I liked the old coffeeroom boards, but didn't post there too often. CBS has a message board now for Y&R which I really don't like at all -- too many 50+-page topics that mostly are arguing about topics of personal opinion (love Phyllis/hate Phyllis ... love Sharon/hate Sharon ... love Phyllis & Nick/love Sharon & Nick ... you get the picture) Just lots of arguing back and forth for pages and pages and pages without actually discussing any of the storyline.

So, I thought I would try out the new coffeeroom boards, but it seems like no one has been here for a while. Is Y&R the only one with this problem, or does no one know about coffeerooms in general?

I would seriously like to make some new friends who don't feel ultra-competitive to post 8000 times per day and one-up each other all of the time, but who seriously like & want to talk about Y&R, and find things GOOD to talk about, other than what particular actor/actress has the wrong hairdo/clothes/weight etc. So, maybe I'll just post a few topics that are on my mind in the next few days, and see if anyone bites. (But don't bite toooo hard!!! Thanks!)

And, since I posted this in the off-topic room, if ya wanna talk about anything else that's buggin' ya ... I'm here and I'll listen!

~s (please don't make me type in my user name ... I have to think long & hard before I type the whole thing! What was I thinking! ) (I had my reasons, I guess)