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Thread: tigger?

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    Post tigger?

    where are ya woman? can't believe you haven't been on here doing cartwheels over jr's victory. hope all's well & you're just too busy having a great summer.

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    Re: tigger?

    lol, well I have been busy. But I thought you all gave up on me. Our older son has been using the computer a lot the past couple of months so my time was very limited. I have a little more time lately. Good to see some action here. Okay, one little belated WOO HOO! ;-)

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    Re: tigger?

    hallelujah! i've been worried about you. glad you're doing ok.

    i've been busy myself. doing a surprised remodel of my sister-in-law's kitchen while she's in germany. shelby did 2 weeks of swimming lessons & will start preschool next month. avery is 7mos, 20 lbs (yes she's a chunk) & is about to crawl.

    haven't watched an entire race since may. never home. usually listen to the radio & catch the highlights in fast forward later. hopefully life will slow down soon & i can enjoy screaming at my tv through the whole race! LOL! i think this year's silly season maybe the silliest ever. can't believe my main man mark is going to my least favorite team ever. i truly do hope it nets him the championship he deserves. guess we'll have to wait & see how the rest of the chips fall.

    enjoy the rest of the summer tigger!

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    Re: tigger?

    lol, I understand how you feel about Mark at Hendricks. But you know, just as I predicted, I have had to eat crow and find myself looking at Hendrick with new eyes. Too bad you still can't root for him since he'll be driving a Chevy, we could be teammates! lol I am torn, I really wanted to see Mark win a championship, but I really want to see Jr win a championship, so I hope Jr can win this one so maybe I can be happy if Mark wins one in the next couple of years. :-)
    I have to admit I was kind of hoping that Stewart would end up at Hendricks so hubby and I could be teammates but he's pretty disgusted with Nascar. First Gibbs went with The Shrub, then they switched to Toyota, then they stood behind the shrub when he made really nasty remarks towards Jr fans after he slammed Jr into the wall. My poor husband just isn't even interested anymore. I keep telling him he should come on over to Jrs side and I know he roots for him, but his heart just isn't in nascar anymore.
    I'm having trouble getting worked up also. We're never home for the races either but we try to listen to them on the way home from church. I record them but with the shrub winning everything I delete them without even looking at em!
    The chase, as you know, really knocked the wind out of our sails. We've never fully recovered from the change.
    Then California speedway changed things around a couple of years ago and now we can't even go over there and feed our obsession which has played a part also. We used to be able to at least go and watch qualifying, for only 10 bucks we could spend an entire day watching qualifying and practices and stick around and watch trackside afterwards. And if we couldn't get to qualifying we could come anytime during race weekend to visit the midway with the merchandise haulers and possibly see some drivers, get some autographs, smell some fumes, hear some engines roar, but now they have closed off the midway section and you can't get in unless you have a ticket to the race. With the prices of tickets we can't afford to go so it's just a miserable reminder that they're close enough to get to, but we just can't get to them. :-(
    I really think the woman who took over the track a few years ago really ruined racing there. The ticket sales have been down and there's no more excitement. They used to have big fan fests in the city the Thursday before the race and you could go out and see the drivers and get autographs etc... I got to see Jr one year there! Woo hoo! But that's all gone now.
    We need some Nascar boosting around here.
    Wow, it's hard to believe Shelby will be in pre-school! And sounds like Avery will be on the go soon too! I don't know where you get the energy to do remodels. lol I can't even get my garage cleaned out! And boy does it need it!
    Yeah we're trying to enjoy the summer. I just need to get in the pool more often! It gets too comfy here in the air conditioning and I don't make it out into the heat to swim. :-( But I need the exercise!
    Good to hear from you. Keep in touch!


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