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    Smile Hot Passes

    Well ladies (and gents if there are any). My sweet hubby's dream has finally come true. My brother got us hot passes for the Daytona race. I am so very excited about this. He said we will be 20 feet from the drivers during driver intros.

    Also wanted to say congrats to tigger from Dale, Jr's BIG father's day win!! Whooo hoooo!!! That was the one race this year we were not home for (shoe shopping). But hubby got to listen to it on the radio and heard when he limped across the finish line on fumes! So glad for him.

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    Re: Hot Passes

    should have said for Dale Jr (not from)
    Can't type!!!

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    Post Re: Hot Passes

    i'm totally jealous! hot passes at daytona of all places. hope you have a fabulous time!

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    Re: Hot Passes

    Thanks. It was so exciting. We were sitting in a restaurant for Father's Day dinner, but I was checking lap-by-lap on my blackberry and almost jumped out of my seat when he won! lol
    Hope you had an awesome time at Daytona!

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    Re: Hot Passes

    Well ladies Daytona was a blast. We got to meet lots of drivers. Hubby got to meet Kerry Earnhardt (not as good as meeting Junior but a very close second). I got to meet Ryan Newman!!! Yay!!! I even got to ask him a question during his Q&A session. We also met and took pictures with Sterling Marlin, Boris Said and Michael Waltrip.

    I found if you stand near the restroom right before the race you get to see lots of drivers. I got Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle and Bobby Labonte's autograph.

    We got some great pictures of almost all the drivers on pit road.

    I think the coolest thing that happened was my brother got us tickets up into the Havoline Suite. We were sitting up there eating dinner on Friday evening and Juan Pablo just walks in. He had dinner not three feet from me. Also saw Tony Stewart in the hallway that same day. It was a total blast. I got to watch the race from the pits and got to watch Newman's team service the car during a pit stop. I am not sure if there is a way to post pictures on here but I would love to share them with you all!

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    Re: Hot Passes

    That's so cool that you got to meet Ryan Newman! So, how are you feeling about him leaving Penske, possibly for Stewart-Haas next year? I imagine it will just be good to see him hopefully be competitive again. It gets tiring watching our drivers struggle with less than competitive stuff under them.
    lol about your comment about Kerry. It would be great to meet him too. But I have to say it sickens me that DEI is now offering him a ride! They never gave him the time of day when they had Jr, now that Jr is gone suddenly they're interested in helping Kerry's career?!? Why didn't they care before when he needed a ride? Because they had the goldmine in their pockets, that's why. Now they are in need of an Earnhardt at DEI so they are suddenly interested in Kerry. I wish he could tell them to go stick it you-know-where! But I know he needs the ride and wants to build a career, so I can't blame him for it. I wish he could get a ride with Jr's team, that would be awesome!
    Anyway, sorry for my little Earnhardt rant.
    I was thinking when you said hanging out outside the restroom is a good place to meet the drivers that I hope you either got them on their way in, or that they washed their hands! lol
    That is so cool that you got to watch Newman's car during a pit stop!!!!!!
    I'm so glad you had a good time! Congrats to you and your hubby on scoring such a sweet deal!!!


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