Shawn came in and Belle was still looking at a magazine and Claire was watching a movie.
B: Hey honey
S: Hey
he kissed Belle and kissed Claire on the forehead.
C: Daddy got me and mommy new clothes
S: When
C: today
S: Belle
B: Shawn she beat me to it. We were out shopping and Philp saw us and said he could buy Claire clothes. He wanted me to save money for the wedding and the baby. I think it was nice. Claire got a lot of nice school clothes and i got some cute materinty tops. Claire got some school supplies and we went to lunch. It was all innocent I thought that it was really nice of him. Now i can buy clothes for the baby
Shawn didn't say a word and picked up the phone.
S: Philp is shawn. Can you come over? Thanks
he hung up the phone
B: Why are you inviting him over?
S: I am not going to get mad but we need to sort this out so we can finally move on and be happy
B: I am happy i don't want Philp i want u.
Shawn didn't say a word he just waited. After the longest twenty minutes of her life Philp knocked on the door
S: Philp come in
P: Whats going on
B: I haven't the slightest idea
S: Ok i invited you over Philp because i need peace of mind. Your daughter blurted out that you bought her and hjer mother clothes today. Belle told me that you went out to lunch. I need to know is there anything left for her because if u two want to be together then be together.
P: i told Belle that i love her
S: Thats what i needed to know
B: Philp did u tell Shawn what I told you. tell him
P: Belle told me that she only cared for me as a friend and she loved you
B: Yes Shawn. I am sorry that you can't trust me enough that I love you. I am sorry about that but i want you. I love you so much I am your fiance. Philp and I have a daughter together I am not going to not let Philp see his daughter and i will not stop being his friend. I thought it was very nice he was helping us save money. I know you have enough and we will be fine. I will go out to lunch with him and talk to him but nothing romantic. If you can't handle that i don't think we can be together.
S: Ok i believe that you love me thanks for telling me all this
P: Shawn she loves you you are lucky
S: You don't need to tell me that
Claire came out and seen her dad for a few minutes and she was going to go with him for a few days tomorrow.
S: I am sorry i didn't believe you
B: Its ok
Belle and Shawn started planning the wedding. Claire was of course going to be a flower girl and they picked best men and bridesmaids and Belle was going to go pick a dress soon.