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Thread: Charmed Standish Style Chapter 1 The Beginning

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    Post Charmed Standish Style

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 1 The Beginning

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 1 The Beginning.

    Kay had realized she had powers after saving Tabitha and Endora from seventh level wicked witches.

    She wonders what she can do with so much power.

    Tabitha quickly tells her you must not use your powers unless
    You absolutely have too.

    Kay quickly dismiss Tabitha warnings as she feels like
    She is on top of the world; she can do anything she wishes.

    And her wish is to do right in this world save everyone from evil.

    Kay! Tabitha sighs. If you use your power to get rid of evil you could bring Demons and whatnots that will come and destroy you, me, Maria, and My little witch ling.

    What do you mean Tabitha?

    Kay when I told you that you have powers I also told you that
    Jessica and Charity had them too.
    Believe it or not Maria does too.

    Aaah she does. Kay said in disbelief.

    Yes, Kay you seen the television show Charmed right.

    Yeah that was a great show she smiled.

    Well television shows are base on truth then embellish for viewing Pleasure.

    So what’s that got to do with me?

    Well Kay it is prophesied that 3 young good witches will save everyone from evil.

    I thought Charity was the one that will save everyone.

    Yes she is a part of the prophecy. She will end the fighting once and For all.

    But Kay you are one of the charmed ones.

    I am!

    Yes you are like Piper in the show the strongest one.
    Jessica she is more like Page. And of course Charity and her premonitions is like

    No way Tabitha I can’t see Jessica Charity and I being the charmed ones.

    That is so far fetch.

    Yeah well you seen we were in the middle of Oz and Narnia. These are
    TV shows and you know both these worlds really exist.

    I guess but, why can’t I use my powers, I want at least help Fox.

    Yes, well if only you knew Fox isn’t dying. Tabitha said under breath.

    What was that? Oh nothing Dear; Kay you are now in serious danger.

    Now that those old hags had kicked the bucket, Evil now knows that you’re a Threat to them.

    Hey I’m on the Dark side now.

    Really Kay; now that these hags declare me a good witch the deal you made
    With dark side is void, your back to being a good witch.

    So Tabitha if I have all this power I can’t control, how can I protect myself?

    You have to bring Charity back and bring Jessica over here we have to conjure Up the power of 3 spell.

    I have a feeling you need to do this ASAP.

    Call Jessica over, talk to her but slowly, you don’t want to scare her.

    Oh ok, thanks Tabitha. Hey I guess your more like Grams on the show.

    Oh Kay Don’t be ridiculous Go and be careful.

    I will.

    Could she be right? Tabitha gasps. Oh hush the very thought!

    Jessica, I have to talk to you.

    Why now Kay, I have a gig to do.

    Jessica this is important.

    Fine you have 2 minutes.

    I have to tell you, you’re in danger.

    And why am I in danger Kay?

    Because you have powers.

    Jessica looks at Kay. You belong in a nut house. Jessica said to herself.

    Why are you looking at me like that?

    Did you hear what you just said? Jessica sarcastically replied.

    Look I know it sounds crazy but it’s true.

    Well let me humor you; and ask you what kind of powers do I have?

    You can orb.

    What orb like the TV show Charmed?

    Yes, funny you say that. But we are actually the real charmed ones.

    Jessica begins to laugh.

    Kay, you finally lost your mind, wasn’t it last year you were saying That Siren was a mermaid; oh …and Tabitha could be a witch.

    Yes I said all those things and all of it is true.

    Yeah right.

    Jessica begins to pack up her stuff.

    Kay gets frustrated and remembers all the bad things that happen in Harmony

    Jessica; do you remember hell in the closet, blood dripping from the walls, and the weird birds attacking our house when Charity was here.

    Yeah but, I.... She remembers but realizes it’s getting late. Spike will be very upset if she’s late.

    I got to go good luck on being charmed. Jessica shouted while walking away from living room and towards the front door.

    Damn, what is it going to take for her to believe me?

    Jessica begins to walk out the door and she ran into Miguel.

    Where is Jessica? she’s late and I need my money.

    Spike frantically walks back and forth.

    Suddenly a demon ghost pops out of the ground. There he is.

    This is the man that can get close enough to kill a charmed one. I will posed as him
    And kill her. The demon swarms in Spike.
    Yes when Jessica gets here I will bury her alive. He laughs.

    Jessica; why don’t you believe me?

    Kay picks up the book of spells and started to read the conjure up spell to
    Become Charmed she reads aloud while walking towards her room
    And not paying attention where she was going. She said the last word in the spell. I call on the magical world to here my plea. I call for the power of three.
    A gush of Glittered Wind blew in the house hard knocking Kay over
    As she bump into someone she looked up it was Miguel.

    Miguel I didn’t see you there. Her heart still yearns for him.
    Miguel looks at her with sadness as he remembers Kay breaking His heart over and over again.

    I guess not. He replied. While getting up feeling woozy. I feel a little dizzy. He claimed
    The wind swoops through Jessica. What was that? Jessica said as she had realized
    The wind blew something inside her. She felt strange.


    Someone else spoke lightly. Kay looks past Miguel the blonde hair blue eyes figure that stood up behind him. Smiled at her. Hi Kay! She replied while getting up from a fall.

    She knew who it was immediately. She knew that she was the final nail in the coffin with her relationship with Miguel.

    The prophecy Kay says its coming true.

    Kay placed the book down not realizing the power of 3 sign appeared in
    Front of it.

    The Charmed Standish power is beginning.

    Tabitha said while looking in her bowl.

    Oh dear; were in for a hell of a ride. And I mean hell literally.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 2 Power of 3

    Charity your back?

    Yes I came to face my demons here I canít move on with my life without closure.

    Closure? You mean closure with Miguel.

    Well heís apart of it, but some how I had a premonition that I should come back to
    Harmony because my family needs help.

    Charity! Miguel shook his head and rushes to hug her.

    Itís nice to see you Miguel.

    Kay had a sudden wave of a jealous streak.

    Itís nice to see you too! He smiled.

    I knew heís still in love with her. Maybe itís best that I married Fox. She admitted to herself.

    She started to walk away. And realizes the book has changed. She rubs her hand across the emblem.

    This wasnít here before she says to herself.

    Did it work? She walks toward Miguel and Charity.

    Hi Charity I hate to ruin your reunion but, I need to speak to you.

    Sure Kay!

    You donít mind do you Miguel?

    No, not at all! Suddenly Miguel started hearing voicing and ringing.

    Oww! He said whatís going on?

    Charity, Kay grabs her hand. Come with me.

    Suddenly Charity gets a premonitionÖ..

    She sees Jessica in a grave sheís screaming as Spike is burying her alive.

    Oh my god she screams.

    What, what is it Charity? Kay looks at her frantically.

    Kay and Miguel were both concern.

    Charity starts crying itís horrible.

    Whatís horrible? Miguel asks.

    Jessica is going to be buried alive.


    Yeah this man with curly hair, he seems to be evil he laughs as he buries her alive.
    She kicking and screaming in a coffin.

    Oh no Jessica, we have to find her. Kay rushes to the door.

    Iíll help! Miguel shouted as he and Charity rushes after her.

    Spike I am so sorry I am late.

    Kay stopped me to tell meÖ.

    Never mind that I need you take these; itís requested by the client that you will be high and willing to do everything he asked.

    Oh ok, its free right? While grabbing the two pills and swallow it fast.

    Yeah of course. I canít believe you my husband charge me for my own drugs the last time. That was low.

    Not as low as your going to get tonight. 6 feet under! He smiles to himself.

    Jessica suddenly felt high. Whoa these are different she felt woozy and suddenly fainted.

    Spike catches her. I was nice this time I kind of like you. You would have been great on our side. But youíre a threat to me and my padres. Now letís get started. The charmed ones will never become charmed. He begins to laugh. And began to put her in a coffin to bury her.

    Charity where did you see Jessica? Where there any landmark or water in your premonition.

    Yeah there was an old building of some kind with a steep hill.

    Steep hill? Kay walks back and forth.

    Miguel began to hear the voices louder in his ear.

    I know where she is!

    Steep hill, Kay we used to play there when we were kids.

    Yeah itís Old Mc Neillís home.

    We got to get there fast. Its 2 hours away

    We have to get there! Kay shouted.

    Yeah letís take my car. Miguel proclaimed.

    They quickly go to Old Mc Neillís home.

    The steep hill is out back. Kay proclaimed.

    Whoa itís scary here. Charity took a step back she suddenly felt goose bumps down her body.

    Donít be afraid; Charity. Miguel went to Kay.

    Kay and I played here most of our life. Isnít that right Kay?

    Kay looks at him. I canít believe you remember us even when Charity here.
    Focus Kay its all about saving Jessica.

    Right Miguel! she said coldly.

    Miguel was shock with her response. Kay realizes her reaction.

    Iím sorry Miguel I didnít mean to sound cold but I am worry about my sister.

    Right. He shook off her response.
    Letís head out back. Charity your coming!

    Yes she said with fear.

    They proceeded to the back of the old home.

    There he is; like Charity said.

    Itís Spike! Spike was just putting the finishing touches on Jessicaís grave.

    What are we going to do? Charity questions. We need to call your Father Kay.

    No, Iím going to take care of this bastard once and for all.

    Miguel grabs her arm. How are you going to do that? I canít lose you Kay I love you.

    Miguel I love you too but we are over. Miguel felt deeply sadden from her words.

    Maria canít lose you either.
    Donít worry she wonít.
    What are you going to do?

    Youíll see. Kay walks up to Spike!

    Hey! Kay shouted

    Miguel whispers to Charity. Kay must be out of her mind.

    Oh another. Spike smiled at Kay.

    What does he mean another? Miguel asked Charity.

    I donít know?

    How dare you mess with my sister?

    Oh I dare and seems to me that I am getting double dare on killing another witch.

    Witch? Miguel looks at Kay with confusion.

    Oh yeah, Kay then blast her power at Spike.

    He falls to ground. Then gets back up and laugh.

    Oh my god! Miguel couldnít believe it.
    Kay has powers?

    Thatís the best you can do. I am a 10th level demon there is no way your power alone could destroy me.

    Oh my god, you mean I need the power of 3. Kay began to realize it was a mistake to go at it alone.

    Her boldness started to weaken. Miguel saw it.

    Die witch! The demon conjures up a huge fire ball and throws it at Kay.

    Oh my god! Kay looks at the fireball. Miguel ran to her and they orb out of the fire ball

    Damn I wonít miss next time and your sister is doom anyway.

    Miguel! You have powers?

    Yeah I guessÖ Iím confused.

    You saved my life; Tabitha said our powers are conjure up with love.

    I do love you Kay!

    I love you too Miguel. But we have to save Jessica.

    How are we going to do that?

    With the power of 3.

    But we need Jessica.

    Down below in the grave.

    Jessica wakes up and realizes she is in a coffin.

    Oh my god. She panics kicking and screaming.

    How am I going to get out here she keeps kicking and screaming realizing her air is getting thin.

    Oh god Iím going to die. She thought to herself.

    She begins to drift away.

    But her mind goes back to the conversation that she had with Kay.

    Jessica, I have to talk to you.

    Why now Kay, I have a gig to do.

    Jessica this is important.

    Fine you have 2 minutes.

    I have to tell you, youíre in danger.

    And why am I in danger Kay?

    Because you have powers.

    Why are you looking at me like that?

    Did you hear what you just said?

    Look I know it sounds crazy but itís true.

    Well let me humor you; and ask you what kind of powers do I have?

    You can orb.

    What orb like the TV show Charmed?

    Yes, funny you say that. But we are actually the real charmed ones.

    Right Kay I can orb.

    She begins to slowly drift away.

    Weakly she said I can orb, I can orb, I can orb.

    Suddenly she orbs out of the grave.

    Jessica! Charity runs to her.

    Jessica was lying on the ground barely conscious.

    The demon could not believe that she had gotten out of the grave.

    Oh you have all seem to have your powers; no matter I just kill all 3 of you witches.

    Kay runs to Charity and Jessica
    Miguel screams wait!

    Is she awake?

    Barely! Charity said while checking her pulse.

    Kay! Jessica said weakly.

    Listen we have to destroy the demon repeat after me; the power of 3 will set us free.
    Jessica started saying the power of 3 will set us free. Charity then joins in.

    The power of 3 will set us free they begin repeating. Wind started flying every where.

    The demon said no!!! he conjures up a fire ball which started to fly to the girls.

    They then said the power of 3 will set us free strongly. The fire ball flew back
    At the demon and vanquish him.

    Miguel could not believe his eyes. He went towards them. He again started to hear
    Voices. They tell him to heal Jessica.

    How! He yells.

    Who are you talking to Miguel?

    I donít know! I hear voices.

    Voices, Kay remembered watching Charmed and realize Miguel is a white lighter.

    Miguel youíre a white lighter!

    A who?

    Miguel comes quickly try to heal Jessica.

    Nothing happens. She realizes Miguel needs to learn how to use his powers.

    Miguel do you love me?


    Do you love Maria?

    Of course I do.

    Use that love to heel Jessica.

    He begins to feel an overwhelming feeling through his hands

    He placed his hands on her head. Suddenly lights glowed from his hands and Jessica woke up coughing.

    You did it Miguel! Jessica are you alright.

    What happened to the demon is he dead?

    Yes he is, and Spike is no longer in your life.

    Yeah it looks like the demon took him with him. Charity said while sitting Jessica up.

    Miguel realized something why do I get this feeling this isnít over.

    Because itís not; itís only the beginning.

    Of what? Charity asked

    Itís the beginning of the Power of 3.

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    Post Charmed Standish Chapter 3 The Prophecy

    Charmed Standish Chapter 3 The Prophecy?

    The Power of 3? I canít believe were a product of a TV show.

    Miguel question Kay.

    Then what just happen? Charity, Jessica, and I said the power of 3
    Chant and destroy a demon.

    And Miguel you saved my life Jessica stands up and looking like her old self again.

    And not to mention Kayís when you orb out of the fire ballís way.
    Charity also stood up.

    Yes I guess, so I am your white lighter?

    I guess so. Charity smiled.

    This is not at all like the show. Jessica questioned.

    Well itís prophesied that we will be the savior of the world.
    And Charity will be the one to save us all. Kay said trying to convince everyone this is real.

    I am!


    How can I do that?

    By falling in love and become intimate with the love of your life.

    But the love of my life isÖ

    Miguel, Kay interrupted. Yeah I know she felt disappointment with
    The prophecy.

    I do love you Charity, but I Ďm going to be honest, I'm not in love you anymore I Ďm in love with Kay now.

    I know and I donít understand why I would be intimate with the love of my life and that will save the world.
    It sounds a little far fetch.

    Yeah well it is written in the Book of Spells.

    I am so confuse. Charity said with frustration

    So am I! Miguel agreed.

    Letís just get to Tabitha house and take a look at the book. You think we can orb there?

    Letís grab each other hands, Jessica help me out?

    Sure together they all orb in Tabitha living room.

    Scaring Tabitha in the process.

    Oh my, you scared the pants off of me.

    WeĎre sorry Tabitha.

    Tabitha then realizes that they just orb.

    You have powers? All of you?

    Apparently yes, Kay says while walking towards her.

    But how?

    I conjure up the power of 3 spell.

    Kay I told you not to practice your magic.

    Wait a minute, you knew about this Tabitha. Jessica stops her in a middle of a sentence.

    Knew! I even help prophesied the charmed ones.

    Good then you can answer some questions. Kay comfortably sat down.

    Wait what do you mean help prophesied? Jessica frantically questions her.

    Well I am also a witch Jessica, so are Endora and your niece Maria.


    You girls just inherited the Standish powers I.E. Hallowell sisters powers like on T.V.

    My god! Charity said in disgust.

    My god is right; you are the very future of good.

    But Tabitha, Miguel is our white lighter where does that fit in your prophecy. Kay angrily mention while flipping through the book of spells.


    Yes I can orb and I hear voices that ask me to come to them!

    By the way; he listens all of sudden and said Excuse me. He orbs away.

    Miguel! Everyone said together.

    Why did Miguel leave? Jessica asked.

    He went were the voices asked him to go. Kay quickly answers.

    Voices? Jessica questions.
    Who can say the voices arenít evil?

    They told him where you were and they told him to heal you?
    I think they are working in our favor. Kay comfortably told her.

    Kay how can you be so relaxed when now we have to fight demons. Charity said frantically.

    Because itís prophesied that we will win and I happen to have faith in the prophecy.

    Even if; itís means you giving up your love for Miguel? Jessica snaps back at her.

    Iíve given up Miguel long time ago.

    Yeah well I heard you tell him you love him twice!

    Ok and how did you do that when you were stuck in the grave?

    I guess that is part of my power.

    What hear no evil? Kay jumped back at her.

    Tisk Tisk Sis.

    Stop it Jess, Kay I know youíre in love with Miguel and he is with you.

    I couldnít stand in the way of love especially that you Miguel and Maria are a family.

    Your better than her. Jessica smirked.

    That is the thing Charity we are not. I am married to Fox now.

    Speaking of Fox what are you going to tell him. Jessica searches for an answer.

    I am going to tell him nothing.


    And you are wise dear Fox is not ready for this now you must keep this secret from him or all of us get expose. That means more demons to fight. Tabitha explained.

    We wouldnít want that! Charity said to Jessica she agreed.

    So back to this prophecy. Kay changed back the subject.
    Miguel began to orb back.

    Miguel where did you go? Charity curiously asked.

    I went to see the elders.

    Elders? Kay shouted.

    Except up there they are called guardians.

    Angels? Charity asked. Miguel, are you an angel?

    No but I have been chosen to become one in my death.
    So for now I am a charger assign to protect the charm ones.

    Are you going to die? Kay asked with fear in her eyes.

    Apparently, no time soon. Miguel smiled.

    What did they want? Kay asked profoundly

    They want to clear up this prophecy.

    What did they say? Charity softly asked.

    Its true Charity will end all the evil and will have to be intimate with the love of her life.

    But Jessica and Kay will have to find their love as well. Making the power of 3 even stronger.

    It was left out of the Book of Spells.

    Mmm Interesting I always thought Buffy was hiding something about the prophecy and so did all the magical creatures. Tabitha warns.

    Buffy!This getting crazier by the minute. Jessica sighs.

    Well Iím married to Fox. So I have that.

    Oh but on the contrary, Miguel answered.

    What do you mean?

    I said the love of your life, not your present love.

    Miguel you and Charity are destined for each other.

    My heart does not believe that anymore Kay.

    So does mine. Charity confirmed.


    Kay, I told you I love you and the guardians up there assure me,
    I am the love of your life and I wonít give up on us.

    Miguel you ask the guardians if I am the love of your life? I donít know what to say.

    Say you love me too!

    I do! He walks over to her and kisses her.

    Fox walks in.

    What the hell is going on?

    Fox IÖcan explain.

    Explain the multiple times that you cheated on me?

    No, I wanted to tell you, I love Miguel butÖ

    But what Kay, I loved you.

    I know,

    Kay you donít have to explain to him. Miguel jumped in.

    Look Kay loves me and I love her and we are going to be a family whether you like it or not.

    Over my dead body.

    Speaking of dead bodies arenít you supposed to be in the hospital getting those so called last treatment.

    I wanted to go home to see my wife.

    Right! To make love to her when you suppose to be impotent.
    Those treatments are making you better by the minute.
    I wonder did you stage an actor to take those treatments for you like you pay those actors to make it look like Charity and I made love.
    Miguel taunts him.

    You son of bÖ Fox rushes towards Miguel.

    Kay jumped in front of him.

    Look Fox I do love you but I canít pretend any more, I love Miguel more.

    Kay Iím dying how can you do this to me.

    I love you Fox but you knowing that I love Miguel, is better this way itís for the greater good. Maybe you will fall in love with some one that has your heart. I am not that person she said with tears. She softly kisses his cheek.

    Fox I will always care and love you for what you have done for me. You are truly a special man.

    But not enough for you Not like Miguel who will break your heart again Kay! One day you will see I am the better choice. You always have my heart and when this loser breaks it again I will be here to pick up the pieces. He begins to leave.

    Kay felt some truth in his words. But she canít fight how she feel
    About Miguel no matter how she tries.

    Wait; Kay shouted out to him. Fox stopped and turned around.
    Could she be changing her mind? Fox hoped desperately.

    Miguel begins to believe Kay is changing her mind.

    She whispers to Miguel please heal him? He looks at the tears that fell from her eyes.

    Miguel handed him his hand Iím sorry it went down like this.

    Fox didnít want to greet the small gesture but he had to show his Crane pride so he shook his hand. Miguel proceeded to heal him but nothing happen.

    Iím sorry Fox. Kay cried out

    I will always be here for you no matter what.
    Fox then walked out the door.

    I wonít give up on you Kay I wonít! Fox stake his claim out side Tabithaís house.

    Did you heal him? Kay asked.

    No, I couldnít

    What? Fox will die, No!!

    Kay maybe itís the guardianís way Charity interrupted.

    The guardians donít have anything to do with him dying>
    Miguel announced.

    What do you mean? Kay asked while wiping away her tears.

    Fox isnít dying Kay.

    What? Not this again.

    He never was.

    Heís right! Tabitha added.

    Tabitha you knew. Kay inquired.

    Yes but Endora always stopped me from telling you.

    My god Tabitha.

    Why now you tell me you could of stop this long ago.

    Yes I know dear, matter a fact thatís a good question? Endora usually stop me for trying to tell you Kay, I donít know why I can
    Tell you now.


    Endora and Maria were playing.

    Hey not fair you block my spell on my mummy.

    Maria answers my mom and dad belongs together.

    She levitates a picture of her mom and dad towards her.

    She hugs the picture.

    Endora became furious levitates the picture out of her hand and slams it on the floor.

    Maria you are no longer my friend. Fox and Kay belong together.

    Never! Maria started crying.

    Kay heard her.

    Thatís Maria. Kay proceeded to go upstairs.

    I got her Miguel orb upstairs to see Maria.

    Maria are you ok?

    Daddy! She shouted oh its ok Maria. Itís all going to be better.
    He picks her up and hugs her.

    Your mom and I finally going to be together thanks to the guardians.

    There assure me that your mom and I are meant to be.

    I canít believe this day had finally come. He place Maria back in her crib. And blows a kiss he then orbs back down stairs.

    Not in your life buddy boy.

    Endora said to her self.

    Maria tells Endora to leave her daddy alone or she will be force to mess with herís.

    Endora asked if that is a threat.

    Take it how ever you want.

    Howís Maria? Kay asked Miguel.

    Sheís fine I put her back in her crib.

    Aah I need to give her a kiss good night.

    Kay wait, Iím sure sheís fine we need to talk about this charm thing.

    Your right.

    Well Tabitha what is exactly is our powers.

    Well your powers are growing I admit that but you girls are not ready for the massive Demons you will be fighting. You will have to train in martial arts, which we can summon up Bruce Lee for that, Potion making well I guess Armani she is the best potion maker I ever known for now she looks at Jessica. And you guys need to learn how to control your power and create spells,you got me and Endora for that. Oh and I would summon another to really get you started. But who?

    Wow Endora is powerful? Jessica query.

    Yes, and Miguel you will need to know this stuff too. And also get with the guardians and make sure they get you trained for your new found powers. Yes; yes we need to get started right away.
    Tabitha rubs her hands together and started her magical chant.

    I summons the magic world to provide me from the past
    The great ones of all time; your knowledge is needed at last;
    Pick up the speed, and let them learn very fast. Please
    Bring the Charmed ones back to class.

    Suddenly smoke filled the air sending the charmed ones into class.

    Where are we? It looks like some type of school.

    What are we wearing? Charity asked.

    Uniforms?? Miguel looks at the emblem. Hogs worth school of witchcraft and wizardry. .He reads out loud.

    Aagh I have pig tails. Jessica screamed.

    Oh there you are? A young female and male walks towards them.

    You got to be kidding me? Armani and Ron? Kay announced.

    Thatís me! Armani responded.

    You canít be serious! Kay shouted.

    Why is it hard for you to accept?
    Magic on television is based on truth itís not made up.

    So I am guessing Harry Potter is here too. Jessica enjoins.

    Yes, he just got the Nimbus 2007 heís riding it to get ready for his match; it is tight if you know what I mean.

    Look at you; youíre hip! Jessica nodded.

    You know it! Armani smiles and walks over towards Miguel.

    Oh and this must be Miguel!
    Whoa youíre hot!

    Miguel smiled. Kay nudges him.

    Armani! Ron shouted to her.

    Oh I didnít know you were there you must been wearing the cloak again.

    I was always here. Ron pouted.

    Really, I didnít notice you.

    Armani are you still mad at me?

    Armani then put her hand in Ron face and then change the subject.

    Well anyways I have to get you guys on a fast track in potion making it can be very difficult.
    Jessica you will be the best student out the bunch and I will be
    Working with you and you can help the others after Iím done.

    Bruce! Bruce! Where is Bruce oh there you go. You will be helping Charity out she doesnít have any active powers yet and she will need your help the most. Everyone else will also have this class later.

    Oh yeah and last but not least Kay and Miguel you will be training
    With the famous Piper and Leo. Piper and Leo walks up and greeted them.

    What? Everyone looked at them and was shocked.

    You will need it trust me! Letís get going everyone.

    Armani pushes Jessica along. Bruce led Charity to the gym.

    I thought you guys were made up. Kay said in dismay.

    Not exactly. Piper scolded her. They told you that television are based on truth right. It is embellished for viewerís pleasure. Kay and Miguel helped finished Piperís statement.

    Kay we were the charmed ones but our time has passed we pass on our powers down the line my great great granddaughter is Prudence Hallowell she married Thorston Standish in return they had a child named Hope Standish and she feel in love with her lover. He was killed trying to save her but in that brief affair she was pregnant with twins Grace and Faith Standish.

    My god. I canít believe it.

    Believe it you never knew because Grace had amnesia and Faith died in the fire.

    Well enough of the history lesson its time for some training. Leo smiled.

    What are we going to do? Miguel asked.

    We are going to build your love stronger.


    We need you too to communicate in a level no one else can and you two can teach Charity and Jessica the same.

    The prophecy States that your love will help Charity save the day.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 4 Prince Charming Part 1

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 4 Prince Charming

    Fox went to the Blue Note to get a drink.
    Kay, I wonít lose you to the lights of Lopez-Fitzgerald.

    I wonít give up, no matter what. Fox convinces himself.
    He toasted to the end of Miguel.

    A male and female heard his toast. And decided to join him on it. Yeah forget that Lopez fitzie kid. The dark handsome man said.

    I donít mean to be rude but I would like give this toast to myself.

    Why would you want to do that? The gorgeous woman softly said.

    Yeah, when we can help you get your lady love back. The man bounces back in the conversation.

    How? Fox seem peek with the conversation.

    With this! The lady holds a potion marked love potion #9.

    At Hogs worth,

    Charity practices her martial arts. With her powers she learned very fast.

    Yes, Charity double kicks one flip and a sweep. Bruce demonstrated.

    Ok! She proceeded to do the one flip and end up with a triple flip and a sweep.

    Hey stop showing off. Bruce Lee yelled.

    Iím sorry I canít help it. She said while jumping up and down showing her
    Punch combination.

    Hmm you seem to be a natural, Bruce Lee said while grabbing a towel.
    Now letís get to the hard part, using your premonition power to know what your enemy is going to do first.

    Charity smiled. Oh I am going to love this.

    Yes Jessica put two pieces of peppermint leaves, one eye of frog, a pinch of ginger root, Oh yes and one slice of fresh demon skin. Oh! Armani took a step back while Ron walked forward.
    Jessica dropped the demon skin in the caldron and a gush of wind threw her and Ron to the floor.

    Oh I forgot to tell you two to stand back. Armani smirked at them.

    You think! Jessica stood up dusting off the debris that fell on her uniform.

    Armani you did that on purpose. Ron shouted.

    Prove it! Shocked by her reaction Ron then storms out.

    You guys need to work out your problems.

    You know I tried with Ron, the only way to get thru to him is being mean to him.

    Sounds like thatís with all men.

    Yes I guess? Armani shroud her shoulders and walk towards the caldron with Jessica.

    Yeah well, let me guess this is the vanquish potion for women demons.

    Why yes how did you know?

    The peppermint gave it away and Iím guessing youíre mad at Ron because of a woman. This would be explains the potion Iím making.

    So you know your herbs and relationships quite well.

    I use to be in to chemistry and I worked for Mark for a year. I use to could tell you what is in a fragrance just by one sniff. I also was quite a chemist, if you know what mean. I use to put all kinds of stuff in Kayís shampoo bottle to ruin her hair so she would look like a loser in front of Miguel. I canít count the times she had bad hair days. She laughed.

    That wasnít nice.

    I know, I guess deep down I knew Kay and Miguel would End up together. But I also thought if she gets Miguel I would lose the only person that puts up with me. I thought I would have lost my sister.

    Why? Armani said curiously.

    Well I was glad Charity and Miguel were together. I still had my sister to taunt. Then Reese and IÖ well that changed Thanks to Charity. So since Kay moved to Tabithaís I got closer to my mom. But then my mom left me as well. And even though I love my brother and dad. I was never close to Noah or Dad like I was with Kay and my mom... Then Charity took off. I then had no one to talk too and thatís how I got mixed with Spike he acted like he cared and loved me. But, I was wrong. Jessica began shedding tears. All I ever wanted was to be loved.

    Oh Jessica thereís hope I have a feeling you will find the love of your life
    Very soon. Armani hugs Jessica while she wipes her tears.

    Really? Yeah well Iím pregnant so maybe thatís the love I need.

    Armani nodded..

    So whatís the deal with you and Ron?

    Donít go there? They both laughed.

    Now for your test! Armani rubs her hands together.

    What test?

    I need you to make a truth serum. Armani told her.

    What herbs are needed?

    UmÖI guess A bit of Catnip which creates a psychic link that is needed.
    And some cinquefoil which also aid in divination and some comfrey and I know itÖ. Ah yes where is if St. Johnís Wort and yes Valerian to restore peace from the lies.

    Know we will give it to Ron and see if it works.

    I donít know about that. Jessica warns. Isnít that personal gain.

    No itís your test!

    Oh ok what ever you say. Jessica cooks the potion and pours it in a bottle
    She hand it to Armani.

    Come with me Armani grabs Jessica hand and led her to the classroom door. Ron oh Ron; she shouted while walking out the classroom.

    There you are.

    Armani, I donít want to speak to you.

    Oh donít be silly.

    You embarrass me in front of a charm oneí I canít believe you.

    Iím sorry; I just want to ask you a couple of questions.

    Forget it I am not speaking to you.

    Oh really! She throws the potion on the floor. Armani and Jessica steps back. Smoke filled the air causing Ron to cough and fan the smoke away.

    Ah lessons learn from the other potion I see. Armani whispers.

    Yeah who could forget that blast? Jessica quickly replied.

    Ok let see if this works.

    Ron, what were you doing with Nadia last night?

    What are you talking about? I only saw Nadia for a few seconds she wanted to know if you and I had feelings for each other.

    I told her I like you! oops who said that? Ron stops himself.

    You like me? Armani question him.

    But youíre dating someone else. Ron walks up to her.
    Then she told me she likes me. And I told her I couldnít be with her because I like you too much it wouldnít be fair to her.

    She said thatís why she likes me so much because I am very nice guy and she hugged me.

    Ron Iím so sorry. She then hugs Ron.

    Oh oh, I think we may have a problem. Jessica shouted

    What? You two are grown chicken feet.

    They look down. Oh my god. Jessica your right, personal gain.
    I think this happen because you were chicken to ask him in the first place.

    Armani what you do? Ron shouted.

    I used a truth serum. She said with shyness.

    What are we going to do! Ron eyes widen as he started to cluck.

    I think I may know a potion that can rid of you of the side effects. Jessica confidently told them.

    They head to the classroom. Cluck Cluck Cluck Armani and Ron said while walking like chickens in to the classroom.

    Jessica quickly made the potion to reverse the side effects and Truth serum spell. She gave them to drink. They quickly became their old self.

    What happen? Ron and Armani looked around.

    Oh you didnít step back when I placed the demon skin in the potion.

    We didnít? Armani asked. But I always do. You stepped back?

    Yes! Well I guess you past the test. Oh Armani got dizzy.
    I feel like a chicken on their last leg.

    Jessica laughs.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 4 Prince Charming Part 2

    Now I need you two to focus on the problems in your relationship. Leo softly proclaimed.

    What is this therapy? Kay sharply yelled out.

    Now Kay, calm down you two need to trust one another so your love will become whole. Piper assures her.

    Ok, well I always thought Miguel will end up with Charity he loved her.
    He forgot about our friendship, he forgot about everyone, when Charity came to town. Oh not to mention he left Maria and I home while searching for her.

    I never forgot you when Charity arrived to Harmony.

    Oh! What about the time we were suppose to go to Boston Red Sox game.
    I had two tickets for us. To remind you, we had made plans for months. But when Charity came to town you told me to go on with out you. To make matters worse you told me to go with Reese and I did and I saw you two in the front Row kissing, how did you think that made me feel?

    You never told me you saw me there.

    Whatís the point? Kay folded her arms. I didnít exist in your eyes back then.

    Kay Iím sorry... I didnít realize that I hurt you like that.

    Oh Miguel, thereís many more times that you hurt me.

    Kay before you go into details, I apologized for everything I done.
    I thought I was truly in love with Charity. But the love I felt for her
    Doesnít measure how much I love you and Maria now.

    Kay youíre not at all innocent yourself. Piper included.

    What do you mean?

    Like how was Maria conceived?

    UmÖ. She looked at Piper and mouthed the words. Do I have to tell him?

    Piper mouthed back the words; tell him.

    Oh god Miguel I have to tell you the truth and you may hate me.

    Come on, we have our fights but I will never hate you. He rubs her shoulders.

    Miguel I used magic to get you to sleep with me. She closes her eyes with anticipation of fireworks.

    What? She jumps with loudness of his voice. How? We just got our powers.

    Well.. She gave a long pause. I have dabbled a little with the dark sideís power multiple times trying to steal you away from Charity.

    Shocked by the truth Miguel asks what did you do Kay?

    I put a little of Charity essence on me and fooled you to think I was Charity.

    I knew something wasnít quite right.
    Kay how could you do such a thing?

    I was young then and I loved you so much Miguel I couldnít lose you so I had the dark side powers to help me.

    Kay, I canít believe you, I am so mad at you right now! He shouted.

    Kay begins to cry Iím sorry she said softly.

    Sorry? Let me tell you something KayÖ.

    Now whoa, Leo intervenes.

    Kay may have done some bad things but you guys have a daughter because of it. Leo jumps to her defense.

    Yes, Maria is beautiful she is my great great great great granddaughter and Iím proud of her besides, you left them to find Charity. Piper snaps at Miguel.

    Miguel begins to calm down, yes I do have a beautiful daughter and her mother, well he looks at her seductively she is beautiful as well and we made our mistake Kay only to find each other in the end.

    He walks up to Kay. She whispers to him Iím so sorry.
    Iím sorry I hurt you, but some how deep down I knew I was making love to you. Kay was shock and started to say youÖ. He then passionately kisses Kay.

    Piper and Leo smiled. Now the real test.

    Piper then calls upon her Sisters Prue, and Page.

    Charity we are going to try this exercise blind folded.

    Bruce Lee handed her a blind fold.

    Ok, Charity started to lose her confidence.

    Bruce saw the lack of confidence and assures her donít worry trust your powers and you will do fine.

    She takes a deep breathe Ok! Trust in my powers! She builds her confidence and places the blind fold over her eyes. Alright what do I do?

    Listen! Bruce conjures up 2 men they then charged at Charity in the process striking her down. The 2 men laugh and proceed to hit Charity repeatedly.

    Charity use your powers! Bruce Lee yells!

    Ugh she cried while being attacked by the 2 men. She suddenly starts to hear
    Every movement they made.

    Charity began dodging their punches she heard one coming towards her
    Stomach she blocks it then proceeded to attack one of the men dodging
    His punches and kicks she had the upper hand.

    Thatís it! Bruce cheered.

    The other man was shocked and yet impressed with Charity he could not fight an overwhelming feeling towards her, but he couldnít let her win he runs and try to attack her as well.

    Charity heard him coming she then did 1 flip and a sweep and knock both men down at the same time. She put one foot on each of the men torsos so they would not get up.

    Charity you did it!

    I did! She smiled then she took off the blind fold to look at the two men.

    They then disappeared. What I needed to see who I was fighting.

    Listen Charity if someone attacks it shouldnít matter who it is it could be
    Jessica, Kay, Miguel or even future Maria or Endora. What ever the case,
    You defend yourself.

    But why would they attack me?

    Charity you are the key to fulfill the prophecy of goodness. You will be attacked the most by the Dark side.
    The Dark side wanted you dead long time ago. It will be wise for you to be very careful and use that power of premonition.

    So your saying Evil will come in all shape or forms.

    Premonition is definitely your gift. Bruce smiles
    Come on I find your cousin Jessica and she can orb you home.

    Prue and Page appeared. Kay and Miguel stopped kissing to their
    Dismay they were surrounded by witches.

    Whatís going on? Miguel said with fear.

    You are now ready for your test. Piper calmly tells them.

    Hallowell sisters call upon the earth the sun the stars and the moon
    We summon the god of Venus to show her earthly tune.
    To test this couple of their love; make them worthy; make them one.

    Kay and Miguel disappear from Hogs worth and ended up in the Blue Note.

    Miguel walks past Kay they look at one another she asks him do I know you.

    Fox is at the Blue Note looks over and sees them he was shocked that they were there.

    The strange woman and man taunted Fox with their potion. Now do you want this potion or not?

    Iíll take it! Fox snatches the potion. Kay will be mine.

    Back to Kay and MiguelÖ

    I think so; you look like the woman of my dreams. Miguel disoriented say to
    The beautiful lady in the blue dress.

    Kay smiled, Funny you should say that, because I was thinking you were the
    Man of my dreams. She smiled.

    Hi woman of my dreams, He grabs her hand and kisses it. My name is Miguel and yours?

    Kay, Kay Bennett!

    Beautiful name he smiled. While holding her hand.

    You care to dance.

    Sure! She smiled. He led her to the dance floor.

    Because you loved by Celine Dion came on.

    They slow dance and smile at each other.

    You are so beautiful!

    Why thank you.

    I must say youíre very handsome Miguel. And I feel I like I know you, maybe all my life.

    Thatís weird because I feel the same.

    Fox watched them from afar he was furious.

    I will make you mine Kay. He looks in the potion in his hand.

    The 3 of the Hallowell sisters were in the corner.

    Do you think they will past the test? Page softly asked.

    Iím sure of it! Page said while Phoebe and Coupe sat down beside her sister Piper.
    I gave Fox the love potion courtesy from our favorite Cupid. Phoebe said she kisses Coupe on the lips.Yeah thatís one of kind itís from a Gypsy that I met 300 years ago.

    Ah Page sigh, Look at Kay and Miguel they are so cute together. She pouted.

    You are so beautiful, Miguel looked in Kayís eyes as he steer away a strand of hair that fell towards her eyes.

    Thank you, she felt drawn to him as he lean over for a kiss. The song had finally stopped and other fellow dancers started to leave the dance floor.

    Kay and Miguel had lost the moment when every one left the dance floor. They decided to do the same and proceed to a table.

    Would you like a drink? Miguel said while pulling out her chair.

    Youíre such a Prince Charming sure I love a drink! Kay smiled.

    Miguel smiled back at her and went to the bar for her drink.

    Hereís my chance. Fox sprayed the Love potion number 9 in his mouth.

    He walks to Kayís table and said Hi Beautiful.

    Kay felt strange. She suddenly stops having butterflies in her stomach like she had moments ago.

    She then felt a warm sensation a sensation she needed to tame.

    Whoa youíre handsome and you look rich too. She twirled her hair.

    Oh oh; itís getting interesting. Piper told her sister.

    Leave it to you to have the test in the remake of your club Piper. Prue sarcastically remarked.

    Oh put a sock in it Prue she threw a napkin at her. She then notices what Prue had said. Yeah the blue note is a nice replica of my club. She smiled.

    Did I miss anything? Leo asked while sitting down drinks on the table then sitting next to Piper.

    No, youíre just in time.

    Donít you know who I am? Fox baffled of Kay response to him

    Do you know who I am, because I donít?

    Oh this is great Kay have amnesia. I can make her fall in love with me again.
    Miguel is probably doing the same thing. So I need to step up my game.

    Miguel gets the drink and turns and sees Kay talking to a guy.

    That couldnít be right? She was into me just a minute ago.

    I got get rid of this guy. Something tells me heís bad news.

    Page and Leo realizes that Miguel is much powerful then they thought.
    For a white lighter (charger) He picks up feelings quickly.

    What about our so called powerful witch? Piper worried.

    Well we know sheís the most powerful one, But she isnít the smart one. Phoebe responded.

    She more like you Phoebe she suffers from lust. Prue smarted mouth her sister.

    Now you wonder why we let you die. Phoebe snaps back.

    Oh thatís un call for. Piper quickly broke up her sisterís feud.

    I wonder what Miguel is going to do? Leo raised the question.

    He is going to past the test! Piper assures him.

    I donít know Kay is pretty into him. Phoebe said while picking up her emotions.

    Duh Phoebe itís her husband and you gave him the strongest potion known to man kind. Page playfully shouted.

    I know; thatís why I am not sure sheís going to pass this test.? Do you?
    Phoebe questioned everyone.

    Yes! Everyone shouted.

    Phoebe your powers are weakening. Piper responded.

    Yeah every generation get some of my powers. So yeah itís a bit weak.
    Same here; Page raised her hand then gulf down her drink.
    Yeah me too. Prue also agree along with everyone else.

    But even so, Phoebe it doesnít take a rocket scientist to know that Kay and
    Miguel loves one another.

    Yeah That I do have to agree; right Coupe. Phoebe smiled at her husband.

    Right! He kisses Phoebe.

    Their love is strong but I sense they are having trust issues. Coupe acknowledges Phoebe.

    Oh every one of us had it, so did Henry and I, Leo and Piper and definitely you and Phoebe. But she is so lucky like you guys
    Heís magical and not mortal. Page gives a sullen look.

    Oh sweetie I know you miss your husband. Itís lucky you found love then to found it late like I did. Andy was the love of my life and both our lives were cut short Prue reassure her. You see how miserable I am.

    Oh Prue we are so sorry. Piper hugs her.

    Its ok, it was meant to be, just like Kay and Miguel.

    Here! Here! Everyone toasted.

    Miguel walks towards the table. Hi how are you? He handed Kay her drink.

    She looked up at Miguel her stomach again felt butterflies but yet she yearn
    For this other guy at the table.

    Thanks Miguel! She turned away but still feels drawn to Miguel.
    Miguel sits down at the table.

    Take a hike Pal. Fox said to Miguel. Why? This is my table you rudely sat down and started talking to my girl.

    Kay felt a sense of Dťjŗ vu. Whatís going on? She said to her self.

    I think I know both of these men.

    Kay is not your girl. Fox squawked.

    Hey, how did you know my name? Kay questioned.

    You told me.

    No I didnít, I told Miguel!

    I heard you tell him.

    Oh! She dismissed it.

    Youíre hot! She smiled.

    Really! Fox addled.

    You want to dance? Kay said while try to grab his hand.

    Yeah sure.

    What? Kay werenít you with me? Miguel clamored.

    I was; now I with him. Kay snarled at him.

    Why does this seem familiar? He scratches his head.

    He watches Fox and Kay dancing and having a good time.

    Miguel felt a string of jealousy in the pit of his belly.

    Why do she affect me so and I just meet her.
    I feel I known her all my life.

    Kay, what a beautiful name for a beautiful woman
    I have to get her back, but how?

    He sees a waitress; hey do you know that guy?

    Yeah heís Fox Crane.

    A Crane I should have known.
    How about I give you this C note to tell him that he has a phone call.

    Sure, no problem. The waitress went on the dance floor to tell
    Fox Crane he had a phone call.

    Impressive! I would have done that too. Leo said out loud.

    Fox goes to check on this phone call.

    Miguel then swoops over and grabs Kay hand to get her out the Blue Note.

    Youíre coming with me. He squalled at her.

    She suddenly broke out of a trance and said OK. While being disoriented.

    He grabs his motorcycle that was conveniently was park outside and she got in the back of it.

    She left behind a shoe.

    Fox realizes he been duped he goes outside to find Kay.

    Miguel and Kay took off.

    Damn, I was close. He looks down and grabs her shoe.
    I will have you Kay even if I have to kill Miguel myself.

    Miguel and Kay went to the playground where they were little.

    Hey I know this spot.

    Do you? I know Iíve been here before but I canít remember.

    Yeah itís weird I donít remember anything. Miguel takes his jacket off and walks behind her to place it on her shoulders he then grabs Kay into an embrace.

    She felt safe in his arm she let him embrace her tighter. I donít know you but I feel so safe in your arms. He leans his face against her neck,

    Itís strange for me as well, one look at you and I think I have fallen in love.

    I feel the same way. She turns to look in his eyes. You are Prince Charming
    Kay smiled at him. And youíre my princess he leans down and they begun to kiss.

    The Hallowell sister appeared around them. Well done! They clap their hands

    Their memories suddenly came back.

    We past the test! Kay asked.

    Yes, sorry we erase your memories but we two had to endure this test.

    Ask Leo?

    Itís true! Love is strong it will get you through any magical journey.

    Kay and Miguel itís been a pleasure, you need to meet Jessica and Charity back at Grams, oh I mean Tabithaís house.

    They laughed.

    You guys take care; Page yelled out oh yeah Miguel You will be seeing
    More of Leo and I in the near future.

    Phoebe looks at her watch and tells Kay I will be seeing you, Jessica and Charity in 8 hours for spell writing!

    Oh ok.

    Just listen for us.

    Bye everyone.

    Piper went to hug Kay and Miguel.

    If you ever need me. Please donít hesitate to summon me. You guys are our last hope.

    You guys stay good. She shed a tear.

    We will Kay said and they disappeared.

    Miguel we did it, our love is strong enough to become one.

    Why is it a surprise?

    Iím not surprise at all. She goes in for a kiss he then orb back to Tabithaís
    Still kissing her.

    Miguel you are truly my Prince Charming.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 5 The Queen of Darkness

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 5 Queen of Darkness

    Miguel, Kay! Charity and Jessica called out.

    Miguel and Kay stopped kissing to answer them.

    Hey you guys Kay smiled at them you wouldnít believe what we went through?

    I know Jessica interrupted I made this potion. Then Charity joins in I beat this guy

    You beat a guy up! Everyone said together in shock.

    Then everyone scrambles to tell their stories again. Soon the chatter got too much.

    Tabitha couldnít stand all the confusion and screamed enough!

    Everyone stopped to look at her.

    Who got your panties in a bunch! Jessica said sarcastically.

    All this chattering... Mark my words if you guys
    Donít work together as one; you will fail miserably.

    Oh Tabby donít be a worry wart; weíre just a little excited of what happen to us! Kay replied while heading her way to the couch to sit down.

    Donít call me Tabby and besides it doesnít matter you should all learn to communicate as one.

    We will donít you worry! Jessica also went to take a seat.

    Miguel then heard voices... Hey Tabitha is right we need to communicate as one! Oww he hits his ear.

    Miguel you hear voices again? Kay stood up and stand be side him.

    Yeah and its telling me to beware Danger is very near.

    Oh god we have a class in a couple hours. We are not ready for danger.

    What class? Charity exclaimed.

    Class with Phoebe; itís on spell writing.

    Phoebe; are you talking about the charmed one? Jessica got excited.

    Yes. Kay smiled.

    That doesnít dismiss that we are in danger! Miguel shouted.
    Sorry Miguel what are we danger from? Jessica solemnly asked.

    I donít know yet, but the guardians are telling me itís someone in this house.

    Charity remembers what Bruce Lee told her. Could it be someone I know?

    Upstairs Endora conjures herself to be her future self. Well, well, my mummy was right
    I am an evil witch after all.

    Maria was asleep in her crib. Endora stood over it. I will make do on my threats the question is Will you? She started to laugh.

    Maria stirs up as she was awakening by Endora while she orbed out the house.

    Endora? She called out while looked around.

    What is she up to?

    Maria started to cry. Miguel heard her from downstairs.

    Thatís Maria Iíll go check on her. He orbs up stairs.

    So what did you guys learned in class? Kay asked everyone.

    Well I concocted a potion to vanquish female demons and I also made a truth serum.

    Truth Serum? Kay became interested with that statement. How did you do that?

    I tell you later Kay! Hey what did you learned with the Famous Bruce Lee since you beat up that guy and all?

    Well you guys canít believe what I can do. Charity gave a sweet smile.

    She began demonstrate her moves. Triple flips kick and sweep.

    Jessica and Kay mouth dropped. Wow! Kay said in shock of what sweet Charity can do.

    Could you teach me that! They both said at the same time!


    By the way what guy did you beat up? Jessica curiously Interrogates Charity.

    Well actually it was two of them.

    Two of them?

    Kay and Jessica were surely impressed.

    Yeah but this one guy I felt a slight goodness in his heart... I donít know when I was near him I was blind folded actually and I felt...I donít know it just felt strange thatís all.

    Blind folded? Ok I definitely need some quick lesson from you. Kay dismissed Charity strange feeling.

    Kay, did you hear her? Charity must of had some sort of premonition off one of those guys.

    Jessica I donít think it was a premonition; but maybe femaleís intuition.

    What, you must of have the hots for the guy? Kay bursts out.

    I agree! Tabitha smirked.

    Kay itís not like that, Hey by the way what did you learn in class. Charity was quickening to change the subject.

    Well Miguel and I were in alternate world where we did not know each other.

    We were tested on our love.

    Really? Charity asked with slight bit of envy. Charity yearn the love that her Miguel shared some time ago and she felt some kind of beast of hatred and jealously growing inside her.

    Oh Oh I pick up a slight bit of jealousy. Tabitha saids in her self.

    Yes, Kay picks up the envy as well and dismissed it. Fox was there, he was trying to get me back.

    And Miguel and I were under some kind of spell .we didnít know any body including each other and The Hallowell sisters.

    Wow! Jessica was excited about the story.

    But some how Miguel and I found each other and overcame all those obstacles; we found our love again.

    Charity said to herself I suppose to be with Miguel not you Kay I donít care what those guardians say!

    And we made it back he....

    Miguel orbed back with Maria in his hands.

    Tabitha! Endora is missing!

    What! She stood up I put a spell on this house for no one to harm or take my daughter.

    Suddenly Page and Phoebe orbed in.

    Hey every one are you ready for class?

    Oh my god; Kay said. We got to find her but how?

    Phoebe yells find who? Whoís missing?

    Endora! Charity started to panic that is the danger you were talking about Miguel?

    I guess Charity! Miguel responded ignoring her and walks towards Tabitha.

    Tabitha I donít care about your feeling about danger all I want is to find my daughter!

    Kay jumps up and says Tabitha we will find her; remember what we did last time!

    Yes Kay! I will try that. Endora ;Endora

    Tabitha heard nothing.

    What about the witch tracking system? Kay reminded her

    What witch tracking system? Page walked towards them.

    Yes Tabitha conjures up the tracking system looks in it and found nothing.

    What about scrying for her? Page yells out.

    That will take time. I know a better way; I can find her with the help of Charity! Phoebe quickly responded.


    Yes you have the power of premonition you and I can combine our powers to find Endora.


    Please Charity; find my daughter!

    Phoebe walks toward Charity Hold out your hand!

    Charity holds out her hand and Phoebe closes her eyes and chants.

    To the magical world
    And spirits above
    Channel around
    And hear our plea
    Show us Endora
    Which whom we seek

    Phoebe and Charity both had a strong vibration they both suddenly see images in their heads and broke apart.

    Oh my god! Charity yelled.

    What! Did you find her? Tabitha responded.

    Yeah Grams... I mean Tabitha! But you will not like it!

    What is it Phoebe? Page yelled out.

    Charity interrupts Endora has placed a spell on her self sheís a bit older and she is nothing nice if you know what I mean!

    No I donít? Tabitha said angrily.

    She is in hell recruiting demons; what I see in my vision is... she will become the Queen of Darkness. Charity softly explained.

    But... Phoebe said thereís hope. I saw that Maria here will help Endora she will become the Goddess of Light.

    What? Yes she may save Eldoraís life.

    Endora; Queen of Darkness? Tabitha said to herself. Thatís my girl finally! No more being good! She smiled. I was getting nauseous with all this sweetness and goody goody anyway

    But how can I get to my daughter without them knowing.

    I know, Tabitha begins to faint. Miguel catches her.

    Tabitha! Are you all right? Kay yelled.

    She has fainted Kay; Miguel said while laying her on the couch.

    We have to do something. Kay said while worried about her dear friend.
    She thought to herself. Tabitha must of turned good to have fainted like that.
    I always thought she wanted Endora to be a bad witch. Whatís going on?
    Maria has powers too. This is happening too fast.

    Charity walks towards the kitchen, look I grabs some warm towels for Tabitha.

    Sure that will be great, Iíll go with you. Jessica walks out with her.

    How are we going to get Endora back when she did this to her self and Maria is her hope I donít want Maria nowhere near hell! Kay shouted to the Hallowell sisters.

    I know Kay but in my premonition Maria is your only hope. Even with both set of Charmed ones combine our powers together its no match for the Queen of Darkness.

    Queen of Darkness, I thought it was suppose to be a Prince of Darkness? Miguel solemnly asked.

    Kay and the others stop attending to Tabitha; to hear the rest of the story.

    Tabitha orbs away to hell. Without any one noticing

    Thatís part of It.; if she will appoint the person of her choice to become the Prince of Darkness, I donít even think Maria powers would be enough. Page sighs after the horrific statement.

    Why what will happen. Kay saids desperately

    She will get more powerful; the prince of Darkness is suppose to be all source of evil fuel with all of the Queenís power. Once he is appointed he will kill witches new and old like us and become unstoppable. Phoebe shutters. But what evil doesnít know in our book of shadows it has been prophesied that once he gather up so much power he becomes greedy for more power and Endora the queen would have all the power he will need after he kills her for her power then he will destroy the world.

    Thatís terrible; we have to wake Tabitha up! Kay turns and fined Tabitha gone.

    Oh my god, Tabithaís gone.

    Charity and Jessica came back with towels.

    Whereís Tabitha.

    If I know her sheís in hell trying to find Endora. Kay said with concern.

    And personally I donít blame her.

    Endora! Tabitha cried out loud. As she walked around in the mazes of hell.


    Two demons were feeding and notice Tabitha.

    Well, Well look whose here. They approached Tabitha.

    You two, Last time I saw you two you were down in my basement wreaking major havoc.

    Yeah until you turn goody goody on us. We were release from your command.

    Well thatís great youíre back at home now. Tabitha smirked and tries to continue on through hell to find Endora.

    Not so fast witch.

    Demon 2 walked in front of her.

    You get out of my way I have a daughter to talk too.

    Demon 1 buts in you are no longer on the dark side and youíre no longer welcome here.

    I beg your pardon all the bad things I done in the past even with you guys and I am not welcome here. My daughter is the Queen of Darkness here. Surely you should let me see her.

    Demon 2 laughs yes we know and my dear Tabitha even with all the havoc we caused we are really never was that fond of you and now that youíre a traitor; you should be punish like the rest of them. He points to skeletons on the ground.


    Demon 1 includes you should be punish for your good deeds. I always wanted to say that.

    He laughs.

    Mmm witch for my dessert tonight!

    Your dessert, sheís mine! Demon 2 yells out.

    No, you had your dessert earlier. Demon 1 pointed to the half eaten skeleton.

    No that was dinner.

    What you canít be greedy.

    I can so! He walks in Demon 1ís face.

    Tabitha is mine!

    Oh yeah! Demon 2 shoves him.

    And they begin to fight.

    Tabitha saids to her self now is my chance to escape. She rushes out of there.

    Demon 2 realizes this is pointless. He stops look we will share her I get the top half and you get the bottom.

    Sounds good. They looked around.

    Dessert has gotten away.

    Demon 2 saids seize her!

    And they both rushes to find Tabitha.

    Oh I never thought being bad would be this good, Mummy was right all long.

    Now did you guys grab my half-brother Fox?

    Yes your heiness a demo ness responded while Fox scared out of his mind walks towards the Queen.

    Demons pushed him towards Endoraís throne.

    Fox donít be scared; I am here to help you get Kay back.


    Yes, I am the key to getting your Happiness all what you ever wanted.

    Hey, you look familiar Do I know you?

    Perhaps, but how you know me?

    Thatís not important the important thing is you get Kay back.

    Your right and I will do anything to make Kay mine.

    I thought you will see my way.

    Who are you?

    Why Fox you ask so many question.

    All you need to know is that I am the Queen of Darkness.

    And I will make you my Prince.

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    Post Charmed Standish Style Chapter 6 I see the light

    Charmed Standish Style Chapter 6 I see the Light

    I canít believe Tabitha slipped away like that we have to find her, she may be in danger.
    Kay said while frighten of what may happen to her friend.

    Yes she may be. I sense some one is following her. Charity exclaimed.

    What are we going to do we have no experience dealing with demons. Jessica shouted.

    I know but Tabithaís love for Endora is strong she may prevail. She always said her love for Endora can get her through any obstacles.

    She needs help Kay. Miguel alleged while walking back and forth.

    Maria begins to babble and got Kayís attention.

    Maria, Goddess of Light? This is crazy! Kay yells out.
    And Endora sheís a good witch, she will never become Queen of Darkness!

    Well in my vision sheís more of teenager than a child. Charity explained.
    But why would she do that? Kay then had thought. She always wanted Fox and I together could she be turning evil because I chosen Miguel.

    Kay, she couldnít have sheís a toddler why would she care about your love life? Phoebe thought real hard. It got to be something more.

    Maybe, Maria always wanted her mommy to be with her dad maybe its something of the fact that Maria has her dad and she doesnít; that must be it. Itís Endora wanting her father like Maria has hers. Kay assumed.

    Mommy! Maria cries out. Kay grabbed her out of Miguelís hand.

    Donít worry sweetheart your mommy and daddy are together now. We will always be here for you; we will always be together she held her and grabbed Miguel hand. As a family like we should have been all a longed.

    Wouldnít bet on it! Charity alleged to herself. Maria looks at Charity intensely.

    Thatís right Charity keep thinking the way you do! Endora looks in a caldron in hell.

    Demons all around Endora; standing by for her instructions.

    Hi my fellow evilness, glad for you to join me. You guys are ready to have fun!

    They all nodded their heads yes; preparing for her orders!

    Good we will have all the fun we need destroying the charm ones. Where is Fox bring him to me.

    Fox walked in looking more distinguish than he ever been.

    My you look handsome enough to UN charm a lady! Endora starts to laugh and the demons laughed with her.

    Now is the time, Do you want Kay back?

    Yes more than life itself.

    And you will; but you have to do what I say!


    Now thatís love! She shouted to everyone.

    All the demons laughed again.

    Bring me the shoe!

    A demon brought a blue shoe that Kay had lost earlier.

    The queen sprinkles little dust of fire in the shoe.

    Now Cinderella will fall in love with a real Prince; The Prince of Darkness.

    How are we going to get Endora and Tabitha back? Jessica yelled.

    I donít know? Iím really worried how could sweet Endora become the Queen of Darkness and she has always made known that sheís a good witch . Sheís not ready to command an army of Demons, Goblins, and Ghouls.

    How are we going to go up against an army of evil? Charity said frenetically.

    I donít know. Phoebe answered.

    Maria cries. Miguel hugs her and tries to calm her down. Kay hums a song, you light up my life. Maria calms down. She thought to herself this is my fault. I threaten Endora and now sheís mad at me. I have to help her we may have our differencex with Daddy and Fox and who should be with mom; but she is still my friend. Lets see what is that spell she thought me? Oh yeah!

    Just then Maria babbles

    The light of glory
    The light of above
    Bring the power of
    The light of love

    Just then Maria was a beautiful young teen ager.

    Mom, Dad I am glad youíre finally together everyone turns to see the Goddess of Light.


    Yes itís me.

    My god Miguel said while stunned at the sight of his daughter. He begins tell her she looks like Kay and his sisters all rolled up in one.

    She was more beautiful than he could ever envision.

    He went to hug his daughter.

    Phoebe and Page smiled.

    My god my niece is gorgeous, sheís glowing of pure goodness. Jessica also smiled.

    Charity had mixed feelings of Mariaís new found powers. She knows there could never be a chance for her and Miguel now. Her heart was breaking as she seen the family glow in goodness.

    What does this mean Phoebe if Maria is the Goddess of Light could she be in danger?

    We are all in danger Kay?

    All of sudden Charity looks at a picture of Fox and Kay wedding photos.
    Why couldnít you stay with Fox she said to herself? She walks towards the photo and picks it up. She had a premonition Fox was chosen to become the Prince of Darkness.

    She drops the photo and shatters it. Everyone turns there attention to Charity.

    Charity whatís wrong? Jessica shouted.

    Fox... Fox is the appointed Prince of Darkness.

    Fox, it canít be, heís not magical. Kay shunned the statement.

    In my vision Fox is indeed the Prince of Darkness and he is not after power, heís after you Kay.

    Fox; no way, heís always been so sweet.

    You canít be serious Kay! Miguel shouted at her.
    Yes he left here with dignity. But all that he put us through. Do you really believe he respected your wishes?

    Yes, Miguel I do.

    But Kay, Fox is a Crane through and through he has evil inside him that is irking to come out. He lied about his sickness he lied about Charity and I making love. If he was desperate to hold on to you like that. Whoís to say that he wouldnít go to the Queen of Darkness to get you back?

    Kay stopped and ponders; she remembers how desperate she was to get Miguel over the years.
    She even sold her soul to get him. If Fox loves her that much, he would do anything necessary to keep her. But this is Fox, he always been good she notion to her self.

    Miguel, Fox is a good man he wouldnít do this.

    Mom; donít be naÔve. Dad is right he is capable of those things.

    I believe you; Maria. I do, I just canít accept it. Fox has always been good to us no matter what. He has a kind heart. He always been here for both us. I just canít see him going to dark side because he canít have me.

    Well you need to. Set aside what he use to be, everyone is capable of turning evil! Phoebe said while looking at Charity.

    Charity notices Phoebeís glance. What?

    Nothing Phoebe exchange words to Page. Page its the beginning we have to get Prue and Piper here fast.

    Ok I will orb them here. Page orbs out.

    Where did Page go? Jessica questions.
    We need the sisters.

    That means we are in serious danger. Miguel yells.

    Yes Miguel, The sisters and I are here to guide you only.

    The Standish Charm ones need to unite as one.

    The Hallowellís orbed in.

    The prophecy has started we must cast the spell! Prue alleged as she grabs the 3 crystals of light.

    Piper drew a pentagram. And guided them to it.

    Maria, you stand in the middle and Kay, Charity and Jessica you stand around her.
    Sisters chant with me. Piper exclaims.

    They stood in each corner around them Prue in the north, Page in the west, Piper in the south, and Phoebe in the east.

    The powers of be
    Blessed are we
    Give the light
    The power of need
    Past, present. Future of thee
    Give the light
    the power Of three.

    Suddenly glittery light left the Hallowell sisters and into Maria. That power grew into
    A big ball of light of goodness and trend send to Kay Charity and Jessica. They stood their in a deep sleep.

    Then a big glow of light appears from the crystal. And shocks the girl. They fall into a trance.

    Miguel quickly shouts. What happening?

    They are receiving our powers as well, as their own. Instead of earning powers. We call the spirits to receive their all their powers now to fight the Prince of darkness.
    Piper replied.

    Whatís wrong with them? Are they dead?

    No Miguel they are in a deep sleep their powers are very strong they canít handle it yet,
    They must go to this phase to keep these powers within them. The crystal around them is to protect them if demons was to attack while they are in this stage.
    Phoebe explained.

    Kay, Maria! He yells across the room.

    This guy dense or what? Page smirked while causing the sisters to giggle.

    Maria then wakes up.

    Wow I said this once and I say this again Miguel has serious powers to be a white lighter. Page was shocked Maria awaken from the trance.

    Your not kidding! Piper added.

    Daddy! Maria, my darling daughter your ok.

    Yes I am. Whatís going on? As she walks out the pentagram and looks at Charity, Jessica and her mom.

    Mom! She yells out.

    Prue shouted no; donít touch her wait until she wakes from her sleep.

    Why? Maria questions,

    Maria you are the Goddess of Light you are to trend send your powers from us to them. You had the power to separate our powers to each of them successfully. And in return you have all of our power and theirs.

    You are now the most powerful witch that ever lived. But, you still need the power of three....Only your mom Aunt and Charity with our power would destroy the Prince of Darkness. Piper added.

    Power of three, you have four sisters Miguel shouted.

    Yes we represent all of the past charmed ones. Prue had past away and Page then filled the void.Everthing happens for a reason, Thereís a reason you became a white lighter. Phoebe explains.

    And that reason is? Miguel curiously wanting to know how he got himself in this mess.

    We can not tell you that yet; you will know in due time. Piper said while growing furious with Miguel questions.

    Look my dad just want to know how we got ourselves in this magical chaos
    You were destined. A guardian said while orbing in.

    Miguel bowed to him. He had no idea why.

    I am Manuel, guardian of destiny.

    Maria goddess of light you look so beautiful. He smiled with a warm glance.
    Hey why are you looking at my daughter that way?

    Oh Iím sorry; I guess you will learn in the future,

    Future, well at least we have that. Miguel shouted.

    MMM Heís not that dense after all. Phoebe whispers to Piper.

    Why are you here? Maria questions him

    I am here to guide Miguel, Miguel you will be the one in serious danger.

    Although itís against the rules of my higher guardians I must warn you What ever you do, donít refuse Charity.

    What? Charity what do you mean?

    Charity shall not get hurt by you Miguel donít refuse her.

    I canít do that!

    Listen to him Miguel, Piper interrupted.

    You of all people should know that I could lose Kay; Iíll die before that happens. I wonít lose her again. I wonít.

    Miguel please trust me.

    Miguel looked at the trouble young manís eyes. He trusted him.

    Ok! I better not lose Kay We been apart for so long. I fell in love with Charity and her with Fox but through it all we finally found our way together like it should have been all along.

    Dad I will be here for you. I promise you wonít lose mom if I had anything to do with it.

    My daughter no wonder you were chosen to be the Goddess of Light. He kisses her on the forehead.

    I know you guys know about the prophecy; but why is it you guys constantly test my relationship with Kay?

    Boy that sounds familiar. Piper grunted out.

    Miguel we are not testing your relationship? Manuel politely said. Just merely making your relationship stronger.

    You guys have so much mistrust towards one another you must resolve it. Prue added.

    Piper rolled her eyes. She felt Miguelís pain.

    I know, but Charity is the one person that could cause me to lose Kay forever. Fox hired two imposters to pose as her and myself to make love in front of her. And with that image imposed in her mind she decided to marry Fox, I lost her; she broke my heart that day. I will be damned if I go through with that again on my own accord.

    I know Miguel, and donít get me wrong all of our relationships were tested all of the time, but if you guys truly love each other. You will overcome this. Piper sighs while telling him. She felt great sympathy towards him she felt the pain of what the demons and the guardians did to her and Leo.

    Miguel please trust him. Phoebe added.

    I want to. God please donít fail me now. I love her with all my heart. Donít let me lose her again.

    Dad, I promise you wonít. Maria hands begin to glow and touched her fatherís hand.

    He had a premonition Kay and Maria and a little boy were in the field and He saw him self running towards them to give hugs and kisses they begin laughing and playing they seem to be a happy family.

    He closes his eyes and a tear fell from one. That is truly my dream please let it come true. He whispers.

    It will dad, it will. He opens his eyes and looks at his daughter he then sees a ray of light surrounded around her. I was in the dark without your mother and you made me see the light.

    She smiles at her father and hugs him.


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