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Thread: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 1 The Beginning

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    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 7 Desperate for Love

    Charity, Jessica and Kay are still in hibernation. The sisters and Manuel had left an hour

    How long is it going to be? Miguel impatiently walks up and down.

    Dad; be patient. She smiled.

    Maria we still have to help Tabitha and Endora.

    I know! But for some reason I think all will be well. Something about Manuel assures me.

    Manuel, how dare he look at you in that way? Heís an old pervert if you ask me.

    Dad, you are reading too much into it. Besides you said you trust him.

    Yeah but, not with you. Besides you are my sweet little toddler. He pouted while pinching her cheeks.

    Maria laughed. Dad youíre too much.

    Suddenly, Kay, Charity and Jessica stirred up they were beginning to wake up.

    Down below in hell....

    Which way to get to Endora? I hear something. Tabitha uses her power to disguise herself to blend in the walls of hell. As demon 1 and 2 rushes pass the wall looking for her.

    She quickly changes back I got to get to Endora and fast.

    She runs the other way. She found a hole in the wall just enough for her to fit as a small mouse.

    I wonder; she thought to her self.

    Book of spells in the house
    Show me how to get around
    The walls of hell; is not aroused
    Let me turn into a mouse.

    She morphs into a mouse and goes further inside the wall. which turns out to be some kind of chute.

    She goes down a dark tunnel screaming and finally landing. She morphs back to herself

    She stood up and dusted herself off. Where am I?

    She hears voices and hides behind some crates.

    This looks like a storage room of some kind.

    All of sudden the voices came near. She gets in one of the crates to hide.

    The Queen sure is smart. A demon said to other.

    Yes she is; and very powerful, she will destroy the power of three for good
    Then there wonít be any threat to the dark side. Some thing that her witch of her mother couldnít do.

    Why you.... When I get out of here you will be the first demons I will vanquish! Tabitha said roughly inside the crate.

    Hey give me a hand with this crate, and tell me again why the queen needs this Egyptian Statue anyways.

    Tabitha begins to examine what was beside her in the crate.

    Idiot thou never listen the demon said while picking up one side of the crate this statue is to give the Prince of Darkness enough power to destroy the charm ones.

    Oh my Endora was paying attention to everything I told her she smirked. This is the ancient Egyptian statue of Aurae. This statue makes a mortal so evil so evil he will become the evil source of the dark side. I must say I am very impressed. Snap out of it Tabitha we are good witches now we canít beat the charm ones they are much too powerful besides one of them is my best friend, but...Endoraís power is impressive who knows what will come of this prophecy. She smiled.

    The Demons pick up the crate Tabitha was in.

    I donít remember this crate ever being so heavy like this.

    AAgh itís your imagination.

    They carry the crate into the throne room as Tabitha still hides inside.

    In the throne room Endora prepares to give power to the soon to be Prince of Darkness.

    While amongst them stood a young handsome man with large amount of power of his own.

    Itís not fair I am supposed to be the Prince of Darkness he said to his friend.

    Well thatís not going to happen, youíre just an 8th level demon how in hell do you think you would have been the Prince of Darkness?

    Well first of all I already have powers, this guy is a mere mortal how can he become the Prince of Darkness?

    Your right about that one. But the Queen knows what sheís doing.

    I heard he is married to one of the charmed ones.

    What? He remembers fighting with the young blonde charmed one.
    Not the one that beat you up?

    Man, she got lucky.

    Yeah lucky alright; she was blindfolded.

    Well, she beat you up too!

    I let her.

    Yeah right.

    Yeah I did Bruce told me not to hurt her.

    Yeah okay. MMM He looks at his friend and alleged to himself it seems that he may be smitten with that one.

    I wonder why Bruce conjures us up; that was risky of him to do that. It may expose him and us. Said the handsome demon.

    I was thinking the same thing.

    At Tabitha house the girls suddenly awaken from hibernation.

    I feel so weak whispered Jessica as she tried to keep her balance.

    Me too! Kay replied while wobbling Miguel rushes to catch her.

    Oh god Maria went to help her aunt and Charity.

    Maria and Miguel set them on the couch.

    Maria then shuns a ray of light to each of the girls.

    They all suddenly got their strength back.

    I feel good! Jessica did a back flip to show how great she was feeling.

    Wow I feel like I can do anything! Charity alleged while jumping up and down with her power punch combination.

    I feel good too! Kay got up and walks towards Miguel and gives him a passionate kiss.

    Why you playing I feel good too, He whispers to Kay lets go upstairs as he nibbles on her ear and she giggled.

    Maria smiled at the sight of her mom and dad affection towards each other.

    Charity felt this hatred just brewing inside her. That should be me with Miguel not you. She said to herself.

    Miguel, quit we have guests.

    Maria could entertain them for at least 10 minutes.

    The way I feel, make it 30.

    Um we have to go upstairs and take care of that thing right Kay.

    Right. Kay agreed as they ease their way going upstairs.

    But Maria yells out Mom Dad you have plenty of time to take care of that thing upstairs we have a quest to do.

    What quest Kay softly asked.

    Like saving your friend Tabitha and her daughter Endora.

    Oh my god I forgot. Kay hits her head.

    Iím sorry ladies I guess we got carried away. Miguel excused their behavior. But was very disappointed.

    Sure no problem. Charity said under her breath with hate.

    Well I figure a way to locate Tabitha. That will be the first thing weíll do. Maria explains.

    Yes then we need to locate Fox and make sure Endora didnít get to him if she didnít already. Jessica added.

    Plus we need a spell to bind Endora from her powers to neutralize her to get to the bottom of why she turned evil. Charity replied.

    But first we will have to get to hell so we will need to make plenty of vanquishing potions and spells to destroy a lot of demons that I am sure that surrounds Endora. Kay sighs.
    So lets get started I will write the spells, Charity see if you can track for Tabitha witch tracker she conjures it up. And Jessica you make the vanquishing potions and Maria you scry for Fox. Miguel could you go talk to the elders and find out more information about the Queen and Prince of Darkness?

    Sure! Miguel orb away.

    Everyone scattered and did their assigned task.

    Meanwhile in the Queenís throne....
    Fox awaits his transformation to become the Prince of Darkness.

    The two demons stood by each side of the crate.

    My fellow Demon and Demo ness welcome!

    We are gathering here today to welcome a new edition in our hellish family.

    Itís not like youíre brand new to dark side; isnít that right Fox?

    Fox look at the Queen with such confusion.

    Oh yes if you didnít know by now Fox; Cranes are automatically enrolled with us when they are born.

    Oh Oh I know where this is going... Tabitha said frantically in the crate. Please Endora donít tell Fox youíre his sister. I will have to explain a lot to every one. Please Endora.

    Fox didnít like how Endora announce him as a Crane. He suddenly felt a chill down his spine, Endora sense it.

    But donít worry Fox little sis will always take care of you.

    Little sis?

    Yes Fox I am your half sister Endora!

    Oh my god Endora no way but it does explains why Father was hanging around you and Tabitha a lot at the house. But how are you Endora, youíre a toddler.

    Well newsflash bro I have powers I made myself grow up because I was so grateful for all you did for me and Maria. So I decided in return give you what you want in life.



    Thanks sis thatís why I was always drawn to you.

    And I to you! She blew a kiss.

    Oh Endora what have you done. Kay loves Miguel, Fox will move on with another that is the way it supposes to go. Tabitha said to herself.

    Boo! Stop with this lovey dovey stuff we are in hell! One demon cried out.

    Who said that? Endora turned to look.

    All the demons pointed to one particularly Demon.

    How dare you interrupt my moment with my brother? She walks towards the demon.

    The demon started to get scared as he looked into her eyes and knew he was going to the wasteland of demons.

    Oh yes you should be afraid; very afraid she raised her hand and zap the demon to the wastelands. Fox gave a smirk.

    Any more comments; she looked around and all the demons kept quiet. Right back to the matter in hand. She walks towards Fox again.

    Bring me the statue. The demons that stood near the crate begin to take the lid off.

    Oh no how am Iím going to get out of this?

    They took the lid off and grab the statue, not even noticing that Tabitha was hidden under the straw in the crate. They carry the statue to Endora.

    Fox this is the statue of Jonah itís to make you very powerful.
    Legend has that Jonah was angel. All the demons booed

    Endora turn to face them and hollers Silence.....They all were quiet.

    She then turns her attention back on Fox. And begins to tell the tale of the statue.

    Jonah fell in love with a beautiful mortal girl name Mirabel.
    He watched her for years from a distance.
    He knew Angels and Mortals can not be together.
    But as time went on he got desperate he had to have Mirabel.
    So he made a deal with one of our famous evil warlock Malaki
    Malaki had the power to; well letís say work around the rule.
    He told Jonah to make a statue marked in his blood.
    Jonah asked why. Malaki said his blood would make Mirabel magical and they could be together after he cast a spell for a human to become mortal.
    Jonah wanted so much to be with Mirabel; he made the statue right away.
    But Malaki wanted Mirabelís for himself. So he offered Jonah a deal.
    The deal was if Mirabel fell in love with him he would cast the spell.
    If she doesnít he would cut his wings and become evil demon and she will stay mortal free to fall for another.
    Jonah was desperate for Mirabelís love he knew he could make her fall in love with him.
    Jonah made the deal.
    It was difficult at first but Jonah and Mirabel fell in love.
    Malaki was jealous and wanted to kill Jonah but he had better plans.
    Jonah knew their love could not last until she turns magical.
    Jonah went to Malaki to finish his deal.
    Malaki agreed only to have plans on his own.
    Jonah brought Mirabel to Malaki.
    She didnít have any idea of what was going on.
    Jonah asks her to look into the statues eyes.
    She trusted him and she stared into the statue.
    Malaki said his famous spell and she became powerful more powerful than you can ever imagine.

    Endora stops and said now itís your turn.

    He shouts what happen to Jonah and Mirabel?

    It doesnít matter; all that matters is that you will have Kayís love.
    You will be driven for love, Endora ensures him. But I change the spell around so you can control your powers a good spell mixed with bad spell should do the trick hopefully you wonít suffer the same fate as Mirabel did. Endora thought to herself.

    The handsome demon whispers to his friend what sheís leaving out is Mirabel killed a lot of demons and angels that had powers until the original charmed ones came and vanquished her.

    How do you know that?

    Shh, it doesnít matter look itís starting.

    I need you to look in the statueís eyes and repeat after me.

    The statue of darkness
    The statue of fright
    Make him no less than
    The power of light.

    To fulfill the power
    To our delight
    Bring me evil
    In your sight

    Suddenly a blue ray pierce from the statue to Foxís eyes.

    The blue ray seems to transform him, his skin turn to the color of charcoal. His eyes red as blood. He gave off the source of evil itself.

    The blue ray suddenly stopped and Fox became a hideous monster.

    The transformation isnít complete yet, Now Fox we have to give back your appearance, and you have to get next to Kay to be with her again.

    Now listen to my plea
    I need the power of three
    Let these witches see
    To make him close to thee.

    Suddenly Fox morph into Miguel.

    Everyone gasps including Tabitha. As she was peeking through the crate.

    My My Endora you are wicked witch after all. She smiled.

    Fox notices the gasps and looked in the mirror.

    He looks in the mirror and saw his reflection.

    Oh my god how did I get so desperate; to make Kay love me?

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    Charmed Standish Chapter 8 Opportunity Comes a Knocking

    Ok well I have the vanquishing potion; I made it in batches.

    And I got the spells. Did you locate Fox or Tabitha?

    No I canít get anything. Charity threw down the crystal on the map she was frustrated.
    Suddenly she began to have a strong feeling overcoming her.
    Danger is coming!

    We know Charity that is why we need to find Fox. Jessica answers.

    By the way where is Miguel? Kay said while frantically looking around.

    Oh yeah I forgot to tell you; he said he had to talk with the guardians about more information about the Queen of Darkness. I checked the Book of Spells and it barely said anything about her. Jessica explained.

    We have to get Tabitha back, she can steer us in the right direction.

    Should we wait for Miguel? Charity softly asks her cousins.

    Maria walked in and said No you should go on without him.

    I will tell him where youíre going.

    Thanks sweet heart. Kay went to kiss her daughter and got a weird vibe.

    Are you ok? She touches her forehead.

    Sure; Mom I Ďm just a little nervous about fighting demons thatís all.

    I feel the same way baby but itís our duty as good witches to save the world.

    I know mom and Iím okay, you should find Tabitha and Endora now; Iíll be ok here.

    I donít know Maria, even though you look and acts like a teenager, you are still a toddler.

    Mom, Iím okay I have powers now and I can take care of myself teenager or toddler.

    Ok, well weíre going, call us if you need us.

    Sure mom.

    Jessica, Charity and Kay orbs out.

    Maria smiled and changes her image to a demon ess.

    Now itís time for some fun. She smiled.

    She then turns and looks at Fox/Miguelís image.

    Miguel and Maria orbs into Tabithaís living room; confused of the emptiness of the house.

    Maria questions where everyone is.

    I donít know. Miguel answered.

    Fox then zaps both of them.

    They screamed in agony.

    Remember the Queen does not want them killed. The demo ness yells out.

    Fox nodded his head and zaps them away in a holding cell in deep parts of hell.

    Maria and Miguel get up and were in serious pain.

    What was that? Maria asks her father.

    I think it was a demon. He gags.

    Powerful ones, we couldnít see them.

    Do you think Mom and the others are hurt?

    No, I would of sense it.

    Your right, Dad, where are we?

    In some kind of holding place in hell.

    Well maybe we can orb out.

    Yeah, they tried to orb but couldnít.

    Did we lose our powers?

    No, look there are three crystals around the cell.
    Miguel explained.
    We have to do something.

    I donít know if we could, itís up to your mother and the others to save us.

    Dad what are we going to do? Maria seeks comfort with her father.

    Now we are in place the demon ess smiled.

    Get back to your cover. Fox yells at the demon ess.

    Right I almost forgot. She morphs back into Maria.

    Now all I have to do is to get Kay to wear this shoe and sheíll be mine forever.

    Ok where do you think I could find Tabitha?

    Well I sense she is nearby. Charity said out loud.

    Wait I got a spell to guide us!
    Kay alarms her family.
    She pulls out a piece of paper and begins to chant.

    Spirits here and there
    Spirits everywhere
    Give us a sneak peek
    And show us who we seek.

    Just then a spiral of wind showed itself on the wall
    And it gave an image of Tabitha hiding in a crate.

    Then it showed her surrounded by demons.

    Oh my god, how are we going to get by those demons? Charity freaked out.

    I remember in the Book of Spells it states that we can morph into anything. Jessica quickly explained.

    What? Kay shouted.

    Yeah close your eyes and think of whom you want to look like.
    They close their eyes, now chant with me

    What I see you believe
    Every oneís sight;
    Is the key
    Images of us
    We shall deceive
    Give us the look
    We want to achieve

    They began to morph into 3 demon ess.

    It works! And we are hot. Jessica shouted.

    Wow this is a cool power. Kay yells.

    You got that right. Charity smiles. I can have fun with this power later she said under her breath.

    OK now letís help Tabitha.

    I got to get out of this crate and talk to Endora.

    But these demons are ready to feast on good witches....What I am saying? I canít be good I am the wickest witch that ever lived.
    I should not be afraid. I should be able to hold my head high around these parts; I am the mother of the Queen of Darkness. They should be grateful I gave birth to her and praise me. She pouts and starts to get out of the crate.

    Demon 1 and 2 ran to the other demons and ask did they see an old witch running around here. Tabitha quickly closes the crate.

    The others said no. What witch? Sounds tasty. One demon was especially interested.

    We are looking for the witch Tabitha Lennox. Demon 2 yelled.

    No, but if we find her first, you would definitely be the last to know. The demons laughed and made slurping gestures.

    First come; First serve I guess. Demon 1 shrouded his shoulders and left with Demon 2.

    Drats they canít forgive me for turning good. Why do I keep saying that? Iím not good. But I know one thing I got to get the hell out of here.

    Just then 3 demon ess walks up to the demons and got their attention.

    They were very interested in the demon ess.

    Whoa I never seen you 3 here before?

    Yeah well, we are from the baddest part in hell.

    Oh youíre from Bathers.

    Yeah; what you said. Jessica added.

    Youíre here to see the queen?

    Why yes. Charity said seductively.

    Over my dead body! The other demon yelled. Kill them!

    The Demons threw fire balls at the charmed ones.

    Kay threw the fire balls away from their path with her powers

    Charity rough up some of the demons with her power punches and kicks.

    After they fought the demons. The demons shook it off and stood up to fight them some more.

    Oh god, we better do something and quick. Jessica yelled.

    The potions! Kay answers.

    Kay, Jessica, and Charity threw their vanquishing potion and the demons were vanquished.

    That was close! Jessica sighs.

    Yeah I guess we werenít coming off bad enough. Kay added.

    What? You wrote the book. Charity said to herself.

    ThereĎs the crate! They ran towards it and open the lid.

    Please donít hurt me! Tabitha yelled in a fetal position inside the crate.

    Tabitha itís me!

    Me who? She looked up and was blinded by light to see who was talking to her.

    Kay morph to her normal self. And covered the light that was shining bright in Tabitha eyes.

    Kay itís you she grabs her and hugs her tight.

    She began to pull her out the crate.

    Kay we are in serious danger we have to get out of here.

    What about Endora?

    Endora is confused right now, and besides we have to come up with a plan for her to come to her sense. We need to get out of here now! Tabitha shouted.

    Well yeah we can orb to your house.

    No we canít Fox will be there waiting for you there.


    Yes Kay he has powers now.

    Oh my god, so he is now the Prince of Darkness?

    How did you know?

    Never mind that, where can we go.

    I know to momís bed and breakfast. Jessica added

    Thatís right letís go. Fox will never think I would go there.

    Donít be so Sure Kay.

    No, Fox knows the B and B makes me upset since my mom died.

    Fine letís go! Charity exclaimed.

    They orb to Graceís bed and breakfast.

    Oh my god I havenít been here for years. Jessica looks around and smiled at their family picture. We were happy back then.

    Iím sorry Jessica; itís my fault I shouldnít have kept that secret that Ivy hired David to pose as momís husband.

    I know Kay; I forgiven you long time ago.

    It is cute that you guys patch everything up but we have some serious problems. Tabitha interrupted.

    God I canít believe I am helping the charm ones, but my Endora my poor Endora she is not herself.

    Tabitha we have to tell you something about Endora.

    First I have to tell you sheís helping Fox to get you back Kay.

    What, that will never happen Iím in love with Miguel, we are finally a family with Maria.

    But Kay; Fox is not himself.

    What do you mean Fox is not himself?

    Endora turn Fox into...

    Just then a Demon comes from nowhere and knocks Tabitha out with a fire ball.

    Kay motions her powers to blow him up. She vanquishes him.

    Tabitha are you all right? Charity quickly runs to her.

    Tabitha! Kay screams.

    Miguel and Maria try hard to move the crystals to no avail.

    Dad this is pointless, she stop with frustration then sighs.
    Mom could be hurt or maybe worst.

    I know Maria thatís why we canít give up.

    You should. Another voice came from nowhere.

    Whoís that? Maria questions.

    Why Maria you donít recognize your own best friendís voice?

    Endora? Maria shouted.

    Endora emerged from the shadows.

    My My Maria thatís a great look for you.

    Miguel and Maria stood up.

    Miguel answers Endora how can you do this to us?

    How can I do what? Youíre the one that came back to Harmony and messed up a good thing.

    Mess up a good thing? Maria replied.
    Dad coming back was the best thing for Mom and me!

    Oh really, if your dad was all that great, why did he leave you two in the first place?

    Dad was confused or maybe just infatuated with Charity.

    Why not let your father answers for himself.

    Dad tell her that you loved us very much and you were confused by Charity.
    Go on tell her.

    Tabitha you ok, oh my god Jessica we have to get to Miguel to heal her.
    Jessica orbs us to Tabithaís.

    Isnít it dangerous Kay? Charity softly added.

    I donít care, Kay begins to cry. I will not lose my friend.

    Ok, your ready lets go.

    They orbed to Tabitha house.

    Kay looked around and saw Fox/ Miguel image.

    Miguel please we have to help Tabitha.

    Tabitha whatís wrong. Fox/Miguel image runs to her.

    Please heal her.

    Fox/Miguel image was worried he didnít have the power to heal he could only do the opposite and kill Tabitha.

    He paused, Maria/demo ness image whisper to him, I can heal her but she will stay unconscious.

    Sure do it, what are you waiting for? He whispers back.

    Mom, I got it!

    Sure baby go ahead. Kay said while being comfort by Jessica.

    She heals her.

    Charity asked why is she still unconscious.

    Well the demon must hurt her really bad, but she will live.

    How did you know it was a demon? Jessica questions her.

    Oh... well you did tell me you went to hell and I could only assumed that a demon attack her and um.....

    Jess stop, Maria did the best she could. Fox/Miguel image interrupted.

    Jessica and Charity became suspicious why didnít Miguel heal Tabitha instead. Jessica whispers to Charity. Charity nodded.

    Well long as Tabitha is alright. Kay said while wiping her tears, I donít know what I do without her.

    You really love her donít you? Charity replied.

    Yeah I do, she is like a second mother to me.
    Sheís the only one that supported Miguel and I she said to herself.

    Damn I should have killed her. Fox/Miguel image said to him.

    Well since we got Tabitha back we need to find Endora and Fox.

    Well I am going to scry for Endora. Tabitha would want her here safe and sound. Kay went to the kitchen to get the crystal for scrying.

    I guess I make some more vanquishing potion and spells I got a feeling we are going to need it. She looks up at Maria. Charity will you stay here and see if Tabitha wakes up.


    Jessica rushes upstairs she runs to the Book of Spells.

    I know thereís a reversal to the morphing spell somewhere. She flips to the pages and suddenly stops at a page that looks familiar. Wait, I could make a truth serum.

    She proceeds to making the serum.

    Shoot, Iím out of comfrey. Oh yeah there is a small batch of Truth Serum already made in the kitchen. I made that especially potent for the patrons of Harmony. She orbs in the kitchen.

    Kay desperately scries for Endora. Where are you Endora how come I canít find you?

    Oh Tabitha I hope I find her fast. For all our sakes.
    She scries again and the crystal hits the map, hey thatís Tabithaís house?
    Wait that canít be right?

    What canít be right? Jessica said while scaring Kay in the process.

    You scared me.


    Jessica I scry for Endora and I keep getting this house.

    What personal item youíre using?

    A piece of cloth of her favorite blanket.

    Whereís the blanket?

    Right here. Kay reaches for the blanket that hanged on the chair.

    Jessica examines it and sees the Craneís name embroidered on it.

    Kay this maybe Endoraís blanket but, I have a feeling Fox gave it to her.

    Yeah..... He did... and?

    Now Kay, Tabitha said Fox is already here .that is why we were in B &B in the 1st place.

    Oh my god..... Your right I been scrying for Fox instead of Endora.

    Finally...... you got it.

    But where is he?

    I donít know, but I have an idea Kay and we must do something quickly.

    So Miguel what did you find out about the Queen of Darkness?


    Yeah you went to talk to the guardians didnít you?

    Yes, they said they didnít have anything. He brushes her off.

    Maria; is ok if I talk to your father alone. Please.

    Sure, I want to go and help mom anyways. Maria/ Demon ness walks towards the kitchen. But lurks in the corner listening.

    Miguel we have to talk.

    Talk about what he said coldly.

    She sighs, Miguel I have to say this because every time I see you I feel my heart is breaking over and over again. I canít stop loving you; I canít pretend any more that I am happy for you and Kay. I have to tell you this, because I feel there is still a chance for us. I remember like it was yesterday that we were so in love. I shouldnít have left Miguel, I should have stayed and became your wife, I should have believed in our love. I am so sorry of what I put you through. But Miguel I am asking your forgiveness... I am asking for your love.... Please say there is a chance for us.

    Fox/Miguel was happy to hear this. He smiled

    Well a weak link in the charmed ones. I will give you a chance Charity he said to himself.

    He then channels his plan telepathically to Endora.

    Tell her Dad!

    I... did lov....

    What? Endora receives a message telepathically from Fox.

    Thatís a great plan. Endora said to herself.

    Iím sorry but, I got to do this.

    Endora wave her magic and transported Maria out of the cell and into a block of ice.

    Maria! Miguel yells.

    Donít worry Miguel; sheíll be fine I will let her out soon. She then camouflages her with the walls.

    Endora what happen to you?

    You; is what happen to me! She said boldly.


    You mess up a good thing Miguel, I donít hate you, but I donít think your homecoming back to Harmony were the best thing that you ever did.

    Endora, why are you saying this Maria haves her parents together in love.

    Enough, I am tired of talking she walks away.

    Endora! Endora! Please tell me what you are trying to say.

    She ignores him and leaves the room.

    So Miguel do you think there is a chance for us?

    It sure is! Fox/Miguel image smile at her.

    Charity smiled. She started to walk towards him and Fox/Miguel zaps her to hell.

    Ooh Fox you are so hot! The demon ess smiled.

    Where am I? Charity looks around.


    Charity, what are you doing here?

    Oh my god, that must have been Fox....she thought to herself.

    She realizes she is stuck in the cell with Miguel.

    Oh my god, Fox wants to be with Kay and he knows I still in love Miguel.
    Fox youíre not so bad after all, the opportunity finally came a knocking for Miguel to realize he loves me and not Kay. She smiles.

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    Post Re: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 1 The Beginning

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 9 Guess Who?

    Charity why are you looking at me that way? Miguel curiously asks her while still looking for a way out.
    Oh no reason I just wonder what mistake I made; not knowing Fox was you.
    Fox was me? What do you mean?
    Well Fox is in disguise as you Miguel.
    You’re kidding me; He is that desperate to get Kay back.
    Apparently so. She said out loud. I should of thought of that. Charity said to herself.
    Now that you’re here Charity and we are alone…..I have to tell you something.
    Oh my god, is Miguel going to tell me he still loves me?
    Ok this plan is dangerous Jessica.
    I know but if we don’t do this, all would be lost; we have to out Fox the Fox.
    I guess but he can come up with the slyest plans. Like fooling all of us to believe he was dying.
    Yeah and the fake Miguel and Charity making love bit, he went to great lengths on that one.
    Yeah that devastated me; I don’t know what I would of done if that was true. That truly broke my heart and that was the reason I marry Fox in the first place.
    Well lucky Miguel and Charity are no longer in love.
    Yeah we are lucky, we better go out there before he decides to kill Charity.
    Oh I forgot she was with them. We better hurry.

    Charity; Kay and Jessica are vulnerable now that the power of three is not whole. We got to get out of here; I could lose Kay forever.
    That’s all you think about. She said to herself. What about me, not long ago all you use to think about was me. What changed?
    Look there are crystals around this cave, we must remove them.
    Yeah, I see them, but I'll be damn if we leave this cell until you fall back in love with me.
    Almost there I got the crystal.
    Miguel! Charity screams he fell and hit his head; he was unconscious. Charity ran to him only to cradle him in her arms.
    Miguel wakes up please! I love you, and I always will. She cried.
    Miguel! Suddenly Charity remembers something from the past.
    Miguel was unconscious after saving her from the avalanche. It was like it was Dťjŗ vu. She remembers Kay telling him she love him. And he awakens only to jump in Charity arms. She decides to morph into Kay.
    Miguel I love you she said in Kay’s voice.
    Miguel started to awaken.
    Miguel saw a blurred vision and what he saw was Kay.
    I love you too. He said not knowing it was Charity.
    She smiled, It works she said to herself.
    She kisses him, He then realized that she wasn’t Kay she was Charity.
    He broke from the kiss and stood up. Kay you’re not Kay, wait a minute Charity?? He said softly.
    Yes Miguel, I knew you loved me. She morphs back to herself.
    He remembers what Manuel said don’t refuse Charity.
    He realizes this is it. A sacrifice he has to make and he don’t know why.
    She stood up to look in his eyes and slowly draws him into a kiss.
    Miguel how’s Tabitha? Jessica asked.
    Oh she’s still unconscious. He ran his fingers through his thick black hair.
    Where’s Charity? Kay asked softly.
    Umm….. Miguel/Fox image looks at the demon ess that portrays Maria for help.
    She said she has something important she has to do. The demon ess quickly responded.
    Oh what could be important than Tabitha and Endora? Kay questions Maria.
    I don’t know but she said it’s important. Speaking of important Dad said he had something to tell you Mom and it can’t wait.
    Yeah can we discuss this alone? Miguel/ Fox image imposes.
    Kay looks at Jessica and nods she will be fine.
    Yeah Miguel, we can’t do our mission until Charity gets back anyways.
    They proceeded out the door to the backyard.
    Charity and Miguel was drawn into a kiss. Miguel didn’t know why he had to do this. But he knew he had to do this for the greater good. She pulls away.
    Miguel felt confused. How is this supposed to help us? He thought to himself.
    Charity realizes Miguel does not love her anymore. She felt it in his kiss. She felt he only wanted to console her and her feelings. She realize no matter what she do; She could morph into Kay he would not love her like he loves Kay.
    Charity, what’s wrong?
    You don’t love me anymore! Tears slowly fell from her eyes like a slow drizzle of rain
    I don’t know what to say; a couple of years ago I would have been happy to have you in my arms, but….. Things have changed. I came back to Harmony to see Maria who is the love of my life, only to fell in love with the mother who created her. I began to wish that we were a family; I began to love the idea Maria’s parents can be happy together and in love and still raise our daughter together. I fought hard for that, I almost lost my life for that, I went to prison for that, I would of gladly sold my soul for Kay, Maria and I to be a family. God know s I did love you Charity with all my heart and soul, But when you left it hurt me badly I searched everywhere for you. But I realize what I was searching for was always here in harmony my True Love.
    True Love was us Miguel! It was us, Charity cried. Kay had stolen that away by getting pregnant with Maria. She tricked you into sleeping with her. You thought you were making love to me.
    I know, but the truth is I deep down knew it was Kay, her kisses, her touch, her passion for me said it all that night.
    Charity wiped her tears and asked what do you mean?
    Remember when we were in the mineshaft.
    Yeah, I don’t why but I tried to kill you but…..
    Yes and Kay had save me from that terrible fate. We thought we were going to die. So Kay made a confession to me that she loved me and always had. I told her if you never came to town I would have been dating her and possibly fell in love with her.
    What, that means if you never met me, you and Kay would have been together anyways.
    Yes, but Charity I must finish, we kissed that night thinking we were going to die.
    I remember how passionate that kiss was I remember how deeply she was in love with me. But I couldn’t return her love because I really loved you back then. But, the truth was deep down I was torn between you two but in the end I choose you. When you left my heart wanted to crumble I needed you. I search desperately for you for two years. Until Theresa’s assistant convince me to come back to Harmony. That day made me realize you it was fate that made me realize I should be a family with Kay and Maria. Kay knew it all along. Subconsciously I knew it too.

    Charity knew right then Miguel and her were never meant to be. It hurt deeply to let him go. But she feels like she must their love will never be the same if she pursues him anymore than she already has.
    I am so happy for you both. And maybe I would find that same love that you and Kay share.
    You will… It’s prophesied.
    She smiled Now let’s work on getting out of here.

    I remember when I first fell in love with you Kay. It was like there will never be another woman in my heart that can replace you.
    I feel the same Miguel, I did love Fox but, deep down my heart was with you and always will.
    Miguel/Fox image felt deeply hurt with her remarks. But shook it off He had to get her to wear the shoe.
    Kay, I feel like you’re my princess Cinderella and I’m your Prince Charming.
    She giggles, wow that was a cute thing to say.
    He smiled. I’m serious and guess what.
    I found Cinderella’s shoe.
    You did.
    Miguel/Fox image pulls out the shoe she lost at the Blue note.
    What’s this? She said.
    You don’t remember it’s the shoe you lost at the Blue note when we got away from Fox. I was your Prince Charming that night; it’s only fitting to finish the fairy tale.
    Oh right, I totally forgot.
    What’s the harm in putting on a shoe? She asked herself.
    Miguel/ Fox image bend on one knee and proclaimed.
    Cinderella, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife,
    Well naturally I would say yes to Miguel; I better act the part; the thought came to her mind,
    Yes Miguel, I will!
    Miguel/Fox image slip off the shoe that Kay was wearing only to slip on the Blue shoe that was bewitched. He stood up to kiss her. She became very woozy.
    Miguel/Fox image then showed is true self as Fox. He began to laugh I knew you would become mine forever. He so proudly taunts Kay.
    You bastard! What did you do to me?
    I made you mine forever, Miguel will no longer be in your heart, and your heart belongs to me Kay!
    Jessica and Maria ran outside to see what the commotion was about.
    What’s going on? Jessica yelled. She saw Fox and became worried about her sister.
    What’s going on is that Kay is mine forever!
    Oh no, what I got my sister into, I should of not trade places with her. He thinks he has my heart but, he has my sister’s Jessica’s.
    She morphs into herself Fox guess who; you got the wrong sister.

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    Post Re: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 10 Oh thank the Devil

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 10: Oh, Thank the devil.

    Okay weíre almost there. Just a little more, Charity told Miguel while she desperately tries to move one of the crystals.
    Not so fast; a voice came out of nowhere.
    Whoís there! Miguel called out.
    The queen told us to keep an eye on you. Youíre not going anywhere.
    The two images immerge from the dark.
    One image was a bit on the older side and quite chubby.
    And the other image was tall dark handsome rugged fellow that gave off a good vibe that he doesnít belong in hell. Despite his bad boy image.
    Who are you? Charity asked while quickly drawing back deeper in the cell.
    We are the very ones that will make sure you stay in this wretched cell. Said the chubby demon.
    So sit tight youíre in for a long stay. The handsome demon added.
    The wrong sister? No Iím sure it was you; Kay.
    Iím sorry Iím Kay.
    Youíre lying.
    Am I? How do I know that you thought women wanted to be with you because you have money and you thought you were boring and were lousy in bed?
    Only Kay knew about my insecurities; it is you.
    Well that shows how much you love me Fox, you were easily fooled.
    Kay I do love you.
    Fox if you love me; you would want me to be happy. Like how I wish you could be happy with another.
    Kay I could never fall for another.
    Oh where am I?
    Jessica are you alright?
    Um I guess so.
    She looks up at Fox. Why did you do this to me? She begins hitting him.
    Hey stop it; youíre wearing that shoe you suppose to be in love with me.
    Love with you; How about I loathe you.
    Loathe me; what have I ever done to you?
    Everything, you mess with my sister than you mess with me.
    Mess with your sister all I ever done was love your sister.
    You call that love.
    Yes well you got a lot to learn.
    Yeah, well what do you know about love; the last person you hook up with try to put you 6 feet under.
    Well I may have had some ups and downs but at least I have family love.
    You got me there. The Cranes and family love donít mix together well. At least you have that Jessica, so why in the world did you hurt yourself and sell yourself if you had family love like the Bennettís and the Lopez-Fitzgeraldís.
    I donít know, I guess I was looking for something more.
    They looked into each other eyes. They had a mutual understanding.
    Kay felt a wave a jealousy around her as she see sparks flying between her sister and her husband but yet she claimed to herself this seems like dťjŗ vu the same way her love for Fox started.
    I canít be jealous I love Miguel; she said to herself.
    Maria/ Demon ess saw how Kay got agitated at the site of her sister and her husband. Mmm this might work out after all. She said to herself.
    Donít I know you? Charity said to the handsome demon.
    No I never met you!
    Hmm I could have swornÖ.. Maybe not.
    Just shut up Missy. We are not here to amuse you. The Chubby demon shouted.
    He then turned his attention to the handsome demon. Man I didnít come here to babysit.
    I know we came here to get them out of here. The handsome guy whispers.
    But how, the queen might be looking at us right now.
    I know, letís see. Look we can free Maria and she can block the Queenís vision of us.
    Yeah but she will see us freeing Maria.
    Damn, youíre right.
    Hey I got an idea.
    Man you took my human blood. He begins to shove his chubby friend.The chubby friend was confuse. The handsome demon winked at him and then he caught on.
    No I didnít.
    Yes you did. He pushed him some more.
    No I didnít. He shoved him back.
    What is wrong with these demons? Miguel asked Charity.
    I donít know, but something tells me there not your average demons.
    Yes you did.
    He shoves him hard so hard he fell against the wall to shatter Mariaís ice prison.
    Look what you did, the queen will be angry at us. The chubby demon yelled. While the handsome demon had a smirked on his face.
    Maria awakens and smiled at the two demons.
    You broke me from my prison, I must thank you.
    Yeah yeah no time for all that! Just block the queenís vision.
    Done!!She raised her hand and a golden light flew from her hand.
    Ok letís rescue Charity and Miguel.
    Not so fast.
    Oh Oh. Itís the queen. The Chubby demon announces.
    You two betrayed me. Endora yells out. No one betrays me. She raises her hand to strike them to demon wasteland.
    But Maria walks in front of them to block her power.
    Endora what happen to you, you were too good for this.
    Iím only doing what I was born to do.
    Endora you were born to be good.
    Good only gets you hurt.
    No Endora good will always turns out right in the end.
    The Chubby demon and the handsome one slowly creep over to Charity and Miguelís cell.
    Says you; you got what you want your mom and dad together.
    Your mom had to be bad to get your dad.
    And she ended up hurt in the end. She turns good and my dad fell in love with her.
    So what about Charity she stayed good and she lost the love of her life.
    My brother Fox was good and lost Kay.
    Brother! Charity and Miguel said in unison.
    Your grandmothers, Grace lost her family and her life and Pilar lost her husband by becoming a saint. Good give me a break you will only be miserable in the long run.
    Itís not true, I can show you. Maria walks towards her.
    Donít touch me, with your nasty goodness of light. I am done with good.
    Endora donít say that.
    I will let you guys go, that will be the last good deed I will ever do.
    But if you ever cross me again you wonít be that lucky again.
    Wait Endora your motherÖ Charity yells out.
    She vanishes. Sending them to Tabithaís including the two demons.
    Endora isnít all evil to spare our lives there is still hope. Thank god we made it out of there alive. Maria explained,
    Yeah and look what we brought with us. Miguel looked harshly at the two demons,
    Hey pal, we save your miserable life; and your two little missies too. The chubby demon sarcastically replied.
    Yeah we want to thank you for that; Charity walks up to the handsome demon and looked him straight in the eye.
    He smiled and grabs her hand and gently kisses it. Itís my pleasure.
    Charity felt overwhelmed with the small gesture.
    Leaving Miguel bitten by the green eyed monster.
    That figures the girls always fall for him. The chubby demon said to himself.
    I havenít had the pleasure of knowing your names. Charity softly asked.
    My name is Jacob the handsome demon replied.
    And I am Earl.
    Ok Jacob and Earl why would two demons help us the good guys out.
    Because we donít think your boy Fox should be the Prince of Darkness.
    Oh, and who do you think should be.
    Never mind that. Earl replied. We are going to help the Charm ones get Fox back to a mortal.
    And how do you think we should do that. Miguel crossed his arms.
    Man, we are going with the flow; just hoping the charm one would defeat the Prince.
    Fine; whereís Kay anyway? He leaves the foyer and walks into the living room and notice Tabitha unconscious on the couch.
    Tabitha! What happen to her?
    Oh Miguel when we rescue Tabitha from hell, we went to the B and B to hide from Fox. Demons still attack and hit Tabitha the demon Maria semi healed her. I guess demons canít heal anyone but their own.
    Miguel walks towards Tabitha and began to heal her.
    She started coughing and yells out Endora, where are you sweet pea?
    Ok whoa whatís going on here? Kay yells.
    What do you mean Kay? Jessica answers while still gazing in Foxís eyes.
    Fox shook it off. What am I doing thatís Kay little sister. He said to himself.
    Endora! Tabitha sits up and yells out her name.
    Tabitha sheís not here! Maria gently tells her.
    Who are you, you look familiar? Tabitha replied back.
    Tabitha itís me, Maria!
    Maria? First Endora now you; whatís going on? I got to check my magic bowl for clues. Tabitha and the others walk towards the kitchen to check her magic bowl.
    Hmm whatís going on out there? Jacob said out loud.
    Miguel went to see what Jacob was looking at.
    Kay, and thereís Fox.
    Miguel rushes outside to Kayís side. Charity and Maria followed.
    We canít let Fox see us. Or he will destroy us for helping the charmed ones. Jacob explained to Earl.
    Who are you two? Tabitha questions the demons.
    Kay! Are you alright he rushes to her side?
    Yeah Miguel but, I think something is wrong with Jessica, Fox put a spell on her he thought she was me.
    Oh really nowÖMiguel became rage with anger.
    He went over to him and punches him in the face.
    Fox stood up holding his face realize Miguel isnít that smart after all.
    And he started to laugh is that the best you can do.
    Miguel rage with anger Oh definitely. He began to hit him again and was zap by the Maria demoness.
    Kay with her power knocks Maria demoness to the ground. She runs to Miguel to see if heís alright.
    Miguel are you alright? He barely sits up Iím all right.
    Not for long! Fox fire up an energy ballÖ If I canít have you Kay, no one will.
    He throws the energy ball, and Kay uses her power to throw the ball in a different direction. Fox began to throw smaller balls from each hand and Kay begins throwing each one away in every direction, to save her and Miguel.
    Jessica, Charity the power of 3 spell. She calls out still dodging each ball. Charity begins to say the power of three along with Kay.
    Realizing Jessica wasnít joining in. Jessica help us destroy him...Kay yells to her.
    Jessica walks by Fox side and gestures why would I do that to the love of my life.
    Jessica youíre under a spell snap out of it! Charity yelled. Fox throws a ball towards Charity she flips to avoid it.
    Jess help! Charity yelled while dodging another energy ball.

    Tabitha, Jacob and Earl heard the commotion and peak through the window.
    The Charmed ones are in trouble. Jacob told Tabitha and Earl.
    If they die here we will never finish our plans. Earl whispers to Jacob which Tabitha heard the statement anyway. And what plan shall that be? Tabitha wonders to herself.
    Look, thereís Maria she can say the power of three spell too. Jacob yells.
    Jacob opens the doorÖ. Maria, say the power of three spell take Jessica place he yells out while dodging energy balls as well.
    Maria remembers Piper saying she has the same power as them but it wonít destroy the Prince. She said what the heck itís worth a try. Power of 3 will set us free Maria yelled. Charity joined in Kay also.
    Suddenly a wind whirled around.
    Jacob, you know Jessica is needed to destroy the prince. Earl yelled.
    I know but she is under a spell, and the others could die then all would be lost including our plans. Maria could hurt him enough for him to retreat.
    Yes, he will need time to recuperate by then they would figure out a spell to free Jessica and we can get back to our plans.
    Now you are thinking like a true Demon. Jacob smiled.
    I wonder what plans these two have in store. Tabitha thought to herself.
    Lightning comes out of the wind striking Fox and knocking Jessica to the ground she fell unconscious.
    Fox continue to be struck by lightning; he suddenly couldnít take it anymore.
    This isnít over yet. He yells out as he blinked out.
    The demon ess woke up she saw Fox had retreated. She also blinked out.
    Damn I was going tie her up and grill her.
    Kay sheís a demon it wouldnít have work. But crystals next time. Charity told her as she remembers that awful cell in hell.
    Miguel nodded his head. Kay thank you for saving my life.
    Anytime Babe, she kisses him. But our daughter was awesome.
    Maria smiled
    Oh my god Jessica! Kay ran to her side.
    Jessica. Kay nudges her while everyone else gathers around her including the demons and Tabitha.
    She better be okay! Earl whispers to Jacob.
    Suddenly Jessica awakens.
    Where am I?
    Oh thank the devil! Earl said to him self.
    You mean thank god! Maria corrected them.
    Earl and Jacob gave a slight smile.
    No we had it right. Earl answers.

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    Post Re: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 1 The Beginning

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 11 Now that your here

    Jessica are you alright? Charity asked while helping her up from her fall.

    I guess so. What happen? She clutches the back of head disgusted with all the pain that sits at one certain spot as she stood up.

    You were under a spell. Donít you remember? Kay said in reminder.

    No what spell? The last thing I remember that I was late meeting Spike.

    Spike!! Everyone said in unison except Jacob and Earl.

    Dear, donít you remember? Tabitha added.

    Remember what?

    Spike was killed ;Jessica. Kay said softly.

    Heís what? How? When? She desperately searches for an answer

    But all of a sudden Jessica started to have pains in her stomach.

    Oh my god! She stops clutching her head and grabs her stomach.

    Whatís wrong? Kay asked.

    Kay look. Miguel points to Jessica leg.

    Blood was racing down.

    Jessica! We got to get you to a hospital.
    Charity yells.

    We can orb to the hospital without anyone knowing. Miguel shouted.

    Orb! Is you people crazyÖ.. Get me to the hospital or call 911.

    Oww I think I am losing my baby! Hurry get me to the damn hospital! Jessica cries.

    Miguel, the fastest way is orbing but she has no idea she is a witch, It may scare her and she may rat us out. Kay explained.

    Your right maybe we can orb her and Tabitha can come up with a spell to either erase her memory of us orbing her or bring back her memory of her becoming a witch. Charity shouts.

    I have a better idea Maria proclaimed. She walks up to Jessica.

    Who are you? Are you the paramedic because I got to tell ya you look too beautiful to be working that kind of job you should be a model. Jessica said through her pain.

    Thanks but Iím here to help you.

    How, you have no equipment, no ambulance, no help. Maria place her hand on Jessica arm and heal her from any more pain.

    Damn, why didnít I think of that? Miguel slaps his head from the lack of memory that he can heal.

    Wow, I feel so much better, Jessica started to walk around. Even my headache is gone. You are an awesome Paramedic.

    She still doesnít remember. What are we going to do? Kay clutches Miguelís arm.

    Just be patient! Charity said calmly. We will find a spell to give her back her memory.

    Well we better get cracking before Fox comes back with a vengeance. Kay said worried about everyoneís future.

    Yeah, well Kay, Jessica been through a bad ordeal, she may need some rest. So do we. Charity explained.

    I guess your right. Kay said in defeat.

    Letís get you to bed Dear, we have an extra room you and Charity can share. Tabitha looked at her, she wonder how are they going to get her to remember they are witches and if she does remember is she going to succumb to the spell that Fox accidentally placed on her. This should be very interesting. She said out loud. Please excuse me I have to find Endora. Charity will you show her the room? She asked while walking away.

    Tabitha we will help you. Kay yelled out. Kay, Maria, and Miguel went inside with her.

    Charity! Youíre here. Jessica grabs her into a hug.

    Yeah Jessica, Iím here.

    Thatís great!

    Let me help you to your room. Charity grabs her hand to guide her.
    We have a lot of catching up to do. As they started to walk inside Jessica notices the two men that stood outside.

    Yes, well who is this handsome fellow, is he your boyfriend?

    Jacob smiled at Charity. Charity shook her head I am attracted to him but I still love Miguel even though I know he is in love with Kay and he is no way close to loving me like he use too.

    NO, heís a friend of mine that saved my life.

    Jacob felt a bit hurt. While Earl felt a bit insecure with his looks.

    You always have the handsome ones to save your life. Your so lucky Charity. As they went inside she saw Miguel clutching Kay from behind as they search for Endora in Tabithaís magic bowl.

    I wish that was true. She turns to look at Miguel again as she regrets leaving Harmony all those years ago. Jessica and Charity went upstairs.

    Charity, why does she gets to me. Jacob said to himself.

    That Jacob always got his handsome comments, no one even notices me. Why did that witch put that spell on me to look like this. If only I can break this spell to become my old self again.
    Not even Jacob know I am under this spell. But Bruce Lee does, and I know he can keep his mouth shut ;he has all these years and he came up with a plan for me. Getting close to the charmed ones will bring me back home where I really belong.

    Hey man, whatís bugging you?

    Nothing, we have to get Jessica back her memory to destroy Fox, thatís all. So you will become the Prince of Darkness like your truly meant to be.

    Jacob smiled. And I will destroy the Charmed ones for good.
    But, I will pick up a prize long the way. And that will be Charity.

    Over my dead body! Earl said to himself.

    Tabitha; Endora is lost to the dark side.
    She doesnít believe in good anymore. She wants to do evil.
    She place Maria in an ice prison. And wants Kay to be with Fox.
    By the way, this really bugs me.

    What Miguel? Kay said puzzled of what Miguel has to say.

    She said that Fox is her brother.

    Tabithaís eyes lighted up. Oh oh, my secretís out.

    Is that true? Kay questions her.

    Tabitha was speechless.

    She closes her eyes then opens them to speak the truth.

    Yes, its true.

    How is that possible. Kay said while amazed of this light of truth.

    Well Julian and IÖ

    Julian ! Kay and Miguel shouted in unison,

    Well that explains why Endora wanted Fox with me.

    Yes, she loved her brother so much. She even went to such lengths to place frogs in my throat for me not to tell you that Fox hired Charity and Miguel imposters to make love in front of you. She even brought Siren the mermaid to make Miguel fall in love with her.

    Well I remember she wanted Miguel and I together by sending us in the magical ball room. What was up with that?

    That was her? Miguel said to himself.

    Oh yes she was mad at Fox for taking her chocolates.

    Well that explains it all. Miguel added. But no matter what my love for Kay is strong and it beat all odds.

    Tabitha doubted that. Funny you can say that now. Charity and you were strong as well, You beat everything I threw at you and Kay did the impossible to get you to notice her. But No matter what happened no matter what Charity had finally done on her own like almost sleeping with Reese and acting like a slut at the clubs you still wanted Charity and you left Kay and Maria to find her. Admit it Miguel you still love Charity.

    Tabitha! Kay shouted.

    No Kay, let me finish. Why now Miguel, why after all this time you now have this so call strong lasting love for Kay?

    Tabitha, Kay and Maria turned to Miguel for an answer.

    Its great that your back Charity. Maybe since your back we can start a fresh chapter. You know I felt a bit hurt of what happen with Reese.

    I am truly sorry for that. After Kay had Miguelís child was born, I wasnít myself. I acted out and I shouldnít have because I wasnít a good role model for you.

    Charity, My role model was my mom and she have left us to be with another man thanks to Kay. It wasnít your fault.

    I know, and your right, this is a fresh start for all of us. She hugs Jessica. You must get your memory back to destroy Fox. Charity said to herself.

    Whatís this? Jessica walks towards a book.
    BOOK OF SPELLS? She picked up the book with amazement.

    I wonderÖÖÖÖ.

    Jessica donít mess with that book.

    Why not, donít you want to have a little fun.

    Fun yes, but you need your rest you almost lost your baby tonight.

    Yeah your right, You know you probably can change you whole entire life with this book. Jessica grabs her towels and leave the room to freshen up.

    You donít know the half of it. Charity said out loud.

    She looks at the book and sees what spell to cast to bring Jessica memory back.

    Well Miguel Iím waiting.

    Waiting I told you, Charity and I had a relationship that was magical. It was good and true. But she left me.

    Well I can explain that Miguel, I was an evil witch a couple years back and I could not let the prophecy be fulfill back then, it could of destroy me. So I created many magical mishaps so you wouldnít find Charity to complete the prophecy.

    What are you saying Tabitha?

    What Iím saying is Charity wasnít running from you. It was magic keeping you two apart. You and Charity could have been together if it wasnít for me.

    Kay started to worry about her and Miguelís relationship. But this has to come out so she will know how he truly feels about her.

    He saw Kay insecurities.

    Kay I know what your thinking, And you got to believe Charity and I are finish. I told her in the cell I was trapped in, that I love you, youíre the one in my heart and there is no magic from hell and above that will change that. Tabitha did me a favor and made me realize who my true love is and its you; I didnít see it back then. But when I almost lost you to Fox, I saw our love thru and thru, Kay. My heart only belongs to you. Remember the baseball Kay, that you buried it for the person you love to come back to you. Well Iím here and I am not going anywhere. I promise you that. He hugs Kay. As Maria look on smiling at her parents love.

    Well, I have a feeling you will be putting that to a test over and over again. Tabitha said to herself. If you could remember your love with Charity, you doubt your love for Kay, I know that thru and thru. Now why I canít see Endora in my magic bowl. Whatí s this Charity going thru the BOOK OF SPELLS.

    MMM There is a spell for memories somewhere?

    Here it is Spell to bring memory to someone who forgets.

    I call upon theÖ.

    Charity, are casting a spell.

    Oh no just reading how silly it is.

    You think its silly. Before I went to wash up I was grazing through the book and I saw a spell that may work for the both of us.

    Really, What is it?

    A spell to find Love.


    Letís cast it.

    I donít know it sounds like personal gain.

    Charity, personal gain? How can it if thereís love for us out there.

    Well okay.

    Jessica flips through the pages. Here it is.
    They begin chanting.

    Love that is out there
    Waiting to be conquer
    Listen to our plea
    And give us a love
    That will never leave
    I am here awaiting
    For love comes for a taking
    In this house we will find
    Bring us love to last the test of time

    Thatís it. Nothing happeningÖ. What a bunch crock. Jessica threw the book down

    Oh Oh, these two donít know what they done.

    Miguel and Kay begin to feel weird but slowly was drawn together even more.

    Well Miguel, may be telling the truth, he loves her. But the spell wasnít for them? Whatís going on?

    Earl and Jacob started to feel weird too. Thoughts of Charity flow through their mind.

    Whatís going on? Maria asked. I feel that something has changed.

    Yeah but I donít know what? Tabitha explain to Maria. Your aunt and Cousin just cast a spell to find love.

    Oh my god they didnít . Will this effect Mom and dad?

    Apparently not. She points to them going up stairs to make love.

    Well thatís good, then what will happen to Aunt Jessica and Charity?

    Donít know, but it may have something to do with the dark side I could imagine.

    I will cast a spell for protection.

    Maria spreads a golden globe around the house to protect them from the dark side.

    There that should do it.

    But how long? And how long is Endora ,would be away from me.

    Iím right here mummy.

    Tabitha turned around. Endora! Endora your back she races to hug her.

    She looks up at Maria. Maria felt real danger is coming.

    Fox suddenly blinked in.

    Oh my god what are you doing here? I placed a protection spell in this house.

    Maria donít freight, Iím looking for Jessica. I am not here to hurt her.

    You almost kill my mom and dad and now you want my aunt. I donít think so.

    Look Maria the spell to protect works my intentions is good.
    See I have roses.

    Those roses are black.

    They are Iím sorry here I turn them red. He blinked his eyes and the roses turned red.

    She went towards him to look at the roses.

    What are you doing Maria?

    Checking to see if there is any thorns.

    Ha Ha Iím not here to hurt Jessica remember and I will never hurt you. I think of you as my daughter.

    Believe him Maria. Endora yelled.

    And why should I believe you Endora?

    Because a spell someone cast brought us here.

    Charity and Jessica. Oh god here we go.

    Mom, its temporary. Its one of those voo doo spells to keep the peace for one night.

    Plus it will be permanent if the power of three cast it. Fox explained.

    How did you heal so fast. Maria questions.

    Your impersonator heal me.

    Maria shook her head. Well, now I know what I have to do. She said to herself.

    I got a go. Please enjoy your night. She orbs out.

    Jessica! Fox yells out!

    Whose calling me Jessica asked Charity.

    I donít know you may need to go and see.

    Ok, see you later,

    no problem.

    Wow that was fast Jessica, well you deserve it, If only I could find love too.

    Jessica looks in the mirror fixes her hair and make up and runs down stairs.

    A knock on the door broke Charity from her thoughts.

    She opens the door and was shock who was behind it.


    Miguel I love you so much, I love you too.

    Kay and Miguel begin kissing and making passionate love.
    Not realizing this is the first time they made love before turning magical. They glowed into a white light the white light flow to Kayís body as Miguel made magical love to her. She was healing inside her body. The one time incident that happen to her when she was evil dog to destroy Charity had healed she was a full woman again. And there love had finally conclude that. as she was impregnated a second time with the same man this time it was mutual.

    Jessica! Fox why are you bringing me flowers.

    What do you mean?

    Arenít you divorcing my sister. Yeah but a couple of hours agoÖÖ.

    Just that is just despicable, Jessica interrupted. Making moves on your exís sister. I mean how low can you go.

    Man, I got to do everything around here! Endora said to herself.

    She throws a small ball of power towards Jessica.

    Fox how sweet you brought me flowers.

    Ummm, yeahÖ..He said with confusion. She took the flowers and kisses him on the cheek.

    YouÖÖhow sweet.

    Yeah I want to bring you a flower to let you know youíre a great person.

    That is nice of you Earl.

    Well you deserve it. Youíre the only person I know that isnít selfish.

    Why thank you, I think.

    Yeah well I got to go.

    Wait. Earl turns around.

    Tell me, how a sweet person like you, becomes a demon?

    Well, umm surprise of how she wanted to know about him. He started to tell her the truth as no one care enough to ask him about him even Jacob. I can explain I wasnít truly evil, I was good and I was once a mortÖÖ..

    A knock on the door interrupts them.

    Charity are you decent.

    Sure Jacob, come on in Earl was just explaining to meÖÖ

    Oh its nothing. Um I guess I leave you two. Just forget what I was telling ya. Iím a demon thru and thru and just because I think youíre a good person I still hate your kind.

    Oh, OK. She felt confused but yet got over it with the site of Jacob.

    We only here to make sure that mortal doesnít become the Full Prince of Darkness. Earl said while walking out. Jacob smiled and nodded.

    Iím with you on that. Charity shouted.

    Good bye Earl. Charity felt some sadness in him.

    Are you ok?

    Jacob ask.

    Yeah now that youíre here.
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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 12

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 12 What would of made you do that?

    Miguel I feel a little strange tonight. Its like someone cast a spell on us.
    No; we love each other and this is the first time we made love with no secrets between us andÖ. its the first time together since we both became magical. He said while holding her in his arms.
    She looks up as he holds her. Your right. Wow we been busy fighting demons and trying to save Endora and Tabitha and stuff I didnĎt realize.
    You know what will be magical? Miguel interrupted.
    What? Kay alleged in suspense.
    If you could have another child.
    I wish. This time would be great, we are truly in love now and more mature.
    YesÖ.. and we trust each other.
    Youíre so right. Our child would be as beautiful as Maria.
    Maria is beautiful isnít she? Miguel sighs and says you knowÖ. first we have to stop Fox so she can go back to her normal age.
    Then we could go back and being a normal family our lives would be perfect.
    Kay I doubt we will ever be normal or perfect.
    I guess itís just wishful thinking.
    But, I do want to marry you right away that would be close to perfect.
    How can we, if Fox stays a demon I may never get divorce.
    Letís hope for a miracle. Hey Iím hungry you want a snack. He says trying to get up.
    Sure, Iíll go down with you.

    Iím glad youíre here. I wanted to talk to you and get to know you better.
    So did I. Jacob smiled.
    Since the first day I met you, I felt drawn to you for some reason.
    Thatís because of Earlís powers. He whispered to himself.
    I donít know why you and Earl are demons you seem so good, like angels.
    AngelsÖ. He smirked. Arenít you going a little to far.
    Well, you save my life and Miguelís. That seems close to becoming an angel if you ask me.
    Well we both have our reasons for doing it. Iím not going to lie to you Charity we are truly evil. We know we can not defeat the Charmed ones. But; we do not want an ex mortal becoming the ruler of Hell.
    Endora made a huge mistake when she chosen her brother to become the Prince of Darkness. He is weak he still loves your cousin who is a witch or the other one who can keep up. But judging by his actions today we will never have a true balance from good and evil and that is where you and I come in. He raises her hand to give a small gentle kiss..
    Charity felt powerless with the small gesture. But shakes it off realizing he is her enemy.
    OK, well the power of three will succeed she pauses but, know this after the final battle; she steps back. In the end we will become enemies and there will become the day when we will battle. Are you ready for that?
    She then searches for an answer. She some how felt a bad vibe towards him.
    More than ready. As soon as we kill Fox then you will be next. He said silently.
    Charity is the key to helping me break this spell that horrible gypsy place upon me long time ago.
    She said I was selfish that I didnít let that little girl and her mom stay in my penthouse when I evicted them from my apartment building I was assign to. They suppose to pay rent. How was I to know they couldnít pay rent because her mom was sick and dying of cancer. I was only doing what my boss told me to do. It was a true misunderstanding. If I knew, I would of help them. Well maybe I was selfish back then. But the gypsy lady didnít have to make me an ugly demon. I was handsome back then tall dark handsome like that Miguel fellow in there Rich beyond belief and all this power but yet lonely no one to share it with All the girls back then cared about was my money. Life is never fair. Now I found the most unselfish beautiful creature that walks this entire earth. And she is being wooed by a true Demon. Charity, does not deserve anymore un happiness, she lost Miguel to a selfish Kay and she canít find happiness .What did she do to deserve this? She is truly a good person.
    Mom, would you like to watch Biggest Loser on TV.
    Sure I wonder whose going to win. My, I must say is nice to finally talk to you. Instead of reading pop up bubble remarks. You know that is what I rather do; I would like to talk to my daughter, if you donít mind.
    Endora looks up at Fox. He motions for her to leave the kitchen. She nods.
    Ok Mom lets go to the living room and talk privately.
    Tabitha looks around to Fox and Jessica.
    I guess she will be alright they look quite chummy If I didnĎt know better, you can say they look like a couple in love. Not Good not good at all, I wonder what Kay might say about that.
    Tabitha then rushes up to catch up with Endora.
    You know Jessica when I accidentally cast that spell on you, I didnít realize I would develop feelings for you.
    You have feelings for me? Wow your not under the spell; I am.
    You would think, I was but, something about you. Your not like Kay at all. Your loyal, your kind, you have a bad streak but yet your misunderstood your almost likeÖ.
    YourselfÖ. she intervenes. They had a intimate moment as they gaze in each other eyes.
    Yeah like myselfÖ. He whispers.
    He leans forward and she leans towards him.
    You know what Miguel, I am dying for some popcornÖ..
    Kay and Miguel stopped in their tracks as they walk through the threshold of the kitchen.
    Fox and Jessica heard them and broke away.
    Oh my its Fox! Kay shouted. She threw her powers at him.
    Jessica ducks while Fox blinked out.
    What is he doing here? Kay interrogates.
    Suddenly he blink in to kiss Jessica on the cheek and blinked back out.
    Jessica was shocked, but overwhelmed. She held her cheek gently.
    Miguel had mix feelings. He knew Fox was moving on. But yet Jessica was in grave danger.
    Jessica, you and Fox?
    Why not; you and Miguel. She said sarcastically.
    I got your point Jessica, I am in a new relationship.
    But Fox is still my husband.
    Yeah well you made it quite clear that you donít want him.
    But Jessica, you are my sister, I would neverÖ.
    Before you go on Kay; you wouldÖ
    What do you mean, I would?
    Well Miguel was with Charity and your are with him now.
    Yeah but, you did this before with Reese.
    Oh come on Kay; Reese! You never like Reese, you use him to get close to Miguel while he was with Charity.
    That is beside the point, Fox and I were in a meaningful relationship. And yes I want him to move on. But not with someone close to me like my sister.
    Miguel felt a slight bit of jealousy. But he put those doubts away and told himself she loves me. I trust her. Itís only because sheís her sister.
    Kay, Charity accepts you and Miguel in a relationship. And I know she still loves Miguel deep down. But she wants to move on. Why you canít do the same.
    Kay stop and think for a second. She remembers all the selfish acts she done in the past. Mainly to Miguel and Charity. She knows Charity is hurting, and it was all her fault. Charity set aside all her differences to be a friend to Kay after all sheís done to her. She did love Fox and the only thing with that love; is to see him happy even if its with someone close to her. But wait Fox is the Prince of Darkness that is dangerous for all of them.
    Jessica! Both Miguel and Kay yell out.
    What! Are you guys hanging out so much your becoming twins.
    No! They said in unison. They looked up and smiled at each other. Kay gestures for Miguel to go first.
    Look Jessica, I know Kay has her reasons why she doesnít want you with Fox. I really donít mind you and Fox together but, he is the Prince of Darkness and he can kill all of us.
    I forgot about that. Jessica sighs.
    Speaking of forgot, how did you get your memory back?
    Kay folded her arms for an answer.
    Oh I think Endora place a spell on me to get my memory back.
    Endora! Kay and Miguel said in unison.
    You guys are really starting to scare me. Jessica calls out while getting a drink out the refrigerator.
    Where is Endora? Miguel asked.
    Sheís in the living room with Tabitha.
    Oh no, you donít think? Miguel looks at Kay
    What? No! I forgot sheís the Queen of Darkness. Jessica drops her drink.
    They rush to the living room.
    And to there surprise, Tabitha was fast asleep and no Endora.
    Tabitha! Kay runs to her to wake her.
    She awakens. What happen, whereís Endora.
    Endora! Endora! Tabitha calls out in panic state.
    Tabitha sheís not here. Jessica broadcasts.
    She got away.
    Got away? What do you mean? Kay inquires.
    I was trying to stop her, sheís is planning to take over the world.
    How? Jessica interrogates.
    By making you guys evil.
    We will never become evil. Kay shooed her statement.
    Oh no, you were evil once before and what would of made you do that?
    She looks up an silently says Miguel!

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 13 Just who I needed

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 13 Just who I needed.

    Now Charity why be like that? I thought at least we could be friends even though; we are on different sides.
    I know that we have our differences and I may be attracted to you. But, my brush with evil in the past has made me open my eyes to the people around me.
    OhÖ..Are you saying there canít be nothing between us.
    Yes thatís what Iím saying. She walks away with her back turn from him.
    SoÖ. He walks towards her. If I touch you ever so softly like this. He slowly guided his hands against her arms.
    She felt a ball of passionate flames grew in depth of her center.
    But she still fought it and she turns around to face him. She looks at him. And replies I donít care what you do or say there will be nothing between us. Please leave before I vanquish you.
    Okay Charity, can we at least be friends.
    Leave Jacob! She pointed towards the door.
    Fine, Iíll talk to you In the morning. He walks out the door. But turns around and glanced at her.
    I know your attracted to me CharityÖ..but what I donít understand is why Earlís power didnít shield me. That means Your power must be growing. Earl and I better jump start our plan before it grows even more and the others in that matter. I got to find Earl; and quick.
    God why am I so attracted to him. Heís evil I could feel it in his touch she touches her arm and remember the sexual tension between the two of them. But Earl, heís different he may have such a bad attitude about his lifeÖ But when I around him I feel safe like I did with Miguel. There is a difference between the two of them I could feel it I got that same feeling when I was at Hogs worth training with Bruce Lee. I need to find out. I know I could conjure up Phoebe.
    Now where in the book of spells do I conjure up one of the old charmed ones from the past? She flips through the pages.
    Yes KayÖ. MEE GUEL! Tabitha taunted her.
    He is the one that lure you to the Dark side in the first place. Heís the one that made you destroy your parentís marriage. He is the one that made you conjure up Zombie Charity. Oh and my favorite; you sprinkling Charityís essence to trick Miguel into sleeping with you to conceive Maria.
    Yes I know; Tabitha. Kay said with annoyance with all the things she had done.
    Kay I know about your parents marriage and I figure out that you trick me into sleeping with you. But your responsible for Zombie Charity.
    Yes Miguel, Iím so sorry.
    I thought there was no secrets between us. He said in disgust.
    My god Kay. Your really on the wrong side.. Donít you think. Jessica was distraught with all of Kayís past actions.
    Look, I was young back then. Iím mean, I just couldnít understand why you loved Charity and not me. And I told you this before that when my mom gave Charity my room something inside me just snapped.
    You said it Kay. Look I snapped when Mom left.
    Never been right since; Thanks to you. But your legitimate reason you snap because of your room. Ha Ha thatís funny.
    No Jessica, not for the room. For my friends, for you, for dad, mom; the money I saved up for my car. But I would of gave up all those things. If only she didnít take Miguel thatís when she took my life.
    Just like you took Mom; Kay.
    Mom help me lose the only thing I wanted in life. I couldnĎt handle it back then.
    I understand sis, Mom did have her choice and could of chosen Dad and us. Even if you didnít know the out come would have been the same.
    Jessica, I just want to let you know when you become a mother, you will see for yourself as once incomplete but then whole again. You will think about someone elseís life besides your own. When I had Maria it change me, made me want toÖ I only think about her; I sacrifice myself for her the same way I would of done for Miguel. When Miguel left, it hurt me just like mom hurt youÖI could see Miguel leaving over and over in her eyes, she looked just like Miguel.
    The love I have for him still stay with me because I could never leave her like he did or mom did and hope she wonít leave me. For her, I changed; no more selfish Kay. She turns to Miguel. Then Miguel, you came back and I felt the old Kay coming back. I was needy and selfish again until you showed me that you loved me. Since you came back you never stopped to gain my trust or love for you even when the odds wasnĎt in your favor. But I canít stop to think that you may leave me again. Tears feel from her eyes.
    KayÖ. That wonít happen. I love you. Iím just surprised of all the lengths you went through for me.
    I love you, always have and always will. He walks towards her to give her a hug.
    Jessica also shed a tear. I hope to find that someday.
    Oh yada yada yadaÖ.. Tabitha threw her hands in the air with disgust. Kay, no matter what Öyou made a deal with the dark side and Iím afraid they are here to collect.
    Oh CharityÖ. If only you can see the real me.
    Real you? Jacob shouts while walking towards Earl.
    Earl turns around he was startle to see Jacob.
    Oh no maybe he figure out Iím not a true demon after all.
    He said to himself.
    What man, do you have another power I must know.
    NoÖNo I meant the evil demon I am. I try to soften Charity up for you earlier. I hope you know it made me sick to my stomach to give her a flower.
    I notice the flowerÖ. But that didnít do me no good.
    Why? What happen.
    Somehow Charity sense me as evil. You wouldnít know anything about that would you?
    NoÖ. I shield you from your evil aura. May be you said something to make her feel that way. But then again duh you are demon.
    Or maybe Charityís power is stronger than we think it is. Earl said to himself.
    Well I did say I was truly evil and that we are on different sides for our own reason.
    Now tell me why you would say such a thing.
    I couldnít help it, I canít wait until this plan comes through we need to be quick about it I fear the charm ones powers are growing we must kill them soon.
    It will never happen if I have something to do with it. Earl thought to himself.

    Hereís a spell; why does it say Charity read me? Wasnít here before. I must of missed it. Ok here it I go.
    Sprits please hear my plea
    I call upon the past
    From the power of three
    Bring me the one
    That holds the key
    Bring me the one
    With the power to see
    Just then a small white ball floats in her room.
    Charity watches it carefully as it bloom into Phoebe.
    Hey Charity, I knew you will call.
    How did you know?
    Remember, We both have the power of premonition.
    Right. So you know what Iím going to ask.
    Yes its about Earl and Jacob.
    You know about them.
    Yes; they are written in the prophecy.
    Prophecy? So they help fulfill it.
    Well sort of. Phoebe went to sit down on the bed as Charity join her.
    Charity how can I say this without telling you too much. One of them is the key to your true love.
    But there demons.
    Yes but if you trust your powers; you will find your true love through one of them.
    WhyÖ.canít you tell me which one helps me find my true love.
    Charity I have narrow it down. If I tell you the prophecy it may not happen. Plus there rules against these things.
    Rules? Who made these rules anyways?
    Phoebe points up and she then points down.
    I guess your right the universe is funny with how things end up. Making a wrong decision can make you lose the very thing you want most in this world.
    Your talking about Miguel. huhÖyou and Miguel had a great love.
    I guess I just canít let Miguel go so easily. If only I stayed in Harmony. I would be with him and Fox with Kay and we wouldnít be in this whole mess.
    Charity he will always have a special place in your heart.
    But things happen for a reason. I guess its hard to see the one you love with someone else.
    Yeah my true love awaits me and I will have the help of a demon to find it. Wow all those years of praying and this is how I find love.
    The outcome will not be bad. Trust me.

    Maybe youíre right, Tell me something;
    We have the power to see, why canít I see my future.
    You can.
    I can?
    With the help of maw, give me your hand.
    Charity gives Phoebe her hand.
    Remember what we did to find Fox and Endora earlier.
    Well I need you to concentrate on your feelings what are they telling you.
    Charity had a premonition. She walking towards Tabitha house and was escorted by Miguel through the front door he smiles at her and she smiles back. She was so happy they spend the day together. Like old times right; he replied. Suddenly everyone jumps up and said Surprise. Kay was with Maria and very pregnant and Tabitha is with Endora and Jessica with her bundles of joy in cute baby blue and pink bassinets. And yes she looks down and realizes sheís pregnant and a dark figure walks up to her and said Happy Birthday Beautiful she looks up to see who it is. The premonition fades. She didnít see his face.
    Man, I was so close. But I was happy and pregnant and oh my god I had two rings on my finger one a wedding band and the other one was a big rock. Is he rich like a Crane or is it Miguel we spent the day together?
    Phoebe laughed you will find out in due time.
    Well I got to go. She stood up and hugs Charity.
    Donít worry everything will work out fine. And yeah donít tell Jessica what sheís having. it will be a nice surprise for her and her true love.
    Oh ok. Well thanks Phoebe you really calmed my nerves.
    Listen trust your power. Itís there for a reason. She then transform to a little ball and floats out the window.
    MmmÖ.. Who is my real true love. Phoebe said trust my powers it would guide me.

    If itís Miguel then great, my dreams will be coming true.
    But wait Kay was pregnant in my premonition and very happy it couldnít be Miguel. But why he would spend the day with me and say just like old times.
    Mmm, and the rings on my finger Miguel doesnít have that kind of money. The premonition is confusing. Just maybe I should hang with the demons maybe they can point me in the right direction. Charity grabs her cardigan and leaves the room.
    What can I do to make Kay evil? Tabitha says to herself.
    Itís nice to see our family is getting back on track. Jessica proclaimed.
    Even when we are fighting demons we shouldnít forget the love we have for each other. Kay smiled.
    Yeah, well I may not have found the love of my life yet. But my only wish is to have mom back I miss our motherĎs love.
    Iím with you. Jess.
    I second that. Miguel included. Yeah it would be nice to have Mrs. Bennett here to see her granddaughter and her soon to be grand child.
    Speaking of Grand daughter whereís Maria? Kay suddenly got worried.

    Right here MomÖÖand I came with a very special guest.
    Suddenly Charity walks in the living room.
    Everyone turns to look at Maria and the person beside her.
    Aunt Grace?
    Charity so nice to see you again.
    Jessica saw her mother and was happy again.
    Kay saw her history starting to repeat herself she felt mixed emotions when she saw her mom hug Charity and didnít recognize her sister or her. Tabitha saw her expression on her face. She asked herself it wasnít just Miguel that made her evil but her tomato soup cake baking mother that trigger the true evil inside her.
    Mmmm Just who I needed. Tabitha smirked.

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    Post Re: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 14 Sweet Grace

    Charmed Standish Chapter 14 My Sweet Grace

    Mom! So glad to see you. Jessica runs to her to her mother and hugs her.

    Mrs. Bennett we thought you were dead? Miguel queries.

    Well not exactly. Maria interrupted.

    What do you mean? Kay included.

    Well Kay, Grace walks over to her and hugs her. Kay got a cold chill. I was in hiding, Alistair tried to stop me from telling everyone his plans to destroy all of Harmonyís citizens. He blew up the bus I was on. But they did not know David dragging me off the bus demanded to stay quiet for my safety as soon as I got off the bus it blew up. I knew that bomb was meant for me so I went into hiding with David until Maria she walks to her and moves her hair behind her earÖ. my beautiful grand daughter found me.

    Maria smiled at her grand daughter.

    Where did you find her Maria? Miguel was excited of the fact that his daughter will now know her grandmother.

    I knew Jessica was in real trouble so I went to the elders to see if I could have Grandmotherís spirit here to guide her.

    Wow you did that for me? Jessica exclaimed.

    Yeah, and the elders told me that they canít do itÖ.because she is not dead. And they told me I must find her now and bring her to the Charmed ones.

    It was hard but finally I found her she was in Mexico in some old country house hotel of some kind.

    Katherine and Martin were never found there, I thought that will be the perfect place they will never think I would go there because that will be too simple.

    Everyone looks at her. Well it worked didnít it.

    But Aunt Grace wouldnít Alistair come after you if he knew you were still alive. Charity said in relief.

    Well Charity since the Blackmailer is now exposed I think Mom will be no threat to Alistair. Kay explained.

    Think again KayÖ. Grace included.

    I am a threat; I can sense evil its part of my power and trust me; there will be more evil in Harmony thanks to the Cranes.

    Evil indeed. Tabitha smirked again.

    Dad! Dad is going to be happy to see you mom. Jessica yelled.

    I 'll call him over.

    Kay donít tell him; leave it for a surprise.

    Sure he will be so surprised.. alright.

    Kay goes in the kitchen to call him.

    What does this mean, if momís back I could lose Miguel to Charity with her help, I know it. She said to herself.

    Mom I canít wait until dad sees you. Jessica sits down with her mom and smiles.

    And I canít wait either. Grace smiles at her daughter.

    Now we can get our family back on track. Jessica answers.

    Aunt Grace I'm glad your back too.

    Same to you Charity, You and Miguel must be back together since Kay married Fox.

    Charity and Miguel looked at each other.

    Miguel answers, Umm Well Mrs. Bennett not exactly.

    What? but why not? You guys love each other. I figure you guys were together now that Kay has moved on.

    Grandmother I wanted to tell you, My mother and father are together now and very happy.

    No it can't be Kay is married to Fox, donít tell me she is an adulteress.

    Well itís a long storyÖ. Aunt Grace and Iím happy to tell you; that I have moved on. Charity gave a long face.

    Grace felt her pain and knew she was lying.

    No, Charity you and Miguel are meant to be.

    Mom, Miguel loves Kay now they are truly happy, leave it alone.

    Jessica now you know more than I do; that Charity belongs with Miguel.

    No mom, I know that Miguel and Kayís love were meant to be thatís why I have this beautiful smart niece that brought you back to us. Donít you agree?

    I canít argue on that one, perhaps your right. I know Charity belongs to Miguel But for my grand daughter sake I will let it go; for now. She said to herself.

    Grace will never let Kay be happy with Miguel. Oh I couldnít plan this better even if I try. Oh Endora you are going to get your wish after all. Tabitha gloats.

    Ok Dad is on the way. Kay walks into the living room.

    Great ;I canít wait for him to see Mom. Now are family will be together and normal. Jessica smiles.

    Um Jessica we are never going to be normal never again. Kay interrupts.

    What do you mean?

    Kay gave her a look.

    OhÖ.. magic.

    Yes Aunt Grace, did you know about the Charmed ones.

    No not until recently. I may have known about it before I had amnesia.

    Not to be funny mom; but what do you know. Jessica exclaimed.

    Jessica I'm surprise at you.

    I wasn't be sarcastic; I just want to know what information do you have on the charmed ones.

    Oh... Ok when I was in Mexico, I ran into this Fortune Teller she told me I would help the Charmed ones destroy great evil. She said I will have to reconcile some old feelings I had for my love ones in order to destroy a great evil. Why you do you guys want know about this stuff?

    Because Mom, Charity, Kay and I are the Charmed ones.

    What? You guys are the ones that will destroy the great evil.

    Yes mom; we are. Jessica announces.

    Ok I believe Charity and Jessica is capable of destroying evil.

    But you Kay; you capable of becoming the great evil .

    Just wait a minute Mrs. BennettÖÖMiguel scolded.

    Kay was young back then and I know she has done some evil things in the past she was calling out for someone to love her. Now that she has mature we found love again with each other so get over that because Kay ,Maria and I will be a family that we were meant to be.

    Over my dead bodyÖ.. Endora shouts from hellÖShe looks in her magic bowl and turns to talk to Fox.

    Fox my dear brother your pining after the wrong sisterÖ.you and Kay belong together I know it and her mother knows it.

    Iím not so sure about that sis.

    LookÖyou and Kay had a great love before Miguel came back. Miguel had his chance with Kay and blew it.They shouldn't be together in reality. The dark side wanted Kay and Miguel together and did everything to keep Charity and Miguel apart.

    But EndoraÖ we are now on the dark side why should Kay be split apart from Miguel?

    Because apparently these foolish demons read the prophecy wrong. Charityís love of her life happens to not be Miguel.

    Who then?
    I donít know but when we do we will kill him.

    Endora!!! Look we are not bad people you were a good witch; what made you turn so evil?

    Havenít you guess by nowÖ. We are Cranes its in our bloodÖ we are curse to be bad!

    No I get that when we want something we do whatís in our power to get it. But it doesnít mean we are evil.

    Look you belong with Kay donít you still love her.. Donít you miss her touch, her kiss; how how she feels?

    Yes but Endora she loves MiguelÖ and I canít compete with that.

    Yes you can now that Amazing Grace is back.

    I do love Kay I doÖ.but Jessica I canít help to feel something for her. He said to himself.

    Well Iím sorry Miguel I didnít mean to get you upset but it is just strange to me that all of sudden you love my daughter and not long ago you loved Charity with all your heart.

    Ok mom things changeÖ. Miguel loves Kay now so drop it canít you see your upsetting Kay and Maria.

    Grace stopped to look at her daughter then her granddaughter she saw how she was hurting them.

    Iím sorry I been very selfish; I do love you Kay and your beautiful Maria, you two deserve to be happy.

    Kay couldnít believe what she was hearingÖ.

    Really mom!

    Yes baby, I guess Iím living in the past and didnít realize.. you grown so much. Youíre a great mother to Maria and Miguel must of seen that to fall in love with you.

    Thanks momÖ

    Well whatís been going on?

    Drats, Grace should of not give up on what she believes is right. Tabitha said to herself.

    Sam walks up to Tabithaís front door. I wonder why Kay was so adamant for me to come over. Sounds like it was very important. He began to knock on the door and realize it was halfway open. Kay he calls out why in hell you want meÖ.. He looks in the room and notices Grace.
    He runs and embrace her.

    Grace! Oh my god; my Sweet Grace!


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