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    Ch. 34
    Belle and Shawn got up late the next morning. They both got up and ate breakfast.
    S: So are you ready to go get Your and Claires things today
    B: Yes but its Philp's day with her today he takes her for the weekend.
    S: Ok well I will go with you and help you pack your things and we will tell him together.
    B: No how about you drive me home and go to the office and work for a few hours. I will tell Philp what is going on and pack a few things and call u.
    S: Are you sure
    B: Yes its fine
    Belle and Shawn got ready and he dropped her off at home. Belle walked in talked to her parents and then called Philp.
    P: hello
    B: Hey its me
    P: Hey i was thinking about you
    B: You were
    P: Yea I am coming to get Claire alright
    B: Ok see ya soon
    They both hung up she got Claires stuff together and continued packing her and Claires things with her mom's help. Philp came over 10 minutes later
    P: Hey
    B: Hey come on in
    Philp walked in closed the door grabbed Belle around the waist and kissed her. She pushed him away
    B: Excuse me what are u doing
    P: Belle I think I made a mistake I want you back
    B: Philp I am not going to keep playing these stupid games with you. Messing wth my head so I got back with you and a week later you decide you want to be with Chloe. I am with Shawn right now. I am falling on love with him and packing Claire and my stuff up and moving in today.
    P: Belle i don't think that will happen again. I think we can make it together.
    B: Philp I don't want to take that risk I love Shawn. Just take your daughter and go please
    P: Belle what can I do to make you changed your mind
    B: Philp you went through a lot to make us realize we want to be together. Sure I still love you and we have a bond Claire. Shawn and I will have that bond one day. I may still have feelings for you but for Shawn they are stronger.
    P: Claire come see daddy
    C: Daddy
    B: Honey do have your suitcase
    C: Grandma is bringing it down
    M: here honey
    B: Thanks mom. Here is the address to Shawn's house drop her off there. Bye sweetie
    C: Bye mommy
    She closed the door
    M: I heard you and Philp what was going on
    B: He wanted me back
    M: What
    B: Yea I know crazy right
    M: yea
    B: Well I need to call Shawn
    She called Shawn and he was coming over to help her pack up her things. He arrived 15 minutes later
    S: You all your things packed
    B: Almost everything
    S: Well we have a lot of closet space so don't be afraid to bring everything
    B: Well clothes wise almost everthing is in there
    S: Well we can come back in a couple days and pick up more things if we need too
    B: ok
    They loaded everything in his truck and left. When they got to his house they unloaded everything it took about 3 hours to do all of it.
    B: Wow i am tired and hungry
    S: Me too
    B: Lets make some dinner
    Belle and Shawn cooked and they sat down
    B: I talked to Philp and told him where to drop and pick up Claire
    P: I bet he was happy
    B: Actually he kissed me and tried to get me to come back to him
    S: What
    B: I pushed him away I didn't enjoy it
    S: I am not worried about that I just can't believe he tried to do that again
    B: I know i told him I had stronger feeling for you and that i was sick of him playing mind games.
    S: You did
    B: Yes Shawn because I realize we belong together
    S: Oh my mom gave me something and i want to give it back to you
    B: Whats that
    Shawn pulled out two rings on a chain. It was the promise rings they gave each other in high school that they were
    B: oh my gosh Shawn I can't believe she still had them
    S: I know i want to wear them again what do you think
    B: Yes I do
    Belle put Shawn's ring around his neck and he put hers around her neck
    B: I am never taking mine off
    S: Mine either. Do you remember what we did once we put these around each others neck.
    B: I think so
    Belle kissed him and he kissed her back
    S: Thats not all are u sure you remember
    B: why don't you remind me
    S: I'd love to remind you
    He kissed her and they made love on the kitchen floor.
    B: God that was amazing
    S: I know we never did that
    B: Yes we had to go upstairs last time
    S: Yes we had to be quiet
    B: yes you know we can't do things like this when Claire is around
    S: oh i know that
    B: Yes and its going to be a bit of an adjustment
    S: I know but all couples do it
    B: yes they do
    Shawn and Belle got the rest of Claire and her things over the next few couple of days. They made love every single night.
    S: I love you Belle
    B: I love you too
    S: Belle lets get married
    B: When we just started dating
    S: we have known each other a long time though
    B: I want to date a little while and make sure we still feel the same
    S: Alright
    they went to sleep. Belle stayed awake though she didn't want Shawn to rush things. She didn't want another failed marriage. She just hoped he could adjust to Claire it was hard at times. Philp was dropping her off tomorrow.

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    Philp dropped Claire off that afternoon.
    P: Here she is
    B: Was she good
    P: Of course she was she always is
    B: Ok well thanks
    She closed the door
    S: Hey Claire
    C: Hi Shawn
    S: Do u want to see your room
    C: Sure
    He grabbed her hand and showed her, her bedroom
    C: Wow
    B: Do you like it
    C: like it its the best
    S: Good i hoped you would like it
    They left Claire to play in her room
    B: She likes it
    S: I am glad she does
    Night came they ate dinner and Claire took a bath and went to bed next year she would be going to kindergarten. Belle and Shawn sat on the couch to rest
    S: She is not a hand full like you say she is
    B: Not yet just wait
    S: It will be fine
    B:Oh just wait until she throws fits and when she talks back
    S: It will be fine
    For the first week it was fine. No fights dinner went well and everything was fine. The week ended though
    B: Claire its about bedtime
    C: No its not time yet
    B: Claire don't speak to Shawn that way
    C: Meanie
    B: I am telling you get into bed or you'll be grounded no tv no toys
    C: Not fair
    B: Claire come on now please
    C: no
    S: Claire its late listen to your mom
    C: not my boss
    Shawn got up from his chair grabbed Claire and threw her over his shoulder and set her in her room and held the door shut while she screamed and finally gave up and went to bed
    S: Ok that wasn't too hard
    B: yea but now you will be getting the silent treatement from her
    S: Well she needs to learn
    Claire didnt' speak to Shawn for a day. One night Shawn came home from work
    B: Claire eat your veggies
    C: Ew
    B: Come on eat them
    C: ew
    B: you are never this difficult whats wrong
    C: I don't want to be here
    B: Sure you do
    C: Daddy told me that he asked u to get back together and you said no
    B: Your daddy and me are friends i don;t love him anymore
    C: I don;t want to be here i want you and daddy together
    She left the room crying
    B: I am sorry Shawn
    S: No its alright just takes some getting used to she will be fine
    Belle went to Claires room
    B: Claire that wasn't nice
    C: So
    B: Come on baby. I love you and so does your daddy and Shawn
    C: I don't care I want you and daddy together
    B: Your going to have to learn to deal with it. Life is never fair
    She left the room. Claire got worse. She started throwing things and being bad. One night Shawn came home and she was having a tantrum.
    S: This is ridulous Belle I can't take it
    He stormed out
    B: Are you happy Claire are you?
    Belle went to their room crying leaving Claire alone

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    Ch. 36
    Belle was in her room for an hour when her cell phone ringing. She grabbed it quickly hoping it was Shawn
    B: Shawn
    P: Belle its me. Claire called me and said you were in your room crying and she is scared. You should be out there whats going on
    B: Well Claire is being a baby because you were talking about us and that you missed me and now she is being rude toward Shawn and he left the house
    P: Well obviously its a good thing you lost the baby he can't handle it
    B: Claire has never acted like this before and i can't believe he just left. If she was like she usually is we wouldn't of a had a problem
    P: Well what are you going to do.
    B: I am going to wait and see if he comes home if not i guess I will be going back home
    They talked for a few more minutes and then Belle went into the living room
    C: mommy I am so sorry
    B: You shouldn't be telling you that
    C: Well where is Shawn
    B: I don't know and I don't even know if he is coming back
    C: I hope he does so I can apoligize
    B: Me too
    Shawn didn't come back and Belle made Claire dinner she couldn't eat. She put Claire to bed and waited up and fell asleep on the couch. When she woke up Shawn wasn't there again. She decided to get her and Claire ready and went to her parents house.
    At the police Station
    Bo: Why don't you go home to Belle
    S: I can;t handle Claire
    Bo; All kids cause trouble it won't be easy. Let me ask you something do u love Belle
    S: U know the answer to that
    Bo: Do u think your mom and I had it easy with you
    S: no but thats differnt it was yours and hers. This is hers and Philps
    Bo: You will have your own children someday this is just getting you ready you need to find her and work things out. Claire just needs to get used to it
    S: Your right
    Shawn left and went to his house and they weren't there.
    He went straight to her parents house. he knocked on the door. Belle answered
    S: Belle listen I am sorry
    B: Mom I am stepping outside for a minute
    She stepped out and shut the door
    B: Shawn i don't know if you can handle this. I told you it may cause problems
    S: I know but listen we can work this out
    Just then the door opened and Claire came out
    C: Shawn I am sorry
    S: Hey its ok can we try again and be friends
    C: Sure i don;t mind you and my mommy are in love
    S: Thanks
    B: ok hunny go inside
    She went in there
    S: So everything is good right you can move back in right
    B: Shawn I don't know I am a little mad that u just got up and left and we couldn't talk about things let me cool off for a little while and then we can talk
    S: But Belle
    B: Shawn I will call u in a couple of day.
    She shut the door and left him standing there. He went back to work. Thats all he had to do

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    Ch. 37
    Shawn had not heard from Belle and it had been a week. he had tried to call but she didn't answer. he couldn't take it he went over to her house. Her mom answered the door.
    M: Hello Shawn
    S: Hey is belle here
    M: No
    S: Oh did she take Claire somewhere
    M: No Claire is right here
    S: Is she with Philp
    M: No she took a walk with Sami
    S: Oh do you think it would be ok if i took Claire with me for a couple of hours
    M: I don't see why not
    Marlena got Claire ready she only needed a light jacket since it wasn't cold out. Claire brought a stuffed animal with her and left with Shawn. They went to the park. He was pushing her on the swing
    S: Are you excited about kindergarden
    C: Yea i can't wait. Mommy said i will make a lot of friends
    S: Yea i am sure you will
    They went and got an icecream come near by and went back to the park. He was pushing Shawn when he saw Belle walking through the park.
    C: Mommy
    Shawn stopped the swing and she got off the swing to run and hug her mom
    B: Oh sweetheart are u having fun
    C: Shawn took me to the park
    B: Yea so play
    She ran off
    B: How dare you
    S: What
    B: You should of waited for me to give you permission
    S: Your mom said it would be fine
    B: Well it wasn't
    S: Well belle you won't return my phone calls
    B: Oh so u you used my daughter
    S: No i did want to spend time with her
    B: Whatever
    S: Belle I don't understand why you are so mad at me. I am lost for what to do anymore and you won't forgive me
    B: I am mad at you because you walked out on us
    S: Look I know i made a mistake were not married
    B: Yea but if we would of been you would of walked out on us
    S: Oh but Philp walked out and its ok
    B: No he didn't walk out he told me why he was leaving not beacause he thought i loved you
    S: yea well I am human i didn't know you were perfect
    he left the park without saying goodbye to either of them.

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    Ch. 38
    Belle took Claire home and Belle took Claire next door to play with one of her friends.
    B: Mom i can't believe you gave Shawn permissions to take Claire
    M: Its not like he would hurt her
    B: No but she got to hard to handle he might just leave her
    M: Belle I don't know why your acting this way. you know Shawn loves Claire and Claire was acting out at that time. I think he was trying to show you he could handle Claire.
    B: i don't think so
    M: Belle why are you so angry
    B: I just am
    She stomped upstairs and went to her room and got into her top desk drawer and took out a pregnancy test. She was a week late and she was really grumpy. She needed to know and it might make her feel better. She went into the restroom and took the test. She took it back to her room and waited for 10 minutes. It came back negative. She didn't understand. they were always false negatives so she called Lexi
    B: Lexi its Belle
    L: Belle how are you? How is Claire
    B: Fine um I need to make an appointment
    L: Whats wrong
    B: Well I am a week late. I took a test it came back negative
    L: Ok yea lets get you in here and i can do a blood test
    B: Ok when can you get me in
    L: I have tomorrow at 10 free
    B: Sounds good
    She hung up the phone. She lied down and ended up napping. She got up and went and got Claire and she took Claire and they got dinner. Then they went home she gave her a bath she let her play for a few hours and put her to bed. She told her mom she needed her to watch Claire in the morning she had an appointment to go too. Belle got up and left early and went to the doctors.
    L: Hi Belle how are you feeling
    B: Good
    L: Any morning sickness
    B: no
    L: Are your brests tender
    B: A little bit but that could be because I am late
    L: Ok well we will do a blood test
    B: How long will it take to come back
    L: Well I can get you the results in about a half an hour
    B: ok
    lexi took her blood and sent it to the lab. Belle went down and got some fruit and water at the hospital cafe. She sat and read the paper and went up in a half an hour. Lexi had the results in her hands.
    L: I haven't looked lets go in my office
    They went in there and sat down and she opened the envolpe
    L: Belle you are pregnant
    B: I am
    L: Yes you are
    B: oh my gosh i can't believe it
    L: Is it a good thing
    B: Yea i think so
    Belle left the office. Lexi gave her a prescription for prenatals vitams and she left to go find Shawn. She knew now why she was so grumpy. She had to tell Shawn it was his. She went to the police station. She saw Bo.
    B: Bo wheres Shawn
    Bo: he took a vacation
    B: Why
    Bo: Well he was so upset with what happened with you he took a week off
    B: I am really sorry i was so mean i gotta find him do you know where he went
    Bo: No you will have to wait i am sorry
    B: Alright thanks
    Belle stepped outside and took her cell out
    B: Shawn i am really sorry i was so mean to you. Listen i need to talk to you. I have some good new to tell you. I love you.
    She hung up the phone and went back home. She wanted to tell her parents and Claire.

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    Ch. 39
    Belle got home and ran into her parents house.
    B: mom come here now.
    M: Belle what is it?
    B: Mom I am going to have another baby
    Her mom just stared at her and walked away
    B: Mom I just told you i was having a baby and you walk away
    M: Yes i do
    B: Why why is it such a bad thing
    M: Belle hmm let me think Shawn is mad at you the father right?
    B: Yes
    M: How is he going to take care of an innocent life?
    B: So this is about money then
    M: isnt that what it was with you
    B: Yes it was but not now. I know Shawn can take care of us
    M: Well I just don't like you doing this
    B: Well Shawn is away for a week so i will have to wait until he gets back to tell him
    M: Well I just think u should of at least used something so you didn't get pregnant and make sure you and a guy can make it
    B: Well mother I am sorry Claire and i have been such an inconvience
    M: Its not that but i want you to be happy and get married and live with Shawn so your dad and i can enjoy each other.
    B: Fine mom
    She went upstairs
    C: hey mommy
    B: Hey sweetie
    Belle got out a suitcase
    B: Were leaving
    C: Where are we going
    B: let me make a call
    She got out her cell phone
    B: Philp
    P: Hey Belle whats up
    B: Are you busy
    P: Um i am heading back home for a few
    B: Can I ask you a favor
    P: Sure you know you can
    B: Can Claire and I stay with you for a week
    P: Sure but why
    B: Well Shawn is getting back in a week and my parents don't want Claire and i here and Shawn and i will be getting back together he is mad at me right now
    P: Sure Chloe is living here
    B: It doesn't bother me Philp
    P: Alright sure come on over
    B: I am only bringing a week worth of things so sorry its so much
    P: Don't worry I will have a room ready for you and Claire when you get here
    B: Thanks
    She hung up
    C: Why are we going to stay with daddy
    B: Well Shawn is on vacation so when he gets back we will stay with him
    C: Why are we leaving grandmas
    B: Baby we have been living here too long her and grandpa need some time along together
    She packed Claire and her a suitcase and went downstairs.
    M: Belle please you can stay
    B: No mom your right
    M: Where are you going to go
    C: Daddys
    M: Belle don't go there
    B: I am not in love with him. He said its fine and Chloe will be there
    M: Ok be careful
    B: I will
    Belle and Claire got into the car and they drove to Philps. Philp greeted them
    P: Hey girls
    C: Daddy
    He gave his daughter a hug and Belle too
    B: Thanks so much Philp
    P: No problem come on Claire
    Claire went to her room and Philp had his butler get the bags
    P: This is where you will stay
    B: Its a nice room
    P: So what happened with Shawn
    B: Well I got mad when he took Claire without asking and I didn't know why. Turned out i am pregnant.
    P: you are
    B: Yep and i can't wait to tell him but he is going to be gone for a week on vacation
    P: Wow I hope he forgives you
    B: He should
    Ch: Hey philp why is there... Oh now i see why what in the...
    B: Chloe don't worry ok. Claire and i are staying here until Shawn gets back from vacation. He was mad at me and my parents wanted me and Claire out once he gets back everything will be fine. Philp and I are over
    Ch: Alright just stay out of my way
    B: Fine fine
    C: hey Chloe
    Ch: Hey sweetie
    P: Well I need to get back to the office. Chloe do you want to take Claire downstairs I think the cook made some cookies
    Ch: Sure
    P: If you need anything just buzz the cook
    B: Thanks but i think I am going to unpack
    P: Alright see you later
    He closed the door and went downstairs with Chloe and Claire.
    P: Ok go up to the cook and ask and see if she has a cookie i am sure she does. Chloe please be nice to Belle alright
    Ch: Why
    P: Because we are friends and she is not a threat i love you and you alone
    He kissed her and he went to the office
    Ch: Cook and can you get some milk to go along with that cookie
    Cook: yep
    He set down a cookie and a glass of milk. While Claire was eating Belle walked into the kitchen and then she walked right back out.
    Ch: Belle its ok you can come in here
    B: I don't want to get in your way
    Ch: Its ok I am sorry for getting mad at you
    B: Thanks Chloe i am so excited for Shawn to get back
    Ch: I bet
    The week dragged on. Chloe and her had a couple of talks and so did her and Philp. Finally it was Monday. She called his line and he didn't answer so she called Bo
    Bo: Brady here
    B: Sorry to bother you and i know i shouldn't call on this line but is Shawn back yet
    Bo: yea he is talking to another cop he is away from his desk right now he will be back any minute do you want me to get him
    B: No i will come down there. keep it a secret though
    Bo: Ok I will
    they hung up. Belle got her coat and told Chloe she was going to see Shawn. Chloe wished her good luck and told her she would watch Claire. She went to the police station. She couldn;t want to see Shawn

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    Ch. 40
    Belle went into Shawn's office and walked in
    S: Belle
    B: Shawn hey why did you run off and go on vacation like that
    S: i needed a break from everything
    B: Everything like what
    S: you
    B: Me why
    S: I am sick of all the mood swings and you being mad at me
    B: Listen I am really sorry about that
    S: Belle I can't deal with it anymore
    B: So what are you telling me
    S: go back to Philp
    B: Wait a minute what the heck does he have to do with this
    S: I know you still love him
    B: Shawn not anymore. I thought i did too but i know i love you and always have.
    S: Yea I don't want to do this anymore ok. I am not going to be on a rollercoaster ride for the rest of my life.
    B: Fine Shawn you know what I will just tell your daughter or son that you wanted nothing to do with them.
    She was hlafway out the door when Shawn grabbed her arm
    S: What
    B: I am pregnant
    S: you are
    B: yes
    Shawn pulled her in his office and closed the door and kissed her.
    S: I am going to be a father
    B: yes, You don't want to be on this rollercoaster ride
    S: Well now i understand. I love you Belle.
    He got on one knee
    S: Marry me
    B: What when
    S: As soon as you want we can go pick out a ring and set a date
    B: Lets got tomorrow and get married before i get too big
    S: Ok
    He kissed her. he locked the door and they made love on his desk.
    B: God Shawn that was great
    S: yea i could get in trouble for this
    B: Who cares.
    They got up and got their clothes on.
    B: So what now
    S: Well how about you move in with me again and bring Claire now that she likes me it will be ok. I know there will be tough times but I can deal with it
    B: ok we can do that
    S: I have a spare bedroom for the baby
    B: Thats good
    S Once we have more we might have to have the kids share room
    B: I agree
    She left so Shawn could get some work done. She wanted to go to Bo's office
    B: Bo
    Bo: hey Belle
    B: I wanted to tell you your going to be a grandpa and Shawn and I are getting married. We are going to look for rings tomorrow and we are going to get married before the baby.
    Bo; Congrats.
    B: I am going to go tell Hope myself. Right now I need to go get some things and move into Shawn's including Claire
    Bo hugged Belle and then she went to her house told her mom. Then she went to Philps got Claire. Philp told her he would have someone bring her thing so they didn't have to do anything. her being pregnant and all. So they went to Shawn's house and waited for him to come home. She called Hope and told her why she waited

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    Ch. 41
    Belle was making dinner when Shawn walked in.
    B: hey honey
    S: Hey
    C: Hey shawn
    S: Hey cutie whats your mom making for dinner
    B: Don't tell him
    C: Its a secret
    S: Thats ok I can wait
    Shawn took his shoes off and went upstairs and changed out of his uniform. He came downstairs and sat down at the kitchen table
    B: its almost ready
    S: Its ok I can wait
    B: I told your mom today she is happy
    S: I knew she would be
    Dinner was ready ten minutes later and they all sat down and ate. Everyone loved it. Belle was a good cook. After they had put Claire to bed they sat down on the couch and talked
    S: So when are we planning to do the wedding
    B: Well I thought about going in a few weeks to go get a dress and maybe get a part time job
    S: No you are not working
    B: We need money for the wedding
    S: We have enough
    B: I need to go get clothes for Claire for school and some school supplies because school will start in a couple of months so i want to do it before then
    S: Sounds good but don't go crazy.
    B: oh i know me and her are going tom
    S: ok that sounds good
    They went to sleep an hour later. Shawn had to go to work and Belle was tired from being pregnant. Belle woke up when Shawn did and made him coffee and breakfast then she got Claire breakfast. Then Shawn left and she got Claire and herself ready and they left to go shopping. They went to the mall first. They picked out a few clothes.
    C: Mommy i want these
    M: Not this year maybe next year
    C: Mom?
    P: If she wants them i can buy them
    B: Philp what are u doing here
    C: Daddy
    P: Hey honey. I was looking at suits over there and i saw you guys
    B: oh
    P: How about I pay for these clothes and she can get some more
    B: no i have some money that i can use for that
    P: Belle she is my daughter save money for the wedding and the baby
    B:... Alright
    Philp, Belle, and Claire shopped for a little while longer. They bought new clothes for Claire and belle. Philp went and got that jacket he liked. Then Philp went and bought Claire school supplies. Then Philp took them to lunch and he followed them home. Belle had him come inside
    B: Thanks for everything
    P: No problem
    C: Thanks daddy
    P: Your welcome. Why don't you put your clothes away
    C: Alright
    She went upstairs
    B: Would you like anything
    P: No i need to get back to the office. Are you sure this is what you want to do
    B: Marry shawn of course i love him
    P: Belle he can't take care of you like i could
    B: I don't have to work. I can take care of Claire and this new baby we have money
    P: you have to spend very little
    B: To be with Shawn I can deal with that. You are with Chloe why should it matter
    P: I don't know maybe i have feelings for you thats all
    B: No Philp don't do this ok. I don't want you to have feelings for me please don't do this again alright. I am not confused anymore. I know who I love and want to be with
    P: As long as he makes u happy and I am just going to have to deal with it.
    B: Yes you are
    P: Friends
    B: Friends
    Philp said good bye to his daughter and Belle and left. Belle went upstairs and hung her clothes up and the doorbell rang
    B: Hope what a nice surprise
    H: Hello Belle I want to talk to you
    B: About what
    H: Philp
    B: What about him
    C: Grandma
    H: Hey Claire
    She hugged Claire and then Claire went upstairs
    B: ok what now
    H: Are you sure you have no more feelings and you won't changed your mind
    B: Of course i won't. As a matter of fact he was just here. Claire and i went to the mall we ran into him there. He bought Claire and I clothes and her school supplies. he told me i should save money for the baby and the wedding and told me he had feelings for me but i told him i loved Shawn and there is no going back
    H: Ok well i don't want my son to be hurt
    B: he won't
    H: Thats good
    She left after that went to the office. Belle and Claire shared lunch. After lunch Claire played while Belle looked through a bridal magazine.


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