mr. Durkee, the staff on the thirteenth floor, has capture another spirit they want you to evaluate their analysts reports.

    Thank you, tell the staff, I’ll be right down.

    Ok, Mr. Durkee, is there anything else I could get you?

    No, I’m fine.

    The receptionist nods her head and walks out the room.

    I still want to see what’s on the thirteenth floor.

    I can’t it’s dangerous. About the house…

    Look, it’s a great house, it’s beautiful, the spots around the house in this picture is what our real estate lady said it was just mere reflections from the sun.

    Very unlikely, Simone. I haven’t got a chance to look clearly at the photograph, and speak with my staff on the thirteenth floor about it, I been too busy with my real estate business. That um….

    Oh really….. I always admire the real estate business, What have you been busy doing? Simone quickly interrupted.

    Well, I thought I could do something nice for you and Nadine, make your stay here in San Francisco, a little easier.

    What did you do Reese? Simone folded her arms.
    I decided to buy the house and let you guys live in it for free.

    What! I can’t believe you would do something like that.

    Reese smiled he knew he was doing something good. Until he got smack against his head with Simone’s purse.

    What are you doing Simone? He cried rubbing his head.

    You jerk, how dare you buy that house. What… you think because your super rich you can flaunt your money everywhere you go.

    No, No, it’s not like that.

    Oh, is it because your trying to make your move on my girlfriend since you two have dated.

    No! I still have feelings for Jess, that was the reason Nadine and I broke up. I was doing this to be nice Simone because, you were always my friend, You always were nice too me in high school. This is a token of my appreciation. And I hope dearly you would accept it.

    Simone saw the sincere look in his face. She sighs.
    Look, I’m sorry Reese, you know I have to be extra careful between you two since you dated Nadine in the past. And judging by your history….

    What your talking about?…. Charity? That was….well….I don’t know. He scratches his head.
    Well….that day you hurt both Miguel and Jessica.

    I know, it was strange…. That’s partly why I’m here in San Francisco. One part is too prove too my father that I can be as successful as he was, as a Bank manager. Except, I knew I could do better that is where my real estate business came in. I been driven to do that and get Jessica back. I haven’t made my way to Harmony to get her back yet, because I need to prove that witchcraft exists. You know, I always thought it was witchcraft that made Charity and I crawl into bed together.

    Witchcraft? Simone began to become angry. What is it with you men from Harmony?

    What do you mean?

    Oh, I didn’t know what I was doing, I thought you were Charity or in your case Jessica. Oh, that wasn’t me, with Charity. She was thinking of the night imposter Miguel slept with imposter Charity. Still not knowing the truth, she was angry for her best friend, Kay.

    I never said that.

    No, but if I gave you a minute or two, you would have.

    Look, I replay that day over and over in my head.
    I bet you do.

    Simone, you have to believe me, I think Charity and I were under a spell. You know that time when Miguel slept with Kay he said he thought it was Charity. I kind of believe him. Strange things happens in Harmony all the time. But, oddly enough, San Francisco can give Harmony a run for its money.

    Dismissing the Paranormal talk. Look… whatever, if you love Jess then tell her how you feel. You can’t waste your life blaming witchcraft. You should go back to Harmony and do what you can to get her back. Trust me, you are better than the company she keeps lately. you know you never know when your time is up, I lost Rae, I didn‘t have a chance to tell her I love her. But that won’t be the case with Nadine, I make sure I tell her everyday and every chance I get. So, take it for me, tell Jessica right away, or you may lose the chance.

    I admire what you and Nadine have. But you don’t have to worry about me, and I may go back to Harmony to see what Jessica is up too soon. I think your right, I need to see if there could be something between us there is no promise for tomorrow. But, in the mean time, I would like you to accept my offer on the house.

    Simone sighs while crossing her arms.

    Fine. She begins to walk out the office.

    Where are you going?

    To check out my house. She walks out the office.
    Simone! Reese called out. She was out of hearing range.You can't right now, It’s dangerous. He said softly then sighing.

    He then picks up his phone.

    Yeah…Get me Officer Morris please.

    Hogs worth……………

    Bruce Lee awaits for Charity.

    She runs in the gym.

    Sorry I’m late.

    Charity a true warrior must have discipline.

    Yes, I know but I was getting my outfit ready for an interview that I have later on this evening.


    Yes, I am interviewing to become a reporter for the Daily Private Lives.

    The sleazy tabloid?

    Charity sighs while placing her boxing gloves on her hands.

    Yes the tabloid….I thought if I work there I could change it to a respectable magazine.

    Bruce Lee begins to laugh. Yeah and I am Britney Spears he laugh harder. He begins to sing Oops I did it again in between his laughter.

    It’s not funny. Charity places her hands on her hips.
    Bruce saw how serious she was.

    Look, you have to make a living…but I would think with your college degree you would pick something like becoming an executive in some fancy corporation.

    Funny…That’s what Tabitha said.

    She’s wise beyond her years, believe me. He smiles.
    I appreciate the advice, but I think I’m doing a great thing here.

    Well, that’s all that matters.

    Your not going to debate me on this.

    No. Don’t have the time….Now Lesson 21 he begins demonstrating his kung fu kick.

    Spell writing class Hogs worth……..

    Kay, why are you here so early.

    I just wanted to get a jump on things before we start class.

    Your still mad about yesterday, when you thought everyone supposedly took Charity’s side.

    She always win. She utters under her breath.

    She always, what?

    Good Morning all…. Esmeralda came to the front of the class.

    Excuse me? Where’s Paige? Jessica desperately searches for an answer.

    Paige is a ghost, she was only here temporally to get you up to speed from demons attacking you. Now that you guys know the basics, we are advancing from Demon identifying with potions to Spell writing with potions. She magically orbs them new books in front of them.

    Then she begins to call role.





    She looks at the class and realize there only 2 students in the class.

    It seems I am missing 2 other students. A Charity Standish and Maria Lopez- Fitzgerald.

    Oh… um.. Maria had a meeting with the guardians and Charity will learn from us since she hasn’t any active powers she has three classes during the week, Kung Fu with Bruce Lee in the gym. Jessica explains.
    Well, that’s crazy. Since she doesn’t have any active powers she should be in this class.

    Kay and Jessica shrugged their shoulders.

    Oh no…this won’t do. She walks out the classroom.

    Uh Oh! Kay and Jessica said in unison.

    Miguel and Maria finish their meeting with the guardians and orbs in to Hogs worth.

    Dad, I don’t know what to say about those missing witches. You think Grandfather knows anything about it.

    I don’t know…I would have to ask him. But first I have to see your mother.

    Ok ,she is in Paige’s class. Where I suppose to be. She rushes in the classroom with her father right behind her.

    Kay! Miguel calls out.

    Kay looks up then looks back down in her book.
    Miguel walks towards her.

    Kay, we need to talk.

    About what? Still looking in her book.

    About us, why didn’t you say a word to me last night and didn’t say anything to me this morning. Are you mad at me?

    Of course not, Miguel I was tired last night and this morning I wanted a head start in class that’s all.

    O…k…. He sighs….

    Gym at Hogs worth…….

    Ok Charity now that you got the kick down, show me the kick with the combination punch. I showed you a couple weeks ago.

    Charity begins to do what Bruce Lee requested.
    Until Esmeralda walks in the gym,

    Excuse me….Bruce Lee is it.

    Yes and you are?

    Esmeralda….I believe you have one of my students.
    And who may that be?

    Charity Standish.

    I’m sorry your mistaken Charity is my student for three days out the week. She has been since she enroll here at Hogs worth.

    No she is not….she orbs in her hand the role call roster.

    You see Mr. Lee she is on my roster she is suppose to be in Spell writing class.

    I’m sorry you are mistaken Paige excuse her from that class to get her up too speed on her martial arts.
    Look…Mr. Lee, I am in charge of that class now and I need to teach her the fundamentals of Spell writing with potions.

    She also needs hands on training with martial arts her cousins will bring her up too speed.

    Mr. Lee you seem to be an understanding man, we can compromise here. Why don’t we have all the students in my class first to learn this great art ofspell writing and afterwards they all can be in your class learning your fine art….(she flirts) martial arts.
    You know, I can dig that….I would like to see the other girls advance in their martial arts like Charity here. Ok, you have a deal. He reaches his hand out to greet hers.

    Deal. Now Charity get changed and meet me at Spell Writing class 101.

    Ok! As long as I make it to my interview on time.
    Bruce nods. Charity then blink her eyes and she was wearing a different outfit, a trick Paige showed her in class. She then walks out the gym.

    Earl and Jacob show up at the gym.

    Where have you two been?

    We been keeping an eye on the Charmed ones like you ask. Earl answered.

    Good! How are they doing.

    There powers are growing. Jacob added.

    Even better. Bruce Lee smiles then notices footprints throughout his gym. What is on your shoes it‘s leaving paint all over the gym? He then grabs a mop.
    Jacob looks down on his shoe he realize there was a trail of paint that followed him.

    Oh that, well it’s paint, I was at the bed and breakfast where we are renovating and I must of stepped in the paint.

    I didn’t notice we use red paint for anything. Earl added.

    Yeah I accidentally spilled the paint as I was straightening up .

    Long as you are not back to your old ways, If so Jacob, I would have to send you back to the wastelands.

    No sir, I have change.

    Good. Well, keep up the good work. Since I’m free this hour, Let’s have a lesson.

    Jacob and Earl smiled and begin circling around Bruce Lee. Then they begin to attack.

    Spell Writing Room Hogs worth……

    So since your not mad and class is not in session….You think maybe I could tell you about this amazing dream I had about us.

    I don’t think so, Miguel.

    Why not Kay?

    We have a new teacher and she is nothing like Paige.
    Come on Kay, it was a great dream I have to tell you.
    No Miguel, not now.

    Kay, I think this is more than just the teacher… He looks at her and she looks away…. you are definitely avoiding me. She continues to look away until Esmeralda walks in the class room.

    Excuse me? Who are you?

    I’m Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald their white lighter.

    Are you suppose to be in this class?


    Do you have an emergency?


    Well, I suggest you leave.

    Ok I’m leaving. Kay, we need to talk about this when classes over.

    No Miguel, I have to work.

    Then after work . Esmeralda notices Kay doesn’t want to talk to Miguel.

    Young Man, please leave I have a class to teach.

    Sorry for the interruption. He orbs out the room.

    Charity appears and sits down beside them.

    Did I miss anything? Both girls ignore Charity’s comment.

    Kay, why do you keep avoiding, Miguel? Jessica whispers.

    I’m not! She shouted.

    Ladies! Esmeralda yells to get their attention.

    They quickly straighten up a notion to Esmeralda to begin class.

    Now when you throw your potion your spell has to be cast quickly…..

    Hannah Johnson house……

    Hannah’s cousin Gretchen Perry turns the key in the knob and walks in the house.
    She calls out Hannah! Hannah I’m home. Realizing no ones home. She walks in the kitchen
    She throws her keys and purse on the counter. She begins to think something’s off. Hannah is suppose to be ready for work now… she asked if she can borrow the car after her graveyard shift at Harmony’s diner since her car was in the shop awaiting repairs.
    Hannah! She calls out again. She decided to walk upstairs to her room to see if she was there.
    Hannah! Gretchen knocks on the door to notice it was slightly ajar. She walks in and screams. Hannah! She shouted as she rushes to Hannah cold lifeless body. She holds her. No!!! she muster up as tears flow freely down her flushed cheeks. She grabs the phone near Hannah’s bed. Hello 911 I need help.
    What can I help you with? The operator on the line ask.

    My cousin has been murdered.

    She cries.

    where do you live? The voice said calmly.

    Gretchen softly whimpers 324 Oakwood Street. .
    Ok I’m sending an officer your way. Ma’am please stay calm.

    She hangs up the phone.

    She heard a noise downstairs, she quickly rushes to see what it was. Some one was trying to get in the house. Gretchen quickly hides behind the couch. Whoever it was couldn’t get inside, the person tries the window and tries to break it, it looks like the window was protected by some magical force field. Suddenly sirens was heard down the street. The person quickly shimmers away. Gretchen sees the person disappears magically. She gasps. Hannah is right magic does exists.

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    Post Re: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 20 They are all Superficial

    Charmed Standish 20 They are all Superficial

    San Francisco……….

    Simone gets out the car and looks at the beautiful house in front of her. She can’t wait to surprise Nadine about the house. She wants the house to be perfect for her. Nadine still thinks it’s creepy and she wants to convince her its homey, welcoming, and comfortable she steps towards the miniature stairs.

    Until a cop walks up.

    What do you think your doing?

    Simone turns around to look at the cop. He was young tall handsome African American male with a body that seems god himself had to chisel.

    Simone even though she was a lesbian, had some kind of attraction towards him. She looks at the name tag on his uniform.

    Officer Morris is it?

    He looks at the pretty woman, he notices her almond shape eyes and cute figure and how stylish she was, he could tell she takes real good care of herself. He smiles and nodded. They share intense eye contact which brought the most uncomfortable moment of silence.

    Simone decided to break the ice.

    Umm…I’m going to check out this house, it’s been sold to a friend of mine. She proceeded to walk towards the house. But the officer grabs her. She looks down at his hand grabbing her arm She was annoyed but yet his touch was electrifying. He may be a fine man but he doesn’t have to put his hands on her. She thought. She swung her arm out of his grasp.

    Look, get your hands off me. I’m going to see this house.

    I’m sorry Ma’am I have special instructions to not let anyone come near this house.

    By whose instructions? Simone gets angry.

    From the man that purchase this house.

    Reese? He wouldn’t do that.

    Apparently so, He doesn‘t want you to get hurt so he sends an officer like me to stop you.

    Officer like you? What do you mean?

    Well, I usually handle special cases like the Paranormal.

    You got to be kidding me.

    He has cops on his payroll? She thought to her self.

    There’s nothing Paranormal about this house!

    She walks towards the house again.

    Are you asking for a death wish; lady. You can’t go near this house.

    I can and I will.

    If you go near that house; I will bust your butt for trespassing.

    You wouldn’t.

    Try me.

    Simone was head strong she took his bluff and walks towards the house.

    Officer Morris grabs his handcuffs and slap it on her.
    You got to be kidding me, your arresting me?

    Did any one tell you don’t dare Officer Darnell Morris.

    No, but when I get out of this, you will wish I hadn’t.

    Hogs worth Gymnasium……..

    Good Lesson guys and keep up the good work. Bruce yelled while drinking his bottled water.

    Thanks we better go before the Charmed ones see us. Earl shouted.

    Yeah! Go…Go… just remember keep them out of trouble.

    Sure thing Mr. Lee, Jacob said sweetly. Bruce nodded and they shimmered out. Right before Kay, Charity, Maria and Jessica came in.

    Wow the Charmed ones, and an additional?

    Yeah, this is my daughter, Maria. Kay smiled.

    Oh yes, the child with the grace of god.

    Everyone looked at one another. What do you mean?
    Kay questions.

    She has the glow of goodness otherwise known as the Goddess of Light. A light that rays on the most evil will be shown the fear of god. In which your powers is not strong enough yet to master.

    Ok, wait a minute isn’t Charity suppose to have that power.

    Bruce smiled. Ladies, I said too much, let’s get to your lessons.

    But…. They all said in unison.

    Ah…I said enough. Put on your gloves.

    Jacob and Earl shimmered to the Bed and Breakfast.

    What is going on with you Jacob?

    Nothings going on with me.

    Your disappearing from your mission even abandoning your plans for becoming the Prince of Darkness. I haven’t seen any red paint since we started our job in this place; I know your up to something, because, lately it’s hard for me to shield you from your evil aura.

    Look, just do what your been doing, keeping Charity happy, making her trust me. I promise everything will work out.

    That’s what I’m afraid of. Earl said to himself.

    Hannah’s House…..

    Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald walks in the house after Gretchen made sure it was safe to let him inside the house.

    Oh, thank god officer you responded to my call right away. I think I’m going out of my mind with grief.
    It’s ok, what is your name?

    Gretchen Perry.

    Gretchen on your 911 call you said that your roommate could possibly be murdered.

    Yes. She was my cousin. My older and protective cousin, she was the only one that took me in after my grandmother died. You see I lost my mother, my grandmother, now my cousin, the only one I have left. She tried hard to fight the tears but, to no avail, they fell freely down her flushed cheeks.

    I‘m so sorry, Luis comfort her, but yet he is aware that the sooner he investigates the chances of finding Hannah’s killer is greater.

    Did you find the body? If so, where is it?

    (Crying)Yes, I came home, and um….to give Hannah the keys to my car since hers is in the shop. I search the whole house for her and couldn’t find her than I went upstairs to her room and I notice a big puddle of blood and Hannah lying in it. She began to cry harder. And that’s when I call 911.

    So the body is upstairs?

    Yes, I will show you. She stood up. Luis handed her a handkerchief.

    They both went upstairs.

    Luis saw the body. He stoop down to get a closer look. He saw a single stab wound.

    My god not another one. He grab his radio…This is Lopez-Fitzgerald requesting forensics and back up too 324 Oakwood Street.

    San Francisco……Downtown Police Station

    I can’t believe you are arresting me.

    Look Lady, nobody dares me and I’m here to keep you safe.

    Safe? I think I would of taken my chances with the spirits in the house.

    Ghosts, is that what you think is in the house?

    No, listen, me and my girlfriend are going to live in that house, I had every right to go and look at that house.

    Not if the owner does not want you too.

    Even so…you have no right to arrest me.

    Yes, if your trespassing.


    The officer takes the handcuffs off and place an ink pad in front of her.

    You got to be kidding me.

    (Ignoring her plea) Officer Daniels take her fingerprints please.

    Sure thing. The petite brunette officer answered.

    As if this man can’t get any more dumber?

    I take it you dared him.

    Yes, how did you know?

    He never backs out on a dare. She giggled.

    Officer Morris kept looking back at Simone she caught his glance. He then quickly act like he was engage in some paper work. Officer Daniels notices.

    He likes you. She said while taking her thumb and placed it on the paper.

    Well, he better not. He’s obnoxious.

    Officer Daniels smiled. That is true, it’s in his nature.
    She turns around and glance back at him and notices he was taking another peak at Simone. She then places another finger on the ink pad. I never seen him look at a girl the way he looks at you.

    Simone began to take notice of Officer Morris. Don’t even try it buddy…..You have no chance. She said to herself and laughs.

    What so funny?

    He likes me….

    I’m a lesbian.

    Ohhhhhh! Officer Daniels looks at Simone as she looks at Officer Morris. Why do I got the feeling that status will change. She said to herself.

    Ok, all done here. Office Daniels calls over to Officer Morris. He comes over. Its time to take your mug shot.

    You can’t be serious.

    Look at my face, do you think I’m playing?

    You know what you’re a selfish egotistic ass hole.

    Officer Daniels smirked and cover her mouth so Officer Morris wouldn’t see with no avail.

    You know flattery will get you no where.

    He takes her to the white blank screen for her mug shot.

    Officer Daniels walked towards him and whispers you know you like this one. I never seen you so rile up.
    Sherry please….this girl broke the law.

    Did she really? Or did she ruffle your feathers a bit.

    She giggles.

    Ha Ha. Would you take the picture already.

    No Problem….but I think there something you should know about her before you begin to like her.

    For the last time, I don’t like her.

    Ok…Ok well, this wouldn’t matter to you. she told me she’s a…..

    Suddenly Chief Thompson walks in. Officer Morris did you study for the Detective exam yet?

    Yes Chief, and I am proud to say I will ace it.

    Don’t get too cocky son, that exam is really hard it took me 3 times to past it in the 70’s I couldn’t imagine, how it is today.

    Probably as hard as it come by, but, I will continue to study, thanks for the heads up.

    I need some one like you on my Detective team, you’re a good officer and would be a better detective with all those freaky cases you solved, I think you will fit in, quite well.

    Thanks. My family came from a long line of detectives.

    I remember your father Daryl Morris III he was a great detective, better chief. Is like he knew what was going on before we did. By the way; He ace his exam the first time. He was always so smart… um…

    I’m sorry he died last year with cancer.

    Me too.

    Chief Thompson looks up at the woman that was taken her mug shot.

    Beautiful woman hey, Morris.

    I don’t know about that.

    You are trying to impress this one, You know…. this is not the way too go. What’s she in for?

    Trespassing on the Halliwell’s estate.

    Ah The legendary Halliwell’s estate huh.

    The same one. She said her and girlfriend is going to be living there.

    Oh… well that‘s creepy! Well I got to get going; carry on.

    Officer Morris nodded. As Chief Thompson walks in his office.

    In his office Chief Thompson close all the shades in which surrounded his office.

    He then summons a demon.

    It has begun.

    The Charmed ones will return and die in my hands.
    The demon smiled.

    But, what about the Queen of Darkness, she would kill us if she knew what we were up too.

    We don’t fall under her rule, there’s a higher master than her.

    Did you kill the witches in Harmony?

    I kill as many as I could find. But yet to kill the Charmed ones.

    We can’t kill the Charmed ones without the Queen knowing at least not yet. We need more power.

    Hogs worth…………….

    Ok Jess, I’m taking it easy on you because your with child, you will have to rely on your powers and be very careful when fighting demons so in this exercise, sit this one out.

    Kay and Charity you will do this exercise on each other.

    This will be interesting….Jessica whispers to Maria.

    This can’t be good. Maria added.

    Oh it’s been a long time coming. Jessica propped herself up on the bleachers to get a good look at the match.

    On your mark, get set, Fight.

    Charity began with the kick and combination punch Bruce Lee taught her earlier.

    In which Kay landed on her back.

    Kay gets back up.

    Come on Kay…use what I just taught you.

    Look this isn’t fair Charity has been training with you all this time.

    Kay in order for you to learn is to practice with someone experience. Now again…..Fight!

    Charity comes back again with the kick and combination punch.

    Which again Kay fell to the ground.

    Now, come on Kay, do what I told you block both combination punch and before she kicks or punch find an opening.

    I can’t she has that deathly kick punch thing, going on.

    Kay concentrate.

    You can do it, Mom! Maria yelled from the bleachers.
    Kay heard the encouragement from her daughter she gets up then she started to focus.

    Fight! Was the only thing she heard when Charity rushes to her again with the same combination punch and kick only this time Kay blocks it and punch Charity in the chest. Which cause Charity to moved back a bit it slightly angers her.

    That’s it, Kay. Bruce Lee yelled.

    Kay started to feel good. Yes! She took her eyes off of Charity.

    Only to see Charity sweeps her legs off the ground and cause her to land flat on her back.

    Got to cocky Kay, Never take your eyes off your opponent. Bruce Lee scolded.

    Ok, that’s enough for the day, I know you girls have mortal things to do. Practice what I show you today and we will review Thursday.

    Jessica and Maria walks towards Kay.

    Charity extended a helping hand to Kay. Kay grabs it and stands up.

    You win Charity! It seems you always do.

    Charity looks at her ,she was confused by her comment.

    What do you mean I always…..?????

    Ouch !Kay cried while reaching for the pain in her back.

    Let me heal that, Mom. Maria walks towards her and began to heal her.

    I’m sorry Kay, I didn’t mean to be so rough.

    It’s ok, I probably deserve it from you and probably more.

    You see Kay, I don’t get you. Your saying the craziest things, lately.

    Oh never mind….. . Kay folded her arms.

    Jessica looks at her, she had an idea of what was going on.

    Kay are you ok?

    Yeah, just a little sore.

    No, I mean emotionally.

    I’m fine, Jess.

    Your sure? If you want to talk about it…..

    For the last time ,I‘m fine, now would you guys leave me alone, I need to get to work. Kay was very angry she wanted to escape magic, Miguel, her sister and cousin, just for a while to think.

    Mom, I’ll orb you home.

    Kay took a deep breath. Sure baby I‘m going to bathroom first. Kay walked out the gymnasium.
    Hey, how did you calm your mom down like that?
    You heard Bruce Lee she has the ray of goodness. Charity explained.

    But, what he said doesn’t make sense. Maria added.
    Nothing make sense any more…..Like working for Daily Private Lives. Jessica smirked at Charity.

    Oh my god, I better get to the house and get ready.
    Alright girls you’re ready? Jessica said while picking up her books from the bleachers.

    What about Kay?

    She will be fine…. I will orb my mother.

    Jessica and Charity nodded then orbs out.
    Mom, what is going on with you? Maria said to herself then walked out the gymnasium to the bathroom.

    San Francisco…………….

    Look I am entitled for a phone call.

    Yes you are. Officer Morris grabs the telephone and place it in front of her.

    You have 10 minutes.

    She picks up the phone to call Nadine.

    Nadine I need your help, I been arrested.

    What? Nadine frantically said on the other line.
    Look, what I need you too do, is to call Reese and tell him to meet you here, at the police station.

    Why Reese?

    Because he is the reason why I’m in this place…Look he will know what’s going on when you contact him.
    Just get here as soon as you can.

    Ok, I do my best. Nadine said softly.

    Simone looked up at Officer Morris and they looked at each other intensely.

    Ok bye. Simone said quickly before hanging up.
    Wait Simone, I love….She realizes Simone had hang up. She hangs up the phone and grabs her purse and keys.

    Look, Officer Morris, I know I made a mistake for daring you, but I just wanted to see the house. Since my friend had bought it for me.

    A friend, you mean boyfriend?

    She looks at him strangely. No, I don’t have a boyfriend. She smile then he smiled.

    He must be some friend, who is he an ex husband.

    No, he is only a friend, an ex boyfriend too every girl friend I have, too come and think of it.

    Oh, so it’s now your turn.

    What are you getting at?

    Well, he’s not your boyfriend yet, is what your telling me.

    No…..I will never have a boyfriend.

    And why not?

    I’m a…a hand touched Simone shoulder and she turns around.

    Hey, Officer Morris, you want me to place Ms. Russell in lock up.

    Disappointed of his conversation with Simone.

    Sure Officer Daniels…..I think she needs to see what gold digging will take her.

    Gold digging? You think I’m a gold digger.

    If the shoe fits.

    You’re an ass…Officer Daniels interrupted.

    Lets go Ms. Russell, before you get into more trouble. Officer Daniels grabs her and leads her to county lock up.

    I can’t believe the girls in this town. They are all superficial.

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    Post Re: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 21 Why does this keep happening?

    Charmed Standish Chapter 21 Why does this keep happening?

    Hogs worth……

    Mom are you ok?

    Yeah I’m fine honey. Just a bit tired.

    Your not acting yourself, mom.

    What do you mean?

    Well, lately your ignoring Dad, your moody with Aunt Jess and Cousin Charity. And you don’t look well.

    I think ,I’m coming down with something, but other than that I’m always moody with those guys.

    No…your always loving with Dad and you have been getting close with the others, there something bothering you.

    Sweet heart, I’m fine, I’m just tired, I have classes way early in the morning then I have to go to work. Who knows when a demon will attack, I have to get ready for the “past mission” It’s just frustrating that’s all.

    Ok, I guess that will be a little overwhelming. Maybe a small vacation is in store?

    That sounds like a plan.

    What about, San Francisco?

    Uh….that’s not a vacation, that’s work.

    But you and dad could take a break and maybe enjoy yourself.

    Thanks, but I get the feeling that, we won’t.

    Maria sighs.

    Mom, I can’t help to think that your moody because of the “past mission” and what you went through with Dad and cousin Charity.

    No sweetie, just tired that‘s all! Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. She kissed Maria on the forehead. Look, we got to go before I’m late for work.

    Ok. Maria grabs her hand and orbs to Tabitha’s house.

    Everyone rushes to get ready for their day.

    Charity is dressed in her business suite ready for her interview.

    Kay is dressed in blue satin blouse with a black pant suite ready for work.

    Jessica was dressed in her sweats and grabbing food out the refrigerator getting ready to watch talk shows and soaps.
    Since her mother wanted her to start next week at the shop, as Maria and Tabitha joins her.

    Miguel begins to get ready for his shift on the docks. He stops Kay before walking out the door.

    Kay, what’s going on, you haven’t said one word to me since last night.

    Miguel, look, not now…. I have to get potion ingredients before work if I don‘t leave now, I‘ll be late for work, we’ll talk later. She rushes out the door.

    Kay wait….don’t I get a kiss good bye, a hug, or something?

    He shouted but Kay quickly gets in her car and drives off.

    Frustrated he closes the door.

    Charity was heading out the door, until she notices Miguel depressed look on his face.

    Miguel are you alright?

    I’m ok, just frustrated right now.

    Kay, huh?

    Is it obvious?

    She’s been really moody lately. I can sense she’s upset about something.

    You can sense that?

    Yeah, like I can sense that your upset as well. Wait….my powers must be growing, I finally getting that impact power Paige was talking about.

    Impact, I think you had that power all along. Remember you could always sense how some one was feeling.

    Yes, I remember.

    They stare into each others eyes. There were a moment of silence until Miguel came up with an off the wall idea.

    Wait a minute, that’s it, Charity, you could help me ….with your powers; maybe you can get a read on what’s going on with Kay or better yet get a premonition?

    Charity sighs, disappointed that he always think of Kay, she now feel his passion towards her.

    I wish I can help you, Miguel, but that sounds like it fall in the category of Personal Gain.

    Yeah, your right! What am I saying Kay and I, need to work this out the regular way….this is insane, I going out of character here. This is so frustrating.

    Clearly, look she will come around. All you have to do is just be patient.

    Thanks Charity. Miguel hugs her.

    Charity felt a sting in her heart. She remembers how he loved her and now that love seem to been lost between them. She felt tears flow from her eyes. They broke from their embrace and she quickly wipe the tears from her face.

    Charity what's wrong.

    Oh, nothing I think I feel the pain in your heart for Kay. Charity quickly hid the real reason for her tears.

    That must be some power.

    Yeah it sure is, I got to go. She reaches for the door knob.

    Hey, Good Luck.

    I think I need it…. too bad a leprechaun won’t send it my way.

    Miguel smiled. If only they exist.

    On the contrary, they do exist.


    Charity nod her head yes still weaken from her memory with Miguel. Look, I see you later.

    Will do.

    She walks out the house.

    Leprechauns exists? . Who knew. Miguel said to himself.

    Miguel walks in the living room and sees Tabitha, Maria and Jessica on the couch watching Jerry Springer. He shook his head and notices their show was interrupted by a special bulletin.

    We would like to interrupt this program to bring you this important news flash.

    Hi I’m Keith Jackson reporting live here at 324 Oakwood Street to inform you that it has been a possible murder. Judging by the limited information made by the officers in this case. The victim’s body was found earlier this morning by a cousin of the allege victim. It appears the police has found a significant amount of blood in the victim’s room. As far as we know at this time the status of the case has been filed as a homicide. Authorities has yet to begin a search for a suspect or release the victim’s name. The officer on this case has made a statement, comparing the way the victim died with a single stab wound to abdominal has been link to other murders in the past 2 weeks and they think it may be a possible serial killing residing here in Harmony.

    Hey Maria the guardians was telling us about this. Miguel shouted.

    Everyone shushes him to be quiet.

    Here’s one of the Officers assign on the case.

    Look, Miguel there’s your brother. Tabitha added while eating her popcorn.

    Detective Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald is there any leads on a suspect?

    At this time we are doing our best in this investigation and we are confident that we will find the culprit in this case.

    Could this be the work of a serial killer?

    It's possible, the killer seem to be targeting women, which we believe women in Harmony should be very careful and take extra precautions.

    Another officer tap Luis on the shoulder and whispers in his ear. Excuse me I got to get back to the investigation.

    Well there you have it, folks….We will continue to update this story throughout day as soon as we get more information on this case…. now back to your regular schedule.

    Whoa, did you see that in your Magic bowl, Tabitha? Jessica questions frantically.

    No, that’s strange my bowl usually update me on up coming death in Harmony.

    You think it’s supernatural?

    No Miguel, not everything bad that happens is the cause of magic. Jessica added.

    But Tabitha, the guardians warn us about this.

    Maybe to make sure that you or the Charmed ones won’t be next victim or maybe to save an innocent‘s life, who knows.

    Perhaps Miguel, maybe you should warn Kay and Charity about this. Tabitha said in concern.

    Suddenly Earl and Jacob walks in.

    Warn Charity and Kay about what? Earl asked with a sincere look in his face.

    Have you ever heard of knocking before entering. Jessica protested.

    Would you rather I shimmered in. Jacob responded.

    Hey, she’s right you should respect Tabitha’s house and knock before entering. Miguel said in Jessica’s defense.

    Fine! we make a point to do that next time; what I want to know is to warn Kay and Charity about what? Jacob shouted.

    Oh… there’s probably a serial killer on the lose. There been multiple murders happening here in Harmony. Jessica explained.

    So…why do they think it’s a serial killer? Earl questioned.

    Because the similarity of how the victim died. They died by a single stab wound. Miguel added.

    I heard of this before, one stab wound? Could it be Athame?Earl ponders out loud.

    An Athame? Jessica questioned.

    Why didn’t I think of that. An athame is a special tool, too kill witches and obtain their power. But, who would do that?Tabitha shouted.

    You think it may be a demon? Earl questioned Tabitha.

    We don’t know….it could be a mortal who done this, Endora is the ruler of the underground, she is quite powerful there is no reason for her to order any demons or kill them herself for more power. But none the least Kay and Charity don’t know about this and should be aware of what’s going on.

    Look, we will go find Charity and tell her. Earl explained while walking out the door with Jacob.

    And I will go find Kay. Miguel responded.

    Don’t you have to be at the docks? Tabitha announced.

    Damn, your right…..

    Look, Miguel… I will tell Kay and I will orb her home if she needs me. Jessica smiles at him. Don’t worry Kay will be fine, besides she has the power to vanquish demons. And she’s quite good in martial arts if she isn’t fighting Charity.

    Fighting Charity…what do you mean?

    Oh, it was a lesson with Bruce Lee today he had them practicing on each other. It was something to see.

    I bet. Miguel announces….look I got to get to the docks make sure Kay knows about that creep.


    Miguel went upstairs to get his bag.

    Look Earl, I will see you later…..I got a thing I have to do.

    Like what?

    Don’t worry it’s something good.

    Fine meet me here as soon as your done.

    No problem.

    Jacob shimmers away. While Earl proceeded to the offices of Daily Private Lives.

    Kay picked up her herbs to keep in stock for the house for potions. She walks in Crane Industries ready to report to Fancy Crane.

    She knocks on Fancy’s door.

    Fancy! She walks in the office.

    Fancy wasn’t in her office yet.

    She walks out and went to her desk. She sees a note on her monitor.


    I won’t be in today for personal reasons. Please feel free to comment on all designs on my desk. Those files are on the right. I need a second opinion for the upcoming meetings with Crane Japan, I have to come up which fabric to use for each designs before the big marketing launch. Then I need you too analyze profits in order on the files on the left side of my desk. This will give you more insight of what I’m looking for in an assistant and possible partner one day. (Smiles)I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. And I will talk to you soon.

    Thanks dearly,
    Fancy Crane

    Kay gets back up and goes back into Fancy office she grabs both stack of files that lay neatly on both sides of Fancy’s desk. She started to peak through the files as she walks towards the door and she didn’t see the figure in front of the door and bumps right into him.

    The files fell to the floor. She looks up and there stood Fox.

    I didn’t see you there. Kay scrambles to pick up her files. Oh my god the files are all mixed up. She panics.

    No…No…allow me. Fox uses his powers to return the files in order in her hands.

    She stood up quickly. Thanks… I think, you know you really shouldn’t use magic here in front of mortals.

    No ones here, but you and me. He walks inside the office and shuts it.

    Is there something you want…Fox?

    Yeah, my girl back. He grabs her and kiss her. Her eyes widen she pushes him away.

    What are you doing?

    Kissing my wife.

    Soon to be ex wife. She shouted.

    When are you going to learn…..Cranes never lose.

    Kay began to laugh she places the files down in order neatly on Fancy’s couch.She place her hand firmly on her hip and shakes her head.

    When are you going to learn…I can’t be with you.

    And why is it that Kay?

    You know why….Because I love Miguel.

    Oh really, is that why you been avoiding him.

    I’m not avoiding Miguel… hey… how did you…You been spying on me?

    On the contrary Jessica tells me everything that goes on. He swiftly tell his white lie.

    I don’t believe you.

    She called me this morning and told me everything that going on with you.

    Look, I’m going to get Jess for this. But, if I have to explain myself, she has it all wrong. I’m not avoiding Miguel, I just think… Kay sighs. Why am I telling you this? She sits on the couch. Fox, it’s probably best you leave me alone.

    But Kay!

    Please Fox, if you remotely care about me. You would go.

    Kay, I love you….you wouldn’t be feeling this way if you were with me.

    Probably not, because I know you love me and sometimes I wish I love you the way that I love Miguel, but… my heart belongs too him…it always have. You’re a great guy despite what had happen. You show me how to love god, myself and then others.

    Fox was in the break of tears.

    Kay, you broke my heart, I never love anyone the way I love you. The tears began to fall.

    Fox look, I don’t mean to hurt you. I can’t help the way I feel.

    You will never be happy with Miguel. He will always make you feel that your not good enough for him. Like second best,Why can’t you see that?

    He stood up and left the office.

    I‘m so sorry Fox, I‘m really am. I hope one day you find happiness and forgive me for my betrayal. Kay walks out of Fancy office with the files she then laid the files on her desk and sat down she picks up the picture of her ,Miguel, and Maria off her desk, I hope you truly love me Miguel. I gave up a great guy for you, Not saying your not a great guy, is just that Fox could be right, I never felt like I was good enough for you. She outline Miguel’s face. Because I love you so much, I did everything to make you see me. And finally you saw me and now our love have a chance, I even came clean on some of the things I have done, but I didn’t tell you everything I did, Kay flashback when Charity was on the railroad she debated to say anything to Miguel to save her. Then she remember the Prom with the fish guts, then she flashes back hiding outside while Charity and Miguel was about to get physical and she decided to burn down his family home. She then flashes back to Zombie Charity in which Miguel already knows about. Her deal with Hecuba and selling her soul. Then herself pouring Charity’s essence to make love to Miguel.

    Fox is a saint compare to me. She said out loud.

    She snaps out of it and realize she better get cracking on those files it’s almost lunch time. She picks up a file and a single sheet flies out of the folder. She reaches down to pick it up it was a beautiful design for a wedding dress. So simple so sheik. This will be the perfect dress for her wedding to Miguel. Only if it will ever happen.

    Daily Private Lives…………..

    Next person Kelly Granger editor and chief of Daily Private Lives shouted from her office.
    Causing her assistant to walk from her desk and go over towards Charity.

    Your next.

    Charity politely nodded and stood up grabbing her brief case.

    She walks in the office.

    Charity Standish is it?

    Yes! Charity said sweetly.

    I see you graduated with… honors! Wow! your major was Buisness Administration?

    Kelly places her resume down.

    So, it said you been working in various parts of the world. Is it any particular reason you didn’t stay with a company?

    No, not really I grew up moving around a lot and in my teenage years I stayed put for awhile which trigger my appetite to see more of the world.

    Ah, you ran away, you must been in love.

    Charity gave a confused look.

    Don't worry, we all been there. So what parts of the world have you seen? And are you done traveling?

    Well instead of telling you I will show you. She grabs a portfolio of pictures around the world. And yes she added I know I’m definitely settling in Harmony.

    Kelly opens the portfolio and was amazed by the photos.

    Wow these pictures are great. You took them.

    Yes, its been a hobby of mine, since I was 10.

    What is this?

    Oh that was my old articles when I was a journalist in the school paper.

    You wrote these?


    Impressive, I seen enough. She closes the portfolio.

    You are interviewing for wrong job. Look I have an opening for a reporter….I was going to interview that position next week.

    But seeing these articles I think I may have a winner, would you like to take the position as a reporter instead.

    Yeah, either job is acceptable for me.

    Reporters make more than my photographers unless your willing to do anything to get the shot. You don’t seem like that kind of girl.

    Oh, ok I will love to take the job as a reporter.

    Ok, its settle then you start next week, I would need you to stop by human resources and our photo room for your press badge on the way out. Congratulations and welcome to Daily Private Lives.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

    Charity stood up and shakes Kelly’s hand.

    No, thank you.

    Charity walks out the office and smiles. She started to walk out the lobby when she saw Earl.

    Earl, what are you doing here?

    I’m here for you.

    Tabitha house……………..

    Hey Tabitha, look I’m going to see Kay before she goes to lunch. And I want to pick up some groceries for dinner tonight, so don’t worry I will do all the cooking tonight.

    That’s a relief, Be careful out there.

    San Francisco…………………

    Nadine and Reese walks towards the receptionist at the Police Station.

    Hi we are here to bail Simone Russell out of jail.

    The receptionist looks for her name in the computer system.

    Yes, it appears bail has not been set for Ms. Russell yet. Her case, trespassing, the owner has not formally press charges yet.

    Owner? Owner? That’s me. Reese yelled.

    Your, Reese Durkee purchaser of the house?

    Reese nodded his head.

    Ok ,well you will need to speak with the arresting officer and you must show id and the deed to the property. Officer Morris desk is located down the row and to the right.

    Reese and Nadine followed the instructions.

    You didn’t tell me you bought the house.

    Yeah, it was suppose to be a surprise for the both of you.

    Wow, how very nice of you.

    It was the least I could do, considering how we broke things off.

    Yeah, that is the least you could do. Nadine gaze in his eyes and he return her gaze to see the ocean blue eyes stare at him with so much love and admiration.

    Come on, your not still bitter by the break up?

    No, we are friends now, but knowing you were in love with someone else the whole time we were together, really put a hole through my heart.

    I’m so sorry for what I put you through…. But, look on the bright side you found Simone.

    I did….didn’t I…. and I know she won’t disappoint me.

    I know that too. He smiled and they finally got to the end of the row they took a right and saw Officer Morris.

    Hey Darnell!

    Reeses Peeses, hey how are you? Darnell gets up and give Reese the secret frat brother hand shake.

    You guys know each other?

    Yes, we’re frat brothers in college.

    Oh…ok well we are here too bail Simone out of jail. Can you help us?

    That’s up to Reeses if he wants to press charges or not, I got to tell you the truth, judging by the way this girl behave a night in jail won’t hurt her.

    Reese shook his head no and motion him to shut up.

    What did you just say? Nadine questions Darnell.

    Yeah, that gold digger needs a rude awaking.

    Gold digger?

    Nadine balled her fist up and Reese notices it. He grabs Nadine and pull her away from Darnell.

    Um….I don’t think that’s necessary.

    Why not….Reeses I think she is after your money, she was going on that you were with all the girl friends in her life.

    What? He thought to himself, oh the friends she has Kay, Charity and his beautiful Jessica. He made lovey dovey faces staring off in his daydream.

    Reeses! Darnell called out.

    He snapped out of it.

    So it’s true. Nadine rolled her eyes at Reese.

    No, not the girlfriends you think, You know her real friends.

    Oh, Jessica, Kay and the infamous Charity that ruin your relationship with Jessica.


    Whoa her friends are gold diggers too.

    Nadine again balled up her fist and walks towards Darnell in which Reese pulled her away again.

    What’s with you? Darnell questions Nadine.

    All women are not gold diggers. She shouted.

    I didn’t say that. Anyways, I will release Simone Russell and place her in your custody.

    Thanks man.

    Darnell walks away towards the county jail.

    The nerve of that man. Nadine pouted.

    Yeah, but you can’t hit a police officer Nadine, that’s serious jail time.

    I know.

    You have to learn to keep your composure. Our you get lock up with Simone.Nadine nodded.

    Get your hands off of me! Simone yells at Darnell.

    I was merely escorting you too your friends. Geesh, don’t have your panties in a bunch.

    I can escort myself…thank you very much.

    Suite yourself. He let her walk ahead. She turns around.

    You know what….


    You are so clueless of what’s going on….how could you ever pass that detective exam?

    What how did you know….oh you were ease dropping. He shouted where everyone around heard including Reese and Nadine.

    You couldn’t helped to hear that conversation. And by you calling me a gold digger. I hope many failures to you on that exam because Karma is a bi….

    Simone! Nadine called out. Rushing towards her.

    Nadine and Simone hugged and began kissing in the station.

    Darnell’s mouth dropped. He realize he really put his foot in his mouth. The girl of his dreams was a lesbian. That can’t be (he said to himself)… all that strange attraction between us.

    Officer Daniels walked by him….Ahh, I try to warn you.

    Hannah’s house…..

    The corner took the body out the house. Causing Gretchen to cry even more.

    Meanwhile upstairs Luis and Paloma are investigating the scene.

    Luis, this is so strange one foot print not two but one and wouldn’t you think if the killer or kidnapper left the house it would of left a trail? Paloma calmly asked her brother.

    I would think so. What’s the deal with the candles and this star? Luis ponders out loud.

    Oh… that’s a Pentagram, it’s look like Hannah was into Wicca.

    Witch craft?

    Yeah… I found a bunch of spell books in her cabinet.

    Judging by the book that we found near the bed. She was casting a protection spell.

    Protection spell? Luis began to think.

    Yeah you see white candle stands for purity and protection.

    She looks at Luis and notice he wasn’t paying attention and trying to figure out what had happen. She notices a I figure out look on Luis face. Uh Oh I know that look. What are you thinking?

    I’m thinking that Hannah may have known the suspect.

    I think your right. But what I want to know is the motive of the murder.

    Paloma she lost a lot of blood with one single stab wound.

    She could of put of a fight, but there is no skin under her nails, No struggle, he had to known her judging by the knife wound he was very close too her, maybe in some kind of embrace. Could be a lover or a friend that wanted something from her.

    But that does not explain the other murders, could the suspect know all the other women?

    I wasn’t assign to those cases. Chief Bennett has all the files….I have compare them with forensics with this one.

    Luis cell phone began to ring.

    Hello yes Dave, what you got for me?

    The blood found on the foot print is different from the puddle of blood we found in Hannah’s room.

    That’s good news, Did you run the DNA results though the system?

    Um… no Luis the results came back with a…um I really can’t explain this…. you see the blood you found isn’t human.

    What do you mean it’s not human?

    Look, I tested the blood several times the blood doesn’t have one single cells that is usually found in human blood, or animal for that matter. The blood you found has multiples of five. And this is not the first time it happened. We had gotten this results 4 times already.

    What other times has this happen?

    With all the cases so far with the similarities of this case. But I will follow the proper procedures and run the DNA through the system maybe I can find a link to this type of multi cell blood.

    Ok do that, and thanks Dave .Luis hung up his phone and put it away.

    Paloma this is getting weirder by the second, One thing for sure is the suspect might have a superficial wound, Hannah may have drew blood after all. And so have our other victims.

    Look… I need to speak with Sam about this.

    Ok ,no problem, in the mean time I will gather more evidence.

    I must say sis you are doing a great job.

    Thanks! She smiled.

    Daily Private Lives.....

    You’re here for me?

    Yes, Charity there’s been some news there is possibly serial killer in town and I’m here to warn you. It seems he’s targeting witches.

    Thanks, for thinking of me.

    My pleasure. So….You got the job?

    Not the job I expected. But, it’s a great job nonetheless.

    What are you going to be doing?

    I‘m a reporter.

    I thought that it was photography is the job you were going for?

    And it was, but she offer me a higher paying position. Whoa!

    What’s wrong?

    I have a feeling someone is in trouble.

    Your powers must be growing.

    Yeah, um….I think we should get out of here, I can feel danger somewhere near us and Kay.

    Kay? Yeah we got to find her and fast.

    Crane Industries……..

    I need a break, Lunch time already. Kay grabs her jacket and purse and heads out to the elevator.

    She walks out the elevator only to run into Jessica.

    I was just coming to see you.

    Yeah, not about avoiding Miguel again.

    No, just too warn you about a serial killer on the lose.

    You could of call, Jessica.

    Yeah, but I thought since I had to get groceries for dinner tonight. I would have lunch with my big sis.

    Fine, and I know what this is about. You need to borrow some money.

    No, it’s not like that.

    Kay gave her a knowing look.

    Ok, fine I just need to borrow forty bucks and could you treat me for lunch too.

    Fine, since your job starts next week, I expect you too pay me back.

    Ok, I will.She crossed her fingers.

    So where do you want to eat?

    How about that new Italian place on Oakwood.

    That’s sounds great.

    Hannah House……….

    Officer is it ok, if I get some fresh air and maybe something to eat?

    Yes, Gretchen you been through a lot today. Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald, would take you where ever you want to go. But don’t go too far, we need you too make a statement.

    How about that new restaurant down the street it‘s not that far.



    This is the place. Jessica announces while they walk in and the hostess show them their table.

    Very snazzy, look I can’t stay long, Fancy left me a lot of work too do.

    Your working too hard, that’s why you so moody.

    I have to protect the innocent and feed my family, what do you expect.

    I know your doing this for us.

    Who said it’s for us?

    Well, Miguel and Maria, but you have too take time too take care of yourself.

    And I will, as soon as I become an executive.

    Executive? Jessica shouted.

    Keep your voice down. Yes executive, Fancy is training me, so I may become her partner in her department.

    Wow, Kay that’s big.

    I know, and I so want it. Hey, isn’t that Paloma?

    Jessica turns around and looks.

    Yes, I wonder whose she with, she looks familiar.

    Your right she does.

    Paloma and Gretchen’s table.....

    Are you ok? Paloma said softly.

    No, I can’t get over my cousin death, I can’t believe she’s dead.

    Yeah, I’m sorry for your loss and I will do everything too find who did this too her. Paloma reach for Gretchen’s hand for comfort and notices recent scratches on her arm.

    Suddenly Charity and Earl walks in.

    What is she doing here?


    Jessica turns to see who she was talking about.

    Charity? You are still bitter of what happen yesterday?

    I am not!

    You are.

    Charity and Earl walks towards Kay and Jessica.

    Thank god, I found you.

    What is it, Charity? Jessica saw how frighten she was.

    You guys are in danger.

    Oh, here we go again. Look Charity we are always in danger.

    Before we go in to detail can we have a normal pleasant meal.

    Kay, you know she has the power of premonition, you shouldn’t be so passive.

    Kay threw her hands up.

    Well, why are we in danger? Kay crossed her arms.

    The killer is near.

    Every ones eyes widen.

    Don’t scare us like that. Kay shouted.

    I can’t help it, Kay….I feel him but, he’s not targeting us, he’s targeting her. Charity points too Gretchen who was eating lunch with Paloma.

    Why would he be targeting her? Jessica questions.

    I sense, she has powers, she’s a witch, but not that powerful. Earl explains. There is a evil force some where here too.

    Can, you find him? Charity questions.

    I think so.

    Earl begin to look around the place.

    The waiter walks up and ask for their order.

    They told him they aren’t ready to order. He walks away.

    Suddenly another waiter walks up too the table Paloma and Gretchen were sitting.

    Earl looks at him.

    It’s him. Earl pointed.

    Ok, we have too be discreet. Kay pushed his hand down.

    The waiter tells Paloma she has a phone call.

    Paloma gets up and walks towards the phone.

    Now is our chance.

    The waiter walks behind Gretchen to stab her from behind with the Athame.

    Kay freezes the restaurant. Every one freezes except Gretchen.

    What’s going on? She yells then turn around behind her.

    Get what he is holding. Kay yells.

    Earl grabs the Athame out the demon’s hand.

    Got it!

    Kay tries to vanquish him, but she couldn’t.

    Uh oh!

    What’s wrong? Charity questions.

    He’s a power of three, demon.

    Look, we better get out of here there is no way of vanquishing him here in front of everyone. Magic will be exposed. Jessica shouted.

    Charity grabs Gretchen. In which she had a premonition.

    She sees The demon kidnaps her in hell, he has the Athame and stabs her. End of premonition.

    Come with us, if you want too live.

    She didn’t hesitate.

    Earl, Charity, Kay, Gretchen and Jessica ran out the restaurant.

    The Freeze was over and the Demon notices Gretchen and his Athame was missing. He saw five people running out the restaurant.

    Your not getting away that easy.

    He shimmers away without anyone noticing.

    Paloma comes too the table and notices Gretchen is gone.

    Great, first there was no phone call and I lost the suspect.

    Just when I was earning Luis's respect.He is going to kill me.

    Look, why are we running. Jessica orb us too Tabitha’s.

    Ok! They orbed to Tabitha’s.

    That was close.

    Ok, we know the serial killer is not mortal. Jessica proclaimed.

    Yes, but he’s a powerful demon, I couldn’t vanquish him.

    We have to identify him, maybe there’s a potion to vanquish him.

    I go get the book. Charity explains.

    Look, I hate to break the party up, but I have to get back to work.

    What Kay, no you are in too much danger.

    I’m in more danger if I don’t go back too work.

    Besides Maria is here, she could take my place.

    Kay, do you hear yourself… do you really want Maria to fight against a serial killing Demon that takes the power of three too vanquish him.

    Your right, I guess I will have too do most of the work here tonight.

    I got the book.

    Can you identify him?

    No, he’s not in the book.

    He’s a warlock. Earl explained. He is one of the warlock that is not under Endora’s rule they work alone. I don’t know why he is after this witch. Because warlock's is only after power, real power.

    What are you talking about? I have no power.

    You must of, I can sense something, but I'm not sure. Charity turns too Earl. He nods.

    Why after her?Jessica questioned.

    Yeah, if anything he would be after us. Kay announces.

    Besides, my cousin Hannah had power. But, me I didn’t believe in that stuff.

    Did she ever tell you about your powers? Kay questions her still wishing she could get back too work.

    She told me, that I could find any one in the world all I have too do is think of them.

    That’s a great power. Charity announces.

    Yeah great! Kay shouted.

    Look, I have too go! Jessica orb me in if you come into trouble.


    Gotta go, Jess.

    Kay walks out and goes back too work.

    She is so stubborn.

    The warlock follows her.

    Look do you have any idea who is this warlock? Jessica address her question too Earl.

    I have an idea, his name is Isaac he has been under the radar for quite some time. Some say he was a regular person until he found love but, the person he was in love with was in love with some one else. He found her in the arms of another when he saw her betrayal he vow to kill her and the man. After killing them he didn’t stop there. He went on a vengeance and kill her and the man’s family member. Personally, I thought he killed all of them.

    Why would you think that? Charity questioned him.

    I mean it was the gossip down in hell that Isaac killed everyone in that witches family and the guy she cheated with.

    I guess they were wrong.

    Maybe not, you have the power to find anyone in the world.Maybe He could be looking for someone.

    But, who? Gretchen asked.

    Where's your parents Gretchen? Charity questions.

    I don't know, they gave me up for adoption to Hannah.

    Could it be, The woman who betray the warlock could be her mother.

    No! My parents would never betray him.

    What do you mean? Jessica questions.

    I mean my parents wouldn't do such a thing.

    And you know this for sure. Jessica added.

    I use my power before, I always been curious, of where my parents were and one day I thought really hard about them and I found them. They were hiding and knew that I had found them, they told me never to use my power again or all of us may die. I never knew why, until now.

    Crane Industries….

    Kay, your still here?

    Yes, Fox I had an innocent too protect.

    I need too talk too you, about earlier.

    Fox, don’t worry about it. I get your still hurt that I chosen Miguel and not you.

    Yeah, I still love you, and I guess in some way I am still hurt. What I can’t understand is that, Miguel wanted you until after you and I were engage.

    Fox, it’s not Miguel’s fault. It’s mine. I had information that could of save our relationship and I didn’t listen.

    The warlock stood in the near distance listening.

    What was the information?

    To only wait for the planets was align and I didn’t ,it doom our relationship for all eternality.

    Kay you can’t be serious, what doom us was Miguel.

    Fox, I’m not going to let you blame Miguel like I did Charity.

    We had a good time, and now it’s just natural that we need to move on.

    I can’t move on, with out you.

    Fox, I know my sister likes you, and I can’t believe I’m saying this.....

    Then don’t. He interrupted.

    She likes you. Kay blurted out.

    Fox threw up a hand motion her too stop. He begin too tear up. Don’t he cried then walk away
    Kay had a slow tear that trickle down her face.

    I’m so sorry Fox. She whispers. She sat down and began to work. Two hours went by.

    Finally I finish. Fancy owes me big on this. Enough too make me an executive. She smiled in the meantime She can repay me for that dress design. If Miguel and I ever get married.

    That won't ever happen. The warlock said too him self.
    The warlock shimmers away.

    Kay sighs and packs up her purse. She walks towards the elevator and goes inside. She presses G and down the elevator goes. The elevator opens and she walks out of Crane Industries and towards her parked car. She searches for her keys in her purse. She hears a noise in the background.
    Hello! She calls out. She hears nothing and again search for her keys. To her relief she found her keys. Kay! Some one called out. She was frighten and turns around and she sees Earl and Charity.

    Oh Charity, thank god it’s you. What are you doing here? Are you in the business of scaring people?

    I’m sorry I scare you Kay. but, I wanted to know if you heard yet.

    Heard what?

    Suddenly the warlock came out of no where and grabs Kay. He shimmers out with her.

    Oh my god, Kay! Charity shouted.

    Suddenly the warlock came back and grab Charity and shimmers out.

    Charity! Earl yells.

    He blinks out to find Miguel.

    Tabitha house………7:00pm

    Jessica started dinner for everyone. Kay should be home any minute now, at least I hope.

    What’s cooking? Tabitha walks in the kitchen savoring the wonderful aroma that filled the air.

    Ginger Chicken with grilled steam vegetables.

    Impressive, where’s the carbs. Tabitha searches the pots on the stove.

    Don’t you think we had enough carbs for the day.

    No…where witches we don’t have to worry about calories, carbs or exercising for that matter we will never become fat.

    Speak for yourself…..Jessica rubs her stomach.

    Don’t worry that's temporary….Besides you should worry about how your going to take care of that little brat while you fight demons and perhaps look for a father.

    Don’t you think I worry about that every waking minute.

    Tabitha grabs a spoon to taste the ginger sauce for the chicken.

    Well, too me you should do something about it.

    Mmmmm this is good, you should become a chef.

    A chef I don’t think so…..You think?

    This is good no wonder your so advance with potion making, you follow your recipe accordingly.

    No, that is my own recipe.

    Tabitha nodded her head. This girl may go a long way. She said to herself.

    Where’s everyone shouldn’t they be here by now.

    Yeah….but I’m worried Kay is so stubborn all she cares about is work and not her own life.

    Suddenly the new cat runs by them and Fluffy angrily chases it.

    Darn it, you cats can't you get along.

    Aah there in love.

    Yuck! Love UUH, Tabitha suddenly felt a dizzy spell.

    Tabitha are you ok.

    I just had a bad feeling Jessica, you must find your sister and Charity and…bring them here at once. I talk too your friend Gretchen out there. The police is searching for her, they think she is a suspect. Be very careful I don't trust her.

    I know….I know I don't trust her also her story doesn't add up.

    The phone rang and Jessica goes to get it.

    That could be her right now.

    Hey Jessica.

    Hey, Fox how are you.

    Tabitha turns at her and rolled her eyes. Jessica fans her off.

    I was wondering what your up too.

    Nothing just making dinner.

    Really, how domestic of you.

    Would you like to come over for dinner?

    (Thinking of his last conversation with Kay)That probably isn’t a good idea.

    I insist….Fox.

    Its my thank you dinner to you.

    Thank you dinner, for what?

    For not judging me about my past.

    I could never do that. He said with a smile Then he started thinking about Kay and Miguel’s relationship in the past. I will never give up, if there’s hope. I just have too spend more time with her and make her realize I'm the one she needs to be with.He said too him self.

    What time do you want me over?

    As soon as you get here.

    Fox smirked. This girl is refreshing, too bad she's not Kay. He thinks to himself.

    I be there soon.

    Ok, bye.

    Jessica hangs up the phone.

    Girl….you are playing with fire. Tabitha continue rolling her eyes.

    I’m not, it’s just a friendly dinner.

    With his number one enemy Miguel.

    Miguel and Fox will be friends once he sees he is no longer in love with Kay.

    But, he still loves the girl.

    No, he loved, I think he will make a play for me.

    Jessica, did you or did you not make a play for Reese after Kay dumped him.

    No, she never liked him, so that doesn’t count.

    But Fox counts Jessica, they are still married.

    Only for a couple of days longer give a take or two.

    You don’t get it; do you.

    Get what? Jessica puts the finishing touches on the chicken.

    He will always love Kay. And you have this pattern of liking your sister’s ex.

    And you don’t get this, we thought that Charity and Miguel belong together and now we see Kay and Miguel are madly in love. Fox will get over Kay and he will fall for me then everyone will be happy.

    You seem so sure.

    I know it; I know we were meant to be.

    Tabitha threw her hands up in defeat. In some ways you and Kay are a lot alike. Both stubborn and hard headed.

    Jessica smiles at her as she set the table.

    What are you doing still here. Go find your sister and cousin.

    Oh I forgot. She smirked.

    I am surrounded by idiots. Tabitha said to herself.

    Somewhere in hell…………

    Where are we?

    I don’t know. Kay said calmly.

    I seen this before. It’s the cell Miguel and I were in.


    It could be.

    Damn it, I thought he was done with all of this.

    Look, Kay you see those black crystals, we need to move one of them to escape.

    How are we going to escape, we can’t orb.

    No, but we can get out of this cage.


    Use your power of telepathy.

    Kay began to move the crystal. It was harder than expected since the crystal was evil. She pushed with all her might. Her nose began to bleed. The crystal move slower and slower. Inch by inch and finally it was out of range.

    Now what?

    Blow up the door. Charity explained.

    Kay used her power.

    The door didn’t open.

    Charity kicked the door and then it open.

    Thank god. Kay whisper. Where is that warlock, I’m going to kill him.

    Kay, hold on we can't vanquish him without the power of three. And he is not under Endora’s rule.

    You mean, he is working on his own?

    Yeah, I get the feeling it’s not.

    Ok. I’m calling Jessica.

    Wait, he may hear us.

    Suddenly the warlock appears. He had his traditional robe and hood to hide his face.

    Oh no, there he is.

    Kay started blasting him. Hoping to vanquish him to no avail.

    Oh god. I forgot we need the power of three.

    Charity and Kay begin to run.

    It wasn't Fox after all. Kay whispers.

    Come out, Come out where ever you are? Another voice from the distance shouted.

    Is that who I think it is? Kay questions.

    Gretchen? Charity whispers.

    Didn't see this coming, did you.

    But why? Kay yelled.

    For revenge of course and maybe for power.

    You killed all those women, didn't you.

    You mean witches. I killed them for their power and what they did too my parents, and poor Aunt Hannah she and her cult will pay eternally for killing them.

    Your parents, were killed?

    Oh, Hannah didn't know I saw her, I saw her vanquish them when a little girl. She thought they were evil because they killed one or two witches.So her coven kill my parents and left my brother and I orphans. So she try to raise my brother and I too be good. I hated her,she even cast a spell on us. But my brother, Issac had his heart broken by a witch and his evil emerge and then we finally saw the real truth and broke her measly spell.He then broke that stupid spell on me and show me the truth. Since then we vow to kill all witches, especially the most powerful ones, the Charmed ones. Witches deserved too die.

    But she's a witch. Kay whispers to Charity. Charity motion for Kay to be quiet.

    Hannah was only trying to protect you from yourself, nothing good come from being evil. Charity shouted.

    It's in our blood, she can't stop something that was meant to be. Her power of protection was the last power for my revenge and a bonus I get to kill the Charmed ones.

    But why go thru all this trouble? Kay and Charity duck while the warlock throw energy balls at them. They ran and hid behind a big boulder.

    Because we like the look on each of our victims face when they see betrayl.

    That Bitch, we trusted her. Kay yelled.

    Kay, we have too think of something and fast.

    The docks……………

    Miguel was unloading his catch of the day on crates.

    Miguel, I need your help!

    What’s wrong?

    Charity and Kay were kidnap by a warlock.

    Let me see if I could sense where they are.

    Miguel closes his eyes to find Kay and Charity.

    Damn it… nothing.

    Try again, please!

    Miguel concentrates.

    Down in hell…………………………..

    An energy ball was thrown at Charity and Kay and again they duck and ran to another boulder. Kay then blast his energy ball as Gretchen threw another and hits her in the arm.

    Miguel! Kay yelled.

    Miguel senses her. I got them! He yells.

    Miguel and Earl orbed and shimmers in.

    Kay! Charity shouted.

    Miguel and Earl ducks and sees Kay and Charity.

    The warlock closes in.

    What are we going to do? Kay yells. My power doesn’t work on him and I'm wounded.

    I don’t know, we better figure out something fast. Miguel yells.

    I know! Kay yells.

    Charity could feel the Warlock feelings towards Kay and how she betray Fox. She started to shake.

    Charity, are you all right? Miguel healed Kay fast then left her side to hold her. Causing Kay and Earl to become jealous. Charity felt their jealousy and went into a trance.

    The warlock smiles. This was easier than I thought, the Charmed ones, what a joke. Issac and Gretchen had all four of them cornered. He draws up an energy ball.

    Charity with her mind pushes the energy ball back at him it causes him to explode, he was vanquished. Then she focus on Gretchen who return conjure up a energy ball. Charity felt the hate she had towards witches she again pushed the energy ball back towards her she screamed in anguish and then she was vanquished.

    Charity suddenly fainted. Miguel caught her.

    Lets get out of here. Miguel said out loud and orbs them to Tabitha’s living room. Miguel place her on the couch. But suddenly Charity woke up she was dizzy. She saw Miguel. Miguel, thank you, you save my life. She draws him to a hug.

    In which cause Kay and Earl to become more jealous.

    Kay runs out the house.

    Breaking from Charity embrace. Miguel turns and notices Kay is not around.

    Kay! Miguel shouts and runs to the door.

    Earl goes to comfort Charity.

    Why does this keep happening? Miguel ponders.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 22 Every kiss begins with Kay

    Charmed Standish Chapter 22

    Crane Mansion 7:35pm..............

    Hey Fox, I didn’t know you were here.

    Been here for the past few days Mother, If I were Ethan you probably would have notice.

    That’s not fair.

    Well I came to terms with it.

    Fox, I care about you. You’re my son….

    Save it! Ok, I really not in the mood.

    Ok, well how’s your divorce to Kay coming?

    That’s all you care about….Kay and I divorcing?

    Tell me something mother, what Kay ever done to you besides tell your dirty secret?

    How could I begin, she is a selfish conniving manipulative Bitch. And all I can say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    Fox began to laugh.

    You know it’s true in our case. Well let’s say the Cranes’ case.

    Yeah, except Fancy off course…it will be a matter of time though.

    Doubt it, Fancy is the sweet one in our family, you always have one. Like Charity for the Bennett’s, as long as I known Kay; she has been selfish and mean to her cousin, then again to her sister and too her Martha Stewart want a be mother.

    I’m happy she is out your life. She smirked.

    Ok….mother… humor me, what do you think of her sister Jessica?

    I don’t think of her; really. Ivy walks from the foyer of the mansion and into the living room to pour her a drink of expensive brandy. He follows behind her.

    I mean….you have to have some kind of opinion of her. Fox searches for an answer.

    Ivy turns around to ponders. Why Fox had a sudden interest in Jessica?

    What is it with you and Grace’s daughters? Don’t tell me you are considering wooing this girl, are you?

    I don’t think that is any of your business, I just wanted to see if you hated Jessica as much as you hated Kay, the daughters of the man you claim to love. But, it seems Grace is more of the issue not Sam.

    No, I don’t actually hate them. They just vial, ill temper and spoiled.

    That reminds me of a certain person, I know.

    Fox, come on, your not telling the truth. You are considering wooing Jessica that’s why your attacking me.

    No mother, wrong as usual. I only wanted to know if you hated both of the daughters of the man you claim to love, that's all.

    Really? Ivy searches for an answer in Fox’s eyes. And realizes he’s lying.

    Yes; Really!

    Well to be honest; I hate the girl more than I hate Kay.

    And why is that?

    She cause a lot of problems with my relationship with Sam.

    No mother…. you cause the problem with your relationship with Sam.

    She wrinkled her nose. Look, Jessica is a whore plain and simple, she’s pregnant with her pimp’s baby probably going to grow up as a bad seed like it’s grandmother, father, and worse her sister. And yeah who knows, I will say it… she could be a walking disease with that baby. Gosh the doctors better be extra careful and doubled up on their latex gloves with that one.

    Mother! your unbelievable.

    What….is not like you never thought that. …don’t tell me your considering dating that girl. Kay wasn‘t worthy enough to shine your boots let alone her sister to touch one.

    Again….that’s none of your business. He walked around her towards the bar to pour himself a drink.

    Ivy decided she needed to nip this in the bud. Throw his attention on a girl that was nice that she wouldn’t mind becoming her daughter in law. There’s not that many girls suitable in Harmony for her son. Then she thought of the sweetest girl; never mind she is related to all her enemies, she would never become as evil as them or herself.

    Fox, if you want to hook up with a girl, why don’t you go out with Kay’s cousin Charity?


    Yeah; she’s sweet, kind, and pretty besides…what ultimate revenge against your worst enemy Miguel and the woman that betray you, Kay.

    Fox scratch his head at the thought, he like Jessica but he has yet to get his revenge on Miguel, he's not getting through to Kay and Endora’s plan seems not to be working.

    Why not it couldn’t hurt.

    Ivy notices her son’s brain working over time. She wanted to know what was he thinking.

    Well? What do you think? She smirked while taking a sip of her brandy.

    You may be on to something; Mother! Let’s just say it’s a better plan than Father ever had.

    I thought you would like my suggestion.

    If you could excuse me Fox, I have somewhere to go. She swiftly kiss him on the cheek.

    Alright, mother, have fun.

    That is what I plan to do.

    Fox shook his head as she walks out the big French mansion’s door.

    Mother, may be on to something indeed. Fox said to himself. As he heads to Tabitha’s house.

    Bennett’s House….. 8:15......

    Noah walks in the house with Paloma and notices his mother and father on the couch kissing.

    He couldn’t help but smile but needed to talk with them. He gave a small cough to get their attention.

    Ahem! Grace and Sam looked up and smile. Oh Noah…Paloma, I didn’t see you standing there.

    We can tell. Paloma said in her sweet Spanish accent.

    Sam was embarrass that he was caught in an intimate moment with his wife, he then stood up. So what do I owe this pleasure?

    Well, we wanted to talk to Mom and spend a little time with her since she missed so much. She hasn’t met the most beautiful …… smartest…..kindest woman in the world besides herself, of course. He said in a charming voice.

    Noah… stop! Paloma nudges him.

    Grace gave a slight giggle. And extended her hand to Paloma.

    If she is anything like her mother it’s my pleasure.

    I’m so sorry, Noah likes to embarrass me at times.

    I’m sure he means well.

    Yes, he do. She looks up at him and smiled.

    Sit…sit down. Grace offer her hospitality.

    They both sat down on the couch beside her.

    Wow, it’s great that I can finally meet you, I heard so much about you.

    Good things, I hope.

    Well yeah. Except from Ivy of course.

    Ivy…please don’t mention that woman’s name ever in my house.

    Sam then bow his head down in shame.

    While Noah took notice. Sam decided to change the subject.

    Paloma, did you find Gretchen Perry yet?

    no, Chief Bennett she had wonder off, she must of killed her cousin because I saw scratches on her, eventhough we didn't see anything under Hannah's nails. But we have her as the prime suspect anyway and all of Harmony is searching for her. but she may had an accomplance because we have no evidence too place her at the crime scene at the time of death, her alibi checks out. She had at least ten people to place her at the diner at the time of the murder.
    And then it's strange how those women were killed like that.
    Let’s hope we find her and her accomplance. Paloma said softly.

    Let’s not talk about gloom and doom, let’s talk about your wedding. Grace politely change the subject again.

    The ladies began talking about how they are excited that Noah and Paloma was planning their life together. Noah took the time to get up and tap his father on the shoulder to motion him to the kitchen.

    Dad, what’s going on?

    What do you mean?

    I notice that the mention of Ivy’s name kind of took a toll on you. Are you still in love with her?

    You know, I thought when your mother came back, That we would easily get back what we had. Not to say I’m trying….but…

    A part of you still loves Ivy.

    Yes! He manage to give a slight whisper despite the big lump in his throat.

    Look Dad we know it’s hard….No one expect you to be perfect and jump back in a relationship that had it’s problems to begin with. It’s going take time. But you sir have to be sure which woman is in your heart and not lead the other one on.

    Sam smiled. Great, I’m getting advice from my son. Shouldn’t I be giving you advice.

    The time will come when you shall.

    Sam laughed and gave his son a hug.

    Look, I better get back or they will already plan the wedding with out me.

    Yeah, I’ll be in their shortly…. I’m going to put some tea and snacks together.

    Ok, Dad. Noah walks out the kitchen and back to the two ladies who were need deep in Noah and Paloma’s wedding plans.

    Suddenly there was slight knock on the kitchen door as Sam was putting the kettle on for tea. He walks towards the kitchen door and opens it. There stood Ivy.

    Ivy, what are you doing here this late especially when there’s a serial killer on the lose?

    I’m sorry, Sam ,I had to see you.

    About what, is Ethan ok?




    Then what possibly be so urgent that you have to come see me this late?

    Sam, I still love you.

    She starts to rub up and down on his chest.

    Ivy….stop! He said softly as he slowly felt his manhood aroused as ever stroke of her touch tingle through is starch light blue shirt.

    No Sam, you love me, you want me, don’t deny it. She then nibbles on his ear.

    Ivy no! He said in a weak voice.

    Sam, don’t deny us, don’t deny our passion.

    She then charges a kiss on his lips. He tried to push her away at first but, something came over him and he gave into his desires. He in return tease his tongue in her mouth and began a very hard passionate kiss.

    Warf 9:30 pm............

    Kay walks on the Warf alone and depressed. She isn’t happy that she has to go back in the past and stop a demon from changing her present or her future. She dreads to see the past again as well. She flashes back to Miguel and Charity moment in the living room. She sighs then flashback to her schemes in the past.

    Jessica hated her then, they were always fighting and she was the one who helped Charity and Miguel grow into a relationship. She tease her every chance she could and pushed the idea of her and Reese to become a couple. She really didn’t know why Jessica hated her back then. It wasn’t your normal sibling rivalry.

    Then she remember as soon as Charity came she was second fiddle to everyone and the butt end of everyone’s joke. All the evil she did in the past was enough to make her whole body cringe. Including conceiving Maria. But,that was the best scheme yet she wouldn’t take it back for anything in this world.Miguel and herself conceive her beautiful sweet Maria. Why is the past worrying her so much? She thought to herself. Everyone has forgiven her. Miguel knows almost all the past evils she did in the past, I guess just seeing it would hurt him so that he will refuse to be with her. Maybe he will remember his love for Charity, if he didn't already.In which she thinks its obviously still there. She didn’t know, but something wasn’t quite right about this whole situation. She can’t hide from Miguel forever and the day will come when she will have to face the past with Miguel. Mom is so lucky she doesn’t remember her past. She wasn’t sure it was a good idea to go to San Francisco. It may bring more pain and evil in all of their lives.

    She sighs, when Jessica orbs on the Warf. She scares her in the process.

    Jessica you scared me.

    I’m sorry.

    I heard what happen.

    Yeah Charity vanquish a warlock and a bad witch, her powers are growing.

    Kay, What are you doing on the Warf this time of night? You shouldn’t be out here this late. We been waiting for you for hours now. Miguel and I been worried sick.

    Miguel worry about me that’s a joke. And Jessica, since when did you ever cared?

    Kay, we have grown close since the magic started and growing up made me realize life is too short to act like a brat, like I use too.

    A brat was me, you were normal.

    I don’t think so, I tease you on purpose because you got everything I wanted. Mom and Dad thought the world of you. Not to include Miguel, Reese and Simone. My friends was your friends if you didn’t notice.

    Yeah, I did notice, why was that?

    No one in my grade would talk to me, they thought I was obnoxious.

    You were.

    Yeah, I guess I was back then. I couldn’t understand it until now that I'm grown up.

    Why Jess?….Why did we fight so much?

    Because I admire you and I never wanted to admit it. And when you were finally going to get the one thing you wanted most. I knew I would lose you forever. You and Miguel would basically well….become Miguel and Charity and be into each other and no one would want me around.

    Kay got teary eyed by her comment.

    You know what, we might of. But, I love you anyways, I wouldn‘t totally blow you off.

    Kay took a step forward to hug her sister. Unlocking from her embrace Jessica ponders to ask. Then suddenly worked up the nerve.

    Kay, why are you avoiding Miguel?

    Avoiding Miguel…. No, I not avoiding him… what makes you think I’m avoiding him? She lied.

    Well, your only around when it’s time for class or to vanquish demons and after you spend time with Maria; Miguel ask to speak with you alone, you make up an excuse that you have to work or have something important to do.Your real deep in your work lately. And now, you ran from the house after you were almost killed. You acting like Miguel has cheated on you or something.

    Miguel. Kay said silently.

    Jessica, I been a little emotional lately since the knowledge of what the guardians done to us in the past.

    I guess, it was awful…but you and Miguel found each other despite it all and you should be grateful for that. Don’t push him away Kay, or you will lose him on your own account.

    I can’t get past the pain, I felt back then.

    That was the past. You have to forget about it and live your life in the present like there is no tomorrow. There is no guarantee that we will have a long future. Miguel loves you, don’t take it for granted. Grasp his love while you can.
    (Thinking about herself)Your right, Jess…your right. How did you get so smart?

    Hanging around you, I guess.

    Kay smiled.

    Suddenly Kay got nauseous.

    Tabitha house……11:33pm

    Maria, I don’t know what is going on with your mom? She barely talks to me, when we are in bed, I try to talk to her and she blows me off and goes to sleep.
    I let her sleep and then I say I will talk to her in the morning and she awakes earlier for class than I do and act like she is too busy to even talk. Then this situation with Charity and she runs out the door.

    Well, Dad she may have a lot of things to do or she has things on her mind, with the divorce to Fox coming near and all the demon fighting we been doing. She may feel she needs a little time to take for herself.

    Maybe, but she has to compromise or just talk.

    I’ll talk to her. Maria said gently.

    Thanks sweetheart. Hey you think you can have a premonition on how fast is those divorce papers coming?

    Real soon, Dad!

    Great! Look, I ’m going to talk to the elders about our mission in the past.

    Elders? What happen to guardians?

    Hmm everyone up there seem to call them elders, so it kind of grown on me.

    Oh Ok, she giggled. I’ll talk to you later.

    Miguel orbs out.

    Charity walks in with Earl.

    Thanks for helping me with all this equipment.

    Earl mumbles to himself. Yeah too bad Jacob’s was too busy to help.

    Charity manages to hear him. Where is Jacob these days?

    These days he is trying to get himself together, like a job to impress you. Earl places the equipment down.

    To impress me? Why would he want to do that for?

    Umm he cares about you.

    Well, I care for him, but nothing more. But….

    Yes? Earl walk closer to her he flashes back to Miguel and Charity’s embrace in the living room.

    I feel there is something between us. She began to sense his feelings. Earl began to use his powers to block hers.

    Is there? Earl wasn’t so sure if it was working.If she does find out,what will happen? He ponders. He was insecure because of his looks and he knows she still in love with Miguel.

    She took a step towards him.

    I want it to be…. A great friendship. She brushes off some lent of his sweater.

    He sighs.

    Suddenly Maria walks up to the foyer.

    What’s all this? Maria questions.

    Charity and Earl quickly walk towards the camera equipment.

    Am I interrupting something. Maria blushed a little.
    Oh no…. Charity shrugged it off. This is Earl's photography equipment. I got him a job today with Daily Private lives.He will be my photographer.

    The tabloid?

    Well, since there are so many demon vanquishing, and weird things happening here in Harmony, I figure it’s a matter of time the tabloids are going to catch a demon on film. if I’m a reporter there, I could do magic control there. And plus I need the money.

    Wow, Charity… Maria picked up Earl’s camera and examine it.

    I didn’t realize you were a photographer.

    I'm not, Charity's training me.


    Yeah, I study art in school, all kinds of art. But I love fashion and photography.

    Mom, told me.

    She had a flashback of when her mom told her Charity was studying Fashion. She said she was very creative and eccentric with her designs. She told Maria lets say Tabitha loved her designs the most.

    Maria giggle at the end of her flashback.

    What’s so funny Maria?

    Oh nothing.

    Hey did your mom and dad take their journey yet?


    I wonder what’s taking so long for the guardians to give the ok.

    Earl thought to himself, there busy waiting for your highness to free up the Demon of Doubts from the depths of hell. Good luck on that one Endora, you will have to pry him away from the evil boss himself.

    When are we going on our trip to San Francisco?

    Your grandmother said very soon she wants to settle a little in Harmony before adventuring out. Earl intervene.
    Deep in hell…..

    What’s going on? Why hasn’t he got back to me.

    A demon close to Endora replies. Your highness, the boss himself is busy trying to corrupt souls into becoming evil and he uses the Demon of doubt to help him.

    I need this demon to complete my plan, the pendent, The charmed ones past, There doubts its perfect I will have them all where I want them very soon and that will please the….realizing she better not say anything about who is behind all the plans. She suddenly get the urge to change the subject. But luckily a demon walks up and changed it for her.
    No luck your highness the boss won’t see us. He said you and your mother fail him too many times to have the Demon of doubt to stop one minute from corrupting souls to help you.


    But, he said one thing, if you raise an opening of doubts to all of the charmed ones including Maria. He may consider it.

    That may be arranged.

    Your Highness, there’s more we have word on the disappearances of the women in Harmony.

    I don’t care about that, that is a mortal doing.

    Oh on the contrary, it’s confirm it’s was a Warlock and a witch and the women are witches.

    What! How can this be without me knowing.

    We don’t know, your highness. But we suspect it was upper level demon behind it all.

    Why do you keep saying was?

    They were vanquished by the Charmed ones.


    Tabitha‘s backyard………

    Jessica, I feel so sick.

    What? What’s wrong?

    I feel nauseous and my head is pounding.

    Maybe your thinking so much. Look I will orb you to your room, so you can lie down.

    She orbs Kay to her room. And help her to her bed. She orbs her off her regular clothes and orbs her Pajamas on her.

    Kay says thanks.

    Just lay down and get some rest.

    I should be telling you this, your 6 months pregnant.

    I’m fine, you need to rest. She walks out the room and turns off the light.

    This is my chance, Endora sends a ball of light to implant in Kay’s dreams. Sweet Dreams Kay!

    Miguel orbs in Tabitha living room with flowers for Kay. He lays them down.

    Hey what’s all this?

    It’s for Charity and Earl's new job. Maria answers.

    Really, where are you working?

    Don’t laugh, Miguel.

    I won’t.

    Daily Private Lives.

    So you got that job.

    Well yeah.

    So, Daily Private Lives the infamous tabloid. I just read an article about Kay and I in their last issue. It was horrible.

    Why on earth you want to work there?

    To keep an eye on them. Magic was almost caught on tape. If I ‘m there I could keep it a secret.

    Wow Charity, that’s a great idea and the best thing you get paid for it. Miguel added

    It’s a win win situation. She smiled.

    Miguel walks towards her and gives her a hug. She felt safe in his arms.

    No wonder your so special!

    Maria and Earl grew an uneasy feeling.

    Wow…. I didn’t really have to do much Miguel and Charity did it for me. Endora cheered.

    Miguel broke from his embrace and asks did any one see Kay?

    Damn! He always thinking of her. Endora from hell cursed.

    Jessica walks up and says yeah, she’s in bed. She’s not feeling well.

    I never got a chance to talk to her.

    Miguel, she’s feeling a little depressed. Just be patient with her. Reassure her of your love.

    Well there’s no reassuring her these days.

    I got an idea excuse me everyone. Jessica walks up and grab Miguel to walk him towards the kitchen.

    What is it Jessica? What can I do to reassure her that I love her with all my heart and soul.

    Marry her, and I mean right away.

    That’s a great idea!

    Great idea for me too.


    Well, as soon as you guys are married. Fox will move on with his life.

    Oh…. You have thing for him.

    You have no idea

    Fox and I aren’t the best of friends, but I am forever grateful for him. For taking care of Kay and Maria.

    He is a good man and I couldn’t wish for a better man for you Jessica and your baby.

    Thanks, I was nervous telling you this, since your friends with Reese.

    Reese? Look I know you guys had a relationship he ruin it when he went after Charity and he kind of ruin our friendship as well.

    So you haven’t talk to Reese since then.

    No, I haven’t. But I ran into his mother and he said he’s doing well. He’s a real estate developer in San Francisco and very successful. Would you like some tea?

    No thanks it keep the baby kicking at night.

    Real Estate…..San Francisco could it be a coincidence?

    You mean the house Charity was talking about. He could help us find it.

    Yeah, if you guys aren‘t friends you better become friends really quick, because we are going to need his help.

    Kay tosses and turns. She has a dream. Charity I love you there is no woman I could ever love. You’re the one for me.

    Miguel! You said that to me. She calls out.

    Charity, you’re the love of my life.

    I knew it. She awake from her dream. I knew it.

    Suddenly she felt an urge to vomit. She runs to the bathroom and throws up.

    What’s wrong with me? She questions herself as she washes out her mouth in the bathroom sink. She then looks in the mirror and see the bags under eyes.

    I look terrible, I can’t let Miguel and Charity get to me like this. It was only a dream she tries to convince herself. She began to wash her face and brush her teeth then she brush her hair for bed. Miguel and I need to talk.

    She walks in the bedroom and gets in the bed. She then looks at the clock it’s 10:30pm. Miguel should be coming to bed soon.

    Just then Miguel walks in the bedroom. He looks
    at her.

    Miguel! We need to talk.

    Music to my ears. He shuts the door.

    Miguel, I don’t know how to say this.

    Just say something.

    I love you she said slowly but I’m starting to have doubts about us.


    Yeah, when I heard about our soon to be journey to the past.
    It awaken some painful memories for me.

    Kay, please… I know I was jerk back then. But I love you with all my heart. I couldn’t bare to lose you, again.

    You see, you said that before and that echoes in my ears over and over again (She pauses)except it‘s not said towards me….. It’s from your lips to Charity and I happen to overhear it.

    Kay look…. you still have feelings for Fox, and yes I still have feelings for Charity. But she is not who I want. You see last night, I had a dream, I wanted to tell you about it, since this morning. But, you blew me off.

    I’m sorry Miguel, I was a little upset.

    Please let me tell you about it, now. He grabs her by the hand and they both took a seat on the edge of the bed.


    I had a dream that Charity and I went to an amusement park.

    Oh! This doesn’t sound good.

    Let me finish, Kay. He said in a firm voice.

    Fine. She puffed.

    I went to an amusement park with her we were holding hands. We seem to be having a great time although the park was very crowded with many people around. We got on the safe rides if you want to call it that. Like the carousel and the tea cup. We got off and Charity saw a certain teddy bear in a booth and I decided I want to win it for her, So we head over to the booth. But somewhere between the booth and the carousel we got separated in the crowd. I search high and low for her, and couldn’t find her. But, I did find you and Fox.

    You did?

    Yeah, you guys were getting off the scariest roller coaster known to man. You guys loved it so much. You wanted to go back on despite the long line. You guys offer for me to ride with you. But, I wanted to find Charity. But Kay you insisted I ride. So I got in the line. We must of stay in the line forever and I talk about finding Charity the whole time. But yet my heart was pounding a mile a way because I was frighten to ride the roller coaster with you and the thought of losing Charity was tearing me apart.

    Miguel, I don’t see where this is going. She stood up. Miguel grab her hand and lead her to take a seat beside him.

    Kay, please let me finish.


    We got to end of the line, there was a car that needed one more person. So the guy in charge of the ride told Fox to go in the car. In which by the way looks like Manuel. But anyways, he was upset, he wanted it to be me. But, you insisted I was scared and you was going to take care of me.You guys fought a little while, but you got thru to him. So he went on the ride by himself. Our turn came up. My heart was beating faster and I still was thinking of Charity. You took my hand and told me everything will be alright in the end. We got on the coaster. It was the most thrilling exciting ride I have ever been on. I held your hand through the whole thing. I felt excited, alive, Vigo rating, scared a bit, but loved every minute of it. We got off the ride and everyone disappeared. It was you and me, Kay. Nobody else but the employees. We could ride any ride we wanted too without a line. I woke up and you wasn’t with me. That moment I never felt so alone. I try to tell you about it and you were gone. It scared me. It scared me to the point that I went to the guardians today and explain my dream. They explain to me that I was dreaming about relationships. Charity and I had a loving and safe relationship but there was so many obstacles standing in our way. So Charity wasn’t to be found in those obstacles. You and Fox, Kay, had a thrilling and exciting relationship until I showed up and you insisted on riding that roller coaster with me. It was the three of us in a long line, until it was time to ride. You wanted to stay with me and told Fox to ride the ride with someone else.He fought for you to go with him. But your refuse. We rode the ride together and then we came off all the obstacles (people) you may say disappear. It’s you and me Kay. And no one is going to stand in our way. And to prove it, I went out earlier to LA because of the time difference in the stores over there they were still open. Look at me I’m nervous. He swallowed hard.

    Nervous about what, Miguel. Her heart started to pound as fast as a beating drum.

    After talking with Jessica, I had to make sure I do this tonight.

    Kay! He said nervously.

    What is it?

    He grabs Kay to pull her from the bed. He places his hand on his heart.

    Your heart is beating so fast.

    Just like when I was on that ride with you.

    They paused for a moment to stare in each others eyes. Until Miguel realizes he had to do this, he can’t lose her again.

    He bend down on one knee and proceeded to take a small blue box out his pocket.On the top it says Kay. He flips it open.

    He shows her a ring. Kay, I love you and only you. You are the one in my heart. You’re the one I want to spend my life with on the most exciting, thrilling ride that is known to man. Please if you may….do the honor of becoming my wife.

    Kay was speechless. She looked at the ring, it was small but beautiful ½ carat diamond it had a Spanish gold design around the band it was better than the huge diamond Fox gave her only because it came from Miguel. Miguel the love of her life. He’s right about obstacles she thought. The only obstacle is her at this point.

    All the doubts started to melt away. This is what she wants. She remember what Jessica told her. She basically told her life is too short to be a fool. So she decided to seized the moment.

    Yes, Miguel! Yes I will marry you!

    NO! How did she break that spell? It’s a powerful spell.

    Endora screams from hell. I am going to kill Miguel with my bare hands. She yelled.

    He smiles and place the ring on her left ring finger. He drops the box only to stand up and kisses her.

    I love you! he said between kisses.

    I love you too.

    Maria, Charity, Jessica, and Earl listen by the door.

    Oh my god, they are finally engaged. Maria smiles.

    Yeah, thanks to me. Jessica boasts.

    I for one are happy for them. Charity added.

    Really! Everyone said in unison.

    Really, I hope to become as happy as them one day. She looks at Earl.

    Maria nudges her aunt Jessica. She whispers to her.

    I hope so.

    Bennett’s House Kitchen……8:30 pm

    Ivy and Sam is still kissing passionately. They made their way to the laundry room. Ivy is place on the dryer while Sam’s body gently rocks back and forth inside her they was passionately making love. The kettle went off. Ivy and Sam didn’t notice they were caught up in their love making. Noah walks in the kitchen and takes the kettle off the stove.Where’s Dad?He heard some noises close to the kitchen door he went around the corner to see what the noise was. He couldn’t believe what he saw his dad making love to Ivy Winthrop.

    San Francisco Durkee Paranormal Research Center….. 4:46 pm

    Simone and Nadine walks in Reese’s office.

    Hey, Simone and Nadine.

    Hey, any luck finding out what was on the picture? Simone didn’t cut to chase. She been waiting all night to find out what was on the picture. The curiosity got the best of her especially what was on the 13th floor that her and Nadine hasn’t seen yet. Reese couldn’t show them because it’s way too dangerous.

    I had my people analyze the photograph and yes its Paranormal.

    Well… what is it Reese, what kind of paraphernalia?

    Simone, according to my findings, brace yourself it’s good and evil fighting around and inside the house.

    Look, at the black spots, Reese pointed to his computer and zoomed in. Look carefully….

    Hey that looks like evil little demons. Nadine shouted.

    And the white spots? Simone ask in a calming voice not surprise that exist after Hell in Charity‘s closet.

    Well…. let me target the image and let’s see. He zoomed in.

    Is that…Angels?

    Right, Simone we stumble across a battlefield…the house.

    Simone interrupted him. You didn’t tell anyone did you?
    Including Darnell?

    No of course not, I’m not an idiot, what I did… was purchase the house. So we could look into it get rid of the paraphernalia and let you and Nadine live in the house peacefully.

    Simone and Nadine smiled.

    Suddenly the phone rings.

    Excuse me for one moment.

    Reese picks up the phone.

    Hello Mr. Durkee here.

    What do you mean the purchase the house didn‘t go through?
    (As soon as he said that it caught Simone and Nadine’s attention they stop focusing on the computer and now on Reese’s conversation)

    I paid for the house in full…. with cash. What possibly could be the problem.

    The house wasn’t legally the state to begin with.(He repeated what the voice on the other line had said) What kind of mess is that?

    Ok…..There was a mistake in paperwork…how can the state be so irresponsible?

    Ok ….Ok well maybe if I will find the owner, I could convince them to sell. Whose the owner?

    You can’t be serious.

    What is it Reese? Simone anxiously await for his answer.

    The house is owned by Faith and Grace Standish.

    That can’t be a coincidence. Simone exclaimed giving him a knowing eye contact with Reese.

    Tabitha's house........

    I can't believe were engage. Miguel swings Kay around.

    I never thought my dreams will come true.

    That should of been me with Miguel. Charity thought to herself.

    Everyone decided to leave the door way.

    It's too late. Charity said to herself. I really lost Miguel.

    I love you so much. Miguel told Kay.

    Kay smiled. I love you too.

    So it's true what they say.


    Every kiss begins with Kay.

    Kay smiled and kissed each other passionately.

    Charity sadly walked away.


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