Ch. 34
Belle and Shawn got up late the next morning. They both got up and ate breakfast.
S: So are you ready to go get Your and Claires things today
B: Yes but its Philp's day with her today he takes her for the weekend.
S: Ok well I will go with you and help you pack your things and we will tell him together.
B: No how about you drive me home and go to the office and work for a few hours. I will tell Philp what is going on and pack a few things and call u.
S: Are you sure
B: Yes its fine
Belle and Shawn got ready and he dropped her off at home. Belle walked in talked to her parents and then called Philp.
P: hello
B: Hey its me
P: Hey i was thinking about you
B: You were
P: Yea I am coming to get Claire alright
B: Ok see ya soon
They both hung up she got Claires stuff together and continued packing her and Claires things with her mom's help. Philp came over 10 minutes later
P: Hey
B: Hey come on in
Philp walked in closed the door grabbed Belle around the waist and kissed her. She pushed him away
B: Excuse me what are u doing
P: Belle I think I made a mistake I want you back
B: Philp I am not going to keep playing these stupid games with you. Messing wth my head so I got back with you and a week later you decide you want to be with Chloe. I am with Shawn right now. I am falling on love with him and packing Claire and my stuff up and moving in today.
P: Belle i don't think that will happen again. I think we can make it together.
B: Philp I don't want to take that risk I love Shawn. Just take your daughter and go please
P: Belle what can I do to make you changed your mind
B: Philp you went through a lot to make us realize we want to be together. Sure I still love you and we have a bond Claire. Shawn and I will have that bond one day. I may still have feelings for you but for Shawn they are stronger.
P: Claire come see daddy
C: Daddy
B: Honey do have your suitcase
C: Grandma is bringing it down
M: here honey
B: Thanks mom. Here is the address to Shawn's house drop her off there. Bye sweetie
C: Bye mommy
She closed the door
M: I heard you and Philp what was going on
B: He wanted me back
M: What
B: Yea I know crazy right
M: yea
B: Well I need to call Shawn
She called Shawn and he was coming over to help her pack up her things. He arrived 15 minutes later
S: You all your things packed
B: Almost everything
S: Well we have a lot of closet space so don't be afraid to bring everything
B: Well clothes wise almost everthing is in there
S: Well we can come back in a couple days and pick up more things if we need too
B: ok
They loaded everything in his truck and left. When they got to his house they unloaded everything it took about 3 hours to do all of it.
B: Wow i am tired and hungry
S: Me too
B: Lets make some dinner
Belle and Shawn cooked and they sat down
B: I talked to Philp and told him where to drop and pick up Claire
P: I bet he was happy
B: Actually he kissed me and tried to get me to come back to him
S: What
B: I pushed him away I didn't enjoy it
S: I am not worried about that I just can't believe he tried to do that again
B: I know i told him I had stronger feeling for you and that i was sick of him playing mind games.
S: You did
B: Yes Shawn because I realize we belong together
S: Oh my mom gave me something and i want to give it back to you
B: Whats that
Shawn pulled out two rings on a chain. It was the promise rings they gave each other in high school that they were
B: oh my gosh Shawn I can't believe she still had them
S: I know i want to wear them again what do you think
B: Yes I do
Belle put Shawn's ring around his neck and he put hers around her neck
B: I am never taking mine off
S: Mine either. Do you remember what we did once we put these around each others neck.
B: I think so
Belle kissed him and he kissed her back
S: Thats not all are u sure you remember
B: why don't you remind me
S: I'd love to remind you
He kissed her and they made love on the kitchen floor.
B: God that was amazing
S: I know we never did that
B: Yes we had to go upstairs last time
S: Yes we had to be quiet
B: yes you know we can't do things like this when Claire is around
S: oh i know that
B: Yes and its going to be a bit of an adjustment
S: I know but all couples do it
B: yes they do
Shawn and Belle got the rest of Claire and her things over the next few couple of days. They made love every single night.
S: I love you Belle
B: I love you too
S: Belle lets get married
B: When we just started dating
S: we have known each other a long time though
B: I want to date a little while and make sure we still feel the same
S: Alright
they went to sleep. Belle stayed awake though she didn't want Shawn to rush things. She didn't want another failed marriage. She just hoped he could adjust to Claire it was hard at times. Philp was dropping her off tomorrow.