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Thread: So sick of Bo/Hope

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    Re: So sick of Bo/Hope

    I liked Chloe and Brady together. OMG, talk about getting raked over the coals, lol. I once said I thought Marlena was a little stuffy. I thought one lady was going to show up at my house to kill me. I use to love Bo and Hope, not so much after she ran off with what's his name after her little boy got killed.

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    Post Re: So sick of Bo/Hope

    Quote Originally Posted by Agent99 View Post
    I know. I don't post on the other board anymore because it's just so nasty! I used to get raked over the coals because I don't like the character of Hope. I was hoping more of the Pier group might post here.
    I wonder how many at the Pier actually watch the show anymore? I can't get to the old ToDays board anymore and that's a good thing. My blood pressure used to go up just reading some of the stuff over there.

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    Post Re: So sick of Bo/Hope

    I still watch it Kris...but only on and off. It gets annoying after a while with the really bad storylines.

    And Agent! I'm ashamed of you for not liking Hope!!! Ugh!!! How dare you!!! LOL JK..

    Personally- I could care less if someone doesnt like a character. It's a TV show for crying out loud. People are entitled to their own opinion. I personally love Hope. Can't stand Chloe, can't stand Morgan or her southern twang, love Marlena but dayum that woman needs a new hair style. And im over all of the EJ/Sami/Lucas love triangles. Time for all to move on- but leave Chloe out of this moving on- she needs to take a hike!

    Oh......and I used to get annoyed by Johns weird looks with his eyes...but im loving new John, and HATING Phillip with his weird looks- he looks like he's on drugs! LOL....hate me and my comments if you want, but I could care less. I've been watching since I am 5 years old, i'm now almost 34...and am entitled to an opinion!


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