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Thread: Summer TV- What are you watching?

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    Anyone else watching In Plain Sight? I wasn't expecting much, but it's pretty fun. Not Karen Sisko fun, but maybe that means it wont be cancelled so quickly.

    I'm looking forward to Burn Notice, also on USA. We both loved Season 1 and recommend it. I think there's at least one marathon coming before Season 2 starts on July 10th.

    My favorite from last summer was Mad Men, also coming back in July. Fantastic TV. I just checked and it looks like AMC will be running Season 1 as a marathon on July 2oth, Season 2 starts the 27th. If you have memories of the early '60s or an interest in what things were like way back then, watch an episode or two. The details of the era are captured beautifully (the story starts just before Kennedy beats Nixon in the presidential election). Anyone else a fan?
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    Re: Summer TV- What are you watching?

    Hi, Annie--I've watched some of In Plain Sight, but seem to forget it's on half the time. I've only seen one episode of The Middleman on ABC Family, but I already am loving it. Hopefully it continues being so enjoyable. I am also waiting for Burn Notice to return, even though I missed several episodes from the first season. Also on USA, I am looking forward to Psych and Monk. I don't get AMC, or I would definitely be watching Mad Men.

    I watched the first episode of Fear Itself--I'm not a big fan of deeply scary shows, but I do like a little "boo"--and for whatever reason, I haven't watched any others. However, this week's has James Roday and Maggie Lawson from Psych, so it will be interesting to see them play scary...or scary-funny, maybe.

    And I can't wait for the ultimate summer show, the Olympics.
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    Not watching much of anything. I'll have to give the back episodes of Burn Notice a try. A great site that streams full episodes of a LOT of TV shows is

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    Re: Summer TV- What are you watching?

    Melinda, I LOVE The Middleman! The premiere episode was one hilarious and it has only continued to get better. I think this is one of new summer shows thats actually funny, different and smart! Have you seen any of the other episodes? Mondays was really good!

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    Silly me, but I like the diversionary Summer TV of reality shows like "America's Got Talent"(there are some amazingly talented folks on the show), and "So You Think You can Dance", also waiting for the final Rose on "The Bachelorette" .

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    Re: Summer TV- What are you watching?

    I'm enjoying In Plain Sight. It's an interesting show. I am looking forward to the returns of both Burn Notice and The Closer. I am going to check out Flashpoint, a new CBS show. And of course my shameless summer addiction, Big Brother Not to be confused with the strangeness that was the spring Big Brother lol.
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