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    Shawn came in and Belle was still looking at a magazine and Claire was watching a movie.
    B: Hey honey
    S: Hey
    he kissed Belle and kissed Claire on the forehead.
    C: Daddy got me and mommy new clothes
    S: When
    C: today
    S: Belle
    B: Shawn she beat me to it. We were out shopping and Philp saw us and said he could buy Claire clothes. He wanted me to save money for the wedding and the baby. I think it was nice. Claire got a lot of nice school clothes and i got some cute materinty tops. Claire got some school supplies and we went to lunch. It was all innocent I thought that it was really nice of him. Now i can buy clothes for the baby
    Shawn didn't say a word and picked up the phone.
    S: Philp is shawn. Can you come over? Thanks
    he hung up the phone
    B: Why are you inviting him over?
    S: I am not going to get mad but we need to sort this out so we can finally move on and be happy
    B: I am happy i don't want Philp i want u.
    Shawn didn't say a word he just waited. After the longest twenty minutes of her life Philp knocked on the door
    S: Philp come in
    P: Whats going on
    B: I haven't the slightest idea
    S: Ok i invited you over Philp because i need peace of mind. Your daughter blurted out that you bought her and hjer mother clothes today. Belle told me that you went out to lunch. I need to know is there anything left for her because if u two want to be together then be together.
    P: i told Belle that i love her
    S: Thats what i needed to know
    B: Philp did u tell Shawn what I told you. tell him
    P: Belle told me that she only cared for me as a friend and she loved you
    B: Yes Shawn. I am sorry that you can't trust me enough that I love you. I am sorry about that but i want you. I love you so much I am your fiance. Philp and I have a daughter together I am not going to not let Philp see his daughter and i will not stop being his friend. I thought it was very nice he was helping us save money. I know you have enough and we will be fine. I will go out to lunch with him and talk to him but nothing romantic. If you can't handle that i don't think we can be together.
    S: Ok i believe that you love me thanks for telling me all this
    P: Shawn she loves you you are lucky
    S: You don't need to tell me that
    Claire came out and seen her dad for a few minutes and she was going to go with him for a few days tomorrow.
    S: I am sorry i didn't believe you
    B: Its ok
    Belle and Shawn started planning the wedding. Claire was of course going to be a flower girl and they picked best men and bridesmaids and Belle was going to go pick a dress soon.

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    Ch. 43
    The next morning Belle went to pick out a dress. She wanted Hope to go with her. She dropped Claire off at a friends house and called Hope.
    B: hey Hope
    H: Hey whats up
    B: Well I just dropped Claire off at a friends house I need to go dress shopping. I already got Claire and dress. Do you want to go and help me pick out mine. Then we could grab lunch
    H: Sure
    She picked up Hope and they made small talk and they got to the bridal store. They looked for an hour and Belle found the dress of her dreams
    B: Hope I found it
    H: Let me see. its gourgeous. (then she looked at the tag) of course its beautiful look at the price
    She didn't even glance at it
    B: Don't worry about it
    H: Oh why is Philp paying for it
    Belle looked at Hope
    B: Excuse me. What you think that Shawn doesn't have the money he told me that i could get the dress I wanted. He told me not to look at the tag and buy it. Philp came over and talked to Shawn and me everything is fine. Philp and i are friends thats it.
    belle went and tried her dress on and then got fitted for it and left. Hope and her said nothing. When she dropped her off
    B: Hope if you think i am going to hurt your son and you don't trust me then don't plan on coming to the wedding. Belle leaned over and shut the door and drove off. She picked Claire up and went home. Belle played with Claire and it was about dinner time. She wondered where Shawn was she was getting worried. Then after Claire and belle had eaten and cleaned up he walked in
    B: Where have you been
    S: I am so sorry baby. you won't be mad once i tell you. remmeber how i told you that i wanted to get you a ring before we set a date well i got us rings
    B: What
    He got on one knee.
    S: Belle I love you
    He opened up a box and showed her a beautiful dimond ring
    B: oh my gosh its beautiful
    S: I got a matching set for us
    B: you did oh the bands are so beautiful
    He slipped the ring on her finger and she admired it
    S: Claire come here I got something for you too
    C: What is it
    He pulled out another box and it had a small gold plain ring band in it that was small and would fit on her finger
    S: This is so you feel part of the family
    C: Thanks shawn
    He hugged her
    S: you are welcome
    They sat together and planned the wedding. it was all done she just needed her dress in. The wedding was next week. She couldn't wait. They all went to bed content

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    ch. 44
    Belle had everything done. She had her dress in and her wedding was tomorrow. Claire and her went home because it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding and she had some friends over her and Claire got their early
    B: Thanks mom for letting me have the party here.
    M: no problem
    J: Me and your mother will stay out of the way
    B: Don't worry daddy its fine
    M: Well i have been cooking up a storm and making some things for the party
    B: Where all we all going to sleep
    M: well some can sleep on the couch and on the floor in your room.
    J: We have a cot i can set up too
    B: Great
    Belle went and got her dress out and hung it up and brought it in
    M: its beautiful
    B: it looks better on. I would of bnrought you but Hope went along she thinks i am still in love with Philp i got mad and told her not to come to the wedding but i left a message saying I was sorry and she could come but she never called me back. I hope she comes
    M: Well you told her you weren't
    B: yea but with my hormones and all i got upset
    belle helped her mom with the party and the 4 girls arrived. Sami, mimi, Carrie, and chloe
    B: hey girls. My mom will have dinner done in a few so we can eat
    C: Good i am starving
    They ate food and after they went upstairs. They were all painting there nails. belle was doing Claires
    S: Belle you want me to paint yours
    B: No I am getting my hair and nails done tomorrow
    S: oh ok
    Claire went to bed early. The girls did too they had to get up early. They all went to get their hair done early. There were bagels and juice at the hairdressers
    CA: Belle you and Claire go first
    B: No sis you guys go first
    Ch: She wants her hair to last
    B: Thats right. I am glad you and Philp can walk down together and that Shawn agreed
    CH: me too
    They ate breakfast and they all got their hair done. They did Belles nails and went to the chruch. her mom and dad were waiting for her. her mom helped claire get ready. belle already had her makeup done and she just put some jelwery on and lipstick and she was ready
    Ch: Belle Shawn and me were talked today
    B; About what
    ch: Philp gave you this beautiful necklace and you didn't get to wear it and Philp and him talked he wants you to get use out of it
    B: Ok this is a little weird i mean me wearing it and all it being Philps
    Ch: i know but it was expensive
    B: Thats true
    They got ready and it was time to line up her dad came and got her
    J: Come on sweetie time to go
    B: ok lets go
    Belle watched the bridesmaids walk down the aisle then it was her turn. her dad and her walked down the aisle with Belle and the preacher started
    P: Who gives this woman
    B: I do
    He gave belle and kiss and led her to Shawn and took his seat. the preacher read a scripture and then her mom came and sang a song then they did vows
    P: I guess belle and Shawn have not prepared their won but they would like to say a few words to each other
    B: Shawn we know how we feel about each other that is why we decided not to do vows. I love you with all my heart and soul and will be faithful to you. We have went through a lot together but thats what love is about a lot of hard times
    S: Belle I know you love me and that i love you and i cannot wait to see where our loves takes us
    the preacher married them and he lifted Belles veil and kissed her. Everyone cheered and they went to the limo. They drank some champane and went to the reception and ate and then Belle and her dad danced together. Belle and Shawn danced. then shawn wanted to dance with Claire
    P: Congrats
    B: Thanks
    P: Do you think Shawn would mind if i danced with you
    B: Of course not
    Philp took her hand and they danced
    P: This is a beautful wedding
    B: I am glad you came
    P: me too i am happy for you
    B: I am happy for you and Chloe
    P: She is a great girl
    B: yea she is
    the song ended a few minutes later
    P: I betterr go dance with my daughter
    B: Yea you might want too
    He went to his daughter
    S: You having fun with Philp
    B: Yea but its ok
    S: yea i know it is
    B: I love you
    S: I love you too. I can't wait to see where our lives take us
    The end
    Hope you liked it please comment


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